Fixing the Backstreet Boys -- The End

(just when you thought it was over)

Scene opens to a familiar looking man sitting in a small, but nice house. He is in his living room, on the couch. There is an old notebook in his hands and a coffee table in front of him. On the coffee table there is strewn about mail and a small package. The man looks up at you.

"Who would have thought a whole month of your life could come flashing back just from picking up an old torn notebook?" I say as I hold the yellowed ripped pages in my hands. "Just in case you haven't noticed, this is Aidan. I actually have been telling you this story the whole time. It has been quite fun talking about myself in the third person. It is now the year 2005, slightly over 5 years since I began the most amazing case I have ever worked on. The Backstreet Boys."

" I hate to be the one to tell you, but those five boys everyone loves aren't the same group they were five years ago." Allow a dramatic pause.

"Don't panic, they haven't broken up! They are still the Backstreet Boys! They still sing and dance, just not as much as they did five years ago. Concerts are very limited, in between 3-5 a year, never more, rarely less. They still put out albums, there has been three since Millennium they have gone either gold or platinum. People still love them, they just stopped making as many public appearances."

"You may ask why?"

Allow for another pause.

"Well I'll tell you. They are getting older, and some of them have begun families. Quite shocking isn't it?"

"The boys, if I can still call them that, still live in Orlando, three different houses, but close enough that they see each other almost every day."

"Brian and AJ both got married. Brian to the Leighanne we all have heard so much about and AJ to Amanda."

"I Know, I know, you're probably all screaming at the screen right now, but as usual, hold on, let me explain."

"It's all a cover! The boys needed to do something to keep their relationship as discreet as possible. So marrying their longtime `girlfriends' made complete sense. What most of the world doesn't know, is that at night, when they all retire to their rooms (the two `couples' share a house) AJ and Brian sleep in one bed, and Leighanne and Amanda share another. It didn't start out that way, Brian and AJ were always together of course, but it took a while for Leighanne and Amanda to realize their feelings for each other. It ended up making the situation run that much easier. Now they have one of the happiest households I have ever seen. They even have 3 adorable kids running around. Two are biologically Brian and Leighanne's and one is biologically AJ and Amanda's. They don't divvy up responsibility though, the three children are everybody's kids."

"Howie and Nick ended up getting a place together. Nick is going to college for art and even though he is taking it very slow, just a few classes at a time, he is doing very well. The two of them claim they aren't a couple. But I know for a fact that whenever Howie has a date for the evening, Nick ends up on Brian and AJ's doorstep in tears before Howie gets home. And whenever Nick goes to hang out with an ex-girlfriend, Howie always seems to find himself at Kevin's house wanting to hang out for the night. The both attempt to hide reality, but I have heard out of each of their mouths that they end up in the same bed nine out of ten nights."

Pause to take a deep breath.

"The only one who ended up living alone is Kevin. He is also the only one of the boys whom I haven't seen these past five years. I actually see the others quite often, but Kevin, we haven't seen each other since the last therapy session I had with the group."

Another pause, slowing down quite a bit.

"I don't know if it was the fight we had, or the feelings we have for each other, but we just haven't gotten together to talk. I've heard from the other guys that he proposed to his on again off again girlfriend, Kristin, not long after they left. It hurt, but it's been five years and they still haven't set a date, so I let that console me."

Clearing of a throat, and plastering of a fake smile.

"So that's the story on the boys now. I was sitting here thinking about when, and how I met them. I was flipping through the notebook I kept while I was with them. It was like watching an Oscar nominated movie, I laughed, I cried, and I wished there was more. I haven't reread the old thing in a very long time."

Running of hands through hair and another deep breath.

"Anyone would ask me why I am doing this to myself? Thinking about Kevin and the things that went on between the two of us, usually makes me quite upset. If I was tell my sister that I was reminiscing she would smack me up side the head."

"But you know what?"

Gives you a second to shake your head no.

"My sister and everyone else weren't here today when the mail came!"

Leans back on the couch.

"Ahhh... the mail! The reason for this trip down memory lane."

Looks at you with a silly grin.

"Am I driving you nuts yet? Should I just tell you about the mail? Do you even care?"

Gives you a second to answer yes or no.

"Well I am going to tell you either way. When I opened my mailbox today, there was a package in it. The return address read:

Kevin Scott Richardson

P.O. Box XXX

Orlando, FL 55555"

"I still haven't opened it yet. It has just been sitting on my coffee table waiting. Now that my trip down memory lane is over, I'm thinking of opening it up. Should I?"

You better be saying yes!

"Ok, okay, calm down! I'll open it!"

You hear the ripping of paper and the fumbling of a box.

"What's in here? There's an audio tape that has written on it `Listen to me first.' And an envelope that has written on it `Don't open until you've listen to the tape'. I figure I should obey the written words and listen to the tape."

Tape is unwrapped and in inserted into the stereo located across the room. The play button is pressed and after a second or two Kevin's voice is heard.

"Uh, um, Hi Aidan, just remembered how much you enjoy Meatloaf, so I sang this for you. I know I can't hear it without thinking of you."

There was a pause.

"Well here it goes."

Kevin's beautiful voice begins to sing.

"I was lost till you were found

But I never know how far down I was falling, before I reached the bottom

I was cold and you were fire

And I never knew how the pyre could be burning, on the edge of the ice field

And now the chilly California wind is blowing down our bodies again.

And we're sinking deeper and deeper in the chilly California sand.

Oh I know you belong inside my aching heart. And can't you see my faded Levi's, bursting apart.

And don't you hear me crying: "Oh Babe, don't go"

And don't you hear me screaming: "How was I to know?"

I'm in the middle of nowhere, near the end of the line

But there's a border to somewhere waiting, and there's a tankful of time.

Oh give me just another moment, to see the light of the day

And take me to another land where I don't have to stay

And I'm gonna need somebody to make me feel like you do

And I will receive somebody with open arms, open eyes

Open up the sky and let the planet that I love shine through

For crying out loud you know I love you

For crying out loud you know I love you

For crying out loud you know I love you

I was damned and you were saved, and I never knew how enslaved

I was kneeling, in the chains of my master

I could laugh but you could cry, and I never knew just how high

I was flying, ah, with you right above me

And now the chilly California wind is blowing down our bodies again

And we're sinking deeper and deeper in the chilly California sand

Oh I know you belong inside my aching heart

And can't you see my faded Levi's bursting apart

And don't you hear me crying: "Oh Babe, don't go"

And don't you hear me screaming: "How was I to know?"

I'm in the middle of nowhere, near the end of the line

But there's a border to somewhere waiting, and there's a tankful of time

Oh give me just another moment, to see the light of the day

And take me to another land where, I don't have to stay

And I'm gonna need somebody to make me feel like you do

And I will receive somebody with open arms, open eyes

Open up the sky and let the planet that I love shine through

For crying out loud you know I love you

For crying out loud you know I love you

For crying out loud you know I love you

For taking in the rain when I'm feeling so dry

For giving me the answers when I'm asking you why

My oh my, for that, I thank you

For taking in the sun when I feel so cold

For giving me a child when my body is old

And don't you know, for that, I need you

For coming to my room when you know I'm alone

For finding me a highway and for driving me home

And you got to know, for that I serve you

For pulling me away when I'm starting to fall

For revving me up when I'm starting to stall

And you got to know for that I want you

For taking and for giving and for playing the game

For praying for my future in the days that remain

Oh Lord, for that, I hold you

Ah, but most of all, for crying out loud

For that, I love you

Ah, but most of all, for crying out loud

For that, I love you

Ah, but most of all, for crying out loud

For that, I love you

When you're crying out loud

You know, I love you


Kevin took another deep breath on the tape.

"Well I hope you listened to me and played the tape before you read the letter. I just wanted you to know how I feel before you hear what I have to say."

Another deep breath is heard and then whispered softly:

"I love you."

The tape stopped.

"To say I am crying would be the understatement of the year. I'm going to go get some tissues and attempt to stop the flood gates. Once I am able to see again I need to read that letter."

Sniffle, sniffle, dab, dab, crumble. And you are left sitting staring at the screen for twenty minutes.

"Ok, sorry about that everyone. The letter is sitting here in my hands and I am going to read it before I start to bawl again. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself."


"Okay, it's opened. Now what?"

"Read it dammit!"

"Oh good, now I'm talking to myself."

Sounds of papers unfolding.

"Wow, it's even hand written."

Dear Aidan,

I have no idea how to fit this into a nice organized letter, so I'm just going to spill it all out and hope that you can follow. First, I've missed you. I've missed you as much as I'd miss the guys if they vanished from my life. Maybe it's because for the first time since I became a Backstreet Boy I had made a real friend. Besides the guys of course. I felt so many things towards you. In that short time you became a best friend, a confidant, and a teacher. You taught me two very important things about myself. One was that my love could never be just for the female sex. I learned that there were a few men out there I could happily spend the rest of my life with. One is Nick, the other is you. Nick and I talked a long while back. We know it will never work out, plus he is with Howie. Whether they admit it or not. I also came to the conclusion that if it's to be a man, you're the one. No one compliments me the way you do.

As I said before, you taught me two things. You are probably expecting me to say that you taught me how to show emotion. But the truth is I always knew how too. I just always tried to be the strong one for the group. What you taught me was how to cry. Before you came along it had been years since I had shed a tear. But you were patient and sympathetic and you got me to finally let go. Since then I cry all the time, at the drop of a hat one might say. It drives the guys and Kristin crazy. But I'm thankful, I never get stressed to the point of breaking anymore and I owe it all to you.

Oh yeah, as I mention Kristin, she broke off the engagement. She told me she won't share me with you. She said she will always be my best friend but it's obvious you have my heart. She's right you know. You do. And I've come to the conclusion I don't want it back. I want you to have it and I want yours too...

I know we said it will never work out. I know I was your client and therefore it would break a hundred rules. I've tried everything to change that. I found out how much it cost management to pay you for what you did. Then with my own money, not Backstreet Boy money, I paid them back. I also went through a lot of legal trouble to have all accounts and contracts of you being my therapist erased from history. I finished this all about 2 months ago. But there was still one problem. You still received payment for your services. I was about to give up, until one night...

The guys and I were at my house for dinner. It was going normally, until Brian mentioned someone had donated 7,000$ in his name to his own charity. Howie said the same thing had happened to him also, $7,000. AJ then admitted just that day he had gotten a thank you letter from a charity that gets city kids into the arts. It also said he had donated $7,000. We were all pretty confused. And then Nick pulled out his own thank you letter. Once again a charity that fit him and $7,000. We were getting freaked out. I hadn't checked my mail that day. So I rummaged through it and sure enough there was a thank you letter from a cancer charity, thanking me for my $7,000 donation. We must have sat there for two hours trying to figure it out. Then it dawned on me. $7,000 times 5 = $35,000. The amount you had been paid. It was the only answer. We did some small checking up and found out we were correct.

I don't think I have ever cried so hard in my life.

One because it meant I was officially not your patient and you weren't my doctor. And two because it meant to me that you felt the same way I do.

So now I've been sitting on my ass trying to decide what to do. I figured this would be the best way. I didn't want to just show up on your doorstep, that would be too much for the both of us. This way you know how I feel before I ask you if we can meet again. Brian and AJ are having a barbecue on the 17th. If you feel anything for me at all, or if you just want to be friends, please come. Don't even ASAP. That way you won't feel trapped and if you randomly decide to stop by, it will be all cool. So please think about it, we'll all be there. It's been so long, please?

Love always (crossed out)

I still love you (crossed out)



Drop. Splish.

"Dammit, now watch me make this letter even more of a mess by sobbing all over it."

Sits and thinks.

"The 17th huh? Well that doesn't give me much time to decide, the 17th is tomorrow. At least they live just 30 minutes away instead of two states, like they used to."

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that. I moved to Florida three years ago to open a private practice. I took Ashley and Becca with me. They spend a lot of time with Nick these days, due to the fact that they all go to the same college.

Leans back into couch again.

"So, should I go? I want to see everybody, it has been a few weeks. But what if Kevin and I can't work this out? It's been five years! Do I still love him?"

Consensus please?

"Sheesh, how can I even ask myself that! Of course I still love him! I never stopped, not for a second!"

Drops head into hands and mumbles.

"I guess I'm heading to Orlando tomorrow."

Gets up and motions for you to leave.

I think I'll got to bed early, this had been an extremely draining day."

As you leave the house.

"Goodnight Everybody."

*Okay, the Real End! J *

You are now standing outside of AJ and Brian's house.

"It is now 12:30 PM. I have just pulled up to Brian and AJ's house. I am out of the car and am standing at their front door."

Raises hand to knock.

"Oh wait, this is dumb, these guys never answer to knocks."

Walks quietly around to the back of the house.

"I figure they will all be busy, so I should get a few minutes to let this all sink in before anyone notices me here."

Enters the backyard, standing near the gate.

"This is beautiful."

Nick and Howie are at the grill attempting to flip steaks and play kissy face at the same time.

Leighanne and Amanda are setting out various food stuffs, joking with each other, and getting some sweet caresses in.


"Hey wait what is she doing here?"

And Becca are attempting to get Brian's oldest daughter, Rose, into the pool with them. She is to busy giggling while she dipped her toes in.

And then there is Brian, AJ, and Kevin. They are all sitting on some lounge chairs. AJ and Brian are cuddled up close nuzzling each other every few seconds. AJ has his daughter Katie on his lap and she appears to be sleeping. Brian is also holding a child. The new baby, the first boy, Sebastian, the most perfect 3 month old male you ever hope to see. The 3 men are talking softly, smiling, and laughing occasionally.

"They all look so wonderful. It is amazing how they have all matured into such fantastic men. I wish I could just sit here and watch this forever."

But as usual fate has another idea.

"UNCLE AIDAN!" Rose screams as she comes running to Aidan.

Everyone looks this way.

"Hello Rosebud, how is my favorite flower?" As Aidan swings her into a hug.

Nick and Howie abandon the grill, AJ and Brian hand off the children to their `wives', and Kevin just stands up. The first four run to Aidan and envelop him in a huge hug.

"Man we were hoping you'd come!" Nick says.

"Yes Aidan, it's been to long!" Howie follows with.

"It's good to see you, how are things?" Brian asks.

"Whoa, guys let the man breath." AJ grins.

"It's good to see all of you too! How could I turn down an offer to have a barbecue with my favorite boyband? And thank you Brian, things are pretty good. Though yesterday was a little emotional."

"Really? Everything alright?" AJ asks.

"Yeah, I just spent the day reading up on an old case of mine and going through the mail."

Aidan gives a sheepish grin when he says that.


Is the knowing response the four guys give.

Rose reaches for AJ and Aidan hands her off. When Aidan turns back he is face to face with Kevin.

"Hi." Aidan says.

"Hi." Kevin says.

Tears are welling up in Aidan's eyes. He thinks to himself.

`Here is the man I have loved, the man I haven't seen in five years and I can't think of a single word to say. He looks so beautiful standing there in front of me.'

"I've missed you so much."

Aidan finally says, a tear or two slip down his cheeks.

The other guys back up a little.

"I've missed you more than I can ever say." Kevin answers, tears pouring down his own face.

Aidan reaches for Kevin and pulls him into a tight hug. They stand there sobbing into each other's shoulders. Everyone else just stands there and watches. (including you)

"I'm sorry Kevin, I'll admit now I was wrong, I know it took 5 years, but I love you and if you'll take me I don't care if it sends my career to hell, just as long as I will never be separated from you again." Aidan says.

"If you have been able to forgive me, then trust me I have forgiven you. These 5 years have been hell without you. I do want you, I love you too." Kevin answers.

"So do we finally have this worked out? Can I finally say you are mine?" Aidan asks him.

"Only if I can say it back." Kevin smiles.

Aidan leans in and kisses Kevin with as much passion and love that he has stored for five years. And lucky Aidan, Kevin kisses back. Some how the two of them are still able to hear the cheering of eight people standing behind them...


Ok, there ya go, the real end. Some of ya not so angry with me anymore? Just to let you know, I didn't write that just because of the hate mail!!! I wrote it a good 4 months ago, before I was even close to being done with the story. I came to me one night and I stayed up to write it. It has been sitting there waiting to be posted for the longest time. I hope you all enjoyed it!!! I'm too much of a romantic to end the story on a sad note!!! Unrealistic? Yes!!! Unethical? Yes!!! Romantic? I think so!!! Remember, it is fiction ladies and gentleman!!! J

As you all probably know, I am still at camp. I still am not sure how I was able to post this. I miss ya all and am thankful for the emails!!! I'll see ya all soon! And be ready for 2 new ones from KB!!! Catch ya all when I get home! Hasta la ByeByeBye! KTBSBPA!!! Luvs ya, KB!