"You were traveling through space and time...I've been trapped in this world of mine.  You came down from nowhere, you're blowing my mine...Cause I've been waiting patient for a love that's mile high.  Floating over galaxies, we'll fly...You got me, you got me, you got me..."

He Got Me
Chapter 6
by JT Poole

Dec 22 (After Lunch) -- Orlando, FL -- Sheraton Hotel -- Justin's Room

Lynn Harless' POV

This has been a long day and it's not even four yet.  I'm shocked at how Justin just ran out on the tour the way he did last night.  I don't know what's gotten into that boy, but he needs a good talking to and possibly a good sound beating. He knows better than to run out on his commitments at the last minute like this.

Since I got here this morning, Terrence has been connected to my hip like we were conjoined twins or something.  The man got issues and I'm getting tired of him standing next to me complaining about things he can't fix or change.  At the rate he's going, I'm going to slap him like I was his momma for getting on my last nerve.  He needs to take up a hobby or something and get off my nerves.  If I don't let Paul or Justin get on my nerves like this, I'm not going to allow him to either.

"Where the hell could Justin be? It's already after one, doesn't he understand he has a schedule to deal with?"  Terrence says as I just shake my head and walk away from him.  "Lynn where could he be?  We should've left here already."

"If you ask me that one more time, I'll make you regret it.  I've given you that answer more than once today darnit!"  I shout at him as some of the people around in the room started laughing and clapping.

"You tell `em Lynn," I hear Rory say as he got up and walked over to the window.  "We've been telling him all along that none of us knew or have any information for where he went.  He just refuses to listen."

Rory is a nice kid.  I've know him since he joined the tour a year and half ago.  When he first started with Justin he was the shyest thing I've ever seen. Now that he's been around the gang, he's stepped out of his shell.  I'm glad he did, being shy doesn't cut it in this industry.

"Lynn, Justin's on the phone," Lisa, another one of Justin's dancers' tell me as she points me in the direction of the phone.

"Thank you dear," I say as I pick up the phone.  "Justin?"

"Yeah ma it's me," he says as I could hear someone giggling close to him.  "Me, Nick, Julie and AJ are on our way back there.  So tell Terrence to stop being a prick and to leave everyone alone about where I am."

"How did you know he was being a prick?"  I ask him, smiling, wanting to laugh about the situation.

"Lex, Rachel and Danny called me and told me to hurry and get back before Terrence drove everyone, especially you crazy," he replies as I start laughing this time.

"Yeah he's getting on everyone's nerves honey.  Where are you anyway?"  I ask him.

"We're about thirty minutes away from Orlando right now," he tells me.  "Just tell Terence to leave everyone alone.  I don't want to have him fired."

"I was thinking the very same thing dear," I say to him as he starts laughing.

"Maybe you should give Johnny a call and have a talk to him about Terrence," he says as I saw Terrence walking over towards me.

"Speaking of the devil," I say as Terrence was now standing in front of me.

"Momma do I need to tell him off for you?  You know I'll put him in his place, like quick like, if he gets on your nerves," He tells me as I turned away from Terrence.

"That may work Justin," I say, handing the phone to Terence and stepping back from him.  "Justin wants to talk to you."

"Well it's about damn time," Terrence says, as he starts speaking into the phone.

Downtown Orlando -- Mall at the Millenia


We've been walking around now for hours and I'm getting a little bit hungry.  It's almost three now and we still have a few more places to stop before we're done with our last minute Christmas shopping.  Looking at a few items in a Stacy Adams© store, I put the shoes back on the shelves and walk over to where Joe was standing admiring a pair of casual shoes .  Poking him in the back with my finger, he turns around quickly and then smiles at me.

"Hello Josh.  Are you done with your shopping in here?  I'm getting a little bit hungry and thought we could take a break and go grab something to eat," he says as I start laughing.

"I'm hungry too, the reason for me coming over here," I tell him as his smile grew wider.  "Come on, why don't we go put this stuff away and go find some place to eat."

"Sounds good to me baby," he says as we paid for the items we had and walked out of the store.  "Where do you want to go?"

"I don't care where we go, as long as I don't have to cook and serve it," I tell him as he smiles.

"Why don't we just pick up something in the food court?  We can eat it here and then get back to our shopping so we won't have to come back to this place again to finish up," he says as I nodded.

"Mmmm, I can sure go for a burger, some chili fries, and a milkshake right now," I say as he starts licking his lips.

"Sounds really good, but I think I want a grilled chicken sandwich, some regular fries and some hot chocolate," he says, stopping out front of the food court.  "You stay here with our bags while I go place our order."

"Okay baby, I'll be here. Ooooh, could you bring me a whole lot of ketchup?"  I ask as he starts giggling.

"I already know you like lots of ketchup with your french fries baby," he says, turning around and walking towards the counter to place our order.

He is the sweetest boyfriend anyone can ever ask for.  I don't know why mom and dad want to be all weird about us being together.  They already know Joe and they should know he would never do anything to hurt me.  I just can't believe that they're really homophobic like that.  They raised me to be me and accept other people, why can't they follow their own teachings and accept us?  Maybe after the holidays are over and they've had some time to think about all of this, they'll get over it.

"Baby here's your stuff and here's mine.  Dig in," he says, sitting down across from me.

"I thought you were going to get a grilled chicken sandwich?"  I ask him as he picked up his burger and brought it up to his mouth.

"I was, but they didn't have the kind of dressing I wanted them to put on it, so I settled for a burger instead," he replies, taking a bite and then poking some fries into his mouth too.  "You know I like my good ole home-style honey mustard dressing for my grilled chicken sandwich."

"Yeah I know you do baby," I say as he smiled at me and reached over to caress my cheek.

"I love you baby," he says as I smiled back at him, while chewing some food.

"I love you too baby," I say just as we both saw a bright light, similar to that of a camera flash going off.

"Was that a camera flash?"  He asks, looking around quickly.

"I think it was baby," I say as he got up and started looking around.  "Do you see anyone nearby baby?"

"No I don't, but I bet it was one of the local paparazzi for one of the scag rags," he says as I nod at him.  "We don't need to worry about it right now baby.  It's not like it's going to affect our careers.  If Justin can be out and married to Nick Carter, how bad could it be for us?"

"I don't know baby, but I'm sure we'll find out soon," I say, wondering which magazine it was that actually is going to get that picture, whatever the picture may be of us doing.  Well at least we were not kissing or anything like that, it was just a caress.

"Why don't we finish our lunch get our shopping taken care of and then go back to the hotel and have some real fun?"  He suggests, taking another bite of his sandwich.

"That's all we can do for right now baby," I say, looking around, trying to see if I could spot anyone with a camera.

Back at the Sheraton Hotel -- Justin's Room

Nick's POV

We just arrived back at the Sheraton Hotel and it's already a mad house around this place.  As soon as we walked through the door, Terrence, Justin's tour manager almost jumped down his throat.  If it wasn't for Danny, Lex and Lonnie, Justin probably would have beat his punk ass.  I don't know why he's still on this tour; he does nothing but cause problems for us.  He reminds me of Lou Pearlman at times.  Before we got back here, a few of the dancers called Justin and told him what Terrence was doing.  When Justin called his room, he talked to Lynn and she confirmed all the stuff the dancers had said.  The guy is really pressing his luck with Justin and the rest of the crew.  Pretty soon, Justin is going to have his ass fired and from what I've heard so far, nobody would bat an eye about him leaving.  Damn, I'd hate to be him.

When Justin called security to let them know that we were on our way into the hotel, they told us to take the back way into the hotel, that there were tons of people camping out all around the place.  When security said a lot of people, I had no idea that this many people were actually here at this hotel.  When I left the other night, most of these people were not here.  Hell, we could barely get through the place.  The building is packed with people, people packed like sardines in a can.  There are people out front of the hotel and there are plenty of people in the lobby, just waiting to see Justin and the rest of his entourage.  If they knew I was here, would they want to see me?

"Hello Nicky," Lynn says, walking over to me and hugging me.  "How are you feeling?"

"I feel a little bit better now," I tell her as she released me.  "What's going on around here?"

"We're trying to get out of here so we can move on to the next location," she tells me as we both heard a loud smack and turned in time to see that Justin actually punched Terrence in the face, knocking him down to the floor.  "Oh my stars!"

"Justin what have you done?"  I ask him, rushing over to him as Danny, Lex and Lonnie were trying to hold him back from doing more to Terrence.

"He best get out now or I don't know what else I'll do to him!  I'm not going to continue to put up with this crap from him!  Either he hits the road or I do!"  Justin screamed, struggling with the guys.  "Let me go damnit!"

"Justin calm down," Lynn says, standing in front of Terrence as some of the other security guys came into the room to help him and to see what was going on.

"I'm not going to calm down!  Someone get Johnny on the phone fucking right now!  I refuse to work like this!  I'm not going to work with this...this bastard!"  Justin screamed as Lynn stepped closer to him.

"Justin you need to calm down and now.  You can't go on fighting like this," she tells him as he calmed down a little bit and the guys let him go.  "Thank you."

"Momma I'm not going to continue to put up with his crap.  I've had it with him!"  Justin shouts as Lynn eyes him like he had lost his mind.  "Sorry momma."

"That's better," she says, turning around and looking at Terrence.  "Did someone get Johnny on the phone?"

"No need for that, I'm already here," Johnny says, walking into the room with an angry look on his face.  "What's going on here?"

"Why don't you ask Terrence," Rory says, walking over to the window.

"Alright Terrence, what's going on here?"  Johnny asks, walking closer to the man.

"Justin attacked me!"  Terrence screamed, smoothing his suit as Johnny eyed him the same way Lynn had eyed Justin.

"Why did I attack you Terrence huh?  Tell him that," Justin says, walking over to me and wrapping his arms around me.  "Go ahead Terrence, everyone in the room is waiting for the reason why I attacked you"

"I don't have to answer to you Justin," Terrence says as Johnny tapped him on the shoulder.

"You might not have to answer to him, but you do have to answer to me," Johnny told him as Terrence glared at Justin and stomped off like a little child would.

"Justin what did he actually do?"  I ask him as he laid his head on my shoulder, crying softly.

"He didn't want you back here with me," Justin says, kissing my neck.  "He said that you being her distracted me away from my work and that you couldn't stay.  He didn't want you coming along for the rest of the tour."

"Maybe I do distract you baby," I say as he looked up at me and shook his head in the negative.

"Baby you don't distract me," he says, kissing me on the lips now.  "I'd rather be distracted by you than anything else.  And you're not leaving, you're staying right here with me or the tour is over."

"Justin you can't do that," I tell him as he pulled back a lil ways and shook his head.

"I can and I will if anyone tries to do anything to take you away from me right now.  I'm not going to put anything before you ever again and I mean that baby.  That includes my career, fame and fortune.  You're more important to me than all that other stuff.  I love you Nicky Timberlake-Carter."

"I love you too Justin Timberlake-Carter," I say as Lynn clears her throat.

"That's all good, but Justin you still have a job to do.  If we don't get on the road soon, you'll be a day behind," Lynn says as Justin shook his head.

"We can leave as soon as Johnny says Terrence is fired," Justin says, looking at Johnny as all the eyes in the room were on him now.  "Well?  If he's not fired, I'm not going anywhere."

"Justin you're putting me in a tight spot here.  He's one of the best tour managers I have.  I just can't fire him," Johnny says, looking at Justin now.

"Well you can fire him from this tour, send him someplace else.  I don't want him here around me and Nicky.  You either assign someone else here for the tour or the two of us are jumping a plane to Hawaii and starting our holiday vacation early."

"You have one more show Justin.  Can't he stay for that show and then when the tour starts back up, you'll have another tour manager then?"  Johnny asks, looking at Lynn for a little bit of help.

"He needs to apologize and in front of all of us.  We all deserve an apology from him.  If he can do that, then he can stay," Justin tells him as he lets out a breath and turns around.

"I'll go talk to him, but during that time, you all need to be getting ready to leave.  All of you should've been gone over seven hours ago," Johnny says, walking towards the door.

"Come on guys, let's get ready to roll," Justin says as everyone in the room started fanning out to go in different directions to go get ready to leave.

Later that Evening -- JT's House

Lance's POV

I can't believe Mrs. Norris was right again.  She and JT must be really close for her to know so much about him and his moods.  Sometimes I wonder if she's related to him or something.  Nah, that can't be the case, he doesn't call her by her name or anything; he's always calling her Mrs. Norris.  Regardless, she knows him very well and I'm glad she does.  We've been here in his office curled up on the sofa with him in my arms and his laptop in his lap.  When I came in here, he was crying about all the stress he's endured for a while.  After reassuring him that things were going to be alright, he settled with me on the sofa and got back to work.  Every now and then he would stop to kiss me or pet the cat, but he's still working.  Whatever it is, I hope Tri-Star© likes it.

"Whew, I'm almost done.  What's on your mind Lance?"  He asks me as he closed the laptop and placed it on the table.

"Just thinking about how much I love you," I tell him, kissing his neck as he starts to giggle.

"Is that really what you were thinking about Lance?"  He asks, still laughing as Miss Kitty jumped down to the floor and started meowing loudly again.  "Chile be quiet, you getting on my nerves.  I know you have food in the kitchen.  What's your problem?"

"Baby she's not hungry, she wants to play," I tell him as he looked at me strangely.

"How do you know that?"  He asks me.

"She's not licking her paw and she's not sticking her tongue out.  I noticed that when she's hungry, she licks her paw and sticks her tongue out," I tell him as he thought about that for a minute.

"I think you're right.  You know my cat better than I do," he says, frowning.

"No I don't baby.  I just tend to notice things more.  Probably why I'm so anal retentive," I say as he starts laughing at me.

"I don't think retentive is the word to use for you," he says as I looked down at him.

"Then what is a word to use for me then baby?"  I ask him as he smiles up at me.

"I wouldn't use retentive," he says, tapping the side of his head.  "Hmmm, maybe we could say anally happy."

"What is that supposed to mean?"  I ask him as he starts laughing more now.  "Hey!  What do you mean by that baby?"

"I'm sure you already know," he says, getting up off the sofa and running out of the room.

"Baby you need to get back here," I say, getting up too and running behind him.  "Are you calling me a anal sex freak or something?"

"I could be," he says, standing in front of the back door.  "What if I am Lance?  Are you afraid to admit that you, Lance Bass is an anal sex freak?"

"I'm going to get you," I tell him as he raises an eyebrow at me.

"Get me how Lance?"  He asks in a seductive tone, motioning for me to join him over by the door.

"Oh I think you already know how I will get you," I tell him as he tried to keep a straight face and cracked up laughing.

"That was corny as hell man," he says, pulling me closer to him and planting a kiss to my lips, just as the doorbell rang.  "Who the hell could that be?  It better be good, messing up our groove like that."

"I don't know baby, let's go see," I say as we kissed again and walked out of the kitchen, heading to the front door.

"Were you expecting company?"  He asks, looking out the window to see a car outside.

"No baby, not me," I say as he opens the door and both my parents were standing there.  "Oh Fuck!"

"Lance is there something you want to tell us?"  Dad asks as he and mom stood there watching me and JT as I removed my arms from around his waist.

"Well ahhhh...I..." I stutter as JT looks down at the floor and walks away from me.

"Well we're waiting Lance," Mom says as she stood there tapping her foot while watching me.

Somewhere in Georgia -- Justin's Tour Bus -- Justin and Nick's Bedroom

Justin's POV

I'm so glad that we're alone now.  I've wanted to get us alone since early this morning, but people were always around, mainly AJ.  I don't know why he thought it necessary for him to hang around me and Nicky and follow us everywhere we went.  From the cabin, to breakfast, back to Orlando to the hotel, he was like our own personal shadow. He was everywhere with us, I thought maybe Johnny had hired him for part of my security brigade or something.  Oh well, we're alone now and I have my Nicky all to myself.

"Baby are you sleeping?"  I ask him as he moves a bit in my arms.

"Not yet, but I could've been.  It's nice and comfy here in your arms," he tells me, moving around just a little bit and pulling the covers up a little bit more over us.

"Yeah it's comfy with you here with me," I tell him, kissing the top of his head.  "Baby I'm really sorry for how I acted the other night during that interview."

"Its okay baby, its over and done with now," he tells me, rubbing my leg.  "All that matters now is that you saw what you did and fixed things.  We're okay now.  That's all that matters baby."

"Yeah I saw and felt it," I say, remembering how lonely I felt while he was gone.  "If you're not here with me, I'm not me baby."

"I feel the same way baby," he tells me, turning slightly so that we could kiss.

"Mmmm, can I have some more of that?"  I ask him as he smiles at me.

"Sure you can baby, you know you don't have to ask for that," he tells me, leaning back closer as we kissed more.

I loved kissing my husband.  I don't care what no one says.  I'll never get tired of kissing those beautiful lips of his.

Kissing him more, I moved from behind him and pushed him backwards on the bed.  Straddling his hips, I leaned down and kissed him again.  Wanting to tease him a little bit, I sucked his tongue into my mouth, and then held it between my teeth.  As he pulled his tongue back, I gently scraped the length of it with my teeth.

"Mmmm baby," Nick says, the sensation of my teasing, giving him goose bumps.

I looked down at him, admiring the beautiful man that was my husband.  Continuing my teasing of him, I started to move so as my ass would tease his dick.  Joining in on the fun, Nick reached up and started squeezing my nipples between his thumb and forefinger.  I was squirming now, the sensations his fingers sent through my nipples and throughout my boy was giving me pleasure...pleasure that he was experiencing too as I moved around on top of him.  With each new sensation he created for me, I did something to tease him, like adding more pressure to my gyrating hips.  To add to our little game of pleasure-giving, I reached back and started fondling his dick.  Oh yeah, that did the trick.  My baby was moaning loudly now and from the feel of things he was ready to pop a load into me.  He'd been holding that load all day and I'm sure he's ready for some release.

"You want me to fuck you baby?"  He asked me, his voice a little raspy, barely able to get all the words out.  "Is...is that what you want me to do baby?"

"Please," I squeaked out, my voice pitched a little bit louder than what it should be because of my arousal.

"Baby I'm gonna fuck the cum right out of you," he says, pulling me down to his chest as we started to kiss again.  "When I'm done with you, everyone would know that your husband got to you."

"Oh yeah?  What is it that my husband's going to do to me?"  I ask him as he flipped us over with him on top of me.

"I'm gonna give you what you want," he tells me, reaching over me to the pack we kept above the bed, rummaging through it until he found what he was looking for, the bottle of lube we kept up there.

"I want a new house and a new car baby," I tell him, giggling a bit as he looks at me with a smirk on his face.  "You can't give me what I want with your dick baby."

"No?  Well I'm going to sure try to," he says, preparing me with his fingers as he moved in and out of my ass.

"Mmmmm, that feels good baby," I tell him as he removed his fingers and leaned down to kiss me again.

"Ready baby?"  He asks, lying on top of me now as we kissed. 

"I'm ready," I tell him as I felt him slide into me, ever so gently.

Damn, I love the feel of him sliding into me like that.  When we make love, I can't get enough of him.

"Oh God Nicky, faster!"  I scream at him as he started to pump into me faster now.  "Yes!  Oh yes!"

"You like that huh?  I bet you're going to love this," he says, rotating his hips and pulling almost out of me and slamming back into me as he hit my magic button deep inside of me.

He was talking dirty to me now and cursing as we made love.  When he gets like this, I know I'm in for a real good dickdown.

"You love that dick don'tcha?"  He asks, slamming into me faster now.

"Yeah baby, I love your dick!"  I screamed out as he continued to hit my button deep inside me, sending me closer and closer to that brink.

"Tell me you like it baby!  Tell me how you like for me to give it to you!"  He screamed, still pumping into me.

The way he was talking to me right now, told me that he was cycling from not having the right amount of his medication in him.  When he's like this our lovemaking is hot, wild and a lil bit freaky.  He knows I love this, but it could be dangerous for him.

"Ohhhh baby, tell me how you like it!"  He shouts, pushing my legs close to my chest as he was slamming into me deeper now.  "Come on, tell daddy how you like it!"

"I like it just like that daddy, give it to me!"  I screamed out as he sped up his thrusts into me.

Within no time, I felt him tense up and I knew he was getting closer to cumming.  Reaching between us, I started stroking myself and he smacked my hand away.  Taking it upon himself to keep thrusting into me and jacking me off, we were both shaking and experiencing the best orgasm of our lives. Collapsing on top of me, he kissed me again and pulled the covers over us.

"I love you Justin," he says, kissing me again.

"I love you Nicky," I say as we drifted off to sleep in that position.



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.