"Ooo you make me want to fly...Crying sky on that mountain...I'm so so afraid...Afraid of love's embrace..." Christina Aguilera

Joint Affairs

Love's Embrace

Chapter 0
by JT Poole

Saturday - New York, NY -- The Hilton -- David's Room

David's POV

Why does this seem so hard? All I have to do is call him and tell him what's really going on with me. I know mom says I shouldn't tell him on the phone, but that's the only choice I have right now. If I call him and tell him to come here, he'll want to know why. With the way he manipulates me, I'll probably end up telling him anyway before he ever decides to make it here. I need to just get this over with and get him here. I want to spend some time with him just in case things don't go as planned. Please God, please don't let this ruin our relationship.

Pulling out my cell and dialing his number, I wait for him to pick up the phone. Thinking about what it was I was going to say to him, mom walks into the room and I hang up the phone.

"Hi mom," I say as she looks at me strange and walks over to me.

"What did you do Davy?" She asks me as I shake my head.

"I didn't do anything mom," I say, placing my phone back into my pocket.

"Did you call him?" She asks me.

"I was about to, until you walked in," I tell her as she walks around to me, reaches into my pocket and pulls out my phone.

"Okay Davy, I'll just complete what you started," she says ass he stands in front of me, presses the speed dial button for Aaron and waits for someone to answer.

"Hey baby what's up?" I hear Aaron ask as mom sits down next to me.

"Hello Aaron how are you doing today?" She asks him as I can imagine the look on his face when he discovers it's not me.

"Ahhh, who's this?" I hear Aaron ask her.

"Aaron this is Elena Casey," she tells him as she looks over to me. "How are you doing this morning?"

"I...I'm doing fine. You're David's mom. Is there something wrong? Is he alright?" He asks her as she smiles and hugs me to her.

"Aaron calm down sweety," she tells him. "Davy is fine. I was calling to find out if you could come up to New York to meet me?"

"Go to New York to meet you?" He asks her as she rubs my back and smiles again.

"I would very much like to meet the young man that my Davy has fallen in love with," she tells him as I start to blush.

"I...I guess I can do that ma'am," he tells her as she starts to giggle.

"Aaron you may call me Elena," she tells him as I smile. "I'll be waiting to see you. But for now, Davy wants to talk to you."

Mom hands the phone to me and gets up. Leaning down and kissing me on my forehead, she mouths the words "Tell him" as she waves at me and walks out of the room.

"I love you Davy. I'll be back later," she tells me peeking into the room and then closing the door back.

"Hey baby," I say wondering how I'm going to tell him what I need to tell him.

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Aaron asks me as I start laughing.

"No baby I'm not trying to give you a heart attack," I tell him. "She called you because she wants to meet you and since I have something to tell you, she thought it would be the perfect time for her to meet you."

"What is it that you have to tell me?" He asks me.

"I can't tell you over the phone baby, I would rather tell you here in person," I tell him as I hear him sigh. "That's not going to work baby. When you are here in this room with me, I'll tell you then."

"I can't just up and leave right now," he tells me. "Mom and dad are still here and..."

"It's the perfect time for you to get away and relax and not have to deal with them," I tell him as he giggles.

"I do need to get away from them," he tells me as I smile.

"I'll probably have to bring Nick with me if not them. Is that okay?" He asks me.

"Sure, I'll call down and have a room reserved for them," I tell him. "If they can't use it, you know you can always bring your mom and dad."

"No way baby," he tells me as I smile.

"Alright then," I say. "Go talk to Nick and call me back with your flight info."

"Alright baby, I love you," he tells me.

"I love you too Aaron," I tell him as I hung up the phone and held it to my chest.

Baltimore, MD -- Narcy General -- Justin's Room

Justin's POV

It's been a long morning so far. Between dealing with the nurses, the doctor and the orderlies, I've had it. After a whole day of waiting, they finally got me into my own private room away from ICU. It was like they diddled and dallied all fucking evening yesterday for the hell of it. They were late bringing me dinner, the nurses hardly responded when I called for them and security even tried to keep Kevin from getting back in to stay with me. This place is starting to get to me. I don't know how much longer I have to stay here.

I was so happy to see Kevin when he got back today. I had been sitting in this boring room since the crazy doctor left. Yet again, Kev was right about the doctor. If what she did today was a clue about her feelings towards me, then the woman has a mad crush on me and she has it bad. She spent a whole hour trying to feel me up I think. It doesn't take that long to examine me and to check that my body is healing up correctly. Mom said that she was just being thorough, but I say otherwise since the other doctor didn't touch me so much.

"Baby what are you thinking about?" Kevin asks me as he walks back into the room carrying a Four Star bag and some drinks. "You look like you're lost in thought."

"I'm thinking about you and the food you got in that bag baby," I tell him as he smiles and walk over to the chair next to the bed and sits down as I pull the table in front of me and he sits the bag down. "What did you get me baby?"

"I got you the grilled chicken salad with the breadsticks," he tells me as he leans in and kisses me on the mouth. "I got myself a steak hoagie with some soup."

"Oh you're so giving me a bite of that," I tell him as he smirks at me and shakes his head.

"No I'm not. You have your food in front of you, this is mine," he tells me as he opens the sandwich and takes a bite of it. "Oh God this is so good."

"Don't get smacked baby," I tell him as he laughs at me and offers me a bite.

"That's better," I tell him as I take a bite of it as someone knocks on the door. "Who could that be?"

"Probably the doctor or a nurse baby," he tells me as Johnny, Celia and a new guy walked into the room.

"Hello Justin, how are you feeling today?" Celia asks me as she stood the closest to the bed.

"Besides being annoyed, I'm okay," I tell her as she smiles.

"Well we'll try not to annoy you for too long," she tells me as I shake my head at her.

"You guys haven't annoyed me, it's the hospital staff," I tell her as she smiles.

"That's good to know then. It's too early in the day for me to start annoying you since you're not working," she tells me as she turns around. "Justin, Kevin, I'd like to introduce JT Poole. He's the new assistant tour manager and he's taking over for Benjamin."

"Hi there," I say, wiping my hand on the towel and shaking his hand as Kevin did the same.

"Hi," he says as he smiles weakly and steps back.

"Welcome aboard," I tell him as Johnny steps closer.

"Are you supposed to be eating that Justin?" He asks me as he shakes my hand.

"That's a trick question and I'm not going to answer it Johnny," I tell him as he laughs. "I'm not trying to be pushy or anything, but what are you guys doing here?"

"Well we're here so that you got a chance to meet the new person on the tour," Celia tells me as JT smiles, but doesn't say anything.

"I'm here to handle some other business," Johnny tells me, looking back at Celia. "Also, I came to tell you that more charges were brought against Britney and she will be going back to jail later on today. Hell she might be already there."

"Sounds good, I hope she rots there," I tell him as he smiles and waves.

"I'm outta here. You get better Justin and you take care of him Kevin," Johnny tells him as he walks out.

"We have to go too. We have a meeting to be at. Like Johnny said, get better Justin and Kevin you take care of him," she tells him as she and JT walked out of the room.

"Baby what do you think about that JT guy?" I ask him as he takes another bite of his sandwich.

"What do you mean Just?" He asks me as he takes a sip of his drink.

"I bet you he's gay," I tell him as he smiles.

"Maybe he is baby, but that ain't our business until it affects one of us," he tells me as someone else knocks at the door. "Okay were you expecting guests?"

"No, were you?" I ask him as he gets up and goes over to the door, opens it to see a giant teddy bear. "What in the world is that?"

"It's us," the teddy bear says as I start laughing recognizing the voices of Josh and Brian.

"What are you two clowns doing?" Kevin asks as Brian and JC walk into the room carrying the bear.

"One of your fans had it delivered Juju," Josh tells me as he hands me a card. "Whoever it is really wants to get better soon and feel good."

"I'm sure he would feel good. If he couldn't cuddle up to Kev, he could always use the bear," Brian says as Kevin starts laughing and sits back down in his seat next to me and resumes his eating.

"Why would he use the bear when he has a man? The bear would probably sit in the corner and get dusty or used as a clothes rack in his room," Josh says as I start laughing. "Well you know I'm telling the truth Juju."

"Yeah you are, but you didn't have to tell that out loud. Now Brian knows I have more bad habits," I say as he giggles and sits down on the bed.

"Well how are you feeling today Juju?" He asks me as he rubs my leg.

"Now that Kev has brought me some real food, I feel so much better," I tell him as he giggles again.

"He's been eating like a pregnant woman," Kevin tells them.

"Well if he were pregnant, you knocked him up Kevin," Josh tells him as he looks over to Brian, who was still standing next to the bear. "Baby aren't you going to sit down?"

"Yeah Brian, there's a seat over here," I tell him as he looks down and then walks around the bed and sits down in the other chair.

"Baby are you alright?" Josh asks him.

"Yeah I'm okay Josh," he tells him as he looks up at him with tears in his eyes.

"Are you sure?" I ask him as he looks over to me.

"I...I'm fine guys," he tells me as he uses the bottom of his shirt to wipe his face. "Could we please just let it go?"

"Umm...sure," I say as he smiles at me and then frowns at Josh.

I didn't know what was going on with Brian, but whatever it was had something to do with Josh. With the way things are going right now with this damn tour, it could be anything. With all the shit that has happened so far, I won't push anything past anyone. Speaking of anything, I wonder where AJ and Howie are right now. If it wasn't for them, we would still be in the closet.

"Anyone heard anything from AJ and Howie?" I ask them as Kevin looks up from his soup at me.

"Not me. Why you asking baby," Kevin asks as Brian and Josh look up at me.

"Just asking baby," I tell him as he sips more of his soup and then puts the bowl down on the table.

"Don't you worry about them Justin. When I get my hands on them, I'm going to kick their assed," Josh tells me.

"No need for that, Kev and the others already did that," I tell him as Brian frowns again.

"Well they still need another beat down," Josh tells me as I take another bite of my salad.

"Maybe so, but I suggest you not do it," I tell him as he starts frowning. "Don't look at me like that."

"Like what buddy?" He asks me as glare at him.

"The way you were looking Josh," I tell him. "Let Johnny and Celia handle them from here on out."

"Oh alright," he tells me as he looks down and then gets up. "Well since you two are eating, I think it's time for some grub too. Brian you want to grab something to eat with me?"

"Sure baby," Brian says as he gets up and waves at me as he and Josh walk out.

"Ohkay baby, something is going on with them too," I tell Kevin as he shakes his head and waves his hand quickly.

"That's not our business either baby," he tells me as he sips his drinks and steals a piece of chicken from my salad.

"Hey, you got your own," I tell him as he shakes his finger at me.

"You had some of my hoagie baby," he tells me as he smirks at me and takes another piece of chicken.

"Maybe I did, but you don't have to hog all the chicken," I tell him as he smiles and leans up to kiss me.

"Oh hush up baby," he tells me as he kisses me again and gets up. "I'm going down to check on something. Do you need me to do something before I leave?"

"No baby, I'm alright for right now," I tell him as he kisses me again, collect all of his trash and places it in the trashcan.

"I'll be back in a bit," he tells me as he walks out the door, leaving me all alone in this boring hospital room.

Somewhere over New Jersey

Nick's POV

Since David talked to Aaron this morning he's been jumpy and a little bit edgy. I don't know what it was that David told him, but that boy's been somewhat a wreck all day. Between cursing and screaming at everyone at the hotel and then almost attacking the staff at the airport, the boy has some major anger issues that need to be addressed and soon. The way Aaron's acting, I'm itching to know what David has to say to him. I don't think its marriage or nothing like that. They are totally to young for that. If it is, then someone needs to get that idea out of his head as soon as possible.

"Baby are you alright?" Joey asks me as he entwines his fingers with my and places a kiss to my hand.

"Yeah I'm alright baby," I tell him as I smile at him and then look over at Aaron. "He on the other hand don't look so good."

"I wish I knew what it is that David said to him," he tells me as he frowns.

"I wish I knew too. That boy has had major attitude since they last talked," I tell him as the flight attendant walks past him and he glares at him.

"Aaron you totally need to calm down and I mean it. You're starting to act like the spoil brat you swore you'd never be," I tell him as he flips me off and crosses his arms.

"Oh know you didn't just do that!" I exclaim as Joey grabs my hand to calm me down.

"Baby not now. You two can duke it out later. Don't cause an unneeded scene. We don't need Celia or Benjamin getting up in our shit because of it," he tells me as I calm down and glare at Aaron as he continued to act like a brat.

"When we get to the hotel his ass is mine," I say as Joey looks at me and raises his eyebrow.

"I thought mine was. Baby that incest thing isn't funny," he tells me as he smirks at me.

"Oh ha ha ha Joey," I tell him as he starts laughing.

"I'm just trying to lighten the mood baby," he tells me as he leans in and kisses me on the cheek as Aaron gasps and crosses his arms across his chest again.

"Brat," I say as he flips me off again.

"You two need to settle down. This isn't funny one bit," he tells me as Aaron sticks his tongue out.

"It's not funny at all baby. He's acting like a spoiled brat. If mom and dad were here, he wouldn't be acting this way," I tell him as he smiles at me.

"I know that baby, but whatever David needs to tell him is scaring him. I'm sure he'll behave once he talks to David again," he tells me as the captain announces that we would be landing in a few minutes.

Back at Narcy General -- Hospital Cafeteria

Brian's POV

How in the world did I let any of this happen? Why didn't I stop them when I found out what they were up to? I'm just as guilty as Alex and D for this. If I would have spoke up a month ago, Justin wouldn't be in the shape he's in now. His accident is all my fault. I should have told him, Kevin, somebody what I knew when I overheard the two of them talking on the phone with that skank in the first place.

"Baby are you going to tell me what's wrong now?" Josh asks me as he sits down at the table across from me.

"It's my fault Josh," I say as he looks at me, not fully knowing what I'm talking about.

"What's your fault baby?" He asks me.

"Justin being here in the hospital is my fault," I tell him as he looks at me strange.

"What are you talking about Brian?" He asks me, putting his soda down. "I think you might need to elaborate on how this is your fault."

"I knew what Alex and D were planning," I tell him as he looks at me with wide eyes and stands up. "Josh?"

"Wait a minute," he says, turning around to look at me close up in my face. "You knew what they were planning on doing and you didn't tell anyone?"

"Yeah I did baby," I say, sinking back in my seat as he got closer to me.

"How could you let those jerks get away with that and not warn us for what they were going to do?" He asks me as I dropped my head down and started crying again.

"I didn't really think they were going to do it baby. It all started to make sense after they had down it," I tell him as he turns around quickly.

"Brian I'm going back to the hotel. I need time to think," he tells me as he walks away from me.

"Josh?" I call after him.

"I said I need to think Brian," he tells me again as he starts to cry and walk out of the cafeteria.

"Oh I've really fucked up things now," I say as I get up and walk out of the cafeteria too.


Warning and Disclaimer
I don't know any of the celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexuality or any other bit of information about the people mentioned.  This story is all fiction, for entertainment purposes only.