Lost Without You

Chapter - 1
by JT Poole and Nikki Brown

Orlando, FL -- JT's Home -- Well After Midnight

"So now that you're here. Do you mind telling me what's going on with you and that man of yours?" JT asks, sitting down next to Nikki, handing her a drink.

"There's nothing to say about Jason really. He's a real sleazeball and I should have noticed that a long time ago." Nikki says, taking a sip of her drink.

"What all is he doing girl? Is it that bad?" JT asks her, looking at her with wide eyes.

"Boy let me tell ya..." She states, stopping and taking another sip. "...that man is doing everything under the sun. I know he's running a secret gambling ring, he got hos working for `em and dem nigga running a protection sting."

"Well damn. Is there anything he isn't doing?" JT asks, getting up off the sofa, walking over to the bar to pour himself a drink.

"They running drugs from her to California to Tijuana. They doing just about everything on every possible coast." Nikki states, knocking her drink back, getting up to walk over to the bar too. "I don't know what I got myself into. I don't believe he was doing this shit when we first got together. I think this all started when he got looked over for a promotion."

"So what? He trying to make up for a lost raise by doing this other shit you just mentioned?" JT asks.

"I guess so JT. I don't know how deep he is in it, but I know he's in it far enough that he has IA on his ass." Nikki says, taking the Vodka bottle from JT and pouring herself another glass.

"IA? As in Internal Affairs IA?" JT asks, looking at her.

"Yeah that IA. They have been on his ass for a while now. They showed up when he got fucked on a shoot." Nikki says as she and JT sits back down on the sofa.

"What happened?" JT asks her.

"He shot a guy that was trying to run away from him. He shot the guy in the back as he was trying to climb a fence. He shot the guy, nailed him in the arm and the guy fell down and injured his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. So he was under investigation for that shooting." Nikki explains just as someone rings the doorbell. "JT did you have a date or hook up tonight?"

"No, not that I know of." JT answers her as he walks over to the door. "Did you leave Jason any clues where you were going?"

"No...I don't need that bastard following me." Nikki says as JT presses a button on the wall.

"Who's there?" JT asks, speaking into the intercom.

"It's me Quen." The person states as JT opens the door.

"Quentin what are you doing here?" JT asks, looking at the man strangely.

"Man we were supposed to go out tonight remember? This is our night to go out. I called your cell, but I kept getting your voice mail." Quentin explains.

"Yeah whateva." JT says, scowling at the man. "I remember telling you that I had to go get my friend from the airport and that I would be staying in."

"I thought you were doing that later." Quentin says, walking past JT into the house. "Well helllllooooo pretty lady. Who do we have here?"

"Quentin this is my friend Nikki. Nikki, this is my jerk of a friend Quentin with the bad memory." JT says as Quentin reaches out to shake Nikki's hand.

"Nice to meet a lovely lady like you." Quentin says, placing a kiss to Nikki's hand as JT glares at him. "So you're JT's friend. JT where did you find a good-looking woman like this? It always seems the gay men find the hottest women. Damn you fine."

"Quentin!" JT shouts.

"Now now JT, let the man talk." Nikki says, sucking up everything Quentin was saying.

"Quentin I will see you at work." JT says, walking Quentin to the door as he continued to smile at Nikki.

"Man she's hot." Quentin looking over his shoulder trying to get more glances of Nikki. "Man give her my number so we can go out."

"You ain't got to go home, but you got to get the hell up out of here." JT says, pushing Quentin through the door. "I told you earlier that she's married. Now again, go away."

"Man stop being..." Quentin says at JT closes the door in his face.

The Sheraton Hotel -- The Backstreet Boys Suite

"I see you two had a good time." Kevin says as Brian and Howie walks through the door.

"Well I did Kev, but ole sad eyes here kept trying to kill the mood." Brian states, pointing at Howie.

"Oh shut up Brian. I wasn't killing the mood. Your dance moves did that." Howie replies

"Yeah whatever. What are you still doing up Kev?" Brian asks, sitting down on the sofa.

"I was waiting for you guys to get in. I wanted to make sure you guys were okay and nothing bad happened while you were out." Kevin states, sitting down next to Brian as Howie sat down too.

"So far nothing happened that I know of." Brian states, pulling out his cell phone and dialing his voice mail number.

"Who are you calling this late at night Bri?" Kevin asks.

"I'm checking my voice mail to see if that JT guy got my letter." Brian says, waiting for the list of his messages.

"You left him a letter? Are you crazy? He's like a big wig. Brian what has gotten into you?" Kevin asks, getting up from the sofa, turning around to look at Brian.

"He's cute, I know he's single and I know he's gay." Brian states, sticking his tongue out at Kevin. "Damn he didn't call."

"Probably because he isn't interested in a guy like you." Kevin states, giving Brian the finger as he turns around. "I'm going to bed. You two have a good night."

"Night Kevin." Howie states, getting up too.

"Night cousin." Brian states, getting up and walking towards his room.

Back at JT's House -- JT's Bedroom


Damn I don't know what to do to help Nikki out. The shit she told me went right over my head. I had no idea that Jason would do something like that. I guess you have to really know somebody before you find out about their dark sides. I just hope he doesn't try to hurt her. With the information she knows, he might try to hurt her to keep her quiet or something.

This has been one of those days. First Quentin, getting on my nerves and then coming here acting like I didn't tell him what I was doing tonight. He knew Nikki would be here and wanted to come to see who she was. Some people just need to be beat down with a stick. Oh well I'm not going to worry about him right now, I can always put Kess on him again.

What is this? Looks like the letter that was on my car in the parking garage. I wonder who put it there. I bet it was Quentin and one of his fucking schemes I'm not in the mood for. One of these days he's going to learn that everyone isn't going to fall for his looks and his tricks. Hmmm, this isn't Quentin's writing. What do we have here...

---Letter ---

Hi there handsome. I know you don't know me and all, but I was thinking that maybe we could change that. Why don't you give me a call and we can set up something for us to get into. Dinner? A movie? A nightclub somewhere? Whatever you want to do is alright with me, well as long as I'm with you when we do it. Hit me up. Let's see what we can make happen.

Your Baby B..

---End Letter---

"My Baby B? Who the hell is this from?" I ask aloud, thinking who could have written the letter. "There's a phone number at the bottom. It's late, but I'm going to call to see who it is."

Picking up my phone and looking at the clock, I contemplate calling the person that wrote this letter to me. Giving in to my curiosity, I dial the number and wait for someone to answer and give me some resolve to my question in my mind.

"Hello?" The person speaks, sounding almost tired like.

"Who is this?" I ask, not giving way to normal phone manners.

"Who is this? You called me." The man says, yawning.

"Well I called you because you left a letter and a phone number." I say as there's a loud clinking noise as though he dropped the phone or something. "Hello? Hello?"

"Ah...yeah...ah...yeah...Is this JT?" He asks.

"Yeah and who are you?" I ask him, looking at the letter again. "I don't know anyone named Baby B."

"That...ah...yeah...that would...that would be me." He stutters.

Listening to the way he was speaking and the nervous tension that I knew was up in the air, I wonder did he think I was going to call or not. Giving him time to calm down and gather himself again, he speaks again.

"Sorry about that man, I really wasn't..." He says as I interrupt him.

"You were not expecting me to call you?" I ask him, sitting up in bed now.

"Well no that's not it. I wasn't expecting you to call right now. I thought you would have called earlier tonight when I left the letter on your car at Jive." He says.

"I know who you are now Mr. Brian Littrell or should I call you Baby B?" I ask him, turning the television off now.

"I don't care what you call me, I'm just glad that you called." He says as I can hear him moving around.

"So if I called you a stalker what would you say to that?" I ask him, teasing him, but not letting on.

"I...I'm not a stalker." He says, fear in his voice.

"Hmmmm, you left a letter on my car at my job and you didn't sign your real name to it. Sounds like the makings of a stalker. Don't you think so Mr. Littrell?" I ask him, holding my tone.

"No...no I don't think that at all...sir." He says, clearly scared now.

"Why not think it Mr. Littrell? I don't know you from Adam or Eve and here you are going to my workplace and leaving erotic letters on my car." I tell him, smiling now as I wanted to laugh, but held it in.

"Erotic? That letter isn't erotic. It's just a general letter." He says trying to justify the letter.

"I think it's erotic Brian." I say, rolling over on the bed, smiling wider now. "You know what else is erotic?"

"It's not erotic sir." He says.

"Now I'm a sir. Why am I a sir now? A few minutes ago I was JT." I say, sounding more like a prude than I intended to be.

"I'm sorry sir. I didn't..." He says as I interrupt him.

"You didn't mean to what Brian? You didn't mean to make the letter sound erotic?" I ask him. "You still haven't answered my question Brian."

"What question was that sir?" He asks me.

"I asked do you know what else is erotic?" I tell him, repeating my question to him.

"No sir, I don't know." He says, clearly on the verge of wanting to break down now.

"It's erotic that I have a `YM' magazine in my desk at work with your picture on it." I tell him as he starts breathing hard.

"What?!" He shouts as I move the phone away from my ear.

"Why are you yelling Brian?" I ask him

"You have a magazine of me and you think that's erotic?" He asks.

"Yeah I do Brian. It's erotic to me because I have that magazine and now I have a letter from `Baby B' right here in my hand." I tell him.

"What does that all mean?" He asks.

"Brian what are you doing right now?" I ask him.

"Well I was lying here sleeping." He answers me.

"Do you sleep wild or do you have peaceful nights?" I ask him.

"Why?" He asks.

"Answer the question man." I say, waiting on his answer.

"I know how to be civil in bed, why?" He asks.

"Put on your clothes and get in a taxi and go to ..." I tell him as I hear fumbling around on the phone and then I hear what sounds like a door closing. "Brian?"

"I'm on my way to that address." He says closing another door.

"Aren't you going to call your taxi now?" I ask him.

"No need, I have a rental car." He says, as I hear what sounds like the elevator shutting. "Am I headed to your place?"

"Yes you are." I tell him, thinking to myself am I making the right decision.

"So what're we going to do?" He asks me.

"Talk." I tell him as I hear what sounds like a car engine starting.

"Okay handsome I'll see you in a few minutes." He says as we say our goodbyes and hang up the phone.

Getting up out of bed, I run around the room picking up things here and There, trying to make the room look presentable for the famous Brian Littrell. Am I making a big mistake getting involved with him? Will this end badly? Oh fuck it, it's my life and it's been a while since I actually had some fun with a man.


Story Warnings and Disclaimers:

I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, BSB or any celebrity mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is only for entertainment value only folks.