Games the boys play
Chapter 4
By Dai

This isn't my first male/male story to be published but it is my first to be put in Nifty so if you like it email me with what you think ok.

Okay, first things first. This story is a complete work of fiction, and is not meant to imply anything about anyone. While some of the characters may be loosely based on real life people that I know, none are meant to actually represent anyone, particularly any of the members of the Backstreet Boys.

As usual, if you are offended or made uncomfortable by material concerning sexual relations between consenting adult men, lighten up or go somewhere else. Also, if it is in anyway illegal for you to be reading this type of thing, please don't.

Chapter 4 of Games the boys play

"Oh my god." Screamed my mother when she saw who the person was under that mask.

"Mom call the cops. Toni put her in the bathroom and watch her. I want 3 guards on her. I DON'T WANT HER GETTING AWAY. Do you understand me?" I say staring right into his eyes.

"Yes sir." He said carrying way the theft.

"Star come on we have a show to finish up." I say grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the dressing room and the outfits that we prayed were still in good condition. As we walked into the closet we see that the bags that the two outfits are in are on the floor. "God in heaven please let them be fine." Star grabs one of the bags and opens it. her gown is in there. "Is it okay?"

"It seems like it. Here help me put it on the manikin." She said walking over to one of the manikins in the room. "It seems to be fine. It looks like your plan worked. Come on lets check out yours." We walk back into the closet and pick up the bag that is holding my suit.

"I can't open it. I know its just a suit but.......but it was such a nice suit Star. Here you open it." I say passing her the bag.

"You are such a dork you know that. Oh it was such a nice suit my left eye. Here see I knew that the suit was going to be okay. It just needs to be ironed you dork." She says passing me the suit back. "Go get it ironed and then get changed." She says pointing towards the door to the dressing room. "And hurry up we have to be out there in 15 minutes."

'Great GREAT I still haven't gotten my hair dyed yet.' I say to myself as I walk out the door. "Has anyone seen Karen." I say looking around me.

"Ya she's over in the lunch room." Screams someone

"Thanks." I say walking over to the ironer. "I need this ironed now and back to me 10 minutes ago." I say walking off toward the lunchroom. As I walk into the room I see Fire sitting eating a sandwich. "Don't you have someone's hair to dye like now." I say siting down next to her.

"Wha.." she says looking at me.

"Is everything okay." I say looking at her.

"Oh ya I just can't believe I'm doing this. I love doing make-up." she says wrapping up her stuff.

"So how long have you wanted to do make-up for people?" I say getting up and standing at the side of the table.

"Like all my life. It's so much fun you can change what you look like with simply adding one color. You know. I've either wanted to do this or own my own beauty shop. Oh my god I forgot about your hair. Come on we don't have a lot of time to do this." she says grabbing my arm and pulling me towards my dressing room.

"Hey wait I have to get my suit." I say walking over to the ironer. "Thanks." I say picking out the suit. But not before I'm being pulled back towards the dressing room. As we walk into the room we see Star just finishing getting her gloves on. "You ready."

"Yup hurry it up I'll meet you my the stage." She says walking out the room.

"That's a really nice dress." Replies Fire as she pulls out the dyes need to dye my hair. "Well lets go we have less then 5 minutes to get you out there."

"Wait can you dye my hair black and white?"

"Ya I can. Why?"

"Well the suit is black and white. And even though the red and orange would look phat. They would take away from the suit. So can you make this dye job a fast one?" I say looking at her.

"Sure get in the chair and lets go." I get in the chair and she starts to add the chemicals. See the cool thing about this type of hair color is that it's a powder base. No liquad, all that comes when the powder has to be removed. Well 5 minutes later I was finished and my hair had black and white checker boxes all around it. I looked like a freaking chessboard all that was needed was the 40 playing pieces. All in all it looked great and I knew that the owners would have a heart attack. Hell my mother would die. This was better then the red and orange hair. Damn AJ would be so jealous. "So how do you like it?" asked Fire looking at me a little worried.

"Like, is an understatement my dear. This is so better then the fire look that you have. Now come on your going to help me get dressed in the suit." With that I ran over to the closet and pulled out everything that was needed. "Get those leather shoes over there."

"These?" she said holding up the shoe.

"Yup that's them. Bring them over here."

"But there's only one color of each."

"That's the idea, just watch what it looks like then I get the suit on." With that I striped to my boxer-briefs. Ya I know that there was a girl in there with me. BUT hey I was in a rush and I we were going to do anything. The first things on were the socks, believe me it sounds weird but I've worn a few of these suits before. Its easier if you start at the toes and work your way up. Next the pants, shoes, under shirt, dress shirt, vest, suspender straps, and then the over coat. I was dressed in under 5 minutes a personal best if I do say so myself. "So how do I look." I say spinning in around in a circle.

"My god. I see what you mean by the shoes. You look really good in that suit. Almost like you were born or poured into it."

"That's the idea. No I just need the watch, hat, and hanker chuff." I say walking over to the box a accessories that goes with the suit. "FUCK were is it?" I say to know one in general while turning the box over.

"Were is what?" replies Fire

"The pocket watch. It's go.......*KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK*.....WHO IS IT?"

"Dai its your mother open the door."

"Shit Fire hand me the hat." I say running past Fire to the door. As I get to the door I turn around and Fire tosses me the hat. "Thanks." I open the door for her.

"Why ar..." she stops as she sees Fire in here. "Hello I don't think I have ever met you." She say to Fire

"Mom this is Fire. She is the best make-up artiest I have ever met. You have to keep her."

"Well its nice to meet you Fire is it. I like that name it matches your hair" she say shaking Fire's hand.

"It's nice to finally meet you also Mrs. Broone." She say taking my mothers hand and shaking it.

"Well anyway Dai why are you still in here you have to be out on the runway in like a minute."

"I would be but the watch is missing." I say walking over to the box and picking up the hanker chuff, fluting it and sticking it in my lapel pocket.

"Boy haven't I taught you anything. You don't flute hanker chuff like that. Here let me." She say walking up to me and taking the hanker chuff out of my pocket and restuffing it. "There and here is the watch." She say pulling it out of her pocket.

'Why did you have this?" I say taking the watch and latching it on to the suit.

"Cause I was having it cleaned. Now get out there." She say pushing me out of the room. "And you my dear come with me!" She says grabbing Fire's arm and pulling her to the stage with her.

~~~~~~~~~~THE CATWALK~~~~~~~~~~

"Ladies and Gentlemen: The high light of tonights show. The Bonus Zout Zuit and the 23 Scadu Wedding Gown." With that Star and I walk out on the runway. "The for these two gorgeous designs are Starlight who is wearing the 23 Scadu Gown and the son of owner of the House of Irma de Scandiffio, David Broome who is wearing the Bonus Zoat Zuit." With this the crowd stands and applauds us as we walk down the runway towards the end of the catwalk. "Well the 23 Scadu Wedding Gown takes its name and looks from wedding gowns of the early to late 1920s. This particular design was very common in New York and Paris around this time period. Notice the lace balloon sleeves woven with natural blue mother of pearl beads. The gown also comes with a train that is made out of the same lace also with blue mother of pearl beads woven trough out it. so ladies I guess you won't need that something blue when you're waling down the ilse." He says and the whole rooms laugh.

'Were the hell did they get this guy.'

'I think you answered your own question there. Hell is were they found him.'

"Dai what's the matter you don't look well" whispers Star

"Nothing I'm nerveouos as all hell. I never closed out a show before. What the hell am I doing here Star." I whisper back.

"Boy chill just think your boyfriend is sitting down there watching your every move. You wouldn't mess up in front of him." She whispers back.

"Ya that's a lot of help Star. Remind me never to come to you when I have a real problem." I say heading down the runway once again.

"Just helping. Relax your doing great. Hey be glad that your not the figure head of this thing. How do you think I feel."

"Well just wait on that one Star I have a surprise for you." I say whispering to her.

"Dai what are you going to do."

"Just watch and learn my dear. Just watch and learn." I wait till the announcer starts to talk about the Bonus suit. As he starts I take off the hat and spin around then proceed up the runway again with Star in tow.

"Boooooy have you done lost your mind" she whispers as she walks up next to me and turns around.

"Nope. I done found it." I say turning to her and sticking my tongue out at her and walking over to one of the other catwalks as she does the same thing but on the other side of the room. As it was the announcer never lost a beat as he watched me take the hat off and work the runway.

"Can you give this lovely couple a hand ladies and gentlemen." As he said that I knew that Kevin's blood was boiling.

"Why the fuck did he have to go and say you and me were together." I say whispering in Star's ear.

"I don't know but its to late now. Go get your mother so she can close the show." With that I walk behind the curtain to find Kevin and the guys back there. All wearing hugh grins.

"Oh my god you were great out there." Screams Howie.

"Fer real man. Who did your hair I want it like now." Says AJ walking up to me and pulling my head down to look at it.

"Hey fool get off my boyfr....." I cover his mouth before he can complete that sentence.

"Kevin not back here. We found Sandra stalking in Star's and my dressing room. We don't know what she wanted but I think she was after the gown and suit. So right now I don't trust anyone who works for us. So we are just friends okay." I say removing my hand from his mouth.

"I don't like that Dai but I understand. You're just protecting me. So thank you." He says stepping up to me to hug me I stop him again.

"Hand shake okay." I say whispering to him and sticking my hand out for him to shake.

"Okay." Whatever light was in his eyes died at that moment.

"Kevin we will talk after this show okay."

"Okay." He says looking at the ground

"Good now I have to find my mother. Have you guys seen her?"

"Ya she's over there." Replies Nick pointing to the other side of the back stage.

"Thanks. Guys stay right here. I'll be right back and remember you work for me if anyone asks. I just hired you today okay." I say looking from one guy to the other.

"What ever you say. Just get back here before we all kill Kevin okay." States Brian

"Okay give me 5 minutes and then we can go to the after party." I say running off to my mother. As I get there I pull he onto the stage so she can close the show out and get the after party started.

~~~~~~~~~~AFTER THE SHOW~~~~~~~~~~

"God Star I never want to do that again. I hate being the last people to walk." I say falling back in the make-up chair.

"No you don't. I still can't believe you embariest me like that. What is up with that hair?"

"HEY I LIKE IT. plus is goes with the suit. Don't cha think?"

I say spinning the make-up chair around.

"Yes, yes it does. But if you ever do anything like that to me again I'm going to castrate you. Right from stem to strean." She say making a cutting motion with her hand.

"Your not cutting anything off my boyfriend if I have any say in it." say Kevin walking in the room just as Star's hand comes to a stop at the end of her cut.

"KEVIN." I scream jumping out of my seat and running over to him kicking the door closed as I jump into him arms and kiss him. *THUD* We brake from the kiss and look at each other and then round the room.

"Was that you?" we say at the same time. "Not me." With that said we hear it again but this time coming from the door. *THUD* upon opening it I see the 4 guys

"OH MY GOD IT'S THE BACKSTREET BOYS. But hey were's Kevin he's my favorite." I say winking at the guys.

"Sorry but he's not here right now he is off visiting his lover. Can we come in." replies Brian

"I guess but I had my heart set on meeting Kevin." I say pouting and looking at the ground. I pick my head up and look at Brian. As I look at him I getting a hand upside the back of the head. As I turn around I see Kevin looking up at the ceiling whistling. "Hmm who let the gnat into the room. Oops my bad it was just the wind." I say turning back to smile at Brian. "So guys come in." I say holding the door open for them

"Thanks man. You were great out there." Replied Nick as he took my seat in the make-up chair.

"Sorry boy get out of my chair I have make-up to have put on before the party." Stated Star as she stands behind Nick.

"" said Nick stuttering

"Nick she won't hurt you. I'll make sure of that." I say eyeing Star.

"HA and I'm supposted to be afraid of you little man. Who was the queen bee that took down Sandra? HMMMMMM."

"Well my baby would have if you didn't' get in the way." Replies Kevin walking up behind me. As he walks up he wraps his arms around me and holds me tightly. "So back off Star." Said Kevin giving Star the evil eye.

"Oh Kevy baby boo leave the big bad drag queen alone." I say looking up at him. As I turn my head back to Star I see her flicking me off. "Temping but no. you don't have the tools to make me happy. Oh looky here I'm wrong again you do. But anyway your not my type. I like my men tall, dark, and seeeeeeeeeexy." I say with a lisp as I flirting with Kevin.

"Ummm okay ya. Moving on. So Dai who did your hair and when can I have mine done?" asks AJ

"Oh um this new girl her name is Firefly she is the bomb let me tell you. She is so fly. You'd like her J." I say looking at him

"J...J...J I like that." said AJ to himself smiling.

"So what we can call you J?" asked Nick

"Nope you can't but he can." Replied AJ pointing at me. "So when do I get to meet this wonder make-up artist?"

"Well she should have been here by now. Oh Kevin how do you want to handle dealing with her. Do you still want to be lovey dovey or what?" I say pull him over to one of the chairs in the room and pushing him down into it. I then proceed to sit on his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck.

"I don't care." Stated Kevin blankly

"Well at that we will be just friends okay." I say looking into his eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"Surer then sure. I'm positive. I love you Kevin and I don't want to do anything that could hurt you or your future in anyway shape or form. So until you are positive you want to tell people about us I have no problem just being friends with you guys in public. Okay." I say finally turning to the guys. Who all just shape their heads yes. 'Well you know what that means don't you Kevy." I say turning back yo him and look him in the eyes.

"No what?"

"I get to hang all over them then." I say getting up and walking over to AJ. I wrap my arms around his neck and pick my feet up. I start to swing form his neck.

"Boy" asked AJ in an even raspier voice then he already had.

"Having fun and yourslef?" I say standing up and walking over to Kevin.

"Well I was being chocked by this insane person but they let go." He said rolling his eyes at me.

"Really were they one of those mean insane people or one of those you know blah insane people." I say sitting on Kevin's lap again but instead of wrapping my arms around neck I lean forward on his lap and put my elbows on my knees. I looking like I was really for a story.

"Boy why are you so hyper." Asked Star looking at my like I was nuts. My be I was.

"I don't have a clue. I think that's what this big lug has some weird side effect on me." I say grabbing Kevin's face crushing his lips together and shaking his head back and forth. Before I could say anything else there was a knock at the door. I got up to get it but only after I kissed Kevin once more. Hey what can I say I can't get enough of those lips so sue me, I'm a victim of love!*KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK*"ALRIGHT, alright I'm coming, I'm coming." I say as I get to the door. I pull it open. "And what can I help you with little girl?" I say to Fire/"Boy your mother can talk the ear of an elephant." Says Fire pushing her way past me. She stops short when she sees the guy. "Umm Dai I'll let you talk to your friends. But remember I have to do yours and Stars make-up before you go to the party." States Fire turning around and starts to walk out the door."And were do you think your going? You are going to meet my friends." I say pulling her back into the room. "Guys this is Fire she is the one who dyed my hair. Isn't she just to die for." I say smiling at them with the biggest grin that I almost hurt myself. But soon that was interupted with a pillow upside the head. "Ooof thanks Nick." I say staring at him."Hey I didn't throw it at you it was AJ." He said pointing at AJ."Hey I didn't do it. It was Howie." He replies pointing Howie next to him."Thanks man ill remember that." He says to AJ. "Ya I throue the pillow what cha gonna do about it." he says standing up and trying to make himself bigger."Me, myself nothing. But she on the other hand." I say pointing to Star. "I'm going to let her have her way with you." I say smiling at Howie."Really OHHHH BOY LETS GO." She say standing up and walking over to Howie. The minute I say that I'm going to let have Star have him he looks like he was about to cry."Star sit back down. I think you scared him enough." "Ohhhh come on Dai please.""Nope go find a man some were else." I say sitting down next to the Kevin."Dave aren't you going to introduce us to Fire." Asked Kevin"Na your big boys I'll let you guys do it." "Oh thanks." He says looking at me."Welcome." I say smiling at him."Anyway, the guy sitting on the stool is AJ next to him is Howie, that's Nick, over there is Brian, and I'm Kevin. It's a pleasure to meet you Fire." He says standing up and shaking her hand."The same to you all. So I'm assuming that this is the person that Star was talking about before?" she say looking at me."Umm ya, ya he is. Do you have a problem with it?" I say getting off the couch."Sit your butt back down boy. Nope not a problem, matter a fact you two look cute together. But he is nothing like what I would think you would like. His hair and that eye-brow my god let me shave it please." She says looking at me. "Or at lease pluck it.""You know your nuts right your not touching my eye-brows" replied Kevin covering his eye-brows and sitting back down next to me."Fer real your not touching my boyfriends eye-brow. I think its cute." I say turning around and kissing both his eyes then his forehead. "Beside you're here for Star and me." I say standing up and walking over to Star. "Here let me help you with this old bat. Hmmm I think we will need a lot of foundation. Look at all those cracks." I say getting up in her face. "No I think we will need to scrap it all and start over from scratch." "Boy if you even lay one finger on my face I'll bite it off." She says grabbing my nose and twisting it."Hey let him go." Replies Kevin getting out off the couch."Kevin baby chill we were just playing." I say walking over to him after Star released my nose."I don't care I don't want you to get hurt." He says taking me up in his strong arms and looking down at me. He then proceeds to look up at Star with a stare that could crush a diamond if there was one in the room.

"Kevin she was playing and if she hurt me she wouldn't mean to. Okay please baby you don't need to worry about me. I have lived this long with out you and now I want to live long with you. But I need to you trust me and know that my friends don't mean to hurt me if they do okay." I plead looking up into his eyes which were now looking down at me.

"Okay." He says closing his eyes and kissing my forehead. He then rests his head on mine as I rest my on his shoulder. "I love you Dai and I don't think I could handle you getting hurt."

"I won't get hurt Kev at least not while n your around. You're my saver, my heart, my soul. Do you understand what that means?" I say removing my head and looking up at him. He just shakes his head no. "Do you believe in fate?"

"No. To much has happened in my life that I don't believe in it. Why?" he says looking into my eyes this time.

"Well I do. I have my whole life. Every problem every joy I have incountered, I believe that I had no control in it."

"Everyone even this one?"

"Even this one Kevin. My life has been hard. Even though it doesn't look like it. It has." I say turning my face from his and looking at the floor over the side of his arm. "I have to pay my way. Even though I have never needed to. I can't mouch off someone and I feel that I always am." I stop talking and look up at Star. She just looks at me very somber like. She knows what demons I have faced in life and she knows that I want to tell Kevin but she also knows that I don't have a clue how to tell him. "Kevin we will talk about this later tonight okay." I say looking up into his eyes again.

"Okay my love."

"ohhhhhh that felt good." I say blushing and removing myself from his arms.

"What did?" asks Nick

"Nothing if you never experienced it before it's impossible to explain. Now Fire its time to work your magic on Star and myself. So Star do want to go up first or should I go?" I say looking at her.

"I'll go so you and Kevin can cudla. Cause lets face it the minute that you walk out there those old hags are going to be on you like always." She say getting out of the chair and walking over to the closet to change clothes.

"Umm should we leave." Asks Brian looking over at Star.

"Why you have everything that I have. Its just that I wear it in woman's clothes." She replies taking off the wedding gown and hanging it up. I don't know what was more funny. The way that she was flirting with the guys or the way that they liked it. I have to hand it to Star she diff doesn't look like a man even in her under clothes.

"Star hurry up your going to give these boys heart attacks." I say laughing at her.

"I know." she say turning around and smiling at the four guys watching her.

"Kevin what's the matter." I say whispering into his ear.

"I'm just worrying about what will happen when we leave next we."

"Well you know that I will wait for you. Hey when does your tour start?"

"Well this next leg starts in a month. We get two weeks off for christman. This year we aren't working new years thank god. Hey you should come down to kentucky for Christmas, bring your mother and Star also. That way you can meet my family and Brian's too." He almost jumping up and down out of his seat about his great idea.

"Oh Kevin you know that I would if I could. But I only get 2 days off from classes. Remember I go to a train school not a normal college. But you can invite your family up here to stay and we all can have a big Christmas party here. Hell all you guys could come up with your family's. I could talk Mona into paying for a hotel. She could say it was some business thingy so it could be a tax write off. Hell it could be if you all had her company make you all something and then buy it. god I can see this unfolding now. We could has so much fun. Oh my god Kevin will you do it please." I say holding his hand and looking into those eyes of my god and pleading that he says yes.

"All I can do is say yes. But I don't know if everyone's family will come." He says looking at me.

"But they have to. I want a Christmas with all you guys. Hey we could do it in New York no, no Canada, Prince Edwards Island. God that would so rock no one would know were you guys went. We could have so much fun. What do you guys say?" I say raising my voice so the whole room could hear me.

"What do we say about what?" asks AJ

"Well we had an idea about Christmas. What are you all doing about that?" asks Kevin

"I was going to visit my family." Replied Nick

"Ya I think that's what we were all going to do Kevin" replied Brian. "Why?"

"Well I want to visit Dai for Christmas."

"Why can't he come down to Lexington?"

"Well Brian it's like this. I go to a computer train school and I'm going to still have classes around then. I only get two days off from class so I have to say here. BUT you all could come up here and celebrate it here. I could talk my mother into renting a floor or two at one of the hotels around here so we all could have it up here. And with any luck it will snow so then we could have a white Christmas. Then I was thinking that we could go up to Prince Edwards Island in Canada but thinking back to it that's a bad idea cause I could just as easily go down to Lexington, ya know. So what do you all say?"

"Well I say that all's we can say is try. But your right that's a great idea I don't think we have never had a group Christmas expect while on tour over in Europe. So lets try it guys." replied AJ. I knew I was going to like him.

"Ya sure what bad can happen. This just has to be kept on the DL for now okay. We have to talk to management to see what they say. Then our families." Replied Kevin sighing heavily.

"I don't think they are going to have to big of a problem with it. You know they haven't seen one another in like what months so it should be great. We need to make a list of who is all going to be there." States Howie. I don't know but I knew I was going to like him too. *Laugh*

"What's up with you giggly? This was your idea." Says Kevin looking over at me.

"I know I'm just so happy right now you have no idea. So you guys make your list I'll go get my mother and we can all talk before the party okay." I say getting up from the couch and walking over to the door. As I open the door there is a cop waiting there. "Yes can I help you?" I say to him.

"No now get back in there." He says pushing me back into the room and closing the door.

"Well isn't he an ass." I say looking at the door. Just as I turn around I see Kevin stand up and walk over to the door. "Kevin no don't you dare."

"But he was an ass he had no right to treat you like that." He says pointing to the door.

"I know Kevin but I can handle this. I have before. Howie can you hand me my nap sac, its in the closet and its black leather" I say pointing to the closet. He gets up and runs to the closet to get it. A few seconds later he walks over and hands it to me. "Thanks. Now you guys will see how I handle assholes like that." With that I pull out a detectives badge and pin it to my shirt.

"Dave don't do it." say Star looking at what I just did.

"Why they won't know about this. just finish your make up and let me handle it." with that I walk out the room. Not getting stopped by the cop this time.

"What is he going to do Star?" asks Fire.

"He is going to make a fool out of himself." She say holding her head.

"Didn't he just put on a police badge." Asks Brian to no one in general.

"Yup." Replies Star

"So wait he works for the police." Replies Howie

"Nope." Replies Star again

"Wait he just put on a police badge but he doesn't work for them. I'm confused." Says Howie sitting down on his stool.

"Your not the only one. Star what just happened here?" asks Kevin looking at her.

"He just used a detectives badge that was one of his ex-boyfriends." She say picking up her head so Fire could finish her make-up.

"He didn't." replies Kevin standing up and walking over to the door and opening it.

"What can I help you with sir." Asks the cop on the other side of the door.

"Um the man that just left here who was he."

"Oh that was Detective Czegel. You want me to go get him for you?" says the Officer.

"Ya could you." Say Kevin turning around and looking at everyone in the room. He then closes the door and shrugs. "I guess it worked." He then walks over to the couch and sits down. A few minutes later I walk in the room with my mother and tow other officers.

"Okay gentlemen we have already talked your statements. This is Mrs. Broome she owns this company I'm going to leave her in here so you all can talk." With that I turn around and walk out.

"Mona what is he doing." Say Star looking at her.

"Getting his ass put in jail if he isn't good. I still don't believe that he's doing this." she say sitting down next to Kevin. "Okay he told me a little about what your idea was. So I'm thinking the Hyatt. The company has a penthouse there so we could use that. I'm figuring what around 30 people, give or take." She says looking at the guys.

"Ya about that." Replies Kevin

"Good. Here Fire right hand me that writing tablet that's next to you." Fire walks over and picks up the note pad and hands it to my mother. "Okay how long do you all want to say. Knowing what Dai's days are like and what last Christmas was like, he will only get two days off from school. So what you want to stay in DC for like a week?" she say looking at Kevin and then the guys.

"I would love to, but I'm not sure about the rest of the guys." he says turning his head towards the rest of the band.

"Well I wanted to spend sometime with my family....." replies Howie before getting cut off by my mother.

"Well then how about you give them all a Christmas vacation. I'll even order up some snow so we'll have a white Christmas." Smiles my mother while looking at everyone. "Fire your coming to Dai's thinks of you as a friend now so your family just like everyone else in this room. Remember that you lot if you need help come to me. I might not look like it but I have some pull around here. Oh my kingdom for some free time. Well chickens I have to get back to the party. Star hurry up will you." She say looking at Fire and winking then walking out the door.

"Well snap she already has this think under wraps doesn't she." States Star.

"Ya she's some person. Now I see were Dave gets it from." Replies Fire

"HA gurl you ain't seen nothing yet." Replies Star getting out of the chair and walking over to the closet. "Hmmm what to wear what to wear." Just then I walk about into the room smiling. "So you get busted." Asks Star not even turning around.

"How'd you know it was him." Asks Nick

"You'll learn in time to tell when he walks into a room. He has this smugness that just oozes out of every were, its really sickening sometimes." she say turning around holding up a dress for me to look at. "So Dai what cha think about this one?"

"Hmmm remove the sleeves and add that black cape." I reply walking over to the closet to get the cape. "Here look." I say taking the dress and the cape and holding them together so she could see what I was talking about.

"Okay good idea. Well children I'll see you later." She says walking by Nick and rubbing one of his nipples before she leaves.

"Nick you want me to get her to stop that." I say looking at him.

"God can you. It doesn't help when I look at her and see this woman but then I remember that it's a guy and I'm ggggrrr why me." He says falling back into one of the chairs.

"Okay I'll get her to stop." I say sitting down in the make-up chair

"So why did you go out there with that badge on my dear." Says Kevin walking up to the side of the chair and sitting on the floor.

"Well see the cops just got here to pick up Sandra. She was the person that broke in here to steal the outfits, we think. Hell she could have wanted to kill me for what I did to her earlier today. So anyway the cops came and took her. I still don't know why I carry this thing on me. But it comes in handy when I need it." I say pulling the pin off and tossing it in my bag. "So I hear you all and my mother talked. So what's the plan Sam." I say looking into Kevin's eyes. I once heard that the eyes were the windows to the human soul. I never believed in that saying, but after looking into Kevin's eyes I felt there had to be some truth in it.

"Well the guys are going to talk to their parents and see what they say. But I know now that I'm going to be here no matter what." He says looking at the floor.

"Kev what's that matter. You don't want to be here for Christmas do you. You don't want to be away from your family." I say looking at him. I then turn to look at the mirror. "Kevin stay with your family okay. I'll find some way to get to you. I don't know how I'll do it but I will."

"Really you mean it?" he says looking at me.

"*sigh* Yes I do. Now you lot get out of here so I can finish getting ready." I say the guys in the room.

"Okay guys come on lets go." Says AJ standing up and walking over to me. "Fire can I talk to Dai a few minutes by myself." He says to her.

"Sure just come and get me when your done." With that her and the guys walk out the door. But Kevin stays at the door and watches AJ and myself.

"Kevin go on I won't do anything to him." States AJ

"Okay I'm going." He says holding up his hands

"Okay AJ what's up. We just meet and you want to talk to me in private. What's the matter?" I say turning the chair to him

"I have an idea about this Christmas." He says looking up to me with a twinkle in his eye.

"Yes go one." I lean forward in my chair to hear his plan.

To be continued

So what cha all think. If you're wondering what the plan will be HA you'll have to wait for a few chapters to see what happens. Umm I've gotten a lot of emails telling me that you all like this story and that you love Star. Well Star is modeled after one of my real friends who is a drag queen/model in DC and yes she is just like how she is in real life. Well in real life she is a lot louder, a lot louder lol. Well I'm off until the next chapter. Have fun kids and don't party to hard bye.