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Les Amours d'Astre
(Et Le Gardien Du Brume)

Between the Shadows

Chapter Two

A shadow stooped above his bed, falling across two boys wrapped in each other's arms. A grey figure paced lazily about the room. Brian saw all this, but his eyes did not open. "Two young lovers dropped into your arms from the heavens themselves. Take care, as you may find yourself deeper than you think in their affairs." A single ray of light came from the window, dissipating the figure; or rather, went from the dissipating figure to the window, leaving behind a golden sliver of light that slowly grew into the dawn.

As light slowly crept into the room, Brian awoke to find two unfamiliar faces asleep in his bed. Realization dawned along with the morning, and the previous night floated into his consciousness from the depths of his memory. He smiled to himself as he hopped into the shower. After quickly cleaning up, not lingering in the shower for a moment more than he had to, Brian went into the very tiny kitchen (really the hallway in which stood also the door to the room) and flopped out a small hotel frying pan. Eggs and bacon? Maybe. Somethin' else be better? Nah. Eggs and bacon it is... Oh, and some toast. Can't live without toast.

Feeling like putting on an anime smile from ear to ear, Brian walked back into his bedroom quickly, setting the three hotplates down and sitting in his chair. He began to think wildly, not noticing when one of the two lovers woke and looked up.

"Whoa!" A soft, half-deep tenor abruptly brought Brian from his thought. "Dude, where are we?" Brian briefly explained the previous night, not bothering to explain who he was or anything else that he didn't think mattered. The only thing that the youth could seem to say was, "Cool!" The blonde yawned and exclaimed with a small start, "Where the hell..."

Brian just laughed and handed them their plates, picking up his own. They both smiled wide-eyed and almost yelled, "Thanks!" Brian snickered, "Worked up an appetite last night?" One blushed, slightly nodding, while the other continued eating.

When they had finally done with a large portion of their breakfast, Brian interrupted them, "So, what're your names?" The black-haired guy looked up, "I'm Jason... And this is Aaron." He said, smiling first at Brian, then at his lover. Aaron looked up a bit, merely glancing at Brian shyly, and then sat down his empty plate. "Oh my god! Jason, it's..."

Jason squinted at Brian, then pulled out a pair of glasses. His jaw dropped as he lowered the glasses over his eyes. "I didn't realize... I can't believe... We were even at your concert last night and we must have been so smashed we couldn't tell!" Brian laughed. The two lovers flung themselves down and chanted, "We're not worthy!" They collapsed backwards giggling nervously, and then Jason looked up at Brian seriously.

"Man, I'm sorry. I'd have never had come into your room like this and..." Brian lifted his hand to stop him. "That's okay. It's nice to have company that won't mob you. You can stay around for as long as you want." Jason was speechless, while Aaron started pinching himself. "Damn, I'm not asleep. Are you serious? I can't believe we get to hang around a babe like y..." He drifted off. "I'm sorry, um... If you haven't already guessed," "You're gay?" Brian finished.

"Actually," Began Jason, "I'm gay. Aaron here is bi." Brian smiled, while they both looked sheepish. "That's fine. I don't think I'm straight either, especially not after enjoying your little show last night!" Aaron turned bright red. "You watched?!?" "Well, not really... Actually by the time I came back in here you were both asleep." "And thank god!" Aaron finished. Brian looked at his watch. It was only seven. He grinned devilishly. And now for some fun.

Though he'd only been awake for half an hour, Brian had already developed quite extensive plans for the day. The only possible flaw would be the lovers' decline of his offer; that was, of course, not an issue.

Aaron and Jason had pointed out a 'local' mall: it was an hour away, but it was the best mall in Louisiana. Brian didn't mind the drive, as he got to watch the lovers cuddle all the way there, and his spacious limo gave them enough room to get fairly frisky.

Jason, being flamboyant as he apparently was, couldn't keep his hands off of Aaron. Aaron sat on Jason's lap as Jason quietly played the vampire with his neck. Brian found himself staring as Jason looked up seductively, smiling, his lips never leaving Aaron's apparently sensitive skin.

Brian couldn't take it. "Hey, you know, don't mind me. I'll just uh... Sit here and... and... and READ!" He picked up a completely uninteresting teen magazine that Nick had obviously bought and began to mindlessly flip through the pages; Aaron began to moan.

He couldn't help himself; Brian looked up. No sooner than Brian had begun looking through the magazine than Aaron had lost his shirt to Jason, and Jason was working his way up and down Aaron's back with his lips. A thoroughly oral person indeed. Brian couldn't remove his glare, and Jason glanced at him, mindlessly, heedlessly.

The two lovers became entangled, Aaron finally taking a little charge, attacking Jason's ears, nibbling at the lobe through which ran a tiny ring of silver. Brian found himself resisting the urge to move in any way, almost as if he had stumbled upon the two and didn't want to alert them. Jason took the final step and lowered himself to Aaron's zipper. He looked cautiously at Brian, who managed a small shrug. The pants were off before anything else could happen.

Aaron laid back, Jason slowly pulling down his boxers. He craftily swallowed all of something Brian didn't quite see; almost quite thankfully didn't see, as he was already fighting his own desires. Aaron was surprisingly quiet, though he had seemed the night before to be fairly noisy.

Brian finally couldn't help himself. He moved to the opposing side of the limo, just beside the two, and with a full view of the action. Jason smiled up at him, looking pretty funny with a mouthful. Brian just stared, losing himself so that he didn't even see, he just knew.

Brian was standing in a dense forest. Not but five feet away sat a grey-cloaked shape. A cool wind blew in the leaves above, and Brian found himself rapidly forgetting things. Where he had just been was the first memory to go, and then backwards into eternity. He seemed to forget all things from his previous moment back to creation. The grey cloak shifted. "I know of your loneliness. I know of your struggle. I have come." It stood, turning around him without turning toward him. Moving for a great stone, the man (or so it seemed) leapt up to the top of the mountainous boulder, fire running down in rings from where he surmounted. A name burnt itself into the front of the stone: Angelique. He was brought out of his trance by Jason half laughing, half gagging and by the sound of Aaron coming.


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