Hey guys I'm back finally. Living the big life in NY city pretty cool here I hope to have some more regular installments of the story more frequently. I hope you enjoy. Ok now the boring stuff This is Fiction I do not know any of the celebrities or any of their sexual orientations if this offends anyone don't read it.

Moon river wider than a mile I'm crossing you in style some day. Oh Dream maker You heart breaker wherever your going I'm going your way. Two Drifters off to the see the world, there such a lot of world to see. We're after that same rainbow end waiting around the bend my huckleberry friend Moon river and me.

Lance stopped his strumming of the guitar and just stared at Caleb for a moment trying to gather some inner strength before speaking. "Caleb I wish you would wake up for me the doctors say your white count is down so that means no more infection. If you would just wake up they can take the breathing tube out. I am not ready for you to go. I don't want the last words between us to have been in anger. I don't think I could deal with that. Jake wants to have you there when he graduates. Bastion need you to teach him all the gay things that Brian will never grasp. Mel still needs you as does Nick not to mention those grandsons of yours. They need a cool Granddad. We all need you. The house has gotten pretty full I'm not sure if you realize it. All the people who have been here to see you. Howie and Lily, Josh and Britney are here too and you should see little JJ he getting so big and he has the prettiest smile you have ever seen. And its not just his god father saying that. Julia and Danny have left gone to spend some time with the kids but they said they would be back as soon as they could. Logan and Joey are here with Leighanne as well. We still haven't gotten in touch with Chris yet. I talked to AJ today, both he and Kevin are out here. I have good news Kevin spoke with the doctors and had his medical file sent over it looks like he can be your donor. They will have to do some final tests. I am sure you already knew this though didn't you.

I know you wondering how I'm doing and I don't know really. I haven't slept much lately just been going on steam I guess. I wish I could touch your hand Caleb I hate this bubble they have you in. Not being able to hold you in my arms. The reason I haven't slept is that I fear of what might happen. Look what happened the last time I did. I do love you Caleb with all my heart and I'm sorry about our fight. I just need you to wake up sweetie. Oh what am I doing your going to wake up when its time no begging on my part will make it happen. Oh I thought you would like to know Logan and Joey have organized a concert at the Hollywood bowl to raise money for bone marrow transplant. Got a bunch of people to sign on. Its supposed to take place tonight that's why I am here earlier I might be late getting back to see you. You see the guys convinced me to sing again. I know its been years I think I sound ok but you know. Don't worry we won't let you be alone. Justin wanted to come see you so he and Jake are going to come and sit and talk with you. We arranged the show to be live on HBO and we got the room a special feed so you can watch the whole thing behind the scenes and all. It should remind you of the old days being on tour with us. I'm not going to tell you what I'm singing although I think you will like it, actually I know you will like it. See that cause I know that about you."

Just then the room door opened

"Oh hello Mr. Sark"

"Hey Joseph. I was just telling Caleb about the concert tonight. You sure you don't want to come I can get you tickets.Its the least I can do for the great job your doing."

"I appreciate the offer but I work until midnight tonight they are short staffed. I will try and catch it on the TV I hear the room was wired to receive the signal. "

"Yeah Jake will be by and he and Justin will watch it and hang with Caleb. I better go, bye Caleb, Jake and Justin will be over later." I lay my hands against the bubble and head out. Slipping out the back entrance I get into the waiting limo and take it to the bowl. It was an uneventful trip sometimes it was nice just to sit back and let others do the driving. Before I knew it we were at the bowl and the driver was letting me out. Running in I knew we didn't have much time before the start I could hear the crowds showing up at the main entrance. The concert had sold out in over 45 minutes. Of course it would with the line up of stars that we manged to get to perform. Madonna to Roscoe Flatts. Not to mention myself performing I was nervous I hadn't sang in years on top of that I was performing solo. I was also opening the show. God this was not the way to get back into performing. "Hey Doris I'm ready for make up."

"Well Its about time Your pulling it a little close aren't you."

"Yeah but I had to see Caleb first there is still plenty of time to get ready I just need to get dressed and I'm ready."

"Well if you say so but you've been very popular lot's of people have been looking for you. In fact one person in particular has been searching the last hour or so."


"Kevin, he looks like a nervous wreck. So how is your man doing tonight?"

"Well no real changes that you can see but his infection is gone normal white count and temperature and it looks like he has gone 72 hours without a seizure."

"Well that's great to hear Lance. Well I am sure he would enjoy the concert that you guys are doing. Who's with him tonight."

"Well Jake and Justin and we have the TV in his room set up to see the show. I don't know if it makes a difference but I think it does and want him to experience it."

"Does he know what your doing and wearing." she laughed.

"No I wouldn't tell him"

Well it should be interesting I don't think I even recognize you. The makeup is intense darling and I never realized you had those piercing."

"Oh those yeah I don't wear them all the time but I still have the holes so I thought they would work tonight. "

"Definitely intense Lance so how do you want the hair."

"do it up into a faux hawk"

"Will do." With that I sat back and watched as Doris cut and styled my hair up and applied lots of product. My hair being short helped it didn't take long to get it done. Looking in the mirror I liked what I saw. Not bad for an old man I thought still young and sexy. Getting up I went next door to grab my costume I was surprised I didn't see anyone else getting ready. Grabbing the pair of jean I pulled them on and pulled on my boots finally grabbed a wife beater and began throwing on some of the bracelets on the table. The wife beater showed off my body and the tattoos that I normally didn't show of in public any more. Looking at my self I had flash backs to that time right after Caleb had gone missing I had spun out of control. Is this what I will become if it happens again.

"Wow Looking fucking hot there man. You are just so fuckable."

I turned to see Logan standing in the doorway leaning against the jam smiling at me and licking his lips playfully.

"Well you will just have to lust from a distance I am taken by a fabulous man. And I assume Joey doesn't like you to play."

"That's right Joey doesn't let him play" Joey appeared behind Logan and reached around his waist pulling him tight.

"Jealous much are we." I commented

"Wow Lance you are looking so fuckable" Joey spoke Logan and I just laughed.

"See my man agrees maybe we can have a threesome" Logan wagged his eye brows.

"I think not. You perverts want to leave me alone to practice I haven't done this in a while."

"No problem we just hazing you. We wanted to say good luck and see how your visit went" Logan and I are going to head over tomorrow to see him."

"I know he'll like that he is doing better he has no fever or infection any more."

"That's great Lance news."

"Thanks Joey I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow."

"Who's over there now?"

"Its supposed to be Jake and Justin staying with him for a while. Hey has anyone seen Kevin I heard he was looking for me?"

"Yeah he was around earlier. I think he is off rehearsing with the guys. The place is a storm of activity there are so many people here. I can't believe we pulled it off people were falling over themselves to participate."

"Well Caleb has a lot of friends. I'm glad this came together even if we have a donor for him it will help millions of others."

Moon river copyright 1961 Paramount Music Corporation, ASCAP music by Henry Mancini Lyrics by Jonny Mercer.