Games the boys play
Chapter 3
By Dai

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Chapter 3 of Games the boys play


"Boy what did you do now?" asks Star while she looks at the door and then to me.

"I have no idea. I'll be right back guys." I say walking to the door and opening it. But before I could walk out I'm pushed back into the room by my mother.

"David I just got a call from the video store. Did you know you were to open today?" she asks.

"OH SHIT I forgot. You know what I don't really care anyway about it. I don't get paid a lot from the place. The only reason I really work there is for the free movies. Plus now with the radio station I can quit the store. HELL that's what I'm going to do, I don't need the video store or this modeling job. I'm sick of you always yelling at me. I'm out of here." As I start to walk past her she grabs my arm.

"Now boy you look here I told you that I would pay for school and what ever you need for your business. Just don't walk out of here mad okay. I really don't care if you quit the jobs as long as your happy that's all that I ever wanted for you. Now you know that I need you today. As for any other shows its up to you. But I NEED you to wear the bonus tonight. I made it for you and only you. If you don't wear the suit I can't show it. So will you at least wear the suit?" she asks looking into my eyes

"Yes. I will. One condition."

"What, anything you name it."

"I get to keep the suit."

"Oh that. Hmmm sure go head." I look at her like she's mad.

"You mean it. I can keep the suit." I say while my eyes bug out of my head.

"Oh ya you were going to get it anyway after the show. What didn't Star tell you that? Plus I want you to wear it to the after party. I'm hoping on getting some orders for it. Well for suits like it. I'm not going to make it again in that color combo. If I do the black and white are going to be reversed. Well now kids I have to run. I'm sorry for scaring you honey but I wanted the whole story. OH I heard what happened with Sandra. I'm going to be posted a guard at this door. So only you, Star and myself are going to be able to get in here. I don't know why they invited her back to the show." She says walking out the door.

"Damn Dai you just left the store like that." Asked Star

"Nope I forgot about it completely. I had some personal problems to handle last night and it seemed to make a bigger effect on me then I though. Well now the problem is mostly fixed." I say looking over at Kevin. "Anyway what time is it?" They all look at their watches.

"4:16.Why?" asked Howie

"Well I think you need to get back to your seats the show is going to start in 15 minutes. Here let me walk you out there." With that I get up and walk over to Kevin and grab his hand. "Come on guys lets go." I say turning around to them.

"Don't you think that you should let go of Kevin's hand?" asked Nick

"Ya but so it looks innocent if AJ holds this one." I say holding my hand out for him to take.

"Sure." He gets up and takes my hand

"AJ what are you doing." States Howie

"Hold the hand of a friend. What you've seen me do this before." He replies while looking at Howie. "Besides there's going to be no cameras out there, are there going to be cameras out there Dai?" He says looking at me.

"Nope not a one. Why you may ask, oh that's an easy answer. Because of all the naked girls out there, no cameras are aloud back here." I say walking towards the door. "So are we really to go guys?"

"Umm ya sure." Replies Kevin looking at me.

"Oh what the hell." I say releasing both AJ's and Kevin's hands. I move my hands up to Kevin's face and grab it. Not hard yet not soft, just enough to be forceful. I pull him to me and kiss him. Oh those velvet-lined lips were so soft. I could just lose myself in their touch and I did. We were lost in each other's body with our minds dancing to a song that only we heard. But like all good things this to had to end. We were pulled apart by Star and AJ.

"Okay you two break it up. Dai I'm going to take the guys back to their seats. You get ready I'm going to get the make-up slave for you young man so get ready and wash that hair." Replies Star running her fingers through my hair. "NOW go wash it. Boy what in the world did you do to it anyway. OH MY GOD you used the bleacher. HA you know that Mandy is going to dye it now don't you." She says pushing me into the dressing rooms bathroom. "Now my boys lets get you to your seats." She opens the door and walks out of the room with the guys in tow.


"COME IN THE DOORS OPEN." I say sticking my head out of the bathrooms

"Umm sir the Make-up Mistress is here."

"Let her in. Mandy hey gurl, come in sit down relax I'll be right out." I say calling from the bathroom. As I walk out I see that it's not Mandy. "Umm hello. I didn't know we got a new Make-up Mistress. My names David, since I don't know your name can I have it." I say reaching my hand out to her.

"Hello David my name is Karen, Karen O'Dell. But you can call me Firefly." She says shaking my hand.

"Why Firefly?"

"Well this is why." With that she removes her skill cap. The hair under her hat was fire red and bright orange.

"Oh my god I love it gurl don't ever put that hat on again. Did you do this yourself." I say walking around her chair.

"Yes. I was a little afraid to show this here. After all this is a fashion house. I didn't want to scare anyone and lose this job."

"Gurl you will not lose this job. Do you know who I am?" I say staring into her eyes.

"Nope not a clue. Well I do know that you're one of the headliners of this show."

"Well I'm the son of one of the owners of this company. So you're not going to lose this job or I'm not going up on that catwalk. Okay." She just shakes her head. "Now my dear I want my hair to look like that, but not now I want it to stay this way until I have to wear this." I say as I walk over to the closet. I pull out the bonus suit and show it to her. "I want my hair to look like yours when I walk out onto that runway." I say as I point to the door.

"One question. How will anyone see your hair under this hat." She says walking over to me and the suit.

"Leave that little problem to me I have 2 hours till I walk this suit I'll think up something." I say zipping up the bag that holds the suit and put it back into the closet.

"Boy your sure I will not lose my job for doing this to your hair?" she say with a hint of fear in her voice.

"IF you do then they lose me. The only person who knows how to pull up designs from their main frame, the person that can get most of their male amide outfits to sell at the after parties. Believe me your job is safe okay." I say looking into her eyes

"Okay, I'll trust you." She says turning around and walking to her bag.

"To many people are telling me that these days." I whisper to myself.

"What did you just say." She says turning around and looking at me.

"Nothing, it's nothing. Lets make me pretty okay." I say smiling at her

"Umm sure hoop up." she says as she pates the chairs seat.

'Boy what are you doing. Your flirting with her.'

'Leave him alone he doesn't need you to bother him right now.'

'Like I care. He has a BOYFRIEND and he is flirting with this firecracker.'

"Fire will you excuse me for a second I need to use the bathroom." I say looking in the mirror at her.

"Sure just hurry back." She says removing my smock. I get out of the chair and walk over to the bathroom.

"What the hell will you two please shut up for the rest of today." I whisper

'Fine just stop flirting with her.'

"Why I flirt with everyone?"

'WHY, WHY need I remind you about your boyfriend who has trust issues with his lovers.'

"Okay, okay I get it I'll try and stop. But only if you two will stop talking for the rest of today and leave me alone."


'Will do boss.'

"Thank you." I say flushing the toilet and washing my hands. Even though I didn't use the bathroom I wanted it to look like I did. I grab a paper towel and step out of the bathroom to see Star and Fire talking. "So what do you two ladies have cooking to destroy my life?" I ask as I sit back down in the chair.

"Nothing my dear. Honest." Replies Star smiling at me.

"Okay Star spill it. What do you know that I don't know?" I say rolling my eyes at her.

"Well first off is it safe to talk in front of Karen?" she says looking at Karen.

"Um sure unless it's about you know. And in that case no names. I'm sorry Fire but I have some secrets that I can't tell people. You know private stuff." I say looking at her in the mirror.

"Oh sure I understand. Go a head and talk. I'll try not to pay attention to you two." She says while she styles my hair.

"Great well you know what I'm going to be talking about now. The one that I'm sure thinks I'm a bitch. Well that person didn't want to leave here. They wanted to say back here for the whole show just so they would be able to see you. As much as possible He is a different keeper." She says looking into my eyes. As the word he comes from her lips I look at Fire in the mirror. Hoping that she doesn't ask about it. Oh what the hell, I don't care what people think of me. I how ever want to know how Star found out about me too.

"Star this is an easy question for you to answer. How long have you known about me?"

"Boy please my gaydar was going off the hook the first time I met you. But I wasn't 100% sure till Lynn told me."

"WHAT? Damn remind me not to tell her anything ever again. You're the second person that I know of that she has told." I say looking away form Star and into the mirror. I just then remember that there was someone else in the room. "Oh shit I'm sorry Fire I forgot you were here."

"Na it's alright I already guessed you were either bi or gay." She replied reaching for some make-up. "So which is it?"

"Bi. So HOW did you figure and please tell me you don't know Lynn?" I said looking back at her through the mirror.

"Nope I don't know no Lynn. But you do have some tell tale signs. One you're sharing a room with a drag queen. Two you are too nice to be straight. Three you have a great taste in clothes. And finally four you're one of the best flirters I have ever known and I don't know any straight guys that can flirt like you do."

"But I barely flirted with you."

"I saw almost every time you looked at me in the mirror. You have this way about you that exhume flirt vibes it's hard to describe it. But what I can say is that now that I know you have someone your out of my league. I was hoping to have a chance to make you a switch hitter. But that also seems to be out of me league cause you already are." She says smiling into the mirror. The only thing I can do is stare back at her.

"Ummmmmm flirt vibes. I have flirt vibes! Why haven't I ever used them before now, would someone like to tell me this please? Cause I sure as hell would have, damn I might have even had sex more often." I say folding my arms and scrolling my face. This gets a laugh from both Star and Fire.

"Aaww look at the little boy with the red face Fire." Said Star laughing at me. I just stick my tongue out at her. Which gets more laughter out of both of them.

"OKAY that enough out of you miss good and plenty tramp. Go get dressed. Now Miss Firefly hurry up I have to get out there. Plus you have to put make-up on that walrus over there and let me tell you." I say pointing over to Star. "You'll be working on her for HOURS. The last make-up lady quit cause she was plucking those eyebrows for over an hour." Lucky for me I had the mirror in front of me cause I saw the pillow flying for my head. Let's just say I ducked it. To bad all the make-up on the counter couldn't move that fast.

"Umm okay then. Dave your done go get dressed. Star you know what you get to do now. You get to clean up this mess while I go to the bathroom. Be right back and all this mess better be cleaned up Star." States Fire as she walks over to the bathroom.

"Well hot damn she's got your number." Duck the same flying pillow. "Hmmm I think they need to fumigate these rooms. Those moths are just huge." Duck bottle of hair spray. "Damn they are big aren't they." I go to duck a make-up brush, but instead I'm hit upside the head with a hairbrush. "Ouch shit bitch that hurt." I say rubbing the side of my face were the brush hit.

"Servers you right. You little pecker." She said just as Fire walked out of the bathroom.

"Well I see that you can listen to people Star." Just then I saw a nothing flying hair brush but this one went straight for Fire's head. When the hairbrush was about a foot from her face she reached up and grabbed it. "Star, Star you should know to never throw a make-up persons stuff. Cause we are the ones that make you look pretty." She said with a cats grin on her face. "Now get in that chair. David Get changed and then get out,"

"Well sure thing miss thang." I say getting off the couch and walking over to the closet to get dressed.

~~~~~~~~~~45 MINUTES INTO THE SHOW~~~~~~~~~~

"This little piece if part of our 'Fall in the City' line. Its name is the 'Casual Woman'. The dress is made out of crushed velvet with fox fur piping. The blouse is a type of body wrap that matches the color of the dress. You can shape the body wrap anyway you feel comfortable. As you see with the other models the designs are limit less. The full body over coat is made out of silk so it moves in the wind freely. If you button the coat up you have a two piece wrap around for just a night out on the town or even a simple dinner party with friends and family.

"This next model is wearing a piece form the 'Fall in the City' line also. This ones na......

~~~~~~~~~~2 HOURS INTO THE SHOW~~~~~~~~~~

"This idem makes up the last of the 'Walk in the Park' series. Tracey the model is wearing a classic spandex leggings with vertical black str....... " WAIT A MINUTE. Why am I telling what we wore in the show, you want to hear about the last half-hour not the whole damn thing. Ya see I can see you shaking your head yes.

Okay the last 30 minutes went by fast. As I walking back into our dressing room I notice that the guard was not there anymore. No biggie the show was almost over and Star and me just had to wear the last 2 outfits. Well as I walk into the room I hear something coming from the closet area. Thinking that it was Star I called out to her.

"Star honey could you get me the suit dear. Thanks." I say turning around that walking over to the door and opening it so I could call after Fire so she could dye my hair. As I open the door I see Star standing on the other side. 'What the hell who is in our room.' As Soon as Star starts to open her mouth I put my hand over it to shut her up. "Sorry Michael you know the rooms no one see the gown until the show. Besides Star is naked in there and I don't think she would want you to see her." Michael was Star's male name only my mother and I knew this. And I never used it before unless it was really improtant. "Could you get Toni I need to talk to him." Star glances into the room and then turns around and walks off to get Toni.

'Who is in the room?'

"I have no idea but it sure the hell isn't Star. Who would want to get into the room? Its not like we have trade secrets in there. Its only the bonus suit and anyone can make that. The gown is rather weird but again its simple designs could be made by a high schooler. WHO THE HELL IS IN THERE?" I say to the voices

'I don't know but I hope they don't figure out that you now know that they aren't Star.' Just as the voice finished talking Toni walks up. Again before he can say anything I cover his mouth and whisper in his ear that someone is in the dressing room and that I have an idea how to find out who it was. All he has to do is follow my lead.

"Toni I need your help getting the gown and the bonus suit out of my car. Can you help me?" I say walk back into the room and signal Star to get my mother. "Star darling don't come out we have company. Well Toni can I get your help with the outfits?" I say facing him and signaling with my eyes for him to say yes.

"Ummm sure I can help. But we have to hurry your up in soon." He says looking at his watch. I could have kissed him then and there he was a genius, a pure genius.

"Okay lets go let me just grab my keys. Star we'll be right back with the gown and the suit. Don't go no were okay." I say grabbing my keys and walking out the door with Toni in tow. As I close the door my mother comes up to me.

"What's going on?" she says looking at me. "And why aren't you in your outfits yet?" I cover her mouth and lead her way from the door.

"Someone is in our dressing room. I call them Star hoping that they would not come out. Then I had the real Star get Toni. Well the person in there thinks that Toni and myself are getting the two last outfits. I'm hoping that they will come out thinking that we went out to the car. I don't want the outfits in there damned in anyway." I say looking at her and then back to the door. "Now Toni go wait over my those curtains mother and Star over there by the door. I'll be over by that clothes rack." I say telling them were to go. Now that everyone's in place we just have to wait. Were the hell is the guard. Just then the door opens. Out pops a head with a stocking over it. 'What the hell is this mission impossible or something? Jeez.' The person walks out of the room and creeps towards Toni. He steps out from behind the curtain.

"HEY STOP. What are you doing back here? No guest are aloud back here." He say yelling at the person dress in black. 'Smart man smart.' Well at that the person turned around that ran the other way. As they go to turn the corner Star steps out and punches them in the face. The person falls to the floor.

"That's what you get for being in my dressing room you fool." Well as the person gets up they get in a crouching position. They start to run at Star. "Oh you want some of this. Ya bitch I'm a brick house and your about to me evicted." She say stepping out of the persons way and nailing them in the side of the head with her fist. One thing I can say about Star is you don't want to get into a fight with her. I've never seen her loss and I've seen her go up against people 5 times her size and still make them cry like they were 3. As Star nails the person in the side of the head they just start to fall over but not before Star grabs them and hits them again on the top of the head this time. "There that's for fucking with my shit." she say as she drops the limp body on the ground. I walk over to the person.

"Toni grab this jerk and let's see who it is." Toni picks the person off the floor and holds them up. They put up no fight Star knocked them out cold then a slab of stone in winter. "So lets see who is behind this mask shall we." As I pull the mask off red hair starts to fall out from under it.

To be continued...

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