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OK...it's official. I bummed. He got married. He's off the market. My hopes are dashed. Ah well, it's not like I can't stop imagining anyway.....

Previously ......

'So, do I get to meet Mark?' Kevin asked.

'Please. He'll probably be at my parents' house when we get there. He wants to meet you badly, so he can tell you all kinds of embarrassing dirt on me. Things that only he and I know. And, he wants to see how cute you are in person. Oh yeah, and he wants to know if you know Ricky Martin. I told him no, but he insists that I'm just lying to him. He wants to ask you himself.'

'I've only met him once. But that was just for sex. But I'll see what I can do.' Kevin laughed.

'You're kidding, right?'

'No. I'll really see what I can do.' Kevin replied.

'Um, I meant about the sex part!'

'Ooooooh. Yes, I am kidding. But, I have met him. It was at the MTV awards I think. The guys and I went over to congratulate him on winning. We talked for a bit. He's a nice guy.'

We pulled up my parents' driveway and I started to laugh. 'Yep. He's here. That's him on the porch with mom.'


Mark rushed out to my car. He of course didn't rush to my side, he ran right over to Kevin's.

He barely had the door open when Mark grabbed his hand and shook it.

'Hi ! I'm Mark. It's great to finally meet you.'

'Uh, hi. I'm Kevin. I've heard so much about you. It's nice to meet you too.'

My mom laughed and walked down the porch steps and gave me a hug.

I missed her. I hadn't realized how much.

We unpacked the car and took everything up to my room. Mom said that Kevin could stay in the extra room, but we both knew that she was just being a Mom..he'd sleep with me in my room.

We were a little tired from the plane trip. At least I was, I fell asleep on the couch and Kevin was being "entertained" by my mom and Mark.

I vaguely heard the door open when my dad came home and was only awakened because someone was kissing my face.

'This had better be Kevin.' I laughed, opening one eye.

It was him, kneeling down by the couch, looking all cute. I smiled at him and he smiled at me. God, it was sickening.

I laughed out loud and told him what I was thinking. He just smiled at me some more and said, 'So, I guess that we're sickening.'

'Your mom told me to wake you up for dinner and she said that you'll never sleep tonight if you don't get up now. She reminds me of my mother. Plus, she harasses you, I knew I liked her for some reason.'

'Ha Ha. You're funny. I'm getting up. Geez. I'm not the one who slept on the plane all the way here.' I said the last part loud enough to be heard in the next room.

'Quit bitching and get in here.' Mark yelled from the kitchen.

I walked in the kitchen to see them all getting ready to eat.

'You're still here. I figured that once he told you that he didn't know Ricky Martin that you'd have split.'

'What ? And miss telling him all of the horrible stories that I have about you?'

'You wouldn't do that to me would you?' I stupidly asked.

'Hmmm. Yes.' Mark laughed.

'I always knew you were evil.'

We all sat and ate dinner and had little conversations here and there. Poor Kevin, they made him tell them everything about himself. It was like the Spanish Inquisition, except that we aren't Spanish and there weren't any thumbscrews.

Mark left a little while after dinner only after I promised him that we'd do some things together tomorrow.

I yawned and then Kevin yawned and we decided to call it a night.

We said goodnight to my parents and headed to my bedroom.

'Josh, honey. I put clean sheets in the guest room. Make sure Kevin has enough covers and everything.' my mother called to us as we left the room.

'I will mom Thanks.'

After I had closed the door to my room, I started to take my clothes off and said, 'She knows that you're not sleeping in there. I'm not sure who she's trying to kid... me, my dad or herself.'

'Oh, she's just being a mom. You're the baby. She has to treat you differently.'

Kevin stripped naked and climbed under the covers. I started to get in bed when I was stopped.

'Nuh uh Mister. Only naked men allowed in here.' he snickered.

'I'll take them off after I get in bed. Come on Kevin, it's cold in here with the air conditioning blasting. Let me in.'

'Nope. Get naked first.' he said, lying across the covers so I couldn't get in. 'Besides, I wanna see you strip for me.'


I turned around with my back to Kevin and slowly bent over, stretching my legs out. I started to roll my briefs down my legs and carefully exposed my butt. I pulled them all the way down and let my hands caress my ass, running my hands up and down it. I stood back up and turned my head to look at Kevin. He wasn't watching my face I saw. And he slightly licked his lips. I decided to tease him a little more and walked around my bedroom, putting things in drawers and adjusting stuff on my desk, anything to torture him a little more. I heard the shoosh of the covers and felt him standing behind me. He reached his hands around and grabbed my waist, hugging me. His hands roamed up and down my body and stopped at my nipples, squeezing them and making them hard. He kissed my neck and I leaned back into his kiss. I slight moan escaped my lips as he again sought out the spot on my neck that he knew I couldn't resist. I was steadily losing control of the situation and decided that I didn't want to, not yet at least. So, I side stepped him and walked back to the bed and got under the covers. He followed me of course and climbed onto top of me, him on top of the covers, me underneath. He planted little kisses on my face and then rewarded me with a passionate kiss. He sat up a little and looked into my eyes. We stayed that way for a long time, just looking into each others' eyes. I was mystified. I tried to say something but just a little noise came out.

He smiled at me and kissed me again and then climbed in under the covers.

'It's nice to know that we can still do that to each other. That we can still just look at each other and lose track of everything.' I said to him.

'Dear, we haven't even been dating for a year. 25 years from now, when we look at each other like that and it still happens, then I'll be amazed.' he said, pulling me into his chest.

'You think about that. I mean, us, together, that far ahead?'

'All the time. I think about our wedding. The house that we'll buy. The pets we'll have. The fun we'll have spoiling the guys' kids. We'll be great uncles. All of it. You've...you've never thought about our future?' he asked the last part with a little trepidation in his voice.

'I have. But, I didn't wanna freak you out.' I laughed.

'Good night. I love you.' I said.

'Ditto' he laughed.

The next day we went and picked Mark up and roamed around Detroit and it's burbs. We showed him everything of interest and I made a point to drive by the restaurant and we first dined in. He squeezed my hand as we drove by. I didn't really have to say all that much as we had mister chatter box with us. I love Mark. He's the best. He's fun when you need him to be but serious when you need him to be.

The week that we stayed with my parents was great. Kevin got to relax and be normal again. We went to see some old friends of mine and even ran into an old boyfriend. He asked me how I was doing and where I was working, things like that. Kevin glared at him most of the time. It was cute really. I liked the fact that he was protective of me without being stifling.

We got a call just as we were packing to go to Kevin's mom's the next day. The scheduling department had finally booked them to do People magazine. Turns out they want them each in their own house, so that meant back to Florida. But, they had to cut their vacation short if they wanted to do it. Well, wanted is a bad term. Management 'wanted' them to do it. So, in other words, get back to Florida now.

Kevin called his mom and explained everything and he told her that we'd stop the next chance that we got. I called and arranged the flight back to Orlando.

With a kiss and a hug to my parents, we were off to the airport again. Kevin stayed awake this time. Changes in plans upset him. Especially when it was cutting into personal time.

I conspicuously stayed out of sight when they were doing the interview. As much as we both would have liked to share our life with world, we didn't think that the world was ready.

The reunion of all of us a day later was excellent. We all gathered at Kevin's house and we had a huge dinner. We all griped about part of the extra week being taken away but soon it was forgotten as everyone told of what they did the time they were away.

JC and Justin explored Toronto, caught some plays, spent too much money shopping...the usual.

AJ, as he told us, had met this great girl in L.A. at a club he went to with Nick. Her name was Kerry. He told us all about her and said that he might be flying her out sometime soon to meet all of us. Nick, poor Nick, griped about her. Not exactly about her, but he spent a lot of the time by himself as AJ was with Kerry, so he was a little moody. He got over it when he saw AJ was happy. Plus, he got to do some exploring by himself, to places that AJ didn't want to go and see, so that was okay too.

Howie and Lance looked happier than ever. Things must have gone well. I'll have to ask D later.

Joey and Chris told a different tale though. As it turned out, they had come back home a few days after they left. Joey's family wasn't pleased with his 'choice' of being gay. Chris did his best to comfort him, one man can't replace a family's love..no matter how hard he tries. But, maybe all of us could be a good substitute.


Hi everyone. I know that this chapter is a little off. But, I needed to get them back on tour as quickly as possible. And, how exciting are vacations at home anyway....geez.

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