Chapter 2

Disclaimer: this story is fictional and does not mean anyone in this story or in the pics are gay. if you are under 18  or if this is illegal where you live then please leave if not or you just don't care then enjoy.


    I woke up and Justin was cuddled up next to me, I tried to move away but he just cuddled evn more so I decided to stay where I was and try ro go back to sleep. When i opened my eyes again Justin was just waking up and when he opened his eyes and saw me right next to him , his eyes grew wides and his jaw dropped. "wha..." he started to say.

"We fell asleep justin so don't worry" I told him.

He stood and I got up and headed towards the shower "I'm gonna have a quick shower justin" I said entering the bathroom. When I got out of the shower justin was watching T.V. Justin got up and went to have a shower I sat down and watched some T.V. when justin came out he asked if I had found anything interesting. " nope nothing" I said.

"well I'm hungry lets go get some breakfast" Justin said.

"sure" I replied.

the phone started to ring, Justin answered it saying "hello."

"hey curly what's up" JC asked.

"not much was just about to head to your room for some food" Justin said.

"ok see you in a few" JC said hanging up.

"why didn"t you tell him I was here" I asked.

"I'm gonna surprise him" he answered.

    we walked to JC's room and went in all the guys were there and they all looked at me when we entered.

"what do I have something on my face" I said laughing.

"no" they all said.

"guys Alex and I fell asleep talking last night" Justin said.

"he must've done something to you cause your never up this early" Lance said.

"hey I didn't do anything he was up before me" I said.

"Justin can I talk to you in the hall for a minute" asked JC.

"sure "justin said walking out the door behind JC.

"so Alex how are you" Lance asked.

"great why would i be other wise, I have met my favorite band and i hanginout with them" I told him.

"Justin does he know about you" JC asked .

"no i was gonna tell him this morning but you called and then we came here" Justin said.

"well just be careful Justin ok" JC asked.

"ok I'll tell him today" Justin said.

I was sitting therethinking about what happened this morning andstarted to think about how safe I fet in his arms, what am I thinking I'm not gay, am I.

"hey Alex what's wrong" Lance asked.

"what, oh nothing i just need some air" I answered.

"you sure" he asked.

"yep" I said as i got up and left the room walking right by Justin and JC.

"where's he going " asked JC.

"I don't know" Justin said.


"what, what did I do" Lance asked.

"what's wrong with Alex" Justin asked.

"I'm not sure, he wouldn't tell me when I asked him" lance answered.

"well I'm going to go find him " Justin said leaving.

    I didn't know where I was going but I knew that I needed some air. I was walking by a park and decided to sit down on the bench. I sat down and put my head in my hands and thought about all that happened. Tears started to fall and soon I was crying.I don't remember how long I was sitting there but I must have been awhile because it was starting to get dark . Suddenly a hand rested on my shoulder I looked behind me to see who it was, and to my surprise it was Justin. He had tears in his eyes "why are you crying Justin" I asked.

"I was crying because I thought that you would do something dangerous and I don't want to lose you Alex your a good friend" He answered.

"well as you can see I'm fine" I said sharply.

"Alex what's wrong and don't give me that bullshit about nothing being wrong" Justin said turning my head towards his.

"Justin I can't tell you because you'll hate me" I said.

"Alex nothing you could tell me would make me hate you, I'm your friend and I will be here for you" Justin said.

"Justin I'm afraid" I cried.

"don't be afraid Alex, I'm here for you" Justin said pulling me into a hug.

it was too much for me and I burst out crying. Justin hugged me tighter I just kept crying.

"Alex please tell me so I can help you" Justin begged.

"Justin I'm gay and I'm in love with you" I cried.

"what" Justin asked shocked.

"I knew it" I said getting up and running away.

"ALEX WAIT" Justin said running after me.

I ran until I couldn't run anymore I fell to the ground. Justin ran up to me and turned me over onto my back, when he saw that I was knocked out he pulled his cell phone out and called an ambulance. justin then called the guys to let them know what happened.