Games the boys play
Chapter 1
By Dai

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Okay, first things first. This story is a complete work of fiction, and is not meant to imply anything about anyone. While some of the characters may be loosely based on real life people that I know, none are meant to actually represent anyone, particularly any of the members of the Backstreet Boys.

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Chapter 7 of Games the boys play

"OH SHIT I FORGOT FUCK, FUCK, FUCK" I scream stopping short and run over to the phone and calling someone. "Marcel...Go get him then...Yeah its it still going on...great I'll be right over...I know, I know I had a show today and my mind has been on that all day. Along with some other stuff...okay peace I'll see you in like 30..... okay....... OKAY..... bye." I say hanging up the phone. Upon turning around all the guy are looking at me. "What do I have something in my teeth." I say turning to the mirror next to the phone to check.

"What was that about and where are you going." Demanded Kevin.

"Well that was my friend Marcel. He was throwing this party that I was going to help with. But because of the show today and everything that has happened over the last 24 hours, I totally forgot all about it. So I have to get over there like now before he gets really, really mad that i let him down. So who's up to going to a party?" I say clasping my hands together and rubbing them. Very shortly after there are five hands in the air. "Great go get changed and I'll meet you all up stairs." I say walking into my closet and looking at clothes.

"Dave can we wear some of your clothes." asks Kevin from the doorway. "We really didn't bring any clothes to go out to a private party." I walk up to him and grab his hand.

"Well I don't know about you and Nick but ya the others can pick something out. Come on Nick lets get you and Kevy dressed up and all purdy." I say dragging Kevin into the clothes racks. "If you don't mind I'm also going to be looking for myself."

"Na we don't mind and thanks for helping us." Replies Nick

"Hey no prob bob. I like to dress up and tonight I'm going to get some much needed fun." With that I start to take clothes off the racks and hold them up against Kevin and Nick. What we finally decide on for Kevin was a one-piece black and yellow skintight body suit with a red dragon snaking its way down the backside of the suit. Even with Kevin protesting every five seconds saying it wasn't him, I still got him to wear it. As for Nick I got him some of my hugely baggy black jeans. I mean these things are big. At one point Nick had both his legs in one of the legs of the jeans and he could almost walk normally. For a shirt I had him wear this gray purple acetate/spandex shirt with a metallic silver zipper front long sleeve shirt over it. I told him to leave the shirt open it looked better.

"Even though I love you and you have great fashion sense, you really didn't pick out the right out fit for me, why couldn't I get something like Nicks." Replies Kevin staring at himself in a mirror.

"Believe me yes I did" with that I walk up and paw his ass. "Besides I like it and that's all that matters right." I say spinning him around and staring at him.

"Yes, you're all that matters. But um what am I going to do for shoes." He says looking his feet.

"Well your going to have to go into the bathroom take off the suit and put these on." I held up two pairs of steel toe slippers. "Try them on, one of them has to fit. Then put the suit back on."

"Why do these have steel toes." He replies trying to bend the slippers.

"Why, because they are what you wear with this out-fit when you go out night clubbing. Other wise people would be crushing your toes all night from stepping on them. Just go and try them on. I still have to get dressed." I say pushing him towards the door.

"Okay I'm going already." With that he walks out of the room.

"Now I need to get something on." I start to look through all my clothes. I can't decide what to wear. I want to wear something really nice, sexy, and form fitting yet baggy. As I walk through the racks I stop short. "How the hell did this thing get in here." I take a dress off of one of my racks and move it to the other side of my moms working room. As it was I finally decided on a pair of my purple baggy pants, but unlike the pair that Nick was wearing mine had paintings on both legs and front and back of them. They were some of my favorite jeans. I also pull on a two sizes too small purple short sleeve shirt that matched the jeans color perfectly. The shirt also had a painted seen on it. I decided on some purple boots. The last pieces to the outfit were a matching purple snow cap and jean bracelets for both arms. Deciding that I was ready to have some much-needed fun, all that was left to complete my outfit was a belt. I finally choose a dark purple belt that matched the color of everything else perfectly. "Hmm this doesn't look that bad. A full purple outfit usually looks boring or even ugly, but some how this one works. Well now that I look like a giant purple club skating raisin I think I'm ready to go." With that I walk out of the door and head up the steps. When I get to the top of the stairs I see all the guys ready and waiting. "So are you ready guys." I say walking over to them. They turn their heads to look at my face and stop, they start to move there faces down and then up my body looking at what I have on. When they stop I do a quick spin and look at them. "If you like what you see, take a picture it will last longer and you can take it with you to if you want." I say smiling sweetly at them.

"No, it's just that you're wearing a purple outfit. Hell all the purple is the same freaking color, man its unreal. Damn Kev I think you got yourself one freak of nature." Replies AJ rubbing his eyes.

"Man you out did AJ. Damn bro he out did you oh shit this is funny." Replies Nick elbowing AJ in the ribs and laughing in his face.

"Well if I had all the clothes that this boy had I could out do anyone." States AJ giving Nick the evil eye.

"Oh AJ you want help dressing yourself. Come on I'll help you." I say sticking my hand in his face for him to take.

"Man don't do it, look what he did to me." Replies Kevin point to himself.

"Well I had you wear that outfit cause I want you to look hot and lets face is it, it does make you look hot. It shows off your muscles and your legs, your arms and your ass." I say smiling as AJ takes my hand and we start walking back to the stairs.

"And my package." Screams Kevin as I start to walk downstairs.

"I know that's why I wanted you to wear it." I reply to him with a wink and then descended down the stairs.

"Man you know that was harsh. He is going to be sporting wood all night now. What will people say?" asks AJ

"Man you have nothing to be worried about tonight. I know almost everyone who is going to be there tonight. And I'm telling you no one at this party will even know who you are. Your music is boring to them. They like the night club shit, you know like Larger Then Life, only ten times faster man and more bass." I say walking into the workroom. "So what do you want to wear?"

"Well Nick said that you out did me. Is there anyway that I can out do you?"

"Well let me use the bathroom first and then you tell me. I'll be right back." I run to the bathroom. As I get back there are cloths all over the place. "Damn man you know your going to put these back then your done, don't you." I say point to the cloths on the floor.

"Ya sure I'll pu..." stops AJ as he looks into my eyes. "Mans what's the matter your eyes they don't look right." Replies AJ walking up to me.

"Really they feel fine to me." I say blinking at him

"No something's not right with them. Come here." With that he pulls me into the hallway and looks into my eyes in the light of the hallway. "Oh shit their purple. You bitch you put purple contacts in. Well fuck there is no way that I'm going to look weirder then you now." He says sitting on the stairs and placing his head in his hands.

"Oh you'll look weird if you want it. Come on I have a mission and I choose to accept it, come on."

"Man you do know you're a dork right don't you."

"Who me a dork never, never I say never." I say as we both laughing. "Come on I have the ideal outfit for you man." With that I take him over to my hat rack first.

"What are we doing over here?"

"Well we're dressing you up as a pimp."

"Wha, for real." Replies AJ all eyes bugging and shit.

"Yeah we are, come on, pick the pimp hat you like and I know what outfit to go from there with." He pits a bright yellow pimp hat with a neon green leopards fur inside and a green spotted feather sticking out of it. "How did I know you were going to pick that hat, come on that suit is over here, i think." I say walking farther into the racks. "I'll help you get the suit on, have you ever worn a Zout suit before?"

"Nope never."

"Well then I really should help you get into it then." It takes us about 20 minutes to get him into the suit but it looks really good on him. Almost like he was poured into it. "Man you look hot in that. It was made for you. Damn boy I think I have to give out one of my suits fuck. Well shit here put this on and lets get your cuff links and watch" I say handing him the matching cape with matching leopard fur on the inside "oh I also have to find the hanker chuff and shoes for that suit. Come on all that stuff I have over here." With that we walk back to the hat rack. "Here put the cuff links on. Do you know how to wear this type of watch." With that I pull out a yellow pocket watch.

"Um well yes normal but not in this suit I don't." I show him how to wear it right.

"And then the finally touch is the hankerchuff and shoes. Which I have no idea were the hankerchuff is." I say starting the throw hankerchuffs this way and way. "Fuck were is it, fuck-it just put this one in your breast pocket." I say handing him a plan neon green one. "Well now the shoes come on lets get them." I say walking back to the shoes. "Um how tall do you want to be?"

"I would love to be like 6'4", why you asking?" he says looking at me.

"How tall are you?"


"Here put these on then." I hand him a set of boots like the ones I was wearing but only taller and yellow.

"So how do I look?" he says spinning around.

"Tall but great."

"Well fuck I don't have nose bleed so its all good, on come on lets go. Fuck what about this mess?" he says pointing to all the cloths on the floor.

"Don't worry about it we'll handle it tomorrow when we all get up." I reply walking out the door and up the stairs. As I get to the top of the stairs I can hear the guys talking about me.

"You know they've been down there really long." States Howie

"Ya I know, hey guys what do you honestly think about David?" asks Kevin

"I like him, he's a cool guys in my book. But Bri man you have to come up and play some games with me tomorrow those systems upstairs rock." States Nick trying to change the subject.

"I like him Kev don't get me wrong and I know I set you guys up but come on you two took a shower this morning together and Nick chill will ya. Don't you think of anything besides video games?"

"Ya I do girls, video games, singing, video games, playing jokes on you guys, video games, family, video games, you four guys, video games, looking for a girl that I'll feel wants me for me and not my celebrity status, and oh did I forget to mention video games."

"Oh lord"

"Hey what cha doing" whispers AJ walking up beside me.

"Ah well...well I didn't know what you guys honestly though of me so I'm listening in on what those four were talking about." I say sitting on the stairs

"Man you know I think you're the greatest invention since butter right. After all you can dress half decently, your fashion sense is almost as good as mine." He replies smiling sweetly

"Oh thanks I'll remember that." I say rolling my eyes and looking at the wall.

"Man really I think you great. You treat us normally and that's something that we don't get from many people. I'm glad that I met you. But that's not what's making you down now is it?" he says sitting next to me.

"No not in the slightest." I say leaning on the wall.

"Then waz up?"

"*huff* AJ man, I don't know. I think it's I just don't know how to act around you guys, your all great and I like hanging with you five. But come on I can't get past the fact of who you are. I don't know maybe its just me but sometimes...I just don't know."

"You're scared to act like yourself cause you thing that we'll run or something."

"Ya that's it a little bit. I just don't know like I said. I think some of it is this thing with Kevin I have really strong emotions for him and I'm so young and I've never felt like this for anyone never and I've never before openly showed this side of me that likes men. But I also know that I have these very strong, very intense, very real feelings for him grrrrrr, AJ what do I do?" I say turning my face to him.

"Boy don't ask me we're like almost the same age I'm guessing, but from were I sit I see a lot of and's in what you just told me. So work on one of those and's at a time. Anway how old are you.


"Really when's your birthday?"

"February 13."

"YES some one that is younger then me."

"Don't remind me. I don't want to get older I'm perfectly fine not aging one more day from here on out."

"Well youngen let me let you in on a little secret of life. Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what your gonna get."

"Gee Forest ya think." I reply in a hick voice

"Come on dork we have to go." He replies standing up.

"Ya sure call me the dork when you're the one quoting Forest Gump hmm is it me or do I see a small problem with this."

"Na its you."




"Puhhssssss think nothing of it, you had doubts about how to act around us and hopefully you're over them now."

"I hope so too man but I think its going to take some time, but hey I'm not going to stop treating you guys like normal people. Cause lets face it the only difference between you five smucks and me, is that you can sing really good and you have out to many damn cds."

"What we look better and can dance too you know."

"Wait till you see me dance and then tell me who's better. As for the cutness factor I only think Kevin is cute, sorry." I say smiling at him

"What ever, anyway lets go. Oh and one more thing."


"This." he walks up and hugs me. "You looked like you could use a hug." He replies pulling away from me.

"Yeah I needed one but no offence I'd rather have one from Kevin."

"No offence taken. Come one lets get you two back together." As we turn our attention back to the world around us we see the guys standing at the top of the stairs. "Oh hey guys what's going on?"

"We don't know, why don't you tell us." Replies Kevin giving AJ the evil eye.

"Kevin chill he was helping me. I over heard you guys talking about me and I eves dropped on the conversation and I'm sorry about that. Well AJ came up behind me and we were talking some about how I was feeling towards you. He saw that I still looked down so he gave me a hug. That's it nothing else." I reply looking him in the eyes. When he hears me give my reason why we were hugging his expression softens.

"I believe you."

"Damn I wasn't expecting that." Replies Brian looking back and forth from Kevin to myself.

"Well we over heard everything that they were talking about so why should I be angry, he told me the truth." Replies Kevin sticking out his hand out to me as I take it. "So what cars are we taking to get there."

"Well we have a van that we use for moving clothes back and forth between shows and stuff, we can take that, the seats haven't been taken out yet so we all can sit in there."

"Sure let's go."

~~~~~~~~~~AT THE PARTY~~~~~~~~~~

"Okay guys don't be surprised if no one recognizes you. This really isn't your type of crowd. Well let me rethink that one. In a way it is but they wouldn't go like crazy over you or anything." I say as we get to the front door. "So you ready to be yourselves?"

"As ready as we'll ever be man, knock on the door." Replies Howie

"No need." I say as I walk in. The party wasn't much, just a loud blast of the normal group of party goers. My friends were some of them. Everyone was laugh, dance, smashed, and or getting high off of something or other. After all when the parents are away, the children tend to play. "MARCEL I'M HERE." I say yelling out loud

"Davy is that you?" asks a slim yet beautiful woman screaming at me.

"Four oh my god girl were have you been?" I say running up to her grabbing her around the waste and lifting her into the air above my head.

"You know me I've been around."

"Ya the block and then some, but really were have you been and why haven't you called me."

"Well first were are your manners little boy who are your friends over there. Um Davy isn't that the suit that you begged your mother Mathew to make you. Why is he wearing it?" she says pointing to AJ. "And who is this thing in the Spandex body suit. Damn boy you do have a healthy sized basket don't you." She says sizing the guy up with her hands and making Kevin blush.

"Melissa Gene Prose don't you dare. Zip your trap you tramp and remove your fingers before I cut the little things off okay."

"You've been hanging out with Star again haven't you."

"As a matter of fact yes I have why you want to make something of it."

"Boy please you know I can snap you like a twig."

"What ever just go back to the party."

"Fine, I think I will, but I'm going to take this one with me." She replies as she grabs Nick by the hand.

"Have fun you two and um Four don't hurt much." I say as they start walking away. "Well he is going to have fun, now isn't he." I say smiling at the guys.

"Who was that Davy and um Davy why are all your friends so weird." Replies Kevin batting his eye lashes at me.

"Oh no don't you start with that too." I say rolling my eyes at him. "Well Kevy that was Four. As for weird I don't think they be weird, me thinks you just been around abnormal people all your life."

"Abnormal I think the guys are normal." He replies smiling at me, "and um I think I got her name, why is she called Four?"

"Well she used to be the perfect size 4 but she however looks now to be the perfect size five. Well she's one of the girls that my mother found and turning her into a professional model. She used to only do our shows, and um guys watch Nick with her. Or she's going to have her way with him, and I do mean in a way that he'll like. In other words she's a freak with a capital F R E A K. Well now that I think about it he might like it. Anyway come on Kevin you me dance floor now."

"But won't people look at us?"

"In this place please no one here would care and anyway I never said that we were going to be dancing together just close to each other." I say walking into what used to be a living room

"So guys what should we do first." Asks Brian

"I'm with those two I say we should hit the dance floor." replies AJ walking towards the ex-living room.

"I'm with him Brian have you seen some of these girls my god there be hotties in here tonight." Replies Howie staring at some girls walking by.

"Go on man I'm going to just chill some were for awhile."

"Okay man have fun." Replies Howie not even hearing what Brian just said

~~~~~~~~~~DANCE FLOOR~~~~~~~~~~

"Hun your right no one here knows us and if they do they not saying a thing about it."

"Told you babes, they aren't your type of fans. Ya they might have your CDs but they don't care who you are they just want to have fun." I yell to Kevin over the dance music. "Come on lets go find Marcel."

"Okay" we start to walk towards the back of the house. As we walk down the hallway we see AJ talking to two girls.

"Ladies how are you doing tonight. I hope my friend here isn't being to much trouble for you." I say placing my arm around AJ's shoulder

"No Dai he's just fine." One of the girls says looking Kevin up and down.

"Lay off little miss he's not in your class. J man can I talk to you for a sec." I say turning around and walking back down the hallway.

"Sure man, ladies one second." He replies following me. "So what's that matter."

"Man don't do shit with them okay. I don't know them but I know there types."

"If you don't know them then how did they know your name?"

"A little history on me. In DC I'm known as club prince."

"Club prince?" replies Kevin looking at me.

"Yes, okay you know how if you tried you could get into any club you wanted to. Well in DC I can get into them all. Even ones that don't play my type of music, that's how well I'm known in DC with the club people. Most of the time I don't pay for drinks or anything." I say looking back and forth between them.

"Oh well then you don't think I should try anything with them, but um why?"

"They might have something or they might be trophie hunters."

"Huh?" replies AJ

"Oh my god don't tell me you don't know what that is?" I say looking at him

"He knows we just don't call them that. Bone they groupies that wouldn't mind sleeping with you."

"OH. Thanks man, that's could have destroyed us." He replies

"Don't worry about it, not go and have fun, just watch who you talk to. If you're not sure bring them to see me."

"Cool thanks." He replies walking off towards them.

Well now that we got that handled and um thanks, WHAT did you mean by that statement he's not in your class?"

"Well you're not their class you're higher. Your in a class that is just you and me. Besides like I said they're just your run of the mill party rats trohie bitches."

"Oh, so why is it okay that he gets to sleep with someone and I don't?"

"OH a loaded question huh. First off, Kevin think about it. They are healthy young men and as every healthy young man they want to fuck or if they haven't they at least what to try it. So if they are going to do it I'd rather they do it with someone that I know is safe. As for why they can and you can't, that's simple I'm the only guy you're going to sleep with and I want to go slow, even if you don't. And Kevin I know, I have only known you all for what like 2 days but I already think of all the guys as the brothers I never had."

"And how do you think about me."

"Oh you're the sexy man I always wanted.'" I say whispering into his ear. "Now come on we can talk about this later at home, we've already looked up here for Marcel he must be down stairs in the basement." As we start down the stairs to the basement we hear a fight starting on the first level. "Oh man, I hope that none of the guys are in that." I say taking off back up the stairs. As we get to the living room we see four guys fighting on the floor "Kevin I don't see the guys." I say looking around the room.

"There's Howie and AJ. I don't see Nick or Brian." He replies scanning the room.

"Wait that's a piece of one of my shirts. Fuck Brian's in there." I say diving into the middle of the fight. "Oh no you princess's don't." I say ripping one of the guys off Brian and I throw him to the floor. As I go after another one of the guys the one I took off Brian jumps on my back.

"OH HELL NA GET YOUR TIRED SWAY BACK ASS OFF MY BOY YOU WANNA BE PIMP." Screams Star as she walks into the room and punches the guy in the face, she sends him flying back into a wall.

"Thanks girl now help me get Brian out of here." I say grabbing onto one of the other guys. The guy that Star decided on taking on she kicks in between his legs and he rolls off Brian and crawls away. Marcel comes out of no were grabs the guy, that I'm fighting with and throws him against a walk.

"Man why didn't you tell me you were going to get into a fight tonight. You know I would have had your back." He says letting the guy that he slammed up against the wall slide down it. "SORRY PEEPS BUT THE PARTY IS NOW OFFICALLY OVER." All over the room you can here people screaming no or sighing.

"You don't have to do that. We were going to leave anyway."

"Na don't even someone takes on one of my friends at one of my own parties that party is over with then."

"Dude they weren't fighting me they jumped one of my boys. Speaking of which can we get some help with him." I say pointing to the guy that Star was holding.

"Ya sure what else is a nurse for." He says sitting down next to Star. He lays Brain down on the floor and starts to check him over. "Dave go to the bathroom and get the first aid kit. Star can you go get the painkillers in the kitchen, they're in the cabinet over the stove."

"I'm on the case." She says running off to the kitchen.

"So do you know what happened." He replies still checking Brian out.

"Not a clue man. Me and this guy," I say patting Kevin's shoulder, "were going to go down stairs and look for you. Half way down the stairs we hear the fight and came back up to see if any of the guys were in it, when I saw that Brian was in it. Brian's the one on the floor that you're helping by the way. I just started to pull the guys off of him. Then that guy jumped me and Star done KOed him in one hit. She then got the other guy off Brian and I was fighting the guy that you slammed up against the wall. That's all I know." I say walking out of the room towards the bathroom.

"Did any of you guys see what happened in here." Replies Marcel looking up at the guys worried faces.

"Na we just got in here when the fighting broke out. We didn't even know that Brian was in the middle of the fight." Replies Howie, just then Star walks back into the room.

"Star can you wake that guy up over there." He says pointing to the guy she knocked out.

"Sure but how."

"Does it look like I care. He was one the ass in this fight, in my house I could care less what you do with him. I just want to know how this shit started."

"Marcel this was the only thing in the bathroom." I say handing him what was left in the first aid kit.

"Fuck, do you know if he was drinking tonight." He says looking at us.

"Brian drink HA are you nuts maybe a beer once a blue moon but that's it." says Nick walking into the room. His hair was messed up really badly and his jeans were clearly on backwards.

"Well it looks like someone had fun tonight. Who was she man." Says AJ walking up to him and sniffing him

"Who was who." Replies Nick smiling at me.

"Oh My God no fucking way. Little Nicky got it on and with that girl that pulled you away from us. How was she man." Screams Howie

"Well I can't say that anything on that boy is little. But I can tell you he has some raw talent." Replies Four walking into the room and sitting down on the couch.

"Girl you didn't, did you?" I say staring at her.

"Yes we did and we were safe, besides I'm clean, and I know for a fact that he was to. That was your first time wasn't it sexy." She winks at Nick, who was blushing at her.

"Well as long as you're clean and were safe then I guess that there is nothing to be worried about. Come on Kevin I think you need to sit down." I say walking him over to one of the chairs in the room.

"David what just happened here. Is Brian going to be alright." He says pleading with me.

"Yes he is Kevin. Nothing is broken, there is going to be some swelling and bruising but in a week most of it should be gone. He is how ever going to sleep until late tomorrow night if the pill that I gave him does its job right." Replies Marcel for me

"What pill?" I ask him.

"I gave him some of the hard drugs that I gave you that time that you snapped your back and had to go the emergency room."

"Damn he'll be out till Monday. Why'd you give him that shit." I say sitting next to Kevin and slowly rock him back and forth.

"He doesn't what to feel this pain when he wakes up in the morning man. Let his body heal itself some first. I still want to know why this happened here. You guys might want to call management and tell them that Brian got hurt. I hope his heart is okay." Replies Marcel shaking his head.

"You know who we are!" asks a shocked Howie

"Man I have two count them two, teenage sisters. Did you naturally think I'm not going to know who you five are, no sorry if it wasn't for my sisters I won't have noticed you. Anyway it took me a few minutes to figure it out." Replies Marcel standing up, walking over to me and pulling me out of the room a little ruffly. "They just have a high opinion of themselves don't they."

"Man leave them alone okay. One of their best friends just got hurt and here you are bad mouthing them."

"Well sorry man but I don't want those fags in my house." He replies pointing out to the living room. I just stare in shock at him.

"Then I guess I'll wait outside for you then, cause their not fags." I say as I start to walk off towards the front door.

"Wait why?"

"Well you don't want fags in your house so I just naturally assumed that included all fags." I say turning my back to him and started walking again.

"Wait your no faggot."

"Are you so sure. Last time I checked I was. Oops your right I'm not just a fag, I'm bisexual." I storm out of the kitchen, then I storm back into it. "And another thing you king size prick, none of those guys are gay OR bisexual. I met them yesterday at my new job they needed a place to stay and we had all that room so I said they could stay there. AND no I don't like any of them, they just be friends." Turing around I walk out of the kitchen.

"Guys I'm going to be out in the van if you need me I'll be out there." I start out the door as Marcel comes running into the living room.

"D wait up."

"What you need man." Replies Howie

"Not you him." Replies Marcel walking up to me.

"What, you want to kick me out yourself. Sorry but no thanks I'll be outside." I reply walking out the door and slamming it behind me.

"What happened in there Marcel?" asks Star.

"Oh nothing but me opening my big fat mouth and destroying a friendship cause of my foolishness." He says turning around and falling against the wall next to the front door.

"Well I already knew that. We heard the whole conversation, man you were a fool but David was just as much a fool and an ass. I'll talk to him and see if I can get him to call you." Replies Star walking up to Marcel and looking down at him.

"Should someone go check on him." Replies Four.

"Ya I'll do it." replies Kevin standing up and running out of the front door.

"Is he going to be able to handle Davy if he's mad." Asks Four.

"Fuck I'll talk to Dave. Just what we need is a second boy band member being out cold." Replies Marcel standing up.

"Marcel sit I know Kevin, I think he can handle Dai better then any of use." Replies Star winking at AJ.


"David are you out here." Whispers Kevin

"Ya Kev I'm over here." I reply from were I'm sitting on the ground

"Are you okay hon." Asks Kevin sitting down next to me.

"No, damn it. I wasn't expecting that to hurt this much."

"He came into the living room and talked to us. We heard when you two were fighting over us. Why did you telling him none of us were gay."

"Kevin you really think I want that asshole to know that you're bi, I don't think so. I also don't want anything bad happening to you guys. That's why I said it."

"Aww you didn't need to cover for us."

"I didn't I covered for me. I didn't want him to find out and then go and tell someone and then your management finding out and calling you guys back to where ever you all came from. I'd go insane if you left me."

"Wooo, wooo, wooo that's a little complicated don't cha ya think."

"Sorry I tend to think up complicated setuations when things don't work out the way I want them to. You know, think of the worst thing and try to keep that from happening."

"That was the worst you could think of."

"Anything with out you is the worst I can think of."

"Okay that was to corny of words."

"But it's true...Kevin before I met you I didn't know I wanted a relationship, I just wanted sex. But with you its like, its like, its like...its like there's no word to describe it but perfect. My love for you is just perfect and even when I was up on that stage tonight I wanted to cry cause you weren't up there with me. God if this is what love feels like I never want to lose you Kevin. You're my perfect dream and even though we hardly know each other I don't care I feel like I know you better then I know myself. Can you understand that?" I say cocking my head to look at him.

"Yes...yes I think I can. You feel like when I'm not in the room with you, you can't breath and you just want to hold your breath till I step foot back into the room. So that when you see me it's like you're breathing me in. Yes David I can understand that, cause I feel the same way about you."

"Well fucking finally." We both turn our heads up to the voice. "Well shit we never though you two would ever say what your real feelings were for one another." Smiles Nick carrying Brian to the can.

"What are you talking about. We have been talking ever sense we met yesterday."

"But have you really sat down and had a heart to heart." Replies Howie helping Nick and AJ carry Brian towards the van.

"What? You mean...those two are!" replies Four moving her pointer finger back and forth between Kevin and myself, "OH MY GOD DAVY I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU." Screams Four running up to me and jumping on me.

"Thanks girl but quiet, not so loud remember Kevin is straight okay." I say placing a finger over her mouth.

"Ya sure so come on lets go, Star told us that your mother is going to stay in DC this week." Replies Four

"Really Star, why is she staying there." I say sounding a little shocked.

"Well from what I can gather. Those people want her to redesign the wedding dress and bridesmaids gowns."


"You heard me."

"What the fuck. She spent over 2 months designing the brides maid gowns alone and I don't even want to thing how much time she put into the wedding gown. Who the hell do they think they are?"

"Some of the richest people in Europe, now white boys are you going to stay down there like bumps on logs or are we going home I need my beauty sleep." Replies Star walking over to her car.

"So um Star how long are you going to sleep for this time 10 years?" She just sticks her arm up over her head and flicks me off. "Well damn she's no fun tonight. Lets go guys Four do you need a ride home?"

"Well in away yes, I'm going with you guys back to your place man." She replies. Kevin looks at Nick when she says that and I look at Kevin just waiting for him to go off.

"And why is that?" asked Kevin

"I think I know Kev. That's cool girl, get in the van everyone. Kev can you sit with Brian in the back seat."

"Well I would rather be sitting with you in the front but I think that I should sit with him."

"Well let's get home y'all it's been a long night."

"Um Dai don't you mean day."


"Look the Sun is coming up over the trees." Points AJ to the trees across the street.

"Well looky there your right man lets get home." I start up the van and pull out of the driveway.

~~~~~~~~~~BACK AT THE HOUSE~~~~~~~~~~

I pull into the garage and turn the van off. No one gets out of the van. "Are you all as tired as I am." I get yes's from the people that were still awake. "Well come on peeps we needs to be getting into the house." I say getting out of the van and going over to the passenger side to help Kevin carry Brian into the house.

"So were do we put him?"

"I'm thinking putting him down stairs in my room and we can sleep on the floor that way if he wakes up in the night, someone will be there for him." I say lifting Brian over my shoulder.

'Thanks." Replies Kevin

"For what?" I say looking at him.

"For just being yourself and loving the five of us like family." Replies Kevin

"Oh you mean this. I've done this for my friends before and Brian is no different. In fact he's more so my friend then most, he's more like the brother that I always wanted. He came to me and told me that his cousin might have had the hoots for me."

"He was right about that. But I don't want him to be your brother just your friend."

"Ya he was and why on earth do you only want him to be a friend."

"Cause then that would mean that I'm dating my cousin." He says smiling at me.

"I didn't know you where from West Virginia." I say cucling, "Come on we need to get these other bums in the house before they hurt themselves trying to get in themselves."

"So what do you know about Four. Can we be yourselves?"

"Ya she's cool. Besides she's a model and bi, don't tell Nick he might want to have a three-way and I know she'd say yes."

"Is she safe?"

"Meaning what?"


"Oh ya she's safe. Knowing her she has a STD test once a mouth, even if she hasn't had sex in months. Nick must have open something inside of her, cause tonight she was just glowing."

"So you trust her."

"With my life, now why are you asking me all these questions?"

"I just want to know about her and if I can be myself with her around."

"And why do you want to be yourself around her while she's around you?"

"This is why." He replies leaning his body into mine and pushes me into the wall. Just as he goes to kiss me Brian's head hits the wall. We start to laugh.

"Guys get a room and thank god Brian is on those pain killers." Says AJ walking by shaking his head.

"Well shit, here's to a night very fucked up if I do say so myself and I do say so myself." I say lifting Brian up a little so I can get a better hold on him. "Come on lets get to bed." I say holding my hand out to Kevin.

"Okay." We head for the basement and our first night with each other being truly happy. As we reach the bed I place Brian down on it and start to take his shoes off. "Um you want to get his pants and shirt while I get something for put him in so he won't be cold." I say walking over to my CDs looking for a song that's been on my mind all night. As I turn on the CD the sounds of tech-no blast out of the speakers.

"Don't you think it's a little late for this type of music." Replies Kevin look at me.

As the lyrics start I lip sync to the erotic voice coming out of the speakers. "Sit back...relax...enjoy the ride...sit back...relax...enjoy the ride, color boys in the back, putting the gas in my tank, I'll just give you my leather, in which position you rank, my car is fast and its big that's why I left it untamed as the beast it is, you know what's best, covers the men, know what's loud, concentrating, liberating escape, weeellllll, sex drive, sex drive, sex drive, take a ride in my car, sex drive, intise your friends, sex drive, take a ride in my car " as I'm sing I start to shake my hips for the left to right and spin my hand over my head. I start to spin around but I lose balance and fall to the floor laughing. Kevin runs over to the play and turns the CD off, he then comes over to me to see if I'm okay. "Oh why'd you have to turn the music off Kevy." I say looking up at him

"What is up with you, are you on drugs."

"WHAT? No I'm not on drugs, I don't need them I'm hyper enough with out them." I say standing up and walking away from him

"When why did you just put that on and start to shake your hips like that."

"I was bored and I though you might like it, after all its not every day that a guy is willing to dance for you right." I say looking at him, but getting no answer. "RIGHT."

"Oh ya right. Sorry I was just thinking about what you were doing. You are spontaneous aren't you?"

"I try to be. But most of the time people can't or don't want to handle me. Tell me Kevin do you want to handle me?" I say falling down on the rug again. "I guess I'm still a little loopy no." I reply laying down on the floor. "Tell me Kevin, haven't you ever done anything just to do it."


"What. You don't go to the mall just to window shop, or the theater to just sit in a boring ass movie just so you can say you saw it and then tell the world how much it sucked."

"Were do I get the time." He says sitting next to me.

"Well that's going to change this week. When I get off from school we are going to go out and have fun even if it kills me." I say kissing his forehead and then standing up. "Ups a daisy. You too come on." I stick my hand in front of his face.

"Na just get me a pillow and a blanket and I'm cool."

"What you're going to sleep in that thing."

"To tell the truth I like it. These shoes how ever have to go."

"Well come on I have more comfy stuff that you can wear." Helping Kevin up, we go once again into the workroom to get changed. "Beside you need to put Brian in something a little warmer." I say looking at him.

"Na let him freeze he deserves it. You know we're in this room way to much." He replies looking around the room

"I'm always in this room way to much. In one day I might wear four to five different outfits. Come on I got something to put Brian in." Kevin just strips to his boxers and buts a tshirt on, while I change into some pants sweat and a muscle t. Walking back into the room Kevin goes to dresses Brian and I go upstairs to check on the guys, Four, and to get some blankets for us.

"Hey Dai what's up man."

"Nothing much AJ, is there anything you guys need?"

"Nothing that I know. Nick is asleep with Four. Honestly man I've never seen Nick give up video games over something else. I like her already." He says smiling


"Ya man, anyway Howie is out like a light he came right upstairs and went to sleep. I'm turning in now I wanted to check on everyone before I crashed. Can you do something for me?"

"Sure man what."

"Tell that to Kevin, that I did something mature."

"Man he knows your mature don't worry about it."

"It's just the way he treats me and Nick, it gets to me sometimes."

"Well dude look at it from his point of view, in a way he sees you four guys as the younger brothers he never got to have and you and Nick are the youngest right? So he's trying to teach you how to be men and not be fools. And AJ I'm sorry but you have a lot of growing to do, but on the same note so do I, Kevin and Howie are the oldest members of the group. Does Howie treat you the same way?"

"No he treats me like I know what I'm doing like I'm an adult."

"Well then the only thing I can tell you to do is to talk to Kevin. You and Nick both, however you think about talking to him now and I will kill you. I want my sleep and I want to sleep with Kevin next to me. If you talk to him now he's not going to get any sleep and neither am I. So think about what I told you and get your skinny ass to bed." I say pushing him into his room. "Night man."

"Night." I walk into the linen closet and get one of the big winter blankets and some pillows. As I pass the room that Nick and Four are staying in I hear groaning and moaning. "Quiet in there no moaning after 6 AM." I say bounding on the door. As I start towards the stairs again Nick's door opens and Four pops her head out.

"You want to join us."

"Um no thanks."

"Then go to bed and leave us to our vises."

"Did you bring the nipple claps with you again."

"NIPPLE CLAPS." Screams Nick from the room

"HA good night you two." I say turning around and walking down to my room.

~~~~~~~~~~MY ROOM~~~~~~~~~

"Brian what am I going to do with you. You seem to be cursed bro. Always getting into something or another."

"Now is that anyway to talk about your cousin when he's not here to defend himself."

"No but it's the best way to complain to him about himself. This way he can't talk back." Smiles Kevin standing up and walking over to me.

"True very true. Now come on Flex help me set our bed out." I pull out one of my large work out mats from under the bed and place the winter blanket on top of it. "Come on lay down will ya." I say pointing to the blanket.

"Man it's been a while since I had to sleep on the floor."

"You know I done forgot my futon bed. Come over here." I say pointing to my couch. "Get that side, right under the lip is a bar push it up and pull the bed out to your left." As he does that my couch converts into a double bed. "Well is a little small." I say looking at it.

"All the better for us, now come on and get the blanket I'm cold and tired as anything." Replies Kevin crawling onto the futon and curling up into a ball.

"Awww is my baby cold?" I say looking down at him.

"Yes your baby is very cold. How fucking cold is it down here anyway?"

"Don't know, I just know I like it cold. Gives you a titty hard on see." I say taking off my shirt. "You like." I say turning from left to right.

"I always like but I'd like it better if it was right here." He says pointing to the bed.

"Okay you don't have to hit me over the head or anything." I grab two pillows and the blanket, throwing both pillows at Kevin he sets them up as I sit on the futon and pull the blanket over us.

"Did you forget anything." He asks.

"No, not that I can think of." I say looking at him. He points up towards the ceiling, "Oh yeah the lights hehehe. Be right back don't go and get married while I'm gone." I say getting out of the bed and walking over to the light switch, then waling back over to the couch and Kevin. "Did you miss me."

"Yes for forever and a day, now goodnight my love." replies Kevin yawning into my ear.

"Goodnight." I say turning on my side to face him. He's still curled up into a ball facing me. I stay up for about another half-hour watching him sleep. He breathing evens out and starts to get shallower. I can tell he's asleep finally, today is going to be stuck in my memory forever. I try and remember every curve of his face, every wrinkle on his forehead, every gray hair in his head. 'What, he has gray hair this can't be he's only what 28 29.'

'So you have gray hair.'

'I do not have gray hair.'

'Yes you do, you just don't see them cause your hair color is blonde, well that and you dye it ever week.'

'God I don't want to get older. I just want to be frozen in time right here and now. Never aging.'

'Well unless you found the Fountain of Youth your going to age and age and age and age an...'

'Enough I get the idea. I'm going to die.'

'Some day but not now. Go to sleep tomorrow is going to be another day.'

'Yes tomorrow i..*yawn* going to be another day.' I say to myself as sleep finally over takes me and draws me into her warm and ever growing grasp.

To Be Continued

Ya, Ya I know this chapter was lacking. Hey what can I say I'm working on my book and I don't have enough time to work on this story, I'm sorry, but hey I'm not going to stop the story just because I'm stressed and or stressing. I'm really having fun working on it and I get to try ideas that I can use in my book. Now if I could only let my editor read this hmmmmm. Maybe some day.