Games the boys play
Chapter 2
By Dai

This isn't my first male/male story to be published but it is my first to be put in Nifty so if you like it email me with what you think ok.

Okay, first things first. This story is a complete work of fiction, and is not meant to imply anything about anyone. While some of the characters may be loosely based on real life people that I know, none are meant to actually represent anyone, particularly any of the members of the Backstreet Boys.

As usual, if you are offended or made uncomfortable by material concerning sexual relations between consenting adult men, lighten up or go somewhere else. Also, if it is in anyway illegal for you to be reading this type of thing, please don't.

Chapter 2 of Games the boys play

We walk into the bathroom hand in hand. As I start to unbutton my shirt Kevin stops me. "What's the matter Kevin?" I say looking to his face for answers.

"Let me." He replies moving my hands off the buttons of my shirt. He starts to unbutton my shirt. As he finishes he puts his hands under my shirt and rubes my nipples. Which gains a moan from me. He then takes his hands and runs them up the sleeve of my shirt and pushes my shirt off me. "Your so beautiful, do you know that Dai?" he says as he kisses my shoulder. He continues to kiss his way down my arms until he reaches my hand. He takes one finger in at a time and starts to suck on them.

"Kevin my dear. I love the tongue bath but I need a shower. So can we finish this in the shower." I say with my head back and eyes closed.

"Yes" he says as he starts to unbutton my pants. As my pants drop to the floor and his hand finds its way to my tented jockey shorts. My mind jumps back into my body.

"Kevin slow down. I don't want to move this fast." I say looking at him.

"WHAT YOU JUST GO AND TEASE ME LIKE THAT?" he says as he screams at me while raising his hand.

"Kevin you better think twice before you move that hand again." I say staring dead in his eyes. "I don't want to do something that I will regret later."

"Oh my god Dai I'm sorry." He says as he runs out of the bathroom.

"Great David what have you gotten yourself into." I say to myself as I finish taking the rest of my clothes off.

'You know you should go after him.'

'No he needs time to think.'

'Fuck thinking he thinks that you hate him now. Go after him.'

"No he needs time now if you two will excuse me I need a shower."


'Okay just remember that he loves you.'

"I love him too. But he needs time." I say to myself as I step into the show and think of everything that has happened today.

~~~~~~~~~~ UP STAIRS IN BRIANS ROOM ~~~~~~~~~~

"Brian what have I done. I just met him and I tried to hit him. What's the matter with me Brian?" asks Kevin as he lays his head in Brian's lap. Brian starts to run his fingers through Kevin's mated down hair.

"Kev give him time. I know he loves you and I have a feeling that he is giving you space so that you can think about this." His says looking down at his cousin. Who is still sobbing. "Kevin look at me." Kevin still doesn't turn his head to look at Brian. "Kevin I can't force you to look at me but I need to tell you something." At this Kevin slowly turns his head to look at Brian. Brian's heart just brakes as he sees the bewilder look in his cousins eyes. 'How the hell am I going to help him see that David is the best thing that has ever come into his life.' "Kevin you need David. He needs you. Now I'm not saying that this relationship will be an easy one for you both. But you need to control your anger towards him. It's miss placed and he will only be there for as long as you treat him right. Kevin you need help." He says looking his cousin in his eyes.

"Brian you think I don't know I need it. But what am I going to do? I can't very well go to a shrink. We're going to be starting a new soon tour and we'll be on the road." He says turning his head away from Brian and continues to sob.

"Kevin I don't care you have to talk to someone. The guys and myself have been talking. We love you very much but we can't help you. We're to close to the situation." At this Kevin turns his head quickly to look at Brian. "Now before you say anything. We will always have your back but...... Kevin we have tried to help you so many times. We don't have the training that is need to help you through your problems and personal demons." He says still looking Kevin in the eyes. He sees something in Kevin's eyes that he has not seen for sometime now. "Kevin during this tour I'll take over the responsibilities of the group you need a rest from the father figure. I'm so worried about you." He says as tears come to his eyes.

"thank you Brian. I don't know what to say." Kevin says as he continues to cry. The only thing he can think of to do is to hug Brian. "thank you so much Brian for being here for me."

"Not a problem cuz. Like I said I always got your back." Brian says trying to form a smile.

~~~~~~~~~~ BACK DOWNSTAIRS IN MY ROOM ~~~~~~~~~~

"Kevin please be alright."

'I told you to go after him.'

"And I told you to shut up already."

'Fine I'm going.'

'If it was only that simple to get rid of you.'

"Will you two please stop fighting. God David what is the matter with you. No ones ever had this effect on you. I miss him even though he is just up stairs."

'You miss him cause you love him and you want to help him.'

"But how can I help him?"

'Just be there for him. I think its time for you to go find him and see if he is okay.'

"I think I should too." With that I walk up stairs to look for Kevin.

As I walk up the stairs I hear someone in the kitchen. "D man I don't know what happened down there but Kevin was flipping he ran up stairs. I think he is talking to Brian right now. I hope that everything is okay. I really like David. I had so much fun in the car with him today. He is a very smart man, I just hope Kevin doesn't hurt him."

"Well AJ I don't know what to say. But we all know what Kevin's past relationships have been like. He needs help and we just don't have the knowledge that is needed to help him."

I walk into the kitchen. "Ummm guys could you tell me a little about Kevin's past relationships."

"David how long have you been there?" asks AJ

"Long enough to here that you had fun today. Don't fear for Kevin and me. I want to help him and I already told him that I want to be in this relationship for the long haul. So please help me so I can help him. Please." I say as I fall to the floor crying.

AJ and Howie look to each other and then at me. "D what should we do?"

"The only thing that I can think of is tell him he needs to know." Replies Howie getting up out of his chair and walking over to me. "Dai you want me to tell you what is the matter with Kevin?"

"God yes Howie please." I say as I grab and hug him.

"Okay David, okay. First lets get you off the floor and into a chair." He helps me up and sits me in a chair. "Dai we don't know the whole story but here is what we know." After about 2 hours and a lot of tears they are finished telling me what they know about Kevin's past. "If you have anymore questions I think you should ask Kevin yourself."

"He doesn't need to I'll tell him."

"Brian we didn't see you there. How's Kevin." Asked AJ standing up from the table

"Brian is he mad at me?" I ask him

"No Dave he's not he loves you. And I can tell that you love him." He replies while walking over to a chair and sitting down. "But my next question is how much do you love him?"

"There are no words in the universe that can help me tell you how much I love your cousin. He is my everything and I've known this even before we met. I don't know how but I knew the minute that we met that we we're meant to be together. Brian you have to understand I want to help him. I want to easy whatever pain he has. But please tell me what's the matter with him. From what Howie and AJ have told me I can't see why he is like he is. There is more isn't there?" I ask him with hope and compassion in my eyes.

"Dave I believe you. As for Kevin he's never been able to handle stress. Also what people don't know is that when Kevin's father died. Kevin had a mental brake down. He couldn't talk for about a year. Well he did but only when it was work related. So because of hie fathers death he fears love cause he thinks that it is going to die. So he pushes it away. That's also why he doesn't hang out with us that much. Work keeps his mind off of love. When he does how ever have love he fights it. So for this next tour I'm going to take over the business end of things for awhile. So guys please don't go to him with any problems okay." He says looking at AJ and Howie.

"Sure B." replies AJ

"So this is why he lashes out the way he does. He thinks that if he hurts it, it won't hurt him. Brian I don't know how I can help but I want to. Anyway I can." I say while crying

"I know Dai, I know. And I thank you for it, he needs your love and you're right about one thing. I felt that you two were meant to be together also. The minute that you walked in that room everything just changed. I can't describe it but it just did." he says standing and walking over to me to give me a hug. "But what if he hits you?" asked Brian

"He tried to tonight but I got him to look at what he was doing. That's another thing if he comes running to you guys with a problem in our relationship send him to me. He needs to know that I will be here for him. If it is to get your help setting up a surprise or something special for me or us then help him. But I need to you 3 to listen to me. For me to help him I need him to come to me. So if he comes to you crying over something that he did or something that I did you need to tell him to talk to me. Do you understand?" All I got was replies of yes.

"Just know that what your asking of us is going to be hard on us and know that we might not like you always because of it." Replied Howie

"Howie I know, but like I said this is the only way to get him to trust me and that is were his problems lie. The only reason he has not turned his back on you guys is cause he trusts you four. Now that I think about it I want to edit what I said earlier about helping him. Listen to him but then try to make him come to me. This way he won't get mad at you cause you all listened to him. Now do you think Brian can I see him?" I say crying into his shoulder

"Sure hopefully he is asleep by now. Come on lets go." He says helping me stand from the chair.

~~~~~~~~~~ UPSTAIRS IN BRIAN'S ROOM ~~~~~~~~~~

"Thank you Brian. Can I see him alone?" I say looking at him

"Sure how about you sleep in here and I'll sleep down stairs in your room." He says opening the bedroom door for me.

"Are you sure that will be alright." I say looking in the room

"Yes I'm positive. Plus I think Kevin would love to wake up to you." He says hugging me. "David I have to tell you something. I hope to god you can help him, I love my cousin and I want him happy. I think you will make him happy." He says pulling away from me. "Now get in there and sit with him." He says pushing me in the room.

"Thanks Bri, I don't know what I would do with out you."

"I know that's what they all say." He turns around and walks down the stairs.

I close the door and walk over to Kevin's side of the bed. He is curled up into a ball. I run my fingers through his hair. He moans a little. "kevin my love you are my everything." I say walking around the bed and crawling in behind to hold him. As I put my knee on the bed Kevin cries my name. I want to answer him back but I know he is dreaming. I slip under the covers and wrap my arms and one of my legs around him. Hoping that he feels me with him. I whisper softly into his ear "I love you my angel and I will always, always be there for you. All you need to do is trust in me like I trust in you and we will be fine."

"thank you." He replies

"Kevin your awake?"

"yes I couldn't sleep. I was afraid that you hated me and it was slowly driving me mad. Dai please I'm sorry I never meant to raise my hand to you." He says rolling over and crying into my chest"

"Kevin I'm here aren't I. I'm holding you aren't I. If I wasn't here then you should be scared. Cause until we split up or one of us dies I never want to sleep along again."

"So you're going to come on tour with us?"

"Kev honey you know if I could I would. But right now I need to finish school. When I'm finished I'll come with you. Lucky for you and me you're touring the US right now so we can talk on the phone and on-line when you have free time. But lets not worry about that now. We have one week together. At the end of the week you'll know that you will always have me and I will know that I will always have you. Okay."

"If you still want me at the end of this week."

"Kevin stop already. I already know I want you. So now stop that and lets get some sleep."

"Okay. One thing that's been bothering me.

"Why didn't I come running after you when you ran out of my room?"


"I figured that you were going to one of the guys and you needed to deal with what was going on in your head. So I left it be till I got worried about you and I came looking."


"Also had a talk with AJ, Howie and your cousin about you. They were able to fill me in on your past a little."


"Kevin I know why you're this way with the people in your other relationships. You didn't trust those men. But Kevin you have to understand, I'm not those other men, I'm me David Broome. The man on this earth that would walk through hell fire and melted brimstone to make sure that you are healthy, happy, and loved. And Kevin if you don't see this then I don't know how to help you." I say holding him for dear life.

"I understand Dai and after this I think I do trust you. I will never hurt you again I promise." He says crying once again into my chest.

"Good now we both need sleep cause I have a runway to walk tomorrow and you have a boyfriend to watch walk a runway." I say kissing his head and pulling the sheets around us. "Kevin I do love you and I want you to be happy. If at anytime you have a problem please, please, please come to me with it." I say staring at the ceiling.

"I love you too Dave and I trust you. And I will...*yawn* never hurt you again." He replied

"I know, I know Kevin but now I think we need some sleep I have a big day tomorrow plus before we go I have to finish some work on one of my games." I say looking down at him `hmm to late he is out like a light. God he is so cute when he sleeps.'

`Dai what are you doing? Can you honestly think that you can start a relationship with him? You know his past and we both know that he is going to hurt you.'

"I don't care I love him and I'm going to be there for him."

`Fine just remember that I warned you.'

`Will you shut up already and let him have his life.' With the last voice I fall asleep holding the one man in all the world I would kill for if he asked me.

~~~~~~~~~~ BRIAN'S ROOM~~~~~~~~~~

"Dai wake up its 11:34 and you still have work to do."

"One more hour mom I don't what to go to work today." I say rolling over. Realizing the voice was not my mothers and noticing that someone is holding me I jumped out of the bed. "WHO THE FUCK ARE....... Oh god Kevin I had such a good sleep I forgot that I met you guys yesterday I'm sorry." I say crawling back into the bed and hugging him.

"No worries love I know. I've had those days before." He says kissing my forehead. "Now come on and get up you have some work to do before the show today." With that he drags me out of the bed into the bathroom.

"Damn boy slow down." I say as he drags me by the arm over to the sink.

"I want to give you a bath. After all the stress I put you through last night I want to do something for you." He says getting down on his knees and turning the tap in the tub on.

"Kevin you don't need to do anything but be with me. That's all I ever need from you." I say turning his head towards me.

"Ya I know but I still want to give you a bath." With that he stands up and starts to remove his clothing. "well come on your not taking a bath in your clothes now are you." He says standing in the tub naked as the day he was born.

"ummm ya give me a second."

`Damn he is better then I though hell boy don't let him go.'

`For real why in heavens name did I say to you not to go after him."

"will you two shut up." I say turning my head and looking at the floor

"What was that baby?" asks Kevin looking at me.

"Oh nothing just talking to myself. God Kevin I had no idea how beautiful you are. God and you like me. You could have anyone on this planet with a body like your but you want me why?" I say turning my face to met his

"Cause Dai your sweet, kind hearted, loveable, you have every quality that I have been looking for in someone and so much more. Just like you said last night you are my everything. But you are my everything and more, I don't know what I would have done if you had not come to me last night." He says turning his head up to the ceiling.

"Oh no you don't stop those tears we've both cried to many tears in the last 24 hours." I say rushing over the side of the tub. "So many in fact I bet good money that we could have cried a river."

"I know but I can honestly say with all my heart that I think I love you."

"Kevin if you brake out into a Partridges Family show tune I'm out of here." I say giggling.

"hehe I won't I promise but now you need a bath and I'm going to give it to you. So take your clothes off."

"I don't need to be told twice." With that I remove my shirt and shorts in a split second.

*Whistles* "damn man I had no idea that I was going to start dating a god." States Kevin

"HA please. Like I need a bigger ego than I already have." I say pushing Kevin down into the tube. "So you said there was a bath around here some were so when do I get it." I say smiling down at him.

"Weeeell how about now." He says reaching up and pulling me down to him. As I sat down on the floor of the tube, with my back to my new love he started to kiss my shoulder.

"Kevin stop, that tickles." I say laughing at his butterfly kisses and peach fuzz beard. But he doesn't stop he continues to kiss my shoulder and back. While washing my front with a face cloth and body soap he picked up off of the side of the tub. "mmmmm Kevin this feels so good. If this is what a bath feels like with you I can't wait for foreplay." With that he stops kissing my back.

"I though that was what we were doing." He says whispering in my ear.

"Am I kissing you?"


"well then we're not having foreplay." I say spinning around in his arms. "Ouch shit that hurt." I say rubbing the side of my head.

"Oh baby I'm sorry" he says taking my head and kissing were I hit it on the side of the tub.

"Na don't worry about me lets get back to foreplay." I say reaching for his lips with my own. We kiss for a lifetime holding one another. Knowing that if we let go we would surely die with out the others body heat and love. At the start of the kiss I was only kneeling on the floor of the tube. But as time moved on I ever so slowly wrapped my legs around Kevin's frame like a Boa would wrap itself around its prey. Just when I was finally comfortable there came a knock, knock, knocking on the bathroom door.

*knock, knock*

"Who ever it is if you want to see your old age and you dick again you better leave now and forever hold your piece. And I think you know what I mean by that." I say removing my lips from Kevin's

"Dave sorry but its 12:30 o'clock and don't you have some were to be by 2." screams AJ on the other side of the door.

"FUCK. Kevin can we finish this later." I say looking into his eyes and seeing something that scares me to death. Love

"Yes anything you want. As long as you're here with me." He says looking back at me.

"um okay then lets get out of here." I say standing up and walking out of the tub. "Well are you coming." I say turning back to him.

"Yes I am but first I need a shower." He says pulling the curtain back to cover the tub. Shortly there after you can here the shower going as I walk out of Brian's bedroom and head down the stairs.


"So did you two work everything out?" asks Howie.

"Well we worked everything out to the best of this short time that we had together." I said going to the fridge to get something to eat for Kevin and myself.

"Well you both were in the shower this morning so we figured that you were, you know." Replied Nick

I through my head back and laughed at the guys. "HAHAHAHA....You thought. HAHAHAHA.... You thought. HAHAHAHAHA...... You thought that me and Kevin this soon. HAHAHAHAHAHA..... What do I look like easy?"

"David NO that's not what I meant." Said Nick with a look of fear on his face.

"Nick chill out I know what you meant. But I love Kevin and even though I would love to have SEX with him. It's far too soon for that. It would cause more trouble then good." I said going back to make Kevin and myself breakfast/lunch.

"What do you mean more trouble then good." Asked Howie with a perplexed look on his face.

"Well like I said last night I want this relationship with Kevin to work. It's not purely sexual with him. I feel..............I feel whole, complete, one with him. It's like I'm a key with out a lock. He is my lock with him I have a purpose and that is to love and protect him from the world. Can any of you understand that?" I say looking up at them waiting for an answer from them.

"Yes I understand." Replies Kevin walking into the kitchen and walking over to me to hold me.

"Dave you need a mirror or something cause this is the 3rd time that someones been creeping around that corner and no one knew they were there." States AJ

"Na all the times we were in deep conversations." I say laying my head on Kevin's shoulder. "Now Kevin go sit down and I'll bring your breakfast/lunch over to you." I say removing myself from the hug and pushing him over to the table. But not before I pinch

his cute ass.

"Hey now none of that around the young ins." Replies Howie covering Nick's eyes.

"What ever. I grew up real fast after meeting Star last night." He said looking at the table trying to hide the fact that he was blushing.

"Ya she does have that effect on people Nick don't worry she'll change you'll see. The more time she is around you the more normal she'll become." I say grabbing two plates out of the cupboard. "So what are you guys going to do today?"

"Well we were going to go shopping but we hear that there is this fashion show some were in Washington. We heard it is going to be really good and we were hoping to see it. But it seems that we need tickets to this shop. Do you know how we could get our hands on some of these tickets Dave?" asks Brian

"Well do you know were the show is?" I reply playing along with him.

"Not a clue."

"How about the fashion house that is throwing the show?"

"The same answer."

"May I ask how you found out about this show then?" I say giving Brian the most serious face I can muster

"Well we heard about it from a friends parent."

"Hmmmm so let me get this right you don't know were the show is, or the name of the house that is hosting the show, and you got the 411 on the show from a friends mother. Hmmm ya I think I can help you get tickets to the show." I say turning back to my meal. "Hey I just noticed something. Kev you're dressed already. Wha so are you guys damn your going to be waiting on me then. Give me a half and hour and I'll be ready." I say getting up and putting my plate in the sink and starting to wash it.

"Dai go get ready I'll wash our plates." Said Kevin still eating his meal.

"You sure baby." I say looking at him.

"Ya go head get changed." He says looking up and smiling at me.

"Coolness." I say running over to him and kissing him on the cheek. I then proceed down the stairs.

"Man Kevin what happened last night you were all crying and shit now your like let me clean up." asked Brian

"Well after you left I felt like I had no reason to live. I hurt something that I really for once loved more than my father. I thought that Dave would never come back to me. But when you let him in the room last night I was so afraid. But he came over to the side of the bed were I was sleeping. He started to talk to me. He honestly thought I was asleep. He told me that he would never hurt me and that he really loved me." As Kevin contuined to talk about last night he started to cry. "Brian I love him. I really love him. I also trust him with my heart. God you know how hard that is to say. In my sleep he confessed his love to me." As Kevin continues to talk while Brian looks into his eyes and sees that Kevin means what he says. "I'm just afraid guys that I might hurt him. I don't think I could live with myself if I hit him. I'm so afraid for him guys, but I'm going to make this work cause I trust him." As Kevin finishes talking he wipes the tears from his face.

"Kevin listen to me and listen good. David loves you, I can see it in his eyes. The same way I see it in yours. You need to tell him everything you just told us. He'll fight to keep you Kevin I know he will. One other thing Kevin I told him last night about your past relationships. Please don't be mad at me or him he loves you so much that he wants to help you deal with your problems." Replied Brian getting out of his chair and kneeing next to Kevin's chair.

"He told me Brian and I thank you. You have no idea how much I thank you." Kevin says pulling Brian into a hug. "thank you."

"AAAWWWW GROUP HUG" screams Howie


~~~~~~~~~~DOWN STAIRS IN MY ROOM~~~~~~~~~~

"Well this is going good so far."

'Yes it is I'm glad that you could help him with his problems.'

'Ya but this is only the beginning.'

"I know, I know and I will make this work if it kills me. Now I have no idea what to wear today."

'Why not wear that outfit your mother made for your 18th birthday.'

"You mean the one that she fashioned after Dade's from Hackers. Ya that's a nice one I wonder were the jacket is though I have not seen it in like a year. Same thing for the leg band."

'Well the jacket should be with the coats. That's the last time I saw it. As for the leg band didn't you wear it 3 months ago to that rave at Nations.'

"Ya I think I did. What else did I wear that night. HAHA I know were it is." I walk into my closet and fine all the pieces to the outfit. I go over to my CDs and try to select a CD. "Hmm I need something up beat cause I have a feeling that today is going to be a killer. Rockell that's always a good one." As the CD starts to play I walk into the bathroom to brush my teeth, shave, wash and quick dye my hair (quick dye is a type of dye that washes out after 2 washes. It's a great dye even in dark hair colors like blacks and browns you can dye your hair like reds and blues. And it shows the color off like you have blonde hair. How every today I'm using a bleacher. So my hair goes platinum white.). "This should scared the shit out of them up there haha." I say walking out of the bathroom with no clothes on and a towel over my head. Little did I know that Kevin slipped into my room and is sitting on my bed, As I walk over to my bed with my head pointing down to get my clothes I see legs and shoes hanging off my bed. "Please if you're not Kevin don't say a thing and just walk out of my room." The person stands up and goes to walk out of the room, but doesn't they walk around behind me and hugs me.

"You should lock your door. You never know how might walk in on you." Whispers Kevin into my ear.

"Kevin you scared the life out of me." All the time he's holding me I'm, hoping that he doesn't take the towel off my head.

"Baby take this towel off yo...." He stops talking as he removes the towel and sees what color my hair is. ""

"Okay that just leave where, when, and why." I say turning around in his arms and kiss him full on the lips. 'God he is such a good kisser.'

"Well after that all I can say is WOW." He says pull back from the kiss. "But answer me this why did you dye your hair and how the hell did you do it so fast."

"Oh well I wanted to. I figured that I'd scare you all or at least shock you some. And how fast well that's easy. There is this hair dye that is used in the fashion industry that dyes quick but washes out in 2 washes. My hair color how ever won't wash out cause I quick striped it of color that's why it is this white platinum color." I say looking into his eyes and see love there. A love so strong that it freezes my soul.


"Ya oh. Well now that you're here you want to help me get dressed." I say walking out of his hug.

"Sure what you want me to do?"

"Well go pick me out a pair of jockey shorts out of the closet. Don't laugh but they are hanging up. Walk back 2 isles."

"Okay what color."

"You pick." With that he was gone into my closet and I was on to getting my shirt and socks on.


"Awwww purple my favorite color. How did you know." I say pulling them on.

"I don't know I just knew that's the color I would like to see you in." I stand up and kiss him. "Thank you. You're too sweet. Now go change the track on the CD player to track 11."

"Okay." He walks over to the CD player and changes the track. As a soft but up beat song comes on. As Rockell starts to sing I sing along with her. But I direct the song to Kevin.

Baby you don't know just what you're doing to me
Well I was lost before you came here and rescued me

You don't have to worry
There's just no reason to be afraid
Cause after searching for so long
I'd be a fool to walk away so

When you feel that you're all alone
I will be there
When you can't find your way back home
I will be there
When you feel like there is no one who cares
I'll tell you
I'll be there
I'll be there
When your nights are cold and lonely
I'll be there
I can be your one and only
I'll be there

When you're felling like no one cares
Just turn around and I will be there

Baby you don't know just what you've done to me
Well you should know that this love is real
You are more than fun to me

You don't have to worry
There is just no reason to be afraid
Cause after searching for so long
I'd be a fool to walk away so

When you feel that you're all alone
I will be there
When you cant find your way back home
I will be there
When you feel like there is no one who cares
I'll tell you
I'll be there
I'll be there
When your nights are cold and lonely
I'll be there
I can be your one and only
I'll be there
When the nights are cold and lonely
I'll be there
I can be your one and only
I'll be there

When you're felling like no one cares
Just turn around and I will be there

When the song comes to the end I'm finished dressing. I turn around and see Kevin is crying. I walk up to him and just hold him. "Baby are you okay?"

"Yes but that was so sweet."

"What was?"

"That song. I felt like you were singing it to me."

"I was. That's how I feel about you. I just want you to know that I will always be there for you baby boo." I say giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you."

"Okay we need to find a new word." I say laughing


"Thank you. I love those words but I'm really getting sick of them. How about we do this. I know that you love me and I hope that you understand that I love you. So why don't we just forget those two little words. I know you thank me and all but those words are driving me nuts." I say placing my forehead on his and make googoley eyes at him. "okay."

"hehe Okay."

"Good now we're running late so lets get upstairs. So what you think of your boyfriends choice in clothing." I say letting go of him and spinning around as if I was on a catwalk.

"I like it but I think that AJ is going to want that leg thingy." He says pointing at the leg band.

"Well he can't have it. I'll get one of the girls at the show to make him one. Now let me get my coat and we can go." I run into my closet to get the coat that matches the outfit. As I walk out of the closet I fine Kevin sitting on the stairs with a smile on his face. "Come on smiley lets get this 2 bit act on the road." I say reaching out for his hand and he stands and I start to walk up the stars.

~~~~~~~~~~UPSTAIRS IN THE ENTRY HALL~~~~~~~~~~

"Hey you guys ready" I say as we walk out of the hallway

"Yup le....." says Howie turning around and seeing my hair. "What in gods name happened to you?"

"You likes?" I say turning around in a circle.

"Well I think its cool but how did you dye it so fast?" asked AJ

"That's a trade secret. But if your good I'll tell you so you can dye your hair all the time and it won't fall out." I say walking over to the door. "Well Brian, Nick, Howie don't just stand there we have a show to get to. SHIT."

"What's that matter babe?" asked Kevin rushing up to me.

"I forgot to call my mother to see if she needs me to bring anything with me. Give me 5 minutes guys." I say running into the kitchen with Kevin on my heels. "Ya hey is Mona there......Jewels tell her its her son......Okay............Ya hey you need me to bring anything to the show...................okay let me get the designs and the outfits......we'll be there in an hour......okay I'll make it 30 minutes bye" I say hanging up the phone and looking at my watch. "Shit we are going to be cutting this close."


"I need to get some stuff. Do you know how to work a computer?" I say looking at Kevin

"Yes and no."

"Do you know how to start one?" I say walking out of the kitchen.

"Yes but Nick can use them better then all of use." He say facing me.

"NICK." I scream

"That's my name what you need man?" he says walking into the hallway.

"I need you to go up stairs and start the computer that has the purple monitor hooked up to it. Go to the start menu and look for a folder called designs. Open that and wait till I get there okay."

"Ya sure." He says running up the stairs.

"Anything we can do?" asked Brian.

"Ya come with me I need help with some stuff." I say jumping down the stairs 5 steps at a time.

"Shit look at him go." Replied AJ.

~~~~~~~~~~IN MY CLOSET~~~~~~~~~~

"Okay guys I'm going to be pulling clothes out and I need you to put them on those hangers over there." I say pointing to some crystal clear hangers on the other side of the room.

"Okay were your men." Replied Howie

"Thanks guys." I say as I start to look for the outfits she needs. "I don't believe she left these here." I say pulling out 10 outfits at once and then handing them to the guys. After about 15 minutes I'm finished getting the clothes that she asked for. "Guys I'm going to print you directions to the show."

"Why baby." Asked Kevin

"Well Kevin I need to get there in under 45 minutes now plus I have to still print out the designs to 4 more outfits that are needed for the show. So I'm going to take my car and these clothes that way I can get there fast." I say grabbing all the outfits and carrying them up the stairs.

"Okay Dai." Replies Kevin slowly walking up the stairs.

"Oh Kevy stop you know I would take you but I'm going to need to move fast and I can't take the risk of you getting hurt if I'm in a crash. Plus there is going to be no space in the car for you and the clothes. Do you understand, I want you to come with me but I'm going to be speeding faster then I did with AJ yesterday. Speaking of AJ. AJ can you put all these in the passenger seat in my car." I say handing him all the outfits.

"Sure. SHIT man these are heavy how can you hold them like they are cotton balls?" he says staggering to the front door.

"I don't know I just do." I say flying up the stairs to the computer room. "Thanks Nick for getting me in."

"Sure no problem. But you do know that tonight your going to let me play on these thing right." He says rubbing his hands together.

"Sorry my friend not this one this is my mothers those over there are mine." I say pointing to the other side of the room. Were there are 3 more computers. "Put ya you can play on them."


"Here take these directions and get them to the guys and get out of here I'll see you 5 at the show. Okay." I say passing him the directions as they come off the printer.

"Um sure but aren't you coming too?" he says looking at me.

"Ya but I'm going to be taking my car and speeding so most likely I'll be passing you. Oh here take these also." I say handing him 5 tickets to the show.

"Okay see you there then." With that he leaves the room.

"Dai we are going now." Says Kevin walking in the room behind me.

"Okay. Give me a kiss before you go." I say getting up to hug and kiss him good bye. As our lips touch I get an electric shock. Like nothing I've ever felt before. "Can I just say WOW." I say turning back to the printer. Kevin walks up behind me and hugs me again.

"I don't want to go with out you." He says whining in my ear.

"Kev I know but we have to. I need to get these to the show fast. Faster then one of those jeeps can move. Now go you have like an hours drive ahead of you." I say turn around in his arms and grabbing his ass.

"mmmmm that felt good." He says kissing and sucking on my neck.

"Good then just think about what else we can be doing when we get back here. So the faster you leave the faster we can get home." I say turning around in his arms again just as the printer finishes printing off the second design.

"Okay, Okay I get the idea. We're outtie." He says one last time before kissing my neck and leaving.

"Bye lover boy." I scream after him. Soon after I could hear the front door slamming shut. "Okay now lets see. I need this design and this one and th..."

`Will you hurry up already.'

"I would be done by now if I didn't have to hear you 2 keep talking to me all the time."

`Well were would you be if you had not had us.'

"Most likely happier than I am right this minute. Now I have to finish printing these out and then I have to get to the show. SO GO BUG SOMEONE ELSES HEAD." I say screaming at myself

`Fine we're gone.'

"I could only wish you meant that." I said grabbing the print outs and running out the computer room door and down the stairs. "Keys, keys, keys were the FUCK ARE MY KEYS." I say running around the first level of the house. As I run into the kitchen I see them sitting on the counter next to a note.


I know you're in a rush so I left you this note to read. I love you and I hope that everything will go great today at the show. We'll see you after the show at the after party okay.



I love you

"Damn he's good." I say grabbing my keys and the print out and running for the front door. After locking up the house and setting the alarm I run to my car and jump in. "SHIT, SHIT, SHIT. I forgot to put the oil in the engine." I jump out of the car fill up everything that needs to be filled and check everything that needed to be checked. I get back in the car start it up and I'm off to the show.

As I get on the toll road I start to get everything ready for this drive. "GOD I have to be there in 20 minutes I'm going to be cutting this close. Hope there is no traffic." I say hitting the buttons and switches that would set the car up to haul ass. About 5 minutes down the road I see what looks like the one jeep the guys took. As I speed past I honk my horn.

~~~~~~~~~~IN THE JEEP~~~~~~~~~~


"What the funk was that" Yells Nick in the back seat.

"I don't have a clue man." Says Brian in the front.

"That was Dave see that speck weaving in and out of cars all the way up there." Says AJ pointing at my car from the back seat also.

"Shit how fast do you think he is going." Asked Nick

"Well figuring he needs to be to the show in 10 minutes it must be fast." Replied Howie.

"I hope he doesn't do anything stupid." Whispers Kevin from the driver's seat.

"Kev chill he has driven this road thousands of times and he can handle that car like nothing else. Remember I've driven with him. I know he can get there safely." Replies AJ while placing his hand on Kevin's shoulder.

"I hope so." Says Kevin while watching the road.

~~~~~~~~~~AT THE SHOW~~~~~~~~~~

"WERE THE HELL IS MY SON HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE BY NOW." Screams my mother. Everyone who was talked and working on the outfits finishes up their work with out a sound from them.

"You know M you should relax you and I both know that Dai will be here with the outfits and designs." Said Star walking up behind my mother.

"Star can you do something for me?" asks my mother

"Sure what?"

"SUCH THE HELL UP FOR ONCE." As she screams this I come running through the rear door. "FUCKING FINALLY WERE ARE THE CLOTHES?"

"Love you too mother." I say staggering over to a chair and sitting down. "They are in the car and I'm fine if you even CARE." I say as she walks out the rear door to my car.

"Dai boy what took so long?" asks Star

"WHAT TOOK SO LONG? WHAT TOOK SO LONG? HELLO. I left the house what." Looking at my watch. "15 MINUTES AGO AND YOU ASK WHAT TOOK SO LONG."

"15 MINUTES AGO. How is your car." Said Star walking over to me with a cup of water with I greedily slurp down.

"God Star I have no idea. I was going so fast everything was just a blur. I do how ever think I went past the guys. Well I hope it was the guys I don't know I was moving to fast." I say returning the cup to her and pointing to the cooler for some more.

"What you want me to get you some more water?" she says placing her hands on her hips.

"That would be nice ya." I say staring her in the eyes.

"You'll lucky I can't say no to you or right now...."

"Or right now what?"

"Or right now you'd have a fat lip and a black eye." She says handing me a full cup of water.

"What ever. So how's the outfits looking. I see that they invited Sandra back." I say looking at Sandra out of the corner of my eye.

"You mean that 2 bit no talent street walker." Replies Star while taking my cup to get more water.

"Yup that would be her. Why did they do that? They know that every time she's here she tries to wear the last dress." I say watching Star at the cooler.

"That's why they have me wearing it. They know that I'll claw that husses eyes out if she even thinks about touching my dress. OH MY GOD. They gave me a dressing room." Replies Star jumping up and down.

"Fer real. So where's mine." I say getting out of the chair.

"You can share mine with me." She replies taking my arm and walking me to the dressing room.

"Wait I have to get my outfits." I say pulling away from her.

"Nope to late. I already knew you would want to get into them right away so I had them taken to my room. PLUS I got you the bonus suit. You know that one that your moms has been working on for months."

"Ya is she finished with it?" I say looking at Star

"Ya I got her to finish it last night. That is why she's Miss PMS today. She's tired." Replied Star patting my arm.

"Well she needs to do something cause I don't need this shit. I already work to damn many jobs plus school. As it is with the station now I'm going to quit all of them but this one. I decided that on the way over here. But don't tell my moms okay."

"My lips are glued. You know me Miss Lee Press On Lips."

"Ya I know you the person who told Jamie what I liked her and the person who got me fired from the clothes store and how can I forget you the person that got me banded from the jewelry store. The one that fixes my watch and rings."

"Is it my fault that you're a phreak in bed."

"DAMN STRAIGHT IT IS." I say walking into the dressing room laughing. "Oh shit is that the bonus." I say walking over to the suit.

"Yup the one and only."

The bonus suit looked like a Zoot suit (one of the suits that is in Janet Jackson's Alright music video). It was black and white. The left side front and back of the top coat was black and the right side front and back was white. The left lapel was white and the right lapel was black. The left arm was white and the right arm was black. The buttons on the left side were white, so when it was buttoned closed you could see the buttons only when light hit them. The pants were like the over coat. The left side front and back was white instead of black and the right side front and back was black instead of white. The shoes were similar. The left was black and right was white, both shining leather. The shirt was solid black silk, but the vest was like the coat, black on the left, white on the right. The hat was the crowning piece for the suit. The top of the hat was black brim and bowl with a white silk band of white going all around the bowl. The bottom of the brim was white with the inside of the bowl being black silk.

"How long was she up finishing this and why did she do this last night." I say looking at the suit.

"She wanted Kevin to see how good you looked dressed up. Your also going to walk me out." She said sitting in her make-up chair.

"What. I get to walk you out tonight. Oh my god. I'm going to be so nervous."

"You better because if you fuck up out there on me I'm going to beat your ass on the catwalk." She says pointing her hairbrush at me in the mirror.

"Speaking of the catwalk how is it set up today?"

"Go out and look. Just watch out for Toni he is watching it and we both know he doesn't like people up on it."

"Toni can blow me for all I care." I say waling out of the room and closing the door behind me.

"DON'T TEMP HIM HE MIGHT JUST DO THAT." I hear Star screaming from behind the door. I just laugh as I start to walk towards the stage.

"YOOO HOOO DAVEY." Yells Sandra.

"What do you want San. I'm on my way to see what the catwalk looks like. Can this wait?" I say looking at her.

"I just wanted to know if you'll dance with me at the after party." She says rubbing my arm.

"Maybe, I have to go." I say running towards the stage.


"not if I'm lucky you won't" I say under my breath. I duck behind the first curtain that goes out to the catwalk. As I get closer someone grabs me and starts to yell in my ear.


"Toni you yell in my ear one more time your fired." I say braking out of his hold

"Oh sorry Mr. Broome." Say Toni lifting his hands off me.

"It's okay Toni. I'm going to look at the catwalk and make sure it's set up right. I don't want to be bugged by anyone but my mother and Star. So if Sandra goes to go out there hold her. Lock her in a closet even I don't care, just keep her way from me." I say walking out to the stage. As I get there I see that the room is almost filled with people. I can't see who's all out there cause the lights are blinding me. I turn around and get a walkie talkie. "Hey Mick."

"Control room"

"Can I speak to Mick?"

"This is he."

"Hey Mick its David."

"Hey Dave. What can I do you for?"

"Can you kill the catwalk lights a little they are blinding man. If we come out here we might not be able to see the stage and we might fall off."

"Ya sure let me go turn them down some." The lights lower. "How's that?"

"Good now raise the track lights their to low." The track lights get brighter. "Lower just a little. Stop perfect."

"Anything else?"

"Not that I know of, I'll holler if I have a problem."

"Okay control room out."

As I start to look around the room I see Kevin and the guys sitting not 3 feet from me. They all have been watching me work. "Oh hey guys I came to see if you were here yet."

"Just got here like 3 minutes ago. We saw you pass us." Replied Nick

"More like heard we didn't see you at all, just your horn." Stated Howie

"Well anyway do you guys want to come back stage to see the girls and the clothes?" I watch as the guys turn and look at each other and then turn and look at me.

"YES" they scream at me.

"Well damn then just try and bust my ear drums or something." I say sticking my hand down to them. "Come on up this is the easiest way to get back there." Kevin grabs my hand and I smile at him. "Well hello there I wasn't expecting you to want to see the ladies."

"I don't I want to see my boyfriend." He says whispering in my ear.

"Really and who is he? I don't remember any of the guys talking about you being their boyfriend."

"I think you know him very well matter of fact." He said smiling at me and shaking his head. As we both reach down to grab one of the other guys to help them up. Last on the stage was Nick.

"Come on." I say as I signal for them to follow me to the back of the catwalk. As we walk behind the curtains Toni steps out again.

"Sorry sirs your not aloud back here." He replied sticking his hand out in front of the guys. "You best be getting back to your seats."

"Toni what did I tell you earlier." I said looking him square in the eyes.

"I was told not to let anyone back here who does not work of the company." He said looking at the guys still.

"Well they work for the company I just hired them today now step out of the way." As I say that he looks at me and steps out of the way." We walk back to the changing rooms

"I've never been treated like that before." States AJ.

"Well guys now you know how your fans feel when your guards yell at them." I say looking back at them.

"Damn I feel bad now. I didn't think that the guard were that mean." Replied Howie looking at the ground.

"Oh not all of them are that mean." I said looking at him. "Most of them are worse." I say as we turning a corner. As I turn the corner I stop and push the guys back around the corner.

"Dave what's up man." Asked Brian

"Funny thing you should ask. I'm guessing none of you saw what was around the corner?"

"No why? There's not like 50 naked beautiful women around it is there?" Asked AJ

"No. Not 50, more like 30." I state looking him square in the eyes.

"REALLY." He replies lunging towards the corner.

"Hold up there speedy. This is a work place and the girls don't need 4 hormone driven guys stare at them. Now chill out, breath, give me 2 minutes and I'll be right back okay." I say rounding the corner. As I round the corner I stick my head back and look at the guys. "No peeking okay."

"Okay." They all say.

"Kevin I'm trusting you to make sure that they don't peek." I say looking at him and winking.

"You can trust in me."

"To late already have." I say pulling my head back from the corner and walking over to the ladies. "Monica, Jamie, and Michael I need your help to pull these curtains around to cover the dressing areas." I say standing by the curtains.

"Okay." The three come running and they start to cover the dressing area and are shortly finished doing it.

"Great thanks." I say turning around to get the guys. "Come on guys lets go." I say sticking my head around the corner again. Nick and AJ almost push me over to get around it.

"DAMN IT" screams AJ

"Hey you said there we naked women around here some were." Replies Nick while working the puppy dog eyes. This just makes me laugh and gives me an idea.

"Did I say that." I ask looking at the guys who are all shaking their heads yes. Even Kevin is. "Trader." I say looking at him. He just sticks his tongue out at me. "Well Nick I guess I did but the girls have all moved to their dressing rooms. But follow me I think I can get one of the girls out here to talk to you." I say walking over to Sandra's curtain. I pull it back really fast. Her back is to us so she doesn't know the curtain is open. She starts to bend over to pull up her underwear. Nick, Howie, Brian, and AJ just gasp. Sandra hearing the gasp stops what she is doing and looks around her legs to she the guys staring at her ass. I just fall to the floor laughing.

"PERVERTS." Screams Sandra turning around and looking at the guys. Which gains another gasp form the 4 guys and a whole new coarse of laughter from me on the floor. She reaches over and grabs her bathrobe.

"I don't think that matters now San." I say wiping the tears from my eyes.

"I'm going to call Toni and have these 5 perverts removed from the building." She says spinning around and screams again as she hits her knee on the make-up counter. This gets laughs from everyone that has gathered around to see what is happening. "FUCK." She sits in her chair and picks up the phone. "SECURITY. YES I HAV....." she stops as she notices that the line goes dead. "What the fuck just happened." She says looking at the hand set.

"I'm what just happened. I disconnected your call."

"And why did you just do that?" she says look my in the eyes

"Because little girl. These 5 guys work for me and I was showing them around. I was not expecting anyone to be in here." I say turning around and walking out of her dressing room.

"Davy wait." She calls after me. I keep walking out of the make shift room. She gets out of her chair and runs up to me and hugs me around the waist.

"Sandra remove your arms now." I say talking to her with such spite in my voice that it starts to hurt me. She removes her arms and looks at me. As she does that I turn around to face her "Now you look here little lady do not ever touch me again. For any reason, for gods sake you make my skin crawl." I say turning back around and grabbing Kevin and Star by the arms and walking out. As we walk out. The guys are still staring at Sandra with their mouths open. As we walk behind them Star hits each of them on the back of the head. Which wakes them each form their trances.

"damn Dai that was mean." Whispers Star.

"I know but it was funny. You know what. I learned something about Sandra today." I say looking at Star.

"And what's that may I ask?" she say looking at me.

"Her breast. Their fake." I say laughing out load.

"OH SHIT. No their not." She say looking at me.

"I shit you not I saw the scares and all." I say laughing again. "I'm sorry I looked babe I just needed to know, if she stuffed or not." I say looking over to Kevin who was quiet the whole time.

"Na its okay. But Dai that was mean." He says looking at me.

"I know but she s been Miss Queen Bitch of as long as I've known her and it was about time that her bubble was popped. Plus I think the guys just about had a heart attack. I can say one thing though I could not have planed that any better then it happened." I say as we reach the door to our dressing room. " You 5 want to come in.?" I say holding the door open for the guys.

"Sure." Replies Kevin walking past me. The others just shake their heads yes.

"I think they're still in shock." Points out Star as the guys walk in before her.

"I think so too." I say laughing while walking into the room and closing the door behind me.

To be continued...

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