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Previously . . .

It was Chris' turn to speak up. " We all think he does have to do it. So, get with the smooching so we can continue on with this game. "

Howie got up and walked over to where Lance was sitting and pulled him up off the floor.

They both just stared at each other for a minute.

Howie said," Are you sure that you wanna do this? I mean, it's just a ga. . . . " Lance grabbed Howie's face and pulled him into a kiss. Not just a quick kiss. It was a full out, neck grabbing, eyes closed, tongue swapping kiss.

After a couple of minutes of kissing, and some howling and hooting by the rest of us, they finally parted.

"Does that answer your question?" Lance asked Howie, smiling.

"Um. Yeah. I guess. . . I just. . . Wow. . I. . . uh. . yeah. . . . Damn. . . " Howie was babbling. We all started laughing at him.

"Guess that answers who you guys had to deal with being gay in your group" Kevin said and they all nodded at him.

Lance sat down and pulled a dazed looking Howie down with him.


Chapter 11 -

"It's Howie's turn but he appears to be a little distracted. So, I'll go for him. Justin, truth or dare ?" Lance asked.

"Dare. I'm not afraid of you. Just don't make me kiss J. C. " Justin laughed and dodged a punch in the arm from J. C.

After Justin came back from the bathroom with his underwear around his head and we all had a good laugh, my stomach started to grumble. It seemed to be contagious.

"I'm starving. Who wants food ?" I asked.

10 hands went into the air. " I should have known. You guys eat all the time. " I chuckled.

"Everyone get changed and meet back here in like 20. Sound good ?" Kevin said, getting up off the floor.

Everyone agreed and started to head out to their rooms to change. Howie paused behind for a minute and closed the door before saying goodbye to Lance.

"Something you want to talk about Howie ?" I asked him, smiling broadly.

"How did you know ? I was watching him the whole time and he never even once gave me a glance. I figured that he was just not interested. "

"I didn't know if he was either. I just took a chance and I guessed that either he would do it or that he'd get a gross look on his face. But, when he looked at the floor and was blushing, I knew that he was receptive. " I explained.

"Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I've only dreamed that he even liked me let alone would kiss me like that. You're sweet. " he said, hugging me.

"Nah, you're Sweet D. It's good to see you so happy. Now, go change so you can get to see your. . . " I was at a loss for words.

"He's not a boyfriend yet. You've only kissed. So I guess that makes him your kissee. " I said.

"If I'm not mistaken," Kevin said, coming into the room," Lance kissed Howie, so that makes Lance Howie's Kisser and Howie the kissee. "

"I don't care either way. I just know that he kissed me and I LIKED it. " he said, opening the door and walking to his own room, as Kevin and I laughed at him.

Kevin came up behind me, hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for?" I asked him.

"Just for being you. For helping those two. And all this talk of kissing made me want to touch you", he replied.

Dinner, once we finally decided where and what to eat, was fun. I thought that I was indecisive, try making 11 people happy.

We all sat and chatted some more in little groups. The guys from each group mingled with each other, making sure that it wasn't just an Nsync and BSB grouping. I was talking to J. C. and Chris when Justin leaned over and said," Josh, come here for a second. You've gotta listen to this story. "

J. C. and I both got up. We looked at each other and laughed.

"This is gonna take some getting used to isn't it ?" he asked.

"I think so. How about you be 'Singer Josh' and I'll be 'Picture Josh'?" I laughed.

"Mostly everyone calls me J. C. so, it shouldn't be all that hard anyway. Only Justin really calls me Josh. And that's only when he really wants my attention. We'll be able to swing it I think. " he said.

He looked down the table at Justin and asked him which of us he wanted. Justin looked confused for a second. Then it registered what was going on.

"Er. Sorry guys. I'll make sure to use J. C. when you're both around. I wanted J. C. to come down here for a sec. " Justin explained.

"Ok. Be right there. Excuse me. " J. C. said, getting up from his seat and wandering toward Justin.

"So, Chris, where's the pooch?" I asked.

"You must be reading your 'Teen Beat' magazines again. " he laughed.

"Yeah well. Gotta keep up with everyone. You might need me to film something some day. " I said, smiling at him.

"That's true. And, he's at home. I think that I'm gonna bring him with us for a while soon. Just to see how he adjusts to the road and all. "

"As long as he doesn't have any accidents on the bus. " Joey laughed, overhearing our conversation. " I am not cleaning THAT up. "

Dinner was soon over and we headed back to the hotel.

Everyone went to his room and I smiled as I saw Howie knocking on Lance's door. I walked in after Kevin and closed the door behind us.

We got ready for bed, taking turns in the bathroom.

"They're gonna make a great couple. " I said as I climbed into bed and snuggled beside Kevin.

"Hmm?" Kevin said, dozing.

"Lance and Howie. They're cute together. " I said staring at the ceiling.

"Not as cute as you and I" he said, snuggling into my chest.

"Well, that's true. Now get some sleep. "

I sat staring at the ceiling some more and stroked his hair. I felt his body loosen up and I knew that he was sleeping. My eyes started to get heavy and I knew that I would be asleep soon too.

I vaguely heard the phone ring the next morning but it stopped and I went back to sleep.

I awoke later to an empty bed. I looked around the room for a minute and got up and looked in the bathroom. Kevin wasn't there.

I started to walk toward the bed and lay back down thinking he had gone to talk to one of the guys or something when I looked out the window and saw him standing on the balcony.

I walked up behind him and wrapped my hands around his waist and kissed his back.

"Mmmm. Good morning. What are you doing up already?" he said, grabbing my hands in his and pulling me in tighter.

"I got lonely in that big bed. What are you doing out here ?" I asked him.

"Just thinking. " he responded, kind of vaguely.

"Anything you want to talk about?" I asked him.

"I was thinking about us and everything. I got a call this morning from Mom. She wanted to know how things were, how I was, if anything was new. I wanted so badly to tell her that I was in love. That I found the best man in the world. That I found someone that loves me. But, I couldn't do it. Not over the phone. So, I told her that I was happy and that things were going good. I did kind of tell her about you though. I let her know that we were making a film and I went on and on about you and how talented you were and everything. But, I just couldn't get the word 'boyfriend' to come out of my mouth. I mean. She's gotta know. It's not like I've dated a lot of women. Only two in fact. None that she even met. They were both while we were on the road. " Kevin said, more to himself than to me.

He turned around and grabbed my hand and we walked back into the hotel room and laid back down on the bed.

"How do you feel about meeting her?" , he asked me.

"I. . . I'd love to. I'm scared to a little bit of course. I'm not sure how she's gonna accept us or me for that matter. But, I would be honored to meet your mother. "

"Good. I invited her to come see us when we're in Nashville in 2 weeks That's as close as we get to Kentucky for quite a while. And I think that she needs to know. The sooner the better. " he pulled me in tighter.

"You scared ?" I asked him.

"Very. My mom is the most important person in my life, besides you and the guys. Ever since dad died, we've relied on each other. Now that I have someone else to share my heart and my love with, I feel it's almost dishonest not to tell her. " he explained.

"Tell you what. How about I invite my folks to fly down and see us too ? That way we can tell them all about us. They already know that I'm gay. But, you're still a mystery to them. They can answer any questions your mom might have too. " I asked him.

"That's perfect. I'll arrange a flight for them tomorrow. Think that they'll be able to come down ?"

"They should be able to get some time off for the weekend. My dad gets way too much vacation. I'm jealous of him sometimes. I'll call them tomorrow before we call the airport. "

"Sounds good. " Kevin said, yawning.

"Can we nap some more?" Kevin asked.

Before I could answer, he was asleep.

The 2 weeks flew by. Kevin and I were getting closer and closer. So were Howie and Lance. They started hanging out more and more with each other and I couldn't help but smile at them. I watched them and wondered if that's what Kevin and I look like when we're together.

My parents and Kevin's mom arrived on the same plane. We managed to get my parents a flight to Louisville and then to Nashville. More out of ease than anything. We were all busy with the concerts and setting up and everything that the less time we had to spend at the airport the better. We arrived at the airport late, much to my anger, because of traffic. We walked to the terminal where they were to arrive. I looked around for my parents when Kevin spotted his mom. Kevin turned and said to me," I wonder who mom's talking to?"

"Huh ? Where is she?" I asked him.

"Over there. With that man and woman. " he pointed.

"Oh my god. That's my mom and dad. Of all the people for them to talk to. " I said as we turned to look at each other.

"Let's go get them. " Kevin said, walking toward the three of them.

"Mom. " Kevin said, both of our mothers turned to look. I saw his mother get a big smile on her face.

"Kevin. I've missed you. " She pulled him into a hug.

Almost on cue, I said, "Mom. Dad. I'm right here. Sorry I'm late. "

They grabbed me into a hug. I looked over at Kevin and smiled.

"That's okay. We were just talking to Ann here. We met her on the plane ride down here and got to talking. She explained that she was coming down to see her son and I said that we were to. I told her what you were doing and she explained who she was and we all laughed. It's a small world isn't it?" my dad explained to us.

"Yes. Yes it is. Mom. Dad. I'd like you to meet Kevin Richardson. "

"Kevin, this is my mother Mary and my father Robert. " They shook hands.

"Please call me Bob. Everyone does. " my father said to him.

"Guess it's my turn. Josh, this is my mother Ann Richardson. "

It's a pleasure to finally meet you Mrs. Richardson. " I said, shaking her hand.

"Please. Call me Ann. And it's always a pleasure to meet Kevin's friends. He's told me a lot about you. "

We all stood there for a minute or so.

"Well, let's go get your bags. Then head out to the hotel. We need to get back and do some things before the concert. " Kevin said, picking up his mother's carryon.

We got my parents and his mother all settled in and headed out for the arena. They'd be coming along later to see the show.

"So, when are we gonna tell them?" I asked Kevin when just the two of us were alone.

"I was thinking tonight. Maybe over a little dinner?" he asked.

"Sounds good. I'm kinda nervous. But, it'll be good. We have each other. " I said, giving him a quick hug.

"I hope so. " Kevin said, a scared look on his face. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

End of Chapter 11

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