Games the boys play
Chapter 1
By Dai

This isn't my first male/male story to be published but it is my first to be put in Nifty so if you like it email me with what you think ok.

Okay, first things first. This story is a complete work of fiction, and is not meant to imply anything about anyone. While some of the characters may be loosely based on real people that I know, none are meant to actually represent anyone, particularly any of the members of the Backstreet Boys.

As usual, if you are offended or made uncomfortable by material concerning sexual relations between consenting adult men, lighten up or go somewhere else. Also, if it is in anyway illegal for you to be reading this type of thing, please don't.

Chapter 1 of Games the boys play

Well this seems like the best place to tell my story. Were to start well let me start were most stories start, at the beginning. Hello my name is David Broome. Yes, yes I know what a dreadful name. But hey it's mine so there. Let me tell you a little about myself. First off I'm about 5'9" dirty blonde/brown hair, blue/green eyes, about 173-176lbs, a really normal build. In high school I play baseball but I never really liked the game I played it to stay fit you know. So I'm just your average male. I'm so average I bet if I was in a room full of beautiful or even ugly people you would not even notice me. Hell I could be standing in front of the Mona Leesa and I bet you still wouldn't see me. That's how normal I am. I have no luck what so ever in my whole body. But yet something happened to me that made me the luckiest person on this planet.

I guess I could tell you about my interests as well hmm. I like mostly up beat music so anything pop I can handle. I also like artists like Marilyn Mason, Puff Daddy, Grace Jones, Tripping Daisy, Sponge, Letters to Cleo, Rockell, Imani Coppala, and so on and so on. I could be here all day with names of artists. I also like cars fast cars. I was trained to racecars when I was 18 so I love racing them. Well another big thing I'm bisexual. I have not come out to anyone but my best friend, her name is Lynn. I never get to see her anymore due to that fact that she lives on the other side of the state that I live in. Oh I never told you were I live well I live in Virginia. Nice little state to visit but I don't want to live here. Anyway I used to go to college with Lynn but I left due to personal problems with the school. So I've only seen Lynn like 3 time since I left. Well she is the only person that knows. My mother thinks I am but I'm not ready to tell her yet. She says that she is fine with it but I just don't feel right telling her you know. So I have not told her yet. Well I went to the college to be a botanist but because of the personal problems I'm now studying to be a video game designer. Yes a video game designer. Hey what can I say there is nothing like killing an evil daemon at a 100 paces or fighting a friend and beating the snot out of them.

Well because of my money problems that I have I also have like 4 jobs besides school. Well one of the very rare days I have off I was on the net doing work, you know sending my resume to companies and stuff. I stopped by the web site of my local favorite radio station. They had a job opening so I sent in my resume after I checked a few things on it. About 2 days later I got a call asking if I could come down for an interview. I was like cool maybe I could drop one of my other jobs hell maybe I could drop two of them even. Well I got down to the station early and asked for the person that I had to talk to. As I'm waiting in the lobby I hear the radio station talk about an up coming concert in a week. I'm like I'd love to go, but were do you find the time when you have no time. Well as I'm day dreaming the person that I'm to talk to comes up to me and says my name. Which snaps me out of my dream state. We go up to her office to talk. The interview goes great and after it she tells me that no matter how the interview went she was going to hire me cause I was the best qualified. As it is the jobs pay is so good I can drop three of the other jobs. Which now gives me time to go to the concert.

Well she tells me what the job is and with I have to do. Basically I'm in promotions which is not that bad I've done that before for two of my other companies which are two of the three I'm going to kick to the curb. Well my first really task for the radio station starts in three days and I have off till this week end because the one job I'm keeping I only work on the weekends early in the morn matter a fact so it works out perfect for me.

Well three days go by I open the store up. I never told what the one job is that I'm keeping. I'm an assistant manager at one of the video stores in my area. So I'm basically keeping this job so I can get free movies. Well I get off work after the next assistant comes in I run home get dressed and I'm off to the radio station to find out what I'm to do. I get there just as my boss some old woman named Rose comes out. Well she tells me that I have to be at this one mall in about 2 hours. All the time I'm like is that it I can get there in like 30 minutes. Then I find out the bad news. "Dave this mall is going to be packed by hundreds of teenage girls wanting to get autographs from the band."

"Oh so that is why I have 2 hours to get there now I get it. So who is the band?

"What don't you listen to the radio station they've been promoting it for days now."

"Ya I do" which in truth I do but like I said I don't have time so I don't listen to it a lot. "So who is the band?"

"The Backstreet Boys."

"Naa you're shitting me. Please tell me your lying like a dog to me."

"Nope I'm sorry hon I'm telling the gods honest truth." She says as she walks away.

Damn the Backstreet Boys can we say every young gay/bi mans wet dream. `Shit what am I, going to do I look like shit. Wait I wonder if I still have those clothes in my trunk of my car.' As I run out to my car Rose stops me again. "Were are you going?"

"I'm going to my car to get a change of clothes for after I'm done working I at least want to look presentable to the band. I do want to give a good impression of the radio station after all. Is that okay?"

"My god boy I wish you could get these other losers into clones of you."

"Na I don't think you would want that. You'd get bored at look at my face so we'd all be fired."

"Ya your most likely right. Well hurry up and get your clothes while your at it why don't you just take your car there that way after the signing you can leave. But first take these pictures with you okay."

"Sure I'll take them. Um do I need a pass or anything to get in to the autograph signing?"

"Shit yes. Let me run up to my office and get it for you. Do you think you could fit a lot of pictures in to your car?"

"Well not many I have a small and I do mean small sports car."

"Well then just driver your car up to the front doors and I'll met you there with some more photos and then we can decide how many more pictures you can take okay."

"Okay met you up there." She goes running off while I go running to my car. As I open my trunk I see what I'm looking for. "Thank god for small miracles." I pull out the bag. It has an out fit that I bought about a week ago. I mean I'm also a clotheshorse. I have over 45,768 ideas of clothing that I can make into over 1,000,000 outfits at lease. That's with out shoes. Well lucky for me I bought shoes with this one so. I just need socks black would be nice with this I can pick up a pair at the mall. I jump into my car after I stick the pictures in my back seat with my outfit and drove to the front of the station.

"DAMN boy that is a small car. What is it?"

"This Ms. Rose is my baby. She's a 1978' Alfo Romao Spider 1800 model. I call her MJ."

"Shit it's a nice car and its to small for all the pictures so here take another 1000 and your pass and get out of here. Now remember you have 2 hours to get there and get them the pictures. The guys will be there around 2 its 12 now so go damn-it."

"YES SIR." At that I put the pedal to the metal as they say and I was gone. On the way to the mall I had some realizations out of all the guys I'd have to say I like Kevin the best. He is cute and tall and that hair and those eyes my god if I had to walk through hell and kill Satan to have him god knows I'd try. AJ is cute to but he is wild like me so I think I'd like him as a good friend. Brian and Nick well there are two people that I would love to pull a prank on them just so I could say I've got Brian and Nick FRICK AND FRAAACK. Now Howie is cute but his voice is to high for my tastes. Man I'm bad I better keep my mind and eyes on the road or I'm going to get in a car crash and I'd never get to met Kevin.

Well like I figured I'd made it to the mall in about 30 minutes well 45 anyway. The guys had yet to show up so I had time to grab something to eat, grab some black socks, and get changed. I was done with all my work till the guys showed up so I went to get the stuff I needed. I was back in like 20 minutes and I had 40 minutes till the guys got here. I changed and was going to go sit in the lounge that was going to be used for the guys so they could relax after the signing. As I walked in the room I saw them each and every one of them in all their glory. No they were not naked but I could dream. All I could do was stare at them.

"Um Hello there is there something we can help you with." OH MY GOD KEVIN JUST TALKED TO ME JOYGASM. "hehehe sorry I didn't know you guys were here I was going to chill before I have to get to work."

"That's cool come on in. Sit and stay a while. What is you name? Do you work here in the mall? How old are you? Can you do any thing other then stare at us?" said AJ

"Wha.What oh HAHA sorry I just never figured that I would get to meet you guys. Well my name is David, I work for the radio station, I'm 21, and yes if you give me a few seconds to get this out of my system I'll be fine."

"That's cool so I take it you're a fan?" asked Howie

"A Fan, A Fan no I'm not a fan like those girls outside if you mean that type of fan but yes I'm a fan."

"That's cool. So what's your favorite song on any of our albums?" asked Kevin HE TALKED TO ME AGAIN. "Hmm that's a hard question. The truth I like all the songs but I guess all the fast ones would have to be my favorites. But also being that I live here in the US I can't get your international CD's."

"You know you can order them on the net." Said Nick

"Ya I know but I still don't trust it enough to do that."

"So I take it then that you don't have a computer then." Asked Nick again

"What HAHA don't make me laugh I have to damn many computers. Here look." At that

I pull out the new Toshiba hand held laptop.

"Is that one of those palm pilots." Asked Brian

"No this is a new line of laptop but it fits in to your hand almost. See let me start it for you." At that I turn on the laptop.

"So what's processing speed." Asked Nick

"It's a Intel P3 550 with a 4.3gig hard drive, 56k v.90 PCMCIA modem. This is one of the best toys I've ever bought for myself."

"So why would you need something like that." Asked Howie

"Well D do you mind me calling you D?"

"NA its alright they call me that so you can call me that."

"Cool. Well I'm a video game programmer. Well I just started about a year ago. But I already have some games under design. I'm hoping to sell them to Nintendo of America before the end of the year."

"Really what system." Asked Nick

"Well I have a friend that works for them so he has already told me about the new system under development so one if for that and the other 3 are for N64."

"New system?" asked Nick

"Great just what we need is another video system on tour with us." Said Howie

"Well the system is not coming out for awhile. Nintendo has labeled it Project Dolphin."

It is to have a very high processing speed along with a very high graphic-processing engine. The stats on the system are wild."

"Oh cool so when is it coming out."

"From what I've been told it was going to be shown at the E3 Convention."

"E3 Convention what's that?" asked Kevin

"It's a convention dedicated to video game companies duh." Said Nick

"Duuuh" said Kevin in a little snotty voice. "Thank you Mr. Video Game but I was not talking to you. I was talk to David."

"God I wish I had a picture of the face you just gave Nick. Classic HAHA."

"What he do?" said Nick

"Nothing never mind Nick go back and play with the laptop. So you design video games.

I would really like to see one of them one of these days." Said Kevin

"You would that's cool well you have the concert next week so I'm guessing your free till then."

"Yup free and clear for the next 8 days how about yourself?" asked Brian

"I wish I have to work at my store tomorrow morning and then I have classes m-f morning. We're you guys staying? If you don't mind me asking."

"NA its okay, we have no idea because this concert was so unplanned the Firm asked if we wouldn't mind getting the hotel rooms for ourselves." Said Brian

"Well I live in this little town that has basically a resort in it why don't you guys stay there."

"We could and then you could show us around the area." Said AJ giving me a evil grin

"Ya I could do that. But something tells me I don't like what you're thinking about so you might as well spill it now or forever hold you peace."

"What how you know?"

"Boy please you think I'm not trouble to at times. PLEASE so what is it you have on your mind."

"Well we have not had a home cooked meal in like dogs age. I was wonder if we could come over to your house and eat. I can even cook for us and yourself."

"No thank you AJ the last time you tried to make something you nearly killed everyone on the bus." Said Howie

"What, well that rules AJ out of the kitchen. But ya you guys can come over if you want, I live at home though due to that fact that I spend all my money on school, clothes, and toys err I mean stuff for work."

"REALLY?" Screamed Nick

"SHIT boy I'm right here chill."


"Its all good. Let me just call my mother first and tell her what the plans for the night are okay. Hell I do that while your signing your autographs to those teenies outside of those doors." I say as I say pointing to the doors.

"OH shit I forgot the signing." Yelled Kevin as he jumped up and headed for the door. "David we'll see you after the signing alright, back in here okay. Come on guys we have to hurry."

"See ya later David." They all say running after Kevin out the door.

God that was so cool and now they are coming over to my house to eat HAHAHA, am I one of the luckiest jackasses that have ever walked this planet, as I go to grab the door it opens.

"David I have to tell you something now. Before we all go to your house."

"Sure what's up Brian." I asked sounding a little concerned

"Well you're a cool guy and everything so I'm going to ask this once. Are... are... are you gay."

I was floored to say the least. "Ho.. ho. how did you know? But I'm not gay I'm bi."

"My god I was right this is great."

"Why is this great."

"Well so is Kevin and I think he likes you. Did you see the way he was watching you when you talked? And he wants to go see that video game of yours. He hates video games." After he said that I just fell to the floor. "Oh My God David are you okay?"

"Wha what oh ya. He likes me. Brian don't lie to me does he really like me Brian."

"Yes he does. I know my cousin very well. He likes you and I think that you would make him happy. That is why I decided to tell you."

"Brian you have no idea how shocked I am right now. I would never of guessed in a millions years Brian. God what am I going to do? I've liked him for like year's okay like 2 years but that's not the point. I can't tell him god why did you tell me this?"

"Man I'm sorry but please tell him."

"Brian do the other know about him?"

"Yeah they know. Kevin is not very open if he has a problem with something he'll think to much about it till he final snaps. He told me that he was gay like 2 years after we started to tour. Then he told the guys like a year later."

"Then that's why he did not tell me that he likes me? Is he shy?"

"Weeeeeeeeell he likes you so he is going to have a lot of trouble tell you this and knowing my cousin the way I do he has fallen for you before he even knows if your gay or bisexual."

"God Brian god, god, god what am I going to do?"

"Well please stop saying god. Now what to do listen to god and your heart."

"Brian thank you for your help and I'm sorry about saying god but don't preach to me about god. I'm not religious. Do you really think he likes me? Never mind don't answer that you told me he does I just need to get off my ass and ask him out right, right."

"Great now I need to get out there and sign some autographs."

"Brian thank you."

"Na man its all good."

"No you didn't." I say laughing

"What?" he says look a little confused.

"Nothing I'm just tripping. Lets go and get you out to your fans." I say as I put my arm around his shoulder.

As we walk out to the fan signing Kevin sees me with my arm around Brian shoulder. I look at him and see a little envy in his eyes. I walk up to him and whisper in his ear. "So a little bird tells me you like me well what if I told you I like you too. I think we need to talk after this. So your place your mine?" Howie over hearing this starts to laugh. "What?"

"Nothing that was just so sickening it was cute."

I lean over and whisper in Howie's ear "well with some help I think we can fine you somebody."

"Don't bother I have somebody."

"Well if you're going to be that way." I say as I stand up straight and turn my head towards Kevin who is still looking at me with a little shocked expression on his face. "What did I do now?"

"Yours." He says and turns back to signing autographs.

"Wha.. Oh ya sure. See you after the signing okay." I say as I turn around and start to walk back to the waiting room.


I walk into the room, walk over to one of the couches turn around and just fell into it. "YES" I scream "Now Dai chill for a second. What do you need to do first, well call your mother and tell her that you have some friends coming over for dinner, next tell them were the resort is. Finally kiss Kevin. Well I think I'll kiss Kevin second hell I'll kiss him as soon as he walks back in here. HAHA this is too good to be true. Now on to my mother, shit I need a phone." I get up and look around the room for a phone. "Shit no phone in here. I guess I'll have to go fined one." I walk out of the room and head to where the guys are signing autographs. As I walk through the double doors I see Kevin kissing a girl. I just stop in my tracks. `Wait Brain said that Kevin was gay no he never said that he said that he was the same as me. So what he's bi. David chill Brian said that he likes me if not has fallen for me. I'm reading too much into this kiss. He's doing it all for the fans that's it.' I start walking over to Kevin. As I get there I put my hand on his shoulder. He jumps out of shock then looks up at me and smiles. "Scared ya did I?"

"Na I just wasn't expecting someone to put their hands on me."

"Oh I hoped I scared ya." I say faking a pout.

"Well then you scared me." He replies looking a little perplexed.

"I have to go fine a pay phone so I can call home and tell mommy dearest that we have people come over for dinner."

"Mommy dearest? Well you could use my cell phone." He says as he reaches in to his coat pocket and pulls out a cell phone.

"Well looky here I've always depended on the kindness of strangers." I say as I take the phone and walk off. "Thanks Kevin I'll be right back with your phone." I say as I turn my head and see him looking at my ass. I turn around and start to shake my ass a little more for him. `Man thank you Brian. I'll have to think of someway to thank you'. I dial the number to the house and get my mother.

"Hello Broone residents"

"Hey mom."

"Oh hi sweetie. So how is your first day? What you doing now?"

"Well I'm at a autograph signing right now for the Backstreet Boys. But mom listen I want to have some friends over I was wondering if that would be alright with you?"

"Ya its okay. How many friends and I'm guessing that they are coming to eat dinner?"

"Yup how you know? Anyway there are five of them and we should be leaving here in like 3 hours is that okay/"

"Ya that's great. Are they going to spend the night here also?"

"I don't know but I'll ask them if it's alright with you?"

"Ya its alright we have the room we have the 2 guess rooms, the 2 pull out couches in the family room, the futon couch in your room, and the pull out couch in the computer room."

"Great I'll ask them if they want to stay the night. Would it be alright if they stay say 8 nights?"

"Well we have the room so I don't see anything the matter with it. As long as we don't run out of food then everything is all right. One more thing who are these people anyway?"

"Well I did not want to tell you but it's the Backstreet Boys. Is that alright."

"Ya its find I just didn't want to find out that its some one from work that you just met and they need a place to stay cause they lost their house."

"Really mom you think I'd bring some stranger home?"

"Well your bring these guys home so."

"You got me. So what's up with that, do you have any problems with it?"

"No none what so ever. Well I do have one I know how much you like these guys and I know that your bisexual and I accept it. I just don't want to see your heart crushed when any of the guys don't like you the way that you like them."

"What who told you?" I say in a whisper.

"Lynn dear she was worried about you when you became depressed and she told me fearing that was the reason that you were depressed. Was that the reason that you were depressed?"

"No mother it was not. I was worried about money. I never told you that cause I didn't want to worry you. As for the guys one of them does like me and I think that we might be staying in my room. If that's okay?"

"HA my little baby sleeping with a man under my roof. Yes Dai you two can sleep in your room on your bed even hell have sex. I just don't want to find out that he is into it for the sex cause if he is I'll take it to the papers. And I don't want to find what you don't love him for him but you only love cause he is a Backstreet Boy then I'll ask them to leave. Do you understand me Mr.?" she says in an authoritative voice

"Yes mother." I say as my hang my head to the floor

"Good now have a good rest of day at work dear. What time should I expect you all to be here?"

"I'm figuring about 7."

"Okay great see you then. Love ya bye."

"Ya bye" I say as I turn off the phone. `I don't believe Lynn told her. At least it went better then I ever would have dreamed it would. Now let me get back to the guys and see how long till they are finished.'



"hehehe I'm sorry but we are not aloud to take pictures with fans while at signings"

"Aaaaaawwwwwww just this once"

"I'm sorry I can't" I hear him say as I walk up to him.

"So Bri what you guys up to tonight?" I ask while looking at the girl

"Just going over to your house if we can still go." He replies while looking up at me with fear in his eyes. All this time I'm watching the fan hang on ever word that we say.

"Ya it's a go. What time is the signing over with?"

"We have about an three hours left."

"Okay well I'll see you after the signing. I have to go and give Kevin back his phone. Oh and um Brian thanks for what you said before."

"Hey what are friends for right. Now go give him his phone and let me get back to doing my job okay."

"Oh ya sure talk to you later." I turn around and walk to the other end of the table to give Kevin back his phone. "So you guys miss me?" I say as I put my arms over Kevin's and Howie's shoulder.

"Nope we didn't." said Howie as he lend over to whisper something in my ear. "Well I didn't but I know he did." he says as he points to Kevin

"Rrrrreeaaally well that's nice to know thanks man." I say as he sits back in his chair to finish signing the photo that he was signing. "So Kevin you ready to have some fun after the signing." I say whispering in his ear

"Sure but what did you have in mind?" he says turning his head towards me.

"WELL first I have to clean up this mess so I guess you guys can stay in the waiting room and wait for me to finish up out here. Next we have a dinner appointment at my house with my mother. Before you say anything let me finish talking. We are going there to eat a great dinner and meet the funniest lady this side of the Milky Way. Then if you guys want you can stay with us at our place we have the room and I've already talked to my mother about it and she said yes. So what do you think?"

"I say I want a home cooked meal, but we have to talk some before I say we stay over at your place." He says looking into my eyes

"Sure we can talk when we get to the house. Kevin please stop looking into my eyes your making me blush."

"Well I like your eyes. They have a very surreal look."

"You should see them after I've been crying. I look like an alien. Now get back to your work so we can leave on time okay." I say slapping his shoulder

"Hehe okay, but only if you go away cause with you here I can't work."

"Oh, oh, oh, oh I see how it is. Na I'll let you get back to work." I walk up to each of the guys and told them what the game plan was for the rest of the day. They all liked the idea of a home cooked meal and even staying at my house cause they were all sick of hotels.

~~~~~~~~~ AFTER THE AUTOGRAPH SIGNING ~~~~~~~~~~~

The guys walk into the waiting talking really loud. "Nick you did see that one girl that was like `OH MY GOD NICK CAN I HAVE YOUR BABY'" said AJ as he dodged Nicks punch.

"Hey, hey guy shuu David is asleep." Said Howie. The truth being I was awake. How could someone sleep with people screaming in the room you were sleeping in let me tell

ya. "So Kevin how much do you really like this guy?"

"What are you talking about Howie?"

"Please Kevin we all see it. Plus you're the only one in the group that has not had a date in like what years. Its only natural that you finally find someone that you're attracted to." Said Nick

"Am I that noticeable?"

"Most likely not to the fans, but Kevin we have been together for like years man. We are going to know you a little better then that." Said Howie

"I've never met anyone like him. He is nice, cute, and I don't know I just like him." Replies Kevin while looking down at me. "God guys I don't think that I could live if we got to together and then broke up. Listen to me I've already given us a deadline and we're not even dating. Hell I know he likes me. Speaking of which how did he find out that I like him? Brian don't even think of walking out that door." Said Kevin to Brian as he tries walking out the door.

"Well Kevin that's a funny story." He says as he scratches his head. "Honest you'll just die laughing after I tell ya. Remember when I said that I needed to use the bathroom before the signing. Well I came back here and talked to Dai about you Kevin. I asked him if he was gay he said that he was bi and then I told him about you liking him. This is the funny part he fell to the floor literally. He was so shocked. He really likes you to Kevin. I think you two also make a cute couple." Replied Brian

"BRIAN HO...." Screams Kevin

"WHAT THE FUCK." I scream and jumped off the couch hoping that Kevin stops yelling at Brian "Oh its you guys couldn't you at lease see me sleeping here. Wait if you're in here then the signing is over with. Well let me go clean the signing area and then we can leave" I say as I start out the door.

"Man chill Nick talked to the guy managing the signing and told him that you were going to take us out to dinner. He also asked if you could be our liaison with the station. They said sure so you're stuck with us until we leave." Said AJ walking up to Nick and putting he's arm over Nick's shoulder.

"Well then let's get out of here. Oops one more thing you guys will have to follow me. I don't think I could take more then one of you in my car. So while you're here you might want to rent something."

"Sure we can rent a car. But if you don't mine me asking what type of car do you have?" Asked Kevin

"It's a 78' Alfo Romao Spider. It's my baby."

"Really?" Replied Nick with a noticable level of shock.

"Nick chill you look like you could have a heart attack."

"Its just it's a Alfo Romao how the hell can you afford the insurance on it?"

"Nick the car is 21 years old the insurance on it is not that high. I pay like less then $900 a year. Now that you know how much I pay for car insurance can we get out of here? I feel like I'm in a hospital."

"Sure lets bounce." Replies Brian

"Brain please don't ever say that word again."


"Cause it doesn't sound right coming out of your mouth."


"Ya oh. Now in the words of Brian lets...bounce." I say as I grab the door and hold it open for the guys. All the guys say thank you as they walk out the door. The last to leave is AJ who grabs my hand and interlaces his fingers.

"Come on you don't have to hold the door open of us." He says smiling at me

"AJ why are you holding my hand like this." I say and hold our hands up into his line of sight.

"Oh I don't mean to do that." He says pulling his hand away from mine.

"AJ chill we're friends to tell the truth I do that with my friends too. We just can't let any body take pictures of you hold my hand. Now next question, you seemed hurt when I asked that. Are you gay?" I say looking at him while we walk down the hallway.

"No I'm not. I still don't fully trust you but if Kevin likes you and he does. Then I think your going to be a great friend to us and like you I do this to my friends also." He says look at me.

"That's cool. I think that we are going to be great friends. Now let go of my hand so we can go out those doors." I say pointing to the doors. As we walk out the doors I see the limo that they came in being rocked back and forth. I pull AJ back into the hallway

"What's up?"

"Do you have a cell phone on you?"


"Great call Kevin."

"Oooookay why?"

"I'll tell you in a sec just call Kevin." AJ take out his cell phone and calls Kevin.

"Hey Kev this is AJ."

"WERE ARE YOU." Kevin screams into the phone hoping that AJ can hear him over the screaming girls.

"Damn Kevin I'm I can hear you just fine now David wanted me to call you. Here you talk to him." He hands the phone to me.

"Kevin okay listen. Tell the driver to driver to the Target parking lot across the street. We will met you there as soon as the fans die down okay."

"YA SURE I'LL TELL HIM BYE." At that he hangs up the phone.

"Damn that boy he can yell can't he. Here's your phone my good man." I hand him the phone back.

"So now what?"

"We wait till the fans leave." I say as I stick my head out the door. "The limo is pulling away now finally."

"David thank you." AJ says looking at the ground

"For what man?" I say looking at him a little worried

"For breaking my opinion of you."

"Oh that boy phsss chill iight me thinks that you needs to know mes a little long befores you break that opinions iight." I say talking to him in my ghetto voice

"Hehe iight Mr. Ebonics." He says laughing

"Ebonics HA that's some Washington DC drag queen ghetto talk. I don't talk Ebonics sorry."

"Drag queen ghetto talk. Never heard of it."

"Well knowing Starlight she'll be waiting at the house when we get there. She'll teach you any drag queen talk you want to know."

"Starlight?" he says looking at me a little weird.

"What she's a drag queen and one of my good friends. I could tell her anything and have many times."

"What's her male name?"

"I could tell you that but then I'd have to kill ya. Na she doesn't like people calling her by that name so if you really want to know you'll have to ask her." I say looking out the door.

"Oh okay then. Are they gone?"

"Yup lets get before someone sees you." We run out the door to my car. "Here let me get that for you." I say as I unlock the door for him and run around to the other side of the car and get in.

"Why did you do that I could have waited till you got in."

"AJ look at you door do you see a lock any were on it?" he looks at the door then looks at me and shakes his head. "That's cause this car was made in Italy. For some reason all of these models were made with out door looks on the inside. So if you want your door locked roll down your window and lock it with this." I hand him the key and he locks it and hands the key back.

"Now why in gods name do you have such a small car." He says looking into the quarter back seat.

"I like my cars small and fast. Now make then click." I say as I hold up my seat belt. "Good now hold on cause we're out of this juke joint." I pull out of the parking space and speed down the mall exit ramp cutting off 2 cars.

"HOLY SHHHHHHHHIT. You're a worse driver then Nick and Brian put together." He says white knuckling the door handle

"No I'm not I just like to move fast and this little baby does just that. Wait till we get her on 66 then you'll see what this thing can really do." We pull into the Target parking lot but there is no sign of the limo. "Shit call them." AJ pulls out his cell phone and talks to Kevin and hangs up.

"So were are they."

"Right there." He points behind us. I look in the rear view mirror and sure enough there is the limo. As it pulls up next to us one of the back windows drops down.

"DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN nice car boy." Says Brian

"Thanks now this is how we're getting back to my place." I tell Brain whom then rolls up the window to the limo. I pull forward and knock on the passenger side window in the front. The driver drops the window and I tell him what exit to get off on if we are not with him and well meet him on that road. I roll up my window and driver off with the limo following

"So were do you live?" AJ turns in his seat and looks at me.

"I live in this little town called Herndon the hell hole of Fairfax County. Na its not that bad it just has some asshole cops and that's pretty much it. Besides for the club at the resort there is not much to do there. Most of the time I go into DC to party. Mind if I turn on the radio." I say as I reach of the radio.

"Na go head. What type of music do you listen to? If you don't mind me asking."

I turn the radio down so it's background noise. "All most everything just no country, really heavy metal, and heavy gangster rap. I listen to opera, pop, new age, classical you name it I might have heard it." I say pulling up to 66. "Now the fun begins. Ready for some more white knuckle fun?"

"What?" he says looking at me really worried.

"Well my dear AJ this is interstate 66 I can make it from here to the exit that we need in under 3 minutes. It normally a 10 driver." I say flipping a switch on the dashboard. Out from under the passenger side of the dashboard comes a small table with lights and LCD panels.

"What the fuck is this?"

"Its has laser and radar disrupters on it. So if we come across a cop his radar or laser can't get a lock on how fast we really are going. Plus it have some other stuff on it. Like this button here dumps the gas tank if I'm going to crash there is a fail safe that does it anyway."

"So you made your own bond car."

"I guess you could say that. I'm going to slow down so we can wave at the guys and then I'm going to gun it okay."

"Sure." We slow down and pull next to the limo and wave. Howie rolls down the window and waves back. As he does that I flip the switch to the nitricoxcied tank and gun it. The car hits 100 before we are even passing the limo. "SHHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTT"

"hehe chill man." One of the alarms on the radar board goes off. "It seems we have a cop up ahead. Think I should slow down." I say looking at AJ

"Can we out run the cop."

"Can we out run the cop, can we out run the cop. We could driver circles around the cop. Hit that blue button." He hits the button and grinding can be heard.

"I did nothing." AJ says holding up his hands.

"Man you need to take a Prozac or something. That button just flipped my license plates to some old ones I got in a juke yard. Well looky there is the cop." I look at the dashboard and see that the car has almost hit 160. "Turn that black knob all the way on. That's the heat sinks. We don't need the engine over heating now do we." I say looking at AJ who is shaking his head no really fast. "Now watch that purple light okay when it turns red push the button next to it. It releases a new quart of oil into the engine. And there goes the cop and here comes his lights." AJ turns around and sees the cop disappearing. "Watch the light." He turns around in his seat and starts to watch the light. "I'm getting off here and well wait for the cop to pass before we meet up with the limo." I say pulling off 66 one exit before the exit that I told the limo.

"Damn my heart is going a hundred miles a minute. How fast were we going?" he asks craning his neck to see the dashboard.

"We were going 187 when we hit the exit ramp."



"What?" he says looking at me

"Your voice just cracked."

"Well hello we were just going over 180 in a what 55 zone. That's like 3 times faster then the speed limit."

"Anyway. There goes the cop that was following." I say pointing to the cop. "And there goes the limo. Let's go catch it." We pull back on to 66 as the cop pulls on going the other way. "Okay hit the reset button on the board and turn the heat sinks off." AJ hits the reset button and turns the heat sinks off. "Good you're a fast learner. Now tell me what the reading is next to the oil button."

"It says that the car has about of oil left."

"Okay just hit the purple button. I'll fill that tanks later." We pull up next to the limo and I honk the horn. Howie's window goes down and he waves as AJ's phone rings.


"How the fuck did you guys get behind us?"

"I'll tell you all about it when we get to David's house"


"Who you talking to?" I ask

"Kevin. Here he wants to talk to you." AJ hands me the phone.

"Thanks. Your quarter my time what you want?" I say speaking into the phone

"Ya okay. Nice hello." Says Kevin

"I like it now what do you want cutie."

"hehe well were to now?"

"Just tell your driver to follow us to the house. I'm not going to speed I don't think that AJ's heart could take any more." I say looking over at AJ who has his tongue out at me.

"Promises, promises."

"Promises, promises. What?" asked Kevin

"Ohh nothing. Anyway just tell your driver to follow us and we'll stop by a rental place so you guys can get a car."

"Okay great. We'll see you guys at the rental center. Bye."

"Bye love." I say turning off the phone and handing back to AJ

"So what's up?" asked AJ

"We're going to get you guys a rental car and then off to the house."

"Okay cool." We talk and joke around some more on the way to the rental center. When we get there the guys get two Mercedes Jeeps one Onyx Black the other Mother of Pearl White. We leave the center and head over to my house.

~~~~~~~~~~~ AT MY HOUSE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Well guys come on in make yourselves at home." I say as I hold the door open for the guys.

"Take your shoes off please. It's a new carpet and my mother will kill ya if she sees shoes on it."

"Speaking of your mother were is she?" Says Kevin looking a little green.

"Looks like someone doesn't want to meet mommy." Teases AJ

"Shut up AJ." Says Howie smacking the back of AJ's head.

"MOM YA HOME?" I scream as I walk up the stairs to the first level. Let me explain my house. The basement is my floor. Its has one master bedroom with a master bath complete with Jacuzzi. On this floor is the laundry room also. Half of the room is my closet. The other half is either sewing room or washer and drier space. Next level is kitchen, dinning room, family room, and library. You have to walk up some steps to get to this area when coming in the front door. Don't ask me to explain cause I can't my mother designed the house. I didn't understand the logic then and I still don't. Next level is the bedrooms, computer room, and the bathrooms.


"dai?" whispers Nick looking at the guys perplexed faces.

I walk into the kitchen and hug my mother. "Hi mom. Did Star call?" I say going over to the fridge and grabbing some Kool-Aid.

"Yup she said that she was going to be here at 7:30 so you two can talk. Now were are these house guests that we have this week?"

"Mom you make it sound like we have people over every week." I whine

"Well you do Dai there is always someone sleeping on one of the couches when I get up in the morning."

"Annnnnnyyyway the guys are out in the family room I think that is were I left them last."

"WHAT didn't I teach you better then that." She says storming out of the kitchen. "DAI GET YOUR NARROW WHITE ASS IN HERE NOW."

"Fuck what I do now." I say walking into the family room and see that the guys are still by the front door just talking. "Guys come in and stay awhile." I say waving at them.

"We didn't want to just barge-in." Said Kevin walking up to my mother "Hello I'm Kevin Richardson. The guy with the eye-blinding smile is my cousin Brian Littrell. The guy with no fashion taste is AJ McLean. The guy with the funky hairstyle is Howie Dorough. And last the bleach blonde"

"HEY." Screams Nick

"That's Nick Carter. We are the Backstreet Boys." Said Kevin laughing as he finishes the introductions

"Well its nice to meet you boys." She says shaking the guy's hands. "You can call me Morgan. You can call me that or Mona. AND you may NOT call me Mrs. Broome. Welcome to my house please sit, take a load off. I'll let Dai show you around if you want I have to finish dinner. We eat in 35 minutes. If you need anything help yourselves to it." She says as she starts to walk back into the kitchen.

"Man your mother is very forward." Says Howie

"Ya she is." agrees AJ

"Well guys do you want a tour of the house. We could also figure out who gets what room." I say looking at the guys.

"Sure." They all say in unison

"Well then lets start upstairs." I walk up stairs with the guys following. I show the guys the computer room and bedrooms. Howie claims the computer room. Before Nick can speak up. Brian and Nick get the 2 bedrooms. We go back down stairs. AJ claims one of the couches and Kevin claims the other. I show them the library; kitchen, family room, and dinning room.

"Uh David were is your room." Asks Howie

"That's down stairs. I pretty much have the entire basement to myself. You guy want to see."

"SURE." Says Kevin. We walk down stairs and I show the guys my room.

"Um were is your closet." Asks AJ walking into the bathroom. "WOOOO"

"WHAT?" yells Brian run for the bathroom door.

"hehehe me thinks AJ found my bathroom."

"DAMN. You got a whirlpool in here." Screams AJ as I walk in the door.

"No that's a Jacuzzi man."

"What? How many people can that fit?" asks Brian

"The most I've ever had in there at one time is 14. But I was told that it can hold over 20 people."

"WHAT?" screams AJ "20 people. Shit. D you have to see this think." Yells AJ as he runs out of the bathroom.

"Ya think he likes it?" I say turning to Brian

"Ya I do. Were the hell did you get it and why the fuck do you have it?"

"Well this floor was supposed to be a work out room. My mother designed the house. Well I talked her into giving me the basement so I got the bathroom with it. Hell look at the shower." Brian walks over to the shower stall.

"What the." He says pulling back the curtain and looks through the giant glass door.

"The shower stall was supposed to fit 4 people. But because I got the basement I ripped out the dividers and put in the glass door. So now I have a giant shower, and to answer your next question. I have never used all 4-shower heads at once. Only two at once and don't ask cause I don't tell." I say as I walk out the bathroom being followed by Brian.

"Brian move out of the way Howie wants to see the bathroom now." Says AJ walking past Brian.

"Man chill the bathroom is not going anywhere."

"Dai." I turn around at the use of my nickname to see that it came from Kevin. "Is it okay that I call you Dai?"

"Kevin you can call me anything you want. The other guys can just call me David, Dave, or Dai. But you my dear can call me anything." I say as I walk up to Kevin the throw my arms around his neck.

"Well then what do you want me to call you." He says as I look into his crystal clear eyes.

"wh....what oh hehehe you can call me." I think for a second. "How about, to tell the truth I can't think of anything that I want you to call me. Baby is to lame so is cutie, honey, and lovey. So how but just call me ST."


"Ya ST Sweet Thang. It's an old nick name from high school. I was the most likely to get married cause I was so sweet and innocent looking. Every girl wanted me. To bad I wanted most of the baseball team." I say now looking at his lips.

"You know Dave you have a lot of band posters in here. What no BSB?" says Nick sounding a little hurt.

"Wha oh that hehe. I have a poster of you guys here some were." I say letting go of Kevin and turning to look at Nick.

"Were then?"

"Chill man. No one ever said that I need to listen to you guys 24/7 like. Or be your biggest fan." I say looking around the room. "There it is." I say pointing to a poster which was over half covered by other posters and pictures.

"Damn man thanks I feel the love." Said Brian walking over to the poster and looking at it. "You know I don't think I have ever seen this poster."

"Well you shouldn't have it is a photo of you guys blown up." I say as I walk over to Brian.

"Really cool." Says AJ running over to us and looking over my shoulder.

"Boy are you always this hyper. Cause if you are I'm going to have to put you down now." I say looking at AJ hovering over my shoulder.

"Well excuse me you were the one doing 180 on 66. I'm sorry if my adrenaline is still pumping."

"What 180? You were doing one hundred and eighty on 66. So you were the one that, that cop was following." Said Brian

"You mean was trying to follow. We dawged him so bad it wasn't funny." Says AJ jumping up and down.

"YA remind me never to let him drive with me again okay." I say looking at Brian

"Sure thing." Answer Brian.

"SO DAVID WERE IS YOUR CLOSET?" screams AJ from the other side of the room.

"Damn AJ chill out." Replies Howie

"For real bro. Go out my bedroom door go through the door across the hall. After you get in there turn to your right and you'll see all my clothes." I say as he runs out the room

"HOLY MOTHER OF GOD." Screams AJ as he runs back in the room. "You guys you have to see this he has more clothes then Kevin, Howie, and myself put together." He says as he runs back into the room.

"Can't happen." Replies Kevin as he walks into the room. "Never mind it can." He screams back into the room. With that Howie, Brian, and Nick run out the room. I soon walk in to the room.

"Damn boy you do have a lot of clothes. This room is like the size of your bed room." Said AJ rummaging through my closet.

"It's the same size as my room to tell the truth. My mother is a fashion designer so when she is home she is usually down here working so most of those clothes she designed herself and made. That's why if you look for labels there are none."

"Man don't you have any shoes?" asked AJ

"Along the back wall just walk through the racks of clothing to get to it." Soon we can't see AJ anymore do to the fact that all my clothes swallowed him. We do how ever here his whistle from time to time.

"Guys you have to come in here there are more clothes back here. Shit there are 6 racks full of clothes front and back. They all go up to the ceiling like this first one does." He says as he sticks his hands out and grabs Howie and Kevin.

"AJ LET GO." Yells Kevin. "OH shit he's not lying guys come look." Soon I'm following Brian and Nick into the racks of clothes.

"AJ there are really over 17 racks in here." I say calling after him

"Damn boy how many pieces of clothing do you have?" says Nick walking up to me.

"Hmmmm at last count over 45,763 give or take a few thousand. Hello what is this?"

"What is what?" asks Nick look at the pants I pulled out.

"It seems my mother has been working some more this is new." I say holding up the pants so he can see.

"How do you know. There are to many pieces of cloths to tell."

"Nick I can tell. Clothes are my life. This is new and so are these." I say pulling out 5 new shirts, 6 new pants, and 2 new coats.

"Damn she can even make coats." Says Nick pulling out one of the coats.

"Yup here put it on and tell me what you think." He slips on the coat.

"Nice real nice."

"Good take it. I don't need it. I already have 2500 coats what's one more."

"For real I can have it."

"Sure in fact take your pick of any 10 things in here if you like them and they fit you take them."


"Anything but my shoes. That goes for all you guys take your pick of any 10 pieces of clothing. If you like it and it fits take it." after that little announcement you could here the guys shouting thanks and for real that's cool man. "I'm going to go pick out a pair of shoes for an outfit tomorrow Nick. If you need me I'll be on the back wall."

"Okay. Oh wait up I want to see all these shoes." He says grabbing my shirt. As we get to the back wall Nick just gasps when he sees all the shoes. "Damn how many pairs do you have?"

"Let me see each frame holds 335 pairs of shoes or boots. There are 16 frames so I have 5360 pairs." At this Nick just whistles

"DAVID WERE ARE?" screams Kevin


"There you oh man he has more shoes then you Nick." Says Kevin as he looks at the wall of shoes.

"Ya think Kevin he has 5360 pairs. Plus Kevin he has more clothes then all 5 of us together plus the entire concert wardrobe."

"What how many pieces of clothes do you have?" asks Kevin looking at me.

"At last count what was it 45,768 give or take a thousand." Said Nick not taking his eyes off the shoes.

"Damn boy y...."


"AJ ARE YOU OKAY." Screamed Brian


"Well it looks like AJ is at the hat rack on isle 14. Kevin if you want to see the hat rack walk 13 racks that way. At the walkway turn to your left and walk towards the wall." I say talking to Kevin.

"Why don't you come with me I don't want to get lost." He says giving me puppy dog eyes.

"aaaawwww how can I say no to those eyes. Yes I will if you give me 2 minutes to pick out some shoes for tomorrow okay."

"Okay." I turn towards the shoes and notice that Nick is gone.

"Were did Nick go?"

"I'm right here." he sticks his hand out from between 2 of the frames.

"Nick out I need to fine a pair of shoes and I don't want to crush you between the frames."

"Okay." He moves one of the frames and walks out.

"Thanks let me just look for this pair of shoes and you can get back to looking at the shoes."

"Okay" he replies.

"Do you know what pair you are looking for?" asks Kevin

"Yup I just don't have a clue were they are." I reply.

"Well what do they look like?" he asks. "Cause me and Nick can help find them."

"Sure I'll be glad to help." Replies Nick wearing a big cheesy smile.

"They are a pair of black Fila Italians, low top canvas, white and black laces, the insides are black also, there is a white band around the soul of the shoe, the bottom of the soul is a tan color rubber. It also has Fila embroidered into the side in the colors of the Italian flag" I say moving one of the frames.

"Can you remember what all your shoes look like." Asked Kevin

"Hmm ya I can. FOUND IT." I say moving a frame to get out of the wall of shoes.

"Oh those are some nice looking shoes." Said Nick as he came over to look at the shoes.


"GUYS DINNER IS READY." Scream my mom from up stairs.

"OKAY WE'LL BE RIGHT UP. GUY COME ON WE HAVE TO GO EAT." I scream as I start to walk to the other side of the clothes racks. "Kevin, Nick do you guys think you can make is out of here on your own."

"Well I know I can. But I think Kevin will need some help." Replies Nick as he dives into the rack of clothing

"Here Kev take my hand." I reach out for his hand and he gladly takes mine. "Kevin chill man. I can feel you heart beating through your hand."

"Oh I guess I'm still nervous."

"I can tell. Here lets see if this helps." I stop, turn around and kiss him with all the spirit and being that I can muster from my body. This seems to have the desired effect. When I remove my lips from his I look up into his eyes. "I've wanted to do that all day."

"Is it hot in here." He says fanning his face.

"Hehe come on you cornball dinner is waiting." I say as I pull him out of the racks when we get out only Howie and Nick are out and waiting. "Were are Brian and AJ?" I ask

"I'm right behind you." Replies Brain

"SHIT don't do that's to me. Now where is AJ?"



ON IT." screamed to him.

"ITS 5B. WHY?"



"How did you know were he was." Said Howie looking at me.

"Why do you think I have those numbers and letters there. They tell ya what rack you're at and what side of the rack you're on."

"Let me guess you've gotten lost in there too." Asked Howie

"Oh hell ya. The number is the rack number. The letter is the side. F for front, B for back, so in his case he was at rack 5 on the back side of it."

"Okay guys lets eat, and during dinner I can tell ya about the car ride." Said AJ as he came walking out of the last rack.

"Damn boy how many things did you grab." Nick said to him as they walk out the door.

"I don't know. I guess I'll have to count them before I decide on what to keep. Like the hat." He said taking off the hat he found and showing it to Nick.

"Ya but I think you should ask first before you take it." replied Nick looking a little concerned.

"I'll ask chill out Nick. Hey Dave can I leave this stuff down here so I can decide what I want and then I'll but the rest back."

"Sure. In fact you guys can leave all the clothes down here and we can come down later and just chill. And AJ."


"Keep the hat."

"REALLY?" he cries

"Yes really its more you then it was ever me. I still don't know why I bought it." I said while shaking my head as I walking up the stairs to the dinning room.

"YAHOOO. I got a new hat." Screams AJ as he takes the hat off and throws it up. To bad the ceiling had other ideas cause the hat comes back down and hits him in the head. "Ouch shit that hurt." He says as he rubs were the hat hit him.

"Serves you right for being so hyper today." Says Brian as he runs up the stairs after Nick.

~~~~~~~~~~ IN THE DINNING ROOM ~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Damn mother you just cooked everything in the fridge didn't ya." I said looking at her as I sat down at the table. Kevin and Howie were at the table looking back and forth between my mother and me.

"I just love when you call me mother. You say it with such spite. So what crawled up your ass and died." Kevin and Howie's mouths just dropped open after my mother said that.

"What don't your mothers talk like that." I said looking at them.

"No." they said in unison.

"Well we have a more best friend relationship. Even though I would be rather be dead then go to a night club with her." I said pointing at my mother. "Anyway we fight all the time. Even though I don't know why we are fighting now. Do you Mona." I say to her.

"To tell the truth I don't have a clue either." She says as she puts 2 bowls of baked potatoes on the table.

"FAMILY I'M HOME." A scream came from the family room and then a loud slam.

"Who's that your father." Whispered Kevin

"My father. Don't make me laugh. That's just Starlight. STAR WE'RE IN THE DINNING ROOM. Star is one of my drag queen friends." I said to Kevin as I took a sip of my Kool-Aid (Yes I love my Kool-Aid. Hey what can I say it can be used as a hair dye and it tastes great too)?

"Hey chicken ewwwww and who are these sexy menz." Just as she said that in walks Nick, Brian, and AJ. AJ walked up and grab Stars butt. I was just about to die when I saw the look on her face. I have never seen her look that shocked. "WHO THE HELL JUST GRABBED MY ASS?"

"That would be me. You must be Starlight." Replied AJ sticking his hand out for Star to shake. She just looked at him like she was going to hit him.

"AJ I think you better sit down fast." I say to him. "Star now don't even act like your mad. You have not had a guy grab your ass in months. So turn the daggers off and sit your fat ass in a chair you old hag."

"Ohh someone has some testes today. Hunny remove the claws." She say to me while eyeing AJ.

"Star he's straight as a pole." I say while rolling my eyes at her and taking a sip of my Kool-Aid

"I never said that." Replies AJ. At that I spit the Kool-Aid out of my mouth and it hits Nick.

"WHAT THE FUCK." He yells jumping out of his seat.

"Nick take your shirt off now." Yells my mother.


"Just take it off and I can get the Kool-Aid out before it stains." Nick removes his shirt and hands it to my mother. She takes the shirt to the sink and starts to wash it.

"So Blonde boy are you cold?" said Star to Nick

"No...Why?" Asks Nick looking at Star

"Well you nipples are so hard." She says running one of her hand over one of his nipples and grins at Nick. Who by the way was so shocked that he was frozen

"STAR." I scream at her.

"What I can't have some fun with the youngins." She says looking at me while rubbing Nick's nipple.

"Star remove your hand for Nick's nipple or you can go home now." I say as I point a fork at her.

"Damn look who's the high bitch tonight." She says as she removes her hand from his nipple.

"You damn right I'm being a High Bitch. These guys are staying here because of my new job. So you better behave or you can stay away from my house for the next week." I stay still pointing at her.

"Okay, okay I'll behave. Do I have to say please and thank you too." She says grinning at me.

"Fuck no you know the rules." I say sticking my tongue out at her.

"Well kids I have to get to the studio to make sure the cat walks are set for tomorrows show. Dai are you still going to walk or are you working?" she says talking to me.

"Ya I'm walking if I can get there on time. How about I call you. What time is the show?"

"It's at 3."

"I'll call at 12. Are you staying in the city tonight." I say stuffing my face with corn.

"Ya you have the number. Well guys it was fun meeting you. Star you have to be at make-up tomorrow no later then 12:30 remember your walking the wedding dress tomorrow." She says as she grabs her keys off the counter.


"Yes I talked the partners into it. So you have the Gown just be there on time your walking the gown last but you have 3 other outfits. BYE EVERYONE. GUYS IF I DON'T SEE YOU TOMORROW AT THE SHOW I'LL SEE YOU LATER THIS WEEK. NICK YOUR SHIRT IS WET IF YOU CAN WEAR IT BUT I SAY GET ANOTHER SHIRT AND WEAR THAT." She says as she runs out the door before anyone could say anything.

"So Dai dear did you know about the gown?" she says eyeing me. "You bitch you did and you didn't tell me."

"Hey I only found out today so stick a piece of ice up your ass and chill out" I say while looking at her.

"OH SHIT." says Nick

"What you oh shitting about blonde." Replies Star

"Star go sit at the counter." I say to her

"Okay, okay I'll be a good Star."

"Yet to be seen but I can wish can't I. So what are you guys doing tomorrow? Care to come to a fashion show?" I say looking at the guys.

"Yes I would love to go." Replies Kevin. My heart skips a beat.

"Awww lovebirds." Replies Star, which gets stares from all the guys. "I don't know what y'all be looking at but if y'all don't turn your heads I'll turn them for you." She says looking at the guys. "Kevin I hope that you have good intentions with my boy over there. If not then I'll have to hunt you down on your tour and hurt you." She says looking at Kevin.

"Wait you know who we are?" replies Brian

"Boy please I'm a drag queen. I've had dreams about AJ over there for years and if he is not straight then I say we have some fun." She says looking over at AJ

"Star turn your engine off. I don't care what I have to do but like hell are you touching AJ or any of the guys for that mater. And don't you have a test to take before you have your fun?"

"You're no fun."


"OKAY, OKAY I'll go tomorrow before the show."

"Good. So who else is coming tomorrow to the show?"

"I think that we all are going to go. We have off till the Thursday after next. We just have to do practice the day before the concert and the day of the concert." Replies Howie

"So we have the rest of this week off till the concert?" asks Nick looking back and forth between Kevin and Howie.

"Yup." Replies Kevin

"GOOD GOD YES. I CAN GET SOME REAL SLEEP." Says Nick throwing his hands above his head.

"Well guys. I'm done I'm going out back. When you're finished eating just leave the stuff on the table and I'll clean up later okay. Kevin when your done will you come outside?" I say batting my eye lashes at him.

"Sure will." He says looking up at me and smiling.

"Great. Now Star when your done what are you going to do?"

"Well I was hoping of crashing here but with all of these nice menz here I don't think I could control myself so I think I'll go crash at the apartment in the city. That way I'll be a block from the show and I can walk to the doctors to be tested." She says looking at me.

"Okay well I'll see you tomorrow then. Tell mom that I'm going to be in the show and ask her if she needs me to bring anything? Guys when you're finished eating treat this place like you'd treat your house. So in other word relax. I'll be out in the green house if you need anything." I say as I closed the siding doors to the back yard.

~~~~~~ BACK INSIDE THE HOUSE ~~~~~~~~~~

"Okay whatz going on. I know my boy very well and I know that he likes Kevin. So what Kevin your straight or something." States Star

"He likes me. Like how does he like me? Likes me likes me. Or likes me like I'm a Backstreet Boy likes me." Replies Kevin in a shocked tone.

"BOY what are you blind? He was so flirting with you at the autographing signing you think he would have tried to walk on water to get you to look at him. And most of the time that you were looking at him he flirted with you all the harder." Said Howie

"He was kinda cute wasn't he." Smiles Kevin

"Well Kevy Kev the only thing I can tell you is that even if you weren't a Backstreet Boy and he saw you. He'd still try to have you. He thinks your quote unquote "TO DIE FOR". The boy has it bad and if you don't do something about it I'm going to drag you sorry ass out there, sit you down in a chair, and have you two talk. Then I'm going to drag both of you to his room down stairs and make sure that you both don't leave there until you two get off. Ya understand me." Replies Star while standing up and looking at Kevin "And if you think I'm a bitch you haven't seen anything yet babies. Well are you going out there to talk to him or do I have to drag you out there myself?" she said eyeing Kevin

"First off I'm going out there to talk to him. Second if I wasn't going how in hells name would you drag me out there?" replies Kevin standing up and looking into Stars eyes.

"Kevin don't push it. Right now I'm more scared of her then I am of Fatima. Just go out there now please." Replies Brian staring at Kevin.

"Maybe you should ask Fatima about me. She knows me. Maybe she could even tell you a little about me and my temper, I make her look like a nice day in the valley. So I suggest you get your slow ass out there now Kevin Richardson before I move you myself." Replies Star while giving Kevin a look at could kill and most likely would kill if she meant it.

"Kevin I think you should run like now causes that's Fatima's pissed off face if I ever saw it." states AJ while pushing his chair away from the table.

"Okay, okay Star I'm going." Says Kevin as he walks to the sliding back door.

"Good well tell Dai that I love him and that I'll see him tomorrow at the show k. Byeeeeee love you babies." Replies Star as she starts walking to the front door.

"Um Bye Starlight." Screams AJ

"Ya Bye." Calls Howie just as the front door slams shout.

"Damn she has to know Fatima. I don't think I've ever seen that face on anyone but her. And Kevin man she put you in your place. I think she could have dragged you out there if she wanted to." Says Nick looking up at a shocked Kevin

"Ya think so? Well to tell the truth I think she could have to. Damn I've never though anyone could be that big of a bitch. Well I was wrong." Says Kevin as he opens the back door and steps out.

"Ya think he will be okay." Asks Howie.

"Ya if he doesn't get tongue tide. And if he does I think Dave will get him to talk. Hell he was able to handle Star. Shit she is worse then Fatima on the rag." Replies AJ

~~~~~~~~~~~ OUT IN THE GREEN HOUSE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"DAI YOU OUT HERE" says Kevin as he walks in the green house. "Woooo it's hot in here. What the are you growing?"

"Oh hey Kevin. I'm growing Chinese Orchids. So I need it hot in here. So what do I owe this visit to my green house." I say while cutting a purple orchid off its stem and knowing full well that I asked him to come out here.

"Well I was just put into my place by your friend." He says as I walk up to him.

"Who Star please girl is harmless. If you know how to handle her, if not then I can grantee that you'll be in the hospital." I say as I put the orchid in Kevin's hair next to his ear. "There now that will keep me from staring into your eyes." I say looking into his eyes. Then down to his nose, then his mouth. `His lips are the perfect shape and color.' I think to myself. Just as Kevin moves in and kisses me. The kiss lasts only a minute if that, but in that minute I know that I want to stay with him for the rest of my life.

"Hhhhhhh" I exhale "Kevin you're a good kisser." I whisper into his ear while laying my head on his shoulder.

"You're not that bad yourself. Why don't we go back into the house and find some were to talk." He says to me.

"Okay sure how about my room." I say removing my head from his shoulder and looking at his eyes and laughing

"What?" he stars at me like I'm crazy.

"The orchid didn't work." I say to him as I hug him and replace my head on his shoulder.

"Oh well lets go and talk inside. This heat is going to kill me." He says reaching behind him and grabbing my hand.

"Okay and if the heat killed you I'd fine someway to bring you back." I say as I kiss him on the lips and run for the green house door.

"Oh no you didn't just kiss me and run away." Replied Kevin chasing after me.

"Come on old man you have to be faster then that if you want me." I say as I run for the back door. I'm about 10 feet from the porch when he grabs me and we tumble to the ground.

"Old man.....Old man......who you calling old man" he says as we stop tumbling around.

"Well you're the one out of breath I'm not," I say as he starts to tickle me.

"Hey...stop.... I'm...ticklish." I say screaming with laughter

"Then take back that old man crack." He says while he lies down on top of me.

"Okay I take it back." I say as I but my hands over his shoulders and reach my head up to kiss him. "Your lips are sweet like candy and I think your just dandy so why don't you come up stairs and we can get randy." I say as I lay my head down on the grass under us and start laughing.

"What?" he asks

"Its just a old saying that I heard once. I've always wanted to say it." I say while looking into his eyes. "Ugh now get off me your to heavy for me." I say as I start to giggle.

"Okay" he says in a Goofy like voice while helping me off the ground.

"Thanks." I say smiling at him and looking into his eyes.

"You know you have a very sexy smile you should smile more often."

"I usually am working a 24/7 smile. But I've had a lot on my mind today." I say while grabbing his hand and walking to the door. "One think is AJ gay or bisexual."

"Nether that I know of at lease."

"Oh are any of the other guys."

"Nope that I know of I'm the only one. They do like to act like it sometimes thou."

"Oh so we have ourselves a fag hag band."

"What?" he says looking at me. "Isn't a Fag Hags supposed to be a female."

"Boy please this is the 90 a fag hag can be someone that just likes homosexuals as friends or even someone that acts like they are homosexual. Guys have big tendencies to do this cause it lets them show their softer side while laughing at it."

"Damn how did you learn all this. Your words the way you talk. Now I know AJ and Nick try to talk all Ebonics and stuff but you take it to another level. Never mind that made no so sense." He says as we sit down on the back porch.

"No it did make sense. But what I speak is called Ghetto. Now I don't speak is as much as some. Most likely you got blasted by Missy Starlight to get your ass out here right." I say looking at him. "She is the ghetto queen but she does speak very normal when she is around people that don't understand ghetto. So what do you think of her?"

"She was such as bitc.." he stops before he finishes the word and looks at me. "Sorry she's your friend I shouldn't speak bad about her." He says looking down.

"No you're right she's a bitch. Now Kevin we need to talk. If we" I say motioning with my hands "you and me are going to going to be in this relationship. Then I need you to say what's on your mind at all times. Yes if it's mean I will be hurt but I can take it and most likely I'll want to be alone for a bit. But know this no matter what happens in this relationship, I'm going to be in it for the long haul. The only way your going to get rid of me is to dump me like an old shoe. Now I'm not saying that I won't look at other guys or even women, but at the end of the night know that you're the last thing on my mind and the first thing on my mind when I get up. And while your touring your going to be on my mind all the time. Even if I'm checking out some really hot guy, even though I don't think its possible for anyone to be as hot as you." I say looking in his eyes.

"Dai I don't know what to say. The second that I met you in the waiting room in the mall my heart started to race. I want you in my life for all times. Now I know that life can't be perfect and at the end of this week we're going back on tour. But I already know I want you there. Now I know that you have a life here and I know that your going to say no but please think about it please. As for the long haul, I'm going to put my everything into it so we can be happy. Now this checking guys and girls out. I won't be able to check guys out but I will check out girls if its okay with you." He says looking me square in the eyes.

"Kevin I can't tell you what to do, and I can't tell you not to look at other people cause its just not far to you. But I hope that you'll be faithful to this relationship cause I'm going to be faithful to you." I say as I start to cry.

"Oh baby stop crying I'm sorry." He says as he gets up and kneels down in front of my chair.

"Dai baby I'm going to be faithful to you and I'll never doubt that you're going to be faithful to me. Please stop crying baby for me please." He says as he lifts my head to look at him.

"Kevin you just called me baby three times. Thank you. Even thou I hate that word, I don't know why but it coming from you just changed my whole world. I trust you." I say as I fall to the ground and hug him while resting my head on his strong shoulder.

"Can I ask you one thing Dai?"


"Why did you just feel the need to tell me all this?"

"Well do you want the long story or the short story?"

"Well I would like the long story but baring in mind what just happened tell me the short version."

"Short version goes like this. I had a boyfriend I put my body and soul into it he cheated on me and it broke my heart. I was out of it for almost half a year. I don't want to go back there Kevin. Please, please don't hurt me. Cause I don't think I could live if you hurt me like that."

"I'm sorry that someone did that to you. I'm not him and I won't hurt you. So what does this mean that we're a couple and we never went on a date." He says trying to lighten the mood.

"I guess it does mean that. Now can we go inside its getting a little cool out here and I need a shower." I say whispering into his ear as I hug him for the millionth time today.

"Sure let's go." He says while grabbing my hand and helping me to my feet.

"Kevin you are one of the nicest men I've ever known and I really want us to last." I say while wrapping my arms around his waist.

"I want us to last also. Now lets get you inside and into the shower." He says as he wraps his arms around me and walks backwards towards the back door.

"Kevin turn around before you get hurt."

"I don't want to let you go."

"You'll have to when I get in the shower. Unless you want to join me."

"Hmmm temping as that is I think that we need to go slow. This is not my first gay relationship. But it is the first one in over 4 years. So if its all right I would like to know you more before we take the steps to the bed. Is that okay." He says as he looks into my eyes.

"Yes Kevin that's fine. I want you to be as happy in this relationship as much at I am. We'll go how ever fast or slow you want. As long as we agree on the fast parts okay."

"Sure." He whispers to me as he reaches in to steal a kiss but is stopped as he slams into the back door.

"I told you to turn around" I say as I start to laugh.

"I told you to turn around. Man just jumped on that I told you so." He says as he winks at me.

"Yup." I say as I smile at him and wink back. This starts a winking fight. By the time we finish the battle Kevin reaches into kiss me. Out of the side of my eye I see all the guys watching us in the kitchen. "Umm Kevin the guys have been watching us for god knows how long."

"So. I had to put up with the shit they do around me with their girlfriends they can put up with what I do with my boyfriend."

"God I am your boyfriend aren't I. Not to sound conceded or anything. But you know how many girls would love to be in my place. Hell how many guys for that matter."

"Well they're not you are and that's all that matters to me. Now you need to grab a shower. While I have a talk with the guys okay."

"Okay." I say as we walk into the house and into the guys smiling at us. "So how long have you all been watching us?" I ask walking past Brian towards the stairs.

"Oh about the whole time you 2 were out there." Which makes me stop and stare at AJ. "yup you heard me right. The whole time, we wanted to make sure that Kevin didn't mess this up. don't get me wrong we love him, we just know how bad he is at relationships." Replies AJ smiling at Kevin and me.

"Thanks guys have some faith why don't you." Says Kevin walking towards the stairs and down them.

"Kev.." starts AJ before I stop him.

"AJ stop I'll talk to him. Um its 10:00 why don't you all turn in. That way we can get a really start tomorrow okay." I say to the guys.

"Thanks Dave. Ya we'll turn in then." Replies Brian as he starts to move the guys out of the kitchen. "Dai thanks for your help with Kevin. AJ didn't mean for what he said to sound that way." Whispers Brian as he walks by me.

"Brian I know that so does Kevin. It's just that we are starting out and he doesn't need to be reminded of past mistakes. Now head up stairs and don't worry about Kevin. I have a futon couch down stairs he can sleep there tonight okay."

"That's fine. Thank you again and thank you for letting us stay here." He says as he comes up and hugs me.

"Brian....buddy....let...go..." I wezz out before Brian lets me go. "Thanks for the hug but next time not so hard okay. I couldn't breath." I say patting him on the back.

"Oh sorry." He says looking at the floor.

"Brian don't every be sorry for caring about someone. Now I have to go and talk to Kevin and you need to get some sleep. Go on get upstairs." I say smacking his butt.

"Hey I'm not Kevin."

"You don't have to tell me twice. His butt is nice and firm. Not soft and bubbly." I say running down stairs laughing.

"LOVE YOU TOO." Screams Brian walking upstairs. As I come to my door I hear crying coming from the other side. I bust into the room to see Kevin sitting on the floor in the corner of my room. He's hugging one of my pillows with his face buried in it. I walk over to him. I don't run cause I don't want to scare him.

"Kevin baby what's that matter." I sit down on his feet and grab his hands. "Kevin look at me please. I want to help but I can't if you don't talk to me." As I say this I reach to his shoulder to rub it. I can feel the rage and sadness coming form him. I've never felt these to emtions coming from one person this strongly at the same time. "Kevin if this about what AJ he was joking." Still no motion. "Kevin your scaring me now. If you don't talk to me I'm going to go get Brian. Now come on and look at me. I really want to help you. You're my boyfriend now, I want to be in your world but I can't if your not willing to tell me what's the matter" I wait a few minutes. There is still no change in Kevin. I stand up and start to walk to the door.

"wait" I stopped and turned around to look at him. His eyes were bloodshot. I've never seen some ones eyes that bloodshot I was afraid that he might pop blood vessels in his eyes if he didn't stop crying. "david please don't go. Please stay with me." If it was not so quiet in the room I was sure that I would not have heard him.

"Kevin I'll stay. But you have to tell me what's that matter." I say walking over to him and pick him up in my arms. It was an easier thing to think of then do. He was heavy, I walked over to the bed with Kevin in my arms. I laid him on the bed and crawled behind him. I wrapped my arms around his chest and just held him for all I was worth. "Now Kevin what's the matter. I know its not what AJ said. There is something more isn't there?"

"Yes. I've had some abusive relationships." He said while sobbing

"Well those relationships are over and no one can ever hurt you again." I say hugging him harder

"No you don't understand. I was the abuser mentally and physically. I don't what to hurt you David." He said with a new batch of tears following.

"Kevin let me tell you something. You won't hit me. Do you know why?" He just shaked his head no. "Cause if you did I'd kill you." He just stops moving and breathing. "I'm not joking Kevin. I've been in an abusive relationship before, and I'll be damned if my boyfriend hits me. Remember this Kevin the first finger you lay on me, in any other way but loving. You better expect a fist in the face." I say hoping to instill some form of fear in him, that will make him think before hitting me.

"would you really hit me back?" he said shifting in my arms.

"Yes Kevin I would. But only to protect myself." I say as he looks into my eyes. I was praying to what ever gods that were looking down at me at that moment that they would instill the look of truth in my eyes.

"I believe you would fight back." He said wrapping his arms around me and crying into my chest.

"Kevin my dear what are two people as fucked up as us doing in this relationship?" I say while rocking us.

"I don't know Dai but if you want out I'll understand." He said as he started to cry again into my chest. I put my finger under his chin and lift his head so he is looking me in the eyes.

"Not in your life." I say as I lean in for a kiss and am met with his velvet soft lips. As I pull away I look into his eyes again. "Remember I'm in this for the long haul." I say as I lean in for another kiss.

We both start to moan as he starts to rub my chest. I cub my hands around on his butt and pull him closer into me. At this time our tongues are dance around in our mouths in a mixture of love and lust. Which one would win, no one would know for that was a secret that we kept in our hearts. "dai what did I do to deserve you?" he whispered to me as we pulled out of the kiss.

"I don't know Kevin but what ever it was it most have been really, really good. Cause lets face it I'm such a catch." I say a he starts to giggle. "Now Mr. Richardson I need to take a shower. I know I shouldn't be asking this but, would you like to join me?" I say as I looked into his eyes searching for his answer

"Yes I would love to join you in the shower Mr. Broone." He said smiling at me.

"That's what I wanted to see Kevin. I never ever for the rest of my life want to see you frown or cry again. I'll be here to protect, love, and even guide you when things get tough. For you Kevin Richardson are my guiding light to happiness. And yes I know that sounds corny but I love you with all my heart. All my being. All my soul. And I could not live with out you now that I have you." I say as I hug him even harder then before.

"David...I...can't...breath." He said while turning red.

"Oh baby I'm sorry." I say burying my head into his chest.

"Don't be you did nothing wrong. Now what is this I remember about a shower." He said as he started to get out of the bed.

To be continued...

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