Justin's Angel-138

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The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


They all left Seth's at around eleven, Justin and Michael carrying two sleeping bundles into their hotel suite.
Justin undressed their little treasures, Michael tucking both into their bed.
A large crib was set beside their own bed, their angels close and safe.
Justin and Michael quietly walked out onto the balcony, cuddling in a chaise lounger in the open night air.
"Tomorrow is the day, I believe, Jus."
Justin looked at his lover, seeing the contented look of happiness on Michael's face.
"So soon, Mico? You're that sure?"
"Yes, Jus. He's very close. Tonight, he lays in his bed, dreaming of a future of happiness. The darkness of his mind will be healed with a spectacular love."
Justin smiled, and hugged Michael close.
"I'm so happy for all of them, Mico."
Michael sat up, taking Justin's hand in his, looking into his blue eyes.
"There's a surprise centering around him, Jus."
Justin looked at Michael waiting for him to continue.
"He's a special person, Jus. And I can make him whole."
"He needs your help, Mico?"
"He's not who he appears to be, my love. He's someone more."
Justin stood up, feeling deep concern now.
"Who is he, Mico? He's not in league with Fredrick, I hope?"
Michael's head raised, Justin seeing tears in Michael's eyes.
"He's the total opposite, Jus."
Justin looked shocked, staring at his lover.
"What do you mean, Mico?"
Michael smiled, cuddling into Justin's arms, Justin feeling Michael's deep happiness.
"I mean that another angel walks among us."

Chapter 138

Justin felt a weight on his chest, slowly opening his eyes.
Darian's small smiling face was inches away from his own.
"Morning, Dada!!"
Justin smiled, leaning up, kissing his son's lips.
"Morning, my little man. Did Dada sleep in?"
"Nope. Me and Shauny up early. Papa's sleeping too."
Justin looked to his left, Michael's sleeping form laying beside him.
Shauna was cuddled on his chest, her eyes closed as well.
"How did my angels get out of their bed?"
Darian grinned, pulling on his dad's nose.
"We monkeys. We like to climb."
Justin smiled, looking over at the crib.
His angels must be monkeys indeed.
The crib-bed was about three feet off the ground.
"You have to be careful, my little angel. Dada and Papa don't want you to get hurt. Always ask us to come and help you."
"Okay, Dada. We careful. Always ask." Darian said, lowering his head.
Justin smiled, kissing his forehead.
"Dada loves his little Darry. Wants him to be safe."
Darian lifted his head, smiling widely.
"Darry loves Dada."
Justin teared up, smiling at his little boy.
"Lets have some fun. Wanna tickle Papa?"
Darian grinned, climbing off Justin's chest, onto Michael's.
Justin gently picked Shauna up, the little girl opening her eyes, Justin whispering into her ear.
She smiled, rubbing her eyes.
She crawled up beside Darian.
Michael stirred a little, Darian looking at Justin.
Darian and Shauna screamed with glee, their little fingers tickling Michael's chin and neck.
Justin's bigger fingers found Michael's under arms.
Michael's eyes popped open, laughter filling his throat.
"Help!!! I'm being attacked by angels!!! Save me!!"
The kids screamed with high pitched laughter, Michael's fingers finding their tummies.
Both kids were laughing hysterically, Justin smiling at Michael's deep love flooding their warm bed.
All four were laughing in a family circle of love.
The little ones gradually calmed down, Michael giving both a gentle morning kiss of love.
He leaned over them, kissing Justin deeply.
"Morning, Timby. I love you."
Justin smiled, kissing him back tenderly.
"Love ya more, Mico."
"So, our angels made you haul them into our bed?"
Justin blushed a little.
"Our twosome have got the wandering ways. They came in on their own."
Michael's eyes looked down into their smiling faces.
"It okay, Papa. Dada talk to us. We be good. We not act like monkeys."
Michael couldn't help it, he burst into laughter.
"My angels, it's okay. We can't stop you from being monkeys. And we'd never stop you from wanting to be close to us. We only ask that you're careful. Call on us if you need help. Don't risk getting hurt. We love both of you. You are our little ones."
Both smiled, crawling up into Michael's lap.
"We be careful, Papa." Shauna said, Darian nodding as well.
Michael kissed them both, looking up at Justin.
Then he looked at the clock.
Six thirty.
"Well, early is always good. How about we take a shower with our angels? If memory serves me right, I remember seeing a McDonald's down on the corner. How about some Egg McMuffins?"
Both little ones were clapping with glee.
"Me have hashies?" Darian said, his eyes wide with wonder.
"Yep, little man. You can have all the hashbrowns you can eat!" Justin said, picking his son up, spinning him around the room in the air, heading towards the bathroom.
Michael smiled, getting up with Shauna in his arms, following the men of the house.

Half an hour later, the four sat in the kitchenette of their hotel suite, Rachel at the sink making coffee.
Lonnie had gone out for McDonald's for everyone, stopping at the other suites to wake everyone.
Paulo and Jake walked into the kitchenette, saying good morning to everyone.
Paulo stretched and yawned, Jake rubbing his eyes.
"You two look half asleep. Better double up that coffee dose, Rach." Michael said, smiling.
"Where are Josh and Lance?" Justin asked, Paulo smirking.
"Let's just say they're indisposed. We kind of walked into a hornet's nest. Or should I say a horniest nest!" Jake said smiling.
"Ah, a little morning pleasure. Kudos to Josh." Justin said smiling widely, winking at Michael.
"I'd say the kudos should go to Lance. My bets are on his being the warrior this morning. And Josh was the spoils."
Everyone laughed, Michael smiling.
A few moments later the door of the suite opened, Lonnie walking into the kitchen with Lance and Josh in tow.
Everyone's eyes were on Josh. And what he was blatantly showing.
Michael broke down into open laughter, looking at Josh's well viewed throat. The tell tale mark of dominance was open to all.
"Looks like Lance has marked his man." Michael said, smiling at his best friend.
Lance blushed deeply, then smiled widely.
"I saw him walk out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. My soul took over." Lance said, his arms going around his lover, Josh's face as red as his throat.
"My man was unstoppable."
Michael smiled, walking up to both of them.
Michael's hand went to Josh's throat, all the redness disappearing under a blue glow.
Rachel stood in awe, still not fathoming Michael's gifted hands.
It still amazed her to her soul.
Michael smiled at a healed Josh, and a smiling Lance.
"Drink it all in, my friends. It only gets better, starting today."
Lance and Josh exchanged a quick questioning look, Michael smiling quietly.
"Okay, Lon. Did you remember my sausage McMuffins?? And my kiddies hashies?!" Michael said, heading towards the bags sitting on the counter.

Michael snapped the button, his camera going off.
He smiled looking at the three sitting on the couch.
He had to chuckle seeing Justin and Darian in almost identical baby blue shirts, and navy pants.
"My two little boy blues."
Shauna laughed, her navy dress fitting well with the other two.
Michael, as always, wore a black silk shirt and black dress pants, his torso covered in a black blazer.
"Beautiful picture, my angels."
"As was yours." Justin said, standing up, the two little ones in his arms.
He'd taken the same picture of Michael and his angels together.
"Looks like we're all set. All except for the glamour and glitz." Justin said quietly.
Michael nodded, sighing.
"They will be protected, love. We'll be right beside them. As will all their uncles."
Justin smiled, nodding.
Everyone was ready, all set for the dedication.
The phones had rung for the last hour or so, all their family calling with well wishes and sending their love.
They all knew the four would be in the spotlight again, although a more controlled spotlight.
Lonnie and Paulo guided them downstairs to their waiting limousines.
Seth and Tomas were meeting them there, as well as Gregory and Kevin who'd flown in that morning for the dedication.
It was a short drive to the new orphanage, Michael's eyes scanning the changed area.
He'd visited here the day they'd found their angels again, this place meaning a lot to him.
But still he saw more changes–changes for the better.
They stopped out front, seeing people milling around, reporters and spectators.
It was a closed day of ceremonies, only invited guests.
Michael and Justin each took a child, climbing out of the limousine.
Reporters were on them like flies, their cameras going off.
Michael and Justin both remained calm, answering civil questions about the orphanage and Father Derrick's work. The other more personal ones they politely ignored.
Their little ones smiled quietly, held tightly in their protective fathers' arms.
Everyone walked into the orphanage, Sister Margaret meeting them inside the side door.
"Welcome, honored patrons! Father Derrick is tying up some loose ends. He'll be with us shortly. A joy seeing our returned angels, this time for only a visit. To return to their joyful home. Hello Darian and Shauna!"
"Hi, Sister Margrut." Darian said, the nun chuckling at his pronunciation of her name.
"Hi, Darry."
"Please, come everyone. There's punch and snacks out in the garden. Everything's being held in the new gardens. The ceremony will begin shortly. It's been a real madhouse around here today. I'll be glad when it's over, so things can move forward."
Michael smiled, hugging the nun, the sister hugging him back.
"Onward with the love, right Sister?" He said, the nun smiling widely.
"Exactly, Michael. My smiling angel."
Michael's smile was wide and awe-inspiring.
Everyone saw Michael's happy mood, everyone following the sister down to the garden.

They all walked out into the bright sunshine, seeing a lot of people waiting.
Chairs had been set up in rows, everyone walking around the garden.
Michael smiled widely, seeing Seth and Tomas' handiwork on display everywhere.
It was like walking into a secluded sanctuary.
Flowers, plants and shrubs were on display everywhere.
Benches and small fountains sprinkled throughout, giving the garden a tranquil feeling of peace.
"I sense our two florists' hands in all this beauty." Lance said, looking around.
Michael handed Shauna to Lance, the two little ones sitting down on a bench with him and Josh.
Michael scanned the garden, looking around for their friends.
"Their love shines in every inch of this garden's beauty." Michael said, smiling at four young men walking across the garden toward them.
"Well, what do you think, Michael? It was all Tomas' design." Seth said, stopping in front of him.
"With Seth's flair for combining color schemes." Tomas said, kissing his Sethy's cheek.
Michael smiled, looking at his two cousins, Gregory standing behind Tomas, Kevin's arm around Gregory.
"I look here upon a garden of reflection and dreams. All the children here will find this a sanctuary to reflect in peace and quiet. A spot to dream in and to fill their small hearts with hope. A secluded spot to build their dreams upon."
Everyone was in tears, Michael's heartfelt words sinking into all their souls.
"You did good, Tommy. So very good. Carmen's pride beams in all this beauty." Michael said, looking at him with loving golden eyes.
Tomas broke down, Michael hugged his cousin to him, the young man sobbing onto his shoulder.
Justin hugged Kevin and Gregory, Seth smiling at his lover's clinging to Michael.
"Carmen would have loved this spot. She loved flowers so much." He sobbed, Seth rubbing his shoulder.
"She's here, Tommy. She's here with your love."
Tomas smiled, breaking the hug, smiling at his cousin.
Michael hugged Kevin and Gregory, Tomas smiling at Michael when he looked back into his brown eyes.
"Welcome to a new place of hope. It's unbelievable, Mikey. It's so different from when I was here, and when you were. Father Derrick's got so much more help and hope now. You both did a wonderful thing here."
Michael smiled, patting his shoulder.
"That's what this was all about. New hope and help for the children."
"Given by two hearts of love." An emotional voice behind Michael said.
Michael smiled, turning around.
Father Derrick smiled at him, having walked in behind them.
With him walked Terry and Judge Sheridan.
"Easily given for such a wonderful man." Michael said, his eyes on his uncle's.
Father Derrick teared up, hugging his grandnephew tightly.
"Welcome back, my angel."
Michael smiled, wiping his eyes.
"I've brought my own angels this time."
The priest smiled, looking at the two little smiling faces.
"Welcome back, little ones."
Everyone shook the priest's welcoming hands, the man smiling widely.
Terry and Denise Sheridan smiled at Michael and Justin.
"Hello, Terry. I think it's time we were formally introduced to your loving friend." Justin said, smiling at the judge.
Terry smiled widely, her hand in Denise's.
"Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Judge Denise Sheridan. Denny, this is everyone."
Denise laughed lightly, smiling at everyone.
"A renewed pleasure, Michael and Justin."
Justin teared up, walking up to the woman, hugging her tightly.
She was surprised, but gently returned the hug.
"I cannot thank you enough for what you've done for me. To have my angels again in my arms forever, it's just so overwhelming! My heart is filled with the joys of fatherhood!"
The judge smiled, patting his back.
"And you'll make a wonderful father Justin. The love I saw in your heart for these three will carry you through all life's challenges. Those two little ones have two wonderful parents now.  And Michael has a loving man."
Justin beamed, taking her kind words to heart.
"As Terry has a wonderful soulmate."
Both women blushed a little, Michael walking up to both of them.
"In your loving hearts, we found hope. Justin and I will never forget what you've both done for us. Our angels have gained two wonderful aunts."
Both smiled, looking over at the little smiling faces.
"Hi Terry! Hi Denny!" Shauna said, Darian giggling.
Both women smiled, Denise looking a little puzzled.
"I'm still trying to figure out how they knew my nickname, or even my real name." She said quietly.
Michael smiled, looking at his angels.
"They felt your love. And they read your soul."
Denise looked a little surprised, Terry's arm going around her.
"They're special kids, Michael. United with two special parents. Soon to be completely their parents."
Both men smiled, Father Derrick patting Michael's shoulder.
"We're about ready to start, boys. You two special parents come with me." Father Derrick smiled.
Michael and Justin both smiled, walking over to the bench. They both kissed their angels, who now were contentedly snuggled in Lance and Josh's arms.
"Back shortly, sweeties."
"Okay, honey buns." Josh smirked, Michael laughing.
The two men walked off with Father Derrick, heading to the front dais.
Shortly, everyone was guided to their seats, Michael and Justin sitting up on the dais with Father Derrick, Sister Margaret, and a few other nuns.
Also on the dais was Archbishop Ramsay, the Archbishop of San Francisco.
He wore his full church regalia, representing the church's involvement.
Father Derrick walked up to the podium, smiling out at all the invited guests.
Notable community leaders, former orphans, friends and loving people the priest had known in his lengthy career as parish priest and community leader.
"Welcome, everyone, to a special day in our home's rich history. Today, we unveil a new building build with love and giving hearts. The giving hearts of two young men who have a special place in my own heart. My name is Father Derrick O'Hara. I am the parish priest, and director of this wonderful orphanage. For over twenty five years, I have led this place through tough times, and loving times. So many children have walked through the doors of this place, guided further on to lives of happiness and faith. One such child is the benefactor of this wonderful day. Michael Tavarro was a child lost in pain when he came to this orphanage almost nineteen years ago.  He never forgot his time here, this place giving him the love he needed at that time. Now, here, so many years later, he gives back to this place in thanks for what he took from here. We, as a group, thank him, and his life partner Justin Timberlake. Both men have given us so much for the future of these children's care. A new dormitory, a new school, and a future new church. So much giving heart, so much giving love. We as a group wish to thank both of them with all our hearts.
Michael's cousin, Tomas Santiago–a former orphan from this home as well–created this beautiful garden. For the children. To play and find peace and hope here among all this beauty. And to thank our benefactor, Tomas came up with a wonderful idea. If Tomas would come up front, we'll see his wonderful idea."
Tomas smiled, he and Seth walked up to the front of the dais, smiling at everyone seated.
They walked over to the left where a large oak tree stood, its shade covering half the dais.
In front of it stood a covered item.
Tomas smiled at everyone, looking directly at Michael.
"This garden is a labour of love that I and my life partner, Seth Avery, carefully designed and laid out. All of its beauty on display for one reason only. To show a child the world's beauty. And to give that same child peace, happiness and hope. One child a long time ago was robbed of that. This garden is our way of showing him that God's beauty can be found anywhere. We'd like to dedicate this garden to Michael."
Seth smiled, removing the cover on the hidden object.
Below the cover stood a statue of two children hugging together,  both with smiles on their faces.
In their joined hands they held a brass plaque.
"Welcome to the Michael Tavarro Garden of Hope."
Michael was in tears seeing the brass plaque, his name engraved on it.
Everyone was on their feet, clapping loudly.
Michael stood up, walking down beside his cousin, looking at the plaque.
"I don't know what to say! Thank you, Tomas and Seth! I'm deeply moved!"
Michael's eyes were full of tears, both young men hugging him, the clapping beginning again.
Justin walked down, looking at the plaque as well.
"Michael, this is a tribute to your unselfish love. To the dedicated heart you have for all small children. Those children will benefit so much from this garden. And from all you've now given them. If you'd return to your seat, they'd like to thank you." Father Derrick said, smiling from the podium.
Michael smiled, Justin guiding him back to their seats, smiling at Tomas and Seth, who returned to theirs.
"Let me introduce you to the main beauty of this place. I give you the children. Sisters, if you please."
The doors of the building opened, children flooding out into the garden, walking up the center aisle between the rows of chairs, and on both ends.
Each child had a blue or golden rose in their hand.
They all walked up to the front of the audience, a large area on the right side set aside for them all to stand.
They were of all ages, some of the older ones carrying little infants.
Michael and Justin smiled, looking at all their happy faces.
They all smiled looking up at Michael and Justin, a lot of giggling and awed faces smiling at them.
Once they'd all lined up together, Father Derrick walked down in front of them.
"Michael, Justin. This is what you've done. These smiling faces are the faces of the children who have joy and happiness in their lives. A solid roof over their heads, and food and schooling. You've given them all this. And they know what you've done for them. They want to do something for you."
Michael and Justin smiled, one child walking out in front of Father Derrick.
"You may begin, Jeremy."
The young child smiled, his surprising loud voice heard all through the crowded garden.

"Mr. Tavarro, Mr. Timberlake. We thank you today."

"We thank you!" All the children said as one united voice.

"Michael, and Justin. We feel joy." Jeremy stated.

"We feel joy!" They all chimed.

"Your giving hearts make ours soar."

"Our hearts soar with happiness!"  As a group they chimed.

"Thank you, our brothers of life. Our brothers of hope."

"Thank you, brothers!" They all said, smiling up at the two tearing men.

Jeremy walked up to the platform, walking in front of Michael and Justin.
He smiled, handing Michael his golden rose.
He kissed both men on the cheek.
"A flower from each of us, a flower of our thanks."
Jeremy walked off, returning to his original place. The other children moving forward, each little one handing Justin or Michael a rose.
They all smiled, some kissing them, others just giggling or looking at both men with awed looks on their small faces.
The audience was applauding all the children, the line quietly filing past the two tearful men, who's hands were filling with blue and golden roses.
All the children returned to their places, the line gradually winding down after fifteen minutes.
Father Derrick smiled throughout, seeing the two men becoming entombed in beautiful flowers.
Michael quietly looked at Justin when a young girl of around thirteen walked by carrying a child in her arms handing them two roses.
Michael quietly watched her move on, Justin's voice in his mind.
Michael smiled, his face a tearful face of happiness.

"Before we dedicate the building at its front entrance, our dear friends Justin and Michael wish to speak." Father Derrick said, stepping back from the podium, the audience clapping.
He sat down beside the Archbishop, who was wiping his face with a handkerchief, tears in his eyes.
Michael smiled at the two men, Justin standing up with him. They carried the large bouquets of blue and golden roses in their arms.
They walked in front of the podium.
Justin smiled at everyone, speaking first.
"Thank you, Father Derrick. Thank you, all you precious little angels. We all thank you, Father Derrick, for your hard work, in the laying and designing of this beautiful building. Mico and I provided the wealth, you provided the inspiration. We all see the renewed beauty of this place. All these little angels will soar to great heights with your provided love and giving heart. So I'd like us all to acknowledge the wonder man behind the love. Let's give it up for Father Derrick!"
Everyone was on their feet, the applause thunderous, Father Derrick in tears, standing slowly up, the Archbishop smiling widely at him.
Father Derrick raised his hands, giving the gesture for people to sit down.
Everyone gradually stopped their applause, the priest returning to his seat, Justin continuing.
"Father Derrick's day of hope is here. Today, he starts the next chapter of his life. A life dedicated to loving these children, guiding then on the course of their lives. His love and guidance will be the greatest gift that they shall receive.  And this new facility and the upcoming additions will be a godsend to his giving heart, and more so to the children. So all of you, standing here today, I wish you joy and happiness in this wonderful, loving place. Thank you, and let the children reign!!!"
All the kids cheered, Justin smiling widely, applause loud and steady.
Michael smiled, knowing the words were Justin's own.
Justin kissed his cheek, cameras going off.
A few selected reporters had been allowed in.
Michael smiled, looking out at everyone.
"How can I top that? My loving Justin said all that I feel inside. But this place means something more to me. A long time ago, it was a refuge for me when I was lost to the world. One man's deep caring heart filled my heart with a hope I hadn't had in a long time. Father Derrick set me on the path to a life of hope and love. I thank him for that every day. This, today, is my way of saying thank you, Father. Thank you for your caring heart, for your giving love. Now, let's enjoy this beautiful addition to Father Derrick's heart. You might say he's been given a new lease on life. A life of easier tasks. But his heart will not change. He's still the same loving man, who now has the tools to give all of you a wonderful chance at that special hope. Enjoy it all, little ones. Thank you!"
Michael stood back, everyone on their feet, Justin's hand going in his.
"Let's enjoy the newness of our happiness." Father Derrick said, wiping his tearing eyes.

Everyone walked toward the front entrance, Father Derrick and Michael walking together, Justin and the Archbishop following.
The audience followed, surrounding the four men at the front entrance to the building.
It was a short distance, the front doors crossed with a red ribbon.
Everyone stopped in front of them, Father Derrick smiling.
"If the Archbishop would do the honors?"
Archbishop Ramsay smiled, taking a pair of scissors from Father Derrick's hand.
"First a prayer of thanks is in order, everyone."
Everyone bowed their heads, cameras going off quietly.
"Blessed are we today to find joy in the opening of this wonderful home. For that on its own means so much. For this is a home, wrapped in love and caring. And God's love will flow through all its corridors. Bless you, God, for giving these angels hope and courage. And bless those that have given so much to make this dream come true. We will walk forward together, learning and caring. With God's love in our hearts. Amen."
"Amen." Everyone said, the older man smiling at his friend.
"This is your world of hope, Derrick. You deserve the honor."
Father Derrick smiled, taking the scissors from the Archbishop.
"In the name of hope, faith, courage, and love, I declare this new orphanage to be opened!"
He cut the ribbons, everyone clapping and shouting.
Michael and Justin smiled, Tomas now beside him.
Tomas pointed to the brass plate beside the entrance's door.
The plate engraved with Michael's requested words.

            This building is dedicated
                       in memory of
       Carmen Santiago
     A loving child of God.
      Her courage through her short life
     echoes throughout this orphanage
             Take inspiration from her
                 Live life to its fullest
                 Have faith and hope
            Learn and be courageous
        For you shall walk in God's love

"Her heart's love is inside you, Tomas. She's always with you."
Tomas smiled, tears in his eyes.
Father Derrick opened the doors, everyone walking forward.

Everyone sat at their table, relaxing with each other.
Justin sat down, a plate filled with goodies for his children, Darian climbing into his lap.
They were all sitting in the large lunchroom having lunch.
Today, it was packed with all the children, and all the invited guests.
Michael smiled, looking around at all the happy children.
They'd taken the tour of all three floors, seeing all the smaller-style dorm rooms on the second level, all the classrooms on the top floor, and the gym, lunchroom and offices on the main floor.
The building was immense, capable of holding a lot of children, beds for over one hundred and fifty.
Michael hoped in his heart that it would never be full.
He wanted all of these children to find homes, to be loved.
Justin smiled at him, sensing Michael's melancholy mood.
"You okay, my love?"
Michael smiled, helping Shauna, who sat in his lap, take food off Justin's plate.
"I just hate the thoughts of this place being full. It means that we've failed as a society. To see so many children forgotten and alone, it just makes me sad."
Justin put his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"It makes you think of your youth."
Michael nodded.
"They are taken care of, Michael. They now have the greatest advantages in life, thanks to you two." Josh said, smiling.
Michael smiled, nodding at his friend.
"Today is a day of goodness, Michael. You saw that in all their smiles." Lance said, smiling at both his friends.
"Yes, we did good." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"And we're going to do better." Michael said, Justin smiling and standing up, Michael giving Shauna to Josh, Lance taking Darian from Justin.
Michael stood up, walking up to Father Derrick's table, where he was eating with the Archbishop and the nuns. Justin followed him with a smile.
Michael smiled at them all, clearing his throat.
Father Derrick looked up, smiling.
"Father, Jus and I have another gift."
Father Derrick looked surprised.
"Another gift, Michael?"
Justin was now standing beside Michael, smiling.
Justin reached into his coat pocket, pulling out a small envelope.
"This is a donation from all four of us to this wonderful place."
Father Derrick stood up, staring at both of them.
"I'm sorry, my friends. You've done so much already. I cannot take more."
The Archbishop smiled, seeing his friend's caring heart.
"I owe my life to your courageous love. You gave me the faith to keep going. I will never stop helping you, returning what you have given. My children found refuge here, under your umbrella of love. Their giving, loving souls have been guided by you also. So, please, take this as our thanks for loving us three. "
Father Derrick was in tears, reluctantly taking the envelope from Justin.
He quietly opened it, pulling out a certified cheque.
He sat down in shock.
Michael's hand went to his shoulder.
"They need so much more, Father. Clothes, books, medical supplies, all the everyday stuff. This is our contribution to their future."
The priest looked up at his grandnephew, handing the cheque to the Archbishop, who looked at it.
"Good God, this is truly unbelievable! So much caring and giving flows from both your hearts!"
Michael and Justin both smiled, leaning down and kissing Father Derrick's cheeks.
"Let your love flow as always, Father. You'll have theirs and ours forever."
The priest was in tears, about to say something, when both men quietly walked back to their table, taking their children again into their arms, sitting down.
Father Derrick looked at the family sitting together, knowing they'd never take his thanks for what they'd done.
They were now his family, doing only what they saw needed to be done.
The Archbishop put his hand on Father Derrick's shoulder.
"They say that truly good men seldom walk this earth. I think we've been blessed today seeing two of them. And I sense Michael truly is a good man."
"You don't have to tell me that, Your Excellency. I knew that the moment I laid eyes upon him that first day so many years ago."
The priest tearfully smiled, Sister Margaret wiping her own eyes beside him.

Everyone enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, talking to and meeting a lot of children and former orphans.
Father Derrick's love had helped a lot of young men and women.
Some had achieved scholarly success and personal success.
They all donated separate funds to the home after seeing Michael and Justin's contributions.
Michael and Justin had gotten the ball rolling.
The priest and his staff couldn't believe the generosity of there former pupils and charges.
Father Derrick joined Michael's large group an hour or so later in the garden, smiling at everyone.
"Everyone having fun?"
"Yes, Father. This is such a wonderful place." Lance said.
"Yes, a lot of children will benefit from this new building. As a lot have before in the old one."
Lance smiled, Josh's arm around him.
"Father, Lance and I are thinking about having a family of our own later. We'd like to adopt when we feel we're ready."
Justin smiled widely, Michael remaining calm.
The priest smiled, nodding his happiness at that realization.
"I'll keep that in mind. There are a lot of young children that need homes. You should talk with Terry, she can give you guidance on what's best for both of you. She could guide you to your own angel."
"Or someone else." Justin said quietly in Michael's mind.
Both men smiled, the priest smiling back.

Their conversation was interrupted a few minutes later by Sister Maria.
Michael and Justin smiled at her, remembering her from the first day they'd met their twins.
"Hello Sister Maria. Still looking after the nursery?" Michael said smiling.
"Yes, Michael. I still care for the littlest ones." She said, smiling a warm smile.
"Excuse me Father, you asked me to let you know when he was awake."
"Ah, yes. How is he?"
"He's in a real fuss, Father. He won't calm down. Sister Daphne is with him now."
The priest's face changed, a look of sadness on it.
"Is something wrong, Uncle?" Michael said, quietly.
"Another troubled soul, Michael. We have a young boy, who's very fragile. I seem to be the only one who can keep him calm. He is so lost."
"What's wrong with him?" Jake asked.
"Several problems, one major. He's the most special child I've ever met. Next to you of course, Michael."
Michael smiled, looking quietly over at Lance and Josh.
"Lance and Josh have always had a way with Darry and Shauna. Why not see if they can help you calm him?"
Lance and Josh looked surprised at Michael volunteering them, their friend giving them an encouraging look.
"If you think it can help, Mikey." Lance said.
Michael smiled, his two friends getting up with the priest.
"We'll be back shortly." Josh said, smiling and taking Lance's hand in his, following the priest into the building.
"I wouldn't count on it, my friends." Michael said quietly, Justin smiling beside him.

Lance heard him before he saw him, walking down the quiet hallway with Josh, Father Derrick striding forward.
The loudness of the child's crying resonating from a room at the end of the hallway.
He remembered it being a nursery.
He hadn't gone into it before, Josh and he remaining in the dorms with a group of children while the guys viewed it.
He and Josh walked into a brightly lit room, finding another young sister trying to sooth a bundle of thrashing movement in a crib.
"What's all the fuss, little one? I'm here to make you smile." Father Derrick said, walking over to the crib, picking up the small blanketed bundle.
He turned around, Lance's eyes zoning in on a small boy's head peeking out from under the blanket wrapped around him.
Lance's breath caught in his throat.
He looked to be around two, with the face of an upset angel.
Black curly hair topped his small head.
To Lance's green eyes, he looked like a vision of childish beauty.
Despite the fact that the boy was bawling his brown eyes out.
His features marked him as Latino or Spanish, black curly hair, smooth olive colored skin.
He reminded Lance of someone.
The priest gently moved back and forth, trying to calm the child.
He didn't seem to be having much success, the loud crying increasing.
Josh, standing beside Lance, felt in his heart the answer to this trauma.
He smiled, and began to softly sing.
"Little boy, little boy, take a strong heartbeat.
Little boy, little boy, let a smile be your treat.
I love you, I love you, yes here today
You are here, with my love, in every way."

The child immediately stopped crying, looking around, as if he was searching for the source of the melodic voice.
Lance walked forward, gently extending his arms, the priest looking surprised.
"Let me try, Father."
The child looked around hearing the gentle voice.
Lance took the child gently from Father Derrick.
The child remained silent against Lance's chest, moving his small hands upwards.
They both found Lance's face, rubbing his smooth cheeks.
"Who you?" A soft voice said.
"I'm Lance, little angel." Lance said softly, rocking the child in his arms.
Lance looked down into his face, seeing two brown eyes staring blankly at him.
A wide smile crossed the child's face.
"You not sing!"
Josh smiled, walking beside Lance, putting his arm around him, looking down at the child.
The child moved a little, sniffing the air around him.
"I'm Josh, little one. I am the one who sang to you."
Lance saw an even wider smile cross the boy's face.
He extended his hands, Josh looking surprised, lifting the child from Lance's arms, into his own arms.
The little boy snuggled against Josh's chest, sighing.
Josh smiled at the closeness the child was seeking, and began to softly hum.
Father Derrick looked on with a wide smile across his face.
"Simply amazing. It's as if he has been waiting for you."
Lance looked at the priest smiling.
"He's such an angel. What is his name?"
"Noah!" Josh said with some surprise in his voice.
The priest and nun both went white with shock.
"How d-did you know that, Joshua?" Father Derrick asked, trying to collect himself again.
Josh, with his head down, replied "Well, I had a dream the other night and that name was in the dream.  I'm sorry I never told you, Lance, but I wasn't sure what it meant and didn't think anything of it until right now."
Lance looked somewhat surprised.
Lance, now intrigued, asked him, "What was it about, Josh?"
Josh replied, "Believe it or not, I was walking down a long hallway and someone walking beside me told me 'Fear not, I bring you news of your destiny! A new arc will be added to your family circle soon! Let the water of the eye lead the way!'  I could not figure out what that meant.  But, as soon as I saw and heard this beautiful child, it all became clear.  A new 'arc'?  Let the 'water' of the eye lead the way?  It all makes sense now!"
To say Lance and Father Derrick were surprised was an understatement.
"Who was the man who walked beside you, Josh?"
Josh looked at Lance's beautiful face, seeing his green eyes wide with awe.
"It was Daniel."
"Wow, Josh!  I can't believe that! He walks now in your dreams as well as Justin's!"
Father Derrick looked at both men.
"Michael's Daniel walks in all dreams of love. You are truly blessed!"
"Yes, I believe–no, I know–we are, Father." Lance said with a large smile on his face.
The priest smiled back at Lance.
Lance looked back at the child in Josh's arms.
"Hello, little Noah." Lance softly said, running a finger gently along the child's smooth face.
The child's head raised looking around.
"Yous nice. I like yous!" He softly said, both men exchanging looks.
His hands searched out, one finding Lance's smiling face, the other finding Josh's tearing face.
He smiled, then his face looked deep in thought.
"Me scared. You go way?" tears showing in his small brown eyes.
Josh hugged the child closer, softly humming again, the child relaxing again.
Lance looked into Josh's blue eyes seeing tears.
"He needs us, Lance. This little angel needs us."
The priest stared quietly at both of them.
Sister Daphne smiled quietly at the priest, the priest nodding, the nun quietly walking out of the room.
Father Derrick pulled up a chair, looking at both of them.
He looked at the small child, seeing him sleeping now against Josh's chest, Josh holding him gently.
"I've never seen him react this way to anyone before. It's as if in you two he finds peace and comfort. He's been here for over a month, since he was found abandoned in our church rectory. No one knows where he came from."
"Why would anyone abandon such a beautiful child?" Josh softly said, the little child not moving against his chest, his little hand wrapped around Josh's necklace.
The priest sighed, regretting what he'd now have to tell them.
"He's blind, Josh. We think he's been blind since birth. His parents or parent abandoned him because they couldn't deal with his disability. There was a note with him, telling us his name and birthdate, nothing else. All it said was to give the child a better life."
Lance looked down at the little boy, tears in his emerald eyes.
"Then it's a life he shall have." Josh quietly said, Lance looking up into his smiling face.
Never had he seen Josh look so loving. And in his soul, he felt Josh's and his own instant love for this child.
Josh's smile matched his own.
"He'll have a life of love." Lance said, kissing his lover's lips, then kissing the child's head, a small smile crossing his little sleeping face.
Lance and Josh both looked at each other, their souls telling each other the truth.
"He need search no further, or feel no more troubled thoughts. We want to help him, Father. We want to give him our love."
Father Derrick's face changed into a large smile, then he looked serious again.
"This child has special needs, my sons. Are you up to that task? Are you willing to be there for him in every way?"
Lance smiled, looking down at the child.
"He's in my heart now. I'll never do anything less than everything for him. For our little Noah."
Father Derrick nodded, standing up again.
"I'll talk to Terry. This child needs both of you. I'll be back, I'll go find our friends."
Lance smiled, snuggling against Josh's side, the little boy snuggling between the two of them.
The priest left, Josh looking up into Lance's green eyes.
"Looks like we're starting the family a little earlier." He smiled.
"Life is about faith and love, Joshua. God's directed us to this little child because he needs our love. And we both have faith in each other to give him all of our love."
"He'll have it, my love. He's in my heart now as well."
Both smiled, snuggling together, the little boy safe, in the center of their love.
Two floors below, Michael stood quietly by himself in a quiet corner of  the garden, looking down at the photograph in his hand.
Tears ran down his cheek, a smile of contented happiness on his face.
He looked at the photograph, saying only one sentence softly.
"Thank you, Daniel."

End of Chapter 138

Well, looks like a new member is joining the family of love.
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