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Kevin Behind the Scenes Part 3

"Well, we can always..." I stated.

"Go to the casino in Windsor. It's just across the river. Wouldn't take but a half an hour or so to get there." I said.

"Nah, I'd just end up spending more money than I should. Besides, it's getting kind of late", he said looking at his watch and then glancing up at me.

"Is it getting past Kevy's bedtime ?? " I said in a child-like tone, squeezing his face.

"Stop that. Silly boy. I can out last you any time !" he replied.

"Hmmm...that could be interesting" I said aloud. In my head I thought that I would love to test his endurance.

I laughed to myself.

"What ?" he asked.

"Just thinking is all. How about we run and catch a movie. They have an excellent Art Theater just down the street. Nice and cozy. We might even be the only people in the theater." I said as I pointed down the street and we started walking.

We went into the theater and saw what was playing. Some silly French movie about a grape farmer's daughter and a documentary about the Titanic.

We opted for the Titanic since neither of us was in the mood to read the subtitles.

"Titanic it is." I said as I started to walk toward the ticket booth,

'2 for the Titanic retro," I said to the young man behind the counter as I handed him some money.

"Thanks." I grabbed the tickets and walked toward where Kevin had been.

He was gone. I walked around the theater then outside and looked up and down the street. I was just about to walk back to the ticket counted when I felt a tapping on my shoulder.

"Are you coming back in or what ? " he asked, half holding a door open.

"Umm, I was looking for you. I thought that you bolted on me or something." I said, walking through the door.

"Sorry, bathroom break. Didn't think that you would be that quick." he said.

"Not a problem. I thought that being cooped up with me for 2 hours scared you and you ran for the hills", I said laughing as we handed the tickets to the woman taking the stubs and walked into the empty theater.

"Never. I'm enjoying myself." he said as he looked around mockingly for an empty seat.

"Wherever will we sit?" he questioned and started to laugh.

I then realized that, indeed, we were the only people in the little theater.

We chose a spot half way down in the middle of the theater.

As we sat down, I noticed that he placed his leg on mine. When I didn't flinch or move my leg, we smiled and looked at me.

I was beginning to seriously like this man. But I kept telling myself that I just began to even know him. I was not going to let my emotions get the better of me this time.

"Penny for your thoughts", Kevin said staring at me.

I guess that I was kinda glassy eyed staring at the empty theater screen.

"Just a penny. With what you make ?" I said, snapping back to reality.

He kind of frowned.

"I'm sorry. It was a joke. And not a very good one at that", I said apologizing.

"No, it's okay. It's just that people sometimes tend to lose track of the fact that I am Kevin first, not the rich, popular, Backstreet Boy that they see in those videos." he said, sighing.

"Listen, if I promise never to think of you that way, will you forgive me ?" I questioned.

"I'm not mad really." Kevin said, in a mellow tone.

I grabbed his chin and turned it toward me. I looked straight into his eyes and said, "To me you'll never be more than Kevin. Extremely talented and unbelievably attractive too. But, still Kevin." I said smiling at him.

He smiled and blushed as the lights went down and the curtain split apart.

We sat in silence alone as we watched the movie. Sometime during the middle of the movie, we grabbed hands. I didn't seem to realize that I was holding his hand until the lights came up and we started to get up.

"Josh. Can I have my hand back?", he asked.

"Oops.Sorry." I replied blushing.

We walked out of the theater and back to the car in relative silence.

Being the gentleman that I was, yeah right, hehehe, I opened the door for him and went around to my side.

"Aren't you just the gentleman", he said after I had gotten in the car.

"I can be nice every once in a while you know, " I replied.

"I have a feeling that you can be nice a lot more than that. I can't even picture you being mean." he said.

We chatted about nothing and everything on the ride back to his hotel.

Outside the now deserted entrance to the hotel, I pulled the car to the side and looked over at him.

"Come up and talk some more ? " he asked.

"I really shouldn't. I need my beauty sleep" I said.

"Not from where I am sitting," he replied, grabbing my free hand and looking at me making me blush.

"No one does that to me. Stop it! I don't blush", I said, beat red by this time.

"Yeah right. You look like a lobster" he said.

"Did I mention that I like lobster?", he added.

That made me blush worse.

"Ok. I'll come up and TALK. That's it. Not that I was implying that you wanted more. I just wanted to let you know that I am not in the habit of spending the night in the hotel room of someone I just met." I said.

Good, he has morals too. And isn't afraid to tell me what and how he thinks. I need to get to know this man more, Kevin thought to himself.

"There was no implication just so you know. I had nothing but talking and getting to know you more on my mind." Kevin said.

"So, you'll come up ?" he questioned, flashing me those lovely green eyes of his.

"Yes, just for a little while." I said, opening the door.

"Cool." he said, opening his door and heading for the entrance to the hotel.

I handed some money and the keys to the valet, took the ticket from his hand and walked into the lobby.

Kevin was motioning me to the elevator. We got in and went to their floor.

"You have the whole floor?" I questioned.

"They like to keep us from the public as much as possible. We get so little time to ourselves it seems. It's a big help sometimes when we need to talk and concentrate." he said, stepping out of the elevator.

We walked to his room at the end of the hall and he opened the door and held it open for me.

"My turn to be the gentleman", he said.

"Copy cat", I said.

We both laughed and walked into his room.

It was a nice room...well, rooms to be exact. 3 from what I could see offhand.

"I really don't need all this room but they insist that I do", he said noticing me staring around.

"It's nice. But, I bet that it gets to be old hat after a while. They all start to look the same I would think." I said, walking into the little kitchenette.

"Yes they do. Would you like something to drink?" he asked opening the refrigerator.

"Diet Coke?" I questioned.

"Never leave home without it" he said, handing me a can.

We walked over and I sat in a chair and he stretched out on the couch.

He started to tell me about the video that they wanted to shoot. That is was to be an 'all-access' video, within reason, nothing too racy, they did have reputations with the kids to uphold. Other than the dressing rooms, everything else was fair game. He told me that they were going to look through my stuff tomorrow and check out any other people the guys or the management had found and they would decide collectively sometime later that week.

It seemed like we sat there and talked for about ten minutes when there was a knock on the door.

"Who can that be this late in the morning?' Kevin asked as got up to answer the door.

"Kevin, its 9:45 in the morning", I said looking at the clock.

"No way", Kevin said, peering through the peephole to see who was at his door.

"It's Brian", I heard a voice say from behind the door. "I can see your eye. Let me in" the voice added.

Kevin opened the door and Brian walked in.

"I just came to see how the date..." he looked and saw me in the chair, "...went." He said looking at me and grinning.

"Hi, you must be Josh." He said, walking toward me with his hand out.

"Nice to meet you", I said shaking his hand.

"Get that look off of your face. We just sat here and talked all night", Kevin said sitting down next to where Brian had sat on the couch.

"I believe you. I'm just glad that you're finally doing something about that poor excuse you have for a love life", Brian says, punching him in the arm.

I could feel my face blush when they both turned and looked at me. God I hate my face right now. It keeps doing that.

"If his face gets any redder he's gonna pass out", Brian added.

"5 minutes and you're already picking on me ?" I said and fake pouted.

"Please. You're lucky the rest aren't here or it would have been sooner." Kevin said.

As if on cue, there was a knock at the door.

"Let us in", we heard from behind the door.

"We're starving Kev. When's breakfast?", an overly anxious Nick said as he rushed through the door, almost knocking Brian over in the process.

"You know the number for room service", Brian said from behind the door.

"It's no fun eating alone", Nick said walking into the living room where Kevin and I sat.

"I don't believe we've met?", Nick said while walking toward me.

"Nick this is Josh. Josh this is Nick", we exchanged hello's.

He looked at me a little strange and then put 2 and 2 together from last night.

"Oh, you're date!", Nick said a little too loudly.

"Who's date?", Howie said as he came through the door with AJ.

"Date ? Who said Date ? " Nick said, trying to cover up for us.

"It's ok Nick. They're gonna find out eventually.

"Guys, this is Josh. We went out last night...on a date", Kevin said, hesitating on the last part.

"A date ? You never go out on dates", AJ said, looking at me.

"Why aren't y'all shocked?" Brian asked.

"At what ? So Kevin's gay...big deal. He's family. That's all that counts." AJ said.

"Nice to meet you by the way, " he said shaking my hand.

"You too." I said, a little uncomfortable that Kevin was choosing now to tell them. Especially since we've not known each other that long.

Howie looked at me strangely a minute then smiled and said, "He's not ugly. At least you have taste."

I blushed more. I hate these men. Not really, but you know. Embarrassment has never been big in my book.

"Ooooh. Look at him turn red now Kev." Brian said.

"Stop. Stop. You're embarrassing him. Be nice." he said to them all.

"Ok. It really was nice meeting all of you. But I have to get a move on and get home and get some sleep. Poor Kevin here kept me up all night talking." I said, walking over and grabbing my wallet from the counter.

"Stay and have breakfast with us", they all pleaded.

"Really, I can't. But, how about we do something later. There are tons of things to do in this town. If you have the right guide." I smiled.

They looked upset at first but softened up when I mentioned that we would do something later.

"That is if you still want me to guide you that is?" I said to Kevin.

He looked at me and grabbed my hand and we walked toward the door.

"Of course I do." he said as he opened the door.

"Bye guys, nice meeting you all. I will see you later" I said back into the room.

I got a collective, "See you Josh. Nice meeting you too." from the guys.

Kevin walked me to the elevator and pushed the down button.

He turned around and I grabbed his face and kissed him.

He pulled away a little shocked.

"I'm sorry. That just caught me off guard." he said.

"No. No. I shouldn't have done that. I just had to though" I apologized looking at the floor.

He put his finger under my chin, lifted my head and kissed me softly on the lips.

The elevator dinged and opened and then dinged and closed.

"Now, I'm the one to be caught off guard." I said when he had pulled away.

"Uh, you missed your elevator", he said pushing the button again.

"I had a great time. Thank you so much for showing me around" he said grabbing my hands in his.

"My pleasure and it was great being with you and getting to talk to you." I said.

The elevator door opened and I started to step in. He hugged me and kissed me once again.

"Call me later please" he said as I pushed the Lobby button.

"I will Kev. You know I will. Bye bye", I said as the door closed.

My mind was racing. I couldn't believe the evening that I just had.

I walked out of the elevator and got my car and drove home too wired to sleep and thinking about what had just happened. It dawned on me sometime later that day that he had kissed me.

Kevin leapt into the air as soon as the elevator doors closed and I was gone.

My God, that was amazing, he said to himself.

He rushed back to the hotel room to see all 4 guys sitting there with big smiles on their faces.

Now it was Kevin's turn to blush.

"So, where do you go from here ? " Brian asked.

End of part 3 .....

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