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    It was a great party. Joel had fretted about being left alone and forgotten, but from the very second he stepped through the door, Justin--or Just, as he'd taken to calling him, had been the perfect host, never leaving his side for more than a few minutes. He'd been introduced to the rest of the band--great guys, all--and completely wacko to boot. Especially Joey and Chris. Lance and Josh (professionally known as J.C.) were more sedate, especially the brunette. Josh, to Joel's opinion, was absolutely delectable, and if it wasn't for the almost constant presence of Justin, his curly haired angel, he'd have been all over Josh in an instant.

    But Justin had made Joel feel so special, so wanted, that Joel only had eyes for him. Even when Britney Spears, easily the cutest girl in the room, flirted with him shamelessly. It turned out that Britney had just produced a new album which was reportedly breaking all records. Joel was rather used to the attention, however--he knew that lots of people found him attractive and exotic (personally he never did think he was all that physically desirable). His straight black hair and slanted eyes contrasted with his white skin and green irises. He even used to do some modeling work back when he was younger, in Singapore. He had an 'international' look.

    It was after the party when things had heated up a little, Joel had volunteered to help clean up, and Justin had, in turn, offered Joel a room for the night since it was late. It was just the two of them, up in Justin's room, with neither of them particularly inclined to sleep. Justin had produced a bottle of Jack Daniels from his secret stash, and they were going at it with all the gusto of teenagers doing something they knew they shouldn't, but liked to. Joel had felt very young, and very vulnerable indeed. He'd never been this close in proximity to another man, never mind the most gorgeous thing on earth.

    In the present, Joel wrapped his arms around himself, recalling how thick the sexual tension grew with each shot of the whiskey. They were so attracted to each other, and had even begun to sweat a little in the Floridian heat. Inevitably, clothes, as well as inhibitions, had come off. In a vague corner of his mind, a more sober Joel had the sense to be nervous, but he need not have worried. Justin, as he'd found to his everlasting surprise, was an old hand at seduction and everything that came along with it.

    It was Justin who'd let his curious hands trail through his blond curls, Justin who'd finally whispered what he'd wanted from Joel from that very first time at Tower's, but ultimately, it was Joel who had let Justin do all those things that the younger man wanted--and he wanted, too; just as badly. The night when Joel finally experienced what it meant to be with a man.

    The morning after was not quite as rosy, of course. Joel wasn't sure whether not to pretend that nothing had happened and get on with life, or what. He laid on the bed next to the softly snoring Justin, terrified to move for fear of waking him up and yet mesmerized by the sweet vision of golden-curled Justin softly glowing in the morning light.

    And that was how Justin caught Joel when he did wake up--at once fearful yet filled with wonder.  He turned to face Joel more comfortably, blinking in the light. and giving Joel a wide, easy grin.

    "Hey, you," he said softly. Shyly, Joel smiled back.

    "Hey," he croaked a reply, not trusting himself to say anything more.

    Justin held up his hand to Joel's face, and gently stroked his cheek with the back of his fingers, his blue eyes searching.

    "Do you regret what happened last night?" he asked.

    Joel pressed his face deeper against those fingers and inhaled deeply. He stared back at Justin and found himself answering truthfully.

    "No. No I don't. Not a single second of it," he sighed. " I just want to know--where we're at and where we go from here."

    Justin was silent as he thought carefully about his answer. "I guess...I guess no one has ever really asked me the reasons why I do what I do," he said slowly. "All my life I have been in the spotlight. I've had to be what people want me to be-- talented and beautiful. It's hard for me to find the kind of love and attention I need, especially," he looked up at Joel. "Especially after I came to terms with my sexuality." 

    He sat up, and held Joel's hand. "You know,  I've had other lovers...ever since I was fifteen." Joel tried not to looked shocked, but Justin caught him out. "I had to, Joel--I needed it so badly, and being on the road as much as I am, I had to take it anywhere I could."

    "Just, I'm-I'm not sure whether I--" Joel started, looking away, a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Was he to be another field for Justin to sow his wild oats?

    "No, J, listen to me," he grabbed the older guy by his shoulders, forcing him to look up at his blue eyes. "You're the only person I've ever regretted doing it with the morning after," his voice trembled, and Joel finally saw what he only had glimpses of the previous night--Justin, just a lonely, vulnerable teenager learning to grow up too quickly.


    "Coz I don't wanna ruin our friendship. I want your friendship, J. More than any meaningless fuck. I feel that...you mean so much more than that to me." Joel's mind reeled. What was he trying to say?

    "What are you saying, Just?" he whispered.

    "I'm saying that I want to keep you as a friend, I don't want this to be just a one-night stand. And--and if in any way you wished last night never happened..." It was obvious that tears threatened to spill out of the suddenly-fragile seventeen-year old. 

    "Oh, Just," Joel took his trembling hands and kissed them, his own tears welling up. He couldn't bear to see Justin like this. "I don't want you to ever regret what's between us. I'll always be your friend if you'll only let me. A friend to ease your sorrows, your pain and your emotional and--physical needs," the last part was said softly.

    "Joel? Do you know what you're saying? I can't be a boyfriend to anyone...I can't wish that--"

    "Yes Justin," he said. "I meant every word I said. As long as I'm still single--I mean, what's wrong with a little fun now and then, right? Because, we both have wants...needs... and we are friends..." he was silenced by a finger on his lips, which was soon followed by Justin's tender mouth.

    And with that, he was committed to Justin. He supplied Justin whatever comforts he could give, seemingly without strings attached. Joel, who had once condemned such practices, in one stroke had change his principles overnight--all for Justin.

    Back to the present. He hadn't really thought about that until now. In fact, he made a conscious effort not to. Joel constantly reminded himself that all he was doing was just being a friend--a friend who was able to give of himself without expecting anything in return. Or was he? Did he really not want something back?

    Joel picked up his cellphone and dialed his best friend's number to tell her the news.

    "Kate! It's moi!" he said excitedly.

    "J, darling, you're up early! And you actually sound perky. Someone must have gotten some last night!" she laughed.

    "No, not last night, but maybe tonight!" Joel couldn't stop grinning.

    "Wha-? You've got yourself a date? With whom? Oh, no don't tell me--"

    "Yes!" Joel nodded frantically into the phone. "Justin's coming! He'll be here in 2 hours or so. At my place!"

    There was a silence at the other end.

    "Kate? You know, you don't have to be so enthusiastic, you know," he jibed.

    "Oh, J," he heard Kate sigh. "You know how I feel about your 'relationship' with Justin." Amazingly he could hear the quotation marks in her voice.

    "Dammit Kate, not that 'he's just using you' crap again!" burst Joel irritably. "We've been over this like, a million times already."

    "And for the millionth time, then, you're not listening! Not to me, and not to yourself. You've gone and let yourself fall in love with him. The one person you've been expressly told not to have."

    "I'm his friend, Kate. It's not just the sex--"

    "Not just the sex? J, friends don't have sex with each other casually!" her voice rose.

    "Well, we do! And I'm not just any normal friends, we're--"

    She cut him off. "You're his fuckbuddy, that's what you are!" 


    Almost immediately, Kate's tone became apologetic. "Honey--"

    "I think--this conversation--it's--goodbye Kate," he hung up the phone without waiting for an answer. As usual when he felt nervous or emotional, he couldn't talk straight. He put down the phone, deeply disappointed with his best friend. He put his head in his hands, feeling dejected. He was sure she'd be happy for him--she'd always supported him ever since he got into University. They were both on the Student's Board, and the older Kate had basically showed him the ropes. There was never anything romantic between them, they just happened to bond really well with each other. The fact that Joel was gay was something she picked up later on, but by that time they were so close that she'd have hardly cared if he was a crazed serial killer preying on college women.

    Fuckbuddy, Fuckbuddy, Fuckbuddy. Her parting words seared through Joel's mind. Is she right, Joel thought. Am I just a convenient tool for him to use after all?

    The phone rang. It was Kate, no doubt calling to apologise. He was still stung by her insensitivity, so he ignored it,. I can draw my own conclusions and make my own decisions,  he thought defiantly. And I refuse to think that Justin sees me only as an easy way out of his sexual frustrations. Kate was right about one thing, though. He was in love with Justin. They might just be friends now, but they shared a special bond, an understanding. Why can't Kate see it? Justin could grow to love me, couldn't he? After all, we're so good together. 

    Joel shook his head clear of the depressing thoughts. He decided to head to the gym at his condo to work off his frustrations. Leaving his still-ringing phone, he gathered his stuff into a bag and proceeded to do his work-out.

    He threw himself aggressively into his routines, working up a good sweat, to take his mind off the conversation with Kate. It worked very well indeed, for he soon lost track of time. When he looked up at the clock, it was nearing 12.30. More than two hours had passed.

    Shit, he thought. Justin could call anytime now. He didn't even pause to shower, only to wipe his sweat off, and pelted up to his rooms.

    He burst into his apartment, dropped his bag, and grabbed his phone. Five missed calls! He saw Kate's number--but the last was Justin's cellphone.

    "Fuck!" he exclaimed aloud. He had called.

    "Yes, that was on my mind too," said an all-too-familiar voice from behind him. Before Justin could turn around, a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his waist, and a nose nuzzled into his neck, and beautiful, soft, blond curls brushed against his cheek.

    "Just! Oh gosh!" he gasped in shock, then giggled as Justin Timberlake merely squeezed him tighter. He cock hardened at the proximity of the young stud. "Don't do that," he said without much conviction "I just came from the gym and I'm all sweaty and everything."

    "And you know very well that the sight of you like this is such a turn on for me!" he growled, before whirling Joel around and kissing him deeply, tongue snaking into Joel's willing mouth. As they kissed hungrily, Justin pressed his firm body into Joel's letting the older man know exactly how much of a turn-on it really was.

    Joel was lost in ecstasy. All his senses were in riot as he experienced the overwhelming wholeness of Justin--his lips, his body, his scent. He ran his hands through the singer's hair even as Justin's hands slipped under his tank-top to rove over his shuddering body.

    Justin broke the kiss and said, "Man, you've really been busy while I've been away, huh?" he demonstrated his point by running his fingers over Joel's well-defined abs.

    Joel exhaled explosively at Justin's touch. He caught the singer's hand and held it still against his body.

    "It just goes to show how long you've been away," he said with a vicious grin. "We've got some catching up to do, but first, a shower..."

    "Do you want to talk or do you want to fuck?" Justin cut him off, grinning back. He reached out and felt Joel's stiffness. "ah, but I think I already know the answer," he chuckled as he massaged Joel through the thin material of his gym shorts.

    Joel groaned and almost climaxed at that. 'Mmmm...what can I say, you make a convincing argument," he gritted his teeth, trying to maintain his composure, playing along. Then, just to show Justin he could be just as bold, he gripped Justin's shirt, and pulled it apart, popping its buttons, eliciting a tight hiss from his lover.

    They did not even make it into Joel's bedroom, though their efforts to do so were most commendable. 

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