Long Road Home
By Cameron

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Last time on Long Road Home:

"Yeah, it's me go back to sleep we have awhile before we stop," I whispered.

As I stretched out he wrapped his arm around my waist and laid his head on my shoulder which seemed to be his favorite pillow now. All that I can remember was listening to his steady breathing and thinking, 'Cody I hope that your daddy is ready for this journey that we are taking.' Then sleep finally came, and for once in my life I did not have a worry when I went to bed, just the overwhelming love and support of my son, four new brothers, and my new found love.


I awoke to a warm bundle on my chest that was starting to squirm.  Once I saw what it was, or rather who it was I was quite happy.

"Hey little guy, what are you doing up here with Uncle Joey?" 

The only response that I received was a little thump with a small babble of baby talk.  As I sat up holding Cody up to my chest I saw Chris sleeping on the other chair, and Lance and JC were at the kitchen table whispering on a cell phone. 

"What are you two sneaking over there," I asked with alarm, which to their credit they tried to hide the cell phone, but knew that I saw it.

"We were talking to Justin's mom letting her know that we are on the way home, and should be about 90 miles from home right about now."  was Lances' practiced answer.  I could tell that this was something that they had been up to from the way he spouted the answer back so fast to me.  With that I saw JC mouth the words, `I will call back later,' and he ended the call. 

"Well, I think that this little bundle of love here needs to see his dada and his hopeful papa," I let them know as I started to the back of the bus.  Once at the door I slowly opened the latch to peek in which made Cody only want to pull on the door frame.  `Just like your dad... impatient,' kept running in my mind.  With a slight giggle and a little coaxing from me his hand let go so that I could finally open the door all the way.  There was a sight of pure happiness if I have ever seen one.  Cameron was on his back with Justin on his stomach laying his head on Cameron's shoulder sleeping soundly.  As soon as Cody saw his dad he started opening and closing his hands as if to say come get me, or take me over there now.  I had to laugh at his eagerness to be with them. 

So I gently laid Cody down on the bed, and he started his crawl up to Cameron's nose.  Once he reached his target he grabbed hold and pulled with all his little might.  What Cody did not know was that his dad had woken up when the door was opened, and was waiting for him to take his nose.  Much to Cody's surprise Cameron blew on his hands and made a phhht sound, which made Cody jump and squeal his high pitched boy laugh.  This of course made Justin bolt upright at the sound, which is when I decided to make my exit. 

The squeal woke me from a sound sleep, one of the best that I have had in a long time.  I opened my eyes, only to find the door being closed, and a laughing Cameron being covered by Cody.  So I did what I was supposed to do, and helped Cody tickle Cameron into a laughing fit.  Now was my chance, I picked up Cody, and gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead.  He then tucked his head under my chin and proceeded to suck on his thumb.  Cameron gently ran a hand down Cody's head to the small of his back, which to my surprise did not even make him move from his resting spot on me.  I was really starting to love this little guy, he has a way of melting into your heart, and never letting go. 


The sight before me was so cute to watch.  Here was this young man to many, but Justin to me holding my, no our son Cody.  Yes, our son, I liked the sound of that were a family now.  How could you not see the love in Justin's eyes as he looked down at Cody, yes this is going to be a great time in my life. 

"Justin, have you told your mom, or anyone for that matter that I am going to be on the bus with you once we arrive at Orlando?" I quietly asked.

"Yes I have, I as well as the other guys have also talked to our management."  was his soft reply.    "I also have spoken with Mom and Paul about our decision to take things slow.  So we are going to let you stay in the guest house. That way I can be close to you, and you close to me at all times.  As well as mom can be there for Cody if we need her or Paul's help."  Justin quickly stated. 

Well, that was quite a bit to take in at one time, so I think Justin could see this on my face and decided that at that point I needed a kiss.  It was a gentle kiss that conveyed so much love, but at the same time fear in his eyes as I looked at him.  Cody then decided before we broke apart that he wanted to slobber on both of our cheeks to let us know that he loved both of us. 

"Ahhh baby sugars, you have to love those!"  I laughed out, which made both Cody and Justin laugh

"I guess we should head back out to the rest of the group don't you think?  I mean Cody probably needs a little bit to eat as well."  I inquired while opening the door to the front of the bus.  Once we made our way back up front I could see Joey on the couch looking at a magazine, Chris was snoozing on the chair, and JC along with Lance were setting at the table scribbling notes down on a yellow legal pad.  Which they quickly removed from our sight once Justin sat down at the table still with Cody under his chin sucking his thumb. 

"I think its time for a little snack for my Code man," I baby talked to Cody.  Which to his credit he just smacked his lips and put his thumb back in his mouth.  I continued to the fridge to get Cody something to snack on while Lance's cell phone rang, and he excused himself from the group to take the call in the back.  I could almost see a smile on his face when the phone rang.  What is he up too, and who is that on the phone that would make him smile like that, I wondered.

Lance's POV

`I have to go somewhere private,' I thought.  `I cannot let the guys know who I am talking to it's just too much to handle right now.'  "Baby are you there," his voice asked from the phone. 

"Yes, I'm here cutie, sorry about the blank out on yah."  I responded softly.  How could I explain to him that I have not told anyone other than one person about him?  How would he respond if he knew that?  Love, hate, fear, or all of the above?  Well, only one way to find out. 

"Eric, I have to be honest with you, I was going to the back of the bus to talk with you so that the guys would not know who I was talking to."  shakily came out of my mouth.

"Um Lance, I know that you have not told anyone about us yet, but you don't ever have to be scared to admit that babe, I love you for who you are, not what you are." Eric lovingly responded.  `How in the world did he always know what to say to me that would make me smile and fall in love all over again I will never know.' It reminded me of how Eric and I had met.


I met Eric my freshman year of high school, and it was love at first sight.  He was a junior on the football team, and indisputable prize catch of the school.  He caught me staring at him in the lunch room about half way through the first year, and to my surprise he came over to me, all alone and sat down and looked at me.  I was scared, I mean really scared, he could have beat me to death or worse.  Now that I think about it I think he could see that in my eyes.  His only words to me were, "I thought you might need some company."   `No, at that point I needed a doctor,' I thought.

"I'm Lance," I introduced myself. 

"Yeah, I know who you are, I'm Eric, but I think that you already know that."  he smugly responded. 

"I have noticed you watching me over the last few months, and I must say that you either like me, or have good taste, maybe both?"  Eric smoothly inquired.

"Um, um well yeah I do kind of like you."  I squeaked out afraid of the punch that was to come.  Instead all I got was a huge smile, and a phone number on a napkin that said: 'Call me tonight.'  Then he turned around and walked back toward the sea of students in the lunch room.  Though, upon his leaving, I received several odd looks, some of the kids, especially some of the cheerleaders were either giving me a look of awe, or downright disgust. For it was a well known fact that Eric never gave out a phone number to anyone unless they were something to him.  Not even his best friend got his phone number until almost a year of friendship.  Eric, it seemed, took awhile to judge the character of the person before he would open up fully to them.  Now here I sat with the golden ticket of the entire high school in my hands scribbled on a dime a dozen napkin.  This, to this very day is still with me in my wallet for good luck.   That's how it all started, and now here I am on the road, and on the phone with the one man that has my heart. 
Return to Lance's POV

"Eric, I miss you so much right now, I think I am going to have you come over, and meet everyone when we get home, because I want you with me, I am tired of hiding."  I admitted to him.

"Well, you just let me know when and where I will be there baby, oh and remember I love you baby."  he cooed back to me.

"I love you too, but I have got to go. I will call you later we are about 50 miles or so from Orlando now, I will let you know when we get there." I waited for the sound of the dial tone, and then disconnected the call. 

`What are you about to do Lance?' I thought to myself.  What ever it was I felt that I would have the support of my four brothers and Cameron.  As for my family well I would just have to see about that.
Cameron's POV

Feeding Cody with these clowns around proved out to be a challenge.  Chris and Joey just tried to keep his attention, while Justin watched as if he was trying to study every little thing that was eaten or done.  I could feel that Justin was trying to remember what I did and how Cody liked to eat incase he ever had to jump in and give it a try.  It was kind of cute to see his forehead bunch up as if in deep thought. Then his eyes to light up when Cody would babble back to me about something that I'm sure was important to him.  When I finally got him feed and cleaned up, Joey and Chris had taken to playing a game while JC studied something that appeared to be a song.  Lance had finally returned from the back of the bus, but he was in a very strange mood and Justin, well let's just say that Cody felt that Justin would look better with applesauce and bananas on his shirt than in his tummy.  So I sent him to wash up while I decided to talk to Mr. Face of stone Lance.

"Ok what's going on?" I gently asked him.

"It's nothing Cameron and everything at the same time." Lance huffed out.  "I just have a lot on my mind that I have to deal with in a very short amount of time.  I have less than 50 miles amount of time.  I have been keeping a secret from the guys for a long time now, and I am afraid of what may come from it if I let it be known."  Lance rambled out.

"Well, from the sound of it I would say you have two options.  One is to not say anything and try to keep up the charade of lies and feel horrible.  Two is that you can come clean to the guys tell them what is going on and hope for the best.  Lance they know you better than most friends know each other, I think that whatever it is they will be by your side all the way.  I feel that I know what it is, but it is not up to me to say anything.  I will say that if it is what I am thinking, all that I ask is that if you do tell them I want to meet him."  I gently whispered the last part to him.

That did it then, his big green eyes began filling with tears, and slowly started to run down his cheeks and drop off of his chin.  It was at that point that Cody decided that Lance needed a hug, or should I say smother Lance around his neck.  Kids seem to know when something is up, and Cody hugging Lance was one of those moments that could have lasted a lifetime and never gotten old.  So I did what was logical I joined my son in the hug a thon for Lance.  The other guys seemed to not notice our little exchange in the kitchen area of the bus which was good I felt because Lance was so emotional about the issue I felt he needed to let it out before he went face to face with his friends. 

As he dried his tears and kissed Cody on the head he handed him back to me and stated, "I think it's time for a group meeting."

He then proceeded to head toward the front of the bus where Chris and Joey were with JC busy writing down on his pad and Justin still in the bathroom trying to clean up.  He made it clear that I could join if needed, but I felt this was a time for the guys alone, and that I should stay out unless needed.  He knocked on the bathroom door told Justin to meet in the back for a group meeting in five minutes, then proceeded to tell the rest of the guys in the front that it was time to have a talk.  Before the door shut I could tell Justin knew what was up, and did not want to say anything from the half smile-frown the he gave me when he went through the door and closed it behind him.

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