Games the boys play
By Dai

This isn't my first male/male story to be published but it is my first to be put in Nifty so if you like it email me with what you think ok.

Okay, first things first. This story is a complete work of fiction, and is not meant to imply anything about anyone. While some of the characters may be loosely based on real life people that I know, none are meant to actually represent anyone, particularly any of the members of the Backstreet Boys.

As usual, if you are offended or made uncomfortable by material concerning sexual relations between consenting adult men, lighten up or go somewhere else. Also, if it is in anyway illegal for you to be reading this type of thing, please don't.

Chapter 6 of Games the boys play

"What the fuck am I doing?" I say falling forward on my bed.

'I don't know but I'm having fun.'

"Oh will you shut the fuck up."

'Do you really want to go down this road again?'

"I don't know. All I know is that I love Kevin a lot more then I ever love Adam. GOD what was I thinking when we started out. That was like what some bad B rated horror movie from the start."

'Na it was lust'

'God don't you ever say anything nice.'

'Anope not last time I checked.'

"DAI!" screams Kevin flying down the stairs.

"God not now." I say rolling over to face Kevin coming down the stairs. "Ya Kev, you called for me." I say smiling at him

"Well I came back into the house and you weren't there. So I asked the guys and they said you went down stairs to make a phone call. Is everything alright."

"Ya Kevin everything is just fine. I need some down time. Come here." I say patting a space next to me on the bed. Kevin sits down were I patted. "Kevin remember a few minutes ago when I said I lived a weird life."


"Well, god where to starts, where to start." I say rocking back and forth. "I've lived in Herndon all my life. I've dated girls and guys, the girls I've told everyone about. The guys well the guys were mostly for the sex. I've had one real male relationship and that was a really bad one. God I must have been in the hospital every other week with that one." I say falling backwards onto the bed. "I was a club kid at a very early age. Damn like what 13. I had my first type of intercourse when I was 10. I've been lucky I never got any STDs. I could be a druggie or something like that. I don't drink at all and I don't use drugs. I have the worst temper when I get started. I'm one of five white guys that I know of, that can get away with speaking like a black woman and cursing like a black man. You understand use all the profanity that stuff like that. My friends know my standpoint so they don't mind me using worlds that would get a normal white guy shoot. Hell they call me Cracker." I say taking my hand and running it through my hair. Remembering all the fun I used to have when I was younger. Kevin lies down on his side and looks at me. "Most everyone in high school hated me. Well that's not true, just most of the jocks. I played sports but I never was a jock. I always had great clothes and let me tell you, girls like a guy that can dress and dance. I'm great at both." I turn over on to my side and look at him. I stare into his eyes and lose my train of thought.

"Dai I don't care about your past." He says moving forward to kiss me. I roll back onto my back

"You don't Kevin. But I do, it's my past that makes me, me. Its what makes me who I am and who I will me, it's like you. I fell in love with the image of you." I turned and lightly placed the back of my hand on his face. "Kevin that's not how I see you now though. Not at all, I see you as the most loving and most real man I've ever known. But you also are Kevin Richardson the Backstreet Boy and I can't forget that. I need to learn that you are real and not something that I dreamed up out of boredom. But Kevin remember this I love you and always will." I say leaning into kiss him. Our lips meet and I just stop breathing. His lips were soft. Like that of a rose. How the hell could his lips be that soft and sweet. Almost like honey. With in that kiss I felt everything that we were and would be completely vanish from my head. As I pull back from the kiss, I fall on to my back and sigh.

"What's the matter now?"

"Oh nothing. For once everything is right in the world. Another time another place"


"Nothing?" I say turning onto my side and staring again at him. "So what were we talking about again."

"To tell you the truth. I can't remember." He smiles looking me.

"Well let's go get dinner started. Let me get Mr. Carter off the computer first. Hey you want to have a little fun with him?" I say creeping over to the computer.

"Um sure, how?" replies Kevin standing up and walking over behind me.

"Like this." I start up the computer and type in my password. "I designed a little program that lets the user look and control what is going on in another computer that the first computer is connected to."

"So in other words. You can look at the computer that Nick is on and fuck with the game he is playing."

"Yup, here pull up a chair and lets have a little fun." As I get into the computer Nick is playing on. I see he is playing Soul Reaver. "Oh this is going to be good. I hear little Nicky is good at video games. Is that true?" I say looking over at Kevin.

"He's the best I've ever seen. Why?" he says giving me the evil eye.

"Well you've now met the best in the world. Here watch." with that I start to control the AI "Ha this is going to be good. Lets make him scared of computers." With that I start to type a message. *Don't turn around. We're right behind you.* "Oh lord I know he is turning around right now." I say laughing. "Should I kill him and then really scare him or should I scare him and let him kill himself." I say looking over my arm at Kevin.

"Scare him." We both say in unison. I start to type more messages for him to see. *NGC**Nickolaus Gene Carter is that you boy.**It's your uncle BO-BO** What am I scaring to yet Nick.**I told you not to turn around didn't I.**I'm coming to get you Nick.**I'm walking up to the front door now.**I'm about to check to see if the door is locked* with that you can hear someone flying down the stairs and running for the front door. "Ya think we scared him?"

"Yes" replied Kevin smiling at me. "Come on lets see how bad off he is." says Kevin standing up and running for the stairs.

"Hey wait up." I yell taking after him. As we get upstairs we see Nick sitting on the floor in front of the door holding his head. All the guys are staring at him. I try my best to not laugh.

"Nick what's wrong man. You look like someone just walked on your grave." Asks AJ kneeling down next to Nick.

"Na I think he was just seeing thinks." Replied Kevin. With that I just break down laugh. Kevin soon follows. All the guys look at us like we are nuts.

"HEY, you did that didn't you." Yells Nick. I just look at him and shake my head yes.

"Did what?" asks Brian look back and forth between Nick and myself.

"Nothing." Replies Nick giving Kevin and myself the evil eye.

"You do know that he will be out gunning for you." Kevin whispers into my ear. I turn my head and face him.

"Let him try." I lean in for a kiss. But he pulls way at the last minute. "Hey that was not nice." I say staring at him.

"I know but we need to get dinner rolling."

"Oh okay lets go guys. Kevin you got the grill started, right?"


"Okay I'll prep the steaks who wants to cook them." I say staring at the guys. "Don't look at me, I only do prep work."

"I'll cook them." Replies Brian.

"Okay and for that what do you want the side to be Bri."

"I don't know, what you got."

"Damn you boys are like the hardest people to feed. What you don't get to pick what you eat while on tour." I say walking into the kitchen.

"Nope, they hire a cater to feed us and all the staff. The foods not that bad, but most of the time we get fast food or what ever is on the bus. We've all learned to cook, cause we all have also learned that we have different tastes." Replies Kevin.

"Really you can all cook. Hmm that's a surprise I had a feeling that only one or 2 of you could cook. Hey then why did you say AJ couldn't cook." I say looking at Howie.

"Oh he can it's just that he leaves a mess that he never cleans. Usually Kevin or myself clean up after he cooks. I'm telling you it gets annoying fast."

"Oh anyway, what do we have. Lets see Mac and Ches…"

"NO!" screams every guy but Brian.

"Damn you don't have to scream my head off you know and WHAT pray tell do you have against Mac and Cheese."

"We have nothing against it persay its just that its like the only thing Brian eats on the bus."

"Okay I can see that's out then, sorry Bri man."

"Its okay."

"What ever I'll fine something for the sides lets get these steaks cooked." I walk over to the counter and finish prepping the meat. "There you go Brian go cook." Well after getting everything set we sat down to a late, late dinner. Almost a midnight snack you could say. "So what do you guys want to do tomorrow."

"Well what do you have to do tomorrow?" asks one of the guys

"Well what's tomorrow?"

"Um Friday. Didn't you say that you had classes Monday thru Friday." Asks Kevin

"Ya I did."

"Then why weren't you in school today or yesterday?" replies Kevin

"Well we had this week off cause they are moving the campus this week. So lucky for me they choose this week to do that." I say wiggling my eye browers.

"No lucky for us." Replies Kevin leaning over and kissing me

"Hey what about us."

"Well I would kiss you but I don't think that he would like me doing that." I say pointing my thumb to Kevin. "But ya I think it was luck or fate that let me meet you 5. I can honestly say that I've had more fun then I've had in sometime. Even if we haven't been able to get to a night club yet. Speaking of night clubs we have quit a few to choose from. What's your poison?"

"What do you mean, what's your poison?" replies Nick

"Well what club do you want to go to?"

"Well if you don't mind I'll stay here. I'm not really all that into Nightclubs." Replies Nick

"Even if its to met fly honeys." I say looking at him.

"Well if your go to put it that way." He replies sitting up in his seat.

"So I'm going to guess you all are going to be on the hunt tomorrow night."

"The hunt?" asks Howie

"Oh my god. Don't tell me I have to school you 5 in the use of slang. Were have you guys been."

"Touring. Hey we're sorry but we don't get to be ourselfs all that much. So we don't get to learn all the new "sayings" ya understand." Replies Howie

"Ya, ya I guess I just forgot who you all were. Well then let me see. We have Nightclubs and we have Dancehalls. Were do you want to go to first."

"Well what's the difference in them?"

"Basiclly a Nightclub is for picking people up, you know one nightstands. While a Dancehall is more for dancing and having fun, if you find someone to go home with then more power to ya. So were do you guys what to go to tonight?" I say looking at them.





"Anywere that you go my dear."

"God Kevin that was to sappy for me. Well it looks like I have to pick were we're going. Well I already got a man. But you all don't so lets go to a nightclub and since you don't know the clubs around here I get to pick HAHA your lose."

"Guys do we really want him to decide where we are going to be going to tonight." Asked Brian.

"Hey that's not right at least wait till I'm out of the room and guess what I'm not leaving now so there." I say sticking my tongue out at him I quickly draw it back when I saw to hands coming for it. "Damn you are grabby aren't cha. Anyway there are a few good clubs around here. However most of them are in DC, now lets see there's 2K9 that's named after the street addy which is 2000 9th street that basiclly plays pop and dance music you won't hear your stuff there. Lets face it they have good taste. Um there's Coco Locos they play salsa and merangay. Capital Gardens plays hip-hop and I guess you can call it dance rap if ya like your ladies with big butts and tight dresses that's your place. Badlands well that a little harder for you 5 to get into cause it's a gay club and I don't think you want to be picked up by men. Those are basiclly the best for everything, there are how ever some others that are a little off the wall. For those clubs you have to be into their seen. Anyway where do you think you will what to go to first."

"Well how about we hit them all but Badlands. If that's okay with you, that is?" replied Brian

"Hey man I'm cool BUT I do need to stop by Badlands for like a half an hour. You'll understand when we get there. Hmm what time is it." I say turning around and looking at the clock in the kitchen. "Its 1:30. Damn it's late. Anyway let me make some calls to the clubs right now. That way you won't have any problems getting in and so that they know to watch out for you okay." I say standing up from the table and cleaning up my plate.

"Ya sure."

"Dopie like I'm going to call now." I say walking over to the phone and start dialing a number that I knew by heart. "Bring your plates in here so I can clean them."

"Don't bother, we got them isn't that right guys." said Kevin

"Sure we got it man, go make your phone calls." Said AJ

"Coolnee then." I walk over to the island that was in the middle of the kitchen and sit down and place my first call. "Ya who's this….hey Andy can I talk to Keith…….hmm he's not there. Okay is Amy…great let me talk to her tell her that its Little Dip…ya she'll know who it is….Thanks" I look up from the phone and see all five of the guys doing something. 'my kingdom for a camera haha.' "Ya hey gurl how you be doing…..really well go on then. When's then wedding and why haven't I been invited hmmm….oh HA you haven't decided. Well damn gurl get on the ball you two have what been engaged for like what five hundred years or sumthang…..ha ha ha bitch, anyhoo I'm calling cause I need some help. Some of my friends are in town and I need to make sure that they don't get bugged tomorrow night while at the club…….their names." I say looking up at the guys. "One sec gurl someones at the door." I press the mute button on the phone. "Hey what do I tell her. Should I tell her to tell the bouncers to just watch for me or tell her that its y'all." I say pointing the phone at them.

"Tell her that its us." Replied Kevin

"K" I take the phone off mute. "Amy gurl you still there….oh it was just Star she needed her purse… she just left anyway gurl the people are the Backstreet Boys." I wripped the phone way from my ear the second I said that cause I knew she was going to yell. "Gurl chill ya think that after dealing with as many singers as you have you would have gotten used to seeing famous people….what oh my god no you didn't just say that…I'm going to tell them." With that they turned around and looked at me. "Yes they are right here. Matter of fact they are doing my dirty dishes….oh yes they are here you want to talk to one of them. I'll let you talk to AJ, after all I know you want to fuck him……oh yes I did." I remove the phone from my ear and hand it to AJ. "Here man she wants you." I say winking at him. He takes the phone and places it to his ear.

"Um hello….Yes this is AJ." As soon as he says that you can hear screaming on the other end on the phone. "Man I think you can have the phone back." He says laughing and handing it back to me.

"Yellow….gurlie chill…okay, okay, OKAY BREATH DAMN IT. Ya think the girl never talked to people before." I say rolling my eyes at the guys. "Anyway Amy hello head case…okay good have my table ready and don't tell anyone that they are going to be there okay….Ya thanks….Ya I'm going to try and be there……Yes if I can, I'm going to….Okay gurl good bye." I say hanging up the phone. "Damn she always does that and ya think after having dinner with Will Smith she would have like chilled out or something."

"She had dinner with Will Smith, how she get that date?" asked Howie

"She worked of Planet Hollywood in DC. She was the asst. manager of that location." I say picking up the phone and calling the next club. "Matter of fact she has had dinner with a lot of the owners of PH." I say looking up at the guys. "Yes you can help me I need to talk to Sandy…Thanks."

"Man who all are you calling." Asks AJ putting the last dish away in the cupboard.

"The managers of some of the night clubs we are going to. Now quiet Coco is a loud clubs and Sandy's office is right next to the DJ booth. Hey Sandy my girl. How's life and the men….really that so…..okay, okay you got me this isn't a social call I need my table set up for tomorrow night…..I have no idea when I'll be coming in… girl thanks….what no about 7 to 10 people I'm guessing…..ya I guess you could say I have some friends staying with me…okay see you tomorrow night bye." I hang up the phone. "Well that was easy. I'll let Star call the Badlands tomorrow. I don't want to deal with Travis tonight. So what do you all want to do now?" I say looking at the guys.

"Sleep" came from Brian, Howie, and AJ

"Okay well that tells us were they want to go. Nick how about you?" I say turning to look at him. "Um were did Nick go?" I say turning to look at the guys again.

"Knowing him he'll be upstairs playing on the computers." Replied Kevin rolling his eyes.

"Well then how about we all head to bed and let little Nicky play his games." I say reaching for Kevin's hand.

"Sure but can we get our clothes first." Replies AJ

"Clothes? Oh you mean the ones from down stairs. Um sure but there's one think I should have told you all before. My mother made me most of the clothes that were in the movie Hackers so if you have a shirt or something that was from the movie. It goes back into my closet okay."

"Ya sure what ever." Replies AJ

"Cool then lets go." I say walking towards the stairs down to my room.

"Shouldn't someone get Nick?" asked Howie.

"Ya Kevin you want to get him." I say looking at him and winking.

"Ya I'll get him." He say walking down the stairs before me. As we get down stairs Kevin walks over to my computer and starts the program I was running. I walk up behind him.

"You're a fast learning." I say watching what he does.

"Well I do like computers just don't tell the guys. They would want me to help them more when theirs break down. Sorry no sometimes they need to do their own work, ya know." he says turning his head up towards me. "Anyway he said he'd be right down. Come on lets go and get me some new clothes." He says standing and walking over to the closet.

"Yes sir." I say laughing as he pulls me with him.

To Be Continoued

Ya, Ya I know this chapter was lacking. Hey what can I say I'm working on my book and I don't have enough time to work on this story, I'm sorry. But hey I'm not going to stop the story just because I'm stressed. I'm really having fun working on it and I get to try ideas out in it that I can use in my books. Anyway I have a new laptop, its not as nice as my last but I can't seem to get my hands on duplicate of my last laptop so I'm stuck at least for a while with this one.