I'm lost, I'm lost without you baby, The days aren't the same the nights are cold and gray, I need you in my life, If not now then someday... --- Vanessa Williams

Lost Without You
Chapter 25, Part B
by JT Poole and Nicole Brown

Late Saturday Evening -- Louisville, KY -- The Max Hexton Hotel -- Nikki's Room

Josh's POV

What the fuck is going on in here? I turn my back for a moment to go check on JT and Brian and come back to this. Hasn't he put her through enough already? There is no logical reason for him being here right now. That damn monster has his hands all over her and he's probably going to attack her again. I can't...won't let him hurt her or anyone else like that again! I'm going to stop him here and right now. If I have my way, he'll learn his fucking lesson. I already know that she's not going to punish him for what he's done, so I have to take it upon myself to punish him.

Kessa's POV

Aw hell fucking naw! What the hell have we walked in on? This fucker is really trying his damn luck! He just wait until JT finds out that he's here with her now and he's going to break his foot off in his narra ass! What the hell is he thinking? Hell, on that note, what the hell is Nicole thinking? She knows he hurt her, why is she in his lap and kissing this fucking guy? He hurt her and she can't even see it. In her mind, she thinks that nothing happened, but we all know what this fucker did and I'm going to make him pay. I'm going to beat his ass and then I'm calling Jackie so she can beat his ass too for hurting her daughter the way he did. I hope she grabs his ass and rips his fucking balls off!

From the looks of things, we got here just in time before he could actually rape her again. He's sitting there all smug and shit with his hand in her blouse and the other arm wrapped around her waist, trying to move his hand under the elastic of her skirt. This muthafucka acting like they are two lovers and he's trying to go for the goal for the first time. He got her acting like they in love or something. He hurt her; he has no right to be touching her like that right now. He doesn't know what love is, he only knows rape and pain and I won't...can't let him do that to her again.

Before I could make a move to get to Nick, Nicole was up and standing in front of me and Josh trying to stop us. Grabbing her and pulling her away from Nick, Josh made a move, grabbed for Nick but missed.

"Oh my God!" Nick exclaims as Josh grabbed for him again, causing him to stumble backwards and fall to the floor.

"Not quite you bastard but once I'm done with you...<ummmph>...you'll be glad to see him and beg for forgiveness," Josh says as he grabbed for Nick again, pulling him up from the floor. "I bet God is the only one that's willing to forgive you for what you've done!"

"Get the fuck off of me Chasez!" Nick screamed, struggling with Josh trying to get him away.

"Stop it Josh, please stop!" Nicole screamed, thrashing about in my arms. "Leave him alone! He didn't do anything to me!"

"Nikki baby calm down," Nick breathed out as Josh punched him in the stomach and he doubled over from the pain I bet he was feeling from the blow.

"Josh please stop hitting him! Leave him alone!" Nicole screamed, elbowing me in the side and pushing me away from her as she moved over to where Nick and Josh were.

Trying to get my bearings after Nicole attacked me; I rubbed my side and made a move to get her away from Nick and Josh's tussle. Not having any success with that idea, Nick coward behind her and Josh stopped, panting in front of her as he looked through her at Nick with the burning desire to kill the man that had hurt the woman that he loves.

"Josh stop this!" Nicole screamed at him as it seems to have no effect on him.

"Nicole the bastard is getting what he deserves," I say as Nick did his best to stand up and take Nicole's hand in his own.

"I might have deserved it, but if someone...<cough>...deserves to beat on me it would be Nikki, not him!" Nick screamed out as I grabbed Nicole and yanked her hand away from him as Josh pounced on him and got up in that ass like there was no tomorrow.

"Guys stop this please!" Nicole screamed, pushing me away from her as I grabbed her and held her to me.

"No Nicole, he shouldn't even be here. He hurt you and we're only doing what we need to protect you," I tell her as she pushed me away again and glared at me.

"I don't need any protection Kessa! Can't you see I love him?" She asks me as I could see the hurt in her eyes. "I love him and he loves me damnit!"

"Nicole if he loved you, he would've never hurt you the way he did," I say as Josh grabbed him up off the floor and threw him into the wall, making a loud thud noise. "We're doing this so he'll know not to bother you ever again!"

"He loves me Kessa! You and Josh are the ones that are hurting me right now!" She screams out, turning to look at Nick and Josh tussling around in the corner of the room.

"How are we hurting you?" I ask her, looking at her strangely, not wanting her to hit or poke me again.

"You're hurting me by hurting the love of my life right now!" She screams out as Josh kicked Nick in the stomach and turned around and looked at the two of us.

"The love of your life?" Josh asked, walked around to where we stood, looked at her and then turned around and walked out of the room just as a few of the Backstreet bodyguards rushed into the room.

"Josh? Josh wait," I call out, looking at Nicole and his retreating back down the hall. "Nicole what the hell are you saying?"

"Just what it sounds like I'm saying Kessa," she says, moving away from me to help Nick off the floor. "Nicky are you okay?"

"I'll be alright baby," he tells her as I shook my head.

"I can't fucking believe this crap!" I screamed out as one of the bodyguards looked at me like I was crazy. Nicole you can't be fucking serious! You're taking up for a man...a monster that brutally raped you? Have you totally flipped?"

"If someone has flipped here, it's you and Josh! How dare the two of you burst in here and do this! Nick didn't deserve any of what Josh did!" She screams, caressing Nick's cheek as he laid his head in her lap.

"Nicole, Nick said it himself that he deserved it," I tell her, shaking my head, getting a little bit more angry at the scene before me. "Instead of it being you that beat his ass Josh did it for you."

"Nick didn't do anything, there was no need for all of this," Nicole said, looking down at the floor now.

"I'm not going to argue with you Nicole," I say, walking around the bodyguard that was nearest to me and standing closer to the two of them. "We all knew that you wouldn't press charges or punish him for what he did so we're getting justice for you our way."

"Kessa your way is totally barbaric," she says, grabbing a pillow off the couch and sliding it under Nick's head as she then moved away from him and stood up and approached me. "None of this was fucking called for. If you weren't one of my closest friends, I'd drop you and walk out of here right now."

"Nicole?" I say as she turned away from me. "Fuck it. If you're going to hate me and be mad, I might as well make it count."

Before she could say or do anything I had moved past her and jumped on top of Nick. With him or her expecting what I was going to do, I was able to get a few good punches in. He started thrashing around under me and even tried pushing me off of him. The lil bastard sick in the head, he's laying on the floor and with me sitting on him punching him the way I am, he has a hard-on and I can feel it under me. This man is a sick son of a bitch. The sooner we put him out of his misery, the better.

Now things were getting fun. Nick was still thrashing around under me (with the hard-on) and his bodyguards along with Nicole were trying to pull me off of him. I don't know what they were trying to do, it only made me punch and claw at his ass even more. When I'm done with his ass, he'll never want to be around Nicole or any other woman again.

"Stop Kessa, please stop this!" Nicole screams as one of the other bodyguards grabbed her and held her back while the other two tried to get me off of Nick.

"Is he dead yet?" I ask as he starts coughing. "Nope, I'm not going to stop."

"Kessa you're hurting him!" Nicole screams, struggling with the bodyguard to get free now.

"That's the plan girl," I say as the bodyguard on my left was able to get me off of Nick a little bit as he did his best to try to crawl backwards away from me as I was able to nail him in his balls with my foot. I'm sure that spiked-heel hurt like hell, but then again, he needs that kind of hurt.

"Miss you stop or we'll make you stop," I heard someone from behind me say as I stopped struggling to see that a hotel security guy was standing there with what looked like a stun gun.

"Fine, you guys fucking win," I say as I stopped moving all together and some more guys came into the room along with some paramedics to help Nick and possibly Nicole if needed. "I'm outta here!"

Pulling out of the arms of the guys that were holding me, I pushed passed the hotel security guys in search of Josh. With all the things that Nicole said, I'm sure his heart is in pieces. Damn, she's really screwed up in the head, calling that monster the love of her life. This is bad, really bad and I don't know what to do to fix things. I just hope JT can get through to her.

Later in Brian and JT's Room

Chad's POV

Since we've been here today at the hotel, it's been wall-to-wall drama. First the cops start questioning everybody and then I find out that something is wrong with Aunt Nikki and later, my daddy is missing. It's really late and I haven't seen him or Brian. I don't know what's going on or what they're doing, but I'm getting a little bit bored around here. I'm getting a little bit tired of watching television and if I play with Aunt Nikki's Gameboy™ any longer, I'll be addicted in the worse way.

Darren, one of the bodyguards for the guys just came into the room and Brian isn't with him. Walking over to where I was, he smiled at me and motioned for me to come over to him. Getting up from my spot, I walked over to him and he frowned at me. Okay, a big, tall and black bodyguard frowning at me isn't a good sign. Getting ready to open my mouth to speak to him, he spoke first.

"Chad, Brian asked me to come and stay with you for a bit until he and your dad got back. They're both handling some company business right now and should be back in a little while," he told me.

"What kind of company business are they taking care of at this time?" I ask him as he frowns again. "What is it that people aren't telling me? Is there something wrong with my daddy? Tell me, is there something wrong with my daddy?"

"Chad I don't know what to tell you," he says as I moved away from him.

"It's dark out there! Where's my daddy?" I ask, fearing the worse that something bad had happened or was currently happening and everyone was trying to hide it from me. "I said, where's my daddy?"

"I don't know where your daddy is right now kid," he says as I pushed him and ran towards the door.

"No!!!!! Where's my daddy! Where's my daddy!" I scream out, getting to the door to open it to see Daddy's friend Nate standing there.

"What's going on in here?" Nate asks, looking at me and then over to Darren.

"Daddy's...Daddy's missing," I say, dropping to my knees in front of him as he dropped his bag, reached down and then picked me up into his arms.

"What do you mean your daddy is missing buddy?" He asks, holding me in his arms still as I wrapped my arms around his neck and started to cry harder. "Where is Brian?"

"I...I don't know where anyone is. I haven't seen anyone since we got here this afternoon," I say as he started rubbing my back soothingly.

Nate's POV

What the hell is going on around this place? I've been here for almost two hours now and I haven't heard a peep from anyone since I got into town. I've been trying to contact JT, Kessa and even Nicole since before I got here and I've gotten no one. After waiting for an extra hour, I decided to just come on to the hotel and look for everyone. I was told this floor was reserved for the Backstreet Boys and it seems this place is deader than a "Grateful Dead' concert after all the stoners went in to rehab. I haven't seen anyone up until now and I'm starting to wonder what's going on myself.

When Kessa called me and told me to get here soon, I had no idea that things were this bad. The way Kessa was talking, I thought I would've been faced with an unruly JT or even a crazy and bent out of shape Brian, but this is an understatement. Neither of them are no fucking where to be found. What's the deal? I need some answers and quick. I hope bruiser here can help me out with that.

"Calm down Chad. It's going to be all right. I assure you, everything's fine and your daddy is just off handling some business with the guys," I tell him, looking over at the guy in the room.

"No he's not, he's dead! He's dead!" Chad shouts, almost shattering my eardrum in the process.

"Buddy I assure you, everything's fine and your daddy is just handling some business with the guys," I tell him, looking over at the guy in the room again, hoping he would have some answers for the situation at hand.

"He's not handling business Nate!" He screams again as he hugged me tighter around the neck, almost cutting off my circulation in the process.

"Chad buddy, please calm down," I tell him as I do my best to try to calm him down, rubbing his back and whispering in his ear that his dad was okay in hopes that he would release his death grip on my neck.

"I can't lose him too," he says, sniffling now as he pulled back. "He's—he's all that I have left. I don't have no one else to go to. He can't leave me."

"You're not losing him buddy," I tell him, smoothing his hair back, noticing the brown and blue specks in his eyes. Yep he's JT's son all right.

"Then why isn't he here with me right now Nate?" He asks me as I was at a loss for words. "Something happened to him too and I'm going to be all alone."

"Nothing has happened to your father kiddo," I hear behind me, turning around quickly to see Kessa standing there looking back at me.

"Auntie Kess!" He shouts, jumping down out of my arms to run to her. "Where's daddy?"

"Daddy is taking care of business for the guys," she says as he stops and looks at her, then me and then over to Darren again.

"You're lying Auntie Kess! Daddy's not handling business, he's...he's somewhere hurt and dying!" Chad screams out as he runs from the room crying.

"Oh yeah, this is getting to be one of the longest days in history," Kess says as the both of us ran out of the room too.

Up in JC's Room


I can't believe she really said that shit back there. I don't know if she said that shit to try to get me to leave Nick alone or if she really meant that to hurt me. Whatever the case may be, it hurt me and I just don't know why she would say something like that. I just can't stomach the fact that he hurt her the way he did and she's acting like he did not a fucking thing to her. I know some people have periods of denial when they are raped, but this is ridiculous. The way she's acting right now makes me think she's under some kind of spell or something. Can't she see that he's a monster and he doesn't deserve to be near her or anyone for that matter? I was only trying to keep her safe and she was there with him in her room in the chair kissing him! Kissing him, as though it was what he deserves. He doesn't deserve to taste her lips, he doesn't deserve to touch her, he deserves death. If she hadn't said what she said, I might've gotten close to doing that very thing.

This whole day is starting to take its toll on me and right this very moment. With all the shit that's gone over the past few days, I don't know where one problem ends and the next one begins. Between dealing with her stuff and Nick and Lance and JT, this has been one tour that I will never ever forget. All I need to do now is find something or someone to take my mind off things.

Since I can't talk to Nikki about what I'm feeling now, I'll have to talk to someone else. I just hope she's home and it's not too late to be talking to her. Dialing a familiar number and waiting a few seconds, I hear her sleep-deprived voice and she speaks.

"Josh is that you?" I hear on the phone.

"Yeah it's me. Did I wake you?" I ask her, sighing now as I moved over to the bed and sat down.

"Sorta, but it's not like I'm sleeping much anyway nowadays," she says as I fluff the pillows and lay back on the bed.

"Why not girl, what's the matter?" I ask her as I hear her sigh this time.

"Don't worry about that Josh. What's up with you since you're the one calling at this time of night," she says as I close my eyes and lean my head back.

"I...I almost lost control tonight and was about to hurt someone I love very much," I say, not giving her any hints to who it was I was talking about.

"Well apparently it isn't me this time," she says as I sigh again. "I'm sorry Josh; I didn't mean it to sound so harsh."

"Yes you did, but I deserved that," I tell her as I pushed the covers back on the bed and crawled under the top sheet. "She doesn't love me, she loves someone else."

We talked for a bit more until I heard her yawn. Getting sleepy myself, I agreed to call her back during normal awake hours and called it a night. Taking my shirt off, I laid back down and pulled the covers over me. Please God, please help all of us get through our pain.

Early Sunday Morning -- Back at the Hospital -- Down in the Cafeteria

Justin's POV

I can't believe any of this crap. How...how could they...hell...how can I for that matter not see what was going on? How could we not know what he was doing? He was hurting JT all that time and the only person that knew or saw something of any of this was Chris. How in the hell did something like this get past the rest of us? Why didn't the rest of us notice any signs of abuse with JT? If we'd saw the signs, we could've done something. Every time we...I saw JT he always acted okay. He didn't show any signs of being abused in any way like they show it on the news and TV.

This shit is freaking me out. I don't know what to think about things right now. This whole situation is just madness. I think this is just some sick game to make me think badly about Lance. I don't really think Lance did those things to JT. From what I saw today, JT is too strong of a man to let Lance or anyone for that matter hurt him like they were saying. I just don't fucking get it. What am I going to do about all of this?

We've been together off and on for the last four years and I've grown to love him very much. I know I don't always show it, but he's in my heart and if he really did those things, I couldn't bear it. I don't want to think negative, but I'm with him now and I have to wonder if he would try to do those things to me too? Oh God, this is really freaking me out now. I don't know what to think right now. What am I to make of all of this? For years, the man I fell in love with, gave my heart to had been abusing and passing his lover around to other men. I...I just can't see Lance as the type of person to do something like that. Maybe he could, but I don't really know. I've never seen him do or say anything to indicate that he would do something like this. My heart is telling me that he wouldn't do something like that and that he'll be nice and loving to me, but my mind is saying something totally different.

Dear God please help my heart and mind become one. All the time we've been together, he's never once raised his hands to me or done anything remotely close to what Chris and Josh were talking about. Hell, he hasn't done anything remotely similar to abusing me. Hell if someone did something wrong it was me. I've mistreated him so much over the years. I've neglected his feelings, he's had to endure me while I was drunk or high, hell I've even forced myself on him a few times, but he never did anything to me. I was the one in the wrong; I was the monster that they're making him out to be. When we first got together I had to be drunk or high just to be with him because I didn't know how to deal with liking and having sex with men.

Okay my mind has had enough. I don't think I can deal with this right now. I need to talk to someone and soon. It's almost two in the morning and I'm sure everyone that I could possibly talk to is asleep. I should call momma. I need to talk to her, she's just what I need to help me figure all of this crap out. I need to talk to someone and she's the only one I can think of that can help me through all of this right now. I really don't know what to think about any of this right now. Lance always told me that he loved JT, loved him more than life itself. Now he's telling me that he loves me the same way. If he told JT that and telling me that now, then that's not something good in the man that I thought loved me. Why me? Why am I the one having this crap fall into my lap? I love him and I'm supposed to be marrying him.

This is a nightmare and I'm doing my best to try to wake up from. I don't know what I'll do if all of this is real and not some sick game orchestrated by Chris and Josh. If this is some sick game the two of them are playing, they'll pay. Lance loves me damnit and I love him. He loves me more than anything, h-he told me so. H-he told me that he left JT to be with me, that he left the guy he loved and that loved him unconditionally to be with me. Hmmm, a guy that loved him unconditionally and he left him to be with me? Was that all true or was that Lance's way of getting into my head and making me love him more? Now that I think about it, he's being doing and saying little things to jerk my heart around and make me feel sorry for him and mad at myself for not loving him and giving him the attention that he needs. I bet he did all of that to get me to propose to him. Does he have the same plans for me that he had for JT? Oh God, what have I gotten myself into? I need to call someone and quick.

Looking around the room, I saw that all the other customers had left and I was the only one sitting in the room. Pulling out my cell phone, I looked at my watch and decided on calling a friend of mine. Knowing that he would be getting in from the club about now, I k new I could talk to him and he could help me shed some light on things.

"Hello, you got Cam, what's up?" My friends says into the phone in that ghetto country voice that makes you want to poke him in the side and tell him to speak normally.

"Cam it's me, Justin," I say as he clears his throat. "Are you busy?"

"Justin it's so good to hear from you. I'm not busy, is there something wrong?" He asks me as I got up from the table and walked over to the windows.

"I...I needed to talk to someone and I...I thought to call you. Is it okay for me to be talking to you right now?" I ask him as he starts to giggle.

"You know you can call to talk to me anytime you like Justin," he says, still giggling. "Now tell Cam what's wrong."

"I...well...ah...I can't talk about it right now. I don't think I can talk about this over the phone," I say, sighing now. "I don't know what to do and right now, I feel like my whole world is crashing down on me."

"Justin what happened?" He asks as I could no longer hold back the floodgates and I started crying. "Justin are you crying?"

"I'm sorry Cam," I say sniffling. "Is there a way you could come here?"

"Where is here Justin?" He asks me as I wanted to laugh at the way he asked that.

"We're currently in Louisville Kentucky," I tell him, hoping he would be able to come out and hang for a bit. He's a cool guy that always knew how to make me feel better back when he was on tour with us as a PA.

"I think I can change some things and get there. Would you be able to pick me up or would you be sending a car for me?" He asks as I hear what sounds like him typing on his laptop.

"Cam what're you doing?" I ask him.

"I'm booking a flight to Louisville," he replies as I hear the computer make noises now. "My flight has been booked and I should arrive at Louisville International around nine in the morning. Are you coming to pick me up or are you sending someone to pick me up?"

"I'll come and pick you up myself if that's what you want," I say as he starts laughing at me.

"Whatever's convenient for you mister," he says, still laughing.

"Okay then, I'll be there before nine waiting," I tell him as we talked about what was going on in his life for a few minutes and then we said our goodbyes and I hung up, turning around and looking at all the empty space in the cafeteria.

How am I going to get through all of this? Will I ever be able to face Lance again?

Back at the Hotel -- Hotel Security


It's really late around this joint and I haven't moved from this damn chair. I can't believe I've been sitting here in this one spot for so long. I thought they were going to take me in and book me, but I've yet to move. Since those first two guys left the damn room, I've seen cops and hotel security alike, come and go. It's like people are ignoring what to do with me and just leaving me here. I don't care right now. The longer I sit here, the more I'll sue them for. It's been a long while since I saw anyone in here and it's pretty boring. Hmph.

Reality is starting to settle in and I've come to realize what all I've done today. I beat Lance's ass badly and I could've killed him. The way I was going, I was on a super adrenaline high and nothing and no one was able to bring me down. I could've killed him today and that definitely would've landed me in prison. I can't think about that right now, I need to be thinking about getting out of here and getting to my son. I bet he's freaking out like something fierce and that's not right. He's only a child and he doesn't need to be alone.

I need to get out of here and quick. I know there's probably a police officer outside of this room and he's probably standing guard. I don't know if he's still out there now, but he was earlier. I know he was talking to someone on a phone or something and he was talking about me and what was going down. He was probably telling the other police officers what to expect when they get here to take me away. That conversation reminds me of why I don't like one-sided conversations. You only get half of the conversation and never know what to expect down the lie.

Damn it's late and I can hear people talking outside again. I wonder if they're coming for me now. I hope so, they need to go ahead and do what they are going to do. The longer they keep me here, I'm going to have all of their badges. I'm in no fucking mood to continue to put up with any of this.

"Well here we are Mr. Poole," the first officer says, smirking at me and walking over to me as the second one entered the room.

"Looks like we're letting you go," the second officer says, walking up behind me and removing the cuffs from my wrists.

Looking at him strangely, he smiled and then went on to tell me about a conversation he and the other officers had with a few of the Backstreet Boys bodyguards. With all the stuff the bodyguards told them, they chalked up my assault against Lance to self defense and had no choice but to let me go. Since there was a good reason for what happened, they said I was defending myself and that Lance was in the wrong. I know this is working out in my favor, but I don't like what I was actually hearing. If I'm hearing this right, someone told the officers the reason why I released the beast on Lance, but if they did, I can expect to hear and see my dirty laundry anytime soon in the media. Oh fucking great. I don't need anyone finding out about that stuff. The only people that knew about what was going on back then was Nikki, Kess and Nate and no one else needs to know now.

Is this night going to get any better? I just need to go upstairs and get to Chad and make sure he's alright. Then and only then will I deal with any other crap that's about to fall on my plate, I just hope the people I work with don't look at me strangely and treat me differently.

Almost Four AM -- Brian and JT's Room

Brian's POV

It's almost four in the morning and I haven't heard a word about what's going to happen to JT. When I last went down there, I was told that I couldn't see him and that he would be taken down to the police station and be booked. I instructed Mike and Harry to stay down there and keep an eye on things and let me know if anything changes or if they actually leave with JT. After about a few minutes of being down there, Mike called me and told me that two of the «N Sync bodyguards had came down and requested to talk to the police. After that he couldn't hear anything, but knew something was up.

That was a few hours ago and now I'm starting to worry. I think JT has actually done it and they're going to take him to jail for almost killing Lance. What is it that Lance actually did today to get him so upset like that? I know what happened the other night, but I thought that was over with. I don't think his anger about what happened with Nikki would be enough for him to take that out on Lance, if so, Lance is the wrong person to take that anger out on.

After calling Mike and Harry again they informed me that the police officers had finished talking with the «N Sync guards and that they were making a big fuss over JT. After a few minutes of talking to JT they released him and said that he was able to go. That was a few minutes ago and JT should be here by now. Where the hell is he? It took me over an hour to get Chad calmed down when I got back here. Now that he knows where his daddy was and that he should be on his way here he's just as anxious to see his daddy as I am.

"Daddy!" Chad screams just as I turned around to see JT walking through the door.

In the blink of an eye, Chad was off the couch and running over to JT. Kneeling down to the floor, JT scooped Chad up into his arms as held him to his chest as Chad started crying. Walking over to them and wrapping my arms around the both of them, I kissed JT on the cheek as he rubbed Chad's back as he cried.

"I...I thought you were dead," he breathed out, sniffling now. "I thought I would never see you again."

"I'm not dead son," he says, moving his eyes up to meet mine and then looking back at Chad.

"I...I hadn't seen you since we've been at this stupid hotel," Chad says, pulling back a little bit, inspecting JT's appearance and then hugging him again.

"I'm sorry son, I won't let this happen again," he says, running his hand over Chad's head. "I'm sorry for upsetting you like this. I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's okay daddy, I'm just glad you're here now," he says, hugging JT again and wiping at his eyes now. "Now that you're back, where were you?"

Looking at me and then back at Chad, he frowned and sighed. I wonder what he's going to tell him about where he's been all evening. I don't think he needs to tell the truth, but then again, lying to Chad isn't going to score him any points.

"Daddy was down with the hotel security and some police guys," he told him as Chad looked at him funny.

"The police daddy? What happened to you? Did you do something? I knew everyone was lying," he says as JT looked at him and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Everybody did what?" JT asked as Chad blushed.

"Sorry daddy," Chad says as we moved over to the couch and sat down.

"That's better son," he said as Chad slid out of his arms and sat down on the sofa and laid his head and JT's lap. "Something happened today and daddy had to talk to the police about it."

"Did it have to do with what's going on with Auntie Nikki?" Chad asked as JT shook his head in the negative.

"No son," he said, looking over at me quickly and then back down at Chad. "It had something to do with me and Lance Bass."

"Oh? What happened?" Chad asks, getting very nosey.

"Don't worry about what happened," JT says as he looked over at the clock on the wall. "Son you need to go get some sleep, we have to be back in Orlando tomorrow."

Damn, I thought he forgot about that. I can't let him leave me here. I must stop him or go back with them. If he's not here, I don't want to stay here and I won't. Getting up off the sofa, Chad kissed both of us on the cheek and walked towards the room for him. Stopping, he ran back over to us and hugged JT again.

"Daddy I love you," he said and then let JT go and ran into the room.

"Baby you need to get some rest too," I tell him as he looked at me, sighed and then started crying himself.

"Brian what am I going to do?" He asked me as I pulled him closer to me and hugged him. "I could've killed Lance today and at the rate I was going, I wouldn't have cared."

"Shhhh baby, don't worry about any of that right now, we can talk about that later," I tell him as he cried in my arms.


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