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As 5:00 rolled around I headed towards work. I guess I should introduce myself first. I'm 18 with blonde hair, I'm thin but not so
thin that you would think that I don't eat. I live in a town called Summerside. It's a nice place to live it's quiet and clean and the
people are really nice.
    As I entered the door I was greeted by my boss. I counted my cash drawer and when I was finished making sure it was right
she left with a goodbye. The store wasn't busy so I started cleaning .  When I was sick of cleaning I noticed that it was 8:30.  I
decided to grab a bag of chips and a bottle of Pepsi. as I was eating I heard someone come into the store, I looked over and saw
the most beautiful face in the world he had blonde hair, blue eyes and a toned face. His ear was pierced  and he was fairly well
built form what I could see. there were four other guys with him. when I saw the other guys faces I realized who they were. They
looked around for a while and they finally decided on chips and Pepsi. When they came to the counter and placed their stuff down
I asked " is that everything Justin."
    Justin's jaw dropped along with the other guys " how did you know it was me" he asked.
"hmm well lets see, I do have a TV and I do have cable plus I listen to your cd all the time" I replied.
"well ok, so you know our name so may I ask what your name is" Justin asked.
"I'm Alex I live across the street and you guys are my favorite band" I told them.
"cool we don't get many guy fans" JC said.
"so what are you guys doing down here" I asked.
"you sound surprised to see someone famous" Lance stated.
"well we don't get any famous people around here" I told him.
"we are doing a concert in town tomorrow night" Justin said.
"cool how come I never heard of it on the radio" I asked.
"well we didn't want to have everyone knowing and we figured on just letting local people know so they have a chance to see us"
Chris said.
"great idea so is this you first time around here" I asked.
"yes and I just got an idea" Justin said.
"what" I asked.
"how about you show us around after you get off from work" Justin said.
"sure but I don't get off till 11" I said.
"well it's 10 now so we'll come back in an hour ok" Lance added.
"sure" I answered.
"bye see you at 11" Justin said as they headed out the door.
"ok" I said.
    I phoned my mom and told hr that I would be getting home late. after I explained why she finally agreed, I don't think she
believed me. I rushed to get everything don and when 11 came I locked up and hopped in the car waiting. "hi Justin where are the
others" I asked.
"there at the hotel" he replied.
"cool so we get to talk for a bit" I said.
"Yep, and since we are both 18 we should have a lot in common" He said.
    we talked the whole way there and when we pulled up to the hotel we went up stairs to meet the guys. after we said our hellos
we went down to the car and drove around while I pointed out cool places and shitty places. the guys finally asked about clubs and
I told them where they were, they wanted to go so we drove there. since Justin and I were under age we went back to the hotel
and talked some more. Justin turned on the tv and we started watching Cruel Intentions. It was a good movie. after it was over I
got up and headed towards the door when Justin asked "where are you going."
"it's late and you look tired" I told him.
"well I want to get to know you so sit down please" He begged.
"oh ok" I said siting down beside him.
    we talked for awhile and he then asked " Alex how about you crash here tonight so you don't have wake your parents up at
"I don't know what would the other guys think" I asked.
"they like you so they wouldn't have a problem with it" he answered.
"ok " I said.
"ok you take the bed" Justin said.
"no it's your room so you have the bed and I'll take the couch" I told him.
"ok deal" Justin replied.
We talked for awhile more when I fell asleep on Justin. Justin didn't notice and soon fell asleep also.

To Be Continued.
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