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Crossed Paths
It starts from pain...

"C'mon! Everyone knows we're the best! N'Sync is just a mere imitation!" AJ said sarcastically in one of the interviews of MTV. After the remark, positive nods from the Backstreet Boys followed it affirming the truth in what AJ just said.

"Actually, I felt bad that they too joined our record label. In the end, it's just all about the money!" Kevin added to what AJ said. Again, the guys of Backstreet Boys agreed in the remarks of their bandmates.

On the other side, the N'Sync guys were bumming around and watching that interview of the Backstreet Boys. "I can't believe they said that!" JC said with a little disappointment in his voice.

"Fuck them! Well, we ARE better than them. We did sell more records!" Chris said while turning off the television.

"I really thought that BSB can be our pals or something now that we have the same record label. I guess I was wrong!" Lance said. The N'Sync guys just shook their head in disappointment with the remarks from the BSB, but one of them was deeply affected by everything... Justin.

Justin couldn't take what he just heard from the Backstreet Boys. 'Now, everything is hopeless!' he thought. His infatuation with Brian was deeply hidden inside his heart. It's just something that he has to let go now that a deeper grudge has formed between the two boybands.


"That's are show for tonight! See you next year here in the Europe Music Awards!" Wyclef Jean said in closing the MTV Europe Music Awards. Famous stars in the music industry were present in this prestigious event. Among these stars were Backstreet Boys who won as Best Group and N SYNC who didn't get any award. All of them marched out of the Globe Arena and straight to the after parties they wished to attend.

"Where will we go?" Nick asked his bandmates excitedly. Nick was still hyped with the award they got and of course, he is young.

"Let's just go to some of these parties and see where we'll last." Howie said.

The five guys marched to their limo and went straight to a party hosted by their record company, Jive Records. In the limo, they were still overwhelmed with the win and the fact that N SYNC didn't get any award.

"Just right for those assholes!" AJ said.

"I feel sorry for them actually. I guess "Rock DJ" is a hit here." Nick said. Nick was one of the sympathizers of N SYNC. Once, they all got along very well and had a very profound friendship with Justin. It's just that he has to be a part of the group in agreeing about stuff, it's a group thing!

"Shut up! Like I said, serves them right!" AJ said in a louder tone. Anger is sensed in the voice of AJ because he did feel jelous with the success of their "No Strings Attached" and the fact that Chris and AJ had a fight when they were still fine.

"Right now, I don't give a fuck about N SYNC or anything. I'm enjoying the win and... shit! Gotta call Kirstin!" Kevin quickly took his phone from his pocket and dialled Kirsten's number. "Hello?... Hi hon! ... You going to the party later?... C'mon! for me... Oh, okay. I'll see you later then. I love you." Kevin hung up the phone and disappointment traced his face.

"What happened cuz?" Brian asked sensing that something bothered him.

"Kirstin is not coming to the party." Kevin said with a pout.

"C'mon! Maybe she's just feeling sick right now. You know her..." Brian said with a comforting smile. Kevin smiled back at him and the trace of disappointment was gone.

"We're here! Party time!" Howie said.


"I can't believe we didn't win. BSB must be laughing their asses off right now." Chris said while they board the limo. Disappointment traced all of their faces. Europe Awards was a big thing for them because their fame did start in Europe.

"We can still get it next year." Justin said as he entered the limo and sat beside Chris. Justin was not entirely disappointed with the whole thing. 'Hey, BSB won... Brian is happy, I should be happy for him, I mean them.' Justin thought and a smile appeared on his face.

"Where shall we go?" Lance asked his other bandmates.

"Let's just go to one party. I am beat. This is not a good day." Joey said without the energy that he's known for.

"Are you okay? That's not you." JC said while grinning at him. Joey shot him a bad stare and JC's grin disappeared. "Let's just go to Jive's party, then we go back to the hotel." JC announced.

"Sounds like a plan." Lance said. Lance paused for a while and then spoke again. "Wait, Backstreet Boys will be there. Is that good or not?"

"C'mon guys! It's like they're gonna eat us or something. Will be there for a short while only." Justin said with a smile. 'I'm gonna see Brian!' Justin thought.

"Why are you so positive about this?" Chris asked Justin.

"We belong to the same company. We belong to the same industry. Competition is just typical in this business. It's nothing personal." Justin explained to them.

"How come you sound that you're right and you're the youngest. I should be saying that!" Chris said. All of the them laughed with that remark.

"Guys! We're here!" Joey said gaining the energy that's known of him.


"The EMA's Best Group are here!" the man with the mike shouted to the crowd as the Backstreet Boys entered the party. Screams from all over and loud applauses emerged from the partying crowd. The Backstreet Boys gave the enthusiastic crowd a big wave and the screams just got louder.

Everything went to normal after a few minutes. The boys went with to their own ways. AJ went to the bar and got a few drinks. Howie went to the flock of girls and just flirted with them. Kevin went to the executives of various labels and talked to them about business. Nick went to the dance floor and 'went crazy' so to speak. Brian went to a corner and met his wife, Leighanne.

"Hi hon!" Brian said as he gave Leighanne a tight embrace and kiss her on the lips.

"Congratulations! B-Rok, you're truly an amazing husband!" Leighanne said to Brian. Her hands crept to the back of Brian and gave Brian a passionate kiss.

At that moment, N SYNC arrived in the party. The welcome was not as warm as to that of the Backstreet Boys, but they received lots of friendly smiles and waves from the party crowd. The guys mingled with the crowd subtly as not to create more attention than what they were receiving at the moment. As soon as they reached the middle of the party, they went with their separate ways. Lance went to some executives and discussed business, like Kevin. Chris went to the dance floor and flirted with the girls there. Joey went to a side of the room filled with girls and flirted as well to them. JC went to a table after he ordered a drink; he was really pretty beat with all the things that happened that day. And as for Justin, he remained standing and scanned the faces of the crowd. It's like he was looking for a specific face in the crowd.

Justin's eyes gazed at two figures in a hot make out session. It was from a blond woman in her mid 20's and a man with piercing eyes. Justin eyes began to tear up as he witnessed one of the most painful scenes he have ever seen. The pain seeing Justin's inner desire in heavy kissing was too unbearable to him, but as a professional, he has to be strong and 'let the show continue'.

Justin looked away from the two and saw that JC was sitting all alone. Justin felt guilty in leaving his best friend to look for his hopeless love interest. Justin approached JC and gave him a warm smile. JC smiled back at him, but there was still something wrong.

"Josh? Is something wrong?" Justin asked sincerely. JC looked straight to Justin's eyes.

"Huh? Nothing! Something is just bothering me." JC said.

"You know you can tell me anything. I'll listen." Justin said to JC. Justin moved to the chair beside JC and hugged him lightly.

"I... I can't tell. It's just something I gotta deal with myself." JC said as he stood and walked away from JC. JC felt bad that he walked away from Justin, but Justin's presence was too unbearable for him.

Justin remained seated there wondering about what just happened. Justin snapped out as Brian walked towards the bar. 'It's now or never.' Justin thought as he stood up and walked towards the bar. Justin sat beside Brian who didn't notice Justin approach him.

"Hi there!" Justin said shyly. Brian spun his head towards Justin's direction and his smile suddenly disappeared when he saw Justin.

"What do you want!?" Brian said coldly. Justin was shocked. The good and innocent Brian that everyone knew was gone but replaced by this cold person.

"Um... I just wanna congratulate you for the win." Justin said to Brian as sincere as possible. Brian didn't seem to notice Justin's sincerity instead he took it offensively.

"Yeah right! Good thing you assholes didn't win anything! Serves you right!" Brian said as he took his drink and walked away from the bar... and from Justin. Justin remained there, unable to move from the shock that he has experienced from the conversation with Brian. In that moment, Justin's world seemed to fall on him... everything was a confusion. A person close to his heart... hated him.

Justin stood up as tears began to form from his eyes. The wandering JC saw the distress in Justin's actions and felt guilty with what he did with Justin. JC immediately approached Justin and hugged him slightly.

"What's wrong Curly? Did I do this? If I did..." JC said.

"No you didn't. I'm just having a bad time here. Can I go back to the hotel now?" Justin interrupted JC. JC knew that something big happened here.

"Okay. I'll come with you." JC said with a smile. Justin couldn't afford to smile because his heart was too tattered. Even if he was a professional so to speak, the pain he was experiencing was too unbearable for him to flash his famous smile.

The two walked out of the place and went straight to the limo. JC instructed the driver to take them back to the hotel.


'The nerve of that guy!' Brian thought as he tried to squeeze in to the crowd with the drinks on his hand. Leighanne asked him to get her drinks and so he did. Brian walked towards the table where they took earlier. Upon getting on the table, he noticed that it was empty. 'Where did Leighanne go?' Brian wondered. Brian's eyes looked around to search for his wife and found her, in not so good terms. Brian gazed at Leighanne who seemed to be in a very secluded area of the room, but from Brian's place, THEY can be seen. Leighanne's arms were wrapped around a blond guy's neck and seemed to be kissing.

Brian stood there shocked as ever. Brian never realized that Leighanne, his wife could do this. Brian sat down at the chair and tried to recollect his thoughts and what he's gonna do.

"Hey honey! You with the drinks?" A familiar voice said from behind Brian. Brian looked behind and saw Leighanne smiling. Brian frowned and gave her a bad stare.

"I saw you." Brian said coldly, as cold as his tone with Justin. Leighanne's expression was shock that gave the answers away. "It's over Leighanne." Brian removed his wedding ring and placed it on Leighanne's hand. "You'll be hearing from my lawyer soon for the divorce." Brian said simply. Brian stood up and walked out of the party.

'I should have listened to the guys when they said that Leighanne was no good, but no!' Brian scolded himself as he walked to the limo. Brian instructed the driver to take him to the hotel.


JC and Justin arrived at the front of the hotel. JC left Justin on one of the bench in the lobby and walked towards the front desk. Then, Brian walked in and saw Justin, still crying from the painful experience earlier on.

Brian's heart melted and his anger vanished. It was replaced with guilt from what he did earlier with him. 'I shouldn't have done that.' Brian thought. A smile traced his face as he walked towards Justin.

"I'm sorry." Brian said as he sat down beside Justin. Justin looked up at him and felt fear from Brian.

"Don't come near me." Justin said as he moved away from Brian. Justin was too scared and too confused. It was just too much emotions at that moment, a vulnerable moment for him.

"I'm sorry I did that to you earlier. I'm really am. How can I make it up to you." Brian said with sincerity as he stared at Justin's eyes still filled with pain and fear.

"Hey! Get the hell out of there!" A voice said. Brian found the origin of the voice. It came from JC, from a fuming JC.

"I just wanna talk to Justin here. What's your problem?" Brian snapped at JC. The two were really mad at each other. Brian was mad because of the hostility that JC has shown and JC was mad because Brian was from BSB.

"Please just leave. You're making Justin more uncomfortable." JC said as he knelt beside Justin who was trembling from fear and still crying. Brian looked at Justin and guilt again settled in.

"I'm really sorry, Justin. Please... I didn't mean what I did earlier." Brian pleaded to Justin as tears began to form in his eyes too. Justin looked at Brian and his fears just left him. Justin's heart melted as he saw the sincerity in the tears of Brian.

"Really?" Justin finally uttered. Brian just nodded and sat beside Justin. Justin smiled with what everything was going on. Justin embraced Brian and whispered "thank you" in Brian's ear.

"What on earth is going on here?" JC said. JC was looking at Justin and Brian with confusion. Well, he didn't know what happened earlier anyway.

"I'll tell you later." Justin told JC. "So, I guess this is goodbye?" Justin said to Brian.

"Hope not!" Brian said with a smile. "If you want anything, give me a ring." Brian scribbled his number on a piece of paper. They looked at each other again and walked on their separate ways.

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