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In the first story instalment JC and Lance got together until Justin found out. He agreed to keep it to himself for the time being


On the plane back home the other guys could tell that something was wrong with JC and Lance, sensing the cold atmosphere and the sometimes vicious looks JC would give lance.

"Come on Lance, wassup?" Chris asked

"Nothing for you to worry about"

"You sulking 'cause JC hit you?"

"No" Lance said, shooting JC a cold glance

"What was all that about anyway?"

"Ask him"

"Well?" Chris asked JC

"He said something that he shouldn't have, that's all"

"Ooooh, now I'm interested" Chris said on the edge of his seat

"It's not important, I said something that came out the wrong way"

"About what?" Chris fired another question, Lance desperately thinking up a lie

"About mom" JC rescued him

"What you say Lance? Must have been something pretty bad"

"I don't remember"

What did he say JC?"

"I'm not repeating it"

Chris stopped when he realised neither was going to talk any further about it. JC went to sleep, so lance

spoke to Justin

"Hey Lance, how's things?"

"Don't patronise me Justin"

"Sorry" Justin apologised, losing the smile

"I just wanted to ask you how long you're gonna keep this"

"I told you, you two can do it yourselves, but if you don't tell them in the next couple of weeks, I might

have to start dropping hints"

"You can't just control us that! You don't know what it's like"

"I'm enjoying this too much, having my little secret over you two"

"I thought we were all friends"

"Don't worry your little head about it Lance, I won't tell anyone"

"Promise me Justin"

""I promise" Justin said, laughing a little at how serious Lance had become all of a sudden

Lance went back to his seat when Joey returned from the toilet. He sat and thought hard, can Justin keep

his mouth shut? Was all this worth it? Was JC worth all this trouble? Lance was taken aback by his last

thought, all those years wanting JC so badly and now he had him, did he want him?

On their day of return to the US they were given the day off to get over the jet lag. That evening JC

phoned Lance


"Lance, it's me"

"Oh so you'll talk to me now"

"Can I come round? We've gotta talk and I don't wanna do it over the phone"


"See you soon"

Lance waited anxiously for JC, pacing around nervously. He almost ran to the door when he heard JC


"So " Lance said, sitting next to JC on the sofa

"First of all, can I apologise for hitting you? It's just that when you said that in the taxi, I didn't know what

to do. You know I'd never hurt you"

"I know, and I shouldn't of said it"

"So are we still ."

"A couple? That's what I wanna talk about"

"What are you talking about Lance?" JC said, furrowing his brow

"Well, I mean, is all this worth it?"

"Are you saying we should stop seeing each other?"

"I don't know" Lance said, holding his head in his hands, "I'm saying it might be more trouble than it's

worth" his voice cracked slightly

"Lance, why are you saying all this?"

"Well when everyone finds out, which they will, we might not have jobs or anything. And Justin's got us

over a barrel"

"Forget about Justin, he's all talk. So what if we were out of the group? I wouldn't care as long as we

were together"

"That's the other thing, can we have a relationship? What if all the other guys don't like it?"

"Lance, forget about everyone else. What do you want?"

"I want you, but-"

"That's all that matters then, you love me and I love you"

JC pulled Lance into a hug, holding him tight. He could feel Lance sobbing, slowly calming him down.

"I'll go make us a drink" JC said after Lance was back under control. Lance turned on the TV whilst JC

was in the kitchen.

"Don't worry about Justin, Lance. I'll speak to him, tell him to give us time. He'll listen to me"

"I noticed, I could almost be scared of him taking you from me"

"Eww Justin? All that peroxide blonde? I don't think so"

"What's wrong with blondes?"

"There's nothing wrong with you Lance, you're perfect"

"Oh don't, I'll start crying again"

"I never thought you'd be so emotional"

"What wrong with that?"

"Nothing, it's good that you're so into me"

"You wanna watch that Indiana Jones film that's on?"

"Sure, you know how much I like a bit of action" JC smiled

Lance flicked channels, JC put his arm around Lance's shoulder

"Hey Lance, wake up it's 8 o'clock" JC said the next morning

"What?" Lance groaned

"It's 8 o'clock, we must have fell asleep"

"What time do we have to be in the studio?"

"Nine, we'd better hurry. Can I use your shower?"


Lance got something for breakfast while JC showered. He almost choked on his toast when JC returned

with just a towel round his waist.

"Hmmm, I missed that" Lance remarked, eyeing JC up from head-to-toe

"Can I borrow some clothes as well?"

"If I didn't know better I'd think you were using me"

"I doubt it, if anything I'd use and abuse you"

"There'll be time for that later" Lance promised

Lance showed JC his wardrobe, then got his own shower. When he got back JC had decided on a shirt

and jeans

"How come you never wear half of this stuff?"

"I never get chance"

"You've got good taste" JC complemented, "Well except for that" JC pointed to a green-and-yellow polka

dot shirt

"I know, I must have had a bad day when I bought that" Lance said, throwing the shirt in the bin

JC grabbed Lance, kissing him. JC gave lance's backside a rough squeeze

"Nice ass"

"Remember what happened when I said that?"

"Oh please don't hit me Lance, I'm too pretty to be hit" JC laughed

JC released Lance to get dressed whilst he grabbed some breakfast himself

"You ready?" Lance asked

"Yeah, we might just make it"

"They'll have to wait, where would they be without their star singer?"

"Oh Lance, flattery'll get you everywhere"

"Promises promises"

They spent the day in the recording studio recording a new track for the next single release. Lance and

JC stole glances at each other throughout the day, Lance with his boyish coy smiles and JC occasionally

blowing kisses discretely. During their hour lunch break, JC pulled Justin to one side

"Just you've got to promise not to---"

"I've already had all this out with Lance"

"I'm asking you, not Lance. We've always been good friends but you screw this up and we won't be


"Look for the last time JC, I will not tell anyone. Ever. All that about how you'd better tell them soon was

just winding you up"

"Swear on your mother's life"

"JC! No way!"

"Do it"

"OK! How bad are you and Lance in love if you're going through all this"

"Very, so don't spoil it" JC said, walking away

They finished recording about 5 in the afternoon and then they had a TV at about 8. It was an hours

drive and ten they were booked into a hotel for the rest of the evening. JC heard a knock on his door

"Hey, everything okay?"

"Yes, why wouldn't it be? I just wanted to see you" Lance said, pushing JC against the back of the door,

"I'm in the mood for some messin' about"

"Really?" JC said with a raised eyebrow

"Uh huh" Lance replied, unbuckling JC's belt

"Lance we ain't got time"

"Course we have, we can make time" Lance said, letting JC's pants drop the floor

Lance dropped on his knees, taking JC's boxers in the same direction. JC groaned at the slightest of

Lances touches. Lance went to work, JC's knees trembling with the overwhelming pleasure he was


Lance worked like a demon, quickly ensuring JC's cum in his mouth. the large volume forcing him to

swallow, not something he was overjoyed about

"I gotta rinse my mouth out" Lance said when they were finished

"You still not used to swallowing?" JC asked pulling his pants back up

"No, that taste knocks me sick"

"You'll get used to it, we'll have lots of practice"

The TV appearance was nothing new, quick interview then sing something, management deciding on No

Strings Attached.

Afterwards they headed back to the hotel. lance snook into JC's room, desperate to see him again

"What's wrong with you? You're like a dog when it's owners gone on holiday"

"I hope it's female, I always wanted to be your bitch"

I spoke to Justin, he said he was never gonna force us out after all"

"He would say that"

"What's with all this Justin-bashing?"

"I'm not bashing, he's just annoying me lately that's all"

"He say something?"

"Not really, he's just dropping innuendoes and he keeps giving me the eyes"

"ignore him, he's still a kid at heart"

"That's his problem, he can't take anything serious"

"Who cares about Justin's problems? All I'm interested in is you"

"I don't care either but you know what Justin's mouth's like"

"Lance, shut up about Justin" JC said before drawing Lance into a long kiss, "You wanna do something?"

"No I think I pulled a muscle or something in my back tonight"

"You sure it's not serious damage?"

"It's only a strained muscle, I'll get over it"

JC gave Lance another good-night kiss before Lance sprised himself away

The next morning they all met in the hotel lobby, waiting for Lance

"Eventually! Thought you were in a coma or something" Chris commented

"You're upbeat this morning" Lance replied

"You okay there Lance?" Joey asked, noticing Lance's pained walk

"Yeah, I must have pulled something last night"

Justin burst out laughing, denying that was what he was laughing at. They got into the waiting van and

were drove to a photo-shoot for a teeny magazine

"You gonna see someone about your back?" Chris asked

"If it doesn't' get any better"

"Justin reckons you got some wild action last night"

"Does he really"

"Mind you, Justin says that about everyone"

They did the photoshoot, JC and Lance tried not to be too conspicuous. They got through it without too

much touching, Justin's eyes following them everywhere noticing everything.

The next day they were told that they would be going to back to Europe at the end of the week

"We were there the other week" Justin complained

"We've got to concentrate a lot on Europe for a while, you guys ain't selling too well over there. You've

sold about 15,000 albums in the UK" their manager, Robert told them

"Wow, is it that bad?!" Chris asked

"Yes, you leave on Friday. You'll be there for about two weeks"

"Two weeks" Justin again complained

"Justin stop moaning. This is your job ain'tpan it?"

"But it rains all the time!"

"Anyway, you're starting Italy on Saturday, Germany on Monday, Holland on Tuesday, France on the

Wednesday, Spain on the Thursday and then the UK on Friday then you're back home"

"So we're gonna be in England for a whole week?!"

"Justin give it a rest, they sell umbrellas you know"

That night, Lance phoned JC from his moms

"Hey sweety" JC answered

"How did you know it was me?"

"Caller id"

But I'm at my mom's house"

"I had a 6th sense. So how come you didn't come round?"

"The doctor said I should rest, and I wouldn't if I was in a house on my own with you"

"So are you staying at your moms?"

"yeah, till Friday. the doctor reckons it'll have cleared up by then. I'll be good for the Europe thing


"How am I supposed to fill my needs with you laid up?"

"You've still got hands"

"So when will I see you gain?"

"I've been excused from that interview tomorrow but you can come round whenever you want"

"Maybe we'll all come round after we're done"

"I'd prefer you on your own"

"I'll see what I can do"

"I'd better go, I need my beauty sleep"

"Damn right, 72 hours should do it" JC joked

"Only joking Lance. You're gorgeous"

JC irritably sat through the interview, wanting to see Lance. When they were he quickly jumped up,

"You guys wanna go see Lance?"

Everyone but Justin did, making his excuses. When they got there, Lance was out cold according to his

mom because of the painkillers even though JC though boredom the most likely reason

Lance's mom made them all drinks

"How come Justin never came?"

"He's got something to do, important he said"

"Yeah, getting his roots done!" Chris laughed

"So I hear you guys are all going to Europe again"

"Yeah we're not doing to well over there apparently"

"Must be fun - all that travelling"

"Not really, you get used to it"

Mom are you boring them again?" Lance interrupted

"Oh you're awake, here sit down" she ordered, standing up

"Mom it's a strained muscle, I'm not an invalid"

"The doctor said rest and rest you will"

Lance sighed and sat down

"I'll go get you a pillow for your back"

Thank God you guys came, she's really getting to me" Lance confessed once she was out of the kitchen

"Don't pretend like you don't like it. Only a few more days and you'll be miles away from her"

They stayed for an hour before Lance's mom hinted that they should go. They got back in JC's car but

JC said he'd have to go back for his keys.

"You seen my keys Lance?"

"On the arm there where you left em"

"I needed an excuse to get you on your own"

"Give me a hug" Lance asked pitifully, arms wide-open

"Only a quick one, you're mom might catch us"

JC bent down and held Lance softly. Lance was about to give him a kiss when JC's car horn interrupted

"I guess it's my signal to go"

"See you soon?"

"Don't know, I've been invited to a reunion or something tomorrow"

"Where is it?"

"It's back in DC I'll be there all day"

"I'll miss you"

"Miss you too" JC said, blowing Lance a kiss as he left

The next day JC left for DC, leaving Lance all miserable and lonely. He moped around all day,

desperate for the sound of JC's voice. 'I'm too involved' Lance told himself, 'We've both got lives'.

Lance went out, much to his moms disapprovement. When he got back he decided to call JC

"Hey Lance. Hold on a minute" JC said, finding a quiet spot

"Sounds like you're having fun"

"What wrong? You almost sound suicidal"

"I guess it's just withdrawal symptoms"

"I miss you too, but it's only been a day"

"A day without you"

"Hey cheer up, I'm coming back tomorrow, I'll try and get a morning flight"

"I guess I can live that long. So how's the party?"

"It's great, you should have come. There's loads of people I haven't seen in years. Everyone wants a

damn autograph though"

"It's good to hear your voice, I know it's only been half a day or something, but I'm real lonely"

"Don't worry, I'll drop by tomorrow when I get home. I think I've gotta go someone's waving a piece of

paper at me"

The next morning Lance was up early, unable to sit still with the excitement of JC's return. Hours of

clock-watching, nail biting and making endless drinks ended when he heard a knock on the door

Lance threw himself at JC as soon as he opened the door, almost suffocating him in the bear-hug.

"What a welcome!"

"I missed you so much"

"I know that's about the 20th time you've told me"

"Come in"

"Thanks I though you weren't gonna offer"

"So how was the party?" Lance asked again as JC sat down


"That why you look dog-rough this morning?"

"Thanks, always there with a compliment aren't you Lance? It only finished at 2 am"

"Not like you to stop out so late"

"I couldn't get away, there's always one more something to sign or one more picture. It was a nightmare.

enough about me, how my sweet little Lancesten?"

"It's gone now, but I have to make sure"

"Your mom still smothering you?"

"Yeah, I sent her out, I felt like smothering her. Short of giving me a sponge bath there's nothing she

hasn't done for me"

"I can think of one thing" JC smiled

"I can't think of a hundred things" Lance smiled back

They kissed, Lance's roaming hands everywhere

"Here babe, lie back" JC said, unzipping Lance's pants

JC stroked his hands up and down Lance's tent pole, Lance reduced to deep almost animal groans. JC

speeded up, feeling Lance's breathing getting harder and faster. Lance came hard, shooting a big jet of

cum onto the carpet

"Shit you should have caught it" Lance said panicky

"What with? A net?"

"I hope it washes out, I'll be so embarrassed otherwise"

"It's only cum, it'll scrub out"

Lance got a clothe while JC washed his hands

"Lance, I've gotta go"

"Why, you ain't been here an hour yet?"

"I've got some stuff to sort before we go to Europe"

"Okay, you just leave me here to cleanup your handy work"

"I think you'll find that has the Bass-smell"

"Does it smell?" Lance said, snifing his finger tips

"Joke, Lance" JC laughed, "I'd better go"

Lance continued scrubbing as JC left. Lance couldn't get over what they'd just done. In all those years

of lusting after JC, he never imagined that JC would be jerking him off in his mom's living room.

The next morning, JC got the Spanish inquisition off Lance at the airport

"Why didn't you call me?"

"I told you, I was busy"

"Why didn't you answer the phone?"

"It's kinda difficult when you ain't there"

"So where were you?"

"Out. Lance your my lover, not my keeper. I am allowed out"

Lance never responded, going into a deep sulk

They got on the plane once everyone had arrived and flew to Italy. In the 2 days that they were there,

they went on every TV show worth going on and did interviews and photoshoots for every magazine they

could. They did this for all the other countries before heading to the UK for the final week.

"Right, here's your agenda" the young PR-girl from Jive's UK offices told them, "Tonight you're doing the

Lottery show, tomorrow morning you're on MTV Select then-"

"What's that?" Justin interrupted

"It's a request show, like your TRL. In the evening you're on Des O'Conor. Then on Monday night you're

doing a PA in a club. I'll fin in the rest later in the week"

"I thought we'd be taking it a bit easier with us being here a week" Chris asked

"I'm afraid not, you're booked up all week. I know it sounds stupid but...could I have your autograph?"

the girl smiled, losing the business-like coolness

They signed a photo for her

"She was nice Justin commented once she'd gone

"Damn right, you see that rear?"

"Maybe I'll give her my number" Chris said

Chris you're such a.......whore" JC told him

"Even you've got to admit she was fine, Mr Celibacy"

"Well...."JC stumbled feeling both Lance's and Justin's probing stares

"What about you Lance?" Justin asked

"She's not my type"

"Oh yeah I forgot, she never had a beard" Justin sniped, apologising after the look JC gave him

They showered and were drove to the studios for the national Lottery Show a couple of hours later. They

performed the title track till management had decided what the next single was going to be.

When they got back to the hotel, JC went round to Lance's room

"Guess what. I've got a surprise for you"

What, you wanna be a woman?"

"No not exactly" JC said, ignoring Lance's meek attempt at humour, "I've got you a present"

"really?! For me?!" Lance asked excitedly

JC pulled a jewellery box out of his pocked

"What is it?" Lance repeated

"Open it, I wanted to get you something special but I never knew what to get"

"Oh it's beautiful" Lance gushed, taking the small chunky solid-gold medallion on a chain out of the box

"It's 24-caret" JC said, helping Lance put it on

"it must have cost a fortune You should of"

"I got it engraved" JC said, showing Lance the back

'Can this be true, tell me can this be real? How can I put into words what I feel?'

"You're so sweet"

"I didn't know whether it sounded too corny or not"

"Not at all, I always loved that song"

"So you like it?"

"I love it? what can I get you though?"

"Don't bother, I'm happy with you"

"Aw look, you're making me cry" Lance laughed, little tears forming. JC hugged him, on the verge of

tears himself

"Night Lance"

You're not stopping?"

"No, we're starting at 8 tomorrow, we'd get caught"

"OK" Lance conceded Lance said, grabbing hold of JC one last time "See you tomorrow"

The next morning at breakfast, JC was the last of the five to arrive

"Morning sleepy"

"Morning guys, how come no one woke me up"

"We tried. Several times. You were out cold"

"Thanks for trying anyway"

"Oooh she's nice" Justin commented as a girl walked past

"What would Britney think?" Chris teased

"Don't start all that again" Justin moaned

"What about that one?" Joey said

JC gave Lance a smile whilst the guys were distracted, noticing the chain under Lance's shirt

"You guys ready?" the Pr-girl asked

"We gotta go go now? I only just got here"

"You can eat it on the mini-bus, it's a 45-minute journey"

JC reluctantly brought his breakfast with him, picking at what wasn't cold, whilst Chris chatted up the OR


"Can't he leave her alone?" Lance asked

"He's after her real bad. What did she say her name was? Karen?" Justin asked

"Carol" JC corrected him

"You still eating that?"

"No, it's cold. I'll try and get something there"

"Maybe they can sort you out a burger or something. Since you like a nice piece of meat"

"What are you two on about?" Joey asked, analysing the cold stare between JC & Justin

"Nothing. Only Justin being a prat as usual"

"I am to please"

"Not what I've heard" Lance chipped in, "What is it they call you? Two-Minute-Timberlake?"

Justin wasn't impressed, Joey & JC helplessly laughing at Lance's unusually funny humour

"Don't tempt me Lance" Justin coldly said to him quietly

They got to the studio and were rushed through makeup and had 15 minutes in the green room. They

were there till late afternoon, doing some stuff for MTV news afterwards

When they got back to the hotel, Lance said he was tired and went off to his room. JC pulled Justin up


"You forgot what I said already?" he asked seriously

"No it's just that I ain't got nothing to lose"

"What's wrong with you? Ever since you found out about me and lance you've been a real pain in the


"There's nothing wrong with *me*"

What that meant to mean?"

"Whatever you want it to" Justin said, walking off

"Hey I'm not finished yet" JC pulled Justin back, "Last warning Justin, you either keep schtum or we're


"Well there's a dilemma" Justin said sarcastically, "And why don't you tell your boyfriend to keep his

mouth shut as well?" Justin walked off

"You okay?" Lance asked

"Did I wake you up?"

"Well yeah but come in anyway"

I told Justin again, after that meat comment"

"You should leave him, we're just giving him ammunition"

"You're right, always the voice of reason aren't you?"

"He's upset you hasn't he?" Lance asked, hearing the depression in JC's voice

"I just can't believe what he's doing. I always thought we'd be friends forever"

"You don't think he's got a problem with us being gay do you?"

"Justin homophobic? he's never shown any signs"

"He's never had to, we were always so straight-lookin"

"Maybe he's just jealous"

"Of us?"

"Maybe not us as a couple, but cause we spend so much time together"

"It's not like he's left out all the time though is it?"

"But it leaves those 3, maybe he feels like the gooseberry all the time"

"He'll get over it, he's still just a kdi"

"I agree, but what's tearing me up is that he knows how hard he's making this. I need a hug"

Lance held JC, surprised how much Justin had got to him. JC had always been the stronger of the two,

Lance's emotional rock, it was always JC that held them together, always there for lance to turn to.

Could he be there the same way for JC?

JC pulled away, wiping the tears

"Look at me, I'm almost as bad as you" JC laughed

"As long as you don't get your mascara on me" Lance laughed

"I've gotta call mom, she insists I ring her"

"I wish I was that close to my mom"

"You are, you just won't admit it"

"You wanna call her from here? You don't have to go back just because of me"

"No thanks"

"You OK now? Don't let Justin get to you so much"

"I won't. how come you put that on already?" JC asked, pointing to his present

"I couldn't resist, it's heavy though"

"Should be for what it cost"

"Why did you buy it?"

"I just wanted you to have a little token of my affection for you"

"I'd have been happy with a crappy little thing, you know, as long as it was off you"

"You understand why I didn't want to tell you where I was the other day?"

"Oh" Lance said, putting the pieces together

"And I wanted to give it to you here, seeing as this is where we started"

"Yeah same hotel as well, how weird is that?"

"I'll go report to mom, see you later" JC said, giving Lance's hand a gently squeeze

That night they did the Des O'Conor show, amused at how the 60-something presenter pretended to

know who they were. It was late when they got back to the hotel so they all headed straight for bed. JC

thought about staying with Lance but decided against.

The next morning JC got an early morning call courtesy of Lance almost thumping the door down.

"Is something wrong?" JC asked as he opened the door

"No but I've been stood here for fifteen minutes"

"Christ Lance, it's only 7 o'clock!"

"I thought we could make an early start"

"On what?"

"We've got all day to ourselves, remember?"

"We can't make out all day Lance"

"We could try" Lance said dragging JC on to the bed

"Where Lance? And JC?" Chris asked, "It's almost 10"

"Maybe it's best we don't know" Justin said

"Grow up, Curly, why you always think everyone's having sex?"

Justin but his tongue, desperate to ell hem but his conscience held him back

"What's everyone doing this morning?" Joey asked

"I night check out that gym"

"Yeah you look as though you do with losing a few pounds" Justin bitched

"Excuse me, Justin, but I've seen more meat on a Walmart corn dog"

" Well I'm checking out the pool, anyone coming?"

"I will" Justin said

"We can ask them two on our way"

Lance was shaving when JC walked past and gave his ass a hard slap

"Fuck me, what was that for?" Lance asked, rubbing his cheek

"Sorry I just couldn't help it" JC laughed

"That hurt" Lance whined, examining the red hand print on his backside

There was a loud banging on the door

"Three guess who that is" Lance groaned

"Yo JC, get your ass outta bed" Justin hollered through the door

"Me and Justin's checking out the pool. You wanna come with?"

"Yeah just give me 15 minutes"

"Try and resurrect Lance on your way down. We never got any answer"

"See you there"

"What did they want?" lance asked as he came out of the bathroom

"Joey and Justin wanted to know if we want to join them in the pool. I said yes"

"There goes the lovemaking marathon"

"There's more to love than sex"

"I know but when I see you I just wanna ravage you"

"You better go get dressed. I'll drop by in ten minutes"

They lounged around the pool for a couple of hours.

"So where's Chris?"

"He's still chasing that honey. He said he wanted to check out the gym, but...you know Chris" Joey


"Unfortunately" Justin mumbled

"What's wrong with you?"


"Come off it, these last couple of weeks you've been skulking round with a face liked a slapped ass.

What's wrong?"

"Like I said, there ain't nothing wrong with *me*" Justin said, swimming off

"I can't figure him out sometimes" Joey said, shaking his head

"It's probably hormones, maybe he's still going through puberty"

"Explains all them damn mood swings"

Later that afternoon Chris returned

"I've got good and bad news"

"what's the good?" Justin asked

"I may be in with Carol she---"

"And the bad?" Justin interrupted with a sigh

"Oh yeah, we gotta do a radio things in 2 hours."

"There goes the free time"

They were drove to the BBC studios for their Radio 1 interview. It was for the entertainment news to be

broadcast later that evening. The usual deal; Why are you here? Are you touring? etc.

They found out some details about the PA they were doing that night off the interviewer which Carol

never informed them about.

"So where is this club?" Justin asked Carol back on the bus

"It's about 10 minutes from your hotel. I should have told you about it but I was......otherwise detained"

she said, giving Chris a smile

"So what are we doing?" Lance asked

"Three tracks. It's an R&B club we're gonna try a different audience for your album. You're doing U

Drive Me Crazy, It Makes Me Ill and we've not decided on the third yet"

"You think something's already happened between them two?" Lance whispered to JC

"It looks like it. See that smile she gave him?"

"Seems everyone's at it"

"'cept Justin"

"Maybe that's his problem"

What, he needs to get laid? Probably"

When they got back to the hotel it was about 5. An hour later, JC went round to Lance's room

"You been crying again?" he asked

"Yeah, it's stupid really" Lance sniffed, "O was just looking at that chain and I started blubbering"

"Aw, sweet Lance" JC said hugging Lance as he started to cry again

Lance soon cheered up, removing JCs shirt

BANG! BANG! BANG! Someone thudded on the door.

"Yo Lance lemme in"

Lance let JC get his shirt back on before opening the door

"Oh sorry, am I interrupting something?"

"No, not anymore"

"Sorry. I just wanted to know whether you wanted to get something to eat before we go out?"


"Bout an hour?"

"Okay" Lance said, closing the door behind Justin, "He seemed alright then"

"Yeah but for how long?"

"Maybe he's getting over it"

"Don't count on it"

"You're real worried about him, aren't you?"

"Only for the trouble he might cause"

"I don't think he'd do it intentionally, Justin's not that vindictive or anything"

"he can be mean when he wants, I've seen him"

thye talked a bit more before they all met up for an evening meal, Lance and JC carefdul not to arrive at

the same time.

That night they did the PA, performing the a cappella of I Thought She Knew as the finale

For the rest of the week they plugged No Strings Attached heavily on TV and Radio.

On the Friday they flew back to the US. on the plane Chris was telling them his shock annoucement

about Carol

"So then I asked her back to my room and that's when she told me"

"Told you what?" Joey asked

"That she was..."




"That she was a lesbian" Chris shamefully confessed

They all laughed, except Justin

"It turns my stomach, all that gay stuff"

"You've never had a problem with it before"

"Lately it seems everyone's a fag, that makes three"

"3? Who are the other 2?"

"Well..." Lance began, know that the time had come....