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We got out of the shower a happy couple. More importantly, I emerged feeling more loved than I ever thought possible and loving someone equally if not more. He went out into the room to get dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and smirked at the 'love mark' left by him on my neck. Ordinarily, I would have covered it up. But, I purposely wore a t-shirt that day that exposed it for the world to see and no amount of ribbing by the guys would embarrass me. I wanted everyone that saw me to know that I was in love. Of course, most people would just think that I got some. But hey, I knew the truth.

Tonight was the last show for a while as the guys needed a well deserved break. We all sat around after breakfast talking about what we were going to do with the 2 weeks off.

Lance, Howie, Kevin and I sat at the table gabbing. The others were scattered about the room talking or playing games.

'You two going back to Orlando?' Howie said, looking back and forth between Kevin and I.

'We haven't really talked about it yet. I was thinking about going home to see the folks. What do you think honey? Wanna come with me?' I asked him.

'Yeah. I'd love to see your parents again. And then we can stop off and see mom for a few days if that's okay.'

'I'd love to see your mom again. She's a great lady.'

'And you two? Staying cooped up at Lance's place and having sex all day and night?' Kevin asked, laughing at them.

'No.' Lance answered blushing. 'We're gonna go see mom and dad and then head to Florida then off to the Bahamas for a real vacation. Just the two of us and no one else.' Lance continued, grabbing Howie's arm and giving it a squeeze.

'Which reminds me. Josh, can I talk to you later?' Howie asked. Lance turned and gave him an odd look.

'Sure can. My door is always open.' I answered.

'Your backdoor you mean!' Nicky said from the floor laughing.

'Oh my God ! I cannot believe you just said that.' I said, getting up from the table and chasing after a now running Nick.

'You are so dead Carter!' I laughed.

Fortunately for me, Brian was quick on the draw and tackled him before he got too far. It was a pile up on Nick after that. Only after we had successfully tickled him to tears, did we all let up.

He slowly stopped laughing and got up and readjusted his clothes.

'Um. I'm not sure which of you it was but someone got a quick feel of my goods in there. Had I not been held down I'd have smacked your hand. Now who was it?' Nick asked, looking around the room.

No one said anything but I noticed a smirk on JC's face and he looked away from Nick to avoid getting caught. Now, I can't let something like that slip by without some kind of recognition can I? But not in public of course, can't have JC be embarrassed in front of the guys. Or can I?

'I know who it was. I know who it was.' I said, in my best childish voice.

Everyone turned to look at me and JC looked a bit worried.

'But I'm not telling. So there.' and I stuck my tongue out at Nick. Nick obliged and did the same.

'Ok children. Time to get ready to face the day. Not to be mean, but everybody out.' Kevin said. 'We need to get to the arena and practice so everyone get your asses in gear.'

'He's so bossy sometimes.' Lance laughed, poking Howie in the side, prodding him toward the door.

'That's our Kev.' Howie replied.

'See you all in an hour in the lobby. And Chris and Um, Bear Bear...', Chris and Joey turned to look at Lance, especially since he used Chris' nickname for Joey, 'Kevin said an hour. No marathon sexcapades, got it?'

And with that he was out the door and being chased.

I nonchalantly walked by JC on his way out and I whispered, 'So, how big was it exactly? A handful?'

JC blushed at me. 'How did you...?' he asked me.

'I see all. I know all.' I said as I laughed and kept walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up.

'Bye guys.' JC was the last to leave and closed the door behind him.

Kevin walked in a few minutes later and sat down on the counter.

'I know you know so just tell me.' Kevin said.

"Hmmm?' was my response.

'I know you know who fondled Nicky. Tell me. You're too damned observant.'

'And what do I get if I part with this information?' I said, kissing his cheek.

He thought for a second and then turned around and patted his ass. 'A piece of this.'

'Hmm. How about something not so used?' I laughed at the expression on his face after it registered what I said.

'That was mean you know.' He pouted, even using the stuck out lip and everything.

'I'm sorry. You know I love you.' I smiled, kissing his pouty lips.

I walked up to him and grabbed him, 'And I love your ass.'

We were almost the last ones there. Thank God for Justin. That boy is as slow as hell. He's gonna be late to his own funeral I know it.

We were riding to the arena when I leaned over to Kevin and whispered in his ear, 'JC'.

He looked at me weird and then I looked over at Nicky staring out the window and then looked back to Kevin.

He started to laugh as he figured out what I was talking about.

'Now I owe you something. You can collect later tonight.' He whispered back into my ear.

'Ok. Knock it off you two. Enough kissy kissy stuff over there.' Howie said, smirking.

'You're just pissy because Lance is in the other car.' Brian said.

'Yeah, well, maybe.' Howie answered, grinning.

'We're here gentlemen.' the limo driver announced.

We all stepped out and I started taking pictures of the outside of the building and an occasional shot of Kevin's ass. All work and no play..... Besides, he loves the attention..from me at least. He doesn't like to admit it much be likes being in front of the camera occasionally.

The practice and the concert were a blast. They all seemed more into it. Possibly because they were getting a much needed break. That was my guess at least.

'Honey, I need to run down to Kevin and Josh's. I'll be back in a few minutes.' Howie said, as he opened the bathroom door and shouted to Lance in the shower.

'I'll be here.' He answered loud enough for Howie to hear him. But, just under his breath so Howie couldn't hear, he said, 'Waiting for you to talk to me like always.'

Once again that evening, a knock knock knock was heard at my door.

'Thank God the food is finally here. I'm starving.' I said, walking to the door.

'Bring it right..' I started saying, then looked up into Howie's face. 'Oh, it's you.'

'Um. thanks for the warm welcome.'

'Sorry. I'm waiting for my food and I'm starved to death!'

'Can we talk now?'

'Sure, come on in. Have a seat.'

'Well, I'll leave you two alone to talk.' Kevin said, getting up.

'No. I'd like you here too Kev.'

Kevin sat back down and looked at Howie.

'I want to have sex.' Howie started.

'Um, we're flattered and all. But shouldn't you do that with Lance?' I laughed.

'Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny. I meant with Lance, when we're in the Bahamas.'

'So, what's the problem? You've had sex before.' Kevin spoke up.

'Yeah, but not with a guy. I won't know what to do or how to act or..or.. where anything goes.' Howie started blushing.

'What did you do the first time you had sex with a woman?' I asked him. 'Did you know everything there was to know about it then?'

'Well, know. But, that was different. We're told how a man and a woman have sex. No one taught me this in sex ed.'

'Woulda made my High School years a little more fun if they had.' I laughed.

They looked at me, not really smiling. 'Sorry. I don't mean to make light of this Howie. It's just that, well, the only way you learn is by doing it. I know you don't want to seem like you don't know what you're doing but the fact is that you don't. Let Lance see that. It might even excite him. Something new is always a turn on. You and this one here need to get over the need to always be in control of things.' I said, pointing at Kevin during my last remark.

'I had to tie him up to get control the first time.' I laughed. Kevin blushed. Howie rolled his eyes.

'Ok. Get out. Go talk to Lance. Tell him everything you just told us. Trust me. He WANTS to know.' I said, shooing him out the door just in time for my food to arrive.

'Ok. Ok. I'm going.' Howie said, walking down the hallway.

Howie slowly opened the door and Lance was sitting on the bed leafing through some paperwork. He didn't look up until Howie sat down and took the paper he was reading out of his hand.

'Can I talk to you about something?' Howie asked.

'Sure, I seem to have nothing to read right now, so go ahead. I'm listening.' Lance said.

Howie started to speak and then Lance decided to say something else, 'Why don't you talk to me?'

'Why is it that I'm never the one to give you any advice or help you work through any problems? You always run to Kevin or Josh.' Lance asked him, keeping his eyes locked on his boyfriends'.

'I'm new to all of this Lance. I just don't know how to react sometimes. It's more of a comfort kinda thing. I know that they'll listen to me. Not that you won't. But, they know how I get and how I feel.'

'I'd know too if you talked to me.' Lance said, finally breaking his gaze to look down into his hands.

'What a lovely boyfriend I am. I don't even have guts enough to talk to you about my feelings. I just..I mean.' his voice trailed off.

'D..talk to me. Please. Tell me what you're feeling. I feel like I'm losing you before I really had a chance to keep you.'

'Fine ! Lance. I'm scared. Scared of all of these feelings. Scared of what the future holds for us. Scared that one day I'll lose you. Scared that my family won't understand and accept us. Scared that I'm going to do something to hurt you. Scared of what life is going to be like when the tour separates and you're half way across the world. Is that what you wanted to hear from me?' Howie said, wiping a tear from his face.

'Finally! Yes !' Lance shouted.

'Thank you for finally opening up to me. For letting me in. For showing me some trust. Do you realize how long I've been wanting to hear you say something to me that truly came from your heart?' Lance said, throwing his hands in the air.

'And don't think for one second that just because I've known that I'm gay a lot longer than you that I'm not scared of things. Each night before I go to bed and each day when I wake up I pray that you're safe, that I get to spend another day loving you. I'm frightened of what both of our families are going to think. What if they don't like me? What if I accidentally do or say something to offend them? And, I cry, every single time that I think about the day that I have to go away from you on tour and we won't see each other every day. I love you Howard, with all my heart, but I need to know that I'm in yours. I need to know that what we have can last. That you want it to last.'

'I do Lance. I do.'

'Then you've got to start letting me in.' Lance said slowly, lowering his voice.

'You're in.' Howie said, grabbing Lance into a hug.

The following day we all had flights in different directions it seemed. Kevin and I were heading back to Michigan.

Lance and Howie were off to Mississippi (did you say it when you read it ? M - I - double 'S' - I - double 'S' - I - double 'P' - I.) to visit Lance's parents. They both looked a little frightened, but they had each other.

Joey and Chris went to Orlando to tell their families of their "new" life together. I'd like to be a fly on the wall that night.

JC....JC was going to Toronto. He has confused me ever since that little grabbing episode with Nick. I'm not sure how to read him and that bothers me. I'm usually good at these kinds of things. I'll work on him when the tour gets back together. God, I'm nosy sometimes.

Then there's AJ and Nick. The party boys are off to L.A. to do god knows what.

Brian was off to Kentucky to visit his parents and relax.

Justin had planned on Florida, but JC begged him to come to Canada with him so, off he went.

Kevin slept most of the flight. I sat, half reading my book, half watching him sleep. He gets this look of contentment on his face when he sleeps. I like to think that I have a little to do with that, but maybe that's just being conceited. When the fasten seatbelt light came on, I decided that it was time to wake Kevin up. I leaned over and lightly brushed my lips across his earlobe, then licked it and brought it into my mouth. I licked down his neck and breathed in the scent of his cologne before I whispered in his ear, 'Kevin, wake up honey. We're almost home.'

No effect, other than a slight smile as he turned his head the other way. So, I slipped my hand under the blanket that was on his lap and started to rub my hand up and down on the inside of his thigh. He stirred a little. I very carefully started toying with his penis through his shorts, slowly rubbing small circles over it until I felt him stiffen. I moved my hand away and he whimpered, 'But, I was enjoying that.'

'You are so bad. Why didn't you tell me that you were awake ?'

'And ruin the chance to have you touch me? Nope. Wasn't going to spoil that. Besides, my seatbelt is fastened.'

Just then the friendly flight attendant person came by and said, 'Sir, I need for you to put your seat up. We're about to start our descent.'

'Oh, sorry.' Kevin put his seat all the way up and stretched a little.

I nervously, grabbed his hand as we started our descent. Being in first class does have it's privacy privileges sometimes. As our plane touched down in Detroit, a breathed a sigh of relief. I didn't mind flying. It was the taking off and landing part that I didn't like so much.

When I called home and told my parents that we were going to come and visit, my dad insisted that he pick us up from the airport but I told him that we were just going to rent a car. I wanted to show Kevin more of where I called home.

Home. It was strange to be back. So many new and great things have happened to me over the last few months. It hardly seems real. But, coming back to Michigan, back to the place that I grew up, brings everything back to some semblance of normality.

This was going to be a very good vacation. I smiled as I drove up I-275 toward my parents' house.

'So, do I get to meet Mark?' Kevin asked.

'Please. He'll probably be at my parents' house when we get there. He wants to meet you badly, so he can tell you all kinds of embarrassing dirt on me. Things that only he and I know. And, he wants to see how cute you are in person. Oh yeah, and he wants to know if you know Ricky Martin. I told him no, but he insists that I'm just lying to him. He wants to ask you himself.'

'I've only met him once. But that was just for sex. But I'll see what I can do.' Kevin laughed.

'You're kidding, right?'

'No. I'll really see what I can do.' Kevin replied.

'Um, I meant about the sex part!'

'Ooooooh. Yes, I am kidding. But, I have met him. It was at the MTV awards I think. The guys and I went over to congratulate him on winning. We talked for a bit. He's a nice guy.'

We pulled up my parents' driveway and I started to laugh. 'Yep. He's here. That's him on the porch with mom.'

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