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Previously in Chapter 7 ..

I got ready for bed and had just climbed in when the phone rang again.

I picked it up wondering who was calling this late in the night.

"Hello.' I said into the receiver.

'It's me. I just wanted to tell you something. Something that you told me not to tell you. But since we're thousands of miles apart, you can't stop me now. I know what I said before and I've come to a conclusion. I love you Josh. I tried to tell myself that I wasn't because I was scared. But, as much as that might scare me and scare you, I had to tell you. Sweet dreams my love.' I hung up the phone as I heard the dial tone.


I sat in my bed and just stared at the phone. I couldn't believe what I just heard. I couldn't believe that he was in love with me. I must have heard him wrong or be dreaming or something. I've heard of love at first sight and all that but I never really believed in it. I thought that you really had to know everything that there was to know about a person before you fell in love. I found myself smiling. I laid there and thought about it some more and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

The next morning I got up and called my best friend Mark and told him that I was taking him to lunch. I was going to spring Kevin and the new job and me leaving all at once. I figured it was less painful that way.

He took the news much better than I thought that he would.

I spent the next week packing up my things and making sure that my plants and my fish had a good home with Mark. He'd kill them I knew, but I had no one else that I could leave them with. I put most of my stuff into storage and let my landlord know that I was moving out and made sure the rent was paid until the end of the month.

I talked to Kevin on and off all week. But I made sure not to mention the phone call or the fact that he told me that he loved me. I wanted to wait until I was there with him in person to talk about it and he never brought it up either.

I received emails from all the guys telling me things that were happening; how the shows were going, how Kevin was doing, etc.

When the day came for me to leave, Mark and I cried at the airport as I said goodbye to him and my life in Michigan and said hello to my new life with Kevin and the boys. I made sure to tell him that I'd make him come visit and see a show as soon as I could.

Kevin said that he would make sure to meet me in Dallas where they were preparing for their next show.

As I got off the plane, I looked around for him and he was nowhere to be seen. I waited a couple of minutes and started to walk toward the baggage claim when I heard an announcement over the P.A. system. "Josh Davidson. Please proceed to the white courtesy phone. Josh Davidson. Please proceed to the white courtesy phone."

"Kevin must be delayed or something" I said as I walked toward a phone.

I picked up the phone and told the operator that I was just paged. She put the call through and then I heard, "Miss me ?"

"More than you know" I said into the phone.

"Are you running late or something ? Why are you calling me on the phone ?" I asked him.

"No. I'm not running late. And might I say that you look damn fine in that outfit!" he said.

"Hmmm...where are you ? You goof." I said laughing into the phone.

"Let's just say that your ass looks amazing from here", he said in a low voice.

I turn around and see him walking toward me with a huge smile on his face.

"Always have to make an entrance don't you ?" I say, still speaking into the phone.

"Just wanted to make sure that I saw you first. So I could see the look on your face when you saw me and you could see how happy I am to see you," he responded still walking closer to me.

For some odd reason, we were standing no more than 2 feet apart by now and we were still talking into our phones.

"I've missed you terribly you know. And if I didn't have this damn phone in my hand, I could give you a proper greeting" I said, looking into this eyes.

"I think that can be arranged. Ummm...Josh, do you mind if I hang up ? I've got to go. My boyfriend is expecting me." he said.

"Not at all. And tell him that I said that he must be the luckiest man in the world to have as great a man as you care for him. Goodbye Kevin. Talk to you soon." I said and hung up my phone.

He hung up his cell phone and opened his arms and grabbed me into a hug. We stood there and hugged each other tightly. God it felt so good.

"Ok. Let's get my bags. I want to kiss you so badly but we can't do it in here. " I said, pulling away from him.

"One day baby. One day we'll be able to show anyone and everyone how we feel about each other," he said as we started toward the baggage claim.

We got my bags and headed toward the limo. Thank god that he wasn't spotted. I wasn't in the mood to be delayed. I needed to get into that car.

We stepped inside and the door was closed. I grabbed him and kissed him hard. He forced his tongue into my mouth, which I gladly accepted. I then returned the favor. His hands roamed up and down my body and I just held onto him for dear life. This went on back and forth until we reached the hotel.

We stopped only because the car had stopped. We were both breathing heavily, our clothes were wrinkled and our hair was all over the place. We straightened ourselves us before we prepared to exit the car.

"Get ready for pandemonium" he said as he opened the door and the screaming began.

We made our way through the screaming fans and went into the hotel. "I suppose that I should start getting used to that, eh ?" I said to him.

"Comes with the territory", he said smiling at me.

We stopped in the lobby and Kevin turned to look at me.

"Umm. Josh. I hope you don't mind, but I didn't book you a room. I put you in my room. That way the other guys can pair up too. It's got two beds in it but I can book you another room if you'd rather. I know how you value your privacy and alone time," he said with a rapid, nervous tone to his voice.

"Kevin, dear. That's fine. It's not a problem. There's plenty of space in this hotel for me to roam if I need to be by myself. So don't be nervous about it. And don't worry. I don't think that you're trying to get into my pants or anything. At least not yet. " I laughed at him and dragged him toward the elevator.

"Great I was worried. I wasn't sure how you were going to take it" he said as the doors closed.

The elevator stopped at our floor. Kevin held the door and said, "Seventh floor. Bedding. Housewares. Backstreet Boys. Please exit straight ahead."

I laughed at him. "You're an odd man you know."

"You're dating me. So, which of us is more odd?" he questioned.

"JOSH !" I looked up to see this streak of blondness running at me.

Nick ran up and grabbed me and gave me a hug, picking me up and spinning me around.

"Hi ya blondie. Miss me much ?" I laughed as he put me down.

"God yes. Now Mr. Grumpy pants over there will get off our cases!" he said, pointing at Kevin.

"I have not been grumpy. More like lonely." he defended himself.

"Yeah Yeah Yeah. Whatever. So let's get your stuff into Kevin's room." Nick said as he grabbed me and started walking down the hall.

"How do you know that I don't have my own room?" I asked him.

"I don't. But I'm assuming. I didn't mean to imply anything. Sorry." He gave me a little pout.

"I'm kidding. I'm not mad. And yes, I am sleeping in Kevin's room. In the second bed. I'm not THAT easy." I laughed and looked at Kevin.

Kevin blushed and thought to himself, "Ok. So the first bed doesn't get used."

Once I dropped off the bag that I was carrying in OUR room and grabbed my camera out of it. I wasn't calling it Kevin's room anymore. Made me seem like a tag along. After all, we are dating and all.

The three of us went over to Howie's room where the rest of the guys were.

"It's about time. Geez." was the greeting that I got from Brian. As well as a hug.

"Blame him" I said, pointing at the gorgeous hunk standing behind me.

"Pardon me for wanting some time with my boyfriend who I haven't seen in like forever." he said.

"It's only been a couple of weeks. But it's great to see you again." Howie said as he stood up to hug me.

"Where's the multi-colored one ?" I asked.

"AJ's down in the work out room. Flexing the pecs for some girls I would bet." Brian answered.

"Hey...what're you doing with that thing ?" Nick asked as I pointed the camera at him.

"Ah. I look horrible. Film Brian." Nick said running into the bathroom. I stopped filming as soon as he closed the door.

"Butt shot!" I laughed.

"He could spend hours and hours getting ready and still think that he looks bad. Actually, he does spend hours and hours sometimes. It's gonna be fun when we team up with N'Sync. I hear that another blond boy in that group does the same thing." Brian shouted, just loud enough for Nick to hear.

He opened the door slightly and said, "Justin and I are so not alike" and closed the door.

We all laughed at him.

Just then, we heard a knock on the door. "Howie. Lemme in." It was AJ.

"Can I ?" I asked pointing at the camera and then the door.

"Please do." Howie answered.

I opened the door focused on AJ and said, "Here we have the buff AJ McLean. Just back from a tough workout. Notice the bulging biceps and rippling muscles."

"Josh ! I was hoping that I'd get done before you guys got here. I'm all sweaty. And are you starting already?" he said grabbing me.

"Thanks. Now I'm all sweaty too. But, I need to take a shower anyway. I got a little sweaty on the ride over here." I said as I pulled out of his hug and shot Kevin a look.

"Woohoo. Go Cuz." Brian shouted and punched his cousin in the arm.

"Enough embarrassment for this hour. I'm gonna go shower." I said. "I'll see y'all in a few"

"I need to shower too. I'm still all sweaty from working out. We doing dinner or ordering in ? " AJ asked.

"Can we order in ?" I asked.

"You guys can do whatever. I have a dinner date already." Kevin said as he stood up and stepped out the door.

We all looked at each other oddly. "Who the hell is he having dinner with ? " I thought to myself.

"With my boyfriend." he said as he popped his head back in and then out again.

"Guess I'm busy for dinner. I'll see you all later. I think. Nick, you can come out now. The camera is off." I said leaving the room.

Nick opened the door slowly and peered out. Feeling it was safe he ran out and out the door saying, "Bye guys. Call me for dinner. "

I walked into our room and Kevin was putting my stuff into the dresser drawers. I walked up behind him and pulled him into a hug.

"You don't have to do that you know. "

"I know. But how else am I going to get to see your underwear" he laughed.

"All good things in due time."

"I really need a shower. I'll be out in a few." I said grabbing a towel.

"I'll be waiting." Kevin said, still putting my clothes away.

After my shower, I walked back into our room to find Kevin sitting at a table staring out the window.

"Penny for your thoughts." I asked as I sat down.

"I'm scared." he said, not looking at me.

"Of ?" I asked.

"Is it possible to be too in love with someone? I did nothing but think about you while we were apart. I found myself imagining what you were doing during the day. I thought about you when I went to bed and when I woke up. I'm worried that I'm falling too fast. It's been such a long time since I've cared about someone. I don't want to smother you. I can be intense with my feelings sometimes" he replied. Then he turned and looked at me for my reaction.

"Don't you worry about that. I would rather you tell me your feelings every minute than not tell me at all. If we're gonna make this thing work, we've got to be honest about our feelings with each other. If I make you mad about something tell me. If I hurt you in some way, tell me. Because I'll certainly tell you if you do something to me. I've been in relationships where we were afraid to talk to each other for fear of losing the other person. It ended up that we lost each other anyway. " I answered and grabbed his hand.

"So. You love me huh ?" I questioned him. I really wanted to wait until later at dinner to discuss this but now seems the right time.

"It scares me. But I do. I know it's not lust. I look at you as more than a sexual object. And I know that it's not infatuation. You already mean more to me than I can fathom. I can't imagine things without you." he said.

I reach over and pull him into my arms and a tear falls down my cheek.

"Do you know how happy you make me ?" I ask. More of a rhetorical question really.

Just then there's a knock at the door. Kevin walks over and looks out the peephole.

"It's the food. I ordered while you were in the bathroom. Is that okay ?" he asked.

"That's fine. I'm starving anyway. Plane food sucks." I laughed and grabbed some clothes and walked back into the bathroom to change.

We ate dinner and gabbed about things. He told me about his family and I can tell that he has a strong bond with them. Then he talked about how the BSB got started and some funny stories about all the guys. He was giving me ammunition so that I can start my own 20 questions at each of them the next time we all have dinner together.

"Oh yeah. I forgot. We need to meet with management to sign contracts and things tomorrow. And they want you to start at this upcoming concert. You'll have free reign of the arenas and it's arranged that you can go backstage and into the dressing rooms and all. Just remember. No naked shots." Kevin explained and waved a finger at me, laughing.

"Damn. I so wanted to see Nick naked too." I said, putting the last bit of my caesar salad in my mouth.

Kevin got this hurt look on his face. The big faker. "Nick. Not me ?"

"I figured that you'd take it off for me with or without my camera." I added.

"True. Exhibitionist that I am. But, I'm like way tired. It must be after midnight or something." he said looking down at his watch.

It was 12:30. 1:30 Eastern time. My body was gonna have to adjust to these time zones.

"Time for bed. I'm bushed." I said, standing up.

We both got ready for bed taking turns in the bathroom.

Kevin turned off all the lights and made sure the door was locked and bolted.

I climbed into my bed and he climbed into his.


"Something wrong dear ?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm in this big bed all by myself. I wish that I had some company." I said into the darkness.

I felt him slip in beside me and pull me close to him. I rested my head on his chest and let out another sigh. This time, it was out of happiness and contentment.

I started rubbing up and down his leg and I suddenly realized something.

"Kevin Scott !" I just about shouted.

"What ? What's wrong ?" he asked.

"Where are your pants?" I questioned him, turning to look at him.

"Oh. Oops. Did I not mention that I sleep in the nude ? I can't fall asleep with clothes on. They get all twisty on me and it makes me uncomfortable. If you want I can put some boxers on though, " he explained.

"No. That's alright. I want you to be comfy. I'll just have to watch where I put my hands I guess." I said, laying my head back down on his chest.

"You can put them anywhere you want" he said in his low, deep, sexy voice.

I giggled. "You'd enjoy that too much. And I think that I would too"

"Night my darling. Sleep well." he said and kissed my forehead.

"It'll be the best nights sleep that I've had in weeks." I said, starting to drift off.

I awoke the next morning to a poking at my back. We were both lying on our sides with Kevin behind me.

"God. Let that be his hand or something. I don't think that I can resist looking" I said in a hushed voice to myself.

The suspense was killing me. I had to turn around. I slowly shifted my position and sure enough, it wasn't his hand.

I gasped at the sight of him. This man was beautiful. Sleeping there peacefully. Not even aware that I'm ogling him. I traced the curve of his biceps. I slowly ran my hand down his chest and felt the fine hairs that grew there. I let my fingertip flick one of his nipples that were already hard. Kevin stirred a little but didn't wake up. He just mumbled something incoherent and resumed his heavy breathing of sleep. I had to touch it. It was like a new toy that I had play with. So to speak. I ever so slowly caressed the tip. Feeling its silky softness. I'd always heard that the head of an uncircumcised man was more sensitive. I slowly pulled the skin up and over the head and watched it disappear. It was fascinating me more than anything. I let me hand roam down this thigh and back around to caress the ass that looked so fine in those tight fighting pants that he always wore. I felt a little bad that I had pleasured myself by fondling him, I decided to wake him up. I slowly slid the sheet covers up to our chests and placed a kiss on his lips. He stirred a little. I then did it again, this time licking across his lips as I pulled away. I got a slight moan from him. Ok. Enough mister nice guy. I slid my hand under the cover and twisted one of his nipples. He groaned loudly but he lightly said, "Harder. Oh god. Harder."

I reached my head down and bit one of his nipples and pinched the other. He craned his neck and pushed his chest into my mouth. "Perfect angle" I thought to myself. I started placing little kisses on his neck, all the while still playing with his nipple. I looked up to see him staring down at me.

I blushed a little and said, "Good morning sunshine." and kissed him on the lips.

"Good morning to you too." he said as he rolled me onto my back and placed his body on mine. "I could wake up like that every day"

He started to kiss my neck and ground his hips into mine. I could feel myself starting to get hard. We rubbed our hips together more and I let out a moan. "Oh god. Kevin, that feels so good. You don't know how badly I want you."

"Tell me then. Tell me how badly you want me?" he said as he ran his fingers under my t-shirt to caress my chest.

"I don't think that I have words." I replied, just as he started licking the sensitive spot just behind one of my ears. My body arched up pushing our hips together more. Chills ran up and down my spine. Good chills. Great chills.

"I think I've found something interesting." he said as he continued to hit this spot. I could hardly stand what he was doing to me. I felt my conviction about waiting to make love with him slipping away. I wanted this. I needed this.

He stopped the assault on my neck to pull my shirt off. He then pulled up on his arms so that he was looking straight into my face.

"God you're beautiful," he said looking down my body and then back up into my eyes.

I've always been a little self-conscious about my looks and blushed as he said this.

"You're biased. But, thanks. I just can't believe that I'm here with you. I've dreamed about what waking up like this would be like and it's gone beyond my imagination even." I replied.

"Get used to it. Because it only gets better. We're holding back remember."

He ground his hips into mine again and leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Just imagine what it's gonna be like when this thing in your pants is buried deep inside me?"

I swear I almost came in my pants at the sound of that.

"You're a bottom ?" I questioned him.

We'd never really talked in depth about sex. I mean we said what we liked but it never really got down to positions and all.

"I like to flip flop. Never limit yourself I say." he answered.

I smiled up at him, "Good answer" This time it was my turn to force my hips into him. "Because I'll do things to you that you can only imagine"

As always happens, the phone rings.

"I hate that thing." Kevin said and picked up the phone.

"This better be good." he spoke into the phone.

"Time for breakfast love birds. The food will be here in like 15 minutes. Get your asses down here. Assuming they aren't too sore." Brian said. Kevin just rolled his eyes at me.

"We'll be down in a few." he said and hung up the phone.

We reluctantly got out of bed and I watched him walk into the bathroom. God his ass. I think that you can bounce quarters off that thing. I must learn how he gets it that tight.

We take turns in the shower and get dressed and head down to Brian's room for breakfast.

Sitting down on the couch after grabbing some food, Kevin sits on the floor in front of me, between my legs.

"You're both smiling like the cat that ate the canary. It was a canary that you guys ate wasn't it ?" Howie asked, chuckling.

"Trust me. If we had sex, you guys would have heard it." I said, and put a forkful of scrambled eggs in my mouth.

Kevin turned around to look at me and had a shocked but smiling look on his face.

"Well, they would have," I laughed.

"Yeah and you'd be walking funny Josh. We've all seen that thing that Kevin has." AJ said to me.

"Ok New topic please." Kevin said loudly.

We all laughed and I started to fill them in on some plans and ideas that I had for the video.


End of Chapter 8.

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