A First Impression
By Billy Burrew

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and does not reflect on the sexual proclivites of any member of the Backstreet Boys or on Leigh Anne Wallace or her family. Please allow this story to suspend your disbelief for a while and fantasize about the fictitious events contained herein.

Brian stepped off the elevator with the rest of the guys, tired after the long day of radio interviews, meet and greets, backstage pleasantries, and finally performing at the concert. The guys walked ahead of him down the hall, keying their doors opened and saying goodnight. Brian bade goodnight to Nick from across the hall as he fished through his pants pocket for his key card. Brian stuck the plastic card in the slot and opened the door when he heard the lock click open. As he did, he was struck by the soft light of a dozen candles, shining around a small table with a light dinner and a bottle of chilled wine. Brian closed the door behind him and walked over to the table.


A pair of strong hands grabbed Brian from behind, twisting his arms behind him and securing them with what felt like a silk strap. Brian’s resistance faded quickly as his attacker's hand pulled his shirt up slightly to gain access underneath, then rubbed and tweaked his sensitive nipples. Brian leaned back into the warm body behind him, quickly giving up his resistance as he moaned.


The hands that had been toying with his chest moved lower, unbuckling his belt and opening his pants, letting them fall down past his knees. Brian sighed as he felt the captor’s right hand move from behind him and the fingers begin to lightly rub his stomach, tracing patterns in the sparce hair around his navel and the light dusting of hair below. Brian’s captor pressed gently, but exerted a light enough force to pull Brian’s body back into a light, one-sided embrace.


Brian gasped as the captor's left hand moved down to brush against his growing arousal. The fingers traced a delicate outline of the stiff arousal they felt beneath Brian’s boxer shorts. Brian squirmed as the light touch of the fingers peaked his arousal, causing his dick to mash uncomfortably against the front of his boxer shorts and begin to leak a steady stream of pre-cum.


Brian moaned as he felt a pair of warm lips kiss against the sensitive area between the lower part of his neck and his shoulder. Brian gasped loudly as the gentle kissing turned into a sharp nip, the gentle love bite sent an almost electric jolt down his spine. Brian let out a low moan as he felt the head move away from his neck.

Brian felt the hands stop touching his cock through his briefs and move up to the waistband of his boxers. The hands grabbed hold of the flimsy material of his boxers and pulled slowly down, rubbing the cotton material slowly over the sensitive tip of his erection as it made its way down to join his pants around his knees.

Brian stood, naked from the waist down, in front of his bed, waiting for his captor to make the next move. Brian moaned as he felt the hands guide him to the bed, bending him over the edge of the mattress and placing his upper body face down on the comforter. Brian moaned as he felt the warm lips place light kisses down his spine, the fingers lightly tracing the side of his spinal column as they moved down to cup the globes of his ass. Brian's moans increased in volume and intensity as one hand reached between his legs and gripped his cock, pulling it down between his legs, giving his captor easy access to it.

Brian gasped as he heard a squishing noise and then felt the hand rub some cold gel on his dick, making it slick and wet. Having no time to recover from the icy feel of the gel, Brian could only grunt as he felt a hand spread his asscheeks apart and a warm tongue began to tease and nip at his puckered hole.

"Oh…Jesus….Ahh…..Oh God."

Brian squirmed and moaned as his captor teased and excited him in this unconventional but incredibly erotic way. Brian's heart pounded in his chest as he felt the hand around his dick begin to milk him for all he was worth. Brian knew, between the strokes to his cock and the tongue in his ass, that he could not hold out very long. Brian suppressed a scream as he felt the tongue leave his ass and engulf the length of his cock. Brian panted as he felt the tongue brush back and forth against the sensitive underside of his cock, and he felt his balls begin to tighten up.

"Uh…..oh….I'm gonna cum."

Brian yelled in pleasure as a long gel slicked finger was slipped into his tight hole, slamming roughly against his prostate, and causing him to instantly explode inside the mouth of his captor. Brian's captor swallowed his load with ease, and continued to suck on the hypersensitive head of his cock as the finger massaged Brian's prostate for the last of his juices. Brian had never experienced such pleasure before and could barely keep conscious as his captor milked his cock for the last of his juices.

Brian moaned lightly as he felt the finger slip out of his ass as the mouth of his captor released his spent cock and untied his hands from behind his back. Brian heard his captor get up and walk into another room in their suite, but he continued to lay there, bent over his mattress, half asleep. A noise at the door roused him in time to sit up as his wife, Leigh Anne keyed open the door and walked into the room.

"Brian? You're home already! Why are you naked? Oh….a candlelit dinner for us? That's so sweet! I can't believe you're not exhausted after the concert."

Brian's eye widened as he realized if Leigh Anne was just coming in, that his captor had not been his wife experimenting with him. He looked around for any signs of his captor and found none. Leigh Anne walked over to Brian and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"A naked candlelit dinner, baby? That's kinda kinky! But…um…I should have warned you, my cousin Shaun is here staying with us in the spare room of our suite here in the hotel. I dunno if he'd appreciate the free show."

Brian's eyes bugged out of his head as a young man knocked politely and entered.


Brian grabbed a pillow from the bed and covered his genitals up as his face began to turn a deep crimson from embarrassment.

"Oh…sorry…let me give you a minute to get dressed Brian….I had ordered dinner for us all and was gonna pass the time with Brian until Leigh Anne got back from her errands.

Leigh Anne smiled at her cousin and then looked at her husband. "So you've already met each other?"

Brian turned an even deeper shade of red and looked at Leigh Anne's cousin. "Not…um….formally."

"Shaun. Shaun Wallace. Good to….meet you Brian. Leigh Anne's told me all about you. I've always been a fan of the group…and was ecstatic when my little cousin married my favorite backstreet boy."

Brian held up the index finger of his free hand in a 'wait a minute' motion and quickly turned and ran into the bathroom. Brian slipped into his silk robe and then ran back out to the bedroom and over to Sean.

"Good to…um…meet you too, Shaun. A fan, huh? Well…you can definitely say you got to see more of me than most fans get to."

"Oh yeah….I got to see a whole new side of you, that's for sure."

Shaun smiled and motioned down to Brian with his eyes and Brian looked down to see the front of his robe wide open, and his now again half erect penis pointing out towards him. Shaun coughed lightly and motioned towards the bed, where the matching silk tie to the robe, the tie that had earlier been used to bind Brian's wrists lay on the comforter.

Brian reached over and grabbed the long silk strap from the bed and wrapped it around his waist, tying it tightly around his waist as Leigh Anne sat down at the table and smiled.

"Well…let's eat, shall we?"

Brian nodded and sat down at the table, looking over at Shaun and meeting his eyes. Shaun raised his eyebrows and winked and Brian smiled back at the younger man. As Brian felt Sean's hand lightly touch the top of his thigh, then slip under his robe and begin to massage his cock again, Brian let out a deep breath and smiled. Unlike a lot of married men who have trouble with in-laws, Brian was really beginning to enjoy having his come and visit.

The End

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