Games the boys play
Chapter 1
By Dai

This isn't my first male/male story to be published but it is my first to be put in Nifty so if you like it email me with what you think ok.

Okay, first things first. This story is a complete work of fiction, and is not meant to imply anything about anyone. While some of the characters may be loosely based on real life people that I know, none are meant to actually represent anyone, particularly any of the members of the Backstreet Boys.

As usual, if you are offended or made uncomfortable by material concerning sexual relations between consenting adult men, lighten up or go somewhere else. Also, if it is in anyway illegal for you to be reading this type of thing, please don't.

Email me if you like it or not. I like getting a reader's point of view for my story.

Chapter 8 of Games the boys play

As I wake up I feel Kevin's arm draped around me; his hand is holding mine in front of us. It's a weird feeling to have him holding my hand yet he's sleeping, it's hard to explain. I can also feel his forehead resting on the back of my head and he's breathing down my neck. Each breath sends shivers down my spine. I open my eyes and see I'm lying on his left arm and he is holding my left hand with his right. It would seem that sometime in the night we switched positions on the bed. I was now on the right side of the bed and he was on the left, I move my right hand up to my lips to stop a yawn. As I look over his arm I can't help but touch it. I lay my fingers down on his. As I start to draw my fingers down his hand. I draw small circles as I lightly touch his arm, almost feather like. I'm trying to make my touch as erotic as possible. For this, is the man that I love and I what him to be mine forever. `His skin is soft and smells like his cologne. He must have bathe in it before he came to bed last night. Who would have thought that only 2 days have pasted and we are this close, I would never let someone sleep in the same bed as me fast. What's the matter with me? Do I really love him could it be.' I say to myself

'Could it be that you found your answer in your own question.' Replies one of the voices

'What, that makes no sense.' I reply back to it

'Yes it does, just think about it.' it replies

'Hmmm thanks.' I turn my attention back to Kevin's arm. I run my fingers down his arm again. This, time stopping at the bend in his arm. I trace my fingers over it and stop. As I'm doing so I start to think about my past again and all the troubles that we will go through if we continue seeing one another.

"Don't worry about it we'll be fine." Whispers Kevin breathing down my neck.

"Are you sure. Kevin we always seem to come back to this subject. I don't want to get hit and I don't know how long it will be until you hit me. It's not that I don't trust you, for god knows I would place my life in your hands. I'm just worried and scared." He wraps his arms around me and holds me tightly.

"It will be okay." I melt in his arms.

"If you say so then it will be." I say sighing 'Still something sits out there. It's going to get worse before it gets better and I can feel this with all my being.'

"Come on lets get up and get ready for the day. Hey its Friday we have till what 3 o'clock before high schools gets out for the weekends right?"


"Okay 4 all the better, lets go have some us time."

"Sure and I got the perfect place for a picnic." I say sitting up in bed.

"I say let's go, who all is going to be there?" I turn around and look at him.

"Well I was hoping just you and me but we can bring the guys if y.." he places his finger over my mouth.

"That's prefect." He says smiling at me. I lean in to kiss him on the lips.

"NAAAA you have morning breath." I yell and run from the bed into the bathroom.

"THAT WAS HARSH." Screams Kevin from the bed.

"I know." I say opening the bathroom door. The shower can be heard in the background. "Well are you going to get your wrinkly old ass in here." I say walking over to the sink.

"Wrinkly, old! You didn't think it was wrinkly or old last night." He replies walking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I wouldn't know last night we didn't do anything. Was a little Kevy Kev dreaming about a certain someone hmmm." I pull my toothbrush out it holder. He grabs it out of my hand and puts it in his mouth. "Now you know that's just trifling right."

"How is it sick. My tongue has been in your mouth. Before and after you have eaten mind you." Turning back towards the sink he takes the toothpaste and puts some on the toothbrush.

"Yuck, remind me never to kiss you after either one of us have eaten."

"You know I'll never remind you." He starts to brush his teeth. I just stare at him while he brushes. He leans down and spits out what's in his mouth. Looking back up at the mirror he sees me watching him. It's a simple wink but it was enough to get me to blush, it only showed that I was watching him and he knew it.

"Well I'm going to take a shower you coming?" I say striping and stepping into the shower. "Oh bring the toothbrush with you when you come in here."

"A little kinky don't you think." Replies Kevin stepping into the shower naked.

"Only if it was going to be used that way but its not going to be." I say taking the toothbrush from his hand and washing it under the hot water. "Now be a good boyfriend and get me the toothpaste." I say smiling at him.

"Being the good boyfriend that I am, I'll go get your toothpaste. But didn't you just say something about it being trifling to put a toothbrush into your mouth after someone else has used it. Hmmm I do remember you saying something along those lines."

"Yes Kevin I said that, but think about it, you did it and you had no problem doing it, so, why should I, ya know. Anyway get me the toothpaste."

"Hail Dai." He replies saluting me and then stepping out of the shower.

"Well that wasn't the type of salute I would have liked to have had, but I guess for right now it will have to do." I say smiling to myself and turning back to washing the toothbursh.

"Were saying something my dear?" Replies Kevin stepping back into the shower.

"No nothing at all. So I've been wondering, why me?"

"Why you what?"

"Why do you......... like me?"

"Oh the ten thousand dollar question."

"If you want to call it that then yes, the ten thousand dollar question, why?"

"I don't know. I just saw something there," He places his finger on my chest, "and here," he places the same finger on my head. "But what made me really fall for you is this." He leans forward and kisses me.

"Okay is it me or did the water just get hotter?" I say pulling out of the kiss.

"It's you, I think the waters just fine the way it is." he says pulling me to his arms.

"Kevin even though those are great reasons to give me, they're not the reason you did, are they?"

"No they're not. I saw something in you, something that I'm missing in myself. All the guys have it but I'm not attracted to them. I'm attracted to you." He replies looking me square in the eyes.

"Well what do I have that you don't?"

"Your spontaneous, loud, you don't care what people think of you. Well as far as I can tell you don't. You have this thrust for life that I don't have. To me, work is my life. I eat drink sleep the music industry. Most likely after this all dies i'll be looking for a job managering or something like that. David I can say this with out a shadow of a doubt. I love you and i want you with me until i die."

"Oh god." I say pulling his face down towards mine. The kiss we shared was anything and everything that we both felt. If only it lasted longer. "Kevin, I have to say this or I'm not going to ever say this. Before I met you and the guys I lusted after you. Over the last 48 or so hours you have pulled me into your world. Made me apart of your life and I thank you for that. I too share your feels. Love is not a simple emotion for me to show people and I so wan to include you into my life."

"Then do, what are you afraid of?"

"You leaving next week."

"God Dai if I could stay you know I would. But if I don't go I break our contract, I can't do that to the guys."

"Kevin I would never ask you to choose me over the guys, that would be like you asking me to choose the you over school or designing video games. What I'm saying is this, I want you, I want you in every sense of the word. I want you in my life forever and nothing less. I want your very being inside me. I want your breath on my naked flesh when I wake up and I want you to have my heart until the end of time. Only thing I'm asking for in return is that you don't break it." Kevin stares off into space as I finish talking. I can see his brain working over what I just said.

"David I would be lying if what you just said didn't touch me very deeply. God I hope you didn't set your goals to high for me to reach. I so don't want to hurt you but I have this feeling that no matter what I do your going to get hurt."

"Do tell me now that you don't want me, that would hurt me so much right now you have no idea" I reply by pull out of his arms and turning around. He wraps his arms around me from behind.

"No, god no. I don't want this to stop, but there will come a time when I'm asked if I have a girlfriend and I don't want to hurt you."

"Kevin I trust your judgement and over something like that you could never hurt me. I only want you to follow your heart when it comes to me. Don't over analyze things just do them. If you feel like you have to do that then by all means do it. I'm not out to the world just a few people and I have a feeling that more people know about me. Anyway I don't think I could ever come out until I find the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, that person also has to feel that way before I could do that."

"So I'm not that person?"

"No I don't know yet Kevin, forever is a very long time. I know how I feel but I don't ever what to force you to do something that you cant do. But when the time is right and I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you I might ask you to come out. I can't say that I won't cause that's not me."

"I don't care I want you forever, I already know this. As for the coming out lets take that road one step at a time okay?"

"I want us to work."

"I so hope we do too." He says hugging me. "Dai."


"You have to stop over analyzing things also."

"I know I do."

"Okay." We finish our shower in silence and then leave the bathroom naked. "I think we need cloths, don't you?"

"Na I like what I see." I say Looking Kevin up and down.

"Why is it that only after this short time period we are already taking showers together. What is up with that?"

"Don't know but I don't mind one bit, do you?"

"No, not at all."

"Good, now come on we need cloths so we can go up and eat." We walk hand in hand into the workroom to pick out something to wear.

"Okay now I don't know what to wear cause your cloths are to small on me." He says pulling on a shirt that was way to small for him.

"Oh I'm sorry but I'm shorter then you so they are going to be small on you. Here let me help."

"NO, I mean no I can manage myself."

"Really if I didn't know better one would think that you didn't like me dressing you."

"No its not that its just your tastes and mine or really different. I mean come on I like form fitting stuff."

"Like that body suit?"

"Well not quiet like that. But ya things close to that."

"Well then here wear this and this." I say handing him a YMLO shirt and some JNCO pants

"Hey I really like this shirt were did you get it?"

"Gadzooks ever heard of it?" I say looking though all the cloths.

"Nope, but I think I want to go there today. If they have clothes like this?"

"Ya we can go there before we have our picnic. Let's bring the guys to the mall with us. That way they get out before the schoolies get out."

"Good idea, hey what time is it anyway."

"I don't know, let me check." I walk out of the workroom and up to my bed. "Oh hey B you up already I figured that you wouldn't be up till tomorrow." I say smiling at him. He has a look of shock on his face. "Brian what's that matter." He says nothing and just looks at me. "Kevin can I get your help in here, Brian's awake but he can't seems to talk."

"What he's wake." Yells Kevin running out of the room. "DAI YOUR NAKED!"

"Huh? Oh shit." I say running out of the room and back into the workroom.

"Bri you okay man." Asks Kevin waving his hand in front of Brian, this snaps him out of his daze.

"Well that was an eye full." He says falling over onto his back.

"You weren't checking my man out were you."

"Relax cuz, I wasn't checking him out. I was shocked to wake up and see him naked in front of me. His dick was like 5 inches from my face."

"Okay, I really didn't need to walk in on that one," I say walking back into the room dressed. "Look Bri I'm really sorry I didn't mean to scare you." Walking over to the bed while pushing my shirt into my pants. I kneel down next to the bed and look at Brian. "Honestly man I'm really sorry. Like I said I though you would be out for like a day. I guess I was wrong."

"Na man it's all good, just don't make it a habit. God my body hurts. What train hit me." He replies changing the subject and rubbing his temples.

"I don't know the trains name but I do know that there were three of them. Brian what happened last night."

"I have no idea, I was just walking around the party someone bumped into me. I said sorry, walked away next thing I know I'm on the floor getting the shit beat out of me." Replies Brian trying to sit up.

"Well you seem to be okay now. We're going to get something to eat you want?" replies Kevin.

"Ya I'll be there in a second I wanna take a shower."

"That's understandable. Come on Kev lets let Brian take his shower in peace. Bri if you want you can use the Jacuzzi."


"Ya man, I know you must be hurting. I'm so sorry I took you guys to that party. If I knew that was going to happen Brian I wouldn't have gone."

"Dave chill, it was an accident they happen all the time. But you're right I don't think I'm going to go to any more parties thrown by your friends."

"Well after last night I don't think I'm going to be invited to anymore."

"Wha? I don't understand." He says looking from me to Kevin.

"Don't worry about it home slice. Just go take your shower, boy you smell. Oh child let me tell you." I say standing up laughing.

"Well damn, thanks I can feel the love in this room." He replies sitting up and placing his feet on the floor. "Hey where did you two sleep last night?" he says a little alarmed.

"On that couch." Replies Kevin pointing to the futon while I stand up.

"Both of you, on that small thing? You have to be kidding me right."

"Nope, it's a futon Brian. You know one of those Chinese beds."

"Well not quit but that's the idea." I reply walking over to my mirror and fixing my hair.

"Anyway we slept there." Replies Kevin rolling his eyes at me.

"Why didn't you put me upstairs?"

"Well Dai was afraid that you might wake up in the night. So he wanted to watch out for you."

"Hey what can I say, I was afraid. I wanted to make sure you were okay. I know what type of trauma getting beat up can do to someone. Anyway Kev come on lets let the kid get ready."

"Kid, I'm older then you aren't I?"

"If you say so. Go take your shower!" I say taking Kevin's hand and pulling him up stairs with me. "So what does my dear sweet boy want for breakfast. Oops I mean Brunch."

"Hmmm pancakes, bacon, orange juice, coffee, toast, eggs, umm."

"Should I call a caterer to make this for you."

"Na I'll help."

"I will let you know now, I'm not the worlds best cook." The front door opens and slams shut.

"WAKE UP ALL YOU BITCHES." Screams Star as she past the stairs.

"Is she ever not here?" Asks Kevin staring at me, I laugh at this.

"Wha, didn't you knows she's related to that Steve guy on TV fuck what is his name?"

"I heard that! And the name is Steven Q Urkle." She screams from the hallway.

"Girl don't you know how to make a normal entrance." I say looking at her as she walks into the kitchen. "Never mind I forgot who I was talking to." I turn my attention back to Kevin. "So you're going to help me make brunch for everyone?"

"Oh lord child don't let the boy by the stove, he'll burn the house down." Replies Star walking towards the fridge. "Out of the way kiddies I'm cooking." I turn and smile at Kevin, as AJ, Howie, Nick, and Melissa (Four) come down the stairs.

"Well lookie here if it isn't the lost tribe and their queen of the hair festival." Says Star.

"Stary baby girl, bite me." Replies Melissa sitting down at the table. I jump up onto the counter top and watch as their normal catfight brakes out.

"Aww what little girly pissy cause she's a penis chaser."

"Okay cats, I was ready for this fight but looking back at it, today is not the day. Okay retract the claws and move back to your litter boxes okay."

"Sure what ever." Replies Melissa. Star just goes about her setting up brunch.

"So how's Brian. Is he awake yet," asks Nick, Kevin just starts to laugh as he leans up against me.

"Oh don't you start now." I say to him.

"What happened?" replies Nick sliding to the edge of his chair.

"Well let me put it this was. Brian has now seen everything on Dai's body that I have."

"WTMI." Replies Star

"I don't get it?" Replies Howie "What has he seen?"

"To be blunt were Kevin isn't. Brian saw Dai naked as a jay bird." Replies Star

"Oh...OOOHH" states Howie.

"Oh lord save me from the attack of the boy bands." Replies Star looking up at the ceiling.

"AJ can I take a puff off your smoke."

"Sure here." He replies walking up to me and handing me his cigarette.

"You smoke?" asks Kevin

"Sometimes not a lot. Like once a month I might have one." I say pushing Kevin forward as I slide off the counter. I stand on the floor and take a long drag on the cigarette. I hand what's left of it back to AJ.

"Damn boy, shit ya think I can smoke the flitter, cause I don't think I'll get anything else out of this one." Replies AJ looking at what's left of the cigarette.

"Dai babes breath." Says Kevin. I smile at him as I walk up to Star. Tapping her on the shoulder she turns to look at me.

"Wha, you want?"

"Bitch." I say letting all the smoke out of my mouth and lungs as I say the word.

"Oh damn." Can be heard coming out of AJ's mouth.

"Oh hell na fuck you boy." Replies Star stepping on my foot with her high heels.

"Shit you whore of a street walking, why you do that for?" I say jumping up and down oh my good foot, while the guys laugh at me.

"The same reason you blew all that foul ass smoke in my face. Ya son of a bitch."

"Hey now don't be bring my moms into this now." I say back to her before we both crack up laughing.

"Oh god they at it already." Replies Melissa standing up and walking towards the cupboard.

"What she talking about?" Asks Kevin looking at me.

"They just being their normal fucked up selves. Look what you guys fell in the middle of." She replies pointing to Star and myself. "Fruit Loops and Cracker Jack. Granted I don't know which one is who."

"Bitch your just jealous cause you don't got no one to have this type of fun with." Replies Star turning back to the stove.

"True but I have someone to have this type of fun with." With that she walks over to Nick and licks behind his ear, down his neck, and back up towards his other ear. All the time she's doing that Nick's right foot starts to thump the floor.

"Damn, we got bloody fucking Thumper in the house today." Says Star looking at Nick. The guys just look on in shock as Melissa works her way around the front of Nick's neck. "Okay, okay I think I'm going to get sick. Please take the freak show into another room. PLEEEEEASE."

"Ohhhh...okay.." replies Nick standing up and pulling Melissa with him out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

"Damn do you think the boy is going to be able to dance when we have to perform next week?" asks Kevin.

"Dance, HA let's hope he can walk." Replies Howie.

"Again WTMI." Replies Star as she finishes up the French toast. "Oh Dai before I forget, Jake told me to tell you to call the vet and arrange for Jade and Amber to be picked up from quarantine this weekend." She says as she places the French toast in the oven to stay warm.

"Okay I'll call and set up a pick-up time for tonight."

"Who are Jade and Amber." Asked Kevin walking over towards the table and sitting down, I walk over to him and sit on his lap.

"They're my two Siamese cats." I say looking at him. "God I hate your eyes sometimes." I say looking away from him. All the guys look shocked and start to stare at me, Kevin tenses up. "What? His eyes are fucking hypnotic. I'm sorry but every time I look into them I just get lost." With that the guys look away and Kevin wraps his arms around me.

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" he whispers into my ear.

"I don't know yet. Give me five to ten years to tell you okay." I say turning around and kissing him.

"GET A ROOM." Everyone in the kitchen screams, as the phone starts to ring. Star walks over to the phone but I beat her to it.

"Hello" I say as I answer the phone and then sticking my tongue out at Star.

"David honey what are you doing today." Asks my mother.

"Going out to the malls maybe, why?"

"Is everyone going out today?"

"We were hoping to, why?" I ask her.

"Oh nothing I was just surprised that's all. I figured that the guys would want some down time."

"We were only going to go to some malls Mrs. Broome." Replies Kevin taking the phone out of my hand

"Who am I speaking to now?"


"Oh aren't you sweet Kevin, but you call me Mrs. again your getting my ten and a half up you ass." She says laughing.


"Don't be. Anyway I just called to see what everyone was up to, today and hoped that you six wouldn't mine having dinner with me tonight."

"I would love to, but I think that we should run that by everyone first."

"That's a good idea. Have Dave call me at the studio with what you all decided on okay. I have to get back to the work, the Belmonts are coming into night to look at the dresses." She replies.

"Okay I will. Bye Mrs. Br...Mona."

"I see you learn fast, bye Kevin and tell the guys to have a fun day for me too, okay."


"Bye." With that she hangs up.

"Well she called to ask us out to dinner. Sorry I took the phone out of your hand babe I just wanted to talk to her some more." He says handing me the phone to hang up.

"That's okay just don't ever do it again okay mister. Well I say we go out to dinner with her what do you guys say." I say looking around the room.

"Well I would be the first person up for a free meal but, I have the show tonight and you were going to come with remember. BUT because of this goon over here that's okay you can miss it, but just this once." Replies Star walking up next to Kevin and placing an arm around his shoulder.

"Okay so that checks Star off the list. How about it, you guys want to go out to dinner with my moms."

"Sure why not. Might as well know more about the woman who is letting use stay in her house." Replies Howie.

"Ya sure lets do it to it." replies AJ "Star when is breakfast going to be finished and when is Nick coming down here."

"Did I hear someone call my name?" replies Nick walking down the stairs.

"Ya you did. Where is her high and might?" asks Star.

"Taking a shower."

"Well at least she wouldn't be slimy."


"Oh nothing. Um Dai I'm going to go before I get myself in anymore trouble k."

"Um okay talk to you later right."

"Ya sure, I'll call ya. Guys don't do anything that I wouldn't do."

"Well damn that just let's us do everything now doesn't it." replies AJ

"Bite me bitch."

"Where, when, and how hard do you want it?"

"Umm I like him." Replies Star pointing to AJ

"Will you get out of here." I say.

"Fine, bye kiddies."

"Bye," All the guys and myself say as she walks out of the kitchen. Shortly after you can hear the front door close. I walk over to the stove and take the bowls of food she set out. I go into the stove and get the still warm French toast.

"Damn I want to know were the hell she finds the time to learn how to cook." I say shaking my head while walking over to the table. Brian comes bouncing up the stairs and sits at the table shortly there after.

"So um B-Rok we heard that you got to meet Dai up close and personal. Is this true." Asks AJ sticking a fork in Brian's face like it was a tape recorder.

"No comment." He replies into the fork not even missing a beat. AJ just grins at him and drops the subject knowing he embarrassed Brian, Kevin, and myself enough already

"So what are we going to do today guys." asks Nick

"Well you guys have like 3 hours till school gets out. So Kevin and myself were going to go to the mall. Who wants with."

"Huh?" asks Howie.

"Who wants to come with us."

"Oh, well I'm down. I do need to get some more hair stuff do they have a hair stylus there?"

"Well I don't even know where there is yet. We have like 50 malls in this area. We have Tyson's Corner 1 and 2, Fair Oaks, Manassas the one you guys had your signing at, Leesburg outlet mall, Dulles Corner mall. That's the newest it also has my favorite cloths stores in it, um we have Reston Town center. But that's just like it sounds, not much there. Hmm that's all I can think of, well there is Crystal City mall, Pentagon City Mall, and Potomac Mills Mall. But those are like an hours trip each and that's by metro train. So where to?"

"How is Fair Oaks?" asks Brian

"It's okay a little old. Not many good clothes stores. The best they had was Merry Go Round but that's been closed for like ever. I think they are putting in a Hot Topic I don't really know if it's built yet."

"Well tell us a little bit about Tyson's and Dulles." States Kevin.

"What do I look like a school teacher I don't think so."

"Oh come on for me." He replies giving me doe eyes.

"Grrr Kevin you're so cute when you do that. Okay fine, Dulles has all my stores, Gadzooks, Hot Topic, Mr. Raggs, and there are some others like Claire's and Icings but those are more Accessories stores like ear rings, tongue rings, bracelets you know that stuff."

"Tongue ring, you don't have a tongue ring." States Kevin looking at me.

"Think you know me that well don't cha. Well I do see." I say sticking my tongue out for him and the guys to see the hole in it.

"Eww that's nasty?" replies Nick

"Then you've never been kisses by someone that has one. Their fun, anyway there's not much at Tyson's anymore. Mostly high price stores, they have a Warner Brothers and a Disney store um they both have the normal stores like Chesapeake Knife & Tool, Old Navy, AE Outfitters, Hecht's, Penney's, you know the normal stores that every mall has."

"Well Tyson's sounds like my mall. But I think I could make an exception for Dulles. Does this wonder mall have a theater?" ask Kevin

"Um no, well not yet they're still building it. But the Regal is across the street from it."

"Let's hit Dulles then." Replies Nick

"Get going then you guys. You need to go get ready." I say pointing at Nick, AJ, and Howie.

"Wha, we can't go like this?"

"Not with me you can't, go get cleaned up and dressed. Nick do you know if Melissa is going to come with us." Kevin asks.

"I don't know Kev, I'll ask her."

"Okay." The three guys run up stairs to get ready. "So how you feeling Bri?"

"Better, but still tired." He says looking up at me.

"Um Kevin, Bri I'm going to go down stairs and change into something nicer." I say standing up from my seat on Kevin's lap.

"I'll come." Replies Kevin standing up.

"No you stay here and entertain your cousin." I reply pushing him down in the chair

"Na you two go on. I'll be fine here."

"You sure?" I say looking at Brian, he has a pleading look in his eye. I just node so he sees I understand.

"Ya I'm positive."

"Thanks cuz." Replies Kevin standing up and kissing Brian on the head.

"No worries." He replies smiling at us.

"Is he okay?" I say looking at Kevin as we get down into the my room

"I don't know. I've been wondering what really happen last night."

"You don't thing he told you the truth."

"I think he told me most of it, but I also think he left some things out." He replies reaching out for my hand and taking it in his.


"For what?"

"Holding my hand." After I say that we both grow silent thinking about what has happened over the last few days. How are lives have been thrown together and how we can't think about anyone but each other. "Kev..."

"Dai..." we both say at the same time. Realizing we said each other's name we start to giggle. "You go first."

"Um okay. I was just going to say that you're perfect can I keep you for myself."

"Well I think that the world would be a little mad that the BSB just stopped performing at the height of their fame. But yes you can keep me as long as I can keep you."

"Well sure I can see the world being a little mad but miss world has to get off her high horse."


"Nothing my bad attempt at being funny and yes I want to keep you and in turn I guess you can have me. If you want me." I say turning to him and looking in to his eyes, all I see coming from them is love, admiration, lust, hope, beauty, and faith, " you do know you have some of the most haunting eyes. I don't know what it is about them but they are just breath taking."

"Well lets hope not. I want you to be able to breathe." He say smiling at me.

"That one was almost as bad as my miss world one."

"Hey I can't let you have all the corny jokes. What fun would that be."

"This is true." I say turning around and leaning my back into his chest and walking us both over to the workroom. When I'm finally finished picking out what I want to wear Kevin helps me dress. "Thank you kindly sir." I say nodding towards him as he smiles at me. Shortly there after I'm finished getting dressed and we start up stairs When we get up there the guys are already waiting for us. "Damn I wasn't expecting you guys to be done that fast."

"Fast you two were down there for about a half an hour." States Howie.

"What." Replies Kevin.

"I guess it's true what they say. Time flies when you're with the one you love." I say batting my eyes at Kevin.

"Oh you two really do need to go get a room." Replies Howie

"Really I think I'm going into sugar shock over that one." Replies AJ

"Jealous." I say looking at them both.

"In truth, yes madly." Replies AJ batting his lashes at me.

"Are you sure he's not gay." I say looking at Kevin.

"I'm not sure anymore, but then again I've never really been sure." He says smiling at me


"Oh you hush up." I say turning back to AJ. He sticks his tongue out at use. "Five to ten says you do that again and I'll pull it out of your mouth." I say shaking my pointer fingers at him. The guys just laugh.

"Okay truce, you like picking on everyone don't you." States Kevin looking at me.

"I'm sorry I'm just playing. I know I can get a little bad but honest officer I'm just playing." I say looking down at the ground, while giving a sideways glance at Brian and winking.

"Oh hon I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound mean. You just get out of hand that's all." replies Kevin walking up to me and hugging me. "You're just a really hyper person."

"Oh well I guess I can forgive you then Kevin. After all I do love you." I say looking up at him and smiling.

"Did I just miss something here?" replies Kevin looking at me then the guys.

"Nope Kev you just told him your sorry I even got that one." Replies AJ smiling at me.

"Hey, I didn't apologies to you." He says turning back to me.

"Yes, you did now don't get mad, come on we have to go." I say walking out of Kevin's arm's and over to the keyboard. Grabbing the keys to the van I start to walk for the garage door. "Well are you ladies coming? Hey I just noticed, where's Mel?"

"She couldn't come, she had some thingie to go do. She didn't say much about it." replies Nick walking by me. I turn my head towards Kev and give him a weird face and then I shrug it off.

"Whatever. Kevin you're driving." I say tossing him the keys to the van.


"Is there an echo in here no I don't think so, yes you now come on." I say pulling him out of the chair he just sat in.

"Boy will you chill I'm an old man."

"Only in your eyes maybe. But to me you're a strapping god."

"Oh I think I'm going to be sick. Why is it that when gay guys flirt you want to hurl?" says Howie running by us and out the front door.

To be continued.

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