Long Road Home

by Cameron


I do not know the persons in this story nor do I know the true sexual preference of any member of *Nsync. These are all lies, made up, but keep reading it gets better. This is my first time writing so let me know what you all think email me: dirty_4_runr@yahoo.com.

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Last time on Long Road Home:

"So, tell me about this bundle of joy that we are going to pick up," Justin whispered.

"His name is Cody Ryan; he is 12 months old, with brown hair and hazel eyes. He can be very fussy at times, and tends to try and get what he wants when he wants it, like someone else I know." I chuckled in response. Justin to his credit just looked at me with an unasked question in his eyes. "He will love you Justin, don't worry, if I love you as much as I do now, I just know that he will too."

Luckily, my statement seemed to settle his mind because he nestled himself in my arms again, and waited until the bus stopped at the entrance of my neighborhood. Unfortunately, because the bus was too big for the narrow road, we unloaded at the entrance, and walked down the road to the house that I called home. As I headed up the driveway, I could see my mom and son waiting for me at the door. As I walked closer toward the house, I noticed the look on my mother's face; she was shocked. I am not sure if she was shocked because I was home this early, or the fact that I had five boy band members plus their bodyguards following me.

Chapter 4

No sooner had I made it onto the porch than Cody was already squirming in mom's arms. As she opened the door, I took him in my arms, and he immediately latched onto my neck and did not want to let go.

"Easy there killer," I chocked out while he had a firm grip on me.

"Mom, Cody, I would like you to meet *Nsync and their guards."

To my surprise my mom stated, "I know who they are, but why are they here, and come on inside before the whole neighborhood is in the yard."

I stepped aside to allow everyone in the door, as the last person was entering Cody looked at me then at Justin and held out his arms for Justin to take him which shocked me as well as Justin.

"Go ahead and hold him Justin. I trust you he wants to test you out and see if you like him," I explained while handing over the excited little guy.

As we entered the door my mom had already made everyone sit down and feel right at home. Joey was in the recliner, Chris on the couch with JC and Lance. The guards were in the kitchen checking out the supplies as mom had directed them. I should have known she would have cooked enough to feed the whole road crew as usual. Once Justin came into view holding a content Cody to my shock and the guys mom stated, "Well it looks like Cody has decided that he has found someone else to be his daddy don't you think?"

All I could do was look at him and then back to the group as I slowly spoke to her. "Mom this is why I am here I have been offered a job with the tour, and I am going to accept it now that I know Cody will be ok with the guys, and yes before you ask he is going with me."

Now was the true test of her judgment. She looked at me then the guys and back to me before she commented. "Well I can't stop you now can I? I just hope that you know what you're doing, and if I hear one thing about you or Cody being treated poorly I will personally take that up with Justin since he seems to be a major part of your decision."

Ok, so she had read me like a book after, all she is my mom so she has that privilege. "Yes, he is a major part of the decision, we are going to take it slow and see where this road will lead us, but you have to promise to keep this to yourself no one can know it would be disastrous to their careers." I explained.

"Trust me when I say I know all to well what it could do. I just hope that you're happy and that he treats you both well," Mom responded.

Well the first impression went well. I sat down on the love seat and had Justin and Cody join me. While we were all there I felt as if this was home that I had finally found the end of my road and could stay here forever. Cody had found Justin's necklace very interesting, and was pulling his chain so to speak. It was quite funny to see Justin holding him while he played, but I could see in his eyes this longing. For what you may ask I am not sure, maybe children of his own, love, or could it be both only time would tell.

"Well gang lets take this into the dining room so that you can have a good home cooked meal." mom exclaimed.

Like a stampede the "herd" moved into the dining room to leave me and Justin with Cody. I looked over to them and stated, "Go ahead and eat I am going to go pack and then I will eat something."

The look I received let me know immediately that was the wrong thing to say.

"No, how about we both go pack so that way we can eat together?" Justin suggested.

I put Cody in his high chair and mom started to feed him while the gang devoured all that was in sight on the table, Justin and I went into my room to start the task of packing for Cody and myself.

Two hours and six bags later I was packed and ready to leave. Justin was right there with me the whole time telling me what I would probably use and what was not needed. When we started back into the living room with bags on our shoulders and in each hand the group had all passed out on the couches. Chris and Joey was on the love seat snoring. JC and Lance were on the couch cuddled up next to Cody, and mom was in her chair just watching the whole picture before her while we stood there the body guards took our bags and started back to the bus. As the guys started to file out one by one they gave my mom a heartfelt hug and kiss on the cheek. I went to her and gave her the biggest hug that I had, and a kiss on her cheek to match.

Much to my surprise when I let go she looked at Justin and told him, "Take care of my babies; they are all that I have left."

Justin in return gave her a big hug and a kiss as well with Cody hanging on to his neck. Mom proceeded to smother the little guy in kisses and enough hugs to last for the rest of the tour.

I told her that we would call her and keep in touch, and that in 3 months we would be back home. With that we left and headed back to the bus which would be my home on this long road ahead of me. One filled with love, friendship, and whatever may lie ahead. Once back on the bus Cody was wide awake and wanting to spend time with his daddy. Lance and JC were in the back playing Playstation, while Joey and Chris were in their bunks trying to catch up on sleep. Justin, well he was fighting to stay awake, his eyes were heavy and he was slumped down on the floor in front of me. Cody found Justin's hair quite the mysterious toy, and just had to start playing and pulling at the short blond curls. All that I could do was chuckle at his squeals of happiness and babbling of what I am sure was a great story. Justin, he just took it in stride, well actually he was asleep leaned back against the couch with my legs on each side of his strong frame. "What have I gotten myself into?" I kept thinking. The only answer I could muster was who cares; everything is going great right now. Who am I to question fate?

"Cameron, Cameron, hey wake up!" a voice to my left was shouting.

"Huh? Wha... Oh Chris it's you, what do you want?" I asked sleepily.

"Well, we took a small group vote and thought that you and Justin need some alone time so we are going to watch out for Cody, and let you and Justin take the back of the bus to sleep," He rambled out to me.

"Cody is asleep with Joey right now on the other couch as you can see, you all passed out about an hour after we left and we still have a long way to go before we make it home," Lance informed me.

`That's great,' I thought, `but how to wake up Justin?' When I looked down he was not there. I looked around with a confused expression on my face which made the guys chuckle.

"He's already back there on the pull out," JC stated.

Ok, no need to argue then, so I got up gave my snoozing son a kiss on the cheek and slowly made my way to the back of the bus. When I reached the door my eyes were not ready for the sight before me. There in all his beauty, was Justin shirtless, sprawled out on the makeshift bed like a rag doll. I slowly closed the door removed my shirt and laid down beside him. He stirred a little, "Cam is that you?" was his mumbled question.

"Yeah, it's me go back to sleep we have awhile before we stop," I whispered.

As I stretched out he wrapped his arm around my waist and laid his head on my shoulder which seemed to be his favorite pillow now. All that I can remember was listening to his steady breathing and thinking, 'Cody I hope that your daddy is ready for this journey that we are taking.' Then sleep finally came, and for once in my life I did not have a worry when I went to bed, just the overwhelming love and support of my son, four new brothers, and my new found love.

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