Justin's Angel-100

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Everyone gathered around them, the two men oblivious to the people coming out of the house behind them.
"Today is a day of deep happiness for these two loving angels. Through their own hearts and souls they've found each other, through courage and trust they have discovered the greatest thing. True love. All of us here are blessed to know both of you. Your words, deeds and love are instilled in all our hearts. We all want to wish you two a lifetime of happiness." Justin said, tears in his eyes, Michael patting his shoulder.
Everyone raised their glasses, Josh and Lance in tears.
Michael smiled at his two friends, setting down his glass.
He walked up in front of his two friends, smiling.
"I have a surprise for both of you. To both of you, we are and will always be family. To all of us you are brothers, friends and giving souls. This is a special day for both of you. I thought that this day wouldn't be totally special for both of you without your family. I give you this gift with my love. Turn around my friends."
Josh and Lance turned around, both shocked.
Their parents and families were standing in front of them.
"Congratulations, our little boys." Diane and Karen said, Lance and Josh crying immediately, their mothers hugging them tight.
Michael and Justin, as well as everyone else on the patio, had tears in their eyes, seeing the family reunion in full view.
Justin put his arm around Michael, sensing his happiness, and something else as well.
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
"Ya did good, as always, Mico."
Michael smiled, Justin seeing the happiness in that smile.
In a couple of hours Michael would smile even more.

Chapter 100

Michael smiled, watching Josh hug his sister and brother, Lance being hugged tightly by his father.
Lance's sister Stacy and her husband Ford stood waiting to hug him next.
Josh looked into his younger brother's eyes, smiling.
"Congrats, bro. Lance is a wonderful guy." Tyler said, smiling at him.
Josh smiled, hugging his brother tightly, Lance smiling at their closeness.
Then the families switched, all the Chasezs' hugging Lance, all the Basses hugging Josh.
Everyone smiled and began talking at once, Josh and Lance smiling at their families.
"This is so wonderful! We thought it would be a while before we'd be able to get all of us together!" Lance said, wiping tears from his eyes.
"You can thank your guardian angel for this, Lance." Diane said, smiling at Michael, Michael blushing.
Lance and Josh turned looking at him, Michael quickly looking away, nodding toward Paulo, Paulo disappearing into the house.
"Okay everyone, time for cake!" Michael said, Lance and Josh still staring at him.
"Michael, you did all this?" Josh said in wonder.
Michael blushed, seeing Paulo coming out of the house, carrying the large cake.
"This is for you two, my friends. I hope you like it."
Lance and Josh looked at the cake Paulo carried, placing it down on the table in front of them, everyone crowding around.
Lance and Josh both smiled, seeing on the cake a picture Michael had taken of them a few days earlier. Both men were snuggled together, their arms wrapped around each other.
Around the picture in icing were red and white roses and  white doves.
Across the cake was a beautifully written statement, that brought tears to both happy men.


             Lance and Josh

     United  Forever in Love, Faith and Courage

Josh and Lance looked up at Michael, his face full of love and happiness.
"Congratulations, my friends."
Josh and Lance both hugged him, everyone smiling at Michael's happy face.
Josh parted from the three of them briefly, pulling Justin into the hug.
"Thanks to both of you, this is so nice, all of us here together. But I thought it was supposed to be something else?" Josh said, Justin putting his finger to his lips.
Josh stopped talking, Michael looking at him, but remaining quiet.
Justin's look made Josh and Lance remain quiet.
Everyone gathered around admiring the cake, giving Michael kudos.
"It's a Love Cake, everyone. What else could we have for this special occasion?" Michael smiled, Joey high-fiving Chris.
"Excellent!! I get three pieces!" Joey chimed, everyone laughing.
"Everyone relax, and lets have fun." Justin said, everyone taking chairs, Michael and Nana cutting the cake, giving everyone a piece, everyone diving in.
Diane stopped in shock, her mouth full of the rich dessert, Karen looking at Michael with the same look on her surprised face.
"Oh, my God! This is like a piece of heaven!" Diane chirped, Karen seconding her observation.
"I want this recipe, Michael. This is beyond fantastic!" Lynn chirped, Michael laughing.
"And have this special, wonderful lady track me down and string me up? No thank you." Michael said smirking, wrapping his arm around his grandmother.
Everyone had droopy faces, Nana shaking her head.
"I'm sorry everyone, it's an ancient family secret. I've only trusted Michael with it. He'll hand it down to his grand children." She said smiling, Michael smiling, kissing her cheek.
"But I promise to make it for all of you, any time you want."
Michael smiled, looking around at everyone seeing their faint auras slowly materialize.
Everyone wore blue, their love shining through.
Paulo's was golden, as usual.
Justin's a vibrant blue with a small white center.
Michael smiled, seeing all their love displayed.
Then he notice one aura walking out from behind another.
He froze, staring at its golden hue.
Michael stared, his mind in shock.
Justin immediately sensed Michael's shock.
"You alright, babe?" he asked, his arm going around him, Michael releasing his grandmother's waist.
Michael remained still, Justin shaking him a bit.
"Yo, love? hello?"
Michael's mind came back into focus.
"Oh, sorry, Jus. Kinda blanked out for a moment."
"What was it? Another vision?"
Michael looked at everyone, seeing a few people still chatting away, but most were staring at him.
"Entertain everyone, love. I'll be right back."
Michael stared at one person quickly, that person not noticing.
He walked into the house, Nana and Justin exchanging looks.
"What was that all about?" She said, looking at her new grandson.
"I don't know, Nana. I felt shock in Michael, as if he saw something that totally shocked him."
Nana looked around, seeing everyone chatting and talking, and a few people staring at them both.
Nana's gift wouldn't let her see the glowing auras, all she could feel was the love flowing from everyone.
"I don't sense anything amiss. I think you need to go see if he's alright." Nana said, Justin nodding, excusing himself and going into the house.

Michael sat in the office, the bottom drawer open on his desk, the letters in his hand.
He stared at the faded words, absorbing them in his mind.
He'd had these two letters for a long time, one being one of his most treasured possessions.
For years he'd read it, now sensing the truth in what was written, the underlining meaning.
He looked up at the mirror, his reflection staring back.
"Does this mean what I think it means, mother? Is it really true?" Michael said quietly, his mind lost in the past.
He recalled lost feelings, the feelings he'd gotten reading this letter for that first time.
Michael heard a knock at the door, folding the letters up again, putting them inside the book, placing the book in the drawer, closing it.
"Come in." Michael said, Justin walking into the room.
"You okay, babe?" Justin said with worry, walking across the room, Michael standing, Justin taking him in his strong arms.
Justin hugged him tight, Michael clinging to him.
"I just felt something, something amazing." Michael said, Justin holding him.
Justin rubbed his back.
"What was it, Mico?"
"It was family, Jus. I had a deep sense of family. I'm not alone anymore. Out there is my family."
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's renewed happiness.
"Tonight is Lance and Josh's night. Tomorrow, I believe, something wonderful is going to happen."
Justin looked at Michael, Michael smiling.
"What's going on, babe? I sensed deep shock in you out there. Now you feel totally happy."
"I think I've figured it all out, Jus. Tomorrow it's all going to come together. The past will unite with the future." Michael said, his golden eyes ablaze with happiness.
Justin couldn't believe what he saw in those eyes, a total look of joyful happiness.
"Let's go back and join our family and friends. It's time to party!"
Justin smiled, Michael pulling him out of the room.
They went back outside, Michael running up to Lance, picking him up and spinning him around.
"Time to party guys!" He screamed, everyone laughing.
Lance smiled in wonder, feeling Michael's deep happiness.
Michael grabbed Vicky, starting to pull her to the dance floor.
"Come on cutie, let's boogie!"
Vicky laughed, surprised by Michael's happiness, the two hitting the dance floor.

The evening progressed, people seeing a lot of happiness flowing from Michael and from Justin.
Justin was happy because Michael was happy.
Justin quietly walked around, filling in everyone on what was to come.
Justin pulled Lance and Josh away quietly, talking to them in the kitchen.
He explained what was going to happen.
Both men beamed, smiling widely.
"That's fantastic, Justy! Michael will be floored!" Josh said, smiling.
"I hope you two are okay with this interrupting your celebration."
"Jus, for Michael's happiness, it's perfectly okay. It just makes this night even more special for us." Lance said, Josh tearing up, hugging his blond adonis.
"You two are beyond special." Justin said, Josh smiling more.
"The special one here is Michael. It's time he knew how much."
Justin hugged his friends, the three joined together.
Justin smiled, Michael walking into the kitchen to grab some more chips.
"What's going on here? A threesome? Can I watch? Do you need directions?" Michael smirked, everyone laughing.
"Oh, and you have had experience in threesomes, love?" Justin said, kissing his lips.
Michael smiled.
"Well, I've been in a special threesome. There was Justin, myself and Justin Timberlake."
Josh and Lance laughed, Justin blushing.
"But it got too involved. I had to kick out Justin Timberlake. I'm happy with just my Justin."
Justin beamed, Michael kissing him deeply, their friends smiling at their deep love.
"So let's get the happy twosome back out there. Ryan, Timbaland and Cassi just dropped in." Michael said, looking at Justin.
"Oh, yeah! Ryan called the other day, telling me he was in town for the weekend. I invited him." Justin said, trying to act calm.
Michael smiled, everyone walking back outside.
Justin smiled, happy that Ryan, Cassi and Timba were now here. That was everyone.

They spent more time relaxing and having fun, Michael chatting with Ryan and Timba.
Justin disappeared for a few minutes, Michael wondering where he'd disappeared to.
Justin walked back onto the patio, Seth walking beside him.
They walked up to Michael, Justin putting his arm around him, kissing his cheek.
"And how are you doing, love?"
"I'm doing great, Jus. I think it's a big hit."
"And why wouldn't it be? My talented man knows how to throw a party. I'm going to talk with Timba, back in a bit."
Michael smiled, Seth looking at him with a large smile.
"I wanted to thank you for what you did for Tommy and me." Seth smiled, looking over at Tomas dancing with Stacy.
"All I did was give you a place to be alone, Seth. You and Tomas did the rest."
Seth hugged him, Michael smiling.
"You and your giving heart helped, Michael."
"And how was your time alone?"
Seth smiled, Michael smiling at what he say in his tearful eyes.
"Isn't love magical, Seth?"
"Yes, Michael. It truly is."
Tomas walked off the dance floor, walking up to Seth and Michael, smiling.
"Care to trip the lights fantastic, sexy man?" Tomas asked, smiling.
"I thought you'd never ask." Michael said, taking him in his arms.
"Uh, Mikey? I was talking to Sethy." Tomas said, blushing.
"Okay. Be that way. I know when I'm being dumped for someone younger." Michael said, pouting, both young men chuckling.
"Just wait a few minutes, old timer. Some old geezer will come by and snatch you up." Seth said, laughing.
Fate being the way it was, Justin walked up beside Michael taking his hand in his.
"Care to dance, beautiful?"
Michael lost it completely, falling to his knees in laughter, the other two young men laughing hard.
Justin just stared at all three, Michael regaining control.
"Was it something I said?" Justin looked confused.
"No, my love. It was just a priceless moment of fate. Come on, let's show these youngsters how we can dance circles around them."
Justin beamed, Michael pulling him onto the dance floor, Seth and Tomas following.

Half an hour later, Justin had everything ready, cuing Lance.
Lance disappeared into the house, pulling out his cell phone.
Michael was chatting with Nana and Diane a few minutes later, when Lance walked up to them.
"Michael , I was in the house and the front doorbell rang. There's a man waiting outside with a registered letter for you."
"Oh, okay. I'll be right back, ladies."
Michael walked into the house.
As soon as he left everyone began getting ready.
Michael walked down the hallway, wondering where or who he'd be getting a letter from.
He opened the front door, a young man in a uniform smiling at him.
"Good evening sir. Are you Michael Tavarro?"
"Yes, I am."
"I have a letter for you, sir. Please sign here."
Michael signed the clipboard, the man handing him a letter.
"Thank you, here you go." Michael said, handing him some cash.
"Thank you, sir." The young man smiled, Michael closing the door.
He looked at the letter, stopping immediately.
His mind focused on the letterhead on the envelope.
The Pulitzer Foundation.
He stood there, staring at the letter, his hands trembling.
With everything going on, he'd completely forgotten that yesterday was the deadline for the competition.
Michael stared at the letter, feeling nervousness take hold.
He couldn't wait any longer, opening the letter frantically, holding his breath.
In the back yard Justin stood smiling, sensing Michael's blossoming feelings.
Michael stared at the one-page letter, the words totally surprising him.

          Walk into the back yard.
 There you'll find your greatest dream.

Michael stared at the words, their meaning slowly sinking in.
Justin knew. Justin knew what the final verdict was.
Michael rushed down the hallway, running through the kitchen, out onto the patio.
He froze, stopping in his tracks.
Everyone was standing, clapping and whistling, a large banner hanging from the patio above them.

  Congratulations Michael
   Pulitzer Prize Winner

Michael stared at Justin standing in the middle of everyone, in his hand the real letter.
He walked up to Michael, Michael seeing the tears in his eyes.
"You won my love! This letter arrived yesterday. I wanted to surprise you. And everyone wanted to be in on it."
Michael stared at the letter in Justin's hand, Justin handing it to him.
Michael opened it, reading the congratulatory letter, his mind zoning in on the unbelievable words.
Justin felt his shock, his arm going around him.
"Yes, my love. I'm marrying a Pulitzer Prize winner. Congratulations, Mico."
Michael looked into Justin's blue eyes, then his body trembled, the sobs overtaking him.
Justin hugged him tightly, kissing his forehead, everyone circling around the two men, cocooning them in a ring of love.
"I forgot all about it. I forgot it was this week. I can't believe I won this."
Justin felt the swelling joy coming out of Michael.
"Do you know what this means everyone? I'm one of America's best writers! The writing community thinks that now!"
"We've all thought that for a long time, Michael!" Lance said, tears in his eyes, Josh holding him.
Michael looked around at everyone, staring at all their happy faces. At their happiness for him.
"What's going on here? You all were in on this?"
Justin smiled, seeing Michael's blushing starting.
"Yes, Mico. I told everyone. But that's not all that this party is for. All the guys came to me after Zach's wedding. They all wanted to do something special for you. For being you. Now if you'll follow me, we'll get this wonderful show on the road."
Justin linked his arm in Michael's walking him over to a table.
Sitting on the table was a large cake.
Michael looked at it, smiling.
On the cake was a picture of himself. The picture from his new novel.
The words on the cake filled Michael's heart with love.

  Thank you Michael
      For just being you

Michael looked up at Justin, and all around at everyone.
"That's a beautiful, touching thing to say! Thank you all so much!"
"That's what this celebration is all about, my love. We all want to thank you for just being you. Sit down, Mico."
Michael sat down in a provided chair, Justin sitting on one side of him, Nana sitting on the other side.
They faced the front of the patio, Lance and Josh walking into the center of it.
"Michael, Josh and I want to thank you for being you. For guiding us to each other. You had a vision of our finding each other. You made it come true with your giving heart. Tonight we celebrated our engagement, with our love shining. You made that love shine. Thank you." Lance said, tears rolling down his cheeks, his parents just as teary.
"Yes, thank you, Mikey. We'll never be able to repay you for giving us this much happiness. We both thank you with all our hearts." Josh said, deep emotion in his voice.
Josh and Lance walked up to him, both kissing his cheek, stepping back.
Michael blushed, then started to talk, Nana silencing him.
"It's best if you remain quiet, my grandson. It's time you listened, instead of speaking." Nana said quietly.
Justin smiled, Nana patting Michael's hand, Michael remaining quiet.
Up next on the patio walked Chris and Vicky.
"Michael, Vicky and I owe you our love also. You brought us together. If not for you I'd never have met my angel." Chris said, tears in his eyes, Michael smiling at him.
"Michael, my loving little pencil dick. What can I say? You took me on as a friend, kudos for having the balls to do that." Vicky said, everyone laughing, Michael smiling at her loving humor.
"And every day has been a magical adventure. In your friendship I found love, trust and caring. Without you in my life, my life would have been so joyless. Thank you for being you."
Michael was in tears, Vicky blowing him a kiss, the two sitting down again.
Up next: Joey and Kelly.
"Michael, you never set us up, or united our love. But you gave us something more. Your friendship. We've watched you help our friends, bringing to all of them love. You showed us how a person can give so much to others. In you, we've seen God's love shining through, your giving heart filling all of us with love. Thank you for being you." Joey said, Michael smiling at his friends.
Next to grace the center stage were Zach and Christina, Michael smiling at Becky standing between them.
"Hi Uncle Michael. I love you." The little girl said, smiling at him.
Michael smiled back, winking at her with teary eyes.
"Michael, Christina and I love you deeply. In you, I found a brother, and a friend. My life is better for having you in it. Your love shaped me into the man I am today. Thank you for giving me a family, for giving us both so much. We love you, with all our hearts." Zach said, his voice surprisingly calm and focused.
"Michael, my treasured savior, our guardian angel. You saved me and my child that day at the mall. And now standing here, so many months later, I see what I have gained. I have so much love in my life, so much happiness. And my daughter has two uncles who love her so much. Thank you for being you. Our guardian angel."
Christina and Becky both blew him kisses, the three stepping back.
Michael was in tears again, Justin putting his arm around him, his own tears showing.
Father Derrick walked up, smiling at everyone.
"Michael, my little angel. Seventeen years ago I met a small child, beaten by the world, lost in his own soul. Today I see that same child as a man of immense love and faith, of immense courage and giving. You've given so much to so many. Tonight, this shows what you've accomplished. We can all listen to these touching words, feel the love these people are giving. The love they have for you, Michael. I myself have much to thank you for. All through your young life you've walked quietly into mine, giving me a renewed sense of purpose. You are a special man, a man of immense giving. My new orphanage shows that giving soul. Life sometimes throws you special surprises. You, my friend are the most special. Thank you, Michael, for being you."
Michael smiled at his old friend, seeing the tears in Father Derrick's eyes.
Up onto the patio walked Timba and Cassi.
"Michael, Cassi and I owe you my life. You saved me Michael. Your kind healing soul took away my pain, my killing pain. I have my life back, my Cassi back, and I have you as a friend. No words can say what you mean to me. Thank you for being you." Timba was in tears, walking across the patio, hugging a rising Michael tightly.
Justin was in tears, Timba's raw emotions pulling at everyone's heartstrings.
Michael patted the man's back, Cassi kissing Michael's cheek. The two friends stepped back, Timba wiping his eyes.
Seth and Tomas walked out onto the patio.
"Mikey, Seth and I owe you much. We're not big musical stars, or such. But that didn't matter to you. To you, we were people who needed help. And you helped us. You turned me away from a life of pain, and probably death. You healed Seth's pain, saving his life. And you brought the two of us into each other's arms. I never thought I'd have the love that fills my heart now. Seth's beautiful love. You were right. It is simply unbelievable. Thank you, Michael, thank you for being you."
Seth looked at Michael, his face showing deep emotion. His hand went to his heart, that gesture meaning so much.
"Thank you for giving me purpose. For giving me back my heart."
Michael nodded, no words needed.
Michael was in tears then seeing Paulo and Jake walking into the center.
"Michael, our brother. Both our hearts shine with our new love. For those not in on our secret, Michael guided us to each other also. In each other, we found love, deep love. We both owe that to you. Thank you, Michael, for being you." Jake said blowing him a kiss.
Lance's family smiled at the obvious love showing in the two handsome men, not too surprised by this revelation. They'd seen the two men being close all evening.
Paulo felt Jake's arm wrap around him, smiling at his brother.
"Mikey,  I love you so much. God made us cousins, you made us brothers. I've been lost these last twenty odd years, now I am found. Found in love and happiness. Your love, Jake's love, Justin's love, and now Lance and Josh's love. You have opened my heart and soul to the wonders of true love. Thank you, my brother. Thank you for being a special you."
Justin now stood up, gently pulling Michael up onto the patio, Paulo and Jake hugging him, then taking their seats.
Michael sobbed against Justin, his arms around him, looking out at all his friends, at his family.
"All this needed to be said, my love. To be shown to you. For far too long you've set yourself in the background, out of sight. Your giving heart wanting no spotlight, no adulation. Your giving so much of yourself to all of us. It's time, love. Tonight you're here where you belong. In the center of our love. You've never been ashamed or embarrassed by showing us your love. We needed to show you our love. We'll always show you ours. We all love you. No one more than I.  Two happy events occurred here tonight, Mico. Josh and Lance's celebratory engagement party, and your winning the Pulitzer Prize.  But for all of us, the greatest event tonight was feeling your happiness. Never have we felt so much happiness in you.  We love it, and we sense you do too."
Michael smiled through tearing eyes, Justin taking his hand.
"I love you, Mico. As do all those here. Congratulations on being you."
Michael smiled, Justin kissing him deeply.
"Oh, one more thing. Turn around."
Michael looked at Justin, then slowly turned around.
Standing in the patio doorway was his grandfather.
In Alberto's hands were roses, deep blue and golden roses
"Hello, Michaelangelo. My garden's love I give to my angel."
Michael burst into tears, running to his grandfather, Paulo sobbing against Jake.
This was a total surprise to him also.
Michael stood in front of his grandfather, tears running down his face.
"I couldn't miss my boy's shining moment. Congratulations, my boy."
Justin walked up beside them, taking the roses from Alberto.
Michael hugged his grandfather, sobbing into his chest.
"I love you, Poppa."
"I love you, my child."
Michael hugged him, everyone clapping, starting to sing.

For you're our wonderful Mikey
For you're our wonderful Mikey
For you're our wonderful Mikey!
That we so dearly love!

Michael looked around at everyone, then looked at his grandfather, smiling.
"Welcome back to our home Poppa. And thank you for the beautiful flowers."
"I grew them myself, Michael. From my soul my love grew into these beauties. I give you them as I give you my love."
Michael smiled, Justin now hugging his grandfather.
Paulo walked up, hugging his grandfather, Jake smiling.
"Three cheers for the talented writer!" Alberto said loudly, everyone cheering, then clapping.
Michael smiled, everyone still clapping, Michael moving his arms, everyone quieting down.
"Thank you all. That was very moving. And you are right, Jus. I am happy, so happy. All those moving words, so much love and emotion. It's entered my soul.  I see so much love in all your faces, for me. And I do love it. This started out as a celebration of two of my dearest friends. And then it turned into a celebration of my becoming an accomplished writer. Thank you so much for all this, it's moved me greatly.
All my life I did what I thought was right, what I wanted other people to enjoy. In truth, I wanted to enjoy that same happiness. And now, here tonight, I have. I'm truly happy. Thanks in part to all of you, but most of all because of you, Jus."
Michael kissed Justin deeply, everyone smiling.
"But now, let's end this night with another celebration. A celebration of our love for each other, our love for family and friends. Thank you all, so much."
Everyone clapped, Michael hugging Justin, others coming onto the patio.
Hugs and kisses were exchanged, Michael inundated with love.
Words flew between Justin and Michael in their minds, their families hugging them both.
"Oh, Jus! This was unbelievable! Thank you for doing this for me! I love you so much!"
"I'm happy when you're happy, my love. And I see immense joy in your eyes. My wonderful writer!"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply, his family smiling.
"Later, I'll give the famous writer his reward." Justin thought, Michael lost in the deep love in his blue eyes.
They parted, Michael hugged by Lance.
Lance guided him up to the cake, Michael cutting it, dishing it out to all his friends.
Nana's rich Love Cake.
Nana beamed at the praise being showered on her, Michael smiling at his grandmother.
And so the evening turned into a night of celebration for all those united together.
But as things must end, so must this.
Everyone left late, Justin and Michael hugging them all.
"Thanks for all of this, guys." Lance said, Michael hugging him again.
"Tomorrow the two of you will have Easter with your families, Lance. Enjoy all that love."
Lance lost it, crying again, hugging Michael again.
Justin whispered in Karen's ear.
"There's a twenty pound turkey in your son's freezer. Michael had Lonnie sneak it over tonight, and all the trimmings are in their cupboards and refrigerator."
Diane smiled widely, overcome by Michael's attention to every little detail.
"You've made it an Easter we'll never forget." Diane said, Michael smiling as she hugged him tight.
They all left amid hugs, Michael and Justin watching them drive away.
"And so families are united. By an angel's love."
Michael smiled at Justin's simple words.
Everyone else departed, their own guests slowly retiring for the night.
Justin went around locking up, Michael cleaning up in the kitchen.
Justin walked in, not finding him there, the kitchen tidy.
He walked into the office, finding Michael standing in front of his Mother's mirror.
Justin wrapped his arms around him, looking at their reflection in the mirror.
"Have you ever seen two people more in love?" Michael said, Justin smiling.
"No, lovecakes. We are the happiest two I've ever known. Because we have each other's love."
Michael smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
"I love you, Jus."
"I love you, Mico."
"Let's go to bed, I need you so much."
Justin smiled, the two walking upstairs.
Hours later, after their heated passion, Michael fell asleep in Justin's arms, wrapped in a happiness he'd never known.

Michael woke up, stretching and finding himself alone.
"Where's my Jus? I love you." He spoke out in his mind.
"Get up sleepy. I love you too. It's almost noon."
Michael looked at the alarm clock, sitting up.
"Oh, sorry, love! I got to start cooking!"
"Relax love. There's a group of mothers down here who have it all in hand. They thought you needed sleep more."
Michael smiled, walking into the washroom.
"Thanks, love. Someone tired me out. With his surprises and his passion. I'm showering, be down shortly."
"OK, sweetie. Love ya."
Michael smiled, stepping into the shower.
Twenty minutes later, he walked into the kitchen.  Nana was cooking at the stove, Lisa and Lynn making salads on the table.
Randall and Alberto were quietly chatting at the other end of the table.
Michael hugged them both, kissing his grandfather's and Randall's cheek.
"And just who said you three ladies could commandeer my kitchen?" Michael said, kissing his Nana's cheek.
"You sound like my son, Michael. We overpowered him. He was actually going to wake you. Let us take care of this, we're feeling neglected as mothers." Lynn said, Michael kissing her and Lisa's cheeks now.
Michael could smell the turkey cooking, knowing Nana had probably stuffed it with her special stuffing.
"Very well, but I'm back here after. This is all you three are doing in my kitchen. You're all in my domain now."
They all laughed, Nana scooting Michael out of the room.
Michael shook his head, smiling at their happiness.
Michael walked out onto the patio, seeing it all cleaned up.
Everyone was relaxing around the pool.
Michael waved at Justin swimming in the pool with Stevie and Jonathan, Zach playing with Becky in the shallow end.
Michael sat down between Vicky and Christina who were sunning themselves on deck chairs.
"Good day, ladies."
"Well! Rip Van Tavarro has arisen! We'd thought you'd gotten a swelled head last night and left us common folk, Mr. Pulitzer." Vicky said, smiling widely.
"Oh, I got a swelled head last night, but Justin took care of that."
Vicky burst out laughing, Christina looking shocked, Michael laughing at her stunned face.
"Sis, you should shut your mouth. You'll attract flies."
Vicky was smirking, seeing her shocked look.
"Cricket, this is how pencil dick and I communicate. We try to shock each other. It's all just good fun. Till someone gets hurt. Then I have to hold wimpy here till he feels better."
Michael's eyes narrowed.
"Why you bitch!! How many times have I nursed you back from your humiliating losses."
"Oh, sweetie!  It's time to come back into the real world. Just because you're slipping it to a hunky popstar, doesn't mean you're immune from my brilliance."
Michael laughed out loud, the two friends hugging warmly.
"Don't ever change, my sweet pencil dick."
"You either, sexy bitch."
"Um, you called me Sis, Michael. Why that?" Christina asked, looking at her friend.
Michael's face changed a bit, his head lowering.
Justin came running up out of the pool, hugging Michael.
"Love, you're soaking wet!"
"I haven't gotten my Mico fix yet. I need your fantastic sexy kisses, lovecakes."
Justin took him in his wet arms, kissing him deeply.
"Ugh, that must be what it's like kissing a wet fish." Vicky smirked.
"Speaking of which, where is Chris?" Michael asked, Justin bursting into laughter.
Vicky's eyes narrowed.
"My wonderful man is out with Joe, picking up some stuff for lunch."
"You let him go out unsupervised? Joey's not able to control him. God help everyone!" Justin faked a worry look.
"My God, Jus! The world doesn't realize what's happening! He walks among them! The creature is loose! We have to call the police! We've got to warn them all!"
Vicky folded her arms staring at both men.
"Are you two pencil dicks done?"
Michael and Justin, as well as Christina burst into more laughter, just as Chris and Joey walked out onto the patio.
"We're back love." Chris said quietly, leaning down, kissing Vicky's cheek.
Joey couldn't hold it in any longer, bursting into laughter.
Chris blushed, knowing what Joey was about to say.
"Your man got pulled over for speeding by the cops, Vic. He just wouldn't listen to me. He's totally in need of supervision." Joey said, Michael and Justin on the floor now, laughing their hearts out, Christina and Vicky looking in shock.
Joey and Chris looked at their friends laughing, not knowing what was going on.
"No way! That's so unreal!" Vicky said, Michael helping Justin sit up again.
"That my dear is fate. And one hell of a good laugh." Michael said, Justin starting again.
"What's he talking about, sweetie?" Chris said, looking embarrassed. He felt he'd become the butt of some inside joke.
"You're not going to believe it, love." Vicky now beginning to laugh.
Nana walked out of the house, calling everyone in for lunch.
Everyone piled into the house, Vicky talking quietly to Chris, Chris' face turning redder and redder, Justin and Michael still laughing.
Justin smiled at Michael, feeling his good mood.
Everyone had shown up for lunch, the kitchen and dining tables both full of food.
A buffet line was set up, people taking their plates back out to the patio.
Lance, Josh and their family weren't there, spending the day at Josh's with their families.
Lonnie, Paulo and Jake had arrived, Jake and Paulo sitting together.
Seth, Tomas, and Father Derrick were there as well, eating heartily.
Everyone relaxed around three patio tables, lots of pleasant conversation ensuing.
Michael and Justin sat with his Mom and Paul, Nana, Christina, Zach, and Becky rounding out their table with Uncle Silas and Alberto.
Justin noticed Christina kept looking at Michael every few minutes.
"Don't look now, Mico, but you have an admirer." Justin smirked.
Michael looked in Justin's direction, following his eyes.
Christina smiled shyly at Michael, dropping her gaze.
"Something wrong, Cricket?"
Zach looked up from his plate at his wife.
"No, Michael. It's just something silly." She said, helping Becky put some salt on her chicken.
"There's nothing silly between friends and family." He said, smiling at her.
"Well, a little while ago, you called me Sis. You never answered my question about why you called me that."
Michael's gaze now fell, Justin picking up on his feelings.
Nana meanwhile was staring at him in shock.
Justin noticed her face going white, and her letting out a loud choking gasp.
"Nana, are you okay?"
Michael looked at his grandmother, seeing her distressed look.
Her face changed back into a calmer smile.
"Yes, I'm fine. Something just went down the wrong pipe." She said, Justin ran inside to get her a glass of water.
Michael patted her back, looking at her with concern.
"Are you sure you're okay?"
"Yes, Michael. I'm fine."
Justin came back out handing Michael a glass.
He gave it to his grandmother, looking into her golden brown eyes.
He waited quietly, watching her calmly while she took a drink.
Then he quietly stared into her eyes, Nana sensing something different there.
"I think it's time you told me what's going on, Nana. I have sensed a lot of worry in you feelings. Worry for me. What's wrong, my Nana?" He said, his voice full of love.
She looked at Silas beside her, Silas taking his hand in hers.
"It's time, Helena. Michael has a right to know what's going on, and what you've found out. Don't be afraid, his love won't change."
Nana looked on the verge of tears, Michael hugging her close.
"Never doubt my love for you, my grandmother. Nothing you can tell me would ever change my love for you."
Nana wept into his shoulder, Michael holding her tight, looking up at Justin.
Justin looked deeply worried, Michael taking his hand.
Everyone had quieted down, seeing the drama unfold. They all sensed something was wrong with Nana.
"After lunch we'll all sit down, and let you get this weight off your shoulders, Helena. You've carried this inside you too long. It's time to let the pain go." Silas said, Michael smiling at him.
Nana nodded, wiping her eyes, not looking into Michael's, afraid of what she'd see there.
"Nana, look at me please." Michael said in a soft voice.
Nana looked up, seeing something surprising in his eyes.
Unblemished love. Michael's unchanged love for her.
"Alright, Mico. We'll talk once everyone's finished lunch. I think everyone should hear this. And then you can judge me."
Nana got up slowly, walking into the house, Silas following her, taking one last look at Michael, who had stood up.
Michael nodded to him, Silas nodding back.
Everyone quietly looked at Michael, Justin standing beside him.
"What's going on, Mico? Is everything okay?"
Michael looked towards the house, smiling.
"I think today's going to be a special day, Jus. For some special people. They just need to remember the love behind it. Can you call Lance and Josh, ask them to come over? They should be here to hear this also." He said quietly, then walking into the house.
As soon as he left, everyone began talking, Justin feeling all their love for Nana and for Michael.
Paulo called Josh, Josh and Lance immediately on their way.
The ladies cleaned up after lunch, everyone helping.
Within an hour, everyone was in the living room, quietly talking.
Lance and Josh had arrived fifteen minutes earlier with their families, everyone sitting quietly drinking coffee, waiting for Michael and his family to come into the room.
Justin found Michael in the office, quietly sitting, looking out the window, deep in thought.
"Everyone's here, Mico. We're waiting for whatever's going to happen. Are you okay?" Justin hadn't been able to read Michael's feelings, it was as if he'd blocked him from doing it.
"It's okay, Jus. You can't feel me, I have blocked you. I just needed some time alone with my thoughts, to focus on all this. I now know what I have to do."
Justin put his arm on Michael's shoulder. Michael felt his love and strength.
"I'm here for you, my love."
Michael smiled, hugging him close, kissing him tenderly.
"I'll be out in a moment, sweetie."
Justin nodded, quietly walking out of the room.

A few minutes later Nana and Silas came downstairs, Silas carrying a leather satchel.
They were given a central seat on a sofa, both sitting down quietly.
Justin sat beside Nana, she looking up at him.
"He loves you, you know that. And so do I." He said smiling at her, she feeling his love for Michael and her.
He kissed her cheek, she smiling a small smile.
Justin had never know this woman to look so frail. She'd always been so full of life. It was as if she felt helpless.
Michael walked quietly into the room, everyone looking up at him.
In his hand he carried a leather bound book, Justin recognizing it as his journal.
Michael's eyes were only on his grandmother.
He walked over to her, she standing up.
He hugged her tight, she feeling his unending love.
"It's time you told me everything, Nana." He said, looking into her eyes.
She let go of him, walking to the fireplace.
She looked at the pictures across the mantle.
Pictures of Justin and Michael, herself and Silas, Justin's family. And at the end, the picture of a young Michael with his parents, a copy of the one that always sat on his desk.
She picked it up, looking at her daughter.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you a long time ago. You have been deceived, Michael. I have to tell you something that may hurt you."
Michael was now sitting down beside Justin, Justin's arm going around him.
"Tell me, please, Nana." He said quietly.
"The passage of time never erases the mistakes we've made in life. Mistakes can never be erased." She said, holding back tears.
She turned looking into Michael's upturned golden eyes.
"Your mother wasn't perfect, Michael. And neither am I."
Michael stood up, going up to her, putting his hand on her shoulder.
"I know that, Nana. I never pictured her as something she wasn't. To me, all she ever was, was my Mom."
"Yes, Michael, she was your Mom. But she was something more. She was my daughter. My daughter who I hurt to her very soul."
"Oh, Nana! Let go of the past. Let it die."
"I can't, Michael. Not until you know the truth. The truth of what your grandfather and I did."
Michael's face didn't change, his love still showing.
"Alright, Nana. Tell us your story." He said, walking her back over to the sofa.
She sat down, looking quietly at Silas.
"Your mother was my angel, Michael. She was so vibrant, so energetic. So talented. She'd written stories and done some amazing things, the future was so bright for her. Then that future was destroyed."
"By my father."
Nana looked at him, tears in her eyes.
"No, Michael. By me."
The room went completely silent.
Everyone remained quiet listening to the conversation, everyone on the edge of their seats.
"It happened when she was seventeen, Michael. A full three years before she met your father. She was so beautiful, the queen of her high school class. And a princess in your grandfather's eye. The most popular girl in school. President of the student body. So talented, smart and outgoing. The joy and heart of our family. You remind me so much of her in so many ways. Especially your eyes."
Michael smiled, listening to his grandmother unburden her soul.
"That summer, she wanted to tour Europe with friends. She so wanted to go. Her father loved her so much, he wouldn't deny her anything. So we let her go, for two months to Europe. If only I'd put my foot down, maybe her life would have been so different."
Silas put his hand on her arm, she feeling his familiar strength.
"She had the time of her life, writing us postcards, telling us of all the magical sights she'd seen. And then the postcards stopped completely. For two weeks nothing. No word from her. We were becoming frantic, your grandfather making plans to go find her. Then we received a postcard from her. It was so cold, so emotionless, as if the soul of her happiness was destroyed. She wrote that she'd be home in two weeks. That was all she wrote."
Nana took a drink of water, Michael remaining quiet, watching her.
"And two weeks later, she returned home. To say it wasn't her, would have been telling the truth. It was as if she was walking in death. All the joy and gaiety were gone from her beautiful eyes. For two weeks she walked around, in complete silence.
Then one evening after school, she came home crying. She locked herself in her room, not talking to either of us.
Two hours later, she came downstairs, Augustus and I sitting in the living room. She fell at her father's feet, sobbing, asking for his forgiveness." Nana was in tears, the memory flooding her mind.
"Forgiveness for what?" Michael asked, quietly staring at her.
"She told us the truth, because of what she'd just discovered."
Michael took her hand, Nana focusing on his eyes.
"When she was touring Europe, she and her friends spent a week in a small village. They became enamored of the townsfolk, everyone welcoming them with open arms and open hearts.
They'd arrived at festival time, being invited to all the parties, all the festivals.
There was to be a large gathering at the end of the week, the annual festival ball. A costume ball.
She and her friends were invited, and they all went.
She described the beauty of everything, the wonder and glamour of all the displays and costumes.
And how all night she danced with young men who treated her with grace and respect.
And she spoke of one dashing young gentleman who became her constant shadow.
And all night, that young man courted her, a young tall, debonaire man, who captured her heart.
He wore a mask of fur, the face of a wolf."
Michael's breath caught in his throat, Justin touching his arm. Justin had felt Michael's shock.
Alberto who was sitting beside Paulo also saw the shocked reaction from Michael.
He also thought of something else deep in his mind.
"He serenaded her, sweet talked her. She loved it all. The atmosphere, the beauty and the feeling of being alive.
But she was a Stavros, and had a sound head on her shoulders. She knew this was all make believe, that there was no handsome prince to ride off into the sunset with. She had to come back home, she had to achieve her own goals in life. What she wanted to achieve. So she treated it for what it was.
Good hearted fun.
She enjoyed herself, the young man continuing to make her smile.
Her friends stayed for the final dances, your mother tiring and wanting to call it an evening.
He offered to walk her home, to see her safely to her hotel.
And so she left that hall, with a beautiful wolf.
She just didn't realize how much of a wolf he really was."
Everyone sensed the meaning in her words.
Michael put his arm around her.
"On the way back to the hotel that night, that wolf.... that monster... he..." Nana was in tears, almost sobbing.
"He raped her." Michael said, Nana looking into his eyes, seeing the pain there.
"Yes, Michael. That bastard raped your seventeen year old mother. He dragged her behind a bush and raped her, in the mud and the grass." Nana was crying, Michael holding her tight.
Everyone was in tears, knowing how this might deeply hurt Michael, and why Nana had been afraid to tell him.
"It's okay, Nana. It's okay. It's almost over."
Nana looked up into his eyes, seeing his love still there.
"She didn't even know who he was, he'd kept that damn mask on all night. She didn't even know who had violated her."
Michael held her as she calmed down slowly, Silas in tears for his Helena, his love.
She broke free of his hold, looking around at everyone. She saw everyone smiling at her, worry and love on all their faces.
"What did she discover that night she told you?" Justin asked, his eyes showing love also.
Nana looked at Michael, tears running down her face.
"She discovered she was pregnant."
Everyone looked at Nana, some people in shock, Justin showing it the most.
Michael remained calm.
"That bastard impregnated her. She was carrying his child." Nana said, Silas putting his arm around her.
Michael remained quiet, his quietness starting to unnerve a few people.
Why wasn't he going ballistic about what had happened to his mother? Why wasn't he breaking down?
Nana got up, turning away from him, holding again onto the fireplace mantle.
"I'm sorry, Michael! I'm sorry for what I and your grandfather did next!"
Michael stood up, walking up to her, taking her into his arms.
"Tell me, my Nana."
"Your grandfather was destroyed, Michael. His little angel had been violated. In his eyes his princess had been destroyed. He wouldn't let her keep the child. To him, that child was the spawn of Satan. How could he love that child, when it came from that monster? Your mother wanted to keep the child, to raise it as her own, to give it her love. To make some good come out of her tragic ordeal.
But in the end, I did the cowardly thing. I gave in to Augustus' demands. Because I loved him so much. All I wanted to do was get my own child back. To make her pain go away. To end the terror that had flooded her soul.
So, on a cold winter's night, her little child was born, a month premature.
And that same night, that child was taken from her. Taken out into the night, like a dirty little secret. We never saw the child again."
Michael still held her, feeling her pain letting go.
"I'm so sorry, Michael! I'm sorry I robbed her of her child! I'm sorry I destroyed her life!"
She sobbed, Michael holding her tight, a lot of people crying.
Josh was holding Lance, Lance feeling so much love for Michael and his grandmother, his tears flowing.
Michael held his grandmother tight, sending his love to her.
"Oh, my dear Nana! You didn't destroy her life! You were never a bad mother! And you are a wonderful grandmother!"
Everyone looked up at Michael, feeling his love for his grandmother.
"You gave her your love, a deep love. What you did, you did for your family. You did what you thought best for your child. How can I hate you for that? I love you for what you did for me, not for what you'd done before. You gave me the same love you had given her. The mistakes of the past can't be placed in the hearts of the future. I love you, Nana. I always will."
Nana felt Michael's unchanged love, it soaked into her soul.
"Oh, Michael! Thank you for not hating me! I was so afraid that you'd hate me, for what I'd done! I love you so much!"
Michael guided her back to the sofa, sitting down with her, looking into Justin's eyes.
Justin saw in them a truth, and he realized something else.
He could feel Michael's feelings again.
And he felt acceptance, and something surprising.
"It's time you knew all of it. I think I've puzzled it all together. Only Mom and he know the real truth, but I think I've got it right."
Everyone looked puzzled, looking at each other.
Nana's eyes were focused on her grandson.
"What do you mean, Michael?"
"It's simple if you really think about it." Michael said quietly, looking down at the book he'd set down on the coffee table.
He leaned down, picking up the book, looking at his grandmother.
He opened it, taking out two pieces of paper, old yellowed paper.
He looked at Justin, Justin looking into his golden eyes.
Michael got up, walking to the fireplace, the letters in his hand.
He also stared at the picture of his Mom, taking it down.
"This photo was taken two days before my father went back to Spain. Before my own pain began. You can see the happiness and joy in my little golden eyes. Take a look at my mother's eyes. In them you'll see a lost pain. A pain that would resurface again, mere years after this. This time in my eyes."
Michael handed the photo to Paulo, who'd been sitting by the fireplace.
He looked at it, passing it along to his grandfather, Alberto staring at Michael.
"She didn't tell me the truth, Nana. Only because she wanted to forget. To bury her pain deep within her heart. To block it out forever. I know that feeling, that hurtfulness. I carried the same pain for so long."
Michael looked down into his hands, at the two letters.
One letter burned its hatred into his  heart, the other gave him a deeper love now.
"But as buried pain happens, it always comes back to the surface. Tragically for her, it came back in a real form."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin feeling his lover's acceptance of something.
"But she had told me the truth and I just didn't understand the meaning of the words, until now."
Justin got up, seeing the tears in Michael's eyes, walking up to him, putting his hand on his shoulder.
Michael felt the deep love, the strength he always felt from his man.
Michael looked up into Justin's bluest pools of love, smiling.
"I know the truth now, Jus. What she lived with in her heart. The realization of the truth. How it crushed her loving soul. And how it ended her life."
Justin stared at his lover, feeling Michael's soul fill with a new love.
Michael lifted the two letters, Nana and everyone staring at them.
"In her final words she spoke the truth, Nana. My mother tried to show me. I know now who destroyed my mother. And I now know who the missing child is."
Nana took a deep breath, her world spinning.
"That child is right here, in this room. That lost child is right here with us."
Nana fainted.

End of Chapter 100

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