Justin's Angel-97

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Seth moved on top of Tomas, staring into his eyes.
Tomas saw something wonderful in those blue tearing eyes.
"Oh, Tommy. I can't ever hate you. I love you. What you just gave me, what you just did for me, it was so moving, so utterly unbelievable. I felt all your love, all your caring and love for me. You're right, Tommy. This wasn't sex, this was our love uniting, our souls uniting. I love you so much. Thank you, thank you for loving me."
Tomas's heart filled with joy and happiness, his lips seeking out Seth's, their kiss the first kiss of contented love. Of joined souls.
They parted, Seth's head falling against Tomas's chest, Tomas wrapping his arms around his lover.
"I love you, Tommy."
"I love you, my Sethy."
Tomas held him as he felt Seth relax and sleep overtake him.
Tomas was just beginning to feel sleep overtake him when he saw a faint light in the corner of the room.
He looked towards it, seeing it take a misty shape.
He stared as it changed into his sister's smiling face.
Tears flowed down his cheeks, a voice filling his mind.
"I love you, Tommy. And Seth will make you so happy. His love will make you so happy. Live your life in happiness now, Tommy. Your guardian angel will always love you, but Sethy will love you completely."
Tomas smiled, kissing his lover's forehead, looking at the smiling face.
"I love you, Carmy. Be happy. I know I will be with Sethy."
The vision smiled, blowing him a kiss, then fading, Tomas smiling, wiping tears from his eyes.
He felt Seth cling tighter to him, Tomas closing his eyes.
He fell asleep, wrapped in Seth's love.

Chapter 97

Justin woke up, seeing the bright sunshine cascading through the hotel window.
He yawned and stretched, alone in bed.
"Morning, love. Where are my angels?"
Justin felt Michael's love flood his soul.
"Morning, Justy. Love you. I'm giving Becky a bath, time to get up, love. We should be heading out shortly for breakie."
"Love ya more, sweetie. I'll be right in."
Justin got up out of bed, grabbing his shorts, and t-shirt, walking out of the bedroom.
They were in New Jersey, another concert this evening, Michael having a book signing this morning.
He walked into the bathroom, seeing Becky laughing in the tub, Michael sitting on its edge.
He leaned down, kissing Michael deeply, Michael purring, Becky smiling.
He then leaned over kissing Becky on the forehead.
"Good morning, angel."
"Morning, Uncle Justin."
Michael smiled seeing the love between these two. Becky's smile seemed to double in intensity when Justin walked into a room.
"Now that you're here babe, I'll call Paulo and Lonnie. You have some fun with your angel, but she needs to get clean."
Justin smiled, hearing the fatherly tone in Michael's voice.
"Yes, Daddy!" Justin said, he and Becky laughing, Michael just rolling his eyes, slapping Justin on the butt.
Michael got up, walking into the living room.
Within ten minutes Paulo and Lonnie were walking into the suite, just as Justin walked out of the bathroom with Becky wrapped in a big towel.
"What do you want to wear today, sunshine?"
"I want to wear my Justin t-shirt."
The guys all smiled, knowing how much she loved that t-shirt.
Michael had bought it for her the first night she was with them at Justin's concert.
It had a picture of Justin on the front, Becky wearing it all night with pride.
She constantly wore it, Michael having to hand wash it three times.
It had been over a week and a half since she'd been with them, every day a joy.
After tonight, they were going back home. Justin had three days off, then one concert, then an Easter break of two weeks before heading overseas for his European concert tour.
Michael smiled as Justin walked into Becky's room to help her change.
Michael sat down, stretching widely, yawning.
"You okay, Mikey? You look tired." Lonnie said smiling at him.
"I never knew how demanding it was to look after kids."
"Yeah, it can be time consuming. But you're having fun, right?" Lonnie said.
Michael smiled, looking towards the bedroom.
"I'm having a wonderful time with my two kids."
Lonnie and Paulo laughed, Justin walking out with Becky, both laughing.
Becky ran across the room jumping into Paulo's lap.
"Morning Paulo. Morning Lonnie."
They both said hello to her, Justin plopping down in Michael's lap.
"Geez, Paulo, you got the light one." Michael groaned, Becky laughing.
Justin leaned down, kissing Michael deeply.
"Yeah and yours is really affectionate." Paulo said.
Becky smiled, kissing Paulo on the nose.
Paulo smiled, hugging the little girl lovingly.
Within fifteen minutes, they were in the hotel restaurant sitting down for breakfast.
"So what's on the agenda today, love?" Michael asked, cutting up Becky's eggs and toast.
"You've got your signing in about two hours, I've got meet and greets at a television station this afternoon, then a couple of interviews. Looks like I'll be swamped." Justin said, Michael feeling his sadness at having to work.
"Just think about tomorrow, love. Three days at home."
Justin smiled, winking at Becky.
"And just what was that wink for?" Michael said, raising an eyebrow.
"Uncle Justin said we could go to Disneyland!" Becky said, a wide smile on her face.
Michael looked at Justin, his lover blushing deeply.
"So you two are going to abandon me?" Michael put a large pout on his face, Becky smiling.
"No, silly Mikey. You're coming too. I can't have fun without both my Unks."
Michael hugged the little girl, kissing her forehead.
Justin saw the deep love Michael felt for this little girl, it was only equaled by his own.
"So, looks like it's only you and me this afternoon, kiddo." Michael said smiling at her.
"Lets do our thing, Uncle Mikey."
Michael smiled, knowing what their thing was.
He'd read her a story, she'd play games with him, he'd spend time teaching her new learning skills, then a bit of good old fun, wrestling and tickling, followed by her taking a nap.
"For you my angel, anything."
Justin smiled watching Michael's interaction with the child.
Yes, Michael would make a great father. He showed love and caring, but also authority and calmness.
Justin knew that he himself was too much of a kid to be authoritative; but with Michael's caring heart, the two would be loving parents.
Michael disappeared after breakfast, heading for his signing, Justin looking after Becky.
What that entailed was the two kids having fun together, colouring and playing Playstation games together.
Michael returned around twelve o'clock, Justin kissing him deeply.
"How'd it go, love?" Justin hearing someone knocking on the suite door.
"Fantastic as usual, and I have a surprise." Michael said, walking to the door.
He opened it, Paulo walking in with bags of food and some other bags.
Paulo sat the food bags on the table, pulling out burgers and fries for everyone.
"Yay! Hamburgers!" Justin said, Becky laughing.
They'd stopped on the way back at Burger King, picking up food for everyone.
Everyone dove in, Michael helping Becky put ketchup on her fries.
Justin noticed two other bags, asking Michael what they were.
"I'll show you after lunch, Timby." Michael winked, Justin smiling.
Lonnie held in a laugh, Paulo smiling at Justin's love for surprises.
Everyone ate everything, Becky eating all her fries and burger, as well as drinking all her chocolate milkshake.
"Very good, sweetie." Michael smiled, getting up and grabbing the larger bag on the sofa.
"For being such an angel, Uncle Justin and I got you something."
Becky's eyes went wide, her smile melting everyone's heart.
Michael put the bag down beside her chair, Becky pulling out a couple of boxes.
She shrieked, Justin laughing.
There was a new Barbie doll, a car for the doll, as well as a horse.
"Oh thank you, Unks! Thank you so much!"
She hugged both men, Paulo helping her pull everything out of the boxes.
"Come with me, my love. We'll be right back, guys." Michael said, Lonnie and Paulo nodding.
Michael grabbed the other bag off the sofa, walking into the bedroom with Justin.
He locked the door behind him, Justin smirking.
"Am I going to be ravished?"
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply, pulling him into his arms.
"I love my man so much."
Justin purred, feeling Michael's love.
"I'm sorry, love, about last night."
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
Last night Justin's concert had run late, Michael returning to the suite with Becky, putting her to bed himself, then falling asleep alone.
Justin had come home late, having a lot of PR work after the concert.
Justin had been too tired to do anything but curl up against Michael, falling asleep immediately.
"You have nothing to apologize for, Jus. You were exhausted, it had been a long day for you. I felt your tiredness all evening. I knew those three hours on stage would be the clincher."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael again.
"I love you, Jus. That doesn't mean we have to make love every night. Every time we make love we are expressing our feelings. I know you love me. Besides, the less we do it the hornier we are when we do."
Justin laughed, resting his head on Michael's chest.
"I just missed touching and kissing you last night."
Michael smiled, hugging his lover tight.
"So what's in the bag?"
Michael smirked at his gift junkie.
"Just a few things for you, for when we're home."
Michael handed Justin the bag, Justin smiling and sitting on the bed.
Justin opened it, his eyes going wide.
He pulled out a sheer black satin tank top, with matching briefs.
He looked at Michael, blushing.
"Relax, honeybuns. It's for me to wear, for my man."
Justin's eyes went wide, imagining Michael wearing this skimpy outfit. He knew it would be so erotic.
Justin smiled, laying the items on the bed, going back into the bag.
He pulled out a pair of blue satin boxers.
"For my man. I need to be turned on too."
Justin smiled, dying to put them on for Michael, to excite him.
The last remaining item in the bag was a cardboard box, Justin looking at Michael and then opening it.
Justin eyes popped out of his head.
Inside the box was a twelve-inch long rubber-molded penis.
Justin looked at Michael, Michael licking his lips.
"For those nights when you can't come home on time."
Justin looked shocked.
Michael burst out laughing, jumping on top of Justin, kissing his lips.
"Just kidding, love. I want the real thing."
Justin smiled, rolling Michael over, kissing his lips again, his hands exploring his chest and center.
"Actually, that was a gift from Paulo. He said we can use it to excite our sex life."
Justin smirked, looking at Michael's mirthful smile.
"Maybe we should use it on him."
Michael laughed, Justin lost in his happiness.
"I love you, Jus. No toy will ever replace the real you."
Justin teared up, leaning in to kiss Michael again.
Michael pulled out a small box from his pant pocket, handing it to Justin.
"For you, my love."
Justin beamed, taking the box and sitting up, Michael sitting up beside him.
Justin opened the box, awed by the beautiful item inside.
Inside was a gold chain. A small pendant hung from it, a blue and gold pendant.
It was a dark blue onyx circle, with a golden center. A blue heart with a gold cross in its center sat in the center of the golden circle.
"Michael, it's beautiful! It's so beautiful!"
Justin pulled it out of the box, Michael opening the clasp, putting it around his neck.
Justin got up walking to the mirror, looking at the chain around his neck.
"It's so beautiful. What kind of symbol is this, Mico?"
"It's an old Spanish symbol. I found it when I was doing some research. I had it made especially for you. It's a symbol from my family's heritage, Jus. I wanted to give it to you to show you my love for you. You are a part of my family now, always."
Justin began to cry, Michael taking him in his arms.
"I'll wear it all the time, babe. And I'm so proud to be in your family. And to have you to love me."
Michael smiled, kissing Justin deeply.
"We should be getting back. You have to leave shortly."
"Tonight, I'm going to make love to you for hours, my love."
"Tonight we'll be in our own bed, Jus. We have three days to be happy with each other."
"I'm happy every day that I am with you."
Michael smiled, kissing him deeply.
"But we also have an angel to keep happy. Let's plan our day at Disneyland."
Justin beamed, taking Michael's hand and opening the bedroom door.
Becky was on the floor with Lonnie, playing with her new doll.
Paulo walked out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee in his hand, smiling at both men, Justin smirking at him.
"Thanks for the gift, Paulo. But it's too small for me. I'm used to Mico."
Paulo blushed deep red, Michael bursting out laughing, Lonnie looking confused.
"Don't worry, Paulo. I know just where to put it." Justin said, patting Paulo's backside.
Michael was in stitches, rolling on the carpet.
Becky climbed on top of him, smiling.
Michael looked up into her blue eyes, smiling also.
"Let's say goodbye to Uncle Justin. Then we'll do our thing."
Justin picked her up, kissing her cheek.
"You be good, angel. I'll be back soon."
Becky kissed him back, jumping into Michael's arms, Lonnie and Justin putting their coats on.
Justin kissed Michael deeply.
"Back soon, love. Around five thirty."
"OK, sweetie."
Michael watched the two men leave, the door closing.
Michael looked at Paulo, laughing again.
Paulo blushed, then started laughing too.
"I think I can handle all of it, Mikey. I have been with Jake, you know."
Michael laughed louder, Becky wondering what was so funny.
"Read me a story, Uncle Mikey."
Michael smiled, walking toward the couch and the storybook sitting on the coffeetable.

Their plane landed in Los Angeles at four in the morning.
Justin carried a sleeping Becky in his arms, Michael driving home.
They dropped Lonnie at his place, and Paulo at Jake's.
At four thirty, they walked into their home, Justin shutting off the alarm.
Justin carried Becky upstairs, stopping at the top of the stairs.
"Which room should I put her in, Mico?"
"Put her in our room, Jus. She sleeps with us tonight, or should I say this morning. I don't want her waking up in a strange room all by herself. If she wakes up before us, she'll be with us."
Justin smiled, feeling Michael's love for this special little girl.
Within twenty minutes the three tired travelers were sound asleep, Becky sleeping cozily between the two men.

Michael woke up to a ringing telephone, grabbing the portable off the nightstand.
"Hello." He said, looking down, seeing Becky sleeping with Justin's arms wrapped around her.
"Morning, Mikey." An enthusiastic voice came over the phone.
"Morning, Lance. What time is it?"
"It's nine, Mikey. Time to rise and shine."
"Geez, Lancy. We just got to bed at five." Michael said, sitting up in a daze, stretching.
"Oh God, Mike! I'm so sorry! Josh thought you'd be in around one."
"Our plane didn't leave until midnight."
"I'll let you go back to sleep then, Mikey."
"No, it's okay, Lance. I'm up now, I'll stay up. Want to come over and chat?"
Michael felt Lance's smile.
"Okay, Mike. Josh and I will be over, we'll bring breakfast."
Michael agreed, hanging up the phone.
He looked at Justin, and Becky, both sound asleep.
"And the innocent will sleep unencumbered." He thought, smiling.
He got up, taking a quick shower, then heading downstairs.
Lance and Josh knocked on the front door about half an hour later, Michael letting them in.
"Morning guys, what's for breakie?"
Lance held out three bags, all from McDonald's.
"Oh great, food for the masses." Michael smiled.
They went to the kitchen, sitting down and pulling out the food.
Michael put some egg McMuffins and hash browns in the fridge for the kiddies later.
They chatted, laughing and catching up, while they ate.
Michael felt deep happiness in Josh and Lance.
"I saw the papers and a few of the magazines, guys. I'm proud of both of you."
Josh had made the papers, his open dancing coming to light in some photographs.
Someone at the wedding had leaked a couple of pictures.
The gossip columns were gathering steam.
They hadn't officially announced their relationship.
"I'll admit it to whoever asks me first. I have no qualms about it now. I love Lance, and he loves me." Josh said, Lance looking at him with pride and love.
"We're all here for you, Josh. And I just want to say that I'm proud of you. Really proud." Michael said, Josh's eyes tearing up.
Josh got up, Michael standing.
The two hugged deeply, Michael surprised at Josh's emotional state.
"I don't know how to thank you, Mike. What you've done for me. How you forgave my stupidity, my jealousy and opened your heart to being my friend. It's so unbelievable. And you gave me Lance, you helped me find his love. I love you so much for that, Mikey. I love you so much."
Michael patted his back, Josh sobbing into his chest, Michael urging Lance up.
Lance got up, Michael guiding Josh into his lover's strong arms.
"It's okay, Joshy. I feel the same. And you know Mikey hates thank-yous."
Michael smiled, looking at both tearing men.
"All I need is your love, and friendship. That's all I ever wanted. And I have it."
Michael turned to grab the coffee pot, all three men hearing running footsteps on the hallway floor.
Becky came running into the kitchen, Lance scooping her up. Justin walked into the room, Michael hugging him.
"Morning, love. Love ya." Justin said, kissing him tenderly.
"Love ya more, sexy. Good morning."
"Hey Lancy, Joshy." Justin said, hugging his best friend, then patting Lance's back.
"Hey, Justin. How's it been with the little angel?" Josh said, kissing Becky's cheek.
"We've had lots of fun. Justin is so much fun. He's taking me to Disneyland tomorrow!"
"Lucky girl!" Josh said, tickling her in Lance's arms.
Becky laughed, Michael smiling at everyone's love for the little angel.
"You two are welcome to come. What's two more kids??" Michael said, laughing.
Lance and Josh heartily agreed, Justin happy as well.
"Oh shoot, Joshy! We forgot our gift for Becky!"
"I'll run home and get it, Lance."
"No sweetie, I'll run back, I want to grab my planner anyway, so Mikey and I can co?ordinate a couple of things."
"Coordinate what?"
"Nothing much, I'll be right back."
Lance kissed Josh, fishing the keys out of Josh' front pocket, Josh smiling widely, Lance leaving.
Josh turned, looking at Michael. Michael blushed, pulling out the food for Becky and Justin.

Lance drove home, smiling to himself.
Life was good. Josh was open with their relationship now, and Lance had his love.
He loved Josh with all his heart, their love something unbelievable.
Lance knew now what he wanted to do. What Michael was going to help him do.
They'd briefly chatted on the phone a few times in the last week, Michael offering his help.
He wanted it to be a moment Josh would remember with love.
Lance smiled, eager for that special moment.
He pulled up into Josh's driveway.
He went into the house shutting off the alarm, walking into the kitchen.
Becky's gift lay on the kitchen table where they'd left it.
He smiled picking up the bag, and grabbing his planner off the kitchen counter.
He heard the front doorbell ring and, putting the bag and planner down again, walked back down the hallway and opened the front door.
Lance's heart clenched in his chest.
Standing on the front step was Reichen.

Justin, Paulo and Josh were laughing around the kitchen table, Michael cleaning up the dishes in the sink.
Becky sat in Josh's lap coloring in a book.
Paulo was just finishing his breakfast, the last one up.
They were all laughing at a story Paulo was telling about Becky, when they heard the plate crash to the floor.
Justin looking up at Michael.
Michael's face was white.
"Mico, what's wrong?" Justin asked, at his side in a flash.
Michael looked at Justin, then stared at Josh.
"It's Lance. He's terrified."
Josh leapt up, staring at Michael.
"What's going on, Michael? What do you mean he's terrified?" Justin said, a tremor in his voice.
"It's Reichen. He's at your house, Josh. He's with Lance."
Josh didn't wait for anything else, he took off running, Michael and Justin right behind him.
Paulo yelled that he'd stay with Becky, and call Lonnie, picking up the phone.
The three men jumped into Justin's SUV, Justin flooring it down their driveway.

Lance stared at Reichen.
"What are you doing here?"
"I'm here to make things right. The way they should be."
"Get out of here, Reichen. I have nothing to say to you."
"I don't give a fuck what you have to say. I'm going to tell you what I need to say."
Lance tried to close the door, Reichen's hand going against it, forcing it open.
Lance backed down the hallway, panic settling into his soul.
"You think you can just hook up with someone after me? I saw the papers, Lance! You're letting hunky JC Chasez fuck you now! You really are a whore, Lance! But you forget, it was me that made you that whore!"
"I'm not a whore! I'm a loving, good man! You never could see that!"
"You're mine, and always have been! I'll take you back, Lance! Come back to the life you deserve! You might as well face what you are! And that you like it!"
Lance felt his old feelings begin to surface.
His feelings of worthlessness and despair. The feeling of hopelessness.
"Josh loves me! He told me that! He really loves me!" Lance said, more to himself than to Reichen.
Reichen laughed out loud, a mean hard laugh.
"Chasez? In love with you? How ridiculous is that? Geez, Bass, you're an idiot! JC would fuck anything that moves!  I've heard he's as much a whore as you are!"
Lance's mind snapped back into focus, hearing Reichen's hateful words against his Josh.
Lance stared at him, his mind focusing on the truth. Lance seeing him now for what he really was, for what he'd always been.
A lecherous, unloving man.
"How dare you?! How dare you speak about the man I love like that!! And about me! You don't know anything about me or him! We love each other deeply! A love you've never known or ever will! Get out of my house right now, or I'll throw you out!!"
Reichen stared at Lance seeing the anger in his eyes, seeing the determination.
This wasn't the weak Lance he knew.
"Fuck, Lance! You think I'm scared of little you! You don't have your friend Michael here to protect you now!"
Lance didn't move, his eyes glaring at Reichen.
"Lance, I'm going to fuck you and then let my friends fuck you! Like the whore you are!"
"You come near me and I'll fuck you! I'll fuck you up real good!"
Reichen made a lunge at Lance, his hands trying to grab his throat. Lance side stepped him, grabbing his shirt by the neck.
He wheeled him around, facing him.
"Get out of my house, Reichen! I never want to see you again!"
Reichen took a swing at him, his fist missing Lance's head, Lance punching Reichen in the face.
Reichen's head flew back, Lance punching him in the stomach.
Reichen doubled over, falling to his knees.
Lance walked down the hallway, opening the front door.

Josh was frantic, Michael seeing his deep worry.
Justin was speeding, still cautious with his surroundings, but worried also.
But Michael sensed something new.
He felt all Lance's feelings, now feeling Lance's courage.
They pulled up through the gates of Josh's home.
They saw the car parked in the driveway, Justin pulling up behind it.
They were out of the vehicle in a flash.
They all saw the front door wide open.
Josh started to run toward it, Michael grabbing him by the shirt.
"Stop, Josh. Hold on a moment."
Josh stared at his friend.
"What the fuck?! Let me go, Mikey! Lance is in trouble!"
"No he's not." Michael said, pointing towards the open door.
Josh and Justin followed his gaze.
Out of the door came Reichen, flying.
He landed on the front lawn, flipping over and rolling across the grass.
Lance walked out into the sunshine, staring at the man laying in the grass.
"I told you to get out or I'd throw you out! I'm a man of my word!"
Josh and Justin stood in shock, staring at Lance standing proudly on his own.
Josh slowly walked up to Lance, staring at him, seeing such courage and determination in his green eyes.
"You okay, sweetie?"
"I'm fine, Joshua. I was just throwing out the trash."
Justin smirked, Michael looking quietly at him.
Reichen crawled up to his knees, staring up at Lance.
"Get out of here, Reichen! There's nothing more for you here! I'll never let you hurt me ever again!" Lance said staring at him.
Michael saw the fear in Reichen's eyes. His fear of Lance.
Reichen got up, looking at everyone. Reichen stared into Michael's unmoving eyes.
Reichen felt the truth in Michael's gaze.
They all saw his black eye, Reichen looking defeated. He staggered to his car, getting in and barreling down the driveway.
He almost collided with Lonnie as he drove into the yard.
Lonnie looking at the disheveled man driving the car.
He pulled up, jumping out of his car.
"You okay, Lance? Was that Reichen leaving?"
Lance looked at Michael, then turned walking back into the house.
Josh looked after him, Michael putting his hand on Josh's shoulder.
"He needs us, guys. And he needs you more, Josh."
They all walked into the house, finding Lance in the livingroom, standing at the window, looking out at nothing.

Josh looked at Michael, not sure what to do for Lance. Michael sensed Josh needing his involvement.
Michael guided Josh to the white sofa, Josh sitting down.
Michael walked to Lance, Justin standing beside Josh, Lonnie standing in the doorway.
"You doing okay, Lance? I felt your feelings of terror, then your feelings of doubt."
"I opened the door and he was standing there, Mikey. He forced his way in, I felt so terrified.
And then he told me he had come for me, that I was his whore, and always would be. That I wasn't capable of being anything else."
Michael put his hand on his shoulder, Lance turning, his tearing eyes staring into Michael's.
"Then he started saying things about my Josh, mean things and I couldn't let him do that. Not against the man that I love so much."
Josh's gaze never left his lover's beautiful face, Josh's own eyes tearing.
Michael smiled, feeling Lance's determination.
"I told him off, then he lunged at me. And I fought him, Mikey. I fought him. And then I threw him out of our house."
Michael nodded, staring at him with calmness.
"You felt all your love for Josh, it brought out your courage."
Lance turned his head, seeing Josh sitting on the white sofa.
"I love him so much, Michael. I won't let anyone badmouth him. He's my love. I love him so much. But Reichen brought out those deep doubts, that I'm not good enough for Josh, that I'll end up alone. That maybe he was right."
Michael walked away from Lance, going to the end of the couch, standing beside Justin, the two entwining their hands.
Michael stared down at Josh, Josh looking at him, wiping away tears from his eyes.
Josh put his hand in his jacket pocket, pulling out something.
Josh looked down at what was in his hands, Michael then looking at him, tears in his eyes.
Josh looked up at Lance, their eyes connecting, Michael watching them both.
Josh looked down at the large floral display on the coffee table.
He pulled a red rose out of the bouquet. He put the item back in his jacket pocket.
Josh stood, walking towards Michael and Justin, hugging them both tenderly. Justin had seen what was in Josh's hand, sensing something about to happen.
They both stared at Lance, trying to send him their love for what they both sensed was about to happen.
Josh then walked past them to his lover standing at the window.
Josh put his hand on his shoulder.
"You're not alone, my love. I am here, always. I am yours forever. I love you with all my heart. Will you let me love you?" Josh said to his man.
Lance turned and looked into Josh's loving eyes.
"I love you, Josh. My heart needs you so much."
Josh hugged the crying man to him, then kissed him deeply.
Michael looked at Justin, who hugged him close.
"You were right, my love. They are soulmates."
Michael smiled, realizing it was his vision coming true.
That vision he'd had so long ago, when Josh had discovered the truth about Michael and Justin's destiny.
That day at his old apartment when Michael had learned the truth from Josh about that night in the clearing.
He'd touched Josh and seen the vision materialize.
Josh and Lance parted from their kiss, Josh handing Lance the rose.
"In my eyes you will always be my everything, Lance."
Lance cried, Josh hugging him tight.
Josh stood still looking into Lance's green eyes.
"My darling, in you I have found my heart and soul; my soulmate and my love. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for you being in my life. I was lost before I found your love. My life now feels complete. I have your love, and I have you."
Lance felt tears rolling down his cheeks.
"Reichen was completely wrong. You are nothing like he said. You are a wonderful, giving, loving man."
Lance saw no deceit or falseness in Josh's blue eyes, blue eyes that were sinking into his soul.
"I love you, Lance. There's only one way for me to show you that love. The way my soul needs to express it."
Justin and Lonnie were in tears, feeling their friends' love, Michael standing in silence.
Paulo and Becky walked up beside Lonnie in the doorway, having just arrived. Lonnie quietly whispering to Paulo what was going on.
Michael looked at his brother for a moment, quietly smiling, then turning back to the two lovers.
Michael felt Lance's feeling, feeling the lingering doubt still left in him.
But Michael sensed Josh's feelings, too. Josh was going to destroy those doubts.
Josh turned, walking to the piano, sitting down.
Lance stared at him, seeing his love about to play music for him.
The room filled with music, Josh's beautiful voice filling the small room, everyone lost in the song.

All my life was a paper
Once plain, pure and white.
Till you moved with your pen
Changin' moods now and then
Till the balance was right.
Then you added some music,
Every note was in place
And anybody could see
All the changes in me
By the look on my face.

And you decorated my life,
Created a world where dreams are a part.
And you decorated my life,
By paintin' your love all over my heart.
You decorated my life

Lance was in tears, the words filling his soul.
All the feelings of doubt were gone. He'd stood up against Reichen, and Josh was his soulmate. He'd felt all of Josh's love in every word, his soul and heart full of Josh's love now.

Like a rhyme with no reason
In an unfinished song
There was no harmony
Life meant nothin' to me,
Until you came along.
And you brought out the colors
What a gentle surprise
Now I'm able to see
All the things life can be
Shinin' soft in your eyes.

And you decorated my life
Created a world where dreams are a part.
And you decorated my life
By paintin' your love all over my heart
You decorated my life

Lance was sobbing, Josh walking back to him, taking him into his arms.
Lance finally calmed down, looking into Josh's blue eyes.
"In my heart there now is a love of unbelievable beauty. It's your love, Lance."
"And a more beautiful love is in my heart, Joshua. It's your love."
"This is for us, Lance." Josh said, handing Lance the small box which he'd pulled out of his pocket again.
Lance looked at the velvet box, staring into Josh's blue pools of love.
Lance opened the box, looking at two beautiful rings.
They were both golden, one with a blue stone and one with a green stone.
Josh took the blue stoned ring out of the box, staring into Lance's green eyes.
"Blue for the color of my eyes, green for your beautiful eyes."
Lance smiled, looking at the blueness of the beautiful ring, then looking into Josh's loving blue orbs..
Lance felt a tremble go through Josh, Josh's eyes tearing.
"I love you Lance. With all my heart and soul. There's only one thing left I have to say."
Josh got down on one knee, staring up at the love of his life. Lance gasped, not believing what he felt was about to happen.
"Will you marry me, Lance?"
Everyone in the room was crying, the silence stretching.
Lance sank to his knees, hugging Josh to him, tears flowing.
"Oh God, Josh! Yes! I love you, Joshua! I'll marry you! I love you!"
Josh smiled, holding Lance into his arms, kissing him deeply.
Justin was sobbing, Michael holding him, Lonnie crying openly.
Paulo smiled, his eyes full of tears, looking down at the small child, Becky smiling up at him.
Josh took Lance's hand, slipping the ring on Lance's finger.
He handed Lance the other ring from the box.
Lance slipped it on Josh's finger.
"I love you, Lance. You've made me so happy. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
The two stood up, looking at their friends.
Everyone was hugging them immediately, Justin crying, hugging his best friend tightly, both men sobbing. Michael kissed Lance's cheek, smiling.
Josh then looked into Michael's golden eyes.
"This was your vision, wasn't it?" Josh said, Lance also looking at Michael.
"Yes, Josh and Lance. I saw both of you here, I saw all of this play out. And to me it was one of the most beautiful visions I've ever seen. As will be all that comes to pass in the future. I wish both of you only happiness and love. Your future will be so fantastic."
Both men cried, hugging their friend to them, Michael hugging both of them with deep love.
Justin stood beside them, crying, feeling Michael's happiness.
Everyone smiled at the touching moment, Michael's love showing for these two men.
"So I guess you can scrap your plans, Lance." Michael said, wiping tears from his eyes.
Josh looked at Lance, Lance blushing.
"I was planning on proposing to you, Josh. Michael was going to help me set it all up. But now I see why you wanted to discuss it all first, Mikey. You knew this was going to happen, so you successfully stalled me on my plans."
Michael blushed, Justin putting his arm around him.
"I'm sorry Lancy. Am I forgiven?"
Lance smile widened, hugging Michael again.
"There's nothing to forgive! You are so unbelievable!"
Michael smiled, talking about what had just happened, everyone knowing he was diverting the attention away from him.
Josh went into the kitchen bringing out drinks for all as well as Becky's forgotten gift.
Becky squealed, loving the numerous Polly Pockets that Lance and Josh had gotten her.
Justin and Becky sat on the floor playing, Paulo joining in.
Josh and Lance snuggled on the couch, Michael smiling at all of his friends.
Today had been a special day, a day of drama and a final happiness.

They stayed at Josh's all afternoon, having lunch and just talking.
Justin made a few phone calls, finalizing their trip to Disneyland for tomorrow.
They all sat around, Justin and Michael cuddling together. Lance and Josh seemed lost in each other's arms.
Lonnie watched the two couples, seeing their intimacy and love.
"Hey guys, since this is such a wonderful day, why don't Paulo and I take Becky out for a while. You four need some time alone. Justin and Mikey can head home, Lance and Josh we'll leave you alone here.
Come on Paulo, let's take Becky out for some ice cream, then maybe a movie. What do you say, Becky?"
Becky yelled Hooray, everyone laughing.
So Lonnie, Paulo and Becky left in Lonnie's car, Lonnie saying they'd be back home around six, bringing supper back with them.
Justin and Michael drove home, Michael driving Justin's SUV.
Justin held his hand, kissing him now and again, the two talking about the events of the day.
"We have to throw them an engagement party, right love?" Michael said, Justin smiling at him.
"Yes, love. It's only fitting."
"How about Friday night, our place? Everyone's here for Easter, and it's Good Friday. And something good has just happened."
Justin laughed at Michael's small joke, kissing his cheek.
"Michael, you know how I feel about religion, right?"  Michael nodded.  "Well, I'm not comfortable having a party on Good Friday." Justin said smiling.
"I'm sorry.  You're right.  I hadn't thought about it that way. How about Saturday night, we don't have anything planned, do we Justin?"
Justin kissed Michael again, his hand sneaking between his legs.
"No sweetie, I think it's a fantastic idea!"

The moment the last car was out of the driveway, Josh had Lance in his arms.
Their kiss was a heated kiss of passion and happiness.
Josh picked up Lance in his arms, carrying him upstairs.
Their lips remained connected, both feeling their desires.
Within moments, they were in their bedroom.
Josh stood in front of Lance, his clothes quickly laying on the floor.
Lance's clothes had joined his a few moments later.
The two stared at each other's beautiful body.
"God, Lance! You are so breathtaking! I fall in love with you every time I see you like this!"
Lance closed the distance between them, their lips uniting in a kiss of passion.
Their hardness rubbed against each other, both feeling their excitement.
Lance parted from Josh's moist lips, Josh murmuring his disapproval.
"Josh, I love you so much. I see you standing here beside me, your body so beautiful, every inch setting my heart on fire."
Josh gazed into Lance's longing eyes.
"It's time, Josh. Time for me to give myself to you completely. You've been so giving and loving. It's time I gave you my love, and all of my body. I want you, I need you."
Josh was in tears, feeling the deep love Lance was showing him.
"I want to make it so beautiful for you, Lance. Not what you felt before, never like that, but something special. My love will never hurt you, I promise. All I can do is love you."
Lance pulled him close, kissing him deeply.
Each lover's hands roamed the other's body, Lance stroking Josh's large cock.
Lance lay back on the bed, Josh climbing on top of him.
Josh licked every inch of Lance's smooth chest, licking and sucking his hardened nipples, Lance gasping.
Josh took Lance's throbbing shaft into his mouth, lost in its taste and warmth.
Lance bucked and trembled, feeling Josh's tender care, and heated passion.
"Oh God, Joshy! That feels so fantastic! Oh God!"
Josh felt his lover's desire, sucking and licking more ardently.
Lance was on the edge, and Josh knew it.
Josh sank more into his mouth, his lips tasting Lance's pubic hair, all of Lance's hardness in his throat now.
Lance couldn't control it now, he bucked and felt it take him away.
He yelled Josh's name, Josh's mouth flooded with Lance's liquid love.
Josh drank from the fountain of Lance, filling his soul and heart with all of Lance's love.

Josh cuddled against Lance, kissing him gently and softly, his fingers lightly caressing his body.
"Oh God, Josh! That was so incredible!"
"I'm only starting, my sweetness. Let me take you to a new place, a place where you and I can find each other's faith, love and trust. You've taken me there so many times, Lance. The center of our love."
Lance kissed Josh deeply, rolling on top of him, looking into his blue eyes.
"I trust you, Josh. I have faith in your loving soul. I'm yours, forever."
Josh leaned up, kissing him deeply.
Lance let Josh roll him back over, Josh now on top of him.
Josh stared into his eyes, leaning over, about to pull out a condom from the drawer, Lance stopping his hand.
"No, Josh. We need no protection now. I got our results back from Dr. Harper. We're both completely clean. Now we can be one, in all senses. I need no protection from your love. I love you and trust you."
Josh kissed Lance deeply, removing the tube from the drawer.
Josh opened the tube of lube, coating his fingers, leaving the condoms in the drawer.
Lance moved his legs up, Josh not breaking eye contact with him.
"I love you and trust you, Josh. I give you all of me. Make love to me."
Lance's eyes were full of emotion, Josh kissing his lips lightly.
Josh looked down, his fingers seeking out Lance's center. He gently rubbed the tender rosebud, seeing the beauty of it. He wanted more.
He moved his body down, his tongue licking Lance's balls.
Lance moaned, Josh feeling the tremble in his body.
Josh's tongue went lower, flicking the small opening, Lance gasping, his hands running through Josh's silky hair.
"Oh God, yes! Please don't stop!"
Josh smiled, now tonguing the moist center ardently, his slick hand stroking Lance's hardened shaft, Lance groaning and trembling.
Josh's tongue sank deep, Josh lost in the taste of his lover's center.
Josh moved his hand down, working two fingers inside Lance, Lance moaning.
He spread the sphincter wider, his fingers opening the opening.
Josh gently pulled out his fingers, raising Lance's legs.
Josh positioned himself, looking down at Lance's beautiful face.
"I love you, Lance." Josh said, their eyes gazing into each other's soul.
Josh pushed forward, all of him sinking into Lance, almost as if Lance was pulling him into himself.
Lance gasped, his body coming up, his arms wrapping around Josh.
His mind opened into a place of unfathomable beauty.
He was in their center of love.
It was a place he couldn't believe existed. But in his heart he knew it was where he always wanted to be.

Michael opened his eyes, smiling widely.
Justin stared down at his lover, seeing the large smile cross his face.
Justin was sunk deep inside him, Michael's hands attached to his butt.
Justin moaned, feeling the warmth of Michael's insides wrapped around his throbbing shaft.
"What are you smiling at, my love?"
"It's Lance and Josh. They've united in their center of love. They are complete now."
Justin smiled widely, knowing Michael had instantly sensed their happiness.
Michael pulled Justin down, their lips connecting.
"But no center is more loving than ours, Jus. I'm in it now, the music fills me."
Justin moaned, his rhythm picking up.
Michael pulled him down, sinking him deeper inside him, needing all of Justin's love joined to him.
Justin felt the edge nearing, leaning down, sucking on Michael's left nipple, Michael now whimpering.
Justin's hand wrapped around Michael's erect shaft, Michael trembling.
Michael and Justin exploded together; both men lost in that center, at almost the same time as Lance and Josh did in their center of love.

Josh lay in bed, holding Lance in his arms, Lance finally calming down.
He'd been sobbing for ten minutes, Josh just holding him, sending him his love.
"Are you okay, my love?" Josh asked tenderly, beginning to worry at Lance's silence.
Lance looked into Josh's blue pools of love.
"I never felt that before, Josh! All those times that Reichen and those others did that to me it never felt like this! Why does this feel so different? Why hadn't it felt like this before?"
Josh kissed his forehead, pulling him tighter.
"Because this was done with love, Lance. This wasn't me using you. This was me showing you my love for you. All those other times you hadn't felt love. It was only sex. This is true love. I've felt it every time you made love to me, my Lance."
Lance laid his head on Josh's chest, feeling the warmth of his body.
"Thank you, Josh. Thank you for destroying the pain. For showing me that I deserve your love. I love you."
Josh smiled, running his hand down Lance's back.
"Would you make love to me now, Lance? I want you to show me your love. I need my fianceť to show me his love."
Lance raised his head, smiling at that word.  Fianceť!
Josh and he were engaged. They were going to be married.
"I'd love to show you my love. And I'll show you slowly, my angel."
The two kissed, Josh letting Lance take charge, Lance showing him his love.

Lonnie and Paulo arrived home with Becky just after six, bringing Chinese food back with them.
They found Justin and Michael snuggling in the living room, Becky climbing into Justin's lap.
"How was the movie, sweetie?" Michael asked.
"It was fun, but Lonnie fell asleep."
Lonnie blushed, Paulo and Justin laughing.
"Any word from the newly engaged couple?" Paulo asked, Michael smiling.
"I think we can go ahead and eat, they won't be coming after all. They need only each other tonight." Justin said, Michael looking at him.
"I just feel it, Mico."
Michael nodded, looking at Justin quietly.
Michael told Lonnie and Paulo about the planned party, both thinking it fantastic.
After dinner was finished, and they had relaxed watching a movie, Justin put Becky to bed. Twenty minutes later saw Paulo and Lonnie saying goodnight to hugs.
Justin locked up everything, walking into their bedroom, not seeing Michael.
"I'm in the washroom love, be out in a second. There's something on the bed for you."
Justin smiled, walking up to the bed. He saw the blue satin boxers laying on the bed. He smiled widely, pulling off his shirt and pants.
He put on the blue satin boxers that Michael had left on the bed, sitting down on the bed, waiting for Michael.
Michael opened the door of the washroom, walking out into the bedroom.
Justin stood up, staring at Michael, at his breathtaking beauty.
The black satin tank top sent Justin's heart racing. It showed every curve and muscle on Michael's taut chest.
Justin's eyes followed the tank top down to the satin briefs.
Justin could see every outline of Michael's enlarged cock, even the head detail.
Michael stared at Justin's naked chest, his abs and lean body. The blue satin clung to his rising member, Michael licking his lips.
"Lay down, my love." Michael said, Justin hearing the lust in Michael's voice.
Justin lay down on the bed, Michael climbing on top of him.
Justin felt the silk against his skin, his body trembling.
"I love you Jus. Feel my body, run your hands all over my silky body." Michael said, his eyes closing.
Justin ran his hands across Michael's chest, feeling the sleekness of the fabric, his hands rubbing the center of Michael.
Michael moaned and trembled, his eyes opening again, Justin seeing the deep lust there.
"I need you Justin, I need to be inside you."
Justin felt his urgency, Michael's hands rubbing the blue fabric, one hand sliding through the leg hole, grasping Justin's shaft.
The other hand went through the other leg hole, seeking the heated center, one finger slipping in.
Justin gasped, feeling Michael's experienced touch, knowing Michael's need.
In one fluid motion, Michael flipped Justin over, pulling the blue satin boxers down and off his muscular legs.
Michael's face went between Justin's mounds, his mouth finding the delicate rosebud, his tongue sinking into him.
Justin was whimpering, his whole body shaking.
He'd never felt this need in Michael, it was as if he was trying to devour him.
Then Justin felt Michael's tongue pull out, the air cooling the wetness of his sweating ass, then felt Michael's blade of steel sink deep inside him in one swift motion.
Justin gasped, Michael's arms wrapping around him, pulling him upwards onto his knees.
Michael sucked on Justin's earlobe, his hot breath sending Justin into a frenzy.
Michael pinched his right nipple, his other hand stroking Justin's aching cock.
"Oh God, Mico! This is so fantastic!  Take me, take me deep!!"
Michael obliged, sinking deep into Justin. Justin never felt Michael's cock so large and throbbing.
Michael was moaning and gasping, then he screamed, his fluid gushing inside Justin, his arms pulling Justin backwards. Justin's own orgasm erupted, his juices flying all across his chest and onto his face and Michael's.
Justin had never shot like this before, both men shaking and falling backwards, Justin laying now on top of Michael.
They both took a long time to come down from this height of passion.
Justin lay panting, then he felt Michael trembling beneath him.
Then he heard Michael's sobs.
Justin got up, pulling Michael into his arms, his lover practically bawling in his arms.
It took a long time for Michael to stop crying, Justin holding him tightly.
Michael finally looked into his blue eyes, Justin kissing him tenderly.
"Oh, Jus! It's so unbelievable!"
"What's unbelievable, Mico?" Justin asked with deep love in his voice.
"Our love. Our deep true love. When I climaxed, I felt it happen. I couldn't stop it. I felt a newness in ourselves."
"I know my love, that's what I felt. I've never felt that passion or desire in either of us. It almost consumed me." Justin said, Michael kissing him gently, his eyes full of tears.
"It's happened, Justin. The voice told me it would, but I didn't believe it."
"What's happened? Please tell me, Mico."
"Look inside yourself, Jus. Close off your mind, and you'll understand."
Justin stared at Michael for a moment, then closed his eyes.
Instantly he felt it, a feeling flowing through him, a sense of something hidden inside him. He searched for what it was, finally finding it deep in his mind. And then he felt it.
Justin's eyes flew open, staring into Michael's.
"We are one soul completely now, Jus. My gifts have entered you. I've let my power enter you."
Justin looked totally shocked, then felt the power.
Justin looked over on the dresser, seeing the books laying there.
He focused his mind, the books moving across the dresser and falling to the floor.
Justin sat stunned, staring at Michael, Michael seeing his total shock.
Then Justin saw Michael's tears falling, taking his lover in his arms.
"Oh, Jus, I'm sorry! I never wanted you to have this power, I never wanted you to carry my burden."
Justin felt Michael's sorrow, his pain at giving Justin some of his gifts.
"Oh, Mico! It's okay, it's unbelievable actually! I've never felt anything like this! It feels so different!"
"I've known for a long time that this might happen, our being so close, so entwined, it was almost certain to happen. I've fought to try and stop it. I never wanted you to feel this."
"Michael, I love you. I will easily carry your burden. Do you know why?"
Michael looked into Justin's eyes.
"Because I love you. For some reason I have been meant to have this. So I accept it easily. Just as I've accepted your love."
Michael teared up, hugging Justin tightly.
"But we'll talk about this tomorrow. We both need some sleep. Lay down here against me, my love." Justin sensing Michael's tiredness.
Justin lay down, Michael curling up beside him, Justin wrapping his arms around him, Michael's head laying on his chest.
"I love you, Mico. This doesn't change anything."
"I love you, Jus."
Justin held him, gradually feeling him relax, Michael soon lightly snoring.
Justin lay there, his eyes closed, feeling the power laying inside him. He sensed it wasn't anything spectacular like Michael's power, just a new part of Michael inside him.
That made Justin smile. Part of Michael was inside him.
Justin gradually fell asleep.
The shadows in the room gave way to a silent form, that stood beside the bed, looking down on both men.
"And so the souls are one. The gifts are in place. Now begins the truth and God's judgement."
Adrian walked silently around the bed, touching Michael's cheek.
"Soon, my friend. Soon."
Adrian smiled, then faded back into the darkness.

End of Chapter 97

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