Games the boys play
Chapter 5
By Dai

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Okay, first things first. This story is a complete work of fiction, and is not meant to imply anything about anyone. While some of the characters may be loosely based on real life people that I know, none are meant to actually represent anyone, particularly any of the members of the Backstreet Boys.

As usual, if you are offended or made uncomfortable by material concerning sexual relations between consenting adult men, lighten up or go somewhere else. Also, if it is in anyway illegal for you to be reading this type of thing, please don't.

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I was so sad after I was done writing this story cause I had to update some stuff. One of DC best gay, bisexual, lesbian nightclubs closed its doors on November 7, 1999. You know what the part that made me sad was. I couldn't be there to see its closing. This club was like my home for god knows how many years. Anyway on with the story

Chapter 5 of Games the boys play

"Damn boy that's a good plan. Now your mission is to get your end of the plan put into motion and I'll work on everything I can on this end. Okay synchronize watches." I say holding up my arm and looking at it. "Ah oops I forgot I'm wearing a pocket watch." I say smiling at AJ. Who mind you was looking at me like I was nuts. "What? Haven't you ever wanted to say that?" I say looking at him.

"Far enough. So what do we do now?" he says looking at me again.

"Well my boy your going to leave this room and send Fire back in. BUT your jobs not over yet, I then need you to go and get Kevin for me. I need to talk to him okay." I say staring into his eyes. Oh those eyes. hmm Dai if you only met him in another time and place. "Well get going already." I say standing and pushing him out of the door.

"God this is going to be hard. I have about one week with them. I still have school this week. I so wish I could take it off and stay with them. Well Dave you have to get ready for this thing. Were the hell is Fire."

'You do know that you don't need us. You talk to yourself enough.'

"Then why are you still here. How can I get rid of you?"

'You have to figure that one out of your own.' *KNOCK, KNOCK*

"Come in."

"Hey you ready for me to touch up your hair and make-up?"

"Ayup do your worst." I say leaning back in the make-up chair

"My worst. I never do my worst that's no fun." She says grabbing my head and turning to the left really hard.

"Like ouch." I say laughing

"Oh you said to do my worst." She replies smiling at me.


"Nope sorry that's a female dog. Which I'm not and if you value your life don't even think about saying what you're going to say."

"Okay truce."

"So were is your boy."

"Which boy?"

"That tall one with the one eyebrow."

"Leave his eyebrow alone. Um he is out at the party, which is where I have to go. Are you finished"

"Yup dooooooooooooonnnne now" she says spraying my hair with hair spray. A little too much hair spray if you ask me.

"I'd..*cough, cough* to..*cough, cough*.. order some air..*cough, cough*.. with that hair spray!* cough, cough*"

"Don't make me spray you again." She says holding up the can. I just throw my hands in the air.

"Truce, Truce remember." **KNOCK, KNOCK** "What is this grand central station or something. COME IN." the door opens

"Ya know that you don't have to scream."

"Hey baby." I say walking over to him and kissing his cheek. "Did I ever miss you."

"I missed you too but we have only been apart for what like 15 minutes."

"True but I still missed you. Oh and it was 24." I say looking up into his eye. God what is it about his eyes. I've never seen so much love yet pain in one human's eyes.

"Okay this is sickeningly sweet I'm off to this party. Peace." Replies Fire grabbing her bag and heading for the door.

"She's right I have to make an appearance too. You coming or do you want to say and veg-out here." I say grabbing his hand with mine and swing them back and forth.

"I'm coming. You think I'd miss my boyfriend work people over. What are you nuts."

"Hmm I don't know if your nuts but I know you got them. Well I hope that you got them. Come on lets go." I say dragging him behind me and out the door.

We get to the stage doors and reluctantly released our hold on each other's hands. "Come on you have work to do and I have to make sure that the guys are playing nicely."

~~~~~~~~~~ THE PARTY ~~~~~~~~~~

"Were the hell is he Star." States my mother.

"I don't know. I know I saw him. Oh there he is." she points to me walking into the room. With that both her and my mother were off in my direction. Luckily I see Star's outfit and then I see my mother. I walk over to a guest and start talking to them. I glance back at them and see my mother walking off and Star giving me thumbs up. A few minutes later I feel a tap on my shoulder.

"Yes how can I help you." I say turning around then noticing Brian and AJ. "Oh hey guy what can I help you with?"

"Well we see some ladies that we want to meet. I was wondering if you could help us. They seem not to notice us." Replies Brian looking at the floor.

"Awwwww what your fame not working here Brian." I say patting his head

"Noooo." He says looking up at me and laughing.

"Okay boss who are these lucky ladies." I say looking around the room for they women.

"They are right over there." Replies AJ pointing over to a group of women.

"No way they would not be here and not call me. That is so wrong." With that I start to walk quickly walk over to the women that AJ pointed to. Both Brian and AJ looked at one another and then ran after me. They both had a hard time keeping up with me. As I get over to the women I whistle. They all look over at me.

"Oh My God Dave baby is that you." Screams one of the women running up to me and jumping into my arms.

"Um Dave baby you want to introduce us." Replies Brian looking very pissed at me.

"Oh ya sure. Brian, AJ I would like you to meet Rockell the singer and one of my ex's, Danielle Magnotta, Rockell's best friend, and finally Brandy the mother of Rockell's goddaughter. Brandy how is Rachael anyway. I haven't been getting any letters back from you guys." I say hugging Brandy (not the singer Brandy but a really life friend of Rockell's).

"Oh she's home with her daddy right now. I know about the letters, we've been getting them. It's just right now we have no time for personal stuff. With me going to classes and working and Jamie at work all the time. SO when are you going to get your ass up to see us, Rachael I know wants to see you after that last letter." She says letting go of me.

"I have no idea I have to get up there sometime now don't I. Oh guys I'm sorry ladies this is Bri……"

"Brian Littrell and AJ McLean. We know we saw them looking at us earlier. What we didn't know is that you knew them. If we did then we would have come to you for some help in meeting the." Replies Rockell letting go of my arm and walking up to Brian and AJ and taking both their hands and walking them over to tables to sit and talk to them.

"Damn she doesn't slow down now does she." I say watching as she works the guys over.

"Nope but you out of anyone should know this. Meaning the history between you two."

"We're not going there. Soooo how have you two been?" The girls and myself talked for about 2 hours, until my mother calls all the models up on stage to close the party and the show for the night. Good thing my mom didn't know I wasn't working the floor like I usually did, or else my ass would have been grass and she would have been the lawnmower.

So anyway being the son of one of the owners I had to stay and help clean up a little. I had no problem help. I like hard work so nothing else new there. But while I was help so were the guys, which surprised me. "Guys you don't have to wait you can go out. Stars free and I know that Rockell and the girls would love to hang out with you a little more."

"NA we want to." Replies Howie. "Believe me we want to."

"Ya man Star is nice and all but sh…." Starts Nick

"She's a bitch" replies Star walking from around a corner.

"I wasn't going to say that."

"Oh chicken pwease I am a bitch. Your lucky I can be worse. But I like you guys so I'm being nice." I had to laugh at that. "And what are you laughing at checker board head. I'm saying I'm not sure what to do with you. Should I take you home and place you in a display stand or take you to Dupont Circle and play chest on your head."

"Take me to Dupont, or even better I want to go to BL. Tomorrow with you and them." I say looking over at the guys. "SHIT they can't go."

"Why what is BL?" asks Howie

"It's a night club. But the clubs name is Badlands. Well we could go but I don't want you 5 there."

"Why." Replied Kevin

"Well baby" I say walking up to him. "See it's a Gay night club. Well it's not as bad as Wet but it's still a gay nightclub. I don't want you guys being seen going in there."

"We could get Taz to get them in.," says Star

"Star baby you're just the BOMB. Wait you talk to Taz. I don't want to have to be indebted to him. God only knows how he'll want me to repay it." I say rolling my eyes

"Oh pwease you know you like him hitting on you."

"WHAT?" screams Kevin

"Kev chill. It's not like that." I say placing my hand on his chest.

"Then what is it like?" he says grabbing my hand and shoving it off him, then walking away.

"You know if I didn't like him so much guys I would have kicked him to the curb by now." I say watching him walk off. "Can someone please go talk to him and get him back here so I can tell him about Taz."

"Sure I'll go." Replies AJ

"Thanks man." I say looking at him walk after Kevin. What am I going to do about Kevin and this attitude he feels he can throw all at me.

'We don't know but you have to do something'

'Yes you do' at that I just shook my head.

"SO guys we are done here lets go fined Kevin and AJ and get home." I say turning to them.

"Sure lets go." Replied Nick walking towards where AJ and Kevin went.

"Star are you coming?"

"Na you go and fix this with Kev. Man I'm so happy for you. Just remember that if he lays a finger on you I'm going to kill him." I was shock by this.

"ho.. how did you know." I say looking at the ground.

"I called Fatima. She told me something's; I had to fill in the blanks. Now get." She said pushing me after the guys "You have a boy to get after."

"Okay, okay I get it." I say turning around and hugging her *sigh* "thanks for being there for me." I release the hug and ran after the guys. Another time another place. That line was still in my mind as I ran after them. What was going on in my head, I had a lot of stuff to figure out and not a whole lot of time to do it in. "Shit what am I going to do about school this week. I don't want to leave them there alone. Damn it." As I reached the exit door I saw Brian, Howie, and Nick standing there. "What's up guys, why aren't you out in the jeep?" I say look to each of them.

"AJ is out talking to Kevin. Hey aren't you going to change out of that and leave that here." Replied Howie

"Nope this one outfit was made just for me. Do you think I should talk to Kev?"

"Let him calm down first. Dave I don't want to see my cousin hurt you. You live a very stressful life from what I've seen so far and him hurting you, you just don't need." Stated Brian

"Brian I know you care about him and from what I've seen in the last day I feel you guys care about me to. I thank you for both, but if me and Kevin are going to make this work there is going to be some hurting on both sides of the line. Now who will be the first one to do this hurting, I have no idea. But I will tell you this I will be there for Kevin no matter what happens." The guys just look at me. "Okay I'm bored I'm going out to my car and go home are you guys coming with?"

"Yup lead on McDuff." Replied Brian

"Hey that's my line." I say walking out the door laughing. "Hey were is AJ and Kevin?"

"Over here guys." called AJ

"Hey what's the matter?" I asked AJ

"Nothing that can't be fixed." Replied Kevin standing up and hugging me. *sigh* "I'm so, so, so, SO, sorry baby."

"Ugh Kevin baby, baby ugh that's like the most corniest word I've ever heard." I say scroll me face and laughing.

"Oh well how about SW." he says pulling me into another hug.

"Much better." I say returning the hug and pecking him on the lip. "Now is my big boy ready to go home." I say pulling back and looking into those eyes.

"Yes am I ever. But how are we going to get there. I mean whose car."

"Weelll how about you come with me and the guys follow. I won't speed I promise." I say crossing my heart. HA little did they know I had my fingers crossed behind my back.

"Okay sounds like a plan." Says Brian

"I call shot gun and I get to play on the computers first." Calls Nick running towards the jeep.

"Only after I do some work and password protect all my files." I say calling after him.

"What ever as long as I get to play on the computer." He replies shutting the door of the jeep.

"Well let's go, guys follow me okay." I say unlocking Kevin's door.

"Okay." The last three say walking over to the jeep. I walk around the car and get in.

"Well baby you ready." I say looking over at Kevin

"Sure baby." He says smiling at me.

"Ugh Kevin I'm going to have to break you of using that word." I say looking him up and down.

"Why you just used it."

"I know but it sounds good coming out of my mouth. See watch baaaaby, baaaaaby." I say leaning in and kissing him. "See I told you, it sounds good coming out of my mouth."

"You're right, I particularly like that end part."

"What end part?"

"This" he says leaning into me and kissing me. We kiss for what must have been hours, cause the next thing we know the car is rocking back and forth and I don't mean in that way. "What the fuck is going on."

"I hav……" I say looking out Kevin's side window. "Those asinine jack asses."

"What?" replies Kevin grabbing onto me.

"Look out your window." Kevin turns and looks out his window. He sees AJ, Brian, Nick, and Howie pushing on the side of the car laughing.

"Damn you guys we've been honking the horn for like the past 5 minute. What were you doing practicing for the Olympic swim team or something." Yells AJ

"Oh fuck off and get back into your damn car. Come on we're going." I say turn on my car and pulling forward without looking to see if the guys got clean.

"SHIT MAN you almost ran over my foot." Yelled Brian

"Well served your slow ass right. Now get in the jeep and come on." Replied Kevin

"Like fine then. Love you too CUZ." Replied Brian sticking his tongue out at Kevin and then turning to get in the jeep.

"They a hand full aren't they." I say pointing my thumb at the guys

"You have no idea. Come on lets leave their slow asses here."

"Sorry bro not this time. Even though I love you mad crazy like. We are not in a boy band friendly part of town."

"Really this doesn't look like a bad part of town."

"Um and Berlin was ugly doing Hitler's days there. Sorry, sorry that was bad, but it was the truth. Just because this looks like a nice area it doesn't mean it is. Hell you should see Capital Hill it now looks great but like hell am I going to walk through there at midnight. Oh lord child let me tell you." I say waving my hand in the air and laughing

"Okaaaay. So what are we going to do when we get back to your house?"

"Well I don't know about you but I could eat a horse." We banter back and forth while the guys try to keep up. I must say who ever was driving they were good at it. I was really shocked at times I really though I lost them and out of no were there was the jeep.

~~~~~~~~~~BACK AT MY HOUSE~~~~~~~~~

As I walk in to the house I get a weird feeling. It was almost like someone was walking over my grave. The house was cold, well colder. Which was weird cause I made sure that the heater was on before I left this morning. There was also something in the air, its was hard to describe, it was almost like a hospital in there. Cool and that hospital clean smell. I've never come home and felt that way. "Will you guy excuse me for a minute, I need to check on something." With that I run up stairs to check on the computers. As I walk into the computer room I see it's clean, too clean. All the papers that were on the floor were nice and neat on the desks and all the CDs and diskettes were in holders. "WHAT THE FUCK. No we don't get people that break in to the house and steal stuff. We get people that break in and clean it. What is up with that." As I turn around to walk out the door I see the guys standing there. "What? Oh wait let me guess the kitchen is clean."

"Um it should be. I hired someone to come in and clean the house today while we were out." Replied Kevin looking at the floor.

"How you didn't have a key." I say placing my hands on my hips.

"Not true I had on the one that your mother slipped me. See." With that he holds up a key.

"Well I'll be damned she gave you a key and after what 15 minutes of knowing you." I say shaking my head in disbelief.

"Ya about that. So are we going to eat." replies Kevin placing the key back in his pocket.

"Sure, guys what do you want I'm going to have a steak. I need some red meat I haven't had a lot of it over the last few days." I say walking past them, grabbing Kevin's hand, and walking down the stairs.

"Hey Dave can I play." Asks Nick looking over the banister

"Sure just remember don't touch the…"

"Purple one. I know so how do I get to the games."

"Oh use the computer that have the red chair behind it that's a Wintel system. The other is Linx. On the Wintel one Select any folder in the start menu. Well any folder that doesn't say private or need a password to get into it. The private are the games I'm writing." I say walking further down the stairs.

"You do know now that you'll never get any work done." Replied Kevin walking behind me.

"Oh if I need to I can. I just need to over ride anyone of the games he is playing. But lucky for me I won't need to cause I can get into his computer from my computer down stairs. Hell if I wanted to I could look at the game he is playing and fuck with it. I've done it before." I say walking into the kitchen and over to the fridge. "So what ya want to eat stranger."

"Stranger." He replies. "I don't think I've ever heard that word spoken with such careless emotion." I stop digging through the fridge and look at him.

"Kevin that made no sense what so ever. I was just joking, you know a joke. Nothing was meant by it. But now that you brought it up. To me you are a stranger and to you I'm one back. Kevin I won't lie to you, I live a weird life. It was never hard, just weird. As you've seen one of my best friends is a drag queen, my mother knew I was bi, so did my best friend. The worst part of that is; I wasn't even the person to tell them. I've had both boy friends and girl friends. Everyone met the girl friends. No one ever met the guys. Hell my last male relationship I was in I was beaten. Everyone though I was beaten by a girl. I've almost killed myself more times then I would like to count. But for some reason I'm still here. And I know this is going to sound like the corniest thing on the face of the planet. Kevin I think it was because we were meant to be together." By this time I had walked over to Kevin and was holding his hand. "I can't explain it Kevin I wish I could. I wish I had some logical explanation why I'm in love with someone that I know has a history of beating their lovers. Okay I really think we need to have a long, long talk about our pasts. I know some of yours, but you know really next to nothing about me." I say staring once again into those killer eyes.

"Hey guys can we come in now?" screams AJ

"What? Oh god we got to get something for that hallway. Everyone and their cousin can hide there and find out what we be talking about in here." I say moving over to the stove.

"Don't worry about it man. Anyway what's on the menu and who is the cook." Replied AJ

"Well we have steaks and what ever else you all want. I'm just having some fries with mine." With that I pulled the steaks and fries out of the freezer. "What cha y'all want?" I say turning around to face them.

"Can we look around?" asked Howie.

"Man don't ask just do. You're going to be here for like a week. Make yourselves at home." I say closing the freezer door and moving over to the sink.

"What cha doing babe?" asks Kevin walking up behind me while I open up the steaks.

"I'm prepping the steaks for the grill. Someone want to set the grill up for me?"

"Sure I'll do it." replies Kevin. "One question?"

"Go out the back doors, turn to your left, go down the steps, and then turn to your left once again. It's up against the house. It looks like a big brick stove. There's wood and charcoal briquettes next to it. Here's the lighter for it." I say opening a draw and passing it to him.

"Thanks." He says kissing me on the cheek and running out of the back door.

"Well damn that's the happiest I've seen him in a long time." States Howie

"What?" I ask

"Oh its nothing, we're just worried about him that's all." replies Howie.

'Worry huh well that's good. At least they have some brains. I've always though that pop stars were full of fluff and sugar.'

'Will you please shut up.'

'Well you please shut up' replies the one voice in a mocking manner.

"Um guys I have to make a phone call. I'm be down stairs if you need me." I say walking out of the kitchen not looking at the guys.

"What just happened here?" asks AJ look back and forth at Howie and Brian

To Be Continued.

Well there you go the next chapter to the story. I don't have a clue when the next chapter will be out, cause I have to go laptop shopping. I'm also sorry that this chapter was so short, but with everything thats been happening. I just can't seem to keep my mind on the story. But I'm not going to stop writing, I'm just going to slow down writing the story.