Long Road Home
Chapter 6
by Cameron


I do not know the persons in this story nor do I know the true sexual preference of any member of *Nsync. These are all lies, made up, but keep reading it gets better. This is my first time writing so let me know what you all think email me: dirty_4_runr@yahoo.com.

If this is illegal in your area to read about male/male encounters e.g. Kissing, hugging, sexing then direct your browser to another site or just don't get caught. I would like to send a thank you out to my editor for all your hard work without you I may never make it. Also, I would like to thank all of you that have sent me emails about my story it's very nice to know that people like my story. Now on with the show. . .

Last time on Long Road Home:

Before the door shut I could tell Justin knew what was up, and did not want to say anything from the half smile-frown the he gave me when he went through the door and closed it behind him.

Justin's POV:

I knew that this was it, he was going to tell them. All that I could do was be there for him after it was over. Lance was pacing back and forth in the small room with the others around him on the couch. When I entered the room he looked up at me with a lost look on his face then a hint of pride came over him to which I gave a smile. I took my seat beside Joey and waited for him to begin.

Lance's POV:

God please give me strength to get through this and have my brothers stand beside me, I prayed to myself.

"I know that you all are wondering why I called this meeting being this close to home," I started out, which to my credit I received the head nods that I was expecting.

"I'm about to let you all in on a big secret that I have kept from you all. My only hope is that after it's all said you will still be proud to call me a brother. I'm about to meet someone that is very close to me actually they are the reason that I have not left the group. His name is Eric, I am gay, and I am in love with him. We have been together since after my freshman year of high school. I was about to refuse your offer to join NSYNC due to the fact that I could not be with him. He told me that this was my dream and I needed to follow it. I will admit it has been very hard on me, especially because my family acts like he is not even real when I am around them," I finished shakily.

Joey was the first one to speak. "Pass me the corn chips please JC."

"What the hell is wrong with you Joey? Lance just came out to us and all you can ask for is the corn chips?" Chris angrily lashed out.

"What? Lance is gay, in love with a man, and he is very happy about it. I could not be happier for him, but I am hungry so pass me the chips," Joey responded.

"So you're all ok with it? I mean no one is upset or holding a grudge or anything?" I asked.

Nope was the loud group response. Followed by a group hug, and a whisper from Justin in my ear of "I'm so proud of you... if you need to talk I'm here for you."

"Ok now for the rest of the meeting. I'm having him meet me once we stop. I wanted to introduce you to him as my boyfriend and not just a friend. I'm also going to need your support because I know my parents will be furious for asking him to be there."

"Lance man we are here for you! You're our brother and band mate and I for one cannot wait to meet this guy that has stolen our little Lancey's heart," Joey warmly stated. .

"Well I was wanting to call him and maybe let you all talk to him before we get home. That way you will be more comfortable around him. Is that ok with you guys? "

"Sure it is, but don't you think that Cameron should be in on this as well?" Josh questioned.

"Of course he should. I'll go get him and Cody so that you all can talk to him on speaker phone. That way I can also give him directions to the studio," I quickly agreed.

Cameron's POV:

Man I hope that everything is going ok in there for him. I know what it's like telling your family you're gay and have a boyfriend. I'm sure that with Justin in there hopefully they will be a little more understanding of Lance.

"Cameron can you join us in here?" I heard Lance's voice ask from the back of the bus.

"Sure me and Cody are on our way," I quickly responded.

Once I entered the room I noticed smiles on everyone's face even Joey was smiling while munching on his corn chips which made me giggle. Lance was also smiling so I took that as a good sign. As the door shut Justin patted the cushion beside him for me to sit. Which when I did Cody had to be in his arms in a flash. Playing with his necklace that Justin had just had made with his initials on it. In diamonds almost as big as Cody's little fingers. As I looked up Lance had just put his cell phone on the table and dialed a phone number it rang twice and the voice that answered, I knew was why we were back here.

Eric's POV:

Why would Lance be calling me back this quick I hope nothing's wrong.

"Hey babe," I spoke into the phone with as much love as I could.

"Hey hunny," was the reply that I got, but it was not Lance I could tell.

"Who is this and how did you get this phone number?" I rushed out quickly thinking the worst.

All that I heard was laughter, then my baby's voice.

"Hi there cutie! I just told the guys about you, and they said they still love me as a brother, oh and Chris was the one that thought he could be cute and talk to you first. By the way I have you on speaker if you could not tell," Lance stated to me.

`Hi guys' was all that I could think to say. I know it's lame, but what was I to do I had to think fast and that's not always my best attribute. The unison of hi's was a welcomed sound, because I knew that Lance was in good hands and I felt at ease about meeting the guys. Then the questions came at me one after another from each of the guys. Things like where did you meet, was it love at first sight, who's the top? Yes I know the last one once again you can think Chris for. To which I gave my best to remember every detail about each meeting that we had over the years. That must have done it because I did not hear another peek from him until we ended the call with the directions to the studio and a see you soon from everyone.

Cody's POV:

Why did Justin have this shiny thingy around his neck I could not understand. All that I know is that it's heavy and I like to look at it. I hope that he likes my daddy I really like him. He even stinks pretty just like daddy when he comes out of the shower. I want to use those words things that everyone else is saying I just cant seem to get them to come out! Well until then I will just resort to what works either a cry or a hit seems to get Justin's attention I think I will try with a kiss first.

Justin's POV:

Looking down at Cody playing with my new bling got me to thinking about what was really important in life. He is and Cameron's love for me not all this fame I was getting just their unconditional love for me and my family. I wonder if he is ever going to talk he looks like he wants to say something all the time but before he can get it out he just pats his hand on you and makes you guess. Oh well he will once he decides it is time to. Aww thank you Cody for this kiss. I guess you are wanting to cuddle with me and your daddy. I know that we are about 15 minutes away from out stop, and that anxiety is high with all that's on the bus. I just can't wait for Cameron to meet mom and Paul I just know that everyone will get along.

Eric's POV:

Here I am waiting in the car at the stop for my baby's bus to stop. I just know that his parents are here, because I can see them in their car talking. I am so afraid to approach them about what is going to happen. Oh there is Paul and Lynn I just hope that Cameron and Cody are taken well with the both of them. I know that Lance is gonna have a hard time with his parents so I am gonna be there for him, and show them that I do love their son very much and I am not going anywhere without him. Wait I see the bus rolling in slowly oh my nerves are going to kill me I feel so jittery right now I just have to keep my cool.

Remember breathe, I thought as I watched the buses rolling into the lot. Keep breathing ok I know that I can do this.

The bus has stopped and everyone is heading to the door I guess now's my time to make my entrance. There he is my future husband to be, and there is his parents hugging him. If only I could do that in public in front of everyone including his parents. Over by the door is JC and Joey greeting their parents with Chris and his mom behind them. Justin and that must be Cameron and Cody are near the back of the bus, and it looks like Cameron is not feeling to comfortable right now being thrown into everyone's faces like this. It looks like Justin's parents are taking things well Lynn and Lisa are hugging Cameron and fussing over Cody.

Paul and Randy on the other hand are just standing back with what looks like a face of disgust aimed at Cameron. I know that they know about Justin being gay, but I guess its another thing when your son brings home the man he wants to date with the son that you are attached to. I just hope that they can work things out, because it looks like Lynn and Lisa are trying to overcompensate for their other halves. At least the kids are happy that Justin is home and has brought a new play buddy for them.

Oh no Lance spotted me and he's heading this way with his mother and father in tow I don't think he would out us right here, but then again this is the man that snuck in the locker room when I was a senior just to give me a kiss before my last game of the year. So yeah he could very well do this now. Guess I will just meet him in the middle of the parking lot and see what he does. Should I hug him or shake his hand or kiss him? Oh the decisions to make! God please help me with this. I can see the other guys and their parents looking our way so here goes nothing.

Lance's POV

As I was hugging my mom and dad all I was thinking about is where's Eric. Then I spotted him and it was like a burst of life was shot into me and the clouds lifted. Once mom and dad were through I told them that there was someone that I had to reintroduce to them. Which got the strange looks that I had guessed would be received. So I explained that it was someone that I had introduced them to before, but there had been some things that was left out at that time that I felt needed to be completed. Should I hug him, kiss him, or just shake his hand? God please help me with this I pray that everything will go well.

So as I started on my way over to him he began to meet me with a slow stride as if he were facing the executioner or firing squad, and of course with my mother it very well could be. The closer I got to him the more I wanted to kiss his lips and taste what I had truly missed for so long on the road. I wanted to hold him in my arms and know that I was where I belong. . home. As I approached him a slight breeze caught his cologne and intoxicated my senses to the point that I felt as if I would combust. So what did I do, but hug him and as I did I whispered in his ear "Be prepared its time." As that phrase left my lips I could feel his grip tighten around me. Slowly I turned around to face my parents, and to my surprise my dad was smiling and mom had a look of hope was all that I could think of.

Before I could speak a word dad hugged me and said, "Son I am so proud of you right now don't feel afraid to follow your heart."

That did it the tears started. Which of course made mom start her waterworks as well. While she was dripping and running mascara on her face she hugged me and said "We have had our thoughts about the two of you for a long time now, and knew that you would tell us someday. I knew that there was a reason you were so happy and we finally have met him, and might I add he is quite hot!"

Hearing that out of my mothers mouth made me blush as well as Eric at the same time. When I turned back around to face Eric my dad had him in a bear hug and was thanking him for being there for his boy and bringing him so much happiness. Which Eric was about to cry, laugh, or have a stroke I could not figure out , but I knew that from here on out whatever we faced we would face it together as a couple in love and supported by our families. Mom of course had to have her hug from him which then broke the damn that he was holding in and he cried into her shoulder because his mother was never this accepting of him and to have a woman be happy that he was happy with another man was a little too much for him let alone that woman was your boyfriends mother. As he let go of her I stood by him and took him into my arms and told him "Welcome to the family Eric! and sealed it with a kiss. What I heard while kissing him made me laugh in poor Eric's face. Dad just al ways knew how to break the ice.

"Get `em killer that's my boy!" Dad so boldly stated while giving me a slap on the back.

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