Colin and Kevin

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And on to the story...

Chapter 2


    "WOW, you look Fabulous." I exclaimed to my best friend Lyndsey Micheals.
We have been best friends since jr. High when I caught her trying to put all the biology frogs in the principals office. I had to convince her not to do it but put the frogs and lizards. Lynz is 5'7",she has long brown hair down to her waist which right now was put up with Silver streaks in it. She also has the most beautiful green eyes, they're almost the exact color of Emeralds.

" You're not so bad yourself." She complemented me.

    We were on our way to the 2000 Mtv music video awards. Lynz was wearing a knee length blackish/silver Leather dress it was sleeveless with a Low-but-not- too-low back, and the front went down in a square. It was a very simple/casual dress. I was wearing black leather pants, a black wife beater showing off my defined chest, with a see through black silk shirt un-buttoned. My hair was cut and shaped like Nick Carter's used to be. I also have on black combat boots and black and silver wrap around shades.

"Ready gorgeous?" I asked.

"Yep lets go," Lynz stated happily.

    I held out my arm for Lynz to take, she looped her arm with mine and we exited the hotel room we were staying in. We got in the elevator and rode down to the lobby. We met with mark and our two bodyguards. We made our way through the fans. Yes I know fans apparently Christina Aguilara, Limp Biz kit, and Ricky Martin were also staying there. I was surprised to see some of my own fans there too. It seems so weird having fans I never imagined it would be me  with signs and posters. It was weird I remember my very first autograph.


    I was walking in the mall doing a little shopping when I walked past a record store. I heard some girls talking but I didn't really pay much attention.

"God he is hot!" Girl #1 exclaimed excitedly.

"I know I wonder if he has a girlfriend?" Girl #2 giggled.

"Hey look at that guy..." Girl #3 couldn't finish because there was a very loud scream/screech. I looked slightly behind me slightly to the left of me and saw Girl #1 had her hand over her mouth and her other hand pointing at me. Girl #2 was just standing there staring at me her mouth in an 'o' shape I could see she had my first cd in her hand. The third girl had a magazine in her hands that was now on the ground she had the 'o' mouth too. The magazine was open to a pic of me and an article about me. I walked over to the 3 girls bent over and picked up the magazine.

"I believe this is yours." I said picking up the magazine,smiling and handing it to them. The third girl snapped out of it first and elbowed the other two. She took the magazine and smiled.

"Um.. we have your autograph?" The second girl smiled nervously at me and shoved the magazine and a pen in my hands. I smiled and nodded.

"What are your names?" I asked them

"I'm Deanna that's Erica and that's Jenny." Girl #3 or Deanna said as she pointed to the other girls.

    I smiled when I really couldn't believe this was happening. I signed the magazine and handed it back to them. They said thank you and hugged me.
~~~~End of Flashback~~~~

    I was quickly brought out of my thoughts by a bunch of screams and flashes.

"Colin come on!" Jack one of the bodyguards rushed me.

    I stepped out of the limo and was blinded by flashes. I smiled and reached in for Lynz's hand. She stepped out and looped her arm with mine. Mark got out and scurried off through the crowd somewhere. We walked through the crowd I waved and smiled at the cameras. We were stopped on the red carpet to do a quick mini interview by Brian McFadden. We shook hands and he explained that we would be on in a second. The techy guy handed me a microphone and we waited for our que.

When the techy guy pointed to us Brian started to speak.

"Thanks Ananda, Hi Brian McFadden here I'm here with Song of the year,Best video for a motion picture, Best male performance in a video, Viewers Choice, and Record of the year nominee Colin Thompson."

"So Colin are you exited about tonight?"

"Yes very this is like my first major award show." I replied smiling.

"How do you feel being nominated for so many awards?" Brian asked

"It feels great I never thought I'd be nominated for one let alone five."

"So who is this lovely lady?" Brian asked me looking Lynz up and down.

"Lovely lady, where?" I asked as I started smiling, Lynz smiled and elbowed me. While Brian laughed.

"Oh you mean her," I said looking at Lynz."This is my best friend Lyndsey Micheals." I smiled

"Nice to meet you Lyndsey." Brian said shaking Lynz's hand.

"So what are you guys wearing tonight?"

"I'm wearing Versac`e pants and her dress is also Versac`e, um I think this is Tommy Hilfiger." I said pointing to my see through shirt."And I... hmm.. I think this is Wal-Mart."I said as we all laughed

"Well before we go is there anyone your looking forward to seeing tonight?" Brian asked.

"Truthfully I'm looking forward to seeing ..the Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin, and TLC." I replied truthfully.

"Well it was great talking to you guys, good luck tonight." Brian said shaking my hand and Lynz's.

    I walked inside with Lynz on my arm. We walked past several other stars and many techys and people running the show. I looked at my watch, 7:35pm, I had to be backstage in 5 minutes.

"Lynz I have to go backstage, those people up there," I pointed to some guys in tux's at the front of the room,"will help you to your seat. Is that all right?"

"Yeah that's fine doofus, I'll see ya soon." She said as she let go of my arm.

    I walked over to a guy in a tux with a set of tv techy looking head phones.
I asked him where I should go and he pointed to a door to the green room. As I walked I saw many people bustling around like mice from a cat. I looked around and found the man in charge at the back of the room he was the one I had seen at rehearsals.

    I walked up to him and he told me I was presenting first, with Christina Aguilara, and I was performing after.With that in mind I went over to Christina.

"Hello, Mr. Thompson my name is Christina Aguilara." Christina said sticking out her hand. I laughed.

"I know who you are Christina, and please call me Colin." I started." I'm a big fan."

She looked at me wide-eyed."Really?" She asked.

    I nodded and was about to say something when a short guy in his early 20's approached us.

"Your on in 30 seconds." He said loudly over the laughing and cheering audience.

    About 28 seconds later I heard the announcer come on and say our names. Then we were pushed into a small closet like thing that turned us in a circle.
It was almost like an Elevator capsule thing. We turned to see bright lights and the stage.We walked to the middle of the stage where the podium was. We both smiled and waited for the crowd to shush.

"There are many famous groups and duos in history," Christina started.

"Some of them include the 3 stooges, Sunny and Cher, Beavis and Butthead..." I trailed off hearing a light laugh from the audience.

"And tonight we'll add another." Christina said

"And the nominees for best group or duo in a video are..." I waited for the clips to start." TLC.. Attitude, N'sync.. BYE BYE BYE, Korn.. My Word,
Limp Biz Kit.. Break Stuff, and Backstreet Boys.. Don't want you back." I ended.

During my talking a lady in a nice dress brought us the envolope and award.

"And the winner is ..." Christina started. I opened the envelope and read the print.

"The Backstreet Boys Don't want you back ." I clapped and watched as the guys got up and walked towards the stage. They all said hi to me and Christina giving her a kiss on the cheek and them shaking my hand.

Kevin stepped up to the mike first. My heart did a flip flop. "Wow um we would like to thank GOD and everyone who worked with us on this video, Nigel Dick the director, Jennifer Hewwit, Maria Sansburg, um Dean Marshall, Fred Baker, Lara Simpson, and Jeff Lorenzo. I would also like to thank my mom and my brother including the 4 behind me. Um I would also like to thank the fans." Kev stepped away from the mike and Brian walked up to it.

"I would like to thank my parents and my brother. I would also like to thank Leigh, sweety I love you wish I was with you now." Brian stepped away and Nick stood up.

"I would just like to say hi to the gang back home and to thank all the fans for supporting us and getting us here, Thanks!"

    We were all rushed backstage BSB and Christina and I. I went on to perform about a hour later. I ended up winning Record of the year,Best male performance in a video, and Best video for a motion picture. I didnt really consider it losing because the BSB one against me for Song of the year, and Viewers Choice.

    After the show Lynz decided she was sleepy and went back to the Hotel. I went on to the Jive after party and was sitting at the bar , drinking a Rum and Coke, when I heard a deep voice behind me say :

" Is this seat taken..."

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