Lost Without You

Chapter -- 13
by JT Poole and Nikki Brown

Orlando, FL -- A Park near JT's House

Nikki's POV

Ok, I know I shouldn't be here with this man, especially when I don't know what's going to happen with my so-called husband, but Nick is so sexy it makes me nervous. We're sitting in a park not far from JT's house, just talking and getting to know each other. I'm trying to ignore the part of me that wants to rip his clothes off and sex him until he screams my name in five different languages, but he's so darned cute that a sistah is having some serious self control issues.

"So, where are you from originally Nicole?" He asked in the best "I-wanna-fuck-you" voice I'd heard in a long time. Down girl!

 "Um... I'm from Anaheim by way of Chicago," I replied, grimacing when I heard how breathy my voice sounded. Can we say sexually frustrated and horny? "I know you're originally from the New York area, correct?"

"Yes, but I just tell people I'm from Florida to save time," he replied, touching a stray strand of my hair that had slipped free of my ponytail. Damn, why does he have to have such kissable lips? "You know, you have beautiful eyes."

"Th-thank you," I stammered, my hormones raging even more, damn him. "I-I don't usually get a lot of compliments..."

That was as far as I got before those lips were on mine again, and I forgot all about whatever it was we were discussing as I gave myself over to the simple pleasure of being kissed by someone who was damned good at it. His hand cupped my cheek, thumbs caressing me gently as we both got more into the kiss. When he began sucking on my bottom lip, I whimpered, pulling away from him before we ended up getting arrested for public lewdness.

"I think we need to take this someplace a little more private," I whispered, caressing his lips with a finger. He didn't say a word, just grabbed my hand and led me back to his car. When we got there, he kissed me again before helping me into his truck. I watched him walk around to get in, grinning when he made silly faces at me through the window before he got inside and started the truck.

"So where to, pretty lady?" he asked with a grin. I smiled at his eagerness, amazed that he was this excited about spending more time with me since we'd only really formally met a few days ago.

"Um... how about JT's house," I said, fighting not to smile at his crestfallen look. Turning in my seat, I smiled into his amazingly blue eyes and said, "Look Nick, I really do like you, but I'm not in the habit of sleeping with men I've known less than a week. Hell, it took my husband six months to get farther than a kiss with me. So, if you want to get to know me better, I'm all for that, but sex is just not gonna happen until I know you a lot better."

"Fair enough Nikki," he said with a smirk, his blue eyes piercing as he looked into my eyes, the look sending a chill down my spine. "But you should know that I'm not a very patient man... I usually get what I want, when I want it—and right now, I want you."

"You're about to learn patience then, Mr. Carter," I said softly, my smile confident, but that confidence died swiftly when he pulled me to him roughly and kissed me again. But this kiss was different from the others—it was meant to convey just how much he wanted me. And boy did it ever.

Before I knew what was happening, my seat was reclined and Nick was all over me, his hands roaming freely inside the bodice of my sundress. I moaned into his mouth, squirming as I tried to evade those wandering hands, gasping in surprise, and quite a bit of lust might I add, when he began rolling my nipples between thumb and forefinger, his mouth licking a trail over to my ear, sucking the lobe until I'm literally ready to rip his clothes off and make mad passionate monkey love here in his rental, but my words from earlier came back to me, and doused the fires just as quickly as Nick had ignited them.

"N-Nick stop," I whispered, stilling his hands on my skin. He looked at me, puzzled by the sudden change in me.

"What's wrong?" he asked in bewilderment, clearly not understanding what was wrong. "Why did you make me stop?"

I sighed deeply, pushing on his shoulders until he returned to his seat and I raised my seat into the normal position. I sat staring morosely out the window, berating myself all to hell for almost breaking my word when he touched the side of my face in one of those tender caresses intended to comfort more than arouse.

"Nikki look at me," he commanded softly, his hand on my shoulder turning me to face him. "Listen to me. I'm not trying to hurt you or take advantage of you. I just want to hold you and show you that I'm not going anywhere... will you let me do that?"

His eyes were glowing baby blue in the dim light provided by the streetlights, but something in them made me want to trust this man more than I ever had any man in my life. I could feel myself slowly allowing this person I barely knew to slip through my hard won defenses. I could almost hear Kess in my head cheering me on... and I decided then and there to throw caution to the wind and just go with it.

"Yes," I replied simply, bringing his hand to my lips and kissing it gently. The look in Nick's eyes was priceless. It was like he was fighting with himself to keep from attacking me, but now I want him to attack me. "Let's go to your hotel."

Nick started the truck, his eyes scanning mine carefully for a moment before he drove us back to the hotel they were using, walking through the lobby with me hand in hand, like he was afraid if he let me go, I'd bolt. As soon as the doors closed on the elevator, he was all over me again, pinning me between his body and the wall as he gave me yet another of those toe-tingling kisses.

The Sheraton Hotel Lounge


I don't see what the fucking problem is. If I want to have a fucking drink, I'll have one. I don't have to ask no fucking body for what I want. I'm not a fucking child. I don't need no fucking permission from him and nobody else if I want to get a fucking drink. Then he wanted to push the fucking card more when he wanted to go behind my back and ask the crew members if they knew the reasons why I was drinking. If he wants to know why I'm drinking, he can fucking ask me, not go behind my back and talk to everyone else. One of these days I'm going to put Kevin in his fucking place and make him mind his own fucking business.

"Bartender give me another drink," I tell him as he takes my glass and adds some more JD and Coke to it. "Thanks."

"Alex is everything okay man?" Howie, the man of my sexual fantasies and desires ask as he sits down next to me.

"What do you want? Did Kevin send you down here to question me?" I ask him as he looks at me and shakes his head.

"I'm worried about you Bone," he tells me as he rubs my back.

Oh God, he's touching me. All it took was the smallest touch, his gentle touch to make me see that all I wanted in the world, hell out of life was to have him be with me, to be my lover. Shrugging away from his touch, he looked at me strange as I knocked my drink hurriedly and got the bartender's attention for a refill.

"Bone man why are you drinking like this?" He asks me as his hand goes back to my shoulder as I wanted nothing more than to let it stay there, but I couldn't. "What's wrong?"

"Why do you fucking care?" I ask him, motioning with my head for the bartender to give me another drink.

"He's had enough," Howie tells him, pushing the glass to the man as I look at him.

What the hell did he just fucking do? Oh I know he just didn't tell the bartender I had had enough. What the hell does he think he's doing? What gives him the right to tell someone when I've had enough? I'm the only one that can make that decision not him. Kevin must have put him up to this and I'm not going to sit here and put up with it.

"I'm not done yet, gimme another one. Make it a double," I tell the bartender as he looks at me and then at Howie. "Don't fucking look at him, I'm the one paying for these drinks, not him!"

"Okay," the bartender says as he takes the glass, adds more JD and Coke and places it in front of me and then shrugs at Howie.

"Would you kindly mind your own fucking business and leave me alone. I don't need no fucking babysitters," I tell him as he looks at me.

"Bone I'm not trying to baby-sit you. I'm worried about you man. I think you've been drinking a little bit too much and you need to give it a rest for tonight," he tells me as he stands up. "Let me take you back up to your room man."

"I don't need...need you taking me back up to my room. When I'm done here, I know perfectly well how to get back up to my room," I tell him as he frowns at me.

"Bone let me help you like you helped me. Please man, let me take you back to your room. I'm really worried about you," he tells me as he holds out his hand to me. "Please man, take it. I want to help you right now."

"I already said I don't need your fucking help," I tell him as the bartender looks at the two of us. "Just leave me alone damnit!"

"No Bone, I'm not leaving you here. Bartender let me have a Vodka and Orange Juice," he tells the bartender as he sits back down next to me. "If you won't leave with me, then I'll just join you here."

"Do whatever you want, I can care less, just don't bother me," I tell him as he frowns and turns back around to look at the bartender.

Back with Nick and Nikki

When we got to his floor, we walked down the hall silently, Nick's hand in the small of my back a purely possessive gesture that made my knees weak. When the door to his suite closed behind us, Nick's hand went to the hem of my dress, lifting it over my head with a quick tug and sending it sailing across the room. He touched me like he was afraid I would break, one finger slipping down my neck to trace the tops of my breasts even though they were still encased in satin. My nipples pebbled, aching to feel some kind of touch, but Nick was taking his time as he turned me to face the wall.

"Lean against it," he whispered, his warm breath tickling me as he kissed along my collarbone, his tongue snaking out to taste my bare skin. I felt the clasp of my bra give way when Nick unfastened it, tonguing a spot that made my knees weak.

"N-Nick... please," I begged, gasping when his tongue snaked out again tracing the tribal tattoo at the base of my spine and making my legs give out finally.

If I'm like this now and we haven't even had sex, I'm in trouble, I thought as Nick eased me down onto the plush carpet, and lying beside me, he watched me with glowing eyes as he traced patterns on my skin. I mewled like a kitten when his thumbs grazed my nipples, literally drowning in his eyes as his mouth settled over one of the turgid peaks, sucking and nibbling as he made his way down my body.

"You like that?" he asked, grinning the infamous "Carter" grin as I gasped when he hit a particularly sensitive spot. "I thought you might."

He licked it again, his eyes darkening when I reached out and fingered his nipples, twisting them in much the same way he had mine. He tongued my bellybutton, his eyes never leaving mine as I tried to get away from his oh so talented tongue. It became obvious to me that he was on a serious seek and destroy mission, but I didn't care one bit as he hooked my panties, pulling them off and coming back to me, his mouth covering mine as we kissed long and hard, our tongues dueling for supremacy. I could feel him between our bodies, hard and warm and I knew I had to taste him.

"Nick... I want to taste you," I whispered between kisses, giggling when he tickled my sides. He looked down at me, mischief dancing in those blue eyes for a second before he felt my hand close over him, squeezing as I pumped that piece of flesh.

"Later," he ground out, standing up and crossing to the nightstand. "Right now, I want to be inside you."

I could hear him fumbling around for something, his "ah ha!" making me smile as he walked back to where I lay, his eyes lidded half-closed as he watched me briefly before rejoining me on the carpet, his lips seeking and finding mine again as he silently slipped the condom onto himself, his eyes making me squirm with their intensity. I was starting to feel uncomfortable with the way he stared at me, which was putting a bit of a damper on the festivities.

"Oh no you don't beautiful woman," he said softly when I got up and reached for my dress, embarrassed now and wanting to cover myself. He kissed me again, walking me backwards until I fell onto the bed. "What I have in mind to do to you requires you to be naked, darlin'"

He brought my hands up and pinned them above my head and looked down at me again, nudging my legs apart and settling between my thighs. One hand dropped to guide himself into me, his fingers teasing my soaking pussy until I was literally screaming.

"Just fuck me damn it!" I hissed in frustration, trying to rotate my hips enough for him to slip inside me, but he wasn't done teasing me yet.

"Patience Nicole... patience," he crooned, kissing me swiftly, that wicked tongue of his thrusting into my mouth rhythmically in time with his hips.

"Nickyyyyyyy," I whined, totally frustrated now. Nick's amused expression disappeared when I reached between us, running his length up and down my opening, enjoying the way his eyes rolled when I finally gripped him, hooking my thighs around him and pulling him inside, both of us gasping in relief that we were finally where we both wanted to be.

After 2 AM (Sunday) -- Club Mystique

Kess' POV

If it wasn't for that damn Eric, I wouldn't have wasted so much of my Saturday night. Now it's after last call and it looks like I'm going home alone, yet again. That seems to be the only story of my fucking life. What's wrong with me? The guys that I want are married, part of the priesthood or gay. That's just not right. I need some action damnit.

"Hey there pretty lady," I hear from behind me as this strange but cute guy places a few glasses on the counter for the bartender. "Don't tell me a looker like you is leaving the club alone?"

"Then I won't tell you," I say as I get up and get ready to leave.

"Hey pretty lady where you going in such of a hurry?" The guy asks me as I turn around and look at him.

"I'm going home, if it's any of your business," I tell him as he walks closer to me.

"Why go home alone, you can come with me and keep the party going on `til the break of dawn," he tells me as I shake my head at him.

"That was fucking dry man. You got to come up with some better lines than that," I tell him as he turns me around and kisses me unexpectedly. "Man that was, ewwww I don't know where your mouth has been!"

"Just a second ago it was on yours and before then it was connected to those glasses I just gave him," he tells me as he wraps his arm around me. "Come on baby, lets go have some fun."

"I don't feel like going anywhere else tonight. I'm going home and calling it a night," I tell him as he doesn't budge when I try to move his arm. "Man let go."

"I will when you give me another kiss," he tells me as he leans in and kisses me, letting his hand move down to my ass. "That was nice, your ass is even nicer. When was the last time you played around?"

"That's none of your business buster!" I shout, pushing him away from me as he didn't move to far, just smiling at me.

"Come on pretty lady, I'm sure I can show you a hot time," he says, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a condom. "We can go out to my truck and have a hot time baby."

"That'll happen only in your dreams buster. I don't waste my time with guys like you," I tell him as I walk in the other direction and he follows me.

"Come on baby, you know you want it," he tells me, pushing me up against the ladies' room door and kissing me again.

What the hell is this guy's problem? Why can't he just take no and leave it at that? I'm really not in the mood for this shit right now. There's nothing wrong with him, he's hot and all and I really think he's a good kisser, but I don't feel like it now. The way he's going, it's not going to make me change my mind anytime soon.

"Come on baby, we can go in there and get it on," he tells me, pushing the door open a bit. "We can make this real quick, or would you like to take it to the house?"

He was leaning into me, his hand under my skirt, trying to pull down my panties. What the hell is this guys' problem? It's like he's trying to fuck me right here in front of...of everybody. Where the hell is everybody any way? This place is totally empty.

"Where did everyone go?" I ask him.

"I hope they went home or somewhere. After I locked the doors, I wasn't expecting to see anyone else in here," he tells me as he starts licking my neck. "Come on baby, it's just the two of us in here. Let's do it."

"What is it you want to do?" I ask him as he pulls away from me and looks me up and down.

"I want to get all eight of this into you," he tells me, holding his crotch as he smirks at me.

"Oh you, you're one of those boys. You think you got it like that? Then lets see what you got," I tell him as he smiled, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor with his underwear.

"Do you like it pretty lady?" He asks me.

"You must be a grower, cause you're not showing me anything right now," I tell him as he hobbles over to me and kisses me again as he started rubbing himself.

"You won't be saying that for long," he tells me as I could feel him already hardening against my leg.

In no time, he was hard as a rock and bigger than what he said he was. He grabbed my hand and guided it down to his balls and started humping my leg like he was a cocker spaniel (no pun intended). Kissing me again, I finally gave in to him and let him get my panties down.

"Oh yeah baby, you really going to love this," he tells me as I push him over to a chair at a table and knell down in front of him.

"You're really going to love this," I say, pulling the condom from between his teeth and grab his balls.

When my hands made a connection with his balls, he jumped a bit, but after he felt what I was doing, he relaxed. Stroking his dick while massaging his balls, I closed my eyes and sucked his cock into my mouth.

"Oh God baby, your mouth feels wonderful," he tells me as he hands got tangled into my hair as he guided my head up and down. "Shit yeah baby, work that babymaker."

Oh yeah, that's a really geeky thing to say to some girl sucking your dick. If he gets any cornier than that, I'm stopping and going home. Sex is one thing, but bad lines is another. Damn this guy is hung like a fucking horse. He's not all that long, but his dick is fucking fat. I don't know if I'm going to be able to fit all of this down. Please God, don't let this choke me.

I'm guessing he's enjoying what I'm doing. He's leaning back in the chair and moaning and groaning. Stopping me, he pulls me up from his dick and kisses me again. Pushing me down into the chair, he gets down between my legs and flicks his tongue out on my thigh, close to the kitty cat, but not there. Taking me by surprise, he pushes my legs farther apart and starts licking around the outside of the cat. Grabbing his head and pulling him closer, I could hear him laugh as he places a kiss right above my clit.

"Don't tease me like that buster," I tell him as he places kisses all around my cat, but not where I wanted them. "Come on man, you're right there, just do it."

"This isn't a Nike™ commercial," he tells me as he leans in quickly and makes a quick stab into my box with his tongue. "You like that pretty lady?"

"Ohh God, more," I tell him as he does that again and then resume his random kisses around my pelvic area. "Down buster, down!"

"Nut uh, you get it when I'm ready to give it to you pretty lady," he tells me as he stops with the kisses and then gives me one firm lick from the top of my slit all the way down to my ass.

Oh God, that's what I'd been waiting for. He started off slowly, but now he's working his tongue in and out of my slit like it was a plunger trying to unclog me.

"You like it when I lick your clit like that baby?" He asks me as all I could do was nod my head and moan. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Shit buster fuck me, I want you to fuck me now," I tell him as he starts eating my clit faster now, pushing me a little closer to insanity.

He didn't need much more encouragement from me to get along with things. Before I could come down from the pleasure he had given me with his mouth, I was soon in heaven again when his dick slid into me.

"Oh fuck yes!" I shout as he starts ramming into me like he was trying to implant something deep into me besides his dick.

"You like getting fucked baby?" He asks me as he started easing in and out of me slowly.

"Yes, oh yes," I tell him, grabbing his ass and pulling him closer to me. "Damnit, fuck me buster. You know how to lay pipe."

"I want to see you play with your clit baby," he tells me as he slams in and out of me faster and harder.

He was fucking me so hard I was surprised that the chair legs hadn't given out on us. He was riding me so hard and fast, I thought we were playing hide and go get it. What a way to play, I'm going to be feeling this for days to come.

Almost Daybreak -- Back at JT's House -- JT's Bedroom

Brian's POV

This place is so beautiful. This place is beautiful like its owner. God I've fallen so deeply in love with him. What am I going to do if he decides he doesn't want to be with me? When he told me that in the amusement park, it was like my whole world was falling apart. If that happens again, I don't know if I'll be able to handle it like I did the last time. You were totally with me when that happened. If your love wasn't surrounding us then, I don't know where we would be right now; I don't think last night would have happened.

I don't care what anybody says about my feelings for him. I love JT Poole and I believe I will love him forever. The things we did last night were unbelievable, the things I felt were unimaginable. The sex, the kissing, the time we spent together in bed, all of it was love, it was all so wonderful to me. I knew when we finally had sex it would be good, but what we did last night was damn, that was monumental.

I was quite surprised when he joined me in the shower. When he stepped in behind me, I didn't know what to expect. The only thing that ran through my mind was if I was supposed to behave myself or was I supposed to go with the flow. After he kissed my neck, grabbed my ass and started whispering naughty things in my ear, I knew what was going on and I was finally happy about it. Thank you Lord.

When we were making love, I thought I was going to die and go to heaven right then and there. When I came the first time, I thought for sure I saw and felt explosions throughout my body and within my mind. The pleasure I felt with him compares to nothing else I've felt in my whole entire life with anyone else. I'm hooked on him and I don't know what I'll do if we ever fall apart.

"Brian? Are you okay?" He asks me as he gets out of bed, grabs his robe and slides it on. "What are you doing out here on the balcony?"

"I was just sitting out here thinking about things," I tell him as he looks down.

"Oh," he says, looking up and over his property. "You regret the things we did last night?"

"What? No baby, I don't regret anything we did," I tell him as I walk over to him and wrap my arms around him. "I loved everything we did JT. I love you and I hope there will be many more moments like last night."

"You really love me Brian?" He asks me, sounding like a little child, looking for acceptance.

"Yes I really love you JT," I tell him.

"But how? We've only been together a few days," he tells me as looks into my eyes.

"Love at first sight is a strange thing," I tell him as I lean up and kiss him passionately on the mouth. "When love is involved, you never know what's going to happen baby."

"That's true Brian, but is it love or lust?" He asks me. "Do you really love me or is it lust you feel from what we did last night?"

"JT how can you ask me that? I was already in love with you before we made love," I tell him as I pull away from him. "If I wasn't already in love with you, why would I serenade you with a Tracie Spencer song?"

"I don't know Brian," he tells me as I wanted to just cry.

"JT I started having feelings for you the first time I saw you a couple of months ago. That night you met us for the first time," I tell him as he looks away from me.

"Maybe you did Brian. I really don't know what to say right now," he tells me as a few tears escaped my eyes.

"What can I do to show you that I really do love you? Tell me that JT," I tell him as I turn back around to face him. "What can I do to prove my love for you?"

"Nothing Brian," he tells me as he wraps his arms around me and holds me. "You don't need to prove nothing to me."

"So do you believe me now baby?" I ask him. "I love you JT and nothing is ever going to change that."

"I believe you," he answers as he kisses me as we watch the sun come up. "Why don't we go down and get some breakfast started."

"Sounds good to me baby," I say as we kiss again and walk back into the bedroom.

Back with Nick and Nikki

Nikki's POV

We made love several times during the night until both of us fell into an exhausted sleep. When we woke up, it was close to five o'clock, and I knew JT would be going out of his mind worrying about me since I hadn't called or anything. I woke Nick up and we shared a shower, and of course that made me even later leaving his room. I just love shower sex!

The ride to JT's house was filled with laughter as he told me stories about the rest of the guys. His face clouded over when he spoke of AJ and Howie and while I wanted to ask him about that, I wisely kept my thoughts to myself. He walked me to the door, kissing me one last time before promising to call me later so we could spend some time together, which brought a smile to my face. After he drove off, I opened the front door, slipping inside the house as quietly as I could... but unfortunately, it wasn't quiet enough.

A Few Minutes Previously -- Downstairs in the Kitchen


Last night's sex was phenomenal. I don't think I've had sex like that before in my whole entire life. Hell Quentin and Lance ain't got shit on Brian. That man's got the tightest ass I've ever had the honor of sinking into. I must say, that when Brian puts the moves on a dick, he really does it. That man got skillz.

We're here in the kitchen trying to get some coffee made, but we keep stopping to kiss each other. I swear, if we were cooking a meal, we would have burned it by now or it wouldn't have been started. I'm really starting to like this a little too much. What happens when he has to be on tour and I can't be around? What do I do when the shit with Nick and the others get too heavy? I've fallen for him and I don't know if I will ever be able to turn back.

Finally walking over to the cabinet to pull down some coffee cups, I hear the front door open and peek around the corner to see Kess tipping into the house. Walking up behind her and tapping her on the back, she jumps and turns around quickly as she started breathing hard.

"What the hell?" She asks as she looks at me scared and I just smile at her, almost wanting to laugh.

"Are you just now getting in?" I ask her.

"What're you doing up?" She asks me.

"Well its morning time and we're making coffee. Are you just now getting in girl?" I ask her again as she starts blushing. "Isn't that what you had on last night?"

"Yeah it is JT. It's too early in the morning for the third degree. I'm going to shower and then I'm hitting the sack. I'll see you later on today," she tells me as she turns and walks up the stairs to her room as the door opens again and it's Nikki this time.

"What the hell? You too?" I ask her as she looks at me with wide eyes. "It's six o'clock in the damn morning where you been?"

"JT didn't you get my message, I was still out with Nick," she tells me as I shake my head.

"No I didn't get no damn message," I tell her as she leans up against the door. "Was no message, because you didn't call me. Heffa!"

"What're you doing up this early anyway?" She asks me. "You're supposed to be sleeping right now. You had a long day yesterday and you're tired."

"I slept last night, and I feel refreshed. The point is, you're just now getting in aren't you? Please tell me you didn't spend all that time with Nick Carter," I say as she frowns at me.

"Fine, then I won't tell you," she says, smiling and walking up the stairs.

"Well ain't that some shit," I say, turning around to walk back into the kitchen to see Brian sitting at the island.

"Something wrong baby?" He asks me as I sit down in front of him. "You look pissed about something."

"I am pissed! Kess and Nikki both just got home from last night. Nikki was out with Nick all night!" I shout, covering my mouth as Brian gets up and stands next to me, glaring at me.

"Baby calm down, don't wake up Chad. It's not the end of the world because two grown woman stayed out last night and had fun I'm assuming. Nikki is a grown woman JT, don't you trust her judgment?" He asks me as I look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes I trust her judgment, but I don't trust Nick," I tell him. "Since I've known Nick Carter, he's done some crazy things and said worse. I don't want my best friend hanging out with your crazy ex-best friend."

"Besides his attitude towards me, what's wrong with Nick being with her?" He asks me.

"That's exactly what's wrong. I don't want her hanging around a guy like him. If he has a problem with you, that means he has a problem with me too," I tell him, walking over to the coffee pot and pouring a cup of coffee. "He's probably plotting when he can do to break us up or something."

"Nick is a creep, but I don't think he would do anything like that," he tells me as I shake my head.

"That's not how it was after you left the meeting yesterday. He was hell bent on getting me to leave you alone until I agreed to. Once I agreed to leave you alone, he was all smiles and shit," I tell him as his expression changes.

"What? You breaking up with me yesterday was because of Nick?" He asks me, slamming his coffee cup down on the table, probably cracking the glass.

"Yeah it was," I tell him. "Like I told you, I didn't want to cause any problems between you and your friends."

"When I'm done with him, there won't be any problems. I've had it. On Monday, it's all over," he says, as he kisses me quickly and walks out of the room.

"Brian? Brian where are you going?" I ask him.

"Going to handle my business," he tells me as he walks up the stairs, heading towards my bedroom.



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is for entertainment value only folks.