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Les Amours d'Astre
(Et Le Gardien Du Brume)

Between the Shadows

Chapter Five

Nick couldn't seem to get ahold of Brian no matter what. His cell phone was apparently out of commission for the time being, and any attempt to phone, e-mail, or beep him seemed futile enough, but he now employed more direct means, and was on his way for a visit. It was little over an hour from Nick's hotel in Baton Rouge to Brian's in New Orleans, and Nick was getting fidgety having to stay nearly still for so long. As he pulled into the hotel he made his plan to sneak around the hazardously thick crowd of hypersexual teens outside.

After quickly slipping up the fire escape, and also after handling a brief but intense rendezvous with hotel security staff, Nick found himself standing outside of Brian's room. Instead of knocking, as would have surely been far more prudent, Nick simply turned the knob, the door popping open gently and quite unobtrusively.

The image that greeted Nick froze him from head to foot. He stood still and silent for what seemed ages-two boys were wrapped in each other's arms making out on what Nick had expected to be Brian's bed. Nick turned, slowly convincing himself that he had found the wrong room and doubly promising himself that he'd chastise the security for their prank, but then finding Brian standing outside. Both froze for an innumerable time.

Brian finally gathered courage, but mostly apt caution motivated him to somehow contrive of closing the door before the bellhop that was advancing down the hall made it to his open door. He pushed Nick backwards into the room and shut it quickly, clapping to alert to two lovers with no perception. They froze with the same expression that was becoming the fashion of the night-somewhat akin to what deer feel when faced with headlights.

"Nick, meet Aaron and Jason." Brain sheepishly gestured to the two lovers. Nick squeezed out one slightly stern, but mostly confused word.


Aaron pulled the light sheets around himself and made a long robe out of the bedclothes. Jason just stood up, naked for the world to see, and followed him in his procession to Nick.

"Hi. It's nice to meet you. I'm sure you really didn't want to see all this." Aaron turned toward Jason, who was quite unashamed. He walked up and took Nick's hand, shaking it vigorously. Nick played along, wide-eyed, but passive still, to Brian's surprise.

"It's nice to finally meet the great Nick Carter. You're not as talkative as the press claims you are, though." And then Jason strode off, apparently on a mission for a shower and some clothes.

Brian dropped into a chair, relieved for the moment, and hoping the feeling would last. Aaron sat back down on the bed, cocking an eyebrow to Brian.

"Okay, now there's got to be a story here. What the hell is going on? The last thing I expected to see is a live porno, much less like this!"

"Well..." Brian tried to stammer out an answer, lacking both the wit to form one and the vocal ability to express it. Aaron cut him off, perhaps saving him a good deal of embarrassment. "We got drunk and climbed into his window. He, fortunately, didn't overreact, and we've been hanging out since this morning. We were hoping to stick around until you leave."

"Oh." Nick shrugged, uncaring, and then walked off towards the small kitchen area, pulling a drink out of the tiny refrigerator. Brian, utterly confounded, looked as if some part of the whole situation were missing. Nick was supposed to overreact, run away, and disown Brian.

Of course, disaster hadn't even come close. There was a feeling of... anticlimax.

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