A Birthday Surprise for JT (1/1) - Side Story of He Got Me - Chapter 1, Part B


Vanilla Fantasy (vanilla_fantasy99@yahoo.com)


JT Poole and Lance Bass




I don't know any of the celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexuality or any other bit of information about the people mentioned.  This story is all fiction, for entertainment purposes only.




JT sat on this porch over looking his beautifully quiet neighborhood. Today wasn't a good day for the young man. It was his birthday and none of his friends had remembered. They were either busy with their own careers or out of town. They didn't even call.

The only person who remembered was the nice old lady who lived across the street, Mrs. Norris. She had stopped by on her way to Bingo.


Just as he was about to throw his glass against the wall a bright red sports car came roaring down the street. "I don't think that belongs around here." He watched as it pulled up to the curb to his house. "What the hell?"

A gorgeous blonde man with spiky hair got out of the tiny car. He jogged up the walk to JT's porch. "Hi um...I was wondering if you could help me please."

JT blinked. The man was absolutely sexy! "Huh...oh sure what do you need?"

The blonde man smiled, "First off my name is James Bass. I was wondering how to find Timberlake-Carter Inc."

JT smiled, "I'm John Poole. Timberlake-Carter Inc. is across town probably 10 miles. How did you get so lost?"

Lance sighed, "Stupid GPS. You just can't trust technology these days." Lance looked the tall black man over. He noticed the dried tears on the gorgeous man's face, "I know I'm just a nosy Mississippi boy but can I ask what's wrong John?"

JT sighed, "Please call me JT and its nothing really."

Lance shook his head, "It must be something, and Please call me Lance." Lance boldly walked over and sat next to the handsome hunk of a man (ya like that? LOL), "You'll feel better if you tell me."

JT looked the stranger over. "Well today's my birthday and no one is around to celebrate with me."

Lance looked shocked, "You don't have a girlfriend or anything to celebrate with?"

JT smiled, "Well I wouldn't want a girlfriend but no I don't have a boyfriend to celebrate with."

Lance wrapped his arms around the man, "I'm sorry to hear that. Happy Birthday." He stood and walked over to the steps, "Be ready tonight at 7:30."

JT looked very perplexed, "Be ready for what?"

Lance smiled at JT as he climbed into his car, "For your date, you and me are going out for your birthday. Dressy causal."

JT frowned, "You aren't going to be back."

Lance turned the engine over in his convertible, "I will. So be ready."

JT watched as the red sports car flipped around and took off like a shot, "He won't be back." He walked into the house and shut the door. He looked at the clock. It was 3:30. He'd have 4 hours to get ready. "He's not coming back so why bother."


6:00 PM (1 hour and 30 minutes till the date)

JT found himself watching the clock when he was trying to concentrate on the `All My Children' episode he had taped from earlier.  He stood and kicked the pillow that was lying on the floor, "This is ridiculous. He isn't coming back. Why am I worrying about this?!"

Not 15 minutes later JT found himself in the shower. He kept telling himself that he just needed a shower nothing more.

By the time he was done with the shower he had decided he was going to get ready to go and if the beautiful Lance Bass didn't show up then he'd just go out to a club alone and celebrate what was left of his birthday.

JT pulled out his charcoal gray dress pants and his favorite short sleeve green silk shirt. He threw on his clothes and checked himself in the mirror, "Damn I'm lookin fine!"


7:25 PM (5 minutes till date time)

JT paced back and forth in front of the living room window. "I don't know why I'm getting myself all worked up over this Miss Kitty." He scratched behind her ears.

Miss Kitty purred and arched her head into his hand.

JT smiled at the tabby, "You'll still love me won't ya?"

At the knock on the door JT jumped 5 feet in the air. "That can't be him. Oh my god what if it is him?" He walked over to the door and took a deep breath. "Hi Lance."

Lance smiled, "Wow JT you look...hot." He walked into the house passed JT. He looked around the medium size house. "Nice place."

JT nodded, "Thanks."

"So you have any roommates." Lance asked.

JT shrugged, "Just the little Miss."

Lance frowned, "Whose that?"

JT smiled, "Not who. What."

Lance looked very puzzled, "Huh?"

JT laughed and picked up Miss Kitty off the table, "This is my only roommate. Miss Kitty I would like you to met Lance."

Lance laughed out loud. He walked over and took the kitten out of JT's arms, "Well Miss Kitty it's very nice to meet you." He sat the kitten down on the couch and turned to JT, "Well shall we go?"

JT frowned and looked at the floor then back at Lance, "You know you don't have to do this just cause you feel sorry for me."

Lance shook his head, "That isn't it at all I'm taking you out cause I really want to get to know you." Lance smirked, "I also think you're very sexy."


Ramón's Italian Restaurant

Lance had asked for a booth in the back of the restaurant for more privacy.  Walking to the back of the restaurant he unknowingly touched JT's hand as they arrived at the table.

JT took a shocked breath when he felt the jolt when Lance's leg brushed his. "So Lance what do you do?"

Lance looked up from the menu, "I own my own business.  Freelance."

JT smiled, "What is it that your company does?"

"We manage singers, actors, etc." Lance explained.

The waiter came over to their table to take their order, "May I take your order please sirs?"

Lance waved his hand, "You first."

JT looked quickly over the menu, "I'll have the chicken alfredo with garlic bread and red wine please."

Lance smiled, "That sounds great I'll have that too."

The two men folded their menus and handed them back to the waiter.


1 hour later:

Lance and JT carried on conversation after conversation. They realized they had more in common then they thought they would.

Lance knew he was feeling some serious feelings for this gorgeous, strong, man.  He slid around the semi-circle booth so he was seated closer to JT. "You know JT. I know I just met you but I think..." He didn't know how to finish so he decided to just show JT how he felt. He leaned forward and kissed JT with all he had.

JT gasped and moaned. He pulled back, "Wait. I'm not going to deny that I like you but I think that maybe we should slow down." He looked at Lance in the face for a minute. "What the hell." He leaned back into it and kissed Lance feverishly.  `Its my birthday damn it and I'm so going to get what I want!'

The two quit kissing when they heard a throat being cleared.

Lance looked up at the waiter, "Yes?"

The waiter smiled, "Will there be anything else?"

JT and Lance both shook their heads, "No just the check please."

The waiter scurried away to get their check.

Lance and JT smiled at each other. "Well that killed the mood."

Lance shook his head; "No it didn't just put it on hold for the moment." He grabbed JT's hand. "Come back to my hotel with me."

JT shook his head, "No." He paused, "Come home with me."

Lance released the breath he was holding, "I thought you were going to blow me off."

JT looked around for a minute when the waiter dropped the check off, "I couldn't even if I wanted to."

Lance grabbed the check, "Come on let's go back your place."


JT's House

Lance pulled his car into JT's drive way and hopped out. He walked around to the other side to help JT out. Taking the tall man into his arms he asked, "Are you sure you still want me to come in?"

JT nodded, "Yes I want you. Do you still want to come in?"

Lance smiled and pulled JT toward the house. He held his hand out for the key to unlock the door.

JT smiled and shook his head, "Not that I don't appreciate the gesture but my little baby would attack you. She isn't the nicest kitty in the world."

Lance smiled, "I don't believe you."

JT shrugged and let Lance open the door first. "Go a head. Go in but don't blame me when your ankles are all scratched to hell."

Lance stepped into the house and instantly a ball of fur attacked his legs. There weren't any scratches yet but there was a lot of hissing. "Okay I get it, I get it you, don't want me in here but what if your daddy invites me in huh?"

JT stepped around Lance, "Miss Kitty are you attacking my date?"

Miss Kitty stepped back and sat down. She looked at her master like `who me?'

JT smiled, "Don't play innocent with me Miss thang!"

Lance watched the conversation between JT and the small tabby. `I think I love him. I've only known him for a few hours. Can I possibly love him in so short of a time?' He walked up behind JT and wrapped his arms around him, "You know I think that is the most precious thing?"

JT laughed, "What? Me losing my mind slowly and showing it by talking to a cat?"

Lance shook his head, "No. I think it's cute that you talk to your animals. I talk to mine. My baby puppy, Martin, gets his own plates at dinner time."

JT pulled Lance toward the stairs, "Come on. Let's go up stairs."

Lance willingly followed the man up stairs.


5 hours later

(DAMN boy I didn't know you had it in ya *winks*)

Lance and JT lay cuddled together on the bed after they're 5th round of making love. "You know I think I could really get used to sharing my bed with you."

JT turned his head toward Lance, "You mean my bed." He smiled.

Lance laughed, "Fine sharing any bed with you." He rolled over on top of him. "I do believe I'm falling in love you Mr. Poole."

JT smiled, "I've been thinking that same thing about you Mr. Bass."

Lance leaned in and kissed JT. "I think maybe, just maybe it was a good thing I got lost today."

JT laughed, "I'm glad you got lost too. This has been the best birthday ever."

Lance laid his head down on JT's chest, "I'm glad baby. We'll celebrate many more together hopefully."

JT fell a sleep with a big smile on his face.