Justin's Angel-86

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin pulled up to the gate of their home, seeing Jim standing behind the gates.
Jim opened them, staring at Justin.
Justin drove slowly through, waving at Jim, the guard remaining still.
Justin thought it odd, Jim usually was friendly.
Oh well, he needed to rush.
He gunned the car, driving around the circular driveway, stopping in front of the home.
He saw Marcus standing at the corner of the house, staring at him.
"Hey, Marcus." Justin said, waving.
The tall man just stood still, then turned walking towards the front gate.
"Damn, these guys are in a mood today." Justin said to himself, climbing out of the low sportscar.
He walked up to the front door, unlocking it and walking through the front door.
The house was quiet, Justin heading down the hall to the kitchen.
He looked on the kitchen counter top, not finding his phone. He looked on the table, then spotted it on the floor beside a chair, stooping down to pick it up.
When he stood up, Paul was standing right behind him, his arms going around Justin, his hand coming to his face. A pad of cloth went over his mouth, Justin breathed in toxic fumes, feeling darkness surrounding him. Justin immediately collapsed, Paul letting him fall to the floor.
Paul bent down on one knee, shaking Justin's shoulder, the pop singer not moving.
Paul traced his finger along Justin's beautiful face, down his taut chest to his belt, then placing his hand over his center, rubbing it hard.
Justin didn't move, Paul's face taking on a wide smile.
Paul stood up, turning as Ryder came into the room, staring at Paul.
"You know what needs to be done. When they enter, make sure they see the photo. Then bring Michael to me. I'll be upstairs in their den of evil."
"Yes, sir." Ryder said emotionless, turning and walking out of the kitchen.
Paul smiled, looking down at  Justin's unconscious form.
"I have you now, my beauty. Your master is here to take you. The adventure begins."

Chapter 86

A Moment of Justice

Michael sat in the waiting room, staring down at his hands.
He mind was searching out for Justin.
He'd been searching for him for a few minutes.
He felt his love, his heart and soul, but Justin voice wasn't answering him.
"Justin, please answer me. Don't play games with me. I'm getting worried." He said in his mind.
Paulo was looking around the room, Lonnie talking to him beside him.
Paulo's eyes fell on Michael, suddenly realizing that his face was full of worry.
"Something wrong, Michael?" Paulo said, Michael not answering him.
Lonnie now looked at him, also seeing his face full of deep concern.
"Michael?" Paulo said again.
Paulo got up quickly, sitting in the chair beside him, putting his hand on Michael's knee, Michael still not saying anything.
Michael turned his head slowly then, staring into Paulo's green eyes.
"I can't reach Jus, Paulo. He's not answering me."
Lonnie stood up, staring down at him.
"Is he playing a joke on you, Michael?"
"No, he can feel my deep worry, he wouldn't do that." Michael said, the two picking up on the tremble in his voice.
"Call the house guards, Lon. Call Ryder. Make sure everything is okay there." Paulo said, Lonnie whipping out his cell.
Lonnie waited, hearing at least eight rings, finally the line coming on.
"Yes." Came an emotionless voice.
"Who's this? Ryder?"
"Is everything ok there?" Lonnie said, looking at a worried Michael.
Lonnie sensed something weird in Ryder's single worded replies.
"Are Hank and Jack still patrolling with you?"
"Okay. Talk to you later. " Lonnie said hanging up the phone.
"Something's wrong, I know it. Ryder doesn't sound right. And there's no one named Hank and Jack. He should have known that."
Michael didn't need to here another word, he heard what he needed to hear in his mind.
A single voice in the silence of his deep soul.
"Justin's in danger. Save your love."
Michael bolted out of the room, Lonnie and Paulo momentarily shocked, then following him in hot pursuit.
Michael ran right past the two interviewers, both men staring in shock.
"Mr. Tavarro, we're ready for you. Where are you going?"
Paulo stopped for the briefest of moments, to tell them an emergency had come up, then flying off after his brother and friend.

Paul walked into the bedroom carrying Justin, depositing him off his shoulder, Justin falling down onto his own bed.
Paul walked back to the door, locking it. He didn't want to be disturbed for a while.
Paul threw down the nylon backpack he'd been carrying in his hand, throwing it also onto the bed.
He stretched his arms, looking down at Justin's comatose body.
Paul pulled off his jacket and tie, throwing them on the loveseat by the fireplace. Paul looked around the room, smiling.
"So this is the center of your evil. The room you both fornicated in. I can smell the evil off that bed. Today it's going to be your salvation room, after I've had my fun first."
Paul climbed up on the bed, straddling Justin's still body.
He ran his hands down Justin's chest, feeling the muscles under the brown silk shirt.
He leaned down, licking Justin's cheek, tasting his clammy skin.
He kissed his still moist lips.
"You are delicious, Timberlake, you're going to taste so sweet."
Paul grabbed the backpack, opening it up, dumping its contents on the bed.
He picked up the two pair of handcuffs, locking each of Justin's wrist in one, locking the other end to the brass bed frame.
He threw the keys on the bed beside the backpack.
Justin now was chained across the bed, securely restrained.
Paul picked up his silver knife off the bed, smiling at its gleaming blade.
He set it down beside Justin's waist, his hand going to the covered crotch in front of him.
He squeezed the mound there, feeling its weight.
His hands left Justin, going back to the backpack's contents.
He picked up the small bottle of smelling salts, smiling down at Justin.
He started patting his face, Justin still not moving.
Paul opened the bottle, putting it under Justin's nose, Justin breathing in the scent, his head beginning to register some movement.
Justin moaned, his eyes flying open.

If Justin had been driving fast, Michael was driving like lightning.
He was going well over the speed limit, not caring if a cop chased him.
He knew in his heart that Justin was in grave danger, everything in his soul pointing to one person.
Paul Richards.
Lonnie sat in the back of the SUV, Paulo sitting in the front beside Michael.
"Watch where you're driving, Mikey, we have to get there in one piece!" Lonnie said behind him, his own thoughts on Justin.
How had this happened? There were three armed guards at the house!
What had happened to put Justin in danger? Why hadn't he just stayed there that morning?
In his soul, Lonnie felt something was terribly wrong at that house. That guard didn't seem like he was totally there. He seemed like he was a zombie.
Michael took a sharp curve, the vehicle sliding sideways, Michael correcting it, the car bulleting forward.
"Michael, for Christ's sake slow down, you'll kill all of us!" Lonnie yelled from the back seat.
Michael lowered their speed a little bit, Paulo looking over at him.
"Anything from him, Mikey?" Paulo asked, hoping against all hope.
"Nothing. Justin isn't answering me because he can't. Why he can't, I don't know. I know he's alive, I feel him. It's like he's sleeping."
Paulo looked back at Lonnie, seeing deep concern and worry on his large face.
"It's got to be Paul. I know it's him. With all my heart and soul I know he's there. And I'll kill him if he touches my Justin."
Paulo saw the darkness in Michael's eyes, and the growing anger. Michael's eyes were burning golden fire.
In Michael's mind a voice was trying to calm him, to assure him of his destiny.
Michael wasn't listening. All his thoughts were on one man. The love of his life. The heart of his soul.
His Justin.

Michael turned the corner on their street, slowing down immediately.
His senses were on high alert, his gifts burning bright.
They pulled up into the driveway, the front gates wide open.
Cautiously Michael drove through the gates, slowly winding up the circular driveway.
Michael looked ahead, seeing Justin's Viper parked at the front door.
He just had a moment to catch something ahead of him, Michael slamming on the brakes of the SUV. The three guards had walked out onto the road right in front of them.
Michael stared at them, sensing something wrong. Paulo and Lonnie slowly got out of the vehicle.
Ryder stood in the middle, Jim and Marcus on both sides of him. Michael saw something in Ryder's hand, a piece of paper, he thought.
Michael slowly got out of the vehicle, never losing sight of Ryder.
"What's going on here guys? Where's Justin?" Lonnie barked.
Ryder stared at Lonnie, looking at him with glazed eyes.
Lonnie walked up to the three cautiously, Ryder raising the piece of paper.
"This is from his kidnapper." Ryder said in a emotionless tone.
Lonnie took the paper from his hand, turning it over and looking at it.
Lonnie froze, his face going blank. After a few moments Lonnie raised his own hand, turning around, walking towards Paulo. Michael immediately saw his glazed eyes.
"Look at this." Was all he said as Lonnie raised the photo.
Paulo backed up a bit, not looking at the photo, sensing Michael in his mind.
"Don't look at it, Paulo. Or you'll be like them."
Paulo was hesitant of his friend still walking towards him, averting his gaze from whatever Lonnie had in his hand. Paulo knew something was deadly wrong.
Paulo realized the thing in his friend's hand was some kind of weapon.
Lonnie raised the item, turning it toward Michael, Michael zoning in on what it was. A photograph of Fredrick.
Michael saw the photo clearly, seeing the glaring red eyes, feeling the attack enter his mind.
But Michael's mind was protected, nothing could penetrate those defenses. The mind attack hit a stone wall.
Michael now instantly knew what it was. Some kind of mind inducing tool.
Michael rushed at his friend, hitting him fully in the chest, Lonnie falling backwards, the photo falling to the ground.
The other three guards moved quickly, advanced on Michael and Paulo, Michael picking the photo up just as Ryder charged at him.
Michael was tackled by him, falling forwards.
At the last moment, Michael regained his footing, flipping Ryder over his shoulder, the man landing on his back.
The other two guards had tackled Paulo, Paulo trying to fend them off. A fight had begun, the two men knocking Paulo to the ground, punching his chest and face.
Meanwhile, Lonnie had started to regain his bearings, beginning to crawl back up.
Michael looked at the photo in his hands, seeing Fredrick's leering face. The eyes seemed to glow with hatred, with mind control blazing from those red eyes.
Michael knew he had to do something to stop this.
Michael ripped the photo into pieces, the tattered shreds falling to the ground.
Immediately the three guards and Lonnie collapsed to their knees, gasping and moaning.
Michael was at Paulo's side in a second, seeing bruises on his face where the men had plummeted him.
"Are you alright, Paulo?"
Paulo nodded, struggling to get up, wincing at the pain in his side.
Michael looked at the guards and Lonnie, seeing that they now were trying to get up.
"What's going on?" Lonnie gasped, still on his knees.
Michael stood up just as he heard Justin's heart wrenching scream in his mind, Michael knowing in his heart who was making him scream.
Michael took off like lightning, running towards their home.
Paulo struggled to his feet and began to chase him, his body slowed by his bruised ribs.

Justin opened his eyes, trying hard to focus on where he was. He felt drugged, seeing someone's blurred face in front of him.
Was it his Mico?
He focused his eyes, seeing a man staring down at him.
He looked somehow familiar.
The man leered at him stroking his cheek.
"Welcome to heaven, Justin. I am the angel of vengeance. You are mine."
Justin gasped, realizing who was in front of him.
The man grabbed Justin's silk shirt, ripping it open.
His rough hands roamed Justin's smooth chest, Justin struggling to move.
The man was straddling his center, his fingers pinching his exposed nipples hard.
Justin held in a scream.
"I am going to make you mine, Justin. Your whore will never know how he could have pleased you. I will make you forget him. But I will make him pay for being your whore. I'll make you see what a real whore is. I'm going to make you a whore, Timberlake."
The man slapped Justin hard across the face, Justin's head ringing.
Then he back handed him, Justin's nose gushing blood.
Justin cried, tears falling. He couldn't focus enough to call out to Michael.
The man continued to go lower.
Justin felt trapped, the man was touching him down there.
Tears flowed from Justin's eyes as the man moved back a little, beginning to open Justin's pants.
Justin knew in his heart what the man wanted, what he was going to do. What he'd done to Mico.
He now knew it was Paul in front of him, and Paul was about to rape him.
Justin found the courage in his heart to do only one thing.
To fight back.
He knew his feet weren't bound, and in one movement he brought his knee up hard, right into Paul's open legs.
Paul screamed, feeling the pain in his groin, doubling over in agony.
Justin knew his hands were tied or bound above him, so Justin began kicking his legs wildly at him. Paul fell off the bed onto the floor.
Paul struggled to regain his control, the pain gradually subsiding. He jumped back on top of Justin's exposed chest, punching him in the face, avoiding his thrashing legs.
Paul grabbed the knife that lay on the bed beside Justin, brandishing it in front of Justin's bruised face.
"Another movement out of you and I'll cut your fucking throat, Timberlake."
Justin stopped moving, seeing the anger and lust in Paul's face.
"I missed the chance to play with your brother Jonathan, I'm more that going to make up for it with your hot body."
Paul smiled an evil grin, bringing the knife down, slashing it across Justin's chest.
Justin screamed out loud and deep into his mind. Only one word came out of him in that scream.

Michael heard that heart-wrenching scream in his mind, his feet taking over, Paulo struggling to his feet, starting to stagger after Michael.
Michael ran for the house, flying through the front door, then taking the stairs two at a time.
He knew where he'd find his lover, and he knew who would be with him.
Michael came to the bedroom door, his hands flying outward.
The locked door exploded into flying pieces of shattered wood.
Michael saw Paul sitting on top of Justin in their bed, his hands on Justin waist, trying to pull his pants down.
Paul had turned, seeing the door explode inward, shocked at seeing the man behind the door.
Paul grabbed the knife off the bed, seeing Michael's hands going out in front of him.
And then Paul felt a wall of air hitting him, the blast sending Paul flying across the room, his body smashing through the glass balcony doors, landing on the balcony floor.
Michael was on the bed in a heartbeat, looking into Justin's bruised face, seeing the tears and feeling Justin's pain and terror. He also saw the bleeding cut across his bare chest.
Michael's hands went up, his gift shattering the handcuffs into small metal pieces.
Michael took Justin into his arms, holding him tightly as Justin sobbed.
"It's me, Jus, it's Mico. I'm here now, he won't hurt you anymore. He'll be dead Justin. I'm going to make sure of that."
Paulo staggered into the room, seeing the heart breaking sight in front of him.
Paulo was beside his brothers in a moment.
"Take care of my Jus, Polo. I have to finish this."
Paulo looked at Michael seeing death in his eyes, and deep anger.
Paulo saw the state Justin was in, seeing his tears.
Justin was shaking and seemingly lost in his terror.
Paulo gently took Justin from Michael, hugged him close to him, Justin crying deeply.
Paulo stared at his brother, seeing so much hatred in his golden eyes.
"Be careful, Michael."
Michael got up, walking towards the balcony, seeing Paul staggering to his feet.
As soon as Paul saw Michael walking towards him he threw the silver knife that was still in his hand.
The knife hit Michael in his left shoulder, the knife embedded there, Michael staggering, falling down to his knees.
Paul grinned, picking up a large shard of broke glass, advancing on Michael.
"Time to die, Micky!"
Michael knew that voice, that hateful voice from his childhood.
Fredrick Tavarro.
Michael stood up again, pulling the knife out of his chest, dropping it on the floor, Paul not stopping his advance.
Michael charged at him.
Paul lunged at him, the shard of glass in his hand. Michael punched him squarely in the face, Paul knocked back.
In a flash Michael was on him again.
The two hit the bedroom floor, rolling around, punching and kicking. Michael forced Paul to drop the large piece of glass, it shattering into tiny fragments.
Paul made several attempts to grab the knife laying on the floor, Michael pulling him away from it.
Paul felt the strength behind Michael, the rage and the hatred.
How was this possible? He'd wounded him greatly with that knife.
Paul began to panic, feeling the momentum shifting.
He had to get out of here, to fight another day.
But Michael was going for blood, to end this for good.
Paul struggled to his feet, Michael immediately on his.
He hit Paul hard in the face, his knuckles connecting with his jaw.
Paul fell backwards, falling out onto the balcony again.
Michael walked right through the door, on him again in seconds when Paul stood up.
Michael's fists connected with his face and body again.
Paul sank to his knees, Michael hitting him again and again, Paul collapsing onto the balcony floor, not moving.
Michael stared at him for a moment, then staggered back into the bedroom, looking over at the bed.
He saw Paulo holding Justin in his arms, Justin looking so lost and afraid.
Michael felt all of Justin's pain and helplessness.
Michael looked down, seeing the fallen knife laying on the carpeted floor.
He turned around, looking at Paul gasping for breath, his eyes trying to open.
All the anger, all the pain inside Michael zoned in on that one man, that one man with two souls, laying out there in the bright light of day.
Michael bent down picking up the knife, looking at the shining steel, lost in its final cursed beauty.
Michael turned, walking towards Paul, walking through the balcony door, the knife in his hand, his eyes full of death.

Justin felt lost, his mind a jumble of hurtful images, and terrifying pain.
He opened his eyes again, feeling the room starting to come into focus.
He felt someone holding him, feeling someone against him.
Oh, god, he's still here, Justin thought.
He began to struggle, Justin turning his head, staring into two emerald green eyes.
The loving eyes of his brother, Paulo.
"Yes, Jus. It's me, you're going to be alright, I'm here and so is Mikey."
Justin looked around searching for his love, searching for his protector.
His eyes found him, walking away from him, walking into the bright sunshine.
And then Justin's eyes fell upon the man laying out on the balcony, in the sunshine.
He saw Paul laying in the broken glass, and he saw the knife in Michael's hand.
"Michael!" Justin shouted, his lover stopping, then turning and staring at him.
In those golden eyes Justin saw rage, anger and hatred.
Daniel had been right.
Michael had become lost, lost in his own anger, lost in his own pain.
And all that anger was directed at the man laying out there on the balcony floor.
Michael's anger was in charge now, and Paul was going to die from it.
Justin pulled out of Paulo's arms, struggling to his feet.
He looked at his lover as Michael turned around, advancing again on Paul.
"Please, Mico. Stop this. Don't do what your pain and anger wants you to do. Don't kill him. For me, please stop." Justin said in his mind.
Michael stopped, staring at the man in front of him.
He saw the man was hurt, was broken and defeated.
He looked down into his hands seeing the knife there, seeing what he wanted to do with it, to end his own pain and anger.
And then he heard the voice again, the voice of his true love. The voice of his angel.
"Please, Mico, I love you and your loving heart. Don't be like him. My love is all you've ever needed, not revenge. I love you, Michael. Please don't do this. For me, for your Jus, for our love."
Through that voice of love, through those words of hope, Michael instantly felt all the hatred disappear inside him, all the pain dissolve. His heart filled with Justin's love.
He turned, looking at the man he loved, seeing his injured soul, his injured beauty.
Michael dropped the knife, looking down at the broken man staring up at him, then turned around, to go to his needed love.
Paul saw the knife fall, struggling to his feet in a flash, picking up his silver knife. And then, in one motion, he lunged at Michael.
Justin screamed, Michael turning as Paul slashed at him, the knife slashing the side of his chest. Michael pushing his hands forward against Paul.
Paul lost his footing, stumbling back, his body tragically flipping over the concrete railing.
Michael, in one last flash of speed, caught Paul's falling left hand, Paul hanging from the balcony in mid air, Michael holding him by one hand.
"Give me your other hand, Paul. Give me it so I can pull you up." Michael said, struggling to hold onto him.
Paul stared up at him, not believing that Michael was trying to save him.
The knife still remained in his free hand.
"Drop the knife, Paul. Give me your other hand so I can save you." Michael gasped, staring into Paul's blue eyes.
Blue eyes that suddenly seemed to turn red.
Paul brought his hand up, slashing Michael's hand with the knife, Michael forced to let him go, closing his eyes as he heard Paul's final scream and the loud thud below.
Paulo was at Michael's side, staring down over the railing, seeing Paul laying on his back on the concrete patio below. Michael staggering back into the bedroom, staggering across the room, taking a crying Justin into his loving arms.
"Mico, oh Mico. He tried to...."
"Shhh, Jus. I'm here, I'm here. I love you, Jus."
Justin sobbed as Michael sat him gently back down on the bed, holding him close.
Paulo rushed to his brothers, seeing Michael's hand bleeding, knowing now what Paul had done.
Paulo rushed into the bathroom.
Lonnie ran into the room, Paulo coming back into the room, looking at his brothers sitting on the bed, Paulo's eyes full of tears.
"You guys okay? I'm so sorry, I don't know what happened to me. Please tell me everyone's okay." Lonnie pleaded.
"You okay, Lon?" Paulo asked, hugging his friend.
Lonnie was crying, looking at the two men sitting in the bed, seeing Justin sobbing. And Lonnie saw the blood on Michael and Justin.
"Mikey, is he okay?"
"He's going to be okay, Paul didn't hurt him completely. I stopped him before he could do that. Call an ambulance, Lonnie. I think Paul's still alive down there."  Michael said, his bloody hand pointing to the balcony.
Justin's head went up at those last words, Michael seeing the fear in his eyes.
Michael knew what he had to do to calm Justin.
"Close your eyes, Jus." Michael said lovingly.
Justin slowly closed his eyes, Justin laying his head on Michael's bloody chest. Michael laid his clean hand on Justin's forehead, Justin immediately collapsing in Michael's arms. Michael gently laid him down on the bed.
"He'll sleep now, I've put him to sleep in the center of our love." Michael said quietly.
Lonnie was on his phone, calling 911. Paulo began wrapping a small towel from the bathroom around Michael's injured hand.
"Paulo, stay here and watch him, I'm going to see if I can do anything for Paul."
Paulo and Lonnie both looked at Michael in shock.
Michael got up off the bed, walking toward Lonnie as he hung up his phone, Paulo sitting down on the bed beside Justin.
"Be careful, Mikey. I don't trust Paul or the missing Fredrick."
"Fredrick is gone, the photo is destroyed, he can't hurt any of us ever again, I'm going to make sure of that."
Lonnie lowered his head, ashamed of what he'd let happen.
Michael hugged his friend, then put his arm around him, guiding him out of the room.
That one gesture spoke volumes in Lonnie's heart.
Michael had forgiven him, and Michael still loved him.

They walked out onto the backyard patio seeing the three recovered guards surrounding Paul's prone body, their guns drawn.
The silver knife lay a few feet away from him.
Michael saw Paul's hand struggling to reach the knife, his body not giving him help.
Ryder looked up at Michael, staring into his golden eyes. Michael saw the shame on all three faces.
"We're sorry, Mikey. We were totally ambushed. He did something to us."
"Yes, I know guys. It's alright. It's not your fault, any of you." Michael said looking at all three men, and also at Lonnie.
Lonnie saw the injured hand, the blood coming from Michael's shoulder, and his red soaked shirt.
"We need to get you to a doctor, Mikey."
Lonnie went to put his arm around him, but Michael walked up beside Paul.
He knelt down beside him, staring at him.
Paul opened his blue hazy eyes, staring at him, trying to reach for him.
Michael knew it wasn't Paul staring at him.
Michael put his wrapped hand on Paul's chest, sensing immediately the fight going on in his injured soul and mind.
Paul was trapped, trapped by Fredrick. Michael sensed his evil presence, and sensed it was Fredrick that controlled Paul's mind.
"You guys go around front and bring the paramedics out back here when they arrive." Michael said, the three guards moving quickly.
Lonnie looked at Michael, seeing his eyes immediately glowing.
"I have to try to help him, Lon. I can't let him die. Even he deserves life . He too is under Fredrick's power."
Lonnie nodded, Michael placing his other hand on Paul's forehead, closing his eyes.
Lonnie watched the blue glow appear, it instantly changing to red.
That shocked him. What did that mean?
Lonnie saw Michael struggling, as if he was fighting something or someone within the still body.
After a few moments, Lonnie saw a black glow beginning to appear above Paul's head, a ball of blackness forming.
Lonnie realized where he'd seen that black ball before.
That day in the limo when Michael had pulled all the negative thoughts out of the three of them and it had formed into a small black ball.
This ball was a lot larger.
Michael opened his eyes, taking his hands off Paul.
The black ball remained, it seemed to be glowing. Lonnie swore he saw two red eyes in the middle of it.
Michael put his hands around the black ball, not touching it.
His hands glowed white, the white glow surrounding the black ball, enveloping it.
The whiteness glowed brightly, then totally disappeared, Michael's eyes returning to normal.
The blackness was gone.
He looked down at Paul, his eyes opening slowly.
Their blueness was different, as if something had changed in them.
"Michael?" The man said in a laboured breath.
"Yes, Paul. It's me. I'm going to try and ease your pain, close your eyes."
Paul closed his eyes, feeling something flowing through him when Michael touched him.
Lonnie now saw the familiar blue glow surrounding the two men, it disappearing quickly.
Paul opened his tearing eyes again, staring into Michael's.
"I'm sorry, Michael."
Michael lowered his head, then stood up, Lonnie putting his arm around him to steady him.
They heard the sirens, the ambulance and police having arrived.
Within a few moments the paramedics rounded the house, as well as a few policemen.
Lonnie talked to them, one paramedic immediately looking Michael over. Michael pulled away from him telling him someone else needed help, Michael walking back into the house while the other paramedics were working on Paul.
The one paramedic followed Michael.
Michael walked up the staircase heading toward his lover, needing his love.
For in Michael's heart he saw the truth.

A world away, Fredrick lay on the floor of his hidden room, screaming in terror, his mind full of a white light.
It burned into his soul, his body convulsing against the pain.
He struggled to regain his mind, to fight against that searing pain.
He didn't know what that white light was.
And throughout his mind he heard Michael's voice.
"I know what you've done. Now feel the power of God, Uncle. For if you try to hurt me or my friends again with your black magic, I will destroy you with it."
Fredrick felt the pain lessening, struggling to his feet, his body swaying.
And as quickly as it came, it dissipated.
Fredrick leaned onto his desk, breathing deeply.
He closed his eyes, searching out Paul. He felt a wall against that connection.
He now realized that Paul was protected against him.
Michael had stopped Paul from achieving his goal. And Michael had stopped Fredrick's control on his slave.
Fredrick threw a bunch of books against the wall, fuming.
So, my nephew, you are all powerful. I will have to think this through. There must be some way to stop you, there must.
Fredrick's henchmen walked into the room, nervously.
They'd heard the screams, now seeing the destruction in the room.
"Bring Victor to me." Fredrick said, his face a mask of anger.
Hidden behind that anger was a mind full of deep fear.
Three hours later, Michael, Lonnie and Paulo sat in a hospital waiting room, Michael pacing back and forth.
Michael's hand was bandaged as well as his left shoulder and side. The paramedic had fixed him up at the house, Paulo helping him change his bloodied clothes while the paramedic looked Justin over. Ten minutes later two ambulances rushed away from their home, one carrying Paul, the other carrying Justin, with Michael sitting beside him.
Michael's own wounds had already begun to heal.
Lance and Josh rushed into the room, Lance taking Michael gently into his arms, tears falling from his green eyes.
"Oh God, Mikey! Is he okay? Are you okay?"
"We're waiting for the doctor. Justin wasn't badly hurt, more shock and trauma than anything." Paulo said, Michael remaining silent as Paulo hugged both men.
"What's taking them so long?" Michael asked quietly.
Lonnie put his hand on Michael's shoulder, Michael smiling at him.
"What the hell happened?" Josh asked, hugging Michael gently now.
"Paul came to the house, carrying a special weapon." Michael said, Lonnie lowering his head. Michael hugged him gently.
"He carried a photograph of Fredrick. It was a special photograph. Have you ever heard of the legend of Medusa?"
"She was a Greek myth who supposedly was able to turn men to stone if they looked into her eyes." Lance said, Michael smiling at him.
"Correct, Lance. The real truth was that she could control men with her gaze. That in essence is what Fredrick did to that photograph. When someone looked into it, they became walking zombies under Fredrick's control."
Everyone looked shocked.
"The guards, then Lonnie, were controlled by that photograph. I looked at it, my protection stopping Fredrick in his tracks. I tore up the photo, thus the spell was broken."
Lonnie looked at Michael with his tearing eyes, the two showing their love for each other in their eyes.
"Fredrick has somehow discovered the lost black arts. The spells of evil. How he found them, I don't know. But it will be a long time before he'll try anything like that again. I surprised him with something he didn't know existed."
Everyone looked puzzled at Michael, Michael then calmly looked at his friends.
"Fredrick was inside Paul's mind. It wasn't Paul who attacked me, it was Fredrick. It was Paul who attacked Justin, but it was Fredrick who attacked me after. Paul has been as much a prisoner as you had been, Lon."
Lonnie sat down, staring at Michael.
The others sat down waiting for Michael to continue.
"Paul wanted Justin with all his soul, with all his desire. When I stopped him from having Justin, Fredrick took his mind over. I heard Fredrick's own voice telling me it was time to die, Micky. Only he ever called me Micky."
Lance and Josh looked on in shock, Paulo remaining quiet.
Michael sat down, putting his face in his hands, then looking back up.
"I wanted to hurt him, to hurt him for what Justin was put through. For hurting my love. Anger flowed through me. I fought with him, almost beating him senseless. Then I picked up his knife, and I saw the pain my Jus was in, what both of them had done to him. The hatred took over me. My heart was full of it, my anger, hatred and pain. I was going to kill him."
Everyone watched Michael, seeing his courage at opening up to that truth.
"I went out onto that balcony to kill him."
Paulo got up, sitting beside his brother, putting his arm around him.
"I saw that anger and hatred in your eyes, Michael. It terrified me."
Michael looked at his brother, seeing his love for him had not diminished.
"I heard Justin's voice in my heart and mind. He asked me to stop the hatred, to let go of it. To do it for him. I stopped. Justin's love stayed my hand from killing him."
Lance sobbed, feeling the love Justin must have given Michael at that moment, the greatest love he needed.
Josh put his arm around him.
"I dropped the knife, and that was a mistake. Paul picked it up, lunging at me, slashing my side. I pushed him back, away from me, he slipped and fell over the balcony."
"So he fell to his death." Josh said, Michael looking at him, lowering his eyes.
"I caught him before he fell, hanging onto him by one hand. I begged him to give me his other hand, which still held the knife in it. He looked into my eyes, I saw Fredrick still there, and he lashed out at me. He slashed my hand, I couldn't hold on, Paul fell to the cement patio below."
Lance looked up at Michael, seeing his giving soul, his loving heart. At the end he'd tried to save Paul only to fail.
Michael looked at his two best friends.
"Paul was still alive after the fall. I tried to heal him."
Josh gasped, Lance not moving.
"I had to save him from Fredrick's control. So I went to him. I felt all Fredrick's evil in him, I fought with that evil, and in the end I was able to pull that evil out of him. I destroyed Fredrick's evil. Paul is free of him. But I couldn't completely heal Paul. There was too much damage. He's paralyzed, he'll never walk again."
Lonnie looked at Michael.
"That red glow, Michael?"
"That was Fredrick, Lon. The red glow of evil. But Fredrick found something he didn't know I have. The power of love, the power of God. I gave him a taste of it. Wherever he was at that moment I pulled Paul free of him, he tasted the power of God, and  I think it probably hurt him greatly. He'll not bother us for a long time. I've made sure of that. I've put the fear of God in him."
Michael put his head in his hands, Paulo rubbing his back.
Lance got up, kneeling in front of Michael, Michael raising his tearing eyes, looking into Lance's green eyes.
"You are a messenger of God, Michael. No one with such a loving heart, with such a loving soul could do less that what you've done today. You saved our Justin, and you saved another life. A man who wanted to kill you. I love you so much, Michael, we all do. Your love is God's love."
Michael sobbed, Lance taking him into his arms.
"My Jus! Oh God he hurt my Jus! I can't believe the pain I felt in Justin's soul, the pain he now has! How will he lose that pain?"
"With your love, Michael. With your unending love." Lance said, holding his friend.

A few minutes later, after Michael had regained his composure and everyone had calmed down, a doctor walked into the room.
"Mr. Tavarro? I'm Dr. Anderson. Mr. Timberlake is resting comfortably. We've cleaned his knife wound and looked after his bruising and cuts. He's awake and asking for you. His mind is a bit stressed, but he's coherent. "
Michael let out a breath of relief, the others relaxing too.
"We're going to keep him overnight, just for observation. He's been through a traumatic event, he'll need some time to recover."
Michael nodded, knowing he was going to do more for him than any doctor could.
"He's been asking for you. He's also looking for his brother Paulo?"
"That's me, doctor." Paulo said, smiling.
"If you'll both come with me, I'll take you to him."
"Lonnie called Lynn and Randall a few hours ago, they should be here soon, Lance. Can you call everyone else?" Michael asked, Lance and Josh nodding.
The others hugged both men, Michael and Paulo walking out after the doctor.
They walked down a few hallways to a private room, seeing a police officer stationed outside the room.
The doctor left them outside the door, telling them they could have all the time they needed, but to be gentle with him.
Michael walked slowly into the room, Paulo following.
Michael saw Justin laying in a hospital bed, his face showing bruises and cuts. His eyes were closed.
A tube was in Justin's arm, Michael seeing the bottle hanging.
Michael sat gently down on the bed, taking Justin's hand in his.
Justin immediately opened his blue eyes, staring into Michael's tearing golden orbs.
Justin was in his arms immediately, Michael hugging him tightly.
"My love! Oh God, my Mico! You're alright! Thank God, you're alright!"
Michael held him as Justin cried in his arms, Michael's love and Justin's love melding together.
Paulo stood a few feet away, leaving them alone, tears running down his face, seeing their love as strong and sure as ever.
"I'm here, Jus. I'm okay, and you're going to be okay. My love will heal you."
Justin's crying slowed, Michael humming quietly as he rocked him, Justin finally breaking his hug from Michael.
He looked into his golden eyes, touching Michael's face, looking down at his bandaged hand.
"Michael, you're hurt."
"It will be healed quickly, my love. I'm more concerned for you, my Jus."
Justin lay against Michael, his head on his chest, Michael holding him gently.
"He tried to hurt me, Mico. He wanted to rape me. I fought him with my legs, but I couldn't do anything, he kept hitting me.... he was so..."
"Shhh, my love. It's alright, he's gone, he'll never hurt you again."
"I stopped you, didn't I? You didn't kill him?"
"Yes, Justin. Your love stopped my anger. I didn't kill him."
Michael looked at Paulo, knowing he'd have to tell Justin the truth.
"Paul is alive, Justin. He's badly hurt but he's alive. He fell from our balcony, he's paralyzed. He can't hurt you again."
Justin raised his head, looking into Michael's eyes.
"Like in your vision, Mico."
Michael nodded, Justin lowering his head again.
"Thank God, he's alive. I did what was asked of me."
Michael and Paulo looked at each other, Justin remaining quiet.
"What was asked of you, love?"
Justin put his arms around Michael, hugging him tighter.
"Daniel asked me, in another dream, to stop you from killing Paul. If you would have killed him, all would have been lost. The path would have been changed. Evil would have won. I stopped you, Mico, from making a big mistake. Daniel had been right, you were lost to anger and hatred. He said only my love could stop you. My love saved you again."
Michael had tears running down his cheeks, staring at his lover in his arms.
"Yes, Jus. Your love will always save me."
The two remained together, no more words needed saying.
Paulo couldn't believe what Justin had said, both men had been there for each other.
Their love had saved each other.
Justin looked up seeing his new brother at the end of the bed.
"Paulo? You're okay?"
Paulo nodded, Justin beckoning him closer.
Paulo sat down on the bed, putting his hand gently on Justin's shoulder.
"We're all alright, Jus. Thanks to my brother, and thanks to you."
Justin smiled, releasing Michael and then hugging his brother.
Michael smiled, knowing how much Paulo now meant to Justin, and even more to him.
Justin kissed Paulo's cheek, Paulo's eyes full of tears.
"I'm tired, Mico. I want to sleep, but I keep seeing him there, those evil eyes. I only want to see you, to see your love."
Michael had him in his arms again, holding him gently.
"I'm here, I'm not going anywhere, my love. Close your eyes and you'll see only me, and our center of love."
Michael immediately began humming softly, Justin closing his eyes.
Michael's eyes glowed a little, Michael closing his.
Paulo quietly got up, walking slowly out of the room, looking back, seeing his brother's love for Justin. In his heart he knew Justin was wrapped in Michael's love, safe and protected.

Paulo went back to the guys, Josh telling him Lynn and Randall were on their way up from the first floor.
Paulo told them what Justin had said, everyone feeling the protection both men had.
Daniel's and God's. But most of all their own protective bond of love.
Lynn, Randall, Lisa, Jonathan and Stephen arrived shortly after, Josh and Lance telling them everything.
Justin's parents went down alone to see Justin.
They entered the room, finding Michael sitting beside Justin's bed, his hand in Justin's, their two rings together.
Both men were sleeping.
Lynn shook Michael's shoulder gently, Michael's eyes opening, looking up at her tearing face.
He was in her arms immediately, crying against her, Randall wrapping his arms around both of them.
"He's going to be alright, Michael. He's here with you, you are what he needs most. " She said, holding him.
Michael broke the hug, kissing both of their cheeks.
"I love him, he's my everything."
Randall smiled, sitting on his son's bed, looking at his son's bruised face.
Justin opened his eyes, seeing his father smiling at him, his lover and his mother standing behind him.
"Hi, Mom and Dad." Justin smiled sitting up slowly, his parents wrapping him tenderly in a hug.
Michael stood looking at Justin's parents holding their son, their love surrounding him.
"I'll be right back, Jus."
Justin nodded, his eyes never leaving Michael's as he left, his Mom rubbing his back.
A few minutes later, Michael walked back into the room, Jonathan and Stephen wrapped in his arms.
The two young men ran to the bed, Justin hugging both of them, all three brothers crying.
Lynn and Randall stood, their arms encircling Michael, all three looking down on the brothers.
"Our family is safe." Michael said, Justin looking up at him with love.

An hour later a police lieutenant interviewed Lonnie and Paulo about the whole attack.
Michael remained by Justin's bedside, the officer understanding his concern for his friend.
He told Lonnie he'd talk to Michael and Justin in a few days at home after Justin's release.
The media was going full blast covering the attack, the news breaking quickly.
Chris and Vicky had had to fight their way through, being inundated with questions.
The hospital was swarming with reporters clambering for information.
Dr. Andersone returned a few hours later informing Paulo and Josh of Paul's condition.
He had suffered a broken neck from the fall as well as severe spinal injures. He'd be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Before they'd taken him to surgery, Paul had pleaded to see Michael again, that he had to talk to him.
Paulo was worried what that would do to Michael.

Lynn and Randall, as well as everyone else, stayed late that evening, everyone quietly visiting Justin.
Lonnie broke down completely, Justin and Michael both hugging him tightly, Lonnie feeling their unchanged love for him.
Vicky hugged Michael for a long time, Michael taking great comfort in her loving friendship.
Justin teared up a lot at the least little thing, everyone sensing his fears still brewing below the surface.
But Justin smiled, feeling all the love his family and friends were showing him.
All through the evening his eyes never left Michael's, everyone seeing his nerves on edge, Michael being his calming anchor.
Michael never left the room after returning with Jonathan and Stevie.
He wasn't leaving Justin for anything.
They all knew that Michael alone was Justin's strength. His love would heal his distraught soul.
At ten they all left quietly, Justin and Michael remaining alone.
A police officer was posted outside the room, the press not having any chance to disturb Justin.
Michael was staying the night, his doctor understanding Michael's calming affect on Justin.
Justin curled up in the bed, Michael laying beside him, Michael's arms wrapped around him.
"I'm so scared, Mico. Why did he have to do that? What did I ever do to him?" Justin sobbed.
Michael held him tighter, kissing his cheek.
"I'm here, Timby. I'm here."
Justin closed his eyes, Michael's gifts taking him to that center of their love again, Justin falling into a fitful sleep.
Michael opened his eyes, looking down at his sleeping lover.
"I'm sorry, Jus. I'm sorry that I did this to you."

End of Chapter 86

And so Paul's attack was stopped. By Michael's and Justin's love and courage.
Is this the end for Paul?
Is Fredrick going to stay away?
What is Michael sorry for?
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