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The following story contains homosexual activities and is not suitable for younger viewers.  You must be at least 18 years of age.  I in no way know the true sexuality of Kevin Richardson or any of the members of Backstreet Boys.   This story is strictly fictional.


*Author's Note*

I've got a lot of feedback!  Thanks guys!   I really appreciate it.  Apparently this story is hitting off a lot quicker then I had expected, and I've only sent out 2 chapters so far!  I'm really glad that you all are enjoying this story.  Anyway...due to popular demand (hehe), here's Chapter 3...



Light In The Ashes
Chapter 3


We stopped off at a few places so that I could deal with a few issues, and before long, we were at The Spritz.

"You don't mind eating here again do you?" I asked mentally slapping myself for not asking him BEFORE bringing him here.

"Not at all!" he laughed, "But I must say, if I continue to eat here, I might gain some weight."

I just chuckled at his comment.  He frowned.

"Uh...err..." I began to stutter as he burst out laughing.

"That was NOT funny!" I said cracking a smile.

"It was so!" he managed to say in between laughing.

I gave him a friendly punch in the arm and we made are way into the restaurant.  We were seated, and we each ordered.  The food came, we ate, chatted, and left.

"So.  What are you up to tomorrow?" Kevin asked.

"Well...During the day I have a few things I need to get done at work.  Then tomorrow evening, I'm going to..." I stopped for a minute.  I was sooo not going to tell him I was going to a Backstreet Boys concert.  That just wouldn't sound right.  What was I going to tell him?!

"To...?" he asked looking at me funny.

"Oh!  Sorry.  Heh.  My best friend is taking me out to dinner, then to a show." I said blushing a little.  I didn't really lie...I was going to a show.  I just hope he thinks I mean a movie or something.  "What about you?" I asked.

"Well...I have reher...err...I have some things to take care of during the day, and my night is pretty much booked as well." he blushed a bit as well.  I wonder why.

"Cool." I replied.

"How about we get together on Saturday?   I have some shopping to do at the mall." he said with a smile.

"Um..I don't think I have anything planned.   We should probably set up a time in the afternoon though.  I don't know how late I'll be out." I said.

"Hmm..ok.  How about...3?" he asked.

"Sure that sounds good.  3 it is." I smiled.

Just then we pulled into the hotel.

"Anyway, I had a good time.  And I look forward to seeing you on Saturday Rick." he flashed me the most gorgeous smile.

"Ditto." I returned his smile.

We shook hands and he stepped out of the car.

"It was nice seeing you again Rick." he said as he got out.

"It was nice seeing you too." I smiled.

I watched him as he walked towards the hotel entrance, and couldn't help but notice his cute butt.  As he disappeared into the hotel, I headed off towards home.  I needed to get some good rest, because tomorrow night, I would be seeing the Backstreet Boys.  Although I'd never seen them, I've heard them.  I was rather looking forward to seeing them live.

As I put my keys on the table, I began to undress and headed upstairs.  I was rather tired.  It was only 7pm, but for some reason I was drained.  I decided against calling Heather, and telling her how my "date" was.  I wasn't in the mood for her "yays" at the moment.

**The next day*

I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing.

"Hello?" I answered half heartedly.

"Hey!!!!!!!" I heard a female voice scream.

"Hi Heather....." I said.

"Did I wake you?" she asked sounding concerned.

"Well..yeah." I replied.

"Good!" she laughed.  Oh god.   I just realized how annoying she could be when you first wake up. "You DO remember that we have a date tonight right?"

"Yes yes." I said chuckling.

"Good.  OH!  Speaking of dates.....I noticed your car wasn't home most of the day." she cackled.

"Stalking me now are you?" I laughed.

"But of course dear friend." she laughed.

"Well if you MUST know....Kevin and I went to lunch..err..supper last night." I giggled.

"YAY!!!!  How did it go???" she got all excited.

"It went fine." I answered.

"Will you see him again?" she giggled.

"On Saturday as a matter of fact." I giggled as well.

"That's great!" she yelled.

"Yeah hehe.  Anyway, I have a few things to do before tonight, so I'll see you at 8 ok?" I said.

"Ok hon!  I'll be ready!" she said goodbye, and we hung up.

The rest of the day was mostly un-eventful.   I did a few things I had to do for work, faxed them over, and that was about it.   The rest of the time I just lounged around.

**8 p.m.*

I pulled up to Heather's house, and sure enough she was standing at the door.  She was basically sparkling from head to toe.

"We aren't going to a rave you know." I said sarcastically as she got into the car.

She playfully punched me.

"I know that you turd!" she giggled.

We chatted all the way to the stadium.   Mostly about what we expected out of the concert.  Nothing of real intelligence.  Once inside, we grabbed our seats and patiently waited for the opening act.

9:30 rolled around, and the opening act was Jessica Simpson.  She was amazing.  I made a mental note to buy her CD when it was available.  Then it happened.  I saw him.

"Rick?  What's wrong?  Are you ok?" Heather looked at me in between her screams.

"Um...yeah....um.........no......I think I'm gon....." I threw up.  How gross is that?

"Whoa!  Rick are you feeling ok?!" Heather was now facing me and looking at me with a lot of concern.

"I...I'll be ok......just give me a minute..." I managed to say.  Thank GOD I had managed to throw up in my cup of pop.  I quickly walked over and threw the cup out.  When I returned, Heather was still staring at me.  This time with more confusion.

"What's wrong?" she asked feeling my forehead.

"You're not going to believe this......." I said.

"What?  What?!" she began to get worried again.

I pointed to Kevin on stage.  It took her a second to catch on, but she finally did.

"OH MY GOD!  You're kidding right?!" she screamed.

I shook my head.

"I should have figured that out!  I mean...Kevin....with his cousin Brian...from out of town..." she burst out laughing.

"What?  What's so funny?" I began to panic.

"Nothing." she continued to laugh hysterically.

"This is NOT funny!  He never told me who he was!  How am I suppose to face him again?!" I shouted.  Apparently I was getting angry.

"Oh you CAN'T be serious." she laughed, "You aren't actually going to be mad at him for not telling you are you?"

My facial expression didn't change.

"Oh my god you are mad!  Why?!" she freaked.

I couldn't explain it.  It was weird.   I had JUST learned that I was dating a superstar, and that he didn't tell me he was one.  I was feeling betrayed in some way.  I don't know why.  I needed to think.  And I couldn't do it here.  Too much was going on.

"I wanna go." I said.

"You're kidding right?  Do you know how hard it was to get these tickets?!" she began to get mad.

"Oh come on Heather.  I really need to think.  I promise if things go anywhere with Kevin, even if we're just friends, I'll get you new tickets, and I'll even fly us there.  I just really need to go." I pleaded.

She just shook her head and started to walk towards the car.  I knew she was mad at me, but I didn't know what else to do.   I couldn't very well leave her there.

As we drove, she didn't speak.

"Look I'm sorry." I said, meaning it.

"I know." she said sternly, "But it doesn't mean I'm not mad at you."

"I know." I said.

We didn't say much after that.  I dropped her off at home, and then continued down the street to my house.  I got out of the car, and fumbled with my keys at the front door.  I couldn't unlock the damn thing.   My hands were shaking too much.  Finally, after a couple more tries, I gave up.  Out of frustration, I just plopped myself down on my front step.

Why is this getting to me?  Who cares if he's a superstar!  He doesn't have to tell me!  I didn't ask.  He doesn't have to volunteer any information.  Or does he?  I mean he did say he wanted to get to know me better.  Shouldn't he have told me then?  This is all completely nuts.  I don't even know if the guy is gay or not.  If he's not, why is he so interested in getting to know me then?  Poor Heather.  I feel so bad.  What the hell am I gonna do?  I'm suppose to go out with this guy tomorrow!  I know, I'll ask him tomorrow.  I'll tell him that it doesn't matter to me if he's popular.   He's just another guy to me.  That I spent time getting to know Kevin, not Kevin of Backstreet Boys.  No no, that just won't do.  I'm going to feel very uncomfortable tomorrow if I see him.  I should leave him a message letting him know I can't see him.  Yes.  Yes that's what I should do.

I quickly stood, opened the door (Finally), and blindly walked up to my bedroom.  I didn't call.  I just jumped on my bed and passed out.

**The next morning*

I again, awoke to the phone ringing.

"Hello?" I hazily answered the phone.

"Hey Rick!  It's Kevin.  How are ya?" I almost threw up again.

"Uh......err....I'm...uh...." I couldn't speak.

"Did I wake you up?  I'm sorry!" he sounded like he was cursing at himself.

"Uh..yeah...it's ok...uh..I'll call you a bit later..." I said trying not to sound like I was totally shutting him out.

"Ok..I'm sorry about calling you so early.   I'll talk to you later." he sounded disappointed.

"Ok.." I replied as I hung up.



Chapter 3!  Short, but here.  LOL.  I know this one was a short one, but it had to be.  The next chapter may be a lil longer then usual.  I'm putting a lot of new things, and some key elements in the next couple of chapters, so I need time to write, think, read, and re-write if need be.  Until it's perfect (In my eyes).   I've had TREMENDOUS feedback and I'm EXTREMELY happy.  Keep on writing to me!  I'd be glad to see some thought's/ideas/comments/suggestions/and even tasteful criticism if you have the time (Just don't ask for me to implement more sex scenes.  I stand firmly on that subject.).   I'm available via: gussie@neoncrayon.com