Colin and Kevin

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Chapter 3


"Is this seat taken ?"

    I turned around at hearing an all too familiar deep voice. I smiled seeing the most beautiful green eyes ever.

"No, go ahead and sit." I said nervously but smiling all the while.

"Hi, I'm Kevin Richardson." He said sticking out his hand.

I shook his hand and smiled," I know, I'm Colin Thompson."

"I know, congratulations by the way." He said smiling.

I think I blushed a little, he laughed.

"So how does it feel ?" He asked.

"Great!" We both laughed

" I would like to say that I love your music, You are an awesome song writer and performer." He said to me. He said that to ME! I about dropped my glass I was so shocked.

" Really? I've always been a fan of yours!" I exclaimed. He looked at me suprised. I'm not sure what we talked about we talked for at least 3 hours. I'm not sure how to discribe it but I felt liked we just clicked. I know its totally weird but I felt like for that one night I truly knew someone, Like they looked into my soul and I looked into there's. There's just happening to be the man of my dreams. Some time during the night we ordered another drink then another. Now I've only gotten drunk once in my life, on my 21st birthday and I usually hate to drink any alcohol that's pure like I will drink a rum and coke but that's about it. Towards the end of the evening though I had a couple more drinks. I only drink two glasses of Rum and coke at the most because four would probably put me over the top. I think I had maybe six drinks and three or four shots.

"Heeeeyyyy, wanna comeback to my hotel room and hangeh out." Kevin got out drunkenly then started giggling.

"Swwwwuuuure." I said barely audible.

    We walked out of the club where the party was being held. Kevin called for a cab, and I waited patiently. The cab pulled up and we both got in. Kevin told the driver where we were going. Once we got there Kev paid the driver and we staggered into the hotel. Before I knew it we were in Kev's room making prank calls for the other BSB's to have 3 AM wake up calls. Then Kev floored me with a question, well would have floored me if I wasn't so drunk.

"Wanna make out?" He asked in a voice filled with lust and alcohol.

"Summ..." I would have said sure but kev was already attacking my lips.

    We kissed for a couple minutes before I felt something soft touch my lips. I realized it was Kev's tongue and opened my mouth. We rolled around on the bed a minute before we finally settled on a position. Kev laying slightly on top of me slightly to my side. I soon felt hands on my body, running up my sides, and over my chest. I started un buttoning Kevin's shirt. I pulled it off him and started un-zipping his pants. Before I could say my name we were both in just our boxers. Kevin sucked on my neck, nipping every so often. I started groaning and was now painfully aware of my erection. Kev sucked on my earlobe which instantly melted that was one of my weak spots. He licked, sucked, and kissed his way down to my nipples. He sucked on my left first pinching and twisting the right. He did the same to each opposite. He kissed down to my belly button where he dipped his tongue into it. I moaned and arched my back.

"Keeeeeeevvvvvv," I begged in a whiny type tone," Please I want you in me now!" I demanded.

    Kev simply smiled and sat up on his knees. He lifted my legs on to his shoulders and positioned himself above me. Kev took some of his pre cum and lubed me up, then spread some pre cum up and down his shaft. He guided his member to my hole and leaned down to kiss me. He slowly started to enter me watching my face for signs of pain. Let me tell you it hurt, not the worst pain in the world but it hurt bad. Once kevin was all the way in he paused I was grateful for that. Pretty soon the pain stopped and I was left with complete and utter pleasure. I started grinding against Kev so he took that as his que to start moving.
He moved slowly at first, But then I changed his mind.

"Harder Kev, Yeah! Please Keeeeeeevvvvvv Harder." I started moaning again.

    Kevin started slamming into me grunting and groaning. I arched my back and kept moaning. I felt that all to familiar feeling of needing release.

"Keeeeeeeeeeeevv, I'm gonna cuuuuuuuuuuuum." I said as the first spurt of cum left my dick. A few seconds later Kevin moaned and released his seed deep within me. When he was done he collapsed on top of me. We were both panting. When we caught our breaths Kev climbed up the bed and kissed me. He laid down behind me in a spoon position. He kissed the back of my neck witch made me shutter. I yawned and slowly drifted in to a deep sleep with kevin breathing deeply on my neck.

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