Jolan's Path - Chapter 121


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 121


Jolan's eyes remained focused on the road ahead, his thoughts on the voice he'd just spoken to within his mind.

The late evening's receding sunlight cast shadows on the road in front of him, his new sports car taking the road with ease, speeding towards upstate New York.

Beside him in the car sat Justin, his blue eyes staring at Jolan's quiet face.

They'd been driving for almost three hours, another vehicle following behind them, a wheeled duo of determination heading towards their lost friends.

Jolan had been sitting in the living room, his friends surrounding him--Justin at his side--when Jennie had entered his mind.

Justin had felt the sudden tremble go through the young man, his grey eyes softly glowing yellow for a moment.

Justin knew in that moment that the beast had awoken within Jolan's soul.

A beast of protective love.

“What is it, Jo?”
Jolan's eyes had turned staring at him, everyone surrounding him looking towards him.

“Jennie. . .she's. . .she's awake. I know exactly where she and Lance are.”
Justin's hand went in his, the young man staring at him.

“They've taken her back to. . .back to the pain.”

Justin's eyes met Jordan's, the policeman sitting down beside Jolan.

“She's in Cutter's Bluff?” he said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

“No, Jordan. She's in a far more dangerous place. They're back at that cottage near Oberson Falls. My Jennie is trapped again. We have to move now.” Jolan said, the young man standing up, Justin and Jordan rising as well.

“Alright, Jolan. I'll call the state troopers, we'll surround the place.” Jordan said, about to pull out his cell phone.

Jolan's hand went to his shoulder.

“No, Jordan. We cannot risk it.”
“But, Jolan! She's in danger, and so is my Lance!” Joey said, Jolan's eyes going to his concerned face.

“Yes, Joe. But to surround them is to risk a dangerous standoff or even a moment of volatile truth. We need the element of surprise here. They've gone there for the seclusion, to have their desires vanquished. Jennie's in Thornton's clutches again. He's going to wreak his revenge on her for Armstead's death. And Lance is in Nathan's grasp. That man's even more unstable than Thornton. In his scent in my own bedroom I felt his desperation. He's a walking time bomb waiting to go off. I'll not allow anyone to be hurt by his instability. Time is of the essence here. I am the only one who can stop their insanity.”
Everyone stared at the young man, seeing his determined gaze.

“That's too much of a risk, Jolan.” Jordan said, staring at the young man.

“It's a risk I have to take. My sister and my friend are in danger. I'm going to stop them from being hurt. I'm leaving now.”

Justin's arm went around Jolan, their eyes meeting.

“Jennie and Lance need me, Jus. I have the strength, the magic and the love to save them.”
Justin nodded, looking at Jordan.

“Let's go then, Jo. We all love them and will do anything to save them.”
Jolan nodded, Jordan looking at him.

“Alright, Jo. But I want to go on record as stating that this is a dangerous idea. Those men are unstable, you risk getting hurt yourself.”
Jolan's hand went to his shoulder again, Jordan staring into his softly glowing eyes.

“Trust in me and my magic to save them, Jordan. The path is set for me and them. Destiny waits with no uncertainty.”
Jordan nodded, seeing the determination in Jolan's grey eyes.

“Alright, Jolan. I'll call Sheriff Walker and get the location of that cottage. He'd investigated there after your trial, nothing found. He knows its exact location.”
Jolan smiled at his cousin, kissing his cheek, Jordan smiling back.

"You can call Stuart, Jordan. Tell him to meet us outside Oberson Falls on that road. As to the cottage's location, I know exactly where it is. My Badenwolf soul has their scent."

Jordan nodded with a surprised look on his face, flipping his cell phone open.


Here it now was hours later, Jolan's car having destroyed the distance between New York City and Oberson Falls.

Behind him another vehicle contained his friends, Jordan seated in the front seat talking on his cell phone, Lonnie driving.

Ally, Leo and Joey sat behind them, the three focusing on the road ahead.

Justin had called Domo's, Daphne and Rachel quickly coming over to look after a sleeping Hayden.

Jolan drove onward, Justin looking at him.

"What are you planning on doing, Jo? You can't go in there seeking revenge?"

Jolan's grey eyes met his lover's, Justin's hand going on top of his on the gear shift.

Justin saw so much focused determination in those steely grey eyes.

"I'm not seeking revenge, Jus. I'm just going to make sure Jennie and Lance are returned. I'm going to stop them from hurting them."

Justin nodded, Jolan looking at him.

"You seem so calm, my love."

"I'm focused, Jus. And I'm ready."

"Ready? For what?"

Jolan sighed, his eyes staring forward, Justin staring at him.

"For the trap they've set for me, of course."

Justin's eyes widened, his hand squeezing Jolan's.

"Trap? I'll not let you walk into a trap, my love. That's so foolhardy."
"No, Justin. It isn't. For this trap will be their undoing."

Justin looked confused, Jolan softly smiling at him.

"Trust me, Justin. Trust me to save them. Tonight this ends. Richard Thornton plays his last gamble. And Nathan will see the truth in Lance's soul."
Justin nodded, staring at his man.

"You know how this is going to play out?"

"No, Jus. Not entirely. I just know what I'm walking into. Jennie's guiding me."
"She's guiding you? You mean she's telling you what's going on?"

Jolan nodded, his eyes scanning the signs ahead.

"We're getting close. I want you and the others to stay back, Jus. I'm going in there alone."

"No way, Jo! I'm not letting you walk into a trap or danger alone!"

Jolan sighed, staring at his man.

"I need to face Nathan and Richard, Jus. I need them to think I'm walking in there unaided. And I need them to see the greatness of my resolve. No one comes between me and my family."
Justin's hand went to Jolan's shoulder.

"Jolan, I'm scared by what you're saying. I don't want. . .I don't want you hurt, or Jennie or Lance for that matter."
Jolan leaned over, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Before this night is out I'll have them back with us, Jus. And destiny will walk its path."

Justin stared into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing the determined resolve and calmness there.

He also saw the shine of yellowness behind the grayness, his lover's wolfen soul at the ready.

"Will it come down to a battle between you and Nathan's wolfen soul, Jo?"

"It will come down to a battle of love against need, Jus. Nathan's walking a path that ends at a stone wall. That wall may set him on his final path or cleanse his heart. The choice is his. I hope for the latter. It all lays in his hands."

"Alright, Jo. You seem to be aware of the night's resolution. I'll abide by your love. I love you and I trust you."
Jolan smiled, Justin leaning over and kissing his cheek, his head going to Jolan's shoulder, Jolan continuing to drive.

His grey-yellowish eyes stared forward, his soul at the ready.


Jolan slowed down, the evening's darkness now shrouding the road ahead.

He saw the police car, Jolan pulling over, Lonnie's vehicle pulling up behind him, both stopping.

Sheriff Stuart Walker leaned against his patrol car; Bill, Sid and Deputy Steve Meadows standing beside him.

Jolan opened his door, Justin stepping out of the sports car as well.

The SUV behind them emptied as well, Jolan walking up to the sheriff, Stuart Walker smiling at him.

"Hello again, Jolan. Hello everyone." he said, smiling at Jolan, then around at everyone else now surrounding the young man.

"Hello Sheriff Walker. Everything organized?" Jordan said, the sheriff nodding.

"Yes, Inspector Forman. All roads leading into Oberson Falls have been staked out by my men and the police force from Oberson Falls. There's no way anyone's getting past us." the sheriff said, Jordan nodding.

"Where's the road into the cottage?" Jordan said, Sheriff Walker reaching into his car, pulling out a map.

"It's just down the road about a quarter of a mile."

The two policemen's eyes went to Jolan, the young man staring at them.

"Jolan, how did you know that?" Sheriff Walker said, the young man staring at him.

"You forget, Sheriff. I was there before. I can smell the evil before me."

The sheriff looked at Jordan, the two looking at Jolan.

"I know that, Jolan. Alright, since you seem to know the way, we'll follow you. Get ready everyone."

"No one's going anywhere, Sheriff."

The sheriff turned, staring into Jolan's now softly glowing yellow eyes.

The man stepped back in surprise, as did his deputy.

Sid and Bill stared at Jolan, realizing the truth in that yellow gaze.

"I am going in there alone, Sheriff. My sister and my friend need surprise on their side. I only ask from you one hour."

The sheriff stared at Jordan, the man nodding slowly, his eyes on Jolan.

"Jolan, you're walking into a dangerous place. Those men are psychotic and unstable. You, or your friend, or little Jennica could be seriously hurt." the sheriff said, Jolan softly sighing.

"I don't want to have to say this, Stuart, but you leave me no choice."

The sheriff looked confused.

"I'm calling in my I.O.U."
The sheriff stared at Jolan, his words wrapping around his heart.

"Jolan. . .I. . .I can't in good conscience. . ."

Jolan's hand went forward, going to the man's shoulder.

"Give me this request, Stuart. I'm asking for the same chance you gave Frango."

Everyone looked at the two men, uncertain what Jolan was talking of.
"He's disappeared, Jolan. We've hunted for him and haven't found a trace. That old bear's found his freedom deep within the forests behind Cutter's Bluff. I've called off the search."

Jolan smiled, staring at the officer.

"You gave him his freedom, Stuart. I'm only asking for my sister to have the same chance. This time it will be me that'll free her as you did that old bear."

Stuart nodded, looking into the young man's now beautiful silvery eyes.

"Alright, Jolan. You have one hour. And then we're coming in."

Jolan nodded, Joey walking up to him.

"I'm going with you, Jo. My Lance is in that maniac's clutches. I'm going to save him."
Jolan's hand went to Joey's shoulder, hearing the determination in his voice, and the deep worry.

"I promise you I'll get him back to you, Joe. On your love for him I promise you."
Joey was in tears, Jolan's hand squeezing his shoulder.

"He's my life, Jo. I can't lose him."
Jolan pulled the man into a deep hug, Justin patting Joey's back.

"You won't, Joe. I love both of you and your love. You'll have your Lance back."
Joey broke the hold he had on him, their eyes meeting.

"Alright, Jo. But I'll be at Sheriff Walker's side in an hour."

Jolan nodded, smiling at him.

"I'll be waiting for all of you."

Jolan's eyes met Justin's, his man staring at him with love.

"I love you, Jo. Please be careful."
Jolan nodded, staring into his blue eyes.

"I shall, Jus. I love you as well."

Justin smiled, the young man turning away from him, Jolan heading down the road towards Oberson Falls.

Joey and Justin stared after him, their friends surrounding the two men.

"What's going on, Jus? Jolan seems so determined?" Leo said, everyone looking at Justin.

Justin stared forward, his eyes following his man walking down the darkened road.

The same road where Justin had first met a young terrified lost soul.

Today a soul of infinite strength, courage and love walked that same road.

"Evil's held up in that place deep in those woods. And justice, truth and life are coming to call."

Sheriff Walker stared at Justin for a moment, then his eyes went back to the man walking away in the distance.

He stared at the man's disappearing shape, his eyes widening, taking in a transformation before his eyes deep within the darkness.

He rubbed them, the man before him gone.

"You okay, Sheriff?" Steve said, looking at his boss.

"I thought. . .I could of sworn. . ."
"What, Stu?" Bill said, his eyes following the sheriff's, Jolan now gone from all their vision.

Sheriff Walker's eyes looked at Bill, then around at everyone.

"I could have sworn I saw a wolf. A really big one. And what's more surprising, look over there!" the sheriff said, pointing towards the other side of the road, his eyes wide with surprise.

Everyone focused on what the sheriff was pointing at in the shrouded darkness, their eyes widening as well.

Justin stared towards where his Jolan had disappeared to, taking in this new shadow moving towards his man.

He smiled widely.

"Go get 'em, Wolfy."


A tree limb cracked in the wind, Nathan's back bristling up.

"I don't like this, Richard. This waiting. Are you sure this will work?"
The man seated beside him on the dark front porch of the cottage smiled at him, staring out into the moonlit darkness.

"The master says it's foolproof. The magic within it shall corral him. Then you're to finish him off."
Nathan stared out into the darkness, his eyes taking in every shadowing tree.

"He could come from anywhere. I don't like this one bit." the young man said, his nose sniffing the surrounding area.

"Relax. And keep quiet. Watch them and keep your eyes peeled."

The young man nodded, his eyes going to the large tree standing before the cottage.

It was the same tree that Jolan had been strung up from that night so long ago.

The same tree where underneath a table had stood, the place when Sandra and Jolan had lived their nightmare.

That table still stood there, its length now containing someone else.

Lance sat on the table, Jennie at his side.

Both their hands were bound by cords, their legs chained to the table.

"I don't like using my Lance as bait. Tonight was supposed to be our time of love."
Richard snickered, Nathan's softly glowing yellow eyes looking at him.

"There will be plenty of time later for you to seed your filly, Natty. Maybe I'll take him, too."

Nathan looked away from the man, his anger brewing.

Richard chuckled, seeing the man's anger simmering underneath his silent gaze.

"The master wants you mad, Nate. Mad as hell so you'll devour the boy. Rip his heart out and feast on it. The master demands it."
"I'll do my part. You just make sure Lance isn't harmed. If he is, I'll feast on you as well."

Richard smiled, his eyes focusing on the two sitting on the table.

He smiled looking at the young girl seated there.

Soon, little one.

The master says your mine, and I'll skin you alive after you fill my needs.

The man smiled, Nathan staring at him, then staring towards his Lance.

"You need to gag them. Don't want them screaming warnings to him." the man said, Nathan sighing.

Nathan stood, walking towards the two, his eyes scanning the forest for their prey.


Jolan Dragos ran through the forest, his lungs filling with the cold chilling air they breathed in.

His tall form was muscular, hairy and agile.

His Badenwolf soul was running free, his legs and arms sprinting through the trees, the road long left behind.

The animal within him was rushing through the forest, its dark openness bringing its soul alive.

His cunning hearing listened to all the movements in the forest, his nose taking in the scent of all surrounding him.

He suddenly stopped, his glaring yellow eyes focusing.

His nose sniffed, the scent he sought suddenly filling his nose.

Jolan's eyes stared ahead, only darkness before him.

But deep within the darkness his yellow eyes took in a miniscule iota of light ahead.

A deep growl stirred within its soul, its mind focusing on what that light meant.

Its destiny was close at hand.

Jolan's mind of intellect and reasoning sought out every inch of the forest, its resolve hardening.

Ahead of him lay his sister and one of his dearest friends.

He caught their scent, its richness lined with soft fear.

Then the Badenwolf sniffed something else, its sharp teeth grinning.

The beast turned, staring behind it, the forest jet black with darkness.

Jolan's yellow eyes stared in silence, sensing a presence behind him, a soft grin crossing his face.

The beast licked its lips, then slowly turned beginning to crawl forward, not a sound issuing from its soft padded feet.

Its yellow eyes focused, its breath slow and silent.

The prey was ahead, cloaked in waiting light.

The beast moved forward, walking its path, destiny following behind him.


Lance's green eyes met Jennie's, the young girl staring at him, cuddling beside him.

"This is some kind of trap, Jennie. We're out here as bait. We're the lure for Jolan." he said softly, his eyes going towards the darkened cottage, knowing Nathan and Richard were out there in its darkness somewhere.

"Yes, Lance. I've already sensed that. We're out here to lure Jolan in. He's out there somewhere, I sense him."
"Can you talk to him? Warn him?"
Jennie shook her head softly no.

"He's changed into the beast, Lance. He's gone into his Badenwolf soul. I can't reach him there, I'm not a Romaragi."

Lance's eyes widened, staring at the young woman.

"He's. . .he's in his Badenwolf form?"
"Yes, Lance. Jolan is coming with strength and purpose. That wolf is going to reclaim part of his pack."

Lance stared at her for a moment with wonder, his eyes then scanning the front yard of the cottage.

Torches were lit around them, the two in the center of the light, darkness at its edges.

"We have to warn him before it's too late, Jennie." Lance said, his eyes looking everywhere.

Jennie's eyes were going around as well, focusing on four stone posts, one positioned in each corner of the yard.

"You're right, we are in the center of some kind of trap, Lance. Those stone posts have writing on them." she said, her gaze going to the closest, its front hidden in darkness, she trying to make out what was written there.

"I think that one says. . .'west' or 'quest'. . .I can't make it out clearly." she said, Lance looking out at it as well, not able to read it either.

"Do you remember them being here before, that last time?"

Jennie shook her head in the negative.

Jennie's eyes moved to her left looking towards the post on that side, her keen eyesight spotting something else just in front of it.

It looked like a large hole dug in the ground.

Her eyes focused on it, remembering that spot from her past.

Jennie's eyes then took in a movement towards the cottage, a dark shadow emerging from its front.

Nathan slowly walked across the yard, walking between the two front posts, his eyes softly glowing yellow.

He walked up to their table, his eyes scanning everywhere into the darkness, then meeting Lance's.

In the man's hand he carried two strips of thick cloth.

"Let us go from here, Nathan. You have no right to hold us like this. What are you doing this for? Jolan isn't coming." Lance said, staring at him, Nathan taking in Lance's green eyes of determination and underlying fear.

"It is good to hold fear in your heart, Lance. Your heart will feel fear tonight. And then I shall be there to protect and love you. You'll never fear again when you're in my arms."
Lance's eyes narrowed, Jennie looking at him.

"You'll never have me in your arms, Nathan! You lost that privilege a long time ago! You cannot win my heart by fear and hurt! I'll never love you for that!"

Nathan's eyes stared at Lance, Lance seeing only longing in those steely yellowish eyes.

"You're  wrong, Lance. He is coming, I smell him on the wind. It's time the two of you were silenced." the man said, beginning to wrap one of the cloths around Jennie's mouth, the young girl struggling, Nathan tying the cloth tight, Jennie's mouth filled with it.

"That'll shut up your imaginary greatness, little slut. You belong to Richard now. He likes to hear weeping silence before he takes you."
Jennie's blue eyes stared at Nathan, Nathan seeing the steely strength and determination in her fiery eyes.

"You'll lose that look soon enough, little one. Your brother's protection soon will be lost to you." Nathan said, his eyes going to Lance, ignoring the young woman's staring eyes.

Her eyes moved, catching a gleaming silvery light in the torchlight, the silver hanging from Nathan's neck.

Nathan wore a silver chain, a silver pendant hanging from it, the shape that of a wolf's head.

The man pulled Lance forward, his hands going to his head, joining their lips, kissing Lance intensely.

Lance struggled against the kiss, Nathan trying to pry his lips apart with his tongue, Lance fighting his advances off.

Nathan pulled back, smiling at Lance.

"A kiss for luck, my Lance. Shortly you'll see the strength and courage of your new man's self. It will be only us after this night, Lance. You will be mine, giving in to all my love."
"I will never love you, Nathan. Not when there's evil within your heart."

Nathan stared at Lance, his hands going forward, pushing the thick cloth into Lance's mouth, tying it behind his head.

"Think in silence on our love, Lance. The magic of it will fill your soul soon enough. You're mine now. In time you will realize that."
Nathan leaned forward, kissing Lance's cheek, smiling at him.

The man walked past their table, disappearing into the darkness behind them.

Lance and Jennie struggled against their filled mouths, no sound heard from them except soft grunts and groans.

Their eyes met, Jennie leaning into Lance, the two feeling the deepness of the chilly night's air, the torches surrounding them giving no warmth.

The ground around them was half-covered in light snow, the March air biting against them.

Lance felt a sudden worry cross his soul.

Worry for his friend out there in the darkness heading towards them.

Stay away, Jo.

Stay away from their evil.

They're laying in wait for you.

It's a trap my friend, please stay away.

Lance's head raised upon hearing a faint sound.

His and Jennie's eyes met, the two staring towards the left side of the cottage where the sound came from.

In that darkness they heard a low growl.


Richard Thornton's eyes moved from the young girl he'd been staring at after Nathan had disappeared, his eyes going to the left side of the cottage, having heard the growl himself.

The man smiled, his keen eyesight taking in a dark shape hidden within the darkened forest.

He remained still staring at its moving largeness.

The shadow moved down the left side of the dark forest, blending in with the darkness.

Thornton remained still, his eyes moving with it.

He sensed it was measuring out the edges of that darkness from its cover, the shape slowly moving.

In front of Thornton, his two captives had made eye contact with the dark shadow as well.

Lance stared at the darkened shape standing on the edge of the darkness, its size much larger than Jolan.

Could a Badenwolf be that large?

Could Jolan have had that much of a transformation?

That creature is almost a foot taller than Jo.

Lance and Jennie heard the growling more acutely now, the figure on the edge of revealing itself into the shadowy light at the edge of the forest.

Lance tried his hands and legs, trying to break free of his bonds to warn the shadow before them, but the binds held tight.

Jennie remained silent beside him, she now seeing the yellowness of the beast's eyes softly glowing in the darkness.

Behind the two bound captives, another creature named Nathan lay in wait, his yellow eyes already focused on his prey.


Jolan--the Badenwolf--stood in the darkened shadows, his eyes scanning every inch of the scene before him.

He saw his sister and his friend tied upon the table, in the center of the light.

He knew they were there for a reason, the four stone posts surrounding them there for a reason as well.

Within the beast's mind the intellect of its shared man of worth was reasoning everything out.

The beast's large fingers went to the golden ring still worn on its left paw's finger.

The Heart of History still connected with its wearer's soul--to all his souls.

The beast and the man within itself conversed in its joined mind, the path set.

The beast's yellow eyes scanned everywhere, taking in the two shadows of darkness that didn't move.

He knew they lay in wait for him, their scent filled with need and edged adrenaline.

The man-beast sighed, his eyes and heart focusing on the two seated together in the light.

Jolan's mind focused on his inner self.

I walk into the past to lead the way for the future.

Jolan the Badenwolf stepped forward, his greatness showing in the light.


Lance's eyes widened upon seeing the shadow move forward, his eyes taking in the hairiness of the beast standing now in the open.

He was indeed at least a foot taller than Jolan's usual height, his hairy form covered in thick taut muscles, his body that of a muscled giant.

His physique was sinewy, hairy and a vision of strength, courage and determination.

Two yellow wide eyes stared towards Lance, the beast's face showing a manly beauty, his short snout covered in brown fur, to match his fur covered body.

Only one place showed a contrasting beauty, a white fur crown was emblazoned on his chest.

He'd heard Justin talk of the beauty of his Wolfy, of the beauty of the Badenwolf beast.

Here now before Lance's eyes lay the truth of Justin' words.

This Badenwolf was a creature of masculine, muscular beauty.

Lance could see in his heart now why Justin hadn't been afraid of this beast.

Its yellow eyes held the same beauty and love of Jolan's giving soul.

This was an extension of Jolan's true self, the masculine, strong, animalistic side of him.

Lance saw the strength and love in every inch of this sinewy beast.

Jennie's eyes took in the vision as well, seeing before her her brother's inner soul.

The part of him that was his courageous, protective soul.

She felt a calmness overcome her, knowing this beast of strength and courage was here for her.

Her brother's protective love was now showing its true form.

She smiled, her heart loving this side of him as well.

She stared with love into the yellow eyes of the Sulfenwolf, her brother of the beast walking towards her.

The Sulfenwolf moved forward, his eyes searching before him.

He stopped beside the stone post in front of him, his eyes searching around it, a soft growl rumbling through his throat.

Jennie and Lance on the table struggled with their bonds trying to warn him.

The beast's eyes went beyond them, feeling the presence of Nathan, as well as Richard's solitary form in front of the cottage.

His yellow eyes met Jennie's, Jennie seeing the determination and resolve embedded in those yellow orbs.

And deep within their yellow centers Jennie saw a sparkle of grey life.

The beast walked forward towards her, stepping between the two posts on each side of him.


The effect was instantaneous.

The beast roared and howled, falling to his knees, his whole body shuddering and thrashing.
Lance's body trembled with fear, hearing the beast's lament of pain.

He saw his friend's contorted face, knowing that Jolan was in immense pain.

Jennie's eyes widened, seeing her brother's fallen form, his body thrashing in pain.

Richard Thornton had rushed off the porch, going to the center of the two stone posts before Lance and Jennie, a wide grin on his face.

"Welcome to Roland's Square, Jolan." the man smiled with evilness, glaring at the man-beast laying on the ground before him.

Jolan's--who still lay on the ground--body began to change, the beast disappearing before Lance and Jennie's eyes.

The transformation ended with Jolan laying on the ground naked, his youthful body now his own.

He gasped, trying to rise up, struggling to regain his feet, Richard in front of him smiling, still standing outside the posts.

"For a Dragos you're pretty stupid, Jolan. You just walked into a trap of magic, wonder kid. And now I have you just where I want you."

Jolan staggered to his feet, staring at the man.

"We meet again, old friend. Only this time there's no escape for you. I've got you trapped within your own magic." Jolan's former teacher said, a smile of complete happiness crossing his face.

Jolan moved forward towards him, his body hitting an invisible wall in front of him between the posts, pain coursing through his body, Jolan falling backwards.

"You can't escape the magic, Jolan. It works against your own magic. An ingenious contraption this is. Fagin learned it from his grandfather, old Roland Greymount himself. It's a force field of magic as Fagin explained it to me. Whatever magic enters into the square is robbed of its own magic. You've lost your Badenwolf magic and your own magic. And there's no escape from this magical square, except by one's own death. I aim to help you out in that regard." the man said, staring at Jolan's gasping body, the young man still on the ground.

"Look to your left, Jolan. I'd like you to meet an old friend."
Jolan moaned, his grey eyes slowly looking towards his left side, seeing the other stone post.

In front of that post lay a large hole dug out of the ground, a mound of earth piled behind the post.

"Remember that spot, Jolan? Remember your intended grave? It's still there waiting for you. Tonight, you're entering it for the last time."

Jolan began to rise up slowly again, his grey eyes staring into Richard's green eyes.

"Destiny. . .it affords us truths. . .it guarantees us retribution."

The man glared at Jolan, then smiled, watching the young man struggle to his feet.

Richard's eyes scanned over the muscular youth standing before him naked.

"You've grown into an exceptionally beautiful man, Jolan. It's a shame I can't taste you one last time. I remember the exquisiteness of your beauty. The beauty of your screaming pain."
"You shall never touch me again, or my sister. Tonight this ends."
The man laughed, glaring at Jolan.

"Oh yes, Jolan. Tonight it does end. For you and your sister. You've forgotten someone, Jolan. Someone who I've arranged to send you on your way. Meet the greater and stronger Badenwolf soul." Richard said, smiling towards Jennie and Lance.

Jolan's eyes slowly turned, the young man trying to zone in on his strength.

His eyes took in a shadowy vision walking out of the darkness to the left of the old tree.

Into the light walked a pitch black Badenwolf.


Jolan's eyes stared into the yellow eyes of the beast walking towards him.

Nathan Livingstone walked into the center of the light, through the stone posts, stopping before Jolan.

The man was a muscular vision of might, strength and hairy greatness.

Lance's eyes fell upon Nathan, seeing the man's inner beast now shown.

Its yellow eyes went to Lance, Lance seeing the shimmering madness behind those yellow eyes, Lance's eyes turning away from him.

The beast moved back towards Jolan, the young man staring at him.

Jennie's eyes were on him as well, she staring in shock.

"A black wolf of madness, a black wolf of evil. Step back from the madness, Nathan. Go back towards the light of life." Jolan said, the beast raising its head, a loud howl cutting through the night, sending shivers down Lance's spine.

Jolan stared at the beast, Richard behind him laughing.

"Meet your destroyer, Jolan Dragos. Fagin's Badenwolf champion! The Black Beast of Death, as he calls him. Tonight he shall dine on your throat, and then your heart. It ends here sadly for you, I'm afraid. You've taken much from me, Jolan. Tonight you and your sister will answer for that."
Jolan stared at the beast, his head turning, his grey eyes staring at Richard Thornton.

"Tonight you shall answer for much as well."

Richard stared at him, his green eyes going to Nathan.

"Rip his throat out, beast. Then drag him to his returning grave."

The beast growled, Jolan meeting its yellow eyes.

The beast lunged, its largeness enveloping Jolan.


Jennie screamed into her gag, her blue eyes trained on her brother.

The beast had jumped him, the monster pulling Jolan into its grasp, Jolan screaming in pain, struggling to move out of its embrace.

The beast growled, its mouth of razor sharp teeth lunging for Jolan's throat.

Jolan's arm came up, the beast's teeth sinking into it, that the resulting scream from Jolan.

Jolan hit it in the face, the beast moving back, momentarily releasing him, Jolan rolling out from underneath it.

Nathan was on his feet again, rushing towards Jolan, Jolan leaping over its shoulder, rolling off its back.

"Stay still and die like a man, coward." Richard said, smirking at the young man.

The beast was growling again, Jolan's grey eyes staring at him, holding his arm against his side.

"Step back, Nathan. Don't give in to the evil."
The beast glared at him, its gruff guttural voice cutting through the night's air.

"I am great, I am strong. I shall feast on the weak. I shall be the master of my own destiny. I have my mate, I shall have your blood."
Jolan's eyes lowered, his mind set upon the truth now.

"Go forward to that end then, beast of evil. I pray for your soul."
Nathan roared, his large form rushing towards Jolan, pulling him into his arms again.

Jennie stared at her brother, seeing him in the wolf's clutches again.

Her thoughts flowed through her mind, trying to understand what was showing before her.

How had Nathan been able to walk into the square of magic and not lose his Badenwolf magic?

Jolan had lost it instantly, but here Nathan was, his Badenwolf soul about to kill her brother.

Why could he keep his wolf's head while Jolan lost his.

Wolf's head?

Jennie's eyes widened, her mind zoning in on those two words.

She stared at Nathan's Badenwolf self.

She saw the silver chain still hanging around Nathan's throat, the wolf's head pendant hanging there as well.

She zoned in on its reality.

She tried to scream at Jolan, the cloth stopping her voice.

She stared at her human brother, the answer coming immediately.

In her mind she found a clear path to Jolan's mind.

She said six words to him, Jolan's eyes widening in the middle of his last breaths of life.

Destroy the pendant! It's his protection!"


Jolan's eyes stared into the Badenwolf's face, seeing the hunger in Nathan's mad yellow eyes.

Jolan struggled against him, his eyes going to the chain around the Badenwolf's neck.

Jolan saw the pendant, remembering seeing a similar red one hanging from Fagin Greymount's neck.

He zoned in on it, his head making one last movement forward.

Jolan's teeth latched onto the pendant, pulling it back with his body's movement, the pendant breaking free from the chain.

The moment it did, Nathan's Badenwolf self felt the magic of Roland's Square.

He screamed, his wolfen self changing before everyone.

Jolan pulled back, Nathan on the ground thrashing about, the pain he'd himself felt the young doctor was now feeling.

Jolan staggered to his feet, looking towards Richard Thornton.

The man was staring in shock at Nathan, seeing the beast now gone, only a young pain-filled man laying on the ground before him.

Jolan lowered himself, his fist meeting Nathan's face, the young man falling silent.

"What. . .what did you do to him. . ."
Jolan's grey eyes glowed, the young man staring at the confused teacher.

"I destroyed his protection. Nathan now taken by the square's magic. It's over, Richard. You and he are finished."
Richard stared at Jolan, the man backing up.

Jolan moved forward, his body hitting the force field of magic again, Jolan staggering back.

Richard smiled, staring at the young man.

"You're still trapped, Jolan. I guess I'll have to finish you off myself. Nathan always was a coward."

Jolan's body trembled for a moment, the young man regaining his resolve, his body standing erect, his grey eyes staring at Richard.

Jolan raised his hand, the golden ring of history showing on his finger.

"I have the magic, I have the faith." he said, the young man walking forward again, his eyes beginning to glow yellow.

Richard stared in shock, Jolan walking right between the two stone posts.

Richard backed up, stunned, pulling out a gun from his jacket pocket, Jolan stopping in his tracks.

"Stay back, you monster! What the hell are you??!" the man said, his voice filled with trembling fear.

"I am destiny, Richard. And I am love."
Richard raised the gun, aiming it at Jolan's face.

Jennie and Lance sat on the table, both staring in shocked fear, awaiting Jolan's murder.

"What you are is dead, freak!" the man said, cocking the gun, his finger going to the trigger.

"Moocha beal tembra, gocha fellos patra." Jolan said, Richard staring at him in confusion, his finger stopping on the trigger.

"Thank you for thy love, child of the forest." Jolan said, tears showing in his eyes.


The clearing suddenly was filled with a loud thunderous roar, a large shadow of darkness erupting from the forest.

Richard's head moved, seeing a large bear charging across the yard, running right at him.

He instantly recognized the bruin, its large circle of matted hair still showing from where its collar of submission had once lain.

Richard turned, firing the gun at the beast charging him, its gait not faltering.

Richard screamed, turning and running away from the bear, the bear chasing him.

Jolan stood in silence, watching the bear gain on the man, Richard turning and firing his gun again, hitting the bear's chest, the bear not stopping.

Richard didn't see where his feet were taking him, the man feeling the ground give way before him, his body turning just as the bear wrapped his large arms around him.

Richard screamed, a loud roar echoing his voice, the two falling into a freshly dug grave.

Richard's scream was cut off, a sound of crunching bones cutting through the night's air.

Jolan's eyes raised, seeing the shape of the goliath bear in the open grave, its head raising, a loud roar cutting through the silence.

The night's quietness was broken by several gun shots.

Jolan's head turned, Steve Meadows firing his gun, Jolan screaming at him, the deputy stopping in confusion.

The bear howled, climbing out of the grave, staggering into the darkness behind it.

"Don't shoot him!" Jolan screamed, the young man staggering to his knees, two arms suddenly enveloping him.

He felt himself being lowered to the snowy ground, his eyes meeting two blue pools of love.

"Lay still, Jo. You're hurt." Justin said, his arms around him, Lonnie at their side.

"Don't hurt him, please. He. . .he saved me."

Justin's eyes went upwards, staring at Sheriff Walker, the man staring into the darkness.

"I just can't believe it. . .what he did. . ." the man said, Justin's eyes going to his Jo.

"He's gone, Jo. Frango's gone."

Jolan's eyes were filled with tears, Justin pulling him against him.

Justin's eyes went to the table by the tree, seeing his friend enveloped in Joey's strong arms, Lance sobbing into his chest.

Beside the two men Jennie stood alone, her blue eyes staring into Justin's blue.

The young woman moved, rushing out into the darkness, Justin calling out to her, everyone watching her disappear.

In Justin's arms Jolan passed out, his lover holding him close.


Jolan opened his eyes, staring into Henry Chambers' smiling face.

"Welcome home, son." the old doctor said, smiling at the young man.

Jolan's eyes slowly looked around the room, the young man softly smiling.

"Talk about déjà vu, Doc."

The doctor laughed, those around him laughing softly as well.

Justin sat on the other side of Jolan's bed, his hand in his.

Jolan looked around the room, remembering the four years he'd laid in this bed.

He was back at Henry's home, Sheriff Walker having driven him there last night seeking medical aid.

Jolan had slept through the night, Henry tending to his wounds.

Jolan's eyes moved around the room, seeing Lonnie, Ally, Shelly, Leo, Lance and Joey staring at him.

By the door stood Sheriff Walker, Steve and Bill.

"Is. . .is everyone okay?" Jolan softly said, moving in the bed, a soft gasp escaping him.

"Yes, Jo. Lay still." Justin said, his blue eyes looking at Jolan.

Lance moved from the end of the bed, Henry smiling at him, getting up, Lance taking his spot, his hand going in Jolan's.

"Thank you, Jolan. For coming to my rescue. For saving me." Lance said, Jolan's eyes going to him, then to Joey standing at the bed's end.

"You don't have to thank me, Lance. It really wasn't me that saved you."
Lance teared up, leaning forward and gently wrapping his arms around Jolan's neck, kissing his lips.

"You had the courage to come for me, Jo. You saved me with your love."

Jolan smiled, Lance gently moving back.

Jolan's eyes went to the sheriff.

"Nathan? Richard?"

Sheriff Walker walked up to the bed, staring down at Jolan.

"Richard Thornton's dead, Jo. That old bear opened his jugular. He died in the grave meant for you. Nathan's disappeared. He was gone when we entered the clearing. I think he slipped away while you were confronting Thornton. He's disappeared, and a warrant's been issued for kidnapping and attempted murder. It's obvious he tried to kill you last night."

Jolan lowered his eyes, Justin staring at him.

"He's lost to the evil, Jus. He made his choice." he softly said, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"Rest my love. We'll discuss this when you're better."

Jolan's head raised, looking around the room.

"Where's Jennie?"

Everyone looked at Justin, his blue eyes meeting Jolan's.

"She hasn't come back yet, Jo."

"What do you mean? Come back from where?"
Justin stared into his lover's grey eyes.

"She took off last night right after you passed out, Jo. She went after Frango."

Jolan sat up in bed, gasping at the pain he felt through his body.

"Jolan, lay back! You're severely hurt."

"She shouldn't have. . .he was hurt. . ."

Justin looked towards Henry, Henry looking at him with sympathy.

"You shouldn't move, Jolan. Your body's bruised and battered. You need total rest."
Jolan softly nodded, his grey eyes closing.

Justin stared at his lover, Jolan's eyes opening a few moments later.

"I do need rest, Henry. And Jennie's okay, Jus."

Justin nodded, knowing in his heart Jolan had centered his mind to find Jennie.

"Yes I am, brother."
Everyone turned, looking towards the door, Jennie standing in its doorway, smiling at everyone.

"Jennie. . .you're okay?" Joey said, his arm going around her as she walked up to Jolan's bed.

"I'm fine, Joey. I had your Lance's and my brother's love surrounding me. And Frango's." she smiled, sitting down beside Lance, the man's arm going around her.

"Frango. . .is he. . .?" Jolan softly said, Jennie smiling at him.
Jennie smiled at her brother's words, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"Sleep is what you need brother. We can discuss our friend's love later." she smiled, Jolan relaxing against the pillows, his eyes slowly closing.

Jennie sat in silence, staring at her brother, feeling the confused concern flowing through all those surrounding her, her eyes going to Justin's blue.

"He will sleep for a while. Rest is best for him now."

Justin nodded, his eyes staring into her blue pools of love.

"The Oracle's prophecy has been fulfilled, everyone."

Shelly's eyes met Jennie's, the young woman smiling at her.

"The prophecy, Jennie?" she said, Jennie nodding, her eyes going to her brother's sleeping face.

"Remember the words, Shelly. 'And they of the beast shall join with him, and an evil shall perish in the place intended for him. Look to his crying eyes to see the vindication on love. Then the path of cleansing can continue unto its end.'"

Shelly's and everyone's eyes widened, Jennie staring at her brother.

"The beast destroyed the evil and it perished in Jolan's former grave."


Jolan sighed, a soft contented smile on his face.

He sat on Henry's front porch, the late morning's sunshine warming his soul.

The March day was unseasonably warm, the snow in the front yard almost gone.

The young man sat in a large chair, his back and sides filled with pillows, his legs resting on an ottoman.

He smiled, his eyes going to his Justin at his side, the man's hand in his.

Jolan had awoken around nine, Justin seated at his side in the bedroom upstairs.

“Good morning, Jo. How do you feel?”
“I feel alright, Jus. Tired and sore, but alright.” he said, Justin smiling at him.

“You're resting here in peace and quiet, my love. Henry's opened his home to all of us again. You're relaxing and taking it easy.”
Jolan had smiled, seeing the caring love in Justin's blue eyes.

“Alright, Jus. But I'm feeling hungry. And I need to use the bathroom.”
Justin began to rise up from his seat, Jolan's bandaged right arm going to his hand.

“I'm not going in a bottle, Jus. Help me up, my love.”
Justin sighed, hearing the determination in Jolan's voice.

He gently guided Jolan to his feet, the man's face showing a soft look of pain, Justin's arm going around him.

Justin guided him slowly to the bathroom at the end of the hall, the man then returning him to his bed.

“Are you okay, Jo? I see the pain in your eyes.” he said, returning to his side.

“I'll be alright, Jus. Jennie will help me heal.”

Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing the man's lips.

“I'm not well enough for your beauty, my angel. Give me a day or so then I'll recapture your love.”

Justin had teared up, hearing Jolan's love for him.

“I'll bring you up breakfast, my love. Everyone's downstairs eating. Be right back.”
Jolan had smiled, watching his man disappear out the door.

Here now he sat a few hours later, the meal and the company surrounding him rejuvenating his soul.

Jennie had visited him after breakfast, the two bonding their healing magic, Jolan feeling revitalized after their bonded love.

The two had talked in their minds, Justin seated at the end of Jolan's bed, watching the two stare at each other.

After they had broken their bond Jolan's grey eyes had met Justin's.

“I feel much better, my love. Jennica's giving soul has cleansed the evil from my wounds. I'd like to go outside and feel the sun's warmth.”

Justin and Jennie had traded looks, Jennie nodding a smile at him, Justin helping Jolan to his feet.


Here now they sat outside on the house's front porch, Jolan surrounded by his friends and family.

Jennie, Lonnie, Ally, Joey, Lance, Shelly and Henry and Sheriff Walker all sat around him.

Sheriff Walker had returned to the house after breakfast giving everyone an update on last night's events.

Nathan Livingstone had disappeared, the man not swept up in the circled net of the police barricades.

"Nathan returned to his Badenwolf soul, sheriff. That cunning animal eluded your net. I know in my heart he's escaped. Only time will reveal him again. I know now that he'll be there at the end."
Justin looked at Jolan, his man looking into the sheriff's eyes.

"What of Frango?"

"No trace of him either. Where he is I believe only one person knows." Sheriff Walker said, his eyes going to Jennie.

Jennie smiled at him, the young woman seated in a chair beside Jolan.

"What happened last night, Jennie? Did you find Frango?" Lance said, the young woman's blue eyes meeting his green.

"Yes I found him, Lance. His trail of blood left an easy path."

"So said Bill Jenkins this morning. He followed that trail and then it stopped by a creek." the sheriff said, Jennie smiling at him.

"The waters of magic and life stop the flow of love's blood."
Jolan's eyes met hers, Jennie smiling at him.

"I healed him by the creek. It was the least I could do for his saving love." she said, everyone looking at her in surprise.

"Where is he now, Jennie?" Lonnie said, his brown eyes looking at her with surprise.

"He is free, Lonnie. Free from the pain and from the memories. The rest of his life he'll enjoy as he'd always should have. Life begins today for him. He will live in happiness."

Everyone sat in silence, their thoughts on the large bear.

"What kind of trap was that last night, Jo?" Lance said, the young man looking at him.

"It was a trap of evil magic, Lance. A trap designed to rob someone of their magic."

Lance nodded, staring at Jolan.

"Why did you walk into it, Jo?"

Jolan sighed, a sigh of tiredness.

"Because you and Jennie were there, Lance. I will always risk everything for those I love."

"But, Jolan. You. . .you lost your Badenwolf soul and you received so much pain from that."

"It was a risk I had to take, Lance. I had to go there to draw out Nathan and Richard. To face them on my terms. There's something you should know. I knew that trap was there. The book showed me its truth. And what I had within me to destroy it."

"The stones are gone, Jolan. Bill went there first thing this morning." Sheriff Walker said, Jolan nodding.

"Magic has a way of disappearing at a moment's notice. Its purpose failed against my magic. So it disappeared." Jolan said, his finger rubbing the golden ring on his other hand.

"The magic of your ring?" Joey said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Joe. The true magic of myself. Nothing can destroy that magic, it just took me a little while to realize that. And my Jennie's intelligence. She solved the mystery of Nathan's protection against the magic.  The charm he wore around his neck protected him. Did you find that pendant, sheriff?"
"No, Jolan. It disappeared with Nathan."
Jolan nodded, looking deep in thought.

"Fagin Greymount wears one as well, a red one. I think it's a conduit of magic." he said, Jennie looking at him.

"Time will reason out that as well." Jolan said, everyone looking at him.

"So what happens now, Stuart?"

"No one is at fault for last night, Jolan. Least of all you. Richard Thornton's death was an accident of fate. No one's to blame for that. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm just glad no one else was tragically hurt. Your plan worked, Jolan. You drew them out in the open."

Jolan nodded, his eyes looking at his Justin.

"Fate and destiny worked last night, everyone." he said, everyone nodding.

"It's leaked to the news, Jolan. Oberson Falls is already being inundated with reporters. They're looking for you. You best lay low till you're healed, then hit out of here." the sheriff said, smiling at him.

"I shall, Stuart. The love surrounding me shall heal me fast."
Everyone smiled,
Joey's brown eyes staring at Jolan, the man's arms around his Lance.

“I promised you that he'd be in your arms once again, Joe.” Jolan said, their eyes meeting.

“I'll never doubt your word again, Jolan.” the man said, kissing Lance's cheek.

Lance looked like he wanted to say something, Jolan smiling at him.

“You're safe in his arms again, Lance. No words of thanks need stating. You are part of my family, I always will fight for those I love.”

Lance smiled, looking at Jennie.

"The Sulfenwolf's pack is whole again."
Jolan smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"You've seen the greatness of my wolfen soul, Lance. I hope it wasn't too traumatic a sight for you?"

Lance smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's smiling face.

"No, Jo. Justin has it right. The beast within you is just as beautiful and loving."

Jolan smiled, their conversation interrupted by a vehicle driving up Henry's driveway.

It was a silver van, the vehicle pulling up in front of the porch.

Jolan smiled, seeing Daphne driving the van.

The doors opened, Daphne, Rachel and Dominoso climbing out.

Domo smiled, leaning downward, a small bundle of happiness hitting the ground running.

Jolan smiled, slowly getting up, Hayden running up the steps and into his kneeling arms, Justin at their side.

"Hi, Daddy!" the boy said, his arms around his father's neck, Jolan's face covered in tears.

"Hello, my son. I feel your love."
Justin smiled, standing above them, Jolan slowly rising up, the boy in his arms.

Justin guided them back to Jolan's chair, the boy kissing both of his fathers' cheeks.

"Me misses you, Daddy and Poppa! But I'm here nows."

Everyone smiled around them, Justin kissing the boy back.

"We missed you too, Hay." he said, Hayden smiling at him then looking up into his father's eyes.

"Bear saves you, Daddy?"
Everyone looked surprised, looking towards Domo and the two newly arrived women.

"We didn't say anything to him." Daphne said, Rachel's arm around her.

"Me sees him in dream, Daddy. He said you be okay."

Jolan nodded, staring at his son.

"Frango talked to you, Hay?"

"Yes, Daddy. He says he saves you, then comes to says goodbye."

Jolan stared at his son, everyone looking at each other, the small boy smiling around at everyone.

His small blue eyes looked out into the yard, the boy's smile widening.

"Looks, Poppa! There he is!" the boy said, pointing out into the yard.

Everyone stood up, shock registering on their faces.

Jolan rose up, his son in his arms, staring out into the yard.

On the far side of the yard, towards the trail leading down to the forest behind Henry's place, stood a large bear.

"Take Hay, Jus." Jolan said, Justin taking the boy from him, Jolan slowly walking off the porch, down the steps, everyone following him as he walked across the yard slowly.

Jennie moved, following her brother, the others slowly moving as well.

They all walked out into the yard, staying on the driveway's path, staring at Jolan now standing in front of the bear.


Jolan stared at the bear, its large eyes looking at him.

The bear's head moved to the side as if it were studying him, its eyes going to Jolan's bandaged arm, a soft whimper coming from the bear.

Jolan began to speak in the animal language, the bear staring at him.

"It's alright, my friend. The evil has not stained my heart. My sister of love cleansed the wounds, as she did yours. I am glad to see you are safe."
The bear roared, its mouth taking on a smile of teeth.

Jolan smiled back, the bear sitting back on its haunches.

The two looked at each other, everyone behind them taking in the scene.

The bear's arms spread apart, Jolan walking forward, the animal wrapping its arms around him.

Everyone stared in surprise, watching the bear hug Jolan.

Jennie smiled, walking up to her brother, stopping behind him.

The bear's large eyes stared at her, Jolan's arms now around the bear.

The bear cocked his head, a soft humorous roar escaping him, Jennie smiling.

Jolan broke his hug on the bear, its large eyes filled with love.

"Thank you for your love and friendship, ancient one. May your life be happiness. Enjoy the honey of life and sweetness."
The bear returned to its feet, its head raising, a loud roar echoing across the yard, Hayden smiling in his father's arms.

"Bear big, Poppa! And he's happy!"
Justin smiled, staring forward at his lover and his sister.

The bear moved, slowly walking back down the trail behind him, its head  turning back once, then heading off towards the forest.

Jolan stood in silence, watching the bear disappear down into the forest, Jennie's arm going around him.

"He shall be happy, Jo. Life shall be good for him."
Jolan smiled, his eyes going to Jennie's blue.

"We all shall, Jennie. We all shall."
She smiled, her eyes following the bear's disappearing shape.

"Thank you, Frango. Go with love."





End of Chapter 121


A chapter of drama, surprise and love.

I think that sums it all up.


I do hope you were surprised and captivated.

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