Long Road Home
by Cameron


I do not know the persons in this story nor do I know the true sexual preference of any member of *Nsync.  These are all lies, made up, but keep reading it gets better.  This is my first time writing so let me know what you all think email me dirty_4_runr@yahoo.com. 

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Last time on Long Road Home:

While Justin and I were asleep in the bedroom, the group was out in the living room having a group discussion about the new guy Justin had latched onto, which was me. 

"Don't you think this is a little quick?" Joey asked. 

"No not really, what Justin wants Justin tends to get in the end anyway." Chris answered while chucking. 

"Hey, no time for jokes..." JC responded. "We seem to like him so far, and anyway, how many people would have done what he did without being paid for it? At the concert he saved all of us from media frenzy by covering up the accident."  Lance added.

"Well, I am going to go check on them, and make sure all is well..." JC stated as he began moving from the couch toward the doorway.  The sight before him was too much, and he motioned the other guys to come to the door while grabbing the camera.  There we were asleep in each other's arms, in the middle of the bed, Justin on top of my stomach with his head in the bend of my neck.  The pictures that they took I am sure were all "Kodak" moments.  After the last shot was taken, they preceded to go about there business except for JC who covered us up with a blanket. As he moved to shut the door, he whispered, "I hope that this is the one for you Justin. You have had too many rocky roads; you deserve some happiness in your life."

Chapter 3

Justin's POV

Well, when I awoke, I could smell him, the shampoo he used, the cologne he wears, and it's a heavenly combination.  As I lay on his stomach, I could feel his heartbeat and that let me know that this is for real.  As all good things though, I knew that it would have to end soon, but little to my knowledge did, I know that the other guys had been doing some snooping around and had made sure that we were going to be together for a while. 

The "gang" had decided that Cameron and I were going to be stuck with each other.  They had arranged a meeting with his teacher that got him the job at the arena, and had signed him on as a makeup artist for the rest of the tour.  Which on the plus side, it meant that we would be able to see each other more often, and the extra added bonus, Cameron and I could spend time together without looking too suspicious to the media.  Sure, that sounded like a great idea to me, until they told him about it.

"What do you mean you took it upon yourselves to get me a new job?"  Cameron shouted angrily. 

"We thought that you would like to be with us on tour, and because you and Justin have hit it off so well." JC trailed off. 

"You had no right to make a change in my life without my approval! Yes, I am honored by this, but I have things that have to be taken care of, and being on tour is not really going to help me with that at all." 

Returning to Cameron's POV

By this time, Justin was looking heartbroken, as if his only dog just died from a gunshot wound in front of him.  I knew I had to fix that problem, so I took him in my arms and whispered to him, "Justin, I am falling for you, and if you want me to do this I will, but only after I tell you all about me. Then you as a group will decide what to do. Is that ok with you?"  His only response was a quick peck on my lips, and a nod of his head.

`Well, here it goes...' I thought to myself. `I have to tell them everything about me because if I don't then Justin will never understand.'  As the guys sat down on the couches in the room, I remained standing.  "Guys, I have a past that I am not very happy about, but there is a ray at the end of the tunnel.  It started my senior year of high school. I was out to everyone, and I think that most had accepted it, well for the most part.  I was lucky that my family was ok with it, but coming out wasn't my biggest problem. My cousin, who was two years younger than I was, called me one day to drop the biggest bombshell that I had ever had.  She was pregnant, and the father was a drug addict.  She was terrified, and begged me for my help. She told me that I was the only one that could possibly understand her feelings. Her family shunned her completely, tossing her out of their lives because of a mistake. Well, all of them but me, that is.  I was there for her during the morning sickness, the backaches, and the birth, that's were it all changed..." I exhaled loudly and began to pace in the room, drawing curious looks from the group around me.

"While in childbirth, she pushed several times too hard while the baby was coming out. Although the baby came out with no problems, the pressure caused by the child's birth punctured a hole in her body. The doctors quickly rushed her to the operating table, but they couldn't stop the bleeding in time. Sadly, she never even saw the life that she had created. Her last words were, "Take care of my son."  After finishing that sentence, a tear trickled down my face, which I quickly wiped away. I looked up toward the group and by this time, all the guys were on the edge of there seats with their mouth's open, and I thought I saw a hint of moisture in their eyes. 

"So what I am saying in conclusion is that I have a 12 month old at home that I can't just up and leave him.  So if you can accommodate for both of us then I will take the offer, if not, then I will have to refuse. Either way, I have to head home today, and get him from my moms. She has had him all weekend, and most likely needs a break."  I chuckled. 

Everyone looked at each other, and with one head nod; it was official, I was on the tour with a unanimous yes.  Lance spoke up at that point. "Your mom did tell us a little bit about what had happened, but not the full details. Based on the facts, we could only say yes, to you and your son.  Therefore, you will be on our bus instead of the bus for the crew. With a baby, the crew bus is not a place to be. They tend to get a bit rowdy, and would probably not stay quiet enough for him to sleep." 

Now it was my turn to have my mouth open. Without a word, Justin came over toward me, and kissed me until my mouth closed.  "Much better..." Justin stated to the giggles of the other guys. 

"Now, let's go get that son of yours, and get packed!" Chris exclaimed. 

The steady hum of the bus rolling along the road should have lulled me to sleep, but I was to hyper about seeing my mom and son again.  In addition, to the fact that this cute blonde haired singer had stolen my heart, and felt that he had to sit up with me, which of course ended up with me holding him between my legs running my fingers through his curls until he passed out from lack of sleep.  Welcome to Virginia, I never thought that I would love a blue sign so much but that sign meant only one more hour until I was home and I still had not slept while my angel was snoozing in my embrace the other guys had came from the back of the bus all rubbing sleep from their faces.  We all just set there in silence watching the road and every so often I would catch them looking at me. 

"What?" I asked.  The response that I got was a shock. "Just be good to him, and take it slow. We all know that you both have been hurt in the past, and that this is a fresh start for you both. So take your time, and always know that you have four brothers here to help you out if and when you need it."  Joey stated. 

I gave them a gentle smile, and held my tears back.  It was at that point that Justin decided to wake up and stretch out like an old cat in the sun.  He almost fell off the couch we were on.  As he moved around to sit up, he looked up at me as if he needed a reminder that I was still there and it was not a dream he had just had. 

"So, tell me about this bundle of joy that we are going to pick up," Justin whispered. 

"His name is Cody Ryan; he is 12 months old, with brown hair and hazel eyes.  He can be very fussy at times, and tends to try and get what he wants when he wants it, like someone else I know."  I chuckled in response.  Justin to his credit just looked at me with an unasked question in his eyes.  "He will love you Justin, don't worry, if I love you as much as I do now, I just know that he will too." 

Luckily, my statement seemed to settle his mind because he nestled himself in my arms again, and waited until the bus stopped at the entrance of my neighborhood. Unfortunately, because the bus was too big for the narrow road, we unloaded at the entrance, and walked down the road to the house that I called home. As I headed up the driveway, I could see my mom and son waiting for me at the door.  As I walked closer toward the house, I noticed the look on my mother's face; she was shocked. I am not sure if she was shocked because I was home this early, or the fact that I had five boy band members plus their bodyguards following me. 
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