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Part 4

......"So, where do you go from here ? " Brian asked.

"I......am going to shower," Kevin says running to the bathroom and shutting the door.

"Kevin. Get your ass out here and talk to us !" Howie yelled through the door.

Kevin knew that he couldn't keep the guys at bay for long so he decided to go out there rather than feel the wrath later.

But he was not used to talking about his love life. Usually, it was his lack of having someone that he talked about.

Opening the door to the bathroom, Kevin says, "Fine. I'll tell you what we did. But honestly, it's kind of boring stuff. We just sat and talked and got to know each other better."

"Tell us all about him", Nick asked, sitting on the floor.

"Well, where to start ? He's funny. He has a quick wit. Which he'll need with you lot around.", Kevin said.

"He's just...I dunno. It just seems like I can tell him anything and everything and he'll never judge. I don't want to say perfect. Because we all have our flaws. But, he's a nice, sweet guy and I haven't felt this way about anyone in a long, long time." Kevin continued.

Brian smiled at him from the seat across the way.

"What ?" Kevin asked of his cousin.

"Nothing. I'm just finally seeing a person that I haven't seen in a very long time and I like the look of it, that's all." Brian stated.

"I think that it's great. Not to put a damper on anything, but, we are leaving here soon. " AJ threw in.

"OH MY GOD. I forgot to tell you the best part. You guys ready for this? " Kevin questioned, looking at them all one by one.

"Ready for what ?" Nick asked.

"He makes movies. He's going to bring some stuff by for us to see tonight. We can hire him to do our behind the scenes video" Kevin added, jumping out of his chair and walking around the room. (Editors note.....like there's not some cheesy coincidence in every story....just live with it..hehehe )

"That's too cool. Do you think he's any good ? " Howie asked.

"From what he was telling me about his background. I think that he has a good eye. After all, he went out with me didn't he?" Kevin laughed at that last comment even as it came out of his mouth.

Instantly, there was a collective moan and 4 pillows came flying at him. They all laughed.

After the laughter died down, they all sat in silence for a moment, then Nick spoke up again. "Well, I'm happy for you. But, I'm starving. Can we please eat now ?"

"Me too, " Brian added.

"Order some room service and I'll be out in a couple of minutes. I'm gonna take a shower " Kevin said walking into the bathroom.

The food arrived and they all ate like it was their last meal.

"Damn we're pigs sometimes." AJ noted, looking at their plates with nothing but little scraps of food on them.

"But, we work it off dancing and stuff." Brian threw in.

"But you are getting a little chubby there AJ", Kevin said, punching AJ's stomach.

"Ah ah ah. Hands off the goods boy. You got a man now." AJ said, pushing Kevin's hand away laughing.

"I guess that I do don't I ? God, it feels weird saying that. But still, I'm not even sure if we're dating or anything. It's only been a day." Kevin said, thinking to himself at the same time.

"You gotta start somewhere dude." Nick said. "Besides, no one blushes like that if there wasn't something behind it. He likes you man. I can tell."

"Thanks Nick. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting my hopes up too much. Think he'll call me?" Kevin said with a worried look on his face.

"He'd be stupid not too. Who can resist a cute face like this ?" Brian said, grabbing Kevin's cheek and squeezing it.

"Ok guys. Time to leave lover boy alone so he can get some sleep." Brian said, getting up from his chair.

"Thanks guys. I am kinda tired. Don't forget that we're all going out tonight. " Kevin said as they all walked out the door.

"You sure you don't wanna be alone with Josh ?" Nick said, peering his head back in the door, smiling..

"I do. But, I want you guys to hang out with him. If we should start dating, I want you guys to get to know him." Kevin said.

"Just yanking your chain. We're all happy really. Have a good nap." Nick said closing the door.

Kevin slipped off all of his clothes and climbed into bed. A million things raced through his head. What will he tell his friends ? What if he snores ? What if he doesn't like that I sleep nude? What if I don't like something that he does ? What if the guys and the Management don't like his work ? God, it's all so confusing. What if I fall in love with him ? That last part scared Kevin. It had been a long time since he dared share his heart with anyone. The last time he was sure it was the right thing. Boy was he wrong.

"Now I'm just being silly", Kevin said out loud. "I barely know him. I need to stop thinking. And stop talking to myself. What's worse is I'm answering myself." Kevin laughed and wondered if Josh was doing the same thing. He slowly began to drift off into sleep.


After I had dragged myself from my bed, after a long nap, I decided to rummage around in my kitchen and look for something to eat.

I decided on some leftovers and sat down to watch some t.v.

Flipping through the channels, I came upon MTV.

Of course, THEY'RE video was on. I sat and watched it and realized that my thoughts were going over the last day and then centered on Kevin.

"I think that I like him. Ok, I know that I like him. But, what happens when he leaves ?", I started to talk out loud.

"Can I handle starting something with him to have him torn away from me ? I might get that job with them, but what happens if I don't ? Would I give up my life to go with them ? Would they ask me to ? Would HE ask me to is the real question ?" I continued to question myself.

"I'm being silly. There's no use worrying about things until they happen. Besides, you THINK that Kevin likes you. You need to hear it." I chuckled to myself realizing that I was talking to myself and using the third person.

I glanced over at the clock and realized that I was running late.

I put my plate in the kitchen sink and ran into the bedroom.

After a quick shave and a shower, I was dressed and out the door. I no sooner closed it then I remembered that I was supposed to take some stuff to show the guys and their management.

I opened my door again and walked into my studio (okay, so it doubles as my bedroom) and grabbed my portfolio and some tapes of stuff that I had filmed.

I arrived at the hotel not too late. I hated being late and hoped that the guys weren't waiting on me.

I passed through the lobby and up to the concierge. I had him ring Kevin's room but there was no answer.

I had him try Brian's next. Brian answered and gave him the okay to send me up.

I stepped off the elevator and knocked on Kevin's door. He didn't answer so I knocked a little harder.

Kevin opened the door a minute later and looked like I had woken him up.

He stared at me for a second through his sleepy haze and then his eyes widened, "Damn, I over slept. Come in please", Kevin said, turning on a light and stepping aside.

He closed the door and I turned around to look at him. I immediately turned beat red and turned around as quickly as I could.

"What's w.. Oh, damn, sorry." Kevin said as he placed his hands over this privates realizing that he was naked.

"Um. Let me just run into the bathroom and take a shower. You have a seat and I'll just be a few." Kevin said as he ran past me, this time with his hands covering his ass.

"Damn", I said to myself, "I really wish that I hadn't seen that. Not that I didn't want to see that. But, it's too soon to see that!"

I sat down in a chair and tried to calm my heart and my erection down.

"I can't believe I just did that. I wonder if he liked what he saw?" Kevin said as he closed the door and started the shower.

30 minutes later, Kevin was all dressed and ready to go.

"Hmm....clothed...that's a different look on you." I joked as Kevin walked out of the bathroom.

"I'd tell you to kiss my ass, but considering you just saw it not too long ago, I'll just smile at you !" Kevin replied with a big grin on his face.

I blushed. Damn it !

"Well, I'll try to remember it since it's the last time that I'll probably get to see it" I said.

"Maybe. Maybe not." Kevin said as he opened the door and shot me a bigger smile than before.

I grabbed up my things and we went looking for the other guys.

We found them all in AJ's room talking.

"Hey you two. It's about time. We've been waiting forever !" Nick said impatiently jumping up off the floor.

"Sorry, I was running a little late and then Mister Naked Man here overslept." I said pointing at Kevin.

"Ah hahahahahaha. You must have gotten the 'Wake Kevin out of a deep sleep peep show'" Brian laughed.

"We've all been treated to that sight over the years. We keep telling him to put some clothing on when he sleeps but he refuses. That or make sure you're covered when you answer the door." AJ added.

Thank God I had my portfolio in front of me so that they couldn't see my erection as I was thinking about seeing Kevin naked.

"Sorry guys. I just can't fall asleep with clothes on. And you know you like it when that happens AJ." Kevin laughed as he sat down next to Howie.

"Oh yeah, the sight of your butt turns me on." AJ said, rolling his eyes.

"But, and no pun intended, enough about Kevin's goods. Let's see what you have in your hands Josh." Brian said and reached his hands out to take my portfolio.

"Ok. I have some still shots and a couple of videos of things that I have done in the past. You guys take a look at everything and I'll be over in Kevin's room." I said, handing them to Brian.

"But why are you leaving ?" Kevin asked with a concerned look on his face.

"It'll be better for you if you can comment to each other and not have to spare my feelings. Especially, if you don't like them. And, it's better for me so I don't hover. I have a tendency to do that when it comes to people looking at my work. I'll be fine. I'll sit and watch some tv or something. Come and get me when you're done." I said and turned and walked over to Kevin's room.

I closed the door to Kevin's room and just looked around. Taking in every detail. I stepped into his bathroom and looked around. I noticed his cologne. I picked it up and smelled it. It smelled like him. Silly, why did I think that it wouldn't ? I set the bottle down and walked back into the bedroom. I knew I shouldn't do it but I did it anyway. I sat down on Kevin's bed and put my face to his pillow.

I laid there for a few minutes and then got up. I didn't want to be caught in his bed. That wouldn't look good. I walked back into the living room and turned the tv on. I did some flipping and came to the local PBS station. Ok, so I like PBS. Some people think that it's nerdy to watch PBS. But, hey, call me a nerd then.

An hour or so later, Kevin walked into the room with a look on his face that I couldn't quite make out.

"We're done if you want to come over to AJ's and talk to us" Kevin said as he looked at me with that same strange look.

"Ok" I said, shutting off the tv and walking with Kevin to AJ's.

"Guess that I should start forgetting about the job, the tour and more importantly, about Kevin if I judged the look on his face correctly." I said to myself.

"The job and the tour I can get over. But, not being with Kevin is going to be something that will take a long time to get over." I said to myself.

"We're done looking over everything and watching the movies that you made and I must say that we are all a little bit disappointed and upset" Kevin said as we sat down.

My heart sank and I started to get up out of my chair.


End of Chapter 4


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