Gene-- by Brent

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Gene -- Chapter One

I don't know what woke me up this early in the morning. Maybe it was the strange bed, the unfamiliar smell of the pillow or maybe it was the excitement of being away from home. I had scraped and saved to be able to afford this vacation. Now here I was, in Las Vegas, not to gamble...but just to get away. Growing up in a small town in Oregon, I wanted to go somewhere different. The only places I could think of, was New York City, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. I had picked Las Vegas cause it was smaller and most of the people here were tourist too. They are here to gamble and I could just get lost in the crowd and not stick out like a small town homebody lost in a big city.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and went out on the balcony, dressed only in my boxers. I leaned up against the balcony wall, looking out into the vast desert scenery that it over looked. The sun was just starting to rise as I took a sip of my coffee. It was peaceful. The city was almost quiet as I sat there enjoying the view. The silence was broken by the balcony door opening to the room one floor down to my left. I glanced down and all I could see was the lower half of a person dressed in a white hotel robe. I heard the person yawn and stretch their arms up high. The person had loosely tied the robe and in mid stretch, the robe opened in the front exposing that the person was a man. A very nicely hung man.

My eyes were glued onto the opening of the robe as my cock started to stir. As his stretching ended, the robe fell back into place. But still that perfect cock showed through the slit. The guy walked up to the edge of the balcony and the rest of him came into view. He was a young guy, probably about 21 and a little over 6 feet tall. His blond hair was slightly messed up and he was wearing gold rimmed glasses. He was sexy. I continued to stare at this guy as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He stopped at opened his eyes and started looking around, finally looking up at me. Man, he was hot looking. He smiled up at me and gave a nod of his head.

"Thought I smelled coffee." He said looking back out. "Beautiful isn't it."

I was still looking down at him, through the slit in his robe at his beautiful cock.

"It sure is." I replied.

"Did you just get in?" He asked with a slight grin.

"Huh, sorry." I said breaking my stare as he moved towards my side of his balcony shutting off my view of his privates.

"I was just wondering if you just got back from gambling, it's kind of early to be waking up."

"No, I just got into town last night and was too tired to go out. So I hit the pillow early last night."

He was staring directly into my eyes with his blue eyes as he smiled with this half grin. The glasses made his eyes intense and made the blue in them stick out even more. Man he was just too sexy for words.

"Yeah, me too. Are you here alone?"

I nodded as I took a sip of my coffee.

"How about you?"

"Nah, I'm here with some friends...on business."

" the way, my name is Kelvin...but everyone calls me KC."

"What does the C stand for?"

"That, my friend, only a cherished few know and you will have to know me longer than a few minutes to find out."

"That's cool, my name is Ni...uh Gene."

"Well, Hi Ni...uh Gene, or is it just Gene." I said winking at him.

He blushed slightly and grinned at me again.

"It's just Gene."

"Ok, Gene, would you like a cup of coffee this fine morning."

"I would love it."

"Well then, come on 1645."

"Ok see you in a few...hope you don't mind that I don't dress up for the occasion."

"Not a problem, I wasn't going to put on my tux to serve you anyways."

We smiled at each other and he turned around and walked into his room. If he could've seen through the wall of my balcony, he would have seen the tent pitched in my boxers. I sat there for a minute and willed my hardon to go down. I stood up, readjusted myself and walked into my room. I quickly threw on a T-shirt and positioned my still hard cock in the waistband of my boxers and looked down.

"Fuck" I said as the bulge showing under my T-shirt yelled out to the world that I had a major problem. I started to straighten up a little hoping Gene would take his time. A knock at the door informed me that he wasn't. With fear on my side, my erection eased as I opened the door. Standing outside was Gene, dressed in a pair of light blue boxers and a white T-shirt. Fuck he was hotter up close. He smiled at me as he entered. I closed the door behind him.

"I guess this is standard attire for having coffee with someone you just met." I said pouring him a cup of coffee.

He had sat down on my bed and I handed him the cup of coffee.

"Thanks, Actually I was hoping you were still in your attire from the balcony. You looked really good in it." He said taking a sip of his coffee.

Fuck, the guy was flirting with me.

I looked him in the eye and he had this sparkle in his eyes that made my cock jump.

"Well, the same goes for you. You looked hot in the robe...I loved the view it gave me."

I kind of looked away from him in embarrassment.


"KC, would you like some help with that problem you are having?"

"Uh, what problem?"

He stood up and placed his cup on the nightstand and walked over to me.

He came right up to me and leaned over to my ear.

"This one." He whispered as his hand went to my cock and started stroking it though my clothes.

His tongue went into my ear as he continued to stroke.

"Do you want me to continue?" He whispered in my ear.

I nodded as he pulled away from me and looked me in the eye. His hands went up and he placed them on both sides of my head and pulled me into a kiss. My lips parted, as his tongue slipped into my mouth. He ran his tongue against mine, as I just stood there while he worked his magic. He withdrew his tongue and with his lips, he kissed my bottom lip.

He broke the kiss and his hand moved down to the bottom of my T-shirt and started to lift it up. I raised my arms up as he pulled it over my head and threw it on the floor. He pulled me over towards the bed and he sat down. I looked down at him as he removed his shirt and looked up at me licking his lips.

His eyes broke contact and his gaze focussed on my cock head, which was sticking out of the waistband of my boxers. He leaned forward and stared running his tongue over the head of my cock. Tugging on the bottom of my boxers, Gene slowly pulled them down and at the same time engulfing my cock with his mouth. My boxers slipped to the floor as the tip of my cock hit the back of his mouth. My hand went up to his head and I started running my hands through his hair.

"Mmmmmmmm Gene, fuck that feels so good."

He reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks. He pulled me forward, burying my cock deep in his throat. He started working up and down on my cock. He swallowed my cock to the base and then pulled me down on top of him on the bed. I put my hands out and caught myself in a pushup position.

He let my cock slip out of his mouth and slid out from under me.

I was breathing really hard as he ran his hands over my body.

"Mmmm KC, you have a great body."

I repositioned myself so I was kneeling on the bed, looking at him. His cock was hard and the material of his boxers was straining to hold it in. I pulled him back onto the bed. I reached in and pulled his cock through the opening in his boxers. As I sat there with his hard throbbing cock in my hand, my thoughts went to Mark. My hand was stroking Gene's cock, but my mind was on Mark. I was in autopilot as everything that Mark had meant to me, came flooding back. The feeling of being with him, making love to him, I missed it so much, I missed him so much.

I started licking up and down Gene's huge cock and took the head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the tip and started to go down on it. My lips were stretched tight as it hit the back of my mouth and started entering into my throat. I used my throat muscles to massage his cock as he started to moan.

"Oh fuck KC, that feels good."

He was running his fingers lightly across my back as I went up and down on his massive cock. His cock wasn't as long as Mark's, but man was it thicker than Mark's cock. I started running my hand all over his stomach and chest as I worked on his cock. I start to pinch his left nipple and fondle his balls with my other hand. Oh how I missed Mark. I felt so empty, so alone, I need him inside me, I needed him to fill me up just like Mark used to.

I let his cock slip out of my mouth and stroked it once before getting up. I walked over to my case and dug for the condom and lube. I knew they were still there from the last trip Mark and I took together. A tear rolled down my check as I remembered our last trip together. We had flown down to San Francisco and stayed in our hotel room for the full three days we were there.

I finally found what I was looking for and wiped the tear away, as I turned and walked back to the bed. There, on the bed, lay Gene. He had removed his boxer and was sitting there stroking his cock, smiling at me. He was so different from Mark, but oh how I wanted him. I smiled down at him as I got back onto the bed and opened the condom. He lay there running his hand over my back as I rolled the condom onto his very hard cock. I took some lube into my hand and spread it onto his condom covered cock and jacked it a few times. I put some more lube onto my hand and spread it across my hole. Taking my finger and pushing some lube into myself, I prepared for what was coming. I lifted my leg over his body and straddled him. I reached around and grabbed his cock and pointed it to my waiting hole. I leaned back, so the tip of his cock was at my entrance. I eased back, starting to sit onto his cock. I pushed out and the tip started to enter me. As the head continued into me, I let out a deep breath. Then the pain hit. The pain that I hadn't felt is so long. The pain I have missed so much. I stopped for a moment to adjust myself.

"Are you don't have to do this."

"No, I'm fine. Just give me a second. I want this Gene, more than you will ever know."

The pain subsided and I continued my journey. A journey that I never expected to happen again so soon, but one that I wanted, one that I needed, one that made me feel complete again. As my ass cheeks came to rest on his hips, I grabbed both of his pecs and squeezed hard. He reached around me and grabbed both my ass cheeks and squeezed as he thrusted up into me.

I whimpered with a mixture of pain and pleasure. The pain was almost gone as I felt my body relax and a smile came over my face. A smile my face had not seen in 6 months. One that had left my face the day that Mark had ran off and married his high school sweetheart. His image flashed in my head and I could hear his word to me.

"I can't be with you Kelvin, I just can't. My life is with Laura. I asked her to marry me and she accepted. I have the chance to lead a normal life. I've always loved you. Goodbye Kelvin."

I threw my head back as Gene pushed his cock deep inside of me. I felt him in places that only Mark had touched. He reached up and grabbed me from behind the neck and pulled me down into a kiss. I kissed him greedily. I kissed him hard. I kissed him like I've never kissed anyone before. I opened my eyes and looked into his. I just stared into his deep blue eyes as he continued to fuck me. I could hear him talking, but I didn't understand what he was saying.

I sat up and continued to ride him. My breaths were coming in short gasps and the pleasure of Gene fucking me rocked my body. He lifted his upper body up and wrapped his arms around me. As I lifted and lowered my body onto his cock, he started kissing and sucking on my neck. He leaned up and whispered into my ear, " I love you KC."

As my body lowered onto his cock, I shot my load all over his stomach and chest. He grabbed my hips as his upper body fell back to the bed and he thrusted up one last time.

"Fuck" he yelled as his orgasm hit. I could feel his cock spasm inside of me as I collapsed on top of him, my breaths coming in hard gasps for air.

"You are so hot Gene." I said as the image and memory of Mark faded from my mind, replaced by Gene.

He rolled me off of him and as his cock slipped out of me, he leaned over and kissed me again.

"Fuck KC, that was amazing. Tell me I can see you again?"

I ran the back of my finger across his smooth check and leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips. My breathing had returned to normal as I gazed into his eyes.

"Just give me a call and I'll be there."

He removed the condom and tied a knot in it and dropped it into the trashcan next to the bed. He laid down and pulled me close to him. I snuggled up against his chest as he kissed the top of my head.

I fell asleep in his arm. I fell asleep for the first time, not thinking of Mark. I fell asleep thinking of anything, but Gene and how it just felt so right to be in his arms.

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