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"Hang on Jake Oh my god that's great. Ok wait Lance is exiting stage right." Hey someone tell Lance to get over here quickly. Its an emergency" "Ok Jake I am getting Lance we will be at the hospital as soon as possible."

"Great thanks Uncle Kevin." I turned to look at dad he had this surprised look on his face. Hanging up the phone I went over by dad and sat down. Looking around I noticed Justin now was gone. Just then I heard him come rushing in the room excited.

"Look I told you he is awake?" Following around the corner was Joseph dad's nurse the last 8 weeks.

"OK Justin thank you let's relax and see what's going on." Joseph made his way over to me and smiled putting his hand on my shoulder. "Hello Mr. Sark Can you tell me where you are?

"Umm I think a hospital?"

"Do you know the date?" My dad just shook his head.

"Ok what about the year?"

"I hope its still 2015." He laughed huskily before starting to cough.

"Its ok Mr. Frost your doing well. Here I will give you a swab to clear you mouth with. I know everyone is glad that your awake you have been out for a while. Everything is going well for the moment. I am going to check your vitals and then call your doctor and let him know that you have regained consciousness. Jake have you called your dad."

"Yeah I spoke with Uncle Kevin. Pop woke up when dad was singing. I expect he's going to be calling soon?"

"That's great I know he is going to be so happy. Ok Mr. Frost let me take your blood pressure and listen to your lungs." Joseph pulled out his stethoscope and placed it on dads chest. Ok Mr. Frost deep breath in and out. Ok good and again, again. Ok one more time. Good everything sounds great, I don't hear anything. Your chest x-ray didn't show anything this morning so it looks like the antibiotics worked. Do you have any question before I go call your doctor?"

"Can you call me Caleb after all you probably have seen me Naked." Caleb smiled Joseph laughed. "No problem, take care I'll be back in a few its good to see you awake and hear your voice." "Thanks"

"Hey Justin your looking good how did you get here?"

"I came with Jake to hang out with you." Justin was smiling widely and rocking on his heels while he played with his knuckles.

"That is nice, thank you Justin. Nice to see you get out of your house."

"Oh I don't live there anymore. I moved. Lance moved me to your house I live in the house in back its so cool I have tons of people to meet. But Kier and Kai keep getting into my stuff and moving it. But there just babies."

"Wow that's great Justin and yes Keir and Kai are just babies. So you just have to try and be nice to them. Maybe Nick will tell them not to touch your stuff. Jake what happened?"

"Oh dad you got sick the doctors said you caught an infection and you spiked a temperature that caused you to have seizures you had a breathing tube for a while and then you just wouldn't wake up. I ... " Jake started to cry and stopped talking.

I reached over and took his hand and rubbed it. He cried even more and laid his head on my arm trying to catch his breath

"Its ok Jake your dad is better now be happy not sad" Justin said patting Jake on the back.

"Justin is right be happy Jake..." it was at this time that Jakes cell phone started ringing again.


The bowl was a mad house. I never thought that we would be here doing this type of benefit and the place is sold out. The crowd is amazing it looks like we have raised quite a bit and the people who came to help out was amazing. I know most people are amazed to see me here. It hasn't been exactly private knowledge about Caleb and my fight. People have been giving me weird looks all day I know Lance just got here and had to go on I wanted to talk to him before he went on stage. Oh well I hope to wait here and catch him the guys and I are not on for a while.

"Mr. Richardson Lance left his phone in makeup can you make sure he gets it. I know he waits for any information from the hospital"

"Thanks Doris."

"Kevin" AJ walked up and began rubbing the small of my back" You ok, you look a little lost."

"Just thinking is all I turned to the stage. Lance is pretty good . I never heard him sing by himself. He looks pretty good for his age as well." AJ poked me in the ribs and smiled.

"Should I be jealous."

"Maybe" I smirked back AJ just stared back at me. It was at this time that Lances phone started vibrating in my hand I just stared at it for a minute . Looking at AJ I saw that he was staring at it too. Flipping the cover I brought it to my ear

"Hang on Jake Oh my god that's great! Ok wait Lance is exiting stage right." Pulling the phone away from my ear I shouted to everyone around me. "Hey someone tell Lance to get over here quickly. It's an emergency. Ok Jake I am getting Lance we will be at the hospital as soon as possible."

Hanging up the phone AJ was practically pawing at me with wide eyes. I grabbed him and swung him around.. "Jake said he woke up he's awake baby! YAY" I laughed by this time I had gathered quite the crowd staring at me. Maybe not quite sure what was going on.

"Kevin! What's wrong." Lance was panting a little while he leaned over trying to catch his breath he must have sprinted across the back stage.

"Lance he's awake Caleb woke up Jake just called me Come on lets go" I reached for Lances hand to pull him to the car but found I didn't get far before I felt a tug back. Looking back I saw that Lance was still standing there staring ahead with tears in his eyes. Moving back I waved my fingers in his face to grab his attention. I noticed the group had gotten larger as it spread around the bowl everyone was coming over to hear if it was true.

"Lance come on. You need to go ok."

"Hmm oh yeah ok right I need to get to him. He's really awake?" Lance looked up at me with wide eyes.

"Yeah Jake just called." Then this sudden change came over Lance he broke out in this huge smile and let loose with this loud screeching "YES!" before he took off towards the back. I started to follow when I felt some one grab my arm turning I saw AJ holding my arm. I paused trying to read his face.

"Wait for me Kev." I smiled and took his hand and pulled him forward with me we started running to catch up to Lance. It didn't take long. We joined him just as he was opening the door to the limo to jump in when he saw us he smiled and slid across in the seat. Climbing in I threw the phone over to Lance.

"Call Jake let him know your on your way I'm sure he is beside himself waiting for your call."

"No, I mean I sooner wait to see for my self. I am feeling a little self conscious Kev. What if he is mad I mean we had a pretty serious fight before this happened. What if he doesn't want to see me."

"You know Lance that's not possible, even if Caleb is a hothead. I say that as another hothead" Kevin smiled sheepishly hoping this wouldn't offend Lance. "He loves you like no other and after waking up I'm sure is terrified and only want you nearby. You center him and calm him when he is stressed."

"Kevin is right Lance he would want you there and he will say he is sorry before you ever get a chance to say anything to him." AJ laid his hand on Lances leg. "You know I am right. Well that we both are right because We three know Caleb like the back of our hands, even better then our selves I suppose."

"I know your right. I feel it in my heart but my head gets involved and then the fear surfaces when I think about this and that and run different scenarios."

"When it comes to Caleb you need to think with your heart not your head." AJ responded

"I know this is what is so frustrating I can't wait to get there I need to see him looking at me and hear his voice just watch him watching me." Lance put his head in his hands "I thought he would never wake up." Pulling his hands away looking at AJ and Kevin he spoke deliberately and enunciated each word. "I bought him a casket" the words just hung there as Kevin and AJ stared at Lance not knowing how to respond.

Lance decided it was better to watch the outside pass by then watch his friends shocked looks like he was trying to bury his husband alive.

"Umm is it a nice casket?" Kevin asked

"Kevin my god" AJ was aghast but tried not to laugh at the absurdity of the statement. Lance turned to Kevin and tried not to laugh. "Its pretty tight if I do say so my self. Lots a Bling Bling baby" Lance lost it and couldn't hold in the laughter any longer. He was joined by AJ and Kevin

"Bling Bling do they even use that phrase anymore?" Kevin laughed all the more

"Lance you need to stay hip to the kids my man ."

"Oh pardon me Mr. teen ideal I will have to get some new phrases from you"

"That's right" AJ said huffing himself up "The BSB are the hottest ticket around buddy and don't you forget it"

"OHH the BSB can I have your autograph" Lance screamed in a high pitched voice before they again broke down into fits of laughter. "Oh it feels good to laugh again it seems like forever."

"Well Lance things are looking up so just remember that there is going to be a whole lot more laughing and smiling going on ok." Lance just nodded a reply to Kevin. Grabbing his cell phone he was about to make a call when it went off in his hands. Startled Lance dropped the phone on the floor of the limo and watched it ring. He didn't realize how jumpy he still was. Thinking he was unprepared for the dropping of the other shoe. AJ bent down grabbed the phone and answered it.


"LANCE? What the hell is going on where is Kevin and AJ? What news did you get from the hospital"

"Nicky calm down its me AJ, Kev and Lance are with me we are on our way back to the hospital. Caleb woke up man, that's why we left. Get over here as soon as you can." There was a silence on the other end.

"Nicky you there?"

"Ya ok, I'll send Mel over to you guys with Bastion and Leighanne. I guess we will be over once we finish our number ok."

"OK hey I know it sucks, you guys going to be able to do it without us."

"Oh yeah don't worry I'll get Joe and JC maybe they will fill in"

"You sure?"

"Yep just do me a favor give Lance a hung for me and... and give him a Kiss too." I'm going to go get Mel. That's great news AJ." With that the phone went dead and AJ handed back to Lance. " I guess you heard huh Nicky is going to send Mel over with Leighanne and Bastion."

"Oh God I forgot to tell Mel in the rush I feel like shit."

"Don't worry about it Nicky will take care of it ok. Everyone knows and understands so stop worrying ." Kevin laughed " I always knew you guys were a good match you always did the worrying for each other."

"Ya yuck it up. I can't help it I'm overprotective of my man."

"Yeah well don't get too overprotective or you'll piss him off again."

"I really need to work on that. Its what brought us to this point."

"You worry to much, yes your overprotective but in his own way Caleb loves it. He may balk and bitch about being suffocated but deep down he thrives on the attention. Lance you give him the one thing he has been searching for his whole life and that is just to be loved. I know its corny but look at his childhood. It wasn't what we would call loving. His parents were cold and distant. His strongest relationships have been with people who have always shown him affection. That's the only reason he stayed in Kentucky so long was because of Mom. She doted on him while he was with me and then that lead him to AJ and the boys. Then you came into his life and he found the one person who loved him for himself without any reservations and you loved to dote on him. We have all seen it. I Have all seen how he responds to it. Caleb may try and hide it and even fight it and bitch at you but it's the one things that puts a smile on his face.

"I know you are right. Deep down I know it, but I guess all of this shit that has been going on has hidden that or gotten in the way. Deep down I know that he loves me." Just then the divider in the limo came down just a crack.

"Mr. frost we are arriving"

"Thanks Bill I appreciate it" Turning to Kevin and AJ " I guess we should get ready huh"

"Seems that way." Kevin sounded small and insecure

"Its ok Kevin I know Caleb is excited to see you and set things right"

"OK if you are sure."

"Oh I am" Kevin hung his head and leaned toward AJ and just remained silent. I was getting nervous about the fact I was going to see the man I loved after 8 weeks. Especially after the fact that our last words were in anger. Ok I would really like to have more time to plan this out but its not going to happen the limo came to a stop and I just sat here before I grabbed the door handle and jumped out of the care it was weird I had been excited about seeing Caleb but at the same time I was scared to death about actually seeing him after 8 weeks I guess the need overcame the fear at that time. And I quickly made my way into the hospital with Kevin and AJ following me.

"Mr. Frost good to see you. I was alerted by the staff in the unit that Caleb was awake and talking I am here to get you up there without any interference from the public a.k.a paparazzi."

"How would the paparazzi know?"

Well it seems that the concert made a statement about 10 minutes ago that Caleb had woken up and that's why you had left the concert"

"Oh I wasn't aware of that. But it doesn't matter I just want to see him."

"That's why I am here. Come with me"

I joined the PR rep in the elevator with Kevin and AJ. I started to get nervous and shy a little as I balanced from one foot to the other. AJ reached over and put his hand on my shoulder to stop me and Kevin did the same on the other side of me. They kept me grounded. It was a silent ride up in the elevator which seemed to make the time go slower. Finally the door opened and we are on the floor. I could see Jake and Justin were standing in the hallway outside Caleb's room that made me a little nervous and I paused.

"Jake what's wrong?" Jake and Justin turned to me, both had huge smiles on there faces, Jake ran and gabbed me in a big bear hug picking me up and swirling me around. "He woke up dad. He woke watching you sing to him it was a miracle" Jake was all smiles and he put me down.

"Is he ok? why are you out here?" Jake looked at me perplexed.

"Nothings wrong Joseph is in there with him. He wanted to get freshened up after I told him that you were on your way."

"Yeah Lance, he said he wanted to smell good for you." Justin giggled and blushed.

I Sighed and visibly relaxed. "How long have they been in there. You think he's ready"

"Let me check." Jake moved past me tapping me on the shoulder he knocked on the door and peeked his head in."

"Pops you ready dad is here" Jake pulled his head back out and turned to me "He said yes, dad go see him." I stood there for a minute before I started to move and then once I did there was no stopping me. Passing by Jake I took one more look back seeing Kevin and AJ holding hands tightly. They seemed nervous and excited. Justin was smiling as was Jake. Jake looked so much younger like years of worry had finally left him. I never realized until now how this had been weighing on me. Turning forward I pushed open the door and slipped in standing near the door and just barely in the room. Joseph had his back to me and was Laughing as he tuned around to look at me he smiled and turned back to Caleb.

"Ha, ha you were right he does look like he is about to drop a load." Just then he moved out of the way and made his way towards me and the door when he moved I saw him. My breathe was taken away he was sitting up in bed looking over at me his face was all smiles and I could see the light twinkling in his eyes. Something I never thought I would see again. I just stood there and smiled back. I know I was grinning from ear to ear but I was scared to move. Joseph walked past me.

"Hey Lance go on this what you have been waiting for." With that Joseph left I just stared ahead. Caleb looked down and fixed the sheet over his lap as if trying to get rid of some unseen wrinkles. I knew this was one of his nervous ticks whenever he was upset. Although for the life of me he had no reason to be nervous or upset. I started to open my mouth when he spoke.

"James wait... me first." I felt shivers up my spine as I heard his voice. It was gravely and weak but it was still his voice I remember it anywhere. "Go ahead Caleb."

"James I love you that is first and foremost no matter what happens that will never change. You will be the first thing I think of waking up and last thing I think of before I sleep. I can't see the future or predict what might happen but no matter where we end up or where I might end up I will always love you." He paused for a moment and looked up into my eyes I could see he was crying. "And James I am SO SORRY. I was wrong so wrong I should never have said those things despite what I was feeling. You were right I was mad and upset and frustrated with this disease and I took it out on you, cause you were a safe target . But I was mean and should never have done it. I am also sorry about trying to take advantage of the whole situation by pushing the idea of another child on you. It was something I always wanted. I thought you were tired of kids. I know you were looking forward to Jake heading off to college and having the house to ourselves again. I used the whole situation to guilt you into it." Caleb was visibly crying harder now. "It terrifies me that I might not have been able to say this to you." By the time he was done I was next to the bed and knelt by it.

Taking his hands I made him look into my eyes then I grabbed him and pulled him into me and hugged him. It felt so good to have him in my arms again it had been to long. Hugging him I started to cry as well "Oh Caleb I love you. I prayed constantly that you would come back to me and you have. I am not wasting anymore time with you." We stayed there for a while just holding one another and crying until we were able to get control of ourselves. I pulled back and wiped my eyes and watched as Caleb wiped his weekly. I giggled at the site. "We make quite the site blubbering like we are. Caleb I do love you so much and you don't need to apologize to me though I appreciate everything that you had to say to me I always knew it in my heart."

"It still needed to be said" Caleb's voice was more cracked and seemed strained. I put my finger to his lips. "do you need some water?" he just nodded I turned an grabbed the water pitcher and poured a small amount in the glass and gave it to him he drank it slowly.

"Thanks" he whispered I just kissed him on the lips it wasn't a long deep passionate kiss but I think it conveyed the message I think he felt the same way cause he sighed gently.

" I missed that James."

"So did I."

"So James did you arrange for me to have that cutie as a nurse."

I laughed " Nope sorry he just kind of showed up at work and he was so good with you and everyone. We arranged for him to be your primary nurse. I am very happy he was."

"So I am I" Caleb laughed.

"Well Sir he is single but you are not!"

"Oh well we will have to set him up with someone do we even know any single gay guys anymore." Caleb laughed.

"A few but I doubt he wants to be set up. Beside how do you know he is gay?"

"I asked him. My gaydar was always better then yours" he laughed. He turned to the TV and looked at the screen. Pointing "That seems to be doing well. What was it all about I saw you singing which was a treat and my one of my favorites, Hey isn't that the boys? Where's Kevin and AJ? What happened?"

"Nothing happened to them Kevin and AJ came with me they're both outside the room."

"Wow , both of them."

"Yeah Kevin is there and he biting his nails."

"Why did he come. And why are you guys doing that concert."

"Oh I though Jake would have told you." He shook his head so I continued.

"Well the concert is for you well for the bone marrow registry. I wanted to raise money for them and raise information and hopefully get more people on the donor registry. The people who signed up was amazing. Everyone wanted to help out and help you out. It just sort of organized itself, it was truly amazing. As for Kevin he came here for you. Its his bone marrow that your going to get and now that your better then you can have the transplant."

"He's going to donate?"

"Yes Caleb he is here and you will need to talk. He has a lot of things to say to you and you should listen."

"I have a lot to say to him as well"

"Yeah I told him that as well. He, AJ and I had a long emotional talk the first night they got here."

"When did they get here?"

"You have been in a coma for 8 weeks and it was about 7 weeks that they have been here. Kevin has actually sat in here with you on several occasions."

"Oh my. James 8 weeks. I am so sorry for that for all my family. How did you all get through it."

"With each other. The house is like a zoo in the morning and at night. during the day everyone kind of spreads to the winds to do business stuff and such but we all have dinner every night and decompress."

"Who's all?"

"Lets see Julia and Danny were here up till last week and they headed home to get the kids. The boys are all here Britney, Josh, J.J then Bastion, Mel and the boys. Leighanne and Joey and Logan but Chris is no where to be found at all. I tried to find him but it seems no one has seen him."

"I'm sure he is ok you know how he was talking a couple of years ago about how everything had gotten so intense and he just wanted peace and quite. He probably went all grizzly Adams and moved up to the woods."

"Your probably right I shouldn't worry I probably have enough to worry about."

"Yes, well hopefully you won't have to worry much longer."

"I will try and I promise not to smother you too much."

"I actually like it that you smother me."

"You know AJ and Kevin said the same thing on the way over." I laughed Caleb just laughed as well .

"I guess I can't hide it from anyone." Caleb yawned.

"Honey your tired just rest you don't need to talk so much I don't want you tired out."

"I know but I felt like I slept to long."

I moved up onto the bed and laid down with him. "Tell you what? you lay here and rest and I will lay here with you. We can watch the rest of the concert. I have my cell phone we can also make some prank calls if you want." Caleb just laughed and we laid back and started watching what was left of the concert.


I started to stretch my body ached liked like I spent the last few weeks in bed . Well I guess I did . I remember James in bed with me but I seemed to have the bed to myself. I guess he must have gotten up I opened my eyes and turned to my right where the chair was.

"James I'm sorry I..." Looking at the chair I noticed it wasn't James staring back at me. I just kind of watched him as he watched me. A bit of an uncomfortable silence fell on the room. After all these years of fighting and never having a loss of words. I really couldn't think of anything to say. Looking into his eyes I could see the regret, the hurt of all these years and behind that I could see the concern in his eyes. I also heard it in his voice.

"Lance went to talk with the doctors and AJ went to grab us something to eat I said I would sit with you and watch over you."

"How long did I sleep?"

"About 2 hours."

"Oh well thanks for staying and watching over me."

"No problem was glad to do it."

"hmmm James told me about what you are going to do. And well I want you to know..."



"Caleb don't. That is the one thing that you never have to thank me for. I'm not doing it over guilt or to try and set things right between us or even as a final act of repayment. I am doing it cause it's the right thing to do."

"That last part sounds familiar." I coughed when I tried to let a little laugh out. Kevin got up and poured me a glass of water and handed to me helping me drink it. "There take it easy Lance would kick my ass if I let anything happen to you. Mind you I think AJ would too. Not to mention Bastion."

"Oh Bastion how is he doing."

"He's ok. He's a great Kid we kind of mended some fences with each other. Of course it mainly consisted of me eating a lot of crow. Well that is especially if you listen to Nick's take on it."

"Well Kevin it must be the new fad cause I feel like eating my self some crow."

"Caleb we don't need to do this. You need your strength."

"I am as strong as I ever will be Kevin and I need to say this now."


"I don't know how we got to this point in our lives Kevin we had been so close. I know my part in it was being so stubborn in not saying I'm sorry for that time at Disney world."

"We are both stubborn we shouldn't have gotten to this point. I know the honeymoon incident was hard on me. But it started before that Caleb. I am just as stubborn and didn't want to share you with Lance."

"Kevin I was dating Lance for years before we got married."

"Yeah but it wasn't until that day that it became permanent. You didn't need me anymore someone finally took my place. I was unhappy with what you decided in regards to Lances Family. I remember the times you cried on my shoulder about things that were said and after all that hurt you just opened up yourself to be hurt again because of Lance. Then you didn't tell us the truth about your honeymoon. I just I don't know. It felt like I didn't know you at all. I know saying it all now makes no sense and it seems ridiculous but at the time that was what I was feeling. It just boiled over from there. Our fight there and your reaction and things just snow balled. Caleb and I shouldn't have been so fucking stupid and stubborn. I lost the last ten years and spent them angry and hating you. For something that I myself did. You know what's pathetic Caleb is that if you hadn't gotten sick and I wasn't forced to look myself in the mirror, I would still be fighting with you." Kevin was upset and not looking at Caleb's Face.

"Kevin that makes no sense at all. Lance was my husband like AJ is yours. I wanted to stand behind him and strengthen our relationship I was never going to forget ours. But Kevin what I did was wrong. I struck back at you the best way I knew I could, and that was with Jake. What upsets me is that I used Jake to get at you. I am having a hard time forgiving myself for that." I paused for a moment trying to gather my strength "Kevin I know I hurt you and caused a lot of this myself..." I paused some more. "Kevin I miss her, my heart aches I miss her so much" I stared crying letting the tears flow freely. Kevin sat there watching me in shock I don't know if he thought we wouldn't talk about this now or what but he just stared at me. "Its hurts so much...I was so lost. I felt all alone Not knowing who would love me now." I stopped and laid my head back and sobbed. Kevin got up and sat on the bed and held my hand and wiped a few tears out of my eyes. I could see the tears in his eyes. I tried deep breathing to try and gain control. I heard the door open and someone walk in. Kevin was in the way so I couldn't see who it was. Kevin had turned and I didn't hear him say anything but I saw him shake his head and turn back to me. I then heard the door close again, and we were alone.

"Caleb I am ashamed of myself for that and I know that mom was ashamed of what I did. I used her to hurt you and I can never forgive myself for that. I know how much you loved her and I never let you greave for her. After everything is said and done I will still understand if you never forgive me for my actions. I can't forgive myself." Kevin was crying harder as he spoke of his mother I put my other hand on his .

"I just want this to stop Kevin I am so tired of the fighting, lets move forward please. We are not going to be able to solve all of our issues in a few minutes or one chat but please agree to start."

"I agree Caleb lets start ." Umm I have something for you well I guess its more from AJ. Kevin reached into his breast pocket of his shirt and pulled it out. I was unsure what it was until I saw the chain. "I can't believe that you kept it all this time."

"Actually you will have to thank AJ, it was him. He kept them safe all those years and when this all happened he had them modified." I looked at him confused not sure what he mean until I actually saw the medallion it was different. The thick gold incomplete hoop had in its center a piece of platinum in it now so it now resembled Kevin's medallion. I looked up at him and he pulled it up from under his shirt and I saw that the platinum piece was from his medallion for now he had a incomplete hoop as well. "Well that's the piece that I am giving to you."

I took the medallion and held it tightly in my hand. "AJ did this?"

"Yeah he did for both of us he promised Mom he would keep them safe and you know he said it was easy to get updated. Some how I think mom might have arranged it that way."

"I can see that. So who was at the door Kevin?"

"Oh it was AJ, but he gave us some time together."

"He didn't need to I would like to see him as well"

"Well I am being greedy and want more time with you so he will have to wait."

"Oh ok."

"That's all you have to say."

"Well just caught me by surprise. I am not sure that I know what to talk to you about its like we are starting over."

"It shouldn't be this hard."

"I know but it is."

"Its Your Mom Kevin. Talking about her brought back some bad memories and I am very angry about that. I don't want to blame you but I do."

"I understand. I too am angry with my self for my action. I guess that is something we need to work on. I can never take it back. But I would like us to move forward form it."

"I hope we can Kevin" I started to yawn.

"Ok well it looks like you should probably rest some more this is probably tiring you out and I got to go get admitted to the hospital so they can do the preliminary test. You just get some rest I will send someone in to be with you ok you won't be alone."

"Ok, I am tired." I laid back fully and closed my eyes to get some rest. I heard the door open and close and just laid there thinking about everything I lied I wasn't so much tired as I was tired about talking about everything I guess you can only do it in spurts I wanted to build up my and Kevin's relationship and I thought it best we stop before I said something to upset him.. I heard the door creep open.

"Uncle Caleb?"

"B come on your dad is going be mad if he catches you."

"No I want to see him so shush." I laid there with a smile on my face I could hear the hushed whispers. I decided to make my self known. "Bastion what are you doing here so late." I could hear a gasp and it sounded like someone dropped something turning towards the door I saw Bastion picking up his phone and he just stared at me.

"Hey buddy where's my hug I said sitting up." Before I knew it Bastion was running over and pulling me in a big hug. He was all smiles. "Uncle Caleb I am so happy your awake I was scared."

"Its ok buddy sorry to scare you but I'm feeling better now. So tell me know what are you doing here so late."

"We were at the concert with Mom and Dad and we all showed up here after it was done everyone wanted to have a peak at you. I snuck out when uncle Kevin came in to the lounge. I wanted to see you."

"You know your dad is going to be upset."

"I know " he looked at his feet I heard a cough in the background and saw this blonde 11 years old scuffing his feet looking a little nervous.

"So Bastion who's the blonde at the door?"

Bastion turned around. " Come over here Nate and meet my Uncle Caleb"

"Hey uncle this is Nate my boyfriend." Nate slowly made his way over and seemed a little nervous. "B we shouldn't be in here your dad is going to be upset."

"Nah he won't. you worry to much."

"Hello Nate nice to meet you . My godson tells me good things about you." Nate just blushed and said nothing. I turned to Bastion "He is the strong silent type then I suppose huh"

"Nah he's just shy and you scare him"

"Me" I faked shocked.

"Yeah Nick has been teasing him telling him things that you will do to him if he hurts me. Jeese, I thought Dad was bad and of course he just laughed and went along with it."

"Ah ok well I will deal with your Uncle Nick, as far as me Nate. Have no fears no need to be scared of me."

"Ok Mr. frost." He smiled

"So when did you come out here?"

"About two weeks ago my dad agreed when Bastion's Mom called and asked if I could come out and visit"

"That was nice wasn't it" I tickled Bastion till both of us were gasping and tired and Nate was laughing pointing at Bastion.

"I thought you were going to pee your pants dude"

"Ha-ha maybe you would like it" Bastion jumped up and Nate walked back with his hands in the air "Sorry its ok. no thanks" as he backed up I could see a little fear in his eyes I wondered if Bastion had tickled him before. I knew he could be intense all those years hanging out with the guys and Nick especially.

"Hey Bastion I don't think he likes being tickled." Bastion stopped looked and me and then hunched his shoulders and held his hand out and Nate took his hand and held it.

"Awe you too look cute." Just then the door opened and Leighanne and Brian popped their head in. "Bastion, Nate get out of there before you wake your uncle up!" Leighanne looked a little frustrated. Bastion and Nate looked like the cat that ate the canary but the rents didn't notice me sitting there.

"Leighanne, Brian its ok they didn't wake me up"

"Caleb your awake oh my god I am so glad to hear your voice. She rushed in with Brian not far behind her and grabbed me in a tight hug. I am kind of getting tired of these melodramatic hugs. I know I must sound ungrateful but after awhile it just seems so contrived like no one else can do anything else. Better get use to it cause by accounts I have a long list of people floating around to see me.

"Thanks Leighanne its great to see you too. The boys weren't doing anything wrong I am actually glad I got to see him and get to meet this here boyfriend."

"I hope you didn't scare him" Brain said grabbing Nate and pulling him to his side in a fatherly hug.

"Nope I'll leave that to you and Nick." I laughed.

He blushed "Busted I guess."

"Dad!" Bastion replied exasperated. "Nate is not going to ever want to come over if you keep this up"

"You know I'm kidding" Brian said looking at Nate.

"I know Mr. Littrell."

"Oh Mr. Littrell is it. Not a Fan Nate?" I laughed. He just blushed and nodded his head Brian looked shocked

"What? Your not a fan, then who do you like."

He just smiled "N'sync"

I couldn't control my laughter especially seeing the shocked look on Brian's Face. "A guy after my own heart" Oh I held my side and took a deep breath that was worth it. I needed a good laugh. Looking at Bastion I remembered he had his phone with him.

"Bastion is that the video phone uncle Lance and I gave you for x-mas."

"Yes it is" Leighanne spoke quickly with a bit of a sarcasm.

"Get over it Lee,"

"No child needs a 1000 dollar video phone" She replied with a slight smile.

"Well My godchild does." I laughed and continued "Any way, here get it out and take a video of your old uncle then I want you and Nate to go out and show the video to Kai and Keir." I sat up on the bed and tried to fix my hair. "Here let me do that Leighanne brought out a scarf and some makeup from here purse. Here lets get you ready for your public tying the bandana on my head she then began placing some makeup stuff.

"Take it easy Leighanne I'm not doing a movie" I laughed a little goes a long way you know."

"Ok, ok Mr. Big movie star"

"There see your Mom is jealous of me Bastion" hurry and take this video for the boys. You know you should show it to Zeus. I know he would enjoy it." I smiled but looking around the room I could see faces fall at my last statement.

"What's wrong your acting weird"

"Nothing is wrong Caleb your imagining things." Brian responded a little to quickly

"You never were a good liar Brian. Tell what's going on and were is Zeus."

"Zeus is at home." Leighanne jumped in.

"Fine don't tell me" I turned toward the boys and stared at Bastion. " Bastion buddy what's going on where is Zeus." Bastion just stood there like a deer caught in the headlight staring at me and then his parents. Not knowing what to say. "You never lie to me Bastion tell me the truth."

"Caleb leave him alone" Brian jumped in and moved between me and Bastion forcing me to look at him. He didn't seem happy .

"Fine Brian tell me the truth and I won't have to ask him." With that Bastion and Nate ran out of the room.

"See what you did! You terrified him!" Brian was pointing his finger in my face.

"Brian again where is Zeus!" My voice carried quite loud it was at that time that the door swung open and in walked my nurse.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" I snapped.

Joseph didn't look like he was pleased and he looked even less pleased that I snapped at him. "Ok guys I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Mr. Sark is getting a little upset and he needs his rest." Brain and Leighanne just looked at me and then went towards the door to leave.

"WHAT the FUCK did you do that for!"

"KNOCK OF THE SWEARING. That will not be tolerated by me. I treat you with respect and you need to do the same for me. I am here to help you." Joseph's tone was firm and even and he was not flinching.

"Its good to see someone that keep him in line" I turned to the door to see James standing there with a slight smirk on his face. At that time everything just melted away. I was not angry anymore just concerned. He quickly came in and gave me a peck on the cheek and sat down.

"Hello Mr. Frost, Caleb and I were just having a discussion."

"I can see that and I can tell he is going to be in a good hands."

"James where is Zeus no-one will tell me what is going on."

"I'll leave you too alone for a minute" Joseph responded before he left he turned. And looked at me " but no acting up" with that he left.

"Ok Caleb first off you shouldn't have done that to poor Bastion he is beside himself out there. You put him in an impossible situation cause you knew he wouldn't lie to you. And that's wasn't fair."

I hung my head. I was ashamed and I knew I shouldn't have done it. I felt like a chastised child . "I know, but you guys are hiding something from me. I want to know about Zeus something happened didn't it he's dead right." Tears were forming in my eyes thinking about that he had been my constant companion for all these years my own shadow never leaving my side since James gave him to me.

James wiped the tears from my cheek and just lifted my chin so I looked at him. "Caleb, Zeus is not dead, but he's very sick. Its gotten worse over the last week I was delaying making a decision but I think its time, its not right to make him suffer."

"What's wrong James what's he got?" knowing full well that I didn't want the answer because I already knew what he was going to say.

"Cancer Caleb. It has spread pretty fast we all saw him getting slower just thought it was old age. Remember that appointment you made for him to stud.?"

"Yeah that was when again"

"Six weeks ago. I know its hard for you to realize you have been here so long but it has been. After the appointment Zeus got more listless so I finally took him to the vet last week and that's when he told me. I waited this last week and prayed for some improvement in your condition cause I didn't want to do it without you knowing in some way. I was going to tell you after everyone got a chance to see you and I think I need to take him in tomorrow and have him put to sleep. He is in so much pain I can feel it."

"I want to be there get me out of here James please just for that. I promise I will come back. I was desperate and holding his shoulders my heart was broken at the idea of putting him down. At the same time I couldn't help but see the parallels with me being sick. Would James be able to make that choice.

"I don't think that's going to happen Caleb as much as I know you want to be there your still weak and you just woke up form your coma no doctor is going to let you out of here at all."

My heart was breaking that wouldn't be able to be there this seemed so unfair I was loosing a member of my family and there was nothing I could do to stop it or be there.

My heart felt so heavy " I know your right James, but this is not fair. I want to be there with you."

"I know Caleb but I don't know anyway around this."

"What about bringing him here so I can see him."

"I don't think they will let a dog in the isolation room Caleb but I can ask."

"Well maybe not in the room but somewhere else in the hospital and I can go there you said they had me off isolation for now." I was desperate and I know James could hear it in my voice.

"I'll try Caleb I want you to rest ok just lay back I will stay here with you please get some rest I want you strong ok."

"James I promise but please make this happen. I don't know if I can sleep tonight with this on my mind"

"I know but here just lie back." James gently pushed me back in the bed and began arranging my blankets tucking me in and then gently kissed my forehead and wiping away the tears from my eyes. He then gently laid down next to me. "Shhh sweetie We will get you through this." I just nodded and closed my eyes and couldn't sleep it seemed like my life was falling apart. I never envisioned this as a point in my life.

"Caleb relax and go to sleep worrying about it is about as effective and trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum."

"Oh stop quoting that dam song. And by the way I always wear sunscreen." I poked him in the stomach and cuddled into James and breathed deeply.

"James tell me what else I missed. what else happened well for a lack of a better phrase." I paused "While I was sleeping"

"You know you should be sleeping not talking."

"I know just tell me if I missed anything major alright?"

"Yes , look will you promise to try and fall asleep while I am talking."

"OK I promise James."

"Well not much really oh well Nate finished the guest house. It really didn't take long and Justin moved in about 3 weeks ago. He was a hard sell, he did love his house and didn't want to miss any classes. I told him he still could take the classes that someone would take him and pick him up. He is liking it now though. I think having people around caused him to come out of his shell. But the boys have been giving him a hard time. They are always trying to play with his stuff and he gets frazzled easily, we are working on that. The boys have been a handful. They have been acting up. Kier got a hold of Jake's Hair clippers and gave his brother a Haircut."

"Oh my god How bad" I couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Bad he got a little spanking on the bottom from daddy. Then Nick took them both to the barber. If Kai was going to have short hair then so would Kier."

"How short?"

"Lets just say they could be in the army now"

"Oh God"

"That's about all the interesting stuff besides organizing the concert which really was Joey and Logan's brain child I have been here with you."

"I think I knew that you were here. Somehow I think I knew even if I don't remember it."

"I was always here with you talking and singing."

" I'm glad you felt that. they all told me that you did but I had doubts."

"Doubts my James never I always know when your near me..." I yawned

"See your tired get some sleep"



I don't think that this is a good idea Lance. I know what he wants and its going to be ruff for him but I don't like this"

"I Know AJ but he has to do that." Nick and Jake should be here soon they were bringing Zeus up in the elevator. I thought it best that not many people be here. We will go in and the vet should be here soon and he will do it I the room with us there.

"I understand the small group of people being here but I am surprised at Brian letting Bastion be here. Bastion has not been handling this whole thing well He puts up a strong front but Bastion's room is next to mine and Kevin's and he cries himself to sleep every night. I told Brian about it and I know they talked but it still doesn't change the nightly sobbing."

"I can't believe I didn't know oh my god I never wanted him hurt. I just thought this would be important to him since he was there when Bastion was born. Bastion was always close to the Zeus. I don't understand why Brian let him come either."

"Probably the same thing you were thinking to have some closer. I also think Brian is trying to make up for a lot with Bastion lately."

"Maybe I should ask him to wait outside."

"I think its too late now and he has been in with Caleb for the last twenty minutes. I'm sure thy are talking about a lot of stuff. You know the symbolism of this is not lost on anyone."

"Oh god tell me about it I just try not to think about that aspect."

"I myself can't get past it so I will stay out here with Nick. I don't think actually, I know I wont be able to handle it."

"If that's what you need AJ I understand I just appreciate you being here with me now. I don't think I could wait with Caleb by myself."

"No problem Besides I will probably run down stairs to be with Kevin when he is getting his test done just for moral support."

"I'm sure he would appreciate that. You can head down now if you need."

"No Kevin made me promise to be here with you till the other guys got here."

"I see I am being handled huh"

"Ya and just enjoy it" he laughed.

"Will do" I saluted just then I heard the elevator bell go off. We both turned towards the sound waiting for the doors to open. When they did I got a little surprise . "Adam Wow didn't expect to see you this fast."

"I know Lance I bumped into Jake and Nick here in the elevator and thought I would ride up with them." He reached down and rubbed Zeus's head "Isn't that right boy" Zeus just wined, he looked tired.

I tapped my thigh "Come one boy lets go see Caleb."

Zeus' ears picked up and he started to whine and shake his tail. "Come on boy" Zeus stood up and slowly limped towards me Grabbing his leash I slowly walked down the hall with him. He was moving pretty slow the others except AJ hung Back. AJ moved ahead and poked his head in the door. I assumed Telling Caleb and Bastion we were coming. I noticed AJ turn back around and the door opened again with Bastion coming out. He ran up to us and knelt down grabbing Zeus into a big hug and kissing his head "I love you Zeus" Zeus just barked and licked his face. Bastion got up and moved back by AJ.

"You can stay in with us Bastion you all can come in if you want."

"No I don't want to I will stay with uncle AJ."

"Ok no problem I ruffled his hair and kissed the top of his head. Nick, Jake."

"No dad I don't want to I will wait out here."

"Yeah Lance this is for you and Caleb." Nick spoke pointing towards the door.

"OK then I guess its just us Zeus" I spoke looking down at him. He just stared at me with those big eyes. I moved to the door and opened it slowly with Zeus behind me I looked in. Caleb was sitting on the floor with his back to the couch. He looked up as the door opened and wiped away a couple of tears . I steadied myself and opened the door for Zeus to see. Well I would never have believed it if I didn't see it. Zeus started whining and his whole body was shaking and his tail was shaking a mile a minute for the first time in long time I remembered that puppy all those years ago on Christmas eve.

"Zeus come here boy" Zeus practically ran into the room whining the entire time when he got to Caleb he staring licking his face and continued shaking Caleb was crying by now and shaking himself. He grabbed Zeus's head and began rubbing his ears talking to him the whole time.

"That's my good boy huh, my good, good boy. Daddy missed you. yes he did" the voice was ragged with gasps. I continued into the room and Adam came in with me. Caleb looked up as Zeus practically crawled in his lap and rested his head as Caleb continued to stroke his head.

"Hey Adam." His face fell he knew why Adam was here. Adam came over and sat down with Caleb and took one of Zeus's paws. Zeus just looked at him almost like he knew what was coming which was chilling to think about it. "Ok Caleb I'm just going to start an iv that's all. Then I'm going to give you guys some time ok. He had placed his hand on Caleb's shoulder.

"Ok Adam." Looking at Zeus he spoke softy "OK boy you hold still ok I'm here." Zeus just whined and turned his head to look at me.

I just nodded. " Listen to Caleb." I said. Zeus just laid his head back. Adam pulled a pair of trimmers and gathered a needle and some supplies. Taking one of Zeus's paws I watched him rub it and then turn on the clippers and buzzed a small patch of hair away. He quickly and deftly inserted an iv and taped it in place. Zeus barely even flinched. "There you go I 'm going to give you guys some time I will hang out with the other guys." He got up with his bag and moved passed me and towards the door.. Taking a breath I moved over and sat with Caleb and Zeus and started rubbing and patting his back.

"Don't hold it in James let it out." I looked up and felt Caleb wipe the years from my cheeks.

"Oh Zeus you are such a good boy I love you buddy." I leaned down and laid my head on his back and continued rubbing.

"James are you ready I want to get this over with otherwise I won't be able to." I looked up at Caleb he eyes were red and puffy and the tears were running down his cheek. I started crying more it was breaking my heart seeing him like this.

"Hmm ok" I got up and opened the door. "Adam we are ready."

"You sure Lance?"

"Yeah we both don't want to draw this out it would be cruel. I looked over at the guys. Come on in with us please I could use the moral support." The guys all looked at each other and followed Adam in. I returned to my space next to Zeus and Caleb. Jake came over and sat on the couch behind his father and put his hands on his shoulders . AJ and Nick sat on the other side of the room in the big sofa with Bastion sitting between them.

Adam knelt down and opened his bag I watched him pull out a vial and draw up some fluid. "Ok Caleb Lance when I give this it will be quick. Zeus will just go to sleep and will be in no pain." I just nodded

"I know Adam I'm ready." He looked to Zeus. "I love you buddy" he was sobbing now Zeus looked up and licked his face. I bent to give him a kiss on his snoot and received a kiss in return Jake soon followed suit. Adam bent down and slowly injected the medication for some morbid reason I needed to watch this. It wasn't like bam its done, it happens slowly and gently. As we sat there with Zeus, we could feel his breathing get slower and slower I needed to pull my eyes away from the scene and looked around the room. I looked to the guys sitting in the couch. AJ averted eyes with me. Nick had a sad look on his face and had his arms wrapped around Bastion hugging him as Bastion cried softly. Looking around it dawned at me that there was far to much crying going on lately. Dam I wanted happy times. I hope they were right around the corner. Bringing my attention back to Caleb and Jake. I noted that it had occurred Zeus was no longer breathing he was gone.

"ZUES..." Caleb cried out and buried his head in Zeus's fur and wept. Sobs racked his body. I let my tears fall silently and rubbed Caleb's back as Jake did the same. After a few minutes Caleb pulled up and wiped the tears from his eyes and tried to get up and leave. I wasn't surprised this usually signaled Caleb was done and needed some quiet alone time . He didn't like to feel trapped when he was upset it only agitated him. Adam bent down and helped me lift up Zeus. We place him on a small stretcher and Adam covered him and started to take him out. Caleb jumped up and slowly moved to the farthest corner and sat down and rocked. Jake just sat there and wiped away his tears. Bastion and Nick got up and headed towards Caleb. I managed to grab their arms and hold them. They both looked puzzled. I shook my head no. They just looked at me and stood where they were. I went and sat next to AJ on the couch and pulled him into hug .

"Its ok AJ I know but this is better right he shouldn't suffer" I whispered

"Its just that..." and he stopped I knew what he meant

"Ok I know" AJ sat up and wiped away the tears. "I'm going to be with Kevin I know that he is nervous and scared."

"Ok you do that and I will be down to see him once I get Caleb settled ok."

"Ok." He gave me one last hug and then stood up. "Hey Nick I'm going to go be with Kevin." Nick turned and looked to us.

"Yeah AJ hold up I will come with you."

"Uncle AJ can I come with you as well."

"Sure Bastion come on." Bastion walked towards us when he came to me he stopped and gave me a big hug."

"I love you uncle Lance"

"Love you too Bastion" He stopped and looked back at Caleb in the corner . I watched him he had a torn look on his face like he was having an internal battle with himself. I shook his shoulder and he looked up at me "Go on" with that Bastion walked over and stood before Caleb. Caleb had his head in his hands and didn't notice at first but I think he sensed someone was there and lifted his head he smiled weakly at Bastion. Bastion wasted no time at jumping into Caleb arms and hugging him tightly "I'm sorry uncle Caleb I love you"

"I love you too Buddy"

"Bastion turned and quickly left the room. I immediately went over. To Caleb and sat next to him. I think he had enough alone time. "OK Caleb talk to me sweetie and tell me everything or nothing just say whatever pops in your head."

"I feel like this is a bad omen like it's a fore-shadowing of me and that scares me."

I was silent for a moment before speaking "Caleb I think everyone has had that thought. Your not alone in that but we are close to ending this with Kevin here. We have a chance. There was nothing we could do for Zeus it was too advanced and untreatable."

"We have a chance"

"That's right we." I said pointing to both of us. "Whatever happen happens to both of this."

"Right" he said wiping his eyes "Lets do this I'm ready I better get back to my room. Is Joseph going to be here today"

"Yeah he said he is working tonight..."

"What James?"

"He requested not to have you as a pt anymore. I'm sorry sweetie"

"Did he say why"

"Yeah I spoke with him and The manager. He didn't like what happened the other night and he doesn't think it would be a good idea to continue."

"I .. well I'm sorry I lost my temper Lance."

"I know you are but I doubt I could change his mind he seemed quiet adamant about it. I think he might have gotten into trouble with his boss."

"I feel like a heel from all accounts he seemed like he was great to you"

"He was but hey that life your more important to me."

"Well that's just your defensive self. I would like to apologize if you can arrange it. But first before I go back to my isolation room I want to take a shower."

"Ok I think that can be arranged. You have to be down in radiology this afternoon to start your radiation treatments."

"I'm scared James but I'm also excited You kept me going James. When I thought I couldn't and I know I don't have to but I need to. Thank you James for everything."

I just pulled him into a hug and kissed him firmly on the lips. It felt so nice to feel his lips against mine when I pulled away. I touched my lips and smiled.

"You are so corny some times James come on lets go." Turning I saw Jake I totally forgot he was still here, he had been so quiet he just smiled at us both.

"You know I am so lucky to have such great loving dads most of my friends parents are divorced. It nice to know that home was always safe and stable even with the craziness of having famous dads. I love You both." With that he got up and pulled us into a hug.

" We are going to get through this cause my dads are going to with me at my graduation"

I smiled and pulled Jake to my other side as I held Caleb and helped him move down to his room.


I opened the door to the room slowly, peeking my head through the door.

"Hey Guys is it ok to come in."

"Yeah Lance come on in." AJ got up from his seat to pull the door open for me. I entered with a couple of trays of food.

"Hey what all that for?"

"Us" I said " I thought we could have a little party before Kevin becomes unable to eat."

"Cool , what about Caleb?"

"He getting his chemo and radiation treatments. I thought I would come and hang out till he gets back. I can't be in there with him plus he never wants me around when its going on. He thinks its too hard, he prefers to wait till after. He also suggested I get some food and celebrate"

For the first time since I got in the room Kevin spoke " AJ told me what happened I am very sorry about Zeus. I always liked that dog I will miss him."

"Thanks Kevin He was a good dog and I am sad but happy that's he is not suffering if you know what I mean."

"Yeah I do I wish I could have been there."

"You were in your own way besides you were where you needed to be today. I'm sorry I wasn't with your earlier."

"Lance don't worry about it its nothing."

"No Kevin its is not nothing. please I need to say this out loud, please give me the chance." Kevin just nodded and said nothing. "This is.." I started but I just couldn't get the words out I was finding it harder to breathe. "Kevin thank you for this. Thank you for giving me my husband back, the love of my life. I can finally see some type of tomorrow with him which I can never repay you for this Kevin. What you are about give us is beyond anything I could have imagined."

AJ was rubbing Kevin's back "Lance your welcome both you and Caleb I'm doing it because it's the right thing to do and I can't imagine Caleb not being here. Despite what happened the last ten years I never thought of a time he wouldn't be around. When I was forced to see that, I knew I needed to change my ways. The fact that I am giving his chance is important. I am not doing his out of obligation although. I do feel like I owe Caleb my life but I need to do this because this is the right thing to do."

"I am so glad that this is almost all over and that the fighting is over. Kevin I finally feel that we can move on. I feel rejuvenated about our wedding and our future. This new you, this free you, is so great. You're the Kevin I first fell in love with and I can see us as a family with a child."

Kevin was felt almost speechless. "Really AJ we can have a son or daughter."

"Yes Kevin I think we should look into it ." Kevin pulled AJ to him and kissed him deeply.

It was great to see their love. I felt jealous of them just starting out like Caleb and I did so long ago. The thought of them being parents gave me a pang of jealously as well thinking that Jake would be heading off to college and we wouldn't have a child around anymore.

"That's great news I guess we have more to celebrate for so lets dig into the food and enjoy." I began unpacking food and opening cartons.

"What did you get?"

"Some good old fashion southern comfort Kevin. Barbeque, greens, corn bread and peach cobbler for desert. "

"Hmmm. Lance I miss good old home cooking. Are you sure this place is any good."

"Of course its good. My mom made it " I laughed

"Well lets dig in then Kevin reached for a piece of corn bead and popped it in his mouth.

"Kevin where are your manners" AJ Chastised. Kevin just showed a toothy grin with his mouth still full of corn bread.


I laughed "You look like Jake when he is caught with his hands in the cookie jar."

"Yeah well Kevin is a little kid at times." Kevin tried to pout at this but he couldn't pull it off

"Well lets dig in and all compliments I will take back to mom."

"Will do." AJ paused for a moment " We will have to do this after this is all done just us two couples."

"That would be great I know Caleb would love it. My god the four of us in one room its amazing how we all got to this point and how were are all connected to one another."

"Well life does work in mysterious ways." I said stuffing some of moms barbeque in my mouth I didn't realize how hungry I was until I started.

"Hey there, you were making fun of me and your just shoveling in the food." Kevin said laughing as he tried to swat at me. I moved out of the way laughing . "Too slow old man"

"Old man huh? is that what you call Caleb? We are the same age."

"Yes but he's Hollywood he stopped aging."

"Ooooh I'm going to tell on you!" AJ laughed as he grabbed for a piece of peach cobbler.

"Always the suck up huh AJ."

"One of his better qualities." Kevin laughed . I laughed as well spitting out some of the greens I was eating. AJ reached over and smacked him

"You too are bad". I wiped at the tears at my face.

"Keep it up chuckles and you won't be getting any." AJ threatened

"Yeah right like you could stay away from this" Kevin motioned over his body. I was amazed at how cocky he could be. I mean hey Kevin his hot he earned the name body beautiful for a reason but still.

"I'm so glad Caleb is not that cocky."

Both AJ and Kevin looked at me before they broke out into hysterical laughter "Yeah Right" they said in unison.

"We both know him and we know he can be extremely cocky when it comes to himself. I'm sure the only reason he took the job as Deadpool was because he got to wear a Red leather body suit." AJ stated matter of factly.

"Humph. He did look good in it though. What an ass! better then Ben Affleck in daredevil"

"Oh there no comparison." Kevin said " Hey so what the news on the movie."

"Well everything is finished and I was in touch with the studio the movie will come out the labor day weekend. They are hoping that Caleb will be able to be there. They are ecstatic he is doing well but sometimes I wonder if its real or because of the media hype related to the cancer."

"Well probably 50/50 I guess, but I think we shouldn't be too jaded they did help out quite a bit with the concert. So I think their concern is genuine. They are only trying to make the best out of something" AJ sensed my concern.

"Yeah I can't wait to see it I loved X men 3." Kevin said. We both looked at him I was surprised I didn't think he would have gone to see it cause he and Caleb were still fighting.

"What? I know but it was a good movie I snuck out one afternoon and saw it. It was amazing and Caleb did some great work the battle with him and Hugh and Rebecca was so amazing and original. I wasn't sure who I wanted to root for."

"Wow Kevin I never knew . Dam it I would have went with you instead of making up the elaborate ruse to see it with Nick and Howie and dumping you on Brian and Leighanne."


"Yeah remember that weekend I said that Nick Howie and I had tracks to fix well we spent the afternoon at the movies."

"Yeah and I spent the afternoon with Brian retiling the dam pool." He laughed I thought Brian was nuts wanting to do it himself.

"Yeah well I can be devious when I want something."

"Yeah I suppose so."

"So Lance my man tell me did you pull any of this on Caleb."

"Nope never had to really." I added quickly turning away.

"Oh I sense something is there? what do you think Kevin?"

"I agree AJ something there definitely. Come on spill it Lance."

I sat there trying not to blush. "Well.."

"Come on"

"Ok well it was when we were in Prague shooting the enemy of my enemy."

"Oh I loved that movie.." I paused watching AJ "Oh sorry finish"

"Well anyway there was this huge underground party going on while we were there and I kind of wanted to check it out without Caleb. Bt there was no way he would let me go by myself."


"Hmmm well it was and alternative party."

"Alternative how" Kevin pressed with a smile on his face

"Well it was a gay Leather event."

"WOW Lance you kinky bastard." I just blushed and laughed "Hey I was curious and wanted to see what it was all about thought maybe I could get some ideas. Well anyway the party was in Berlin so to escape while Caleb was shooting I told him I had to see my mom and was flying her over to London and I would meet her there."

"Oh my God well you definitely win the whole devious award that was quiet elaborate to go to a sex party?" AJ smirked

"It wasn't a sex party" I huffed

"I don't know Lance its sounds like a sex party. Hot guys into kinky things like leather and all that. I never knew you were into that. Tell me did you get dressed up all kinky ." Kevin Laughed

I had to laugh "Well yeah my curiosity was peaked and wanted to check it out its like any other underground party I guess there were guys having sex but not me, I swear." Raising my hand above my head. "Anyway yeah I wore a pair of leather pants and boots you had to in order to get in. It was a blast man."

"Did Caleb ever find out?"

"No but I was able to convince him to go with me to another one I heard about. I wanted to see him in leather he looks hot man. We had great sex after that party."

"You are definitely a wild man Lance."

"Well I would have thought you figured that out long ago AJ."

"Funny Lance! How did you keep it from Caleb I'm sure your mom would have said something. "

"Oh she couldn't cause I did see my mom in London. I just fudged the dates around to give me the day I needed. I mean flying from Berlin to London is not hard."

"That has to be the most convoluted plan ever." Kevin mumbled through the food in his mouth.

"Honey don't speak with your mouth full."

"But then I couldn't talk" Kevin mumbled

"That's the point" AJ laughed and just dodged out of the way before being hit with a pillow. I laughed at the too of them after all these years they are still like newlyweds.

"Ok guys don't hit the food. We can't waste this. Mom would be upset."

"Yeah AJ smarten up." Kevin smirked. I just laughed some more.

"So have you started planning some huge party for when Caleb gets home."

"Well a little bit yes. No idea at all what to do but I guess I have a general plan."

"I know you Lance and if you even thought of a coming home party you probably have every last detail hammered out." I just blushed and shoved some more corn bread into my mouth.

"I will take the silence as a yes then." Kevin just laughed at me " So I hope we are both invited." Kevin added I just nodded my head with my mouth full. Quickly swallowing the corn bread. "Of course you both are there Honored guests and all. I am just going to have something catered with an all night sleepover party."

"So nothing planned then" Kevin laughed

"Well what about the work front, any new projects in the works?" AJ asked

"Well Caleb and I have been trying again to get the rights to the book My precious boy."

"Haven't you been trying for a while?"

"Yeah a lot of people, have been but the author is very reclusive and particular about the rights"

"It would help if you knew who the Author was right "

"Definitely it would help great deal, but he wrote under a pen name and never did an interview."

"What if I told you I knew who the author is?" Kevin spoke quietly and deliberately

"You know?" I asked very intrigued.

"Yeah I loved the book and did everything to get the author I wanted to meet him."

"Did it work" I asked

"No never met him but got a picture and a name. I bet you are going to be surprised but I doubt he would sell the rights to you now."

"Why is that?"

"The author is your Favorite nurse."

"What no way! You Mean Joseph?"

"Yep I recognized him the first time I saw him and I asked him if it was so after a bit of hedging he admitted it."

"OH MY GOD its like fate,"

"Yeah but will he sell you the rights after everything that happened."

"Dam it ! well some sweet talking would be in order.." I thought for a moment" No I can't do it I need to be honest and not hide I know. How did you find out Kevin"

"Easy I hired a detective in case I wanted to do some acting and thought it would be a good vehicle. I mean it is one of the top selling books for the last 5 years."

"Yeah Mom had me read it after dad passed away its like he covered everything that I was feeling inside, the connection the lose. Caleb enjoyed reading it as well I think he even felt something a connection to the author despite his own relationship to his mom."

"I felt the same Lance it helped a lot it put into words what I was feeling after mom passed away. I felt a connection to him. I am sure a lot of people did that why there is that connection and why every loves the book. I think I understand why he doesn't want to give up the rights. He's probably scared it won't be portrayed the best way possible."

"That totally makes sense now that you say it. I never thought of it that way but the connection between him and his mom was very close and touching. I cried a lot through it."

"Well Lance now that you know, you still going to try?" AJ asked

"I think I will, but I better discuss it with Caleb first before I approach Joseph."

"Good plan Buddy. So what times does Caleb get finished." Looking at my watch I noticed I had been here 45 minute already.

"Hmm I guess he probably has about another twenty minutes before they bring him back to his room but he never wants me around right after the treatment. Always too sick."

"Well this is going to be the last time he needs to go though it. Tomorrow everything is going to change. " Kevin spoke slowly and deliberately

"From your lips to Gods ears my friend" I spoke.

"So what's in store for Caleb."

"Its going to be another 4 weeks in hospital and isolation. Then he can come home. I can't wait I feel like a monk." We all laughed at this.

"I'm going to make a soda run you all want one."

"Yeah coke for me, cherry coke for AJ." Kevin spoke. AJ reached back for his wallet.

"No AJ I got it no problem and made my door out of the room in search of the vending machines on this floor . I turned down the back hallway and noticed a pair of soda machines against the far wall. As I approached I noticed a man come out of the stairwell. Trying not to be noticed I kept my head down hoping not to be noticed. I thought I had made it until I heard it.


I stopped and cursed to myself under my breath turning around I was about to play the whole celebrity thing when I looked at the guy it all just fell apart.


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