Entwined: When Paths Meet 2


This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of fiction and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. Believe me, that would suck in my case, but not to others. So, enjoy!

***Author's note:

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Time had passed by. It had been two months since the two groups last met. This time, they were scheduled to meet in Europe for a charity basketball game. However, due to a prolonging photo/video music shooting, `N Sync's arrival had been delayed for several more days. The Backstreet Boys stayed in their rooms, frustrated and trapped. Thousands of fans plagued the streets below them, making any trip outside impossible. Unlike, `N Sync, the Boys would not be able to survive another day without tearing each other apart. Brian and Kevin, the only close members, needed to get away. After hours of pleading with their manager, the two cousins were able to persuade management to let them to go to Florida and returned to Europe with the guys of `N Sync. The arrangement was perfect. Brian and Kevin arrived in Florida just in time to watch the final day of shooting the video for "Tearin' Up My Heart" by `N Sync.

Brian and Kevin were quietly ushered inside the warehouse in which the video was shot. They were quickly greeted by the guys of `N Sync- well, almost all of them. Brian scanned around the warehouse looking for Justin. He was not with the rest of his bandmates. Again, he was snatched away and singled out to do additional work. While, Kevin and the guys of `N Sync chatted, bringing everyone up to date with each other's lives, Brian slipped through the crowd in search for Justin. He walked around for several minutes before stumbling into a bedroom scene. An entourage of make-up artists and cameramen gathered around the bed. They slowly dispersed as the director screamed for the beginning of the scene, revealing a young timid boy amidst the commotion. He lay on the bed uncomfortably in a pair of black pants and a wife-beater defining his well-toned chest. Minutes later, a young woman- not old at all, but clearly older than the boy-entered the picture and lay on the corner of the bed.

"A little closer!" The director ordered the young woman.

She did as directed and inched closer to the young boy. They were ready to shoot he scene when the director yelled, "Cut! I want to spice up this scene a little more after all this is for the Europeans. Casey, move in closer and kiss him."

"Sure." Casey said, moving in to kiss the boy when he finally spoke up.

"I can't do this!"

Justin yelled, bringing forth a gust of wind. Suddenly, JC entered the picture, apparently uninvited. The director approached him and asked him to leave, but he refused to do so. He pushed the director aside and kneeled down beside the bed, taking Justin's hands into his.

"What's wrong, buddy?" He asked his younger friend.

"This seems wrong." Justin answered, bashfully. "I don't feel comfortable lying on this bed like this." He looked around the room and returned to face JC. "Why do I have to do this and you guys don't?"

"Why?" JC had to ponder over this one. He always had the answers to every stupid little question Justin might throw in his direction, but he had no answer to this one. "Because Justin, you're special. Because God must have spent a little more time on you (yes, I know that was cheesy, it's just the teenybopper in me trying desperately to get out). That's why they want you and you alone to be in this scene. You have to grow now and face the reality of this business."


"No, buts."

"I don't want to kiss her. A kiss is meant to be special." Justin said.

JC looked away from Justin to look at the director. He mouthed a few words in the direction of the director and seconds later, the director nodded.

"Okay, no kiss." The director said. "But Justin, I want you to lie down on the bed with your hand placed under your head like this." The director demonstrated the exact position he wanted the boy to be in. Justin looked at the director and then at JC, who nodded at him.

"Okay, I'm ready." Justin finally said.

(And because of this brilliant direction , we can now all enjoy Justin's kiddy porn scene and I know we all did so let's not pretend we didn't, peepsJ)

After the video shoot wrapped up, the guys of `N Sync were forced to stay a while longer to do a photo shoot. Brian and Kevin had been at the warehouse in the heat for a minute too long. They both agreed that it was time to return to the hotel room, which they did without any hesitation. Once they settled inside the room, Kevin approached Brian about his whereabouts earlier in the day.

"You are in love with him, aren't you?" Kevin asked. "I never knew you were that big until I saw you today after Justin's sex scene."

"It was not a sex scene!" Brian shrieked.

"Why don't you just tell him how you feel?" Kevin suggested. "He's young, he's probably just discovering who he is. You can help him find himself."

"I wish I could, Kevin." Brian sighed heavily as he lay on the bed. "But do you know how bad that would appear. Here I am a 22 year old man infatuated with a 15 year old boy. People will think I'm some sick pervert, not that I'm in love."

"Let them think what they will." Kevin told his cousin. "You know what it is and that's all that matters."

Kevin got up to shower when they heard a series of knocks. Brian turned around in bed to look at Kevin opening the door to their guests. Stood in the middle of the doorway were JC and Justin.

"Hey, where were you guys?" JC asked.

"Yeah. You guys left so soon. I thought you left." Justin added with a pout. He walked toward Brian and sat down comfortably next to his friend.

"We were just tired." Kevin said. "We had just gotten off a long plan ride from Europe and then we had to hang around that warehouse for several more hours. It gets tiring sometimes."

"Yeah." Was all Brian could muttered.

"The rest of the guys and I were just wondering if you guys would like to join us for some clubbing tonight." JC said.

"Tonight? I don't know. Don't we have to catch an early flight tomorrow morning?" Kevin asked.

"Be a good sport." JC said. "Tonight's our last night in Florida for a while. We'll have a good time tonight. Besides I know this really great club where all the hot guys like to hang out." JC smiled at Kevin and then at Brian, making Brian uneasy.

"Okay, in that case. Count me in." Kevin said.

"Me, too." Brian said, finally.

"Okay, see you later." JC said, ushering Justin to follow him out the door.

A few hours later, Brian and Kevin got ready for a night out on the town, wearing their best attire to attract their love interests. Brian wore a pair of denim jeans showing his ass while Kevin decided to on leather. Both were looking great when they answered the door to three of the `N Sync guys.

"Where's Justin?" Brian asked, anxiously.

JC immediately raised his right eye brow which Kevin noticed. Kevin elbowed Brian is his stomach sending Brian a sharp pain at the ribs. "And Lance?" Brian finally asked.

"Justin's home with his mother." Chris answered. "And Lane is with him. They're too young for clubbing."

"Yeah." Joey said. "You didn't think we would allow them to go clubbing with us, did you?"

"Of course not." Brian said.

"Well, what are we waiting for? I'm not getting any younger now." Chris said, sarcastically.

With both Chris's and Kevin's age in mind, the five guys gathered in a limo waiting to take them to the hottest club in Florida. The guys walked into the 21 and older club without much trouble from the bouncer. Joey was a frequent patron despite him being just 19. Since JC was already somewhat a celebrity around Orlando, he had no problem getting in. Brian, Chris, and Kevin were all older than 21. Both Brian and Chris were stopped by the bouncer because they appeared younger than their age. Brian had forgotten his ID and was forced to remain outside until JC came outside to fetch him. He spoke to the bouncer and asked the bouncer a favor and let Brian in. The bouncer eventually submitted to JC's request. Who could deny those puppy eyes of JC?

Once inside, Joey danced with every hoochie in sight, each woman progressively looked like Anna Nicole Smith as the night wore on. Chris pretty much stayed at the bar enjoying a relaxing night before he, too, was tempted to hit the dance floor. Brian and Kevin remained at their table along with JC. They all had a rough day and needed to rest before heading back to Europe for another strenuous schedule of tour and promotions.

"We missed you guys." JC said, suddenly.

"We missed you guys, too." Brian said. "It's like we're brothers or something."

"Where's the rest of the band?" JC asked.

"They're still in Europe." Kevin answered. "When we left, AJ and Nick were on the floor beating the crap out of each other. I'd be surprised if I could recognize Nick's pretty face when we returned."

"Maybe they like each other." JC said, bluntly.

"Nah. Those two are as straight as a pole." Kevin said, laughingly. "So where are all the cute guys you promised me?"

"I lied." JC admitted. "That was the only way I could get you guys to come along."

"Well, it worked." Kevin said, smiling as he sipped his drink.

Brian appeared to be trapped in his own little world. He did not register with either guys. He was just thinking about seeing Justin lying suggestively in bed with just a mere a wife beater on. Damn! Why must he only be 15?

A few hours had passed and Brian was now suffering the effects of several nights without sleep. He needed to get some sleep. He excused himself to return to the hotel. He asked if his cousin wanted to join him, but Kevin said he would rather stay at the club, enjoying JC's company.

"Don't worry, Brian." JC said. "I won't bite. We're going to just hang out a while longer."

"Yeah, Brian." Kevin said. "I'll see you later."

After hearing his cousin's reassuring words, Brian left the nightclub to relax leaving JC and Kevin in an awkward state of silence. As neither spoke, each took in the beauty of each other and smiled graciously at the artwork before them. Finally, after several minutes of just staring into each other's eyes, JC broke the silence.

"So, who do you think will win the game?" JC asked Kevin, trying hard to make small talk.

"You mean who as in who between the Backstreet Boys and `N Sync?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah. The charity basketball game."

"Neither." Kevin said. JC was perplexed. Kevin continued, "From what I've heard, management are putting guys from each group in each team."

"Yet another attempt for bonding." JC mumbled.

"What's wrong with that?" Kevin asked, sounding a bit defensive. "You don't like bonding with us?"

"Of course, I like bonding with you. It's just the others that I'm not too thrilled about. After that one incident two months ago involving Justin, I don't think I can look at Nick without wanting to beat the living crap out of him." JC said, sincerely.

"Well, so long as you don't hate me, I'm cool with it." Kevin said, smiling as he took another sip of his martini.

***There you have it...yet another installment of Entwined, boy, I'm working hard. Thanks to those who have taken time out of their busy schedule to read Entwined. `N Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and I all appreciate your fanaticism. I'd love to hear comments and feedbacks and please no hate mail. This is not a teenybopper site and I don't expect to read them either. And in honor of `N Sync's success and to encourage author-readers interaction, I'll throw in one of my favorite Justin pix to everyone who sends me an email, but only for this week. See announcement for more details of exactly what I want from my readers. Let's make it enjoyable for everyone. Thanks.