Justin's Angel-167

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


In the Tavarro home, a young man lay in the darkness of his bed.
He felt a sense of something being wrong in his mind.
Then he felt darkness.
He got up, quietly.
Not wanting to awaken his lover.
Someone stirred, the man quietly walking out of the room, not before donning a pair of jeans and t-shirt.
He silently walked down the darkened corridors, walking all through the house.
He walked in silence, his mind on one room.
He walked into that room, seeing the stone lions staring in the darkness.
He stared at them, looking all around, a grimace of anger on his face.
He stood there for a long time, thinking.
He sensed out feeling the surrounding danger.
He walked away from the fireplace, going to the other side of the room.
He opened a door, looking into a darkened room.
He lit no light, his eyes searching the darkened room.
He found the box deep within the darkened room.
He sat it on a table, opening it.
Everything was ready in the box.
As it once had been before.
This time, the end result would be different.
This time, death would claim someone.
The man looked up into a mirror on the wall in front of him.
His red eyes stared back, a grin of unmistakable menace on that young, handsome face.
He took the box with him.
A short twenty minutes later, he returned to his bedroom, crawling into bed.
He looked at the young man laying beside him.
He smiled, running his hands along his nude body.
He so wanted to taste this treasure.
He looked around the darkness one final time, laying back down.
That could wait till after.
Then he could have this one or all of them.
Fredrick smiled through the young man's eyes.
Their redness disappearing, the young man's mind again filling with sleep.

Chapter 167

Justin's eyes opened when he felt someone patting his nose.
He looked into a set of blue eyes.
"Up Dada! Time to gets up!" Darian said, giggling.
Justin smiled, kissing his son's chin.
'Morning my boy!" Justin said, wrapping his arms around his son.
Justin looked around the room, seeing Michael all dressed, sitting in a chair with Shauna on his lap.
Noah was sitting beside Darian on the bed, smiling and moving his head around.
"Good Morning, Noah."
"Morning, Unky Justin." the little boy said, Darian smiling at him, while his father kissed and hugged the little boy.
Justin sat up, dumping his son on top of Noah, the two little boys laughing.
Justin started ticking both boys, a light knock coming to the bedroom door.
Michael smiled, bidding enter.
Josh and Lance walked in, both smiling.
"Where's my boy?" Lance said walking to the bed.
"Here I is, Papa!" Noah said, giggling beside Darian.
Justin smiled up at him, Lance smiling.
"Morning Lancy. Your boy's in a happy mood."
Lance smiled, Noah climbing into his lap when Lance sat down on the bed.
"We wakes unky, Papa!" he said, Lance kissing his cheek.
Justin smiled, climbing out of bed with Darian in his arms, flipping Darian over his shoulder.
Darian laughed, screaming with glee.
Justin stood naked before everyone, Lance and Josh taking in his smooth muscular form.
"Quit the flashing, Timberlake." Michael smirked, Josh taking Shauna from his arms.
Justin laughed as Michael stood, kissing him tenderly.
"Morning, babe. Love ya!" he said, Michael smiling back.
"Morning, my angel. Love you more."
Justin smiled, dumping Darian down on the bed again, he laughing and climbing into Lance's lap beside Noah.
Justin grabbed his robe, putting it on.
"Morning, Joshy. How goes it?"
Josh smiled, Michael kissing his cheek.
"It goes great. How are you, Michael? Big day today."
Michael smiled, nodding quietly.
"I'm heading down to take the kids to breakie, Jus. You take a quick shower and we'll all meet you there."
Justin nodded, Michael letting Darian off the bed, Lance getting up with Noah.
"We'll be right down too, Mico. I just need to change Noah's outfit."
Michael smiled, walking out of the room with Darian and Shauna's little hands in his.
Justin sat down, Josh sitting beside him.
"So how is he, really?"
"He's focused, calm and determined. This day is going to be a long one. I'm not sure what he has in store for the Tavarro clan but I'm sure he'll win their trust. Who couldn't love my man? Or see the greatness of his love?"
Josh and Lance agreed.
"You need anything today, we're here for you. For both of you. Anything." Lance said, smiling at him, putting his hand on Justin's shoulder.
Justin smiled up at Lance, Lance leaning down and kissing him on the lips.
Justin smiled, thanking Lance.
Josh kissed him also, Justin feeling their unending love.
Justin's face changed to deep concern, Lance looking at him with worry.
"I think today will be a tragic day for my Mico. I think they'll try and kill him today."
Lance sat down beside Justin, putting his arm around him.
Josh's arm was already there.
Justin was quietly crying, Josh looking at Lance.
"Michael assures us that it will fail. Unfortunately, he will be hurt. But we all will be there for him, you especially. You can't stop destiny, Jus. All you can do is be strong and love him. That in itself is what he'll need the most. Your deep love."
Justin smiled, nodding his head.
"I give that freely. He's my world. I just hate the thoughts of him enduring more pain. Why can't this be over? Why can't we have a life of peaceful love?"
Lance hugged Justin closely, Josh in tears.
"Michael is strong, Justin. I've never met anyone with his strength for life. He's never given up on anything. Nothing will stop him in his quest for this to end. He'll give all he can give. His love shall win the day. I have no doubts about that."
Justin smiled, wiping his eyes.
"Now, smile Justin. You don't want Michael to see your worry. Let's go and get some food. All our friends are coming today. This Feast of Redemption sounds like a wonderful celebration. I can't wait to see the largeness of Michael's family." Josh said, Justin getting up.
They all stood, Josh looking at Justin.
"Will you shower with me, Josh? I need some closeness."
Lance smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"Josh will give you all you need, Justy. His love is there for you."
Josh smiled, seeing Lance's complete faith and trust in him.
"I'll meet you both in the dining room." Lance said, Noah in his arms.
Josh and Justin both kissed him, Lance walking out of the room.
Justin pulled off his robe, his body again on display.
Josh smiled, pulling off his sweater, his smooth muscular chest on display.
His pants and briefs, as well as shoes and socks, were on the bed in moments.
Justin smiled, seeing the beauty of his best friend's body.
Josh smiled at Justin, putting his arm around him.
They both walked into the bathroom together.

Michael looked up, seeing Lance walking into the dining room.
Everyone said good morning to him and Noah, Noah smiling in his arms.
"Where are the other superstars?" Jarod said, smiling up at Lance.
"Justin is showering and Josh is staying with him."
Michael smiled, feeling Justin's lightheartedness in his soul.
He knew Josh was making him smile.
Lance sat down beside Antonio, Antonio smiling at him.
Alberto sat at the end of the table, Michael on his left, Doris on his right.
Darian was in Michael's lap, Shauna sitting in Mayo's beside Michael.
Kona sat beside Doris, chatting with Emile, who sat beside Marco and Paulo.
Jake was across the table from Paulo chatting with Lini.
"We might as well start." Alberto said, ringing a bell.
Waiters came in carrying trays of food, setting them all down on the table.
Everyone filled their plates, chatting with each other.
Justin and Josh walked in, Justin going up to Alberto and kissing his cheek.
Darian grinned up at his father, a hashie in his hand.
"Morning, Poppa. Sorry I'm late."
"Quite alright, Justin. There's lots of food, please fill your plate." Alberto said smiling.
Justin smiled, running his hand along Michael's shoulder, walking to the other end of the table, sitting down beside Father Nico and Jarod.
Josh joined them, everyone smiling and saying good morning.
Once people began eating, the room quieted down a bit.
Darian was on his second hashie, Michael smiling and looking at his grandfather.
"So what is the schedule today, Poppa?"
Alberto smiled, taking a sip of coffee.
"Your friends will all be here by lunchtime, just in time for the afternoon festivities. At two thirty, the procession from Zamora will begin. All of the family will walk from the village up here to the Villa Tavarro. It's a moving procession, everyone dressed in their finest. Ahead on them will be the Stone of Vengeance and the wooden cross for St. Aurelia's."
"They remove them from the church?" Josh asked, Father Nico smiling at him.
"Yes, Josh. The stone and cross are symbols of our family's history. On this day each year, they return to Villa Tavarro, from whence they came. Adrian carved the stone himself, it is believed, right here in one of these gardens. The cross is thought to be made from trees here on the land."
"That's not quite true, Nico." Michael said quietly, everyone looking towards him.
"Adrian didn't make the Stone of Vengeance. He found it in the Room of Life."
"The Room of Life? Is that the room below the fireplace in the resting room?" Alberto said, looking at his grandson.
"No, Poppa. That is another room entirely. Where it is exactly, Adrian didn't tell me. He told me he made that room after he interred Artanga, following his death. But I do know that Adrian designed it for a reason. What that reason is will be known soon."
Justin quietly looked at Michael, Michael meeting his gaze.
"What lays in that room?" Antonio asked, Jarod quietly nodding beside him, wanting to know as well.
"At the moment, nothing. But soon it shall contain its final treasure. As for the cross, where Adrian acquired it I know not. All I know is he told me it is entrenched in his faith. He put it  there to become his sign of faith. His faith in God. And it's hung in that church as that symbol."
Alberto nodded quietly.
Doris squeezed his hand.
"Today, all my grandchildren will be home again. It will be good to see them all together again. You need to know that Victor will be present as well, Michael. Word of warning. He means to discredit you in front of the family."
Michael looked at his grandfather, patting his arm.
"Leave Victor to me, Grandfather. I will deal with him as I must. When do you want me to announce my destiny?"
Alberto looked at his grandson, seeing his loving heart.
"I think it would be best if you waited here until the feast to make yourself known. It would be less confrontational if you walked into the feast later, rather than making the trek of faith with your family."
"That I shall do, Poppa. But word of my own warning. I mean to make everyone see who I am. After today, there will be no question as to my birthright. Both sides of my family shall know my destiny."
Alberto nodded, everyone else following.
"I sense a renewed vitality in you, Michael. It's as if you've taken command of all this, you seem more centered."
"I have, Grandfather. You are the patriarch of this family. That leadership you shall soon pass to the Commander of Truth.  He shall devote his life to the family and rule them in faith and love.  I must remain apart from all of you. I am the Warrior Messenger. I fight for faith and love. My word at the final moment shall be law. For it shall be the word of God. Those who fight it shall perish. God has given me a purpose and I intend to fulfill it. For I shall remove the taint of evil from our families' hearts."
Michael looked around, seeing every set of eyes staring at him.
"Forgive me my bluntness. But the truth is just that. This isn't a game anymore. These are the final days of judgement. Each of you–and all that gather here–shall look into my eyes and be judged. For their weaknesses, and for their strengths. I am the final judgement! And I shall purify those not fit to call themselves Stavros or Tavarro! The hand of God shall show itself that day! And all of those left standing shall rejoice in his love!"
Michael felt a tear run down his own cheek.
"I never asked for this destiny. It was thrust upon me by someone else. I harbor him no ill will. He did what he thought would give him his happiness. But now, here at the crossroads, I see what now must be. What will be. I only hope that afterwards you will think kindly of me. You have all spoken of the love I give so freely. That in itself is a gift from God. My love is his love. I look around here and see my family. What love I have given has been given back to me threefold!"
Michael saw the tears in Justin's eyes.
A small hand rubbed against Michael's chin, Michael looking down at his son sitting in his lap.
"We wuvs you, Papa. We wuvs you always."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"I know my son, I know. And I love all of you."
Everyone smiled, Michael gently handing Darian to Alberto.
"If you'll excuse me, I'd like to walk the gardens for a bit. I need some fresh air."
Alberto nodded, Michael handing him Darian's unfinished plate.
He stood up, Justin beginning to stand.
"Stay and finish your breakfast, love.  I just need a few minutes alone."
Michael smiled at everyone, quietly walking out of the room.
Justin sat back down, Josh's hand going to his shoulder.
"He needs a moment." Justin quietly said, Alberto looking at him.
"My grandson's heart is so large. And he's changed so much since the first moment I met him. It's as if he's taking our lives unto himself. His gaze is sure and steady, his determination and strength increased. He truly is a figure of worth and love."
Justin nodded, looking at Alberto.
"I would give up all my strength and faith just to keep him safe."
Everyone teared up at that remark, Justin bowing his head.
Josh's hand rubbed his shoulder.
"Who was he talking about, Justin? About this destiny being thrust upon him by someone else?"
"I don't know, Joshy. Adrian, perhaps. I think soon we'll know."
Lance looked at both of them, his mind on something else Michael had said.
"Has he told you anything, Jus? About what's to happen?" Antonio said, hoping for something.
"Only what shall pass in the next few days. The final confrontation I know nothing of. He won't tell me that. And I know he knows everything. Many nights he moves in his sleep with restlessness. It's weighing on his soul, I can feel that easily."
Josh saw Justin's acceptance of Michael's destiny, and he felt that it ate at Justin's own soul.
"God has sent Michael on this quest, Jus. He's done it for a reason, never doubt that. God is loving. I can't see him denying you Michael's love. You'll never lose that."
Justin smiled, Josh smiling back.
"I know that, Josh. Michael's love is in my heart forever."
Everyone smiled, seeing Justin's love for Michael so openly displayed.
A servant came into the room, bowing to Alberto.
"Some guests have arrived, Sire."
"Show them in, Pascal."
Alberto smiled at everyone.
"Looks like our friends have started to return to my home."

Into the room walked Gregory, Kevin, Barlow, Julius and Samuel.
"Auntie Kona!" Samuel grinned, running up to a rising Kona.
Kona smiled widely, opening her arms as Samuel flew into them.
"Little Sammy! My how you've grown!" She said, hugging the teenager.
Everyone smiled, greeting the newly arrived Stavros members.
"Welcome, my friends." Alberto said as Barlow hugged his sister, Julius smiling widely, hugging her after Barlow.
Everyone shook hands, Justin hugging Kevin and Gregory.
"Where's Michael?" Gregory asked, smiling.
"He's out walking the gardens in silent thought." Justin said, looking into Gregory's dark eyes.
Gregory nodded, Alberto inviting them to sit down for breakfast.
Twenty minutes later, everyone was relaxing, having dined on a wonderful breakfast.
Gregory sat, sipping his coffee, looking at Justin.
He sensed a quiet acceptance emanating off Justin.
"Is everything okay, Justin?"
"Everything is fine." Michael said, walking into the room.
Michael walked up to his Greek family as they stood, hugging everyone, ruffling Samuel's long hair when he'd hugged him.
"Welcome my Greek brothers. My family soon shall be one."
Everyone smiled, seeing Michael's calm smiling face.
"Let's adjourn to the south terrace. More family and friends shall soon be upon us." Doris said, smiling as Shauna climbed into her arms.
Everyone got up, walking out of the room.

Barlow was watching Michael standing and chatting with Gregory.
He saw a different man before him.
The Michael he now saw before him seemed more energized, more determined than the last time he'd seen  him.
The Messenger was finally in his element.
Julius walked up to Michael and Gregory, Barlow joining them.
"Michael was just telling me what's happened since the wedding." Gregory stated.
They all quietly listened, Michael narrating the story.
Justin sat talking to Alberto and Kona, the kids all playing with Josh and Lance on the lawn in front of the terrace.
The terrace doors opened, Justin's family and Zach, Christina, Becky and Uncle Silas walked into the late morning sunshine.
Becky ran across the terrace, followed closely by Stevie, both heading for Justin.
Justin was grinning widely as both jumped into his kneeling arms.
"Hi, Uncle Justin! You're back from your honeymoon!  I missed you!" Becky exclaimed, a wide smile on her face, Michael's smile matching hers.
He saw a new maturity in the little girl, knowing now that she would be a wonderful big sister for his son and daughter.
"Hi, Justin! I missed you so much!" Stevie said, his arms around his brother's neck.
Justin teared up, hugging both little ones.
"Someone's waiting for you on the lawn, my bro and princess!" Justin grinned, Stevie smiling widely.
He and Becky left Justin's arms heading down the terrace steps.
All the adults smiled hearing the screaming shouts of happiness on the front lawn.
Michael walked over, looking down at the group of happy children.
Justin's arms were around him in a moment, both looking at the flowing happiness before them.
Stevie was rolling on the ground, Noah and Darian on top of him, tickling him.
Becky was hugging Shauna, showing her her doll.
"Our angels of love have united." Michael said, smiling.
"Yep. All five parts of our hearts." Justin said, Michael smiling up at him.
Michael turned, Christina hugging both of them tightly.
"Welcome back, newlyweds!!" she said, her eyes full of tears.
Michael and Justin were hugged by everyone, Justin's parents smiling with happiness.
"I see married life has done wonders for your smile. It matches my son's." Lynn smiled, Michael hugging her tightly.
"Yes, Mom. Our love is dual. We're both happy."
Lynn teared up, kissing his cheek.
"Man, Mikey!! You really have a thing for hot older women, don't ya!!"
Michael turned, seeing a smiling Joey standing in the doorway, Chris and Vicky standing behind him.
Everyone laughed, Lynn glaring at Joey.
"Joseph Fatone! I am not old!" she said, Joey's face changing, his cheeks blushing red.
"But you're damn hot!" Paul said, wrapping his arms around his wife.
Michael laughed loudly, the new arrivals walking out onto the terrace.
Chris and Joey laughed, Vicky smiling as she ran towards her best friend.
She jumped on Michael, wrapping her legs around him.
"How are you, Mr. Timberlake. Pregnant yet?"
Justin burst into laughter, Chris and Joey joining him.
Lonnie, Rachel and Father Derrick smiled, looking on at their youthful joy.
Seth and Tomas, along with Nick and Trevor, rounded out the arrivals.
Everyone exchanged greetings and hugs.
Michael looked around, seeing all his family now together.
"And so it begins." he said softly to himself.

They relaxed, talking and renewing their family bonds.
Michael and Justin sat in the middle of all of them, their children being passed around like little dolls.
They both saw all the love the two little angels were surrounded with.
Becky and Stevie seldom left the trio of toddlers, their big brother and sister keeping a watchful eye on them.
Michael sat on a couch with Justin and Lynn, Alberto sitting in his rocking chair in front of them.
"I saw the south gardens were all prepared. Looks like everything is ready?" Michael said, handing Darian a rubber ball.
"Yes, Michael. The feast and festival shall be celebrated there as they have always been for a long time. The food will be unbelievable, all the family donating their own favorites. And I have donated a large part of it myself. My gift to my brethren. As patriarch, I have a responsibility to see my brethren are well cared for." Alberto said, Paulo smiling at him.
"That time is almost at a close. For thirty years I have guided the Tavarros in our faith and responsibilities. Let's hope the Commander of Truth has a more calming time."
Michael smiled at his grandfather, taking his hand in his.
"You have a great strength and resolve, Grandfather. No one else could have held this family together through those turbulent years."
Alberto teared up.
"That's just it, Michael. It's not together. It's breaking apart. Even my own grandchildren are fighting me."
Michael looked into Alberto's golden eyes, all his grandsons and his granddaughter looking at him with teary eyes.
"Michael's right, Grandfather. From what I have seen, you are the guiding force of this family." Christina said, looking at him with quiet love.
"Gina is the only lost one, Poppa. She shall come back to the faith, and to your love." Antonio said, looking at Michael.
Michael lowered his head for a moment, then sighed.
"Gina is lost, Tio. I don't know if she has the strength of faith to come back to her family. It's solely up to her."
Nico and Marco bowed their heads, their thoughts on their older sister.
"Are Sandy and Tisa here yet, Poppa?" Marco said, looking at his grandfather.
"They arrived this morning, they should be here shortly."
"That's great. I'm eager to meet the Barosa sisters, all three of them." Michael said, looking quietly at his grandfather.
"Sandaria and Tanisa are like two drops of sunshine. Twins of happiness and joy." Alberto smiled, Michael smiling back at him.
"The six Barosa siblings will dine with their brethren, all the grandchildren of Alberto Tavarro together." Michael said, smiling at Alberto.
"I shall have all ten of my grandchildren sitting with me at my table. The circle of Tavarro faith." Alberto teared up, Tomas smiling at his grandfather.
"So it shall be done grandfather." Michael said, looking at Justin.
"I'll watch the kids and sit with the guys, Mikey." Justin smiled, Michael nodding.
Justin saw how important this was to Alberto.
A servant walked out onto the crowded terrace, whispering in Alberto's ear.
"Lunch is ready, everyone. It shall be a light buffet, as the feast begins at five. Come, it's all set up in the banquet room."
Michael got up, picking up Shauna, as Darian climbed into Justin's lowered arms.
Noah giggled as Chris picked him up, Noah's hands on Chris' face.
"Hi, Unky Chris. We's having doggies?"
Justin laughed, everyone walking back into the mansion.

They were all sitting around just talking and eating when Alberto's two drops of sunshine walked into the banquet room.
Marco was the first to spot them, racing out of his seat towards them.
"Sandy! Tisa!" he screamed, both women spotting him with joyous ease.
Tanisa was jumping into Marco's arms, knocking him backwards onto his ass.
"Daredevil! As I live and breathe! You look fantastic!!" Tanisa said, sitting now on his chest, Marco roaring with laughter.
Sandaria stood quietly smiling at her younger brother, the smile on her face wide and loving.
Father Nico walked up to her, hugging her gently.
"You look well, Sandy. Come, let me introduce you to our Michael."
Tanisa looked up at her older brother, smiling.
She got up off of Marco, Marco standing as well, Marco hugging his sister Sandaria, Nico hugging and kissing Tanisa.
Sandaria kissed his cheek, smiling.
"You do look happy, Marco! I take it love is in your heart?"
Marco nodded, looking towards Emile, who'd stood up watching the touching reunion, as had everyone else in the room.
"I am more than happy, I am in love."
Jake and Paulo smiled, standing beside Emile.
Father Nico released a joyous Tanisa, he now standing between the two women.
"Welcome home sisters. Come, Poppa awaits."
The three smiled, walking towards Alberto's table.
Alberto stood up, the two women looking at him with awe.
"Poppa! You're well again!" Tanisa said in tears, hugging her grandfather.
"The sunshine of your smiles has energized me, my two sweet Bunnies."
Both women laughed at their grandfather's old loving nickname for them.
Michael and Justin stood up behind Alberto.
Lynn, Randall and Lisa all stood as well, smiling at the touching moment of grandfatherly love.
"Tanisa, Sandaria, this is your cousin Michael." Alberto said, turning to look at Michael.
Both women focused on his face, seeing a surprising thing there.
Total open love.
His golden eyes stared at them, the depth of their love shining.
"Welcome home, daughters of Tavarro. It is wonderful to finally meet you." Michael said, a smile of genuine love on his face.
Michael looked at the twin sisters, seeing their identical looks but also seeing their differences.
Tanisa was in tears, seeing so much love on the man's face.
Sandaria was lost in his golden eyes of faith.
Tanisa looked like she was about to kneel, Michael walking up to her and hugging her gently.
"I am family, no sign of devotion is necessary, Tisa. I want to love the tomboy that Marco ran around with."
Marco was in tears, seeing Michael's immediate love for his sister.
Tanisa laughed a hearty joyous laugh, kissing Michael's cheek.
"I could outrun, outfight and outlast both him and Polo!"
Michael laughed, looking at Paulo and Marco.
Tanisa saw a special man standing in front of him.
She felt in her heart that he was even more.
Michael's eyes turned to Sandaria, standing quietly watching him with awed wonder.
He smiled at her, seeing before him a child of faith.
Her clothes and her face showing her faith.
"It is a joy as well to meet you, Sister Sandaria."
The nun smiled, looking into his golden eyes again.
"My life I have devoted to God and his words of love. Standing before me I see his Messenger. You truly are him. Your faith and love radiate out to all of us. I see it around you like an aura."
Michael smiled at her, and at Father Nico.
"A brother and sister of the church. St. Aurelia's love shines from both of you."
Alberto smiled, seeing Michael's love for the two young women.
Michael introduced them both to Justin's family, and then to Justin.
"This in my husband, Justin Timberlake." Michael said with love and deep pride.
"Hello, Justin. I've followed your music. You sing very well. And I see in both of your eyes the love and faith you have in each other." Sandaria said, smiling at him.
"Thank you, Sister." Justin smiled at her.
Tanisa leaned into Michael's ear.
"My God, Michael! He's gorgeous!"
Michael laughed a hearty laugh, Tanisa joining him.
Everyone laughed, Justin blushing a bit.

Tomas and Seth walked up to the table, smiling at the two sisters.
"I am your cousin, Tomas. My late sister Carmen and I were the children of your mother's sister Teresa. I come from America with joyous happiness to meet my family."
Tanisa smiled at him, hugging him tightly.
Alberto explained to both Tomas' life and Michael's revelations.
They both hugged him again, upon hearing his heartfelt story.
Tomas introduced Seth who smiled at both sisters.
He was hugged as well.
Michael beckoned Christina and Zach over, introducing his sister to them.
Michael told them the story of his path to her, the two sisters staring with awed shock at her.
"You are the daughter of Fredrick?"
Michael put his arm around his sister, kissing her cheek.
"She is also the daughter of my mother, Diana Stavros?Tavarro. Her love and faith created this beautiful woman. She is not her father's daughter. She is my sister of love."
Christina was in tears, seeing the joy and happiness on Michael's face.
She kissed him back, smiling at the two women.
"To be Michael's sister is one of the greatest joys of my heart."
The two women smiled at her, hugging her.
Marco walked up again with Emile, their hands together.
Tanisa saw their hands, her smile widening.
"I see you've finally followed your soul."
Marco looked surprised by his sister Sandaria's words.
"We've always known your heart, Marco. And I see Emile has captured it." Sandaria said, kissing Emile's cheek.
"Welcome to the family."
Tisa hugged him also, kissing him as well.
"He's beautiful, Marco! I'm so happy for you."
Marco was in tears, Tanisa hugging him again.

Everyone was finally introduced, the two sisters joining their grandfather at his table.
"I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your wedding, Michael. I have a gift for both of you in my bag somewhere." Tanisa said, smiling at him.
"That's okay. How was Portugal and Italy?"
She looked at him with curiosity.
"How did you know I was in Italy? Even Poppa didn't know that."
"You are a child of my Grandfather's. I know where they all are at all times. You have my devotion."
Justin looked surprised.
"Really, Michael? You've been following me as well?" Sandaria said with wonder.
Michael put his hand on hers.
"You are my family. My cousins of love and destiny. I'll always feel your presence. You find much happiness in the convent, Sister.  But I feel in your heart a greater joy at your return to Zamora."
Sandaria choked on her glass of lemonade, Alberto patting her back.
"You alright, Sandy?" he said, rubbing it.
"Yes, Poppa. But how did you know? It  hasn't been made public!"
"What hasn't been made public?" Father Nico said, looking at his sister.
Michael smiled at her.
"Go ahead, Sandaria. I'm sorry for revealing your surprise."
Sandaria smiled, looking at the young man with loving wonder.
"Well, I was going to announce it at the festival, Michael. My family is here, so why not?"
She smiled, looking at her grandfather.
"The sisterhood is opening a new orphanage and devotional school here in Zamora. I've been chosen as the new Sister to run it. Zamora will be my home again."
Alberto's smile widened, everyone seeing the joy on his face.
"My Bunny is coming home!" he said, hugging her tightly.
Everyone clapped and congratulated her, Father Derrick smiling at her.
"I'll need help in setting it up, Uncle. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated." she said, smiling at him.
"Of course, Sandaria. It would be my joy."
Michael quietly listened to everyone talking around him, seeing the two women comfortably relaxing around their new friends.
He smiled, looking at Justin.
His family, almost all of it, surrounded him.
Only one cousin and one uncle stood apart from them.
The two lost souls of evil.

After lunch, everyone went to their rooms to freshen up and get ready for the afternoon's pageantry.
Alberto informed them of all that was to take place.
Michael's friends and others were not allowed to participate in the walk of returning faith.
Only Tavarros could walk that journey.
Justin, in his marriage to Michael, and Zach and Christina in her blood relation were invited to go.
They would go with Marco, Paulo, Tomas, Antonio, Jarod, Tanisa and Sister Sandaria.
Michael, as he'd promised, would remain at the Villa.
He'd watch it all from the upstairs balcony with the rest of his friends.
At two, the Tavarro family left the Villa, driving towards St. Aurelia's.
Justin wore a grey Armani suit, his looks and beauty radiating.
Justin kissed Michael goodbye, the kids going with Justin.
They, too, were Tavarros in Alberto's eyes.
His great grandchildren.
They would walk their first walk of faith.
Michael smiled at that, seeing their joined destiny with the Tavarro clan.
They were his children; they, too, were Tavarros.
Michael kissed them both, the two little ones hugging Noah goodbye.
"We's be back soon, Noah. We's got to walks with our famwee." Darian said, kissing him on the lips.
"Okay, Darry! Me's be right here."
Lance smiled, picking up his son.
They all waved goodbye to the two cars, the family heading to Zamora.

Michael stood on the upstairs balcony, looking down towards the front gate.
From this balcony you could see right down to the front entrance.
He saw a lot of police at the entrance, holding back throngs of reporters on the far side of the gate.
The large contingency of guards that had been there last night were gone.
They were Tavarros, they would walk the trek as well.
He stood leaning on the stone railing, Chris walking up to him.
"Man, this place never ceases to amaze me! Its beauty and history. And your family does as well. So entrenched in religious history."
"Everyone's family holds its own history and beauty, Chris. I'm sure yours is just as amazing."
Chris smiled, looking towards the gates.
"Yeah, but mine doesn't walk around showing it off."
Michael smiled, then chuckled.
"No they don't. Most flying monkeys don't walk. They fly."
Joey burst into laughter a few feet away, Jake and Emile joining him.
Chris folded his arms, staring at Michael's mirthful face.
Chris smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.
"Good one, Mikey. Good one."
"I though so, Monkey Boy."
Chris laughed, wrapping his arm around his friend.
Everyone smiled, sitting on the balcony, awaiting the upcoming moment of faith.

Justin and the kids got out of the car, standing beside Alberto.
Paulo and Marco were by their sides.
Justin looked around, staring in quiet awe at what surrounded him.
Thousands of people.
All of Michael's family.
They stood in front of the Church of St. Aurelia.
Alberto looked around, many people bowing in deep respect.
He was the leader, the patriarch of the family.
He stood tall, many gazing at his healthy form.
Last year he'd had to ride most of the way for the procession.
Alberto smiled.
Today, he would walk because of Michael's healing love.
The doors of the church were opened, Father Nico walking up and into the church.
Justin felt a flurry of excitement in all the surrounding people.
Paulo leaned in, whispering to him.
"Grandfather walks ahead of the procession as the leader of the family. He chooses who shall walk beside him. That person is the carrier of the faith. He shall carry the Stone of Vengeance. We, his grandsons, shall carry the cross, as we've done since we could walk. It is a great honor. Today Tomas joins us, Alberto's lost grandchild. Perhaps you may as well, you are his grandson by marriage. It is Poppa's decision."
Tomas stood beside them, pride showing on his face at being included in Alberto's close family.
As one, the congregation sank to its knees when Alberto went to his.
Out of the church walked Father Nico, the Stone of Vengeance in his hands.
The black block of marble gleamed in the sunlight, as if it glowed with energy.
"The Stone walks the Trek of Faith. We walk behind it, proclaiming our right. We are the chosen. Who shall carry the stone? Who shall walk as one of destiny?" Father Nico said, his voice resonating across the silent crowd.
Alberto stood, walking up the steps slowly, joining his grandson at the top steps.
He turned looking out onto his family.
He saw all of them, over two thousand of them, waiting in joyous eagerness.
The eagerness to walk the Trek of Faith.

"As patriarch, as leader, and as faithful commander of the faith, I give the Stone to one who has a faithful heart. His life was one of hurt and loneliness, of pain and sorrow. He now has returned to us, to his family, as a child of Tavarro faith. Step forward my lost grandson, my Tomas."
Tomas looked in awed shock, every set of eyes around him staring at him.
Justin smiled, gently pushing the young man towards the steps.
"Go to your grandfather, he's showing you his love."
Tomas walked up the steps slowly, his eyes staring up at the black marbled square, and at his grandfather.
There were tears in his eyes, as Tomas stood finally in front of him.
"You are here again, my child. You have returned to us. A lost Tavarro child has returned. Welcome into the heart of your family, Tomas. Will you carry your family's destiny? Will you lead us in our faith?"
Tomas was in tears, nodding his head slowly.
Alberto motioned him toward the Stone.
Father Nico smiled at him, seeing the happiness in his cousin's eyes.
"It is very light. For marble it weights very little. Such is the wonder of its magic."
Tomas put his hands on the Stone, instantly feeling its warmth.
The warmth that all adult Tavarros had felt through centuries of hopeful faith.
Tomas was not the Messenger, the Stone remained as it always had.
Silently waiting for its destiny.
Alberto smiled as Tomas turned, standing beside his grandfather.
The crowd as one voiced their approval.
"God is all! God is love!"
Justin was amazed as was Christina, staring at all the joyous people around them.
The family of faith.
Justin's gaze fell upon one man staring at him with blazing awareness.
Victor Falisca stood beside other men, men Justin remembered from the council of Ordisa.
His eyes were burning with determination.
Justin glared back, Christina looking at what Justin was looking at.
"Who is that man, Jus?"
"That's Victor. The dog of Fredrick." Justin quietly said, his eyes drawn back to Alberto.
"My grandsons shall carry the Cross of Faith as they always have. Come forward, Paulo, Nico, Marco, and Antonio. And also come forward Zachary and Justin. My two new grandsons of marriage."
Zach and Justin looked totally surprised, Christina pushing both of them.
The two men looked at each other, walking forward with Alberto's grandsons.
The five joined Nico on the steps above Alberto, Nico guiding them into the church.

Christina was directed by Tanisa and Sandaria to walk over beside the bottom steps.
Standing there was Ginella Tavarro-Falisca, Alberto's oldest grandchild.
"Hello, Gina. You look well." Sandaria said, looking at her sister.
"And you look like a peasant draped in that religious garment. Your timidness always stands out, Sandaria. Such a dowdy little spinster."
Christina looked taken aback by Gina's bluntness with her sister.
Tanisa was glaring at her.
"Better to be a peasant than a wealthy trollop."
Sandaria put her hand on Tanisa's shoulder, her sister calming down.
"Always a foul-mouthed tomboy, Tisa. I'm surprised you haven't fallen off a mountain yet."
Gina's eyes fell upon Christina.
"Ah, yes. And who is this?"
"This is Michael Tavarro's sister."
Gina looked totally surprised.
"Sister? I understood he has no sister. He was an only child. A bastard child."
Christina looked at her.
"My brother is no bastard. He was born in love and faith. The only bastard around here was my father. Fredrick Tavarro."
Gina's face went white.
She stared in total shock at her.
Victor walked up to the four women, looking at Christina with glaring eyes.
"And who is this creature of loveliness?" he said, eyeing her.
In those eyes she saw something dangerous.
"I am Michael Tavarro's sister, Christina."
Victor looked stunned, Gina looking at him.
"She's Fredrick's daughter?"
Victor looked at her with complete shock.
"Yes, Mr. Falisca. I am his daughter. My birth was an accident. I was the result of one of Fredrick Tavarro's moments of evilness. He raped my mother, who also was Michael's mother. So I am his sister, his loving sister. So you can put your eyes back into your head. I want nothing to do with a monster like you. Come Tanisa, Sandaria. Let's wait over here."
Christina walked a few feet away, Tanisa and Sandaria following in stunned silence.
The husband and wife stared after her in shocked silence.
Gina whispered into her husband's ear, Victor nodding quietly.

The crowd again knelt as one, seeing Alberto kneeling on the top steps.
Out of the church came his six grandsons, carrying on their shoulders a large wooden cross.
Paulo and Antonio were at the front.
Nico, Marco, Zach and Justin were lined up behind, the body of the cross resting on their shoulders, Justin at the end.
"God is all! God is love!" The crowd chanted.
Alberto rose again, smiling.
He put his hand on Tomas' shoulder.
"Come, my grandson. We walk the Trek of Faith."
Tomas smiled, walking beside his grandfather down the steps.
The six men followed behind them, carrying the symbol of Adrian's faith.
The crowd rose as one, all with tears in their eyes.
Alberto and Tomas walked off the steps, and turned, walking towards Villa Tavarro.
The crowd opened up, giving them their path.
People bowed, and crossed themselves, seeing before them their faith.
The cross bearers walked behind the two men, the Council of Ordisa following behind the cross.
Behind them walked Christina, Tanisa and Sandaria.
Jarod joined them, smiling at the three women.
Behind them walked the rest of the Tavarro family in rows of six people wide.
Christina's eyes were on the back of Victor Falisca's head.
She'd seen in his eyes a gleeful happiness.
And that could mean only one thing:
Michael was in great danger.

End of Chapter 167

And so the Trek of Faith has begun.
What waits for the Tavarros at the end of that walk?
How shall Michael show himself to them?
What will happen at the Feast of Redemption?
Will Michael survive his own family?

Questions, so many questions.
Read on for the answers.

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