I'm lost, I'm lost without you baby, The days aren't the same the nights are cold and gray, I need you in my life, If not now then someday... -- Vanessa Williams

Lost Without You

Chapter -- 20, Part A
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

Hilton Hotel Hallway -- Post Kessa/Kristin, Round One

"Hey Kessa," Nikki said with a grin as she walked up on her friend. "I heard what happened with you and Kevin's skank bitch of a wife. You okay girl?"

"I'm fine," Kess replied with a devious grin. "Kristin on the other hand looks like she caught a level six beat down."

"You go girl," Nikki stated, slapping high-five's with Kess and giggling as they continued down the hall in the direction of Nikki's hotel room. She stopped at the door, grinning at her best friend. "You know, I think we should do something special for the crowd at the eleven o'clock show tonight... you know, something to let them see exactly what they can expect from the new and improved `Diamonds'."

"Whaddya have in mind?" Kess asked, curiosity getting the better of her as she followed Nikki inside her room and had a seat on the couch. "I mean, we're already doing `Get Ready' and I'm pretty sure JT's gonna let us add more songs as time goes on..."

"Yeah, but wouldn't it be fun to give the crowd something... fun to look forward to?" Nikki asked with an impish gleam in her eyes.

"Why do I have the feeling JT's gonna want to kill us after the show tonight?" Kess asked in resignation as Nikki picked up the phone, dialing Tayla's room and telling her to get to her room on the double. "Nikki, what song do you want us to sing?"

"Have you heard that song by the Pussycat Dolls, `Don't Cha'?" she asked, grinning wickedly. Kess nodded slowly, understanding finally dawning when Nikki popped a videotape into the VCR and turned on the TV.

"Nikki, you can't be serious!" Kess sputtered, rolling her eyes heavenward when Nikki just cocked an eyebrow as if to say `Wanna bet?' "Come on Nikki! You know JT would kill us dead if we sang that song tonight! It's too provocative for the kids!"

"Who said we were doing it at the seven o'clock show?" Nikki asked, arching an eyebrow at her friend. "Kess, I'm not stupid. I know we can't do the song at the early show... but we are in the lineup for the eleven o'clock, so I think we should do it then. Come on Kessie... you know you want to, so just say yes! Besides, just think of how hard Nick and Kevin are gonna want to... thank us for our efforts after the show."

"You're so nasty," Kess stated, her mind already beginning to envision what she would wear during the performance. "Right, but nasty... but we don't have a male member to do the rap."

"Well, we could always ask AJ or Brian to do it," Nikki stated as she went to her suitcases and began pulling out clothes, trying and casting aside anything that wouldn't work. "Better to ask AJ though, since we don't need JT finding out what we're up to before the show and putting the kibbutz on our plans. And I think Johnny No Name would look really hot doing the Busta Rhymes rap."

"Ok, I'll do this on one condition," Kess stated, grinning at Nikki, who eyed her suspiciously. 

"Which is?" Nikki asked, eyes narrowing at her friend.

"You let me put the outfits together... and we get to go shopping," Kess said just as Tayla knocked on the door. They filled her in on what they were planning, overruling her objections and eventually talking her into doing the song. Once Tayla was on board, they hurried to find clothes and suitable shoes for that evening's festivities.

Wednesday Night -- The Hilton Hotel -- Hotel Lounge


Oh my God, what have I done?  I'm fucking up everything between the two of us.  I just walked out on him, leaving him up there crying his eyes out.  I made a promise a long time ago to never do that shit to someone and here I am destroying his life.  He loves me and here I am dwelling on the damn past.  I just shattered his heart into a million pieces up there when I wouldn't let him touch me or tell him I loved him.  I'm a crazy ass fucking monster.  I know that crap was in the past, but I...I can't seem to get over it.  I have to remember he's not Jamie, he's Brian, he'd never hurt me the way Jamie did.  I can't let my love life continue to revolve around how bad Jamie treated me in the past.

"Pour me another one," I say, pushing my glass towards the bartender.

"No buddy, I don't think you need another one," the bartender says, placing a glass of water in front of me.  "You've had too many already."

"You can't tell me if I've had too many!"  I shout as a strange man walks over to me and taps me on the shoulder.

"Sir could you please keep it down and get a grip," the man says, nodding at the bartender.

"Look mister, I don't know who you are, but I suggest you not put your hands on me again," I tell him, standing up this time and turning to face him.  "If you know what's good for you, you'd back away."

"Sir, please calm down," the bartender says this time as I turn to look at him.

"Fuck this shit," I say, putting on my jacket and walking out of the lounge.

Up in Brian and JT's Room

Nikki's POV

I've been standing out for the last few minutes and neither of them has come to open the door.  I know they ain't in there doing the nasty! They know we got a show to prepare for tonight.  JT had betta pull his dick out of candypant's ass and let me in. I don't have all damn night to wait for they ass to finish.  Hell, I'll be waiting for fucking eva.  Oh when they do open the door, I'm going to ram my foot up JT's ass for making me wait like this.  Wait, he might enjoy that way too much.  What the hell are they doing in there?  I can't hear anything that sounds remotely like sex. 

Finally I hear something and it doesn't sound like anything sexual.  As I'm ready to start knocking again the door clicks and opens.  Brian is standing there and he looks like hell.  From the looks of things, he's been crying, but I don't know why.  I wonder where JT is. Why isn't he here with his man?

"Brian, are you okay?"  I ask him, stepping back as he walked out of the room into the hallway.

"JT...JT...<sob>...he broke up with me," he tells me as my eyes went wide.  "He doesn't love...  He's...he's mad...mad with me... he c-can't deal with my past."

"Say what puddin'?"  I ask him, trying to understand what it was he was actually saying.

"JT broke up with me," he says, wiping his face and blowing his nose on his sleeve. Thas just plain ole fuckin' nassy, but Im'ma let that slide since I know how upset he is.

"He did what?!?"  I scream as one of the guys' security guards looked my way.  "You are joking, right?"

"No I'm not joking!  Why would I joke about something like that Nikki?"  He asks me as he held his head down and started crying again.  "He wouldn't even look at me or let me touch him.  He can't be with me because of things I did in the past."

"What things in your past?"  I ask him, scared of what it was that he would tell me. Hell it has to be something bad if JT left him because of it.  Damn, I wonder what it is. This could be some good shit.

"I don't want to talk about it.  It's caused enough problems for me," he says, turning away from me as I grab his arm.

"How am I suppose to help you if I don't know what's going on?"  I ask him as he looks at me and then down to the ground.

"I can't tell you Nikki! Right now it just hurts too much.  I wish I'd never told him at all," he tells me, more tears falling from his eyes.

"Brian I'm trying to help you here.  I'm sure if I knew what was going on between you two, I could persuade him to come back up here and talk to you," I tell him as he shakes his head `no' to me.

"It's over Nikki... he doesn't love me anymore...not like I love him," he tells me as he goes back into the room and closes the door in my face.

I know he didn't just close the door in my face like that. Awww naw! I'm standing in the damn cold trying to help his ass and here he is don closed the door in my face like he was a lil bitch.  Let me go find his man right now so I can get them back together before I whoop they dayum asses.

Outside on the River Walk


Here I am again. I'm alone with my thoughts and I'm in the same boat I was in earlier.  What am I going to do about Brian?  I have feelings for him, but I can't... I can't deal with the things he and Nick did in the past.  I know that shouldn't concern me but I just...just can't deal with the fact that he and Nick use to double team women.  What the hell am I thinking?  That was his past, this is our future.  I need to do what I can to look past that crap and try to salvage what's left of our relationship.

Turning around and looking out over the calm water of the river, I continue to contemplate my current plight.  Sighing, I pulled my jacket back on so that I could head back to the hotel and up to the room to talk to Brian.  Not looking where I was going, I bumped into someone and fell backwards to the ground.  Looking up, I see Nik-Nik standing in front of me with an angry look on her face.

"Don't be standing in front of me like that with that angry look on your face.  What you looking at me crazy for anyway?"  I ask her as she frowns at me.

"I wouldn't be standing here if your man wasn't back in your room crying his eyes out and leaving snot all over the damn place," she tells me as she starts tapping her foot on the ground annoyingly.  "What is your problem JT?"

"I don't have a problem Nikki," I tell her as she pushes my shoulder back.

"Oh you have a problem," she tells me, glaring at me.  "He's up there crying, crying for you.  Why is it that you don't want to be with him?  What did he do that was so bad?"

"Don't worry about it Nik," I tell her as she grabs my arm and spins my ass around quickly.

"JT, I'm worrying about it because I don't want a repeat of the last few years," she says, looking me in the eye.  "I don't want to ever have to see you crying about love and romance again.  Besides, I don't like to hear your ass whining like a lil damn bitch."

"I don't whine," I tell her, glaring back at her.

"Yeah okay you don't!  Would you like some cheese to go with that damn whine?" She asks, rolling her eyes.  "When you and Jamie fell apart that last time, you called me almost everyday complaining and whining about how you wish you had someone to love you and that would treat you right.  I don't want to hear that shit no more JT.  You need to march your narra ass up there to Brian and apologize to him and work whatever this shit is out with him."

"I don't know if I can work things out with him," I tell her as she looks at me strangely.

"Why can't you work things out with him?"  She asks me, holding my arm tight, not letting me turn away from her.  "Tell me damnit!"

"Don't be hollering at me heffa," I say as she glares at me again, looking like she's ready to smack the hell out of me at any given second.

"Why can't you work things out with him JT?  He loves you, you love him.  I don't see what the damn problem is," she tells me as I look her in the eyes.

"Do you really want to know?"  I ask her.

"Yeah nicca. If I didn't want to know, I wouldn't be standing out here in the cold with your crazy ass in the first place," she says, looking at me sternly.

"Fine," I say, sighing, figuring I wasn't going to get out of this until I told her what was going on between the two of us.  "Brian and yo man have a sordid history together.  They use to hang out together and do things." 

"They are friends, but go on," she says, watching me like a hawk.

"Brian and Nick use to go out and party and pick up women and double team them," I tell her as her eyes went wide for a second, but returns to normal as she looks away quickly and back up at me.

"Use to what?  You wanna run that by me again?"  She asks, looking at me as I closed my eyes and spoke my words again as she let my arm go this time.

"Yeah and I can't deal with that kind of stuff Nik-Nik," I tell her as she shakes her head at me.

"That was his past JT.  It seems to me that you've placed Brian right up there on that evil pedestal where you have Lance.  You can't hold Brian responsible for all the shit Lance put you through back then," she tells me as I start to cry.  "You need to let that stuff go JT.  If you don't, you're going to lose a good man that truly loves you for you this time.  Don't let Lance's stupid ass fuck up your future.  You know I never liked his ass, he was too damn sneaky if you ask me."

"I know Nik-Nik," I tell her as she hugs me.

"Get on up there and go talk to that man.  I know you two can get past this," she tells me as the two of us walk towards the hotel.

A Little Past 10 PM -- Brian and JT's Room

Brian's POV

Please God, I'm begging you.  Please let this pain pass me over quickly.  I don't want to let this be the last thing I ever experience in life.  I love him and I don't think I can ever get over him so easily.  I need him Lord; I need him with me on the journey you have set forth for me.  Please God, bring him back to me.  Then, just like my prayers were being answered, the door to the room opened and JT stepped inside.

"Brian...Brian we need to talk," he says, walking over to the bed and sitting down as I look up at him with my tear-streaked face.

"Talk about what JT?"  I ask him, knowing already what it was that he was going to say.  "Just go ahead and spit it out.  No need to beat around the bush."

"I love you Brian," he says, looking down at his folded hands in his lap.  "I know I hurt your feelings tonight and I didn't mean to do that."

"JT...I," I say but he raises his hand to my lips and stops me from talking.

"No Brian, it's my turn again," he says, leaning in and kissing me gently on the lips.  "I almost threw away a good thing because I was judging you for things you did in the past.  I had no right to do that and I'm so sorry Brian.  Can you ever forgive me for doing that?"

"Yes, oh yes," I say, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him into my arms.

"I really didn't mean to hurt you the way I did.  If you're mad with me for the way I acted at breakfast, lunch and dinner, then I fully understand.  I would be mad too if my boyfriend treated me the way I treated you," he tells me as we kissed again.

"That doesn't matter to me right now. Only we matter baby," I tell him, pulling him atop me as we continued kissing.  "I love you... I love you with all my heart John Timothy Poole."

"I love you too Brian Thomas Littrell," he tells me as my fondest dreams and prayers were being answered.  "I'm sorry it took me so long to say that to you completely."

"It was worth the wait baby," I tell him as he smiles at me.

"I'm hungry for something right now," he tells me as he straddles my hips and starts unbuttoning my shirt, letting his fingers trail teasingly over my skin, tweaking my nipples as he passed them.

"Mmmm," I moan out, enjoying the pleasure I was experiencing.  "That feels so good baby."

"Oh?  I think I can make it feel better," he tells me as he leans down and takes my left nipple into his mouth and starts to nip and suck at it.

"Oh God baby," I moan out as he continued to work on my left nipple with his teeth and tongue as his fingers tweaked my right one.  "More baby, more."

"More?  Your wish is my command," he says as he unbuttons his own shirt and pulls it over his head, lying next to me on the bed while we kissed again.

"I think I would rather have something else that I know is ready for me," I say letting my hand rest on top of his crotch, feeling him harden.

"Are you sure you want that?"  He asks me, pulling me down to kiss him as he nibbles at my ear.  "Why don't we try something different tonight..."

We were lying there still kissing, touching and exploring.  Every now and then his hand would find its way to my crotch and mine did the same with him.  I don't think we've been this turned on like this since the other night when we made love.  Talk about a dry spell, thank you God.

"Different?  Like what JT?"  I ask him as he gets up in the bed and pulls my pants down along with my underwear.  "I like the way this is going so far."

"I'm sure you do," he tells me as he pulled off his pants and underwear too, the both of us in bed now, totally naked.

I could never get enough of admiring his beautiful body.  We laid there for God knows how long just looking at each other until I decided to take things further.  Getting between his spread legs, I knelt down level to his ball sack and started licking his balls.  Moaning, he spread his legs wider and moved his hands up to my head.

"Oh God Brian, don't stop," he tells me as I continued to suck and lick at his balls.

With his fingers massaging my scalp and his moans turning me on more, I sat up on my haunches and pulled him up to me so that we could kiss again.  Wrapping my arms around his waist, while kissing him, he wrapped his arms around me and started groping my ass.  He knew what I wanted and I was going to get it as soon as he was ready to sock it to me.

"Baby I need you," I tell him as he pulls back from me and smiles.

"What if I need you?"  He asks me as I saw a strange new glint in his eyes.  "I think it's time for you to show me who you really are in bed Brian.  Are you an animal?"

With that, he lay back on the bed and pulled me down on top of him between his legs while we kissed.  Taking cues from him, I started grinding my crotch into his as we both moaned and grunted into the kiss.  Taking the condom he passed to me, I kissed him on the lips quickly and resumed my earlier position between his legs.  Not satisfied with my pace, he pushed me backwards on the bed and started sucking my dick.  Oh God, I was in heaven and I haven't even died yet.  His mouth felt so wonderful on me, I thought I would cum any minute now.  Stopping him, I opened the foil packet and rolled the condom down on me.  Smiling at me, he crawled over my legs and straddled himself a few centimeters forward of my dick.

"Are you ready?"  He asked me, looking into my eyes as he gave my dick a few strokes as I nod at him and he then leaned up and then with a quick motion, he sat down on me, sliding all the way down in me, all of my erection sliding up into him.

"Oh shit baby," I say as he closed his eyes and kept still.  "Are you okay JT?"

"Yeah baby, I'm fine," he tells me, opening his eyes as he starts to rise up and then quickly slides down on me again, his hips making an audible slap this time.

"Oh God, you're so tight," I tell him as he smiles at me.

After he had risen up and slid back down a few more times, he started moving faster on top of me.  After a few more minutes of that had passed, he was slamming down on me like he couldn't get enough.  Soon we were moaning, screaming and grunting as our orgasms took control of our bodies and let loose to that unmistakable pleasure we men find in great earth-shattering sex.

Coming down off of our orgasmic high, he leaned down and kissed me on the mouth as I wrapped my arms around him.  My dick softening and sliding out of him with an audible 'pop' we both start laughing and he slides off of me, lying besides me as we cuddle for a bit.  Almost falling asleep, the room phone rang and I wanted to just grab it and yank it out of the wall.  Answering the phone, it was Trey, calling to let us know that it would be time for us to leave for the show.  So much for quiet time enjoying our post-coital bliss, but oh well.

"Baby I'm sorry," I tell him as he yawns again and doesn't move.  "That was Trey.  He says it's time for us to get going for the show."

"Okay," he says as he smiles at me and sits up in bed.  "Brian?"

"Yes?" I reply, turning around to look at him.

"Will you marry me?"  He asks me as I'm sure I must have fainted, because when I opened my eyes again, JT, Kevin, AJ, Trey, Nick and Howie were all standing over me and they all had worried looks on their faces.

The Hard Rock Cafe -- A Few Minutes after Midnight

Nikki's POV

"Hey ya'll, what's up!" I shouted over the cheers and applause once the guys had left the stage. "Now, I know the program says `Diamonds' was only supposed to perform once tonight, but the ladies and I were backstage chatting and well, we decided that since ya'll were so good to us the first time, we're gonna give you all a special treat. So ladies, hold on to your men, and fellas, hold on to something tight `cause `Diamonds' are about to hit the stage with something hot and sexy for ya!"

I waited for the applause to die down and then I turned to the side of the stage where AJ stood just out of sight. I glanced at him in askance, smiling when he nodded. "Now, we've asked a good friend of ours to come help us out, and he's agreed to rock ya'll for one... night... only. Ummmmm, Johnny, are you ready?"

AJ walked out and the crowd went totally and absolutely apeshit. He grinned at them, and then walked over to the mike, nodding as the crowd chanted his name. I waited another minute for them to calm down, and then brought my mike back up.

"Looks like ya'll are ready!" I shouted, laughing when they started chanting `We Want Diamonds'. "Oh don't worry baby, you're definitely gonna be getting' some `Diamonds'... let's rock!"

The lights went out and the crowd went nuts again when they heard the music started. "Don't Cha" blasted from the music system and the crowd is totally loving it. When the lights came back up, Kess, Tayla and I were standing behind AJ wearing black capes covering our outfits. Then AJ stepped up to the mike, looking too sexy for his own good in all black. I promise you that if he wasn't totally in love with Nick I'd do him. The crowd is screamin' so loud you can barely hear AJ workin' the Busta Rhymes rap, but they're getting the general idea.

Ok (ahh)
Yeahh (ahh)
Oh, we about to get it just a lil hot and sweaty in this mu'fucka (oh, baby)
Ladies let's go (uhh)
Soldiers let's go (dolls)
Let me talk to y'all and just you know
Give you a little situation... listen (fellas)

Ya see this shit get hot
Every time I come through when I step up in the spot (are you ready)
Make the place sizzle like a summertime cookout
Prowl for the best chick
Yes I'm on the lookout (let's dance)
Slow bangin' shorty like a belly dancer with it
Smell good, pretty skin, so gangsta with it (oh, baby)
No tricks only diamonds under my sleeve
Gimme tha number
But make sure you call before you leave

Kess, Tayla and I danced around him, hitting our parts right on the money. Everybody's lookin' at us like we're crazy, but methinks they're gonna understand really well when we throw these capes off. On our mark, Kess, Tayla and I unveiled our outfits, and I think just about every woman in the room was doing a dick check on her man `cause I swear I just heard every dick within a 3 mile radius get hard enough to cut glass.

My black PVC skirt is so short it's almost indecent and the translucent white crop top I'm wearing is thin enough to show the outlines of my nipples, which are rock hard right now. I topped my outfit off with a pair of 5 inch black PVC porn star boots that zipped up the back and leave about a 2 inch wide stretch of skin for everybody to see. Kessa looks like she borrowed her kid sister's clothes sporting the black short-shorts and a pair of black PVCesque boots that are an identical match to mine. And Tayla looks almost like a streetwalker complete with bustier, short skirt and hooker boots like mine and Kess'—but it's having the desired effect. The men in the room are riveted and the women are wondering if they could get away with that shit too. I grinned at Kessa, winking as I spotted our intended victims sitting in the VIP section with mouth's hanging wide open as I start singing.

I know you like me (I know you like me)
I know you do (I know you do)
That's why whenever I come around
She's all over you (she's all over you)
I know you want it (I know you want it)
It's easy to see (it's easy to see)
And in the back of your mind
I know you should be fuckin' with me

Nick and Kevin are looking at us like they wanna pull us off this stage and rape us... but the best is yet to come as I grab a mike and start working the crowd for real during the chorus.

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
Don't cha
Don't cha baby
Don't cha
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me? (Great fun)
Don't cha
Don't cha baby
Don't cha

I went down into the crowd, picking a random single guy to serenade, sitting him in a chair while I sang the next verse. I snuck a peek at Nick, who was looking mad enough to spit nails, but horny enough to blow my back out too. I almost burst out laughing, but luckily it was my turn to sing, so I poured it on while I seduced the poor guy in the chair in front of me.

Fight the feeling (fight the feeling)
Leave it alone (leave it alone)
Cause if it ain't love
It just ain't enough to leave a happy home
Let's keep it friendly (let's keep it friendly)
You have to play fair (you have to play fair)
See I don't care
But I know she ain't gon' wanna share

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
Don't cha
Don't cha baby
Don't cha
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?
Don't cha
Don't cha baby
Don't cha

The three of us danced around AJ, Kess and I flinging sexy looks at Nick and Kevin every time we turned to face them. By now I think most of the women in the room had figured out who it is we're singing to, but I don't care. And the ones who don't know are gonna find out for sure in about one minute on the last verse. AJ pulled out his mike again, grinding with me as he hit the next rap and Kess and Tayla danced around us.

Ok, I see how it's goin' down (ahh, don't cha)
Seems like shorty wanna little ménage pop off or somethin, let's go
Well let me get straight to it
Every broad wan watch a nigga when I come through it
It's the god almighty, lookin all brand new
If shorty wanna jump in my ass then van Jewish
Lookin at me all like she really wanna do it
Tryna put it on me till my balls are black an blueish
Ya wanna play wit ah playa girl then play on
Strip out the Chanel
And leave the lingerie on
Watch me and I'mma watch you at the same time
Lookin at ya wan break my back
You the very reason why I keep a pack ah the Magnum
And wit the wagon hit Chu in the back of tha magnum
For the record, don't think it was somethin you did
Shorty all on me cuz it's hard to resist the kid
I got an idea that's dope for y'all
As y'all could get so I could hit the both of y'all

Kessa, Tayla and I walked over to the table where all of Backstreet sat watching us perform, grinning as Nick and Kevin grabbed us and sat us in their laps facing them. Nick was hard as a rock, and if the look Kess is wearing is any indication, so is Kevin. I winked at Kessa, signaling that she should take the last verse since I think it applied to her and Kevin more so than to me and Nick. I sang the background with Tayla, but Nick's hands all over me were makin' it hard to concentrate.

I know she loves you (I know she loves you)
So I understand (I understand)
I'd probably be just as crazy about you
If you were my old man
Maybe next lifetime (maybe next lifetime)
Possibly (possibly)
Until then old friend
Your secret is safe with me

We made our way back to the stage, dancing with men and women in the crowd. They were eating it up, singing and chanting for `Diamonds'. We hit the stage dancing, and the crowd was totally under our spell as we started belting out the last chorus while they sang along.

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
Don't cha
Don't cha baby
Don't cha
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?
Don't cha
Don't cha baby
Don't cha

As the music played on, we kept repeating the chorus as we danced around on the stage. Kessa and I were so charged up that we were bumping and grinding on each other something fierce as we cast seductive looks out into the crowd. Suddenly the lights went up and several uniformed police officers stormed the stage, grabbing me and Kess and dragging us off. I dug my heels in, not allowing the officer who was maintaining a death grip on my arm to drag me any further.

"What the hell do you think you're doing... let go of my arm!" I shouted over the boo's and hissing from the crowd. From the corner of my eye I saw Trey muscling his way through the crowd to where the three of us were being detained. "Let go of my arm you ass..."

"That's enough Nikki!" Trey stated, narrowing his eyes threateningly at me. "Officers, is there a problem here?"

"These young women are under arrest for public lewdness," the pig holding my arm replied, tightening his grip when I tried to yank my arm away from him. "We're taking them in to the Decatur County Jail to be booked. If you want to get them out, you can come post their bail."

"Trey, you can't let them do this?!" I shrieked jerking on the arm the officer was holding again. "All we did was sing!"

"Yes, but your outfits are considered indecent," another officer stated, smiling when Kess batted her eyes at him.

"I don't see anything wrong with what we're wearing... do you guys?" Kess asked, spinning around to show off her assets. When the officers shook their heads in the negative, Kess smiled at the one who seemed to be in charge. "You guys don't really wanna arrest us, do you? We're just three singer's tryin' to get a break. And we're just giving the crowd what they wanted... right everybody?"

The crowd went wild, hooting and whistling while Tayla, Kess and I stood blowing kisses. Kess turned to the young officer holding her arm, and mutated into Whore-zilla right before my eyes, totally ignoring the fact that Kevin was nearby, a silent witness to this conversation.

"Now Officer, you don't really wanna arrest us," she said, her voice lowered seductively, stroking his chest. "Why don't you just give us a citation or something, and we'll promise not to be so... out there the next time we're in Atlanta."

"I-I guess that could work," the officer said, blushing furiously under the influence of Typhoon Kess. I smirked when the one holding my arm finally let go, but not before he coped a feel on my exposed thigh.

"Asshole," I hissed under my breath, rolling my eyes at him. All I got in return was a snaky grin and a half-assed `Sorry, ma'am'.

"Aiight... don't fuck around and catch a sexual harassment suit dick head!" I snapped, frowning at him briefly before I recognized him. I slapped him, seeing red when all he did was smirk at me. "You lousy bastard! What the hell are you doin'? Have you lost yo ever lovin' mind?!"

"Ma'am, you're under arrest for assaulting a peace officer," the other officer stated, pulling out handcuffs and spinning me around. "You have right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law..."

"Nicole, just stay calm and we'll have you out of there as soon as possible," Trey stated, smiling just a little as he and my "police officer" exchanged brief nods while I was led outside, fussing and cussing the whole way.

I was put inside of a police cruiser, scooting across to be as far away from the policemen as I could. As soon as we pulled around the corner from the club, I was transferred to a black limousine and by the time my `arresting' officer had thanked his partners in crime and gotten inside where I sat mad enough to spit nails, I was literally out for blood.

"What the fuck was that JC?" I snapped as soon as the door closed behind him. He smiled, moving closer to me until I gave him a look that could have melted glass. "Don't even think about it! How could you embarrass me like that?"

"You never used to mind when I did this before," JC replied, tossing his hat to the floor and unbuttoning his shirt. "You used to get turned on when I would arrest you and keep you overnight."

"This is different Josh!" I exclaimed, squirming when his hand slid up my thigh. I gave in to him for a moment, enjoying the way his fingers felt on my skin before reality came marching back into my befuddled brain. "Joshua, this is my job! `Diamonds' is my dream, and I don't wanna mess this up by getting bad publicity for us."

"Baby, in this business, there's no such thing as bad publicity," he stated, pulling me across his lap and kissing me tenderly at first, but then more aggressively as I began to respond. I moaned in frustration when I tried to put my arms around him. He remembered the handcuffs, producing the keys and unlocking me, and then putting them in his pocket. "I think those might come in handy again. So, are you glad I came?"

"Maybe," I replied, rolling my eyes as I returned to my seat, purposely reclining in the most provocative position I could. I couldn't help smirking as I watched JC visibly harden as he took in my outfit. "So... what did you think of the show?"

"I think you're gonna have to give me a private show so I can know if I liked it for sure," he replied, his voice husky as he began caressing my thighs. My smirk spread as his hand went higher. I crawled back across his lap, wrapping my arms around him and kissing him hard and deep.

"Well... I guess I'll just have to take one for the home team," I replied, laughing as he groaned and began peeling me out of my clothes as the streetlights of Atlanta whizzed by. I think I'm gonna like this singin' gig!



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned.  I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay).  This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that.  This is for entertainment value only folks.