"How deep is your love...How deep is your love...I really need to learn...'Cuz we're living in a world of fools...Breaking us down...When they all should let us be...We belong to you and me," N Sync

How Deep Is Your Love
Chapter 42
by JT Poole

Feb 14, 2006 Memphis, TN The Harless Residence

Justin's POV

Oh my God!  I finally got married to the man I love and I can actually say I'm the happiest man on the planet as of now.  The two of us have been waiting for so long for this moment to happen and it just happened.  I know because of me the day started off a little bit strained but I got over my butterflies and I took that big leap into wedded bliss.  I'm so happy and I'm sure Howard is too.  Just by looking into his eyes I can tell that nothing anyone else can do right now can compare to what just happened between the two of us.  Thank you God for allowing me to get past my issues and stop being afraid of life.

"I love you Howard," I tell him as we kissed again.

"We've been in here for far too long baby.  We'd best hurry up and finish up before they all think we're in here doing something nasty in here," he says, smiling at me and then turning around to adjust his clothing in the mirror.

"If we were doing something it is our wedding day baby.  We can fool around if we want," I tell him as he smiles up at me.

"True baby but we have a reception full of people to get to downstairs.  We have a whole lot of people waiting for us to make another appearance and you know they want to see us again.  You know the guys are going to complain about how long it took us to get to this point so we might as well face the music," he says, wrapping his arms around me now.

"Let them complain baby.  I've heard a few people say it already that it was about time that we got married.  By the way mom and dad were looking, they're happy about it too.  Probably glad I won't be whining about it any longer," I tell him as someone knocked on the door.  "Yes?"

"Don't make me come in there and hose you guys down.  Ya'll need to get out of there right now.  We don't have time to wait for you guys to finish up doing the nasty.  Some of us have lives to get back to you know," JT, Howard's best friend says as Howard walked over and opened the door.

"We weren't doing the nasty bub.  We'll do that later on tonight or when everyone leaves," Howard says, hugging JT.  "I'm glad you could make it today.  I so loved the song you sang for us.  I had no idea you could sing like that."

"Well you should listen a little more often when you're at my place," JT tells him as he walked over and hugged me too.  "Welcome to our little dysfunctional family Mister Timberlake or should I be calling you Mister Marshall now?"

"You can still call me Justin," I tell him as Howard smiled at me.  "I have yet to figure out which name I'm going to use just yet."

"Doesn't matter man we all know you're married to lunkhead here now and I'm sure he's not going to let any of us forget about it.  You're stuck now and he's not going to let you get away now," JT says as Howard stuck out his tongue at JT and then walked over and pulled me into his arms.

"Nope, I'm not letting him get away for anything in the world mister.  I'll screamed that from the highest mountain," Howard says as we all walked out of the room.  "So when are you and Matt going to tie the knot JT?  You two have been hot and strong for a long while now."

"I don't really know Howard.  He made comments about that during the ceremony but I don't know.  You know my past and you know how I feel about just jumping into things," JT says as we got to the stairs and looked over the railing to see that the whole downstairs area seemed to be full of people crowded into Mom's living room waiting on us.

"I told you guys we were actually waiting on you to come down," JT says as we walked down the stairs as everyone started congratulating us on finally getting married.  Talk about happy and relieved faces.

Brian's POV

It seems just like it was yesterday when me and Joey got married.  With everyone being here like they are, it reminds me our me and Joey's ceremony last year.  I'm just glad Justin has finally gotten married.  That boy has been getting on everyone's nerves for I don't know how long with the whining and carrying on.  Today he finally took that step and the whining and crying ends.  If I'd known we'd have to wait this long I'd tied him up a long time ago and stood him in front of the altar and made him get married the first time he had us all gathered here.

"Baby what are you thinking about?"  Joey asks me, walking up to me with a glass of soda and Baylee in his arms.

"I'm thinking about how glad I am that Justin and Howard are married," I answered him.  "Those two have pulled us together too many times in the past just to get this one thing accomplished."

"Yeah I know baby and believe me they are happy about this too," he says, pointing to Justin and Howard in the center of the room dancing.

"I'm sure everyone here is glad they got married today," I say as Joey starts laughing as Baylee perked up and got fussy.  "Baylee what's wrong?"

"Me thirstee," he says as Joey shook his head.

"He's like a sponge baby," Joey says, handing me his glass.  "He drunk a whole bottle of juice before I put him down for his nap."

"He is a growing boy baby," I say as I took Baylee from him so he could stand on his own.

"He's only three and a half years old and he's eating and drinking like he was a teenager or something," Joey says, kissing me on the  mouth and then turning around to go get something for Baylee.

"Did you have a good nap buddy?"  I ask him as he shook his head in the negative.

"What?  Why didn't you have a good nap son?"  I ask him as he looked up at me and then looked away.  "What's wrong son?"

"I keep havin' bad dreams about you gettin' hurt daddee," he says, looking down now.  "I don't want you ta die."

"I'm not gonna die buddy," I tell him, pulling him into my arms and hugging him to my chest as I start to wonder why he was having the nightmares again now.

"Is there something wrong baby?"  Joey asks as he was back with something to drink for Baylee.

"I think daddee gonna die," Baylee says, pulling away from me and wrapping his arms around Joey's legs.  "Don't let him die papa."

"Why you think your daddy is gonna die?"  Joey asks, kneeling down next to Baylee now and hugging him.

"I saw it in my dream," he replies as Joey looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Cause it happens in your dream honey doesn't mean its going to happen," Joey tells him as he shook his head.

"It's gonna happen and the bad lady is going to do it," Baylee says as he hugged on to Joey tighter now.

"Why don't we take him back upstairs," I say as Joey picked him up.

"What is that really going to solve baby?"  Joey asks, looking at me closely now as he spots Lance walking over in the corner.

"I don't know baby," I say, not knowing what to do to help my son.

"Maybe it's time we got a therapist involved," he says, rubbing Baylee's back as he cried.

"I don't want him going to see a therapist baby.  I don't want him to think that he's crazy or something," I say as Joey shook his head.

"He won't think he's crazy baby," Joey says, closing his eyes now as I could see that he was trying to calm himself down.  "We can't help him by ourselves baby.  He's been having these nightmares off and on.  I think we need to get him professional help if we want the dreams to stop."

"I don't know," I say as he sighs and we walk up the stairs to the room Lynn had put the three of us in.

About Two Hours Later Outside on the Patio


The wedding was beautiful and I'm so happy for the two of them right now.  Those two have been through some things throughout the course of their relationship that would probably make other people call it quits.  But through it all, they've withstood everything and stayed together and now today they've finally gotten married.  That's what I call making a relationship last.  I'm happy for Justin and all that he's accomplished with being with Howard.  I salute him.

The wedding was so beautiful and Justin looked so handsome standing up there next to Howard the way he was.  If I knew back then what I know now about how things were going to turn out with Nick, I wouldn't have pushed Justin away from me the way I did.  Why am I always getting the shorter end of the stick?

"Hi Josh, what're you doing out here while the party's in there," I hear Lance say, walking up behind me and holding my hand.

"I don't feel like partying right now Scoop," I tell him as he frowns.

"Why not Josh?  Does this have something to do with Nick being over there with him and not here with you?"  He asks me as I turn around to see Nick over in a corner talking with Matt Damon.

"No it doesn't have anything to do with Nick," I say as Lance shook his head.

"Likely story Josh," he says, turning me around to look me in the face.  "It's written all over your face.  Why aren't you even trying to hold on to a guy like him?  He's already proved that he's not in love with you anymore.  Why not just give someone else a chance to love you Josh?"

"Someone like who Scoop, you?"  I ask him as he looked down.  "You had your chance Scoop and you let me down just like he's letting me down now.  You couldn't make up your mind between me and fucking Kelly."

"That's not true Josh and you know it," he says, trying to pull me closer to him as I pushed him back.  "Josh?"

"No Scoop, I'm not going to fall for that line again," I tell him as he looked back down at the floor.

"It wasn't a line Josh," he says, lifting my chin to look at him.  "I was always truthful to you."

"Truthful and faithful are not words in your vocabulary.  Those words mean absolutely nothing to you Scoop.  I don't know how I was so stupid to ever get involved with you," I say as I pushed him back against the wall and walked back into the house to get my things to leave.

Back Inside

Matt's POV

Why do I feel like I'm being hit on over here?  I'm trying to be nice but Nick Carter is just taking things in that department for granted.  I don't really get why he's over here talking with me when he should be over there with his boyfriend Josh that's looking very very depressed.  For over an hour now, Nick has been here with me, ignoring his boyfriend and the other people that have said anything to him.  I don't mind really but he's been talking about nothing in particular and it's gotten boring.  Each time I leave him to go talk to other people he ends right back up in front of me with again firing off those spur of the moment random topics of nothingness that don't really make any sense.

It's getting late and the reception is winding down and I don't really know what to do about getting rid of him.  I've tried on numerous occasions to get away from him but he keeps on coming back.  He's like one of that damn Energizerc Bunny, he just keeps going and going and its gotten way past boring.  To me, it's like he's doing little things on purpose to keep me over here with him talking, but I have to put an end to this.  Where is JT when I really need him?

"It's getting late and it's time for me to call it a night.  I better collect my fiancee so that we can get back to our hotel and rest up so we can fly back home tomorrow," I say as Nick's eyes went wide.

"Your fiancee?  I wasn't aware you had a fiancee," Nick says as I spot JT and motion for him to come over to where we were.  "So You two are going to get married?  When?"

"Yeah we're going to get married," I say, wrapping my arms around JT and kissing him on the cheek.  "We haven't set a date yet but we're heading down the road to wedded delight sooner or later.  Only God knows when we will stand before him and pledge our love."

"Oh baby that's so nice to hear," JT says, looking at me strangely now as I lean into him and whisper into his ear that he should play along.  "This is Howard and Justin's day, you weren't supposed to tell that just yet."

"Well baby it slipped out," I say, kissing him on the cheek again.  "I'm sorry baby."

"No need to be sorry handsome," he says, looking at Nick as his expression changed.

"Congratulations then," Nick says, smiling at the two of us weakly as he extended his hands to both of us.

"Thanks," both of us say in unison.

"Baby it's getting late.  I think we should be getting back to the hotel.  You know our flight leaves bright and early," I say as Nick smiled and walked away from the two of us.

"What was that all about Matt?"  JT asked, turning to look at me closely.  "Did I miss something baby?"

"Nick Carter dominated the whole evening flirting with me I think," I tell him as his eyes went wide this time.

"He did what?"  He says, fuming a bit as I pulled him to me and kissed him.

"Calm down baby.  You don't have to worry about anything Nick Carter does or says.  There's nothing he can say or do to get me away from you baby, it'll never happen.  You're stuck with me forever," I tell him, kissing him again.  "Marry me JT.  Marry me and make me the happiest man on the galaxy."

"Y-you want to marry me for real?"  He asks as I nod my head and get down on one knee in front of him, holding his hand. 

"Would you, JT Poole make me the happiest man in the world and become my husband?"  I ask him as he smiles at me and nod his head wildly as I got up and hugged him.  "I love you baby."

"I love you," he says as we kissed being caught off guard when Justin's mother Lynn started clapping behind us.

"Congratulations you two," she says, hugging JT and then hugging me.  "You two are a beautiful couple."

"Thank you Lynn," he says as word of our engagement spread throughout the house and applause went out all around.

I'm glad that the announcement of our future marriage is out in the open now.  Maybe I won't have to be subjected to the mediocre ramblings of Nick Carter ever ever again.

A Little After Midnight Justin's Cottage The Bedroom

"We're finally alone baby," Howard says, walking up behind Justin and kissing his neck.  "I thought the guys were going to stay here with us all night."

"I don't think they wanted to see my bad side baby.  They knew what was good for them," Justin says, turning around in Howard's arms and kissing him on the mouth.  "It's already after midnight and I think it's time we got our swerve on and get our honeymoon started."

"I just love it when you talk ghetto like that baby," Howard says, pulling Justin closer as the two of them kissed again.

"I love it when you hold me close like this baby," Justin tells him as he started unbuttoning Howard's shirt and pushing it down his body.  "Let's get rid of this right here."

"What do you want me to do with it?"  Howard asks as Justin pushed him backwards towards the bed while taking off his own shirt.

"I want you to take it off and get naked baby," Justin says, unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down as he stepped out of them and jumped on the bed on top of Howard, straddling his hips.

"Come on baby slow down," Howard says, kissing Justin's neck now.  "We have our whole lives ahead of us."

"I know baby but I can't wait that long to be with you," Justin says as Howard starts laughing.

"Well wait a few minutes more," Howard says, leaning back on the bed to get something that JT had left for them.  "JT and Matt left this for us and said we should use it tonight."

"What is it baby?"  Justin asks.

"Matt said something about sex toys but I don't know," Howard replies, taking the paper off of the box he had in his hand, revealing an arsenal of dildos, DVDs and other assorted items.  "Oh God baby there's a whole lot of junk in here."

"Oh then remind me later on to thank them," Justin says, pushing the box out of Howard's arms.

"Oh baby, you're so beautiful," Howard says, attacking Justin's neck now.

"Oh Howard, baby, I want you to fuck me," Justin says, grabbing Howard's ass.  "We can make love later on, I want the pure animalistic you and now!"

"You don't have to tell me twice baby," Howard says, pushing Justin back on the bed and standing up so he could remove his boxers now.

"Hurry up baby I can't hold out much longer.  I need you in me," Justin says, licking his lips now as Howard crawled on the bed up to him.

"Oh yeah baby, what do you want to do first?"  Howard asks, leaning closer to Justin, allowing his tongue to snake out and touch the tip of Justin's nose.

"You know what I want baby," Justin says, sliding down on the bed as he got between Howard's legs and started playing with his dick.  "This right here is what I've been waiting for all day."

"I've been waiting all day to give it to you baby," Howard says as Justin starts mouthing his dick, but not actually sucking on it.  "Let's get you ready baby."

"Come on then baby, get me ready," Justin says, lying back on the bed as Howard lied down in front of him, moving in between his legs.  "Ohh yeah baby suck me."

While sucking Justin's dick, Howard lifted Justin's leg to get access to his asshole.  Justin noticing what he was doing grabbed Howard's hand and started sucking on his index and middle fingers.  Getting them good and wet, Justin moaned when Howard inserted those very two fingers into his ass.

"Mmmm yes baby," Justin moaned as his dick slipped out of Howard's mouth.

"Oh baby," Howard says, jabbing his fingers in and out of Justin's hold, causing him to squirm about on the bed as he continued to moan.

Just as Justin was getting used to the sensation of Howard's fingers buried deep within his ass, the sensation stopped and Justin was left empty.  Before Justin could protest, he was surprised when the empty sensation was replaced with something small and wet.  Looking down he saw that Howard was using his tongue.

"Oh God Howard, please don't stop.  That feels so wonderful," Justin moaned out, spreading his asscheeks wider for Howard.

"Oh baby the best is yet to come," Howard tells him as he reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube from the box that Matt and JT had left them.  "We're going to fuck until neither one of us can walk straight."

"Baby we're not straight anyway," Justin says, laughing as Howard inserted a finger back into his ass causing him to gasp and then moan.  "Oh God baby I want the real thing."

"In time baby, in time," Howard says, pulling the protective seal off of the bottle.  "I'm gonna ride you until the sun comes up."

"Don't talk about it baby just go ahead and do it," Justin growled, getting up on his hands and knees and wiggled his ass at Howard.  "It's all for your baby, all you have to do it take it.  Come on Howard, come on and fuck me."

Justin was starting to enjoy teasing Howard this was in hopes of it would peak his interests a little bit faster and get things started.  Before Justin could make another move, Howard had pushed him down on the bed hard with his stomach to the sheets as Howard laid down on top of him and inserted his whole entire length into him and then started thrusting hard and fast.

"Shit yeah baby!  Fuck me Howard don't stop!"  Justin screamed out, moving his ass to meet Howard's thrusts.

Both of them could do nothing but moan and groan as they were overcome by the pleasure they were giving each other.  As Howard continued to thrust deep into Justin's ass, Justin decided to put a little twist on things and got up on his knees, raising his ass up to give Howard a different angle to fuck him in.

"Oh yeah baby fuck me damnit!  Fuck that ass like you mean it!  Come on baby fuck me!"  Justin screamed out as he started stroking his dick in time with Howard's thrusts.

"Baby at the rate we're going you're going to make me cum doing that," Howard says while Justin bounces back and forth faster now meeting him thrust for thrust.

"I want to feel your cum deep within me baby!  Do it!  I'm cumming for you baby!"  Justin screamed out as he started shooting ropes of cum in his hand and on the bed sheets.  "Oh God Howard I can feel you...you're getting bigger in me."

"Baby I'm cumming!  I can't hold it back!"  Howard screamed as he started cumming too.

"Do it baby do it!  Let that juice flow into me!"  Justin screamed out as he collapsed down on the bed with Howard falling on his back.

"Baby...oh God...shit yeah...that...was...totally...wonderful," Howard says, kissing the back of Justin's neck now.

"God yes it was baby.  Thank you for this, it was just what I needed," Justin says, turning his body so that he could kiss Howard's lips.

"I think I needed this more than you did," Howard says, pulling out of Justin and laying down besides him.  "I think we best call it a night so we can get up on time to get JT and Matt to the airport."

"Might as well, you've drained me," Justin says, rolling over in bed and draping his arm across Howard's chest.  "Love you."

"Love you baby," Howard says as he reached over and turned off the light in the room as Justin pulled the covers over them.


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I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.