"You were traveling through space and time...I've been trapped in this world of mine.  You came down from nowhere, you're blowing my mine...Cause I've been waiting patient for a love that's mile high.  Floating over galaxies, we'll fly...You got me, you got me, you got me..."

He Got Me
Chapter 8
by JT Poole

Christmas Eve Morning -- Orlando FL -- JT's House


Why is this darn cat getting on my nerves now?  It's too doggon' early in the morning for her to be wanting something to eat.  Damnit, it's only seven and she's begging already, aw hell naw.  I wish she'd just leave me alone and let me get some more sleep.  I've had a bad week so far and I don't feel like moving.  I tell you the fucking truth...if I didn't love that cat like a child, I'd put her lil ass out the door.

"If you meow like that one mo gen, I'm putting yo lil noisy azz out the doh.  I'm not happy right now and it wouldn't hurt me one fucking bit to throw yo azz out heffa!"  I scream at her as she backed up on the bed, laid back down and covered her head with the blanket.

That's much better.  Laying back down and pulling the covers back up, that lil heffa got started again and this time she's nipping at my toes in the process.  Let me get my damn belt, I'm gon whoop her lil azz.

"Didn't I just tell you to fucking stop?  I don't know what your problem is miss thang, but you going out the damn doh," I say, getting out of the bed, grabbing my robe and picking her up as she climbed up my shirt and laid around my neck and started purring.  "Lawd I don't have time for a sentimental cat."

"Well you should baby," I look up to see Lance standing in the doorway with a smile on his face.

"You!  How in the hell did you get in here Lance?"  I ask him as he looked at me funny.  "Let me get the phone and call the fucking police!  I'm in no mood for this any of this shit today!"

"Baby please calm down," he says, stepping closer to me as I popped him in the jaw, knocking him backwards into the door as Miss Kitty jumped down to the floor and ran over to him.  "Owww!  Baby that hurt!"

"Oh I'm not done yet you creep!"  I scream out at him, going over to the closet and opening the door to get my handy aluminum baseball bat out.  I was pissed and I'm going to take care of things and him right now.

"Baby what're you doing in the closet?"  Lance asks as I turned to look at him as he rubbed his jaw.

"Do you have any last words Lansten?"  I ask him as I closed the door and turned around so that he could see what I was holding in my hand.  "Looks wonderful doesn't it?"

"Ah baby what are you planning on doing with that bat?"  He asks me, sliding back away from me as Miss Kitty jumped up into his lap.

"How dare you come into my house, call me baby and expect me to let you stay in here after what you did!"  I screamed out at him, swatting the bat in my hand now.

"Bab...JT please put the bat down," he says, still moving back along the wall now as I got closer to him and he held up Miss Kitty in front of him like she was a shield or something.

"Don't be trying to use Miss Thang to block your beatdown Lance!  Get the fuck out of my house and now!"  I screamed at him as he flinches a little, still holding the cat up with his eyes closed, not making an effort to move.

"If you're going to beat me down JT then go right ahead and do it," he says, putting Miss Kitty down and getting up off the floor and standing straight up in front of me.

"This must be the blessing I asked for early this morning.  You're making this too easy for me Lance," I say, drawing back with the bat, ready to knock the hell out of him as his hand came up and caressed my cheek.

"Regardless of what you do to me I'm still going to love you JT," he says, closing his eyes again and holding his head down.  "I'll never stop loving you JT, honest I won't.  Not now, not ever baby."

"Whatever Lance," I say as Miss Kitty meowed really loud.  "Hush child, daddy's busy right now."

Before I could do or say anything else to Lance, Miss Kitty was sitting in front of him licking at her paw.  Getting pissed off with her, I did my best to ignore her as I drew my arm back to swing at him.  Looking up at me, she meowed loudly and then started hissing at me.

"Keep that shit up Miss Thang and you're going to be homeless," I say, drawing back again as I looked at Lance and stopped, dropping the bat on the floor.  "I can't do it."

"Why?"  He asks, looking up at me now.

"Why did you leave me Lance?  Why?"  I ask him as he looked at me funny again and shook his head.

"Leave you?  I didn't leave you JT, you left me remember?" He says, stepping closer to me.  "You were the one that walked up here, got your stuff and snuck out of the house and left without telling anyone.  After my parents finished their ranting and raving, I told them to leave and they left.  I walked outside and sat on the porch waiting for you to come back and you didn't."

"I had a good fucking reason to leave you Lance," I tell him as she shook his head at me.

"No you didn't have a good reason to leave me JT.  You should've stayed down there with me and helped me stand up to them.  You should've been there to help me show them that we love each other," he says, looking me in the eye now.

"Yeah right man.  You didn't want to show them any fucking thing.  When they were standing in the doorway you couldn't even answer their question about what you were doing here and what was going on," I tell him as he turned around and walked over to the windows in the room.

"You weren't here so you don't know what I told them damnit!"  He shouts at me, glaring at me now.  "You're my lover, soon to be husband and you weren't here to prove to them that me being with you is what I want."

"Is being with me what you really want Lance?"  I ask him now, looking in his direction.  "It comes as a shock to me that when your parents were standing at my front door all you could do was fucking stutter and your words were hard to come out."

"That's right JT it was a shock, a shock to me.  I wasn't expecting my parents to end up on my lover's front porch," he says, turning around now.  "I wasn't' expecting that confrontation with them just yet, but it happened and you left me here to deal with them by myself."

"Well what is it that I missed Lance?"  I ask him as he sat down on the window seat and sighed.

"I told them that if they couldn't accept me and my lover then they had no son to accept," he tells me as I looked up at him and saw the expression on his face.

"Lance..." I say as he shook his head and held up his hand.

"Until they can accept that I love you and am with you, then they don't have a son anymore," he says, getting up and walking towards me and then stops in front of me.  "They told me that as long as I'm gay then I was dead to them."

"I'm...I..." I start but he cut me off.

"They dropped that bomb on me and walked out of the house, leaving me standing there in the doorway crying.  I walked outside and sat on the porch in hopes that you hadn't gone far and you'd be back soon.  Miss Norris saw me outside and she and her dog Killa came over to keep me company while I waited for you," he says, wiping at his eyes now.

"I...I...don't..." I start again but he cut me off yet again.

"No JT, you were gone," he says, looking down again.  "We sat outside on the porch talking until it started getting light outside and still you didn't come back home.  She decided to call it a night and so did I.  I came up here and got in bed in hopes that you would be back soon to join me.  I awoke later on and still you hadn't shown up.  I waited as long as I could but you knew I had business obligations to take care of.  I left you a note and told you I would be back today and did what I needed to do so I can go take care of my meetings."

"You left a note?  I didn't get a note Lance," I tell him as he walked over to the dresser and looked around for a few seconds and then turned around with a piece of paper in his hand.

"Apparently you didn't get it since it's still in the same spot I left it in baby," he says, walking over to where I was again with the note in his hand.  "Here, this explains where I went and when I was coming back."

"I...I see," I say, looking at him apologetically now.  "I'm so sorry Lance.  I didn't know about the note."

"Yeah I know baby," he says as I looked down at the floor and turned around, looking at the bat lying there.  "Oh God, I'm a mean boyfriend."

"You're not a bad boyfriend baby," he says, turning me around to face him and lifting my chin so he could look into my eyes.

"I am too a bad boyfriend Lance," I say, trying to pull away from him as he wrapped  his arms around me and pulled me back to him.  "I could've beaten you to death with my bat or something."

"I know you could've baby but you didn't," he says, looking deep into my eyes now as we kissed tenderly.  "I knew you wouldn't hurt me baby."

"But what if I did Lance?  I would've never gotten over that.  Here I was blaming you, hating you for leaving me and you were never really gone," I say as I started crying and laid my head on his shoulder.

"It's going to be alright baby," he says as Miss Kitty decided it was time for her to speak up this time.  "Even Miss Kitty agrees with me."

"So what do we do now?"  I ask him.

"We get ready to celebrate baby," he tells me as he kissed the corner of my mouth and caressed my cheek.

"Celebrate?  What are we celebrating baby?"  I ask him, looking at him funny now.

"We're going to celebrate the holidays baby.  If you haven't forgotten, it is the Christmas season.  Since I'm not working and I'm not going to be hanging around with my parents, I might as well do the holiday thing with my loving boyfriend," he says, kissing me on the mouth now.

"I'm not a loving boyfriend," I say as Lance grabbed my hand and kissed the palm.

"Shut up baby, you are to loving," he says, wrapping his arms around me again and hugging me as his hands slid down to my ass and squeezed.  "It was only a small mishap baby and it's over and done with.  Stop dwelling on it please."

"Yeah right," I say as he shook his head again and bent down to pick up Miss Kitty.

"Come on," he says, pulling me out of the room as we headed down the stairs to see Miss Norris sitting in the living room.

"Good morning Miss Norris," I say, looking at her and then up to him.  "Did I miss something here?"

"You shole did boy," Miss Norris says, getting up from her seat.  "You need your behind beat for leaving yo man here all by himself hurtin the way you did."

"Excuse me?"  I say as she hit me on the leg with her cane.  "Owww!"

"Don't sass me boy," she says, walking around the table and standing besides Lance and Miss Kitty.  "You blew outta here the other night and left him here to face his momma and daddy alone.  You shoulda been here to support him."

"I know I should have Miss Norris," I say, looking down at the floor now as Miss Norris pops me on the arm this time.

"This man loves you and you have the nerve to jump up and leave him like you did," Miss Norris tells me, sitting back down and holding her chest.  "Don't make me put Killa on you."

"You keep Killa in his cage in the backyard," I tell her as she glares at me.

"He'll stay there as long as you do right by this young man here," she says, patting Lance on the back.  "It's after eleven; it's time to get this show on the ball."

"Show?  What show?"  I ask, looking at Lance as he handed Miss Kitty over to Miss Norris.

"We're going to have our very own Christmas here together," Lance says, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me on the cheek.

"How do you suppose we do that?"  I ask him as he smiles at me.

"We're going to start cooking our Christmas dinner today and Miss Norris and Miss Kitty are going to decorate the tree," Lance says as I looked at him funny.

"Ah Lance I don't have a tree," I say as Miss Norris clears her throat.

"Well sonny boy you do now," she says, pointing to the tree in the corner of the room.  "Now you two get on in that kitchen and get to work."

"Well I...I don't know what to say," I say as Miss Norris starts laughing.

"Just tell him you love him and get on in that kitchen," she says, putting Miss Kitty down on the floor.

"I love you Lance," I say as we kissed again and walked into the kitchen.

On the Outskirts of Orlando, FL

"Stop it Ross," Parry says, pushing Ross' shoulder.  "It's not like I don't let you get your way all the time.  If I didn't love you so much I'd totally kick your ass.  Now turn the radio station back to where I had it."

"Baby I don't want to listen to that funk shit," Ross says, sliding a CD into the player.  "I think it's time for some Lil' Kim."

"Oh you just wait until we get to JT's house.  I'm going to tell him what you're doing to me and we're going to whoop your ass," Parry says, pouting now.

"Tell him what I said; I don't really care any ole way Parry.  He's not going to beat on me because you say so," Ross says, leaning over and kissing Parry's lips.

"Oh yeah he will," Parry says, pouting now.  "You know he doesn't like you very much."

"Yeah I know he doesn't, but I'm with you now and he needs to get over that crap.  I can't help it that I don't love his friend," Ross says, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Well I'm glad you don't love Rider and love me," Parry says, smiling now as he stopped at a red light.  "Straighten up, we're almost there."

"I'm fine the way I am.  It's not like he's doing anything there.  He does the same thing every year," Ross says, opening the glove compartment and placing his cell phone inside.  "We need to set him up on a date."

"I tried that already and it failed miserably," Parry says, shaking his head.  "I know not to ever do that again."

"Who did you set him up with?"  Ross asks as he turned his attention back to Parry as they pulled up to JT's house.

"I set him up with Chad Allen and let's just say Chad broke his heart big time," Parry says, frowning.

"How did that happen?"  Ross asks, taking his seatbelt off.

"Chad was cheating on him," Parry tells him.  "When JT found out about what was going on, he tried to kill himself and his grandmother put him in a mental hospital."

"I thought he didn't have any family," Ross says, leaning over the backside to grab a bag.

"His grandmother lives across the street," Parry says, pointing across the street to Miss Norris' house.

"That little mean ole lady is his grandmother?"  Ross asks, looking at Parry now.

"Yeah she is, but I suggest you not say that around him or her," Parry says as Ross smiled and held up his hands.

"I'm crazy, but not that crazy," Ross says, leaning closer to Parry and kissing him on the mouth.  "I love you Parry and don't you forget it."

"I love you too Ross," Parry says as he and Ross got out of the car and walked up to the porch.

Inside of JT's House

"Oh lawd I can't feel my back no more," Miss Norris says, walking over to the sofa and sitting down as Miss Kitty jumped into her lap.  "I take it that you're tired too Miss Kitty.  I wonder what your daddies are doing in there.  I thought they would've came back in here to rest, but they have yet to leave the kitchen that I know of


"Okay the turkey's in the oven and the collard greens are cooking," JT says, walking out of the kitchen with Lance following him.

"What all is left to be done boys?"  Miss Norris asks as there's a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," Lance says, turning around and walking towards the front door.

"Well we got everything taken care of except for the desserts," JT says as Lance walked around the corner with two gentlemen following him.

"Baby do you know these guys?"  Lance asks as JT looked up at him.

"Parry!"  JT squealed, jumping up off the sofa and running towards the first man.  "What are you doing here?"

"Well we're here to help you celebrate the holidays," Parry says as Lance just stood there watching the interaction between his lover and the other man.  "Hello Grandma Norris."

"Hello chile," Miss Norris says as Lance looked at Parry strangely.

"How are you doing?  Is your bum of a grandson here keeping you on your feet?"  Parry asks as Lance crossed his arms this time.

"He always keep me on my feet," Miss Norris says as she gets up and hugs Parry.  "What are you doing here with that lug over there?  What happened to your wife Kim?"

"We separated and well I sorta...sorta figured out I was gay and like men like homeboy here," Parry says, smiling weakly at Miss Norris.

"What!  What about that little baby of yours?"  Miss Norris asks, smacking Parry on the back now.

"Owww Grandma," Parry says, moving away from Miss Norris.  "Avery is with her for right now but when we finalize the divorce, I'm going to request that we share custody of her."

"Chile how you gon ask for custody of that little baby?  Like him, the judge isn't going to give you custody of your baby," Miss Norris says as Lance's eyes got big as he got back up.

"Excuse me but I seem to be out of the loop on a whole lot of stuff," Lance says, standing in front of JT and Parry now.  "I'm totally confused here."

"How so?"  Parry asks, stepping away from JT and looking around at Lance now.

"Miss Norris you're JT's grandmother?"  Lance asks, turning to look at Miss Norris.  "JT do you have a child?"

"Yes I'm his grandmother," Miss Norris answers him.

"Yes I have a child," JT replies, averting his eyes from Lance and glaring at Parry.

"What!  Why do you call her Miss Norris and not grandma or grandmother or something?"  Lance asks, stepping closer to JT.  "Now I know what the connection is between you two and why you were here to help him out when I hurt him."

"You hurt him?  What did you do to him?"  Parry asks, getting defensive now.

"Parry calm down," JT says, stepping in between Lance and Parry.

"Did he hurt you like Chad did?"  Parry asks as Ross stepped closer to him and wrapped his arms around him, holding him in place.

"No Parry, not that I know," JT says, looking down at the floor.  "Why did you have to bring that up?"

"I don't want to see you hurt again JT and I definitely don't want you locked away again," Parry says as JT's head shot up and Lance and Miss Norris looked up at him.  "Why are you two looking at me like that?"

"Parry just be...be quiet," JT says with tears in his eyes.

"No I'm not going to be quiet!  I don't want this creep hurting you," Parry says as JT turned and took off up the stairs.

"Look what you've done," Miss Norris says, hitting Parry on the arm.

"I'm sorry Miss Norris," Parry says, looking down at the floor.

"I don't know what's going on, but who ever you are, you best hope that he's alright!"  Lance screamed, going up the stairs.

Up in JT's Room


Is this day going to get any better than this?  Why is this happening to me and why in the hell did Parry come in here and bring up the fucking past?  I haven't thought about Chad in I don't know how long and all it took was five fucking minutes and I remember everything that went on.  I can't deal with this and I'm sure I'll end right back up at Georgia Regional Hospital for the Mentally Challenged and Insane.  What the hell am I gonna do now?

"Baby are you alright?"  Lance asked, walking into the room with Miss Kitty following behind him and then jumping up on the bed and purring loudly.

"I don't want to talk right now," I tell him as he looked down at the floor as Miss Norris stepped into the room behind him.

"Boy you better talk to your man," Miss Norris says, glaring at me now with her cane pointed at me.

"Ella I'm not in the mood.  Why are you looking at me like that?"  I ask her as she waved her cane at me like she wanted to hit me.

"Boy don't make me beat you with this hur cane," she says as she walked over to me.  "Tell him...tell him everything and now."

"I don't think that's necessary Miss Norris," Lance says, looking away from me now.

"Do you love him Lance?"  Miss Norris asks him.  "Don't you want to marry him?"

"Yes I love him and I want to marry him but I don't think this is necessary," Lance tells her as she shook her head.

"It is necessary," she says, looking at me again.  "Now tell him boy or I will."

"I said I don't want to talk right now," I say as she caned me on the leg.  "Owww!"

"Now talk!  This matter doesn't need to be left up in the air.  You tell him about Chad, you tell him about what happened afterwards, all of it and you tell him about your son Ryan," she says as she grabbed Miss Kitty and walked out of the room.


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I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.