Lost Without You

Chapter -- 3
by JT Poole and Nikki Brown

Early Thursday Morning -- JT's House


I don't want to go to work today; I just want to stay right here with Baby B curled up next to me. He's so cute. If I'd known that he had feelings for me, I would have gone after him, instead of him going after me the way he did. That's the lamest thing I've ever seen. Leaving a letter on someone's car, that's so grade school. I must admit he was a perfect gentleman this morning. He didn't try anything, well except for the morning wood he has that woke me up, other than that, he's very civil in bed.

"Good morning," I say as he opens his eyes and look up at me. "How did you sleep?"

"Good morning handsome. Sleeping in your arms like this was very peaceful and pleasant," he says, sliding up in the bed.

"Oh? So I take it that you like sleeping in my arms?" I ask him.

"Yeah I do JT; I hope I get to do it often." He tells me as I lean down and kiss him on the lips.

"Maybe you will Brian, who knows." I tell him as he smiles at me. Damn that smile could melt the Polar Ice Caps. "Damn I don't want this to end, but it is a work day for me."

"Yeah I know, I don't want this to end either," he says frowning at me.

"It's a little after six. I need to get a shower, some breakfast and talk with Nikki for a bit. Would you like to join me in the shower? That's if you can still be civil?" I ask him.

"Well...ah...I...ah...well...how do you expect me to be civil in a shower with your naked body JT?" He asks me.

"The same way you were civil this morning handsome." I tell him. "Well if you can't be civil, then you can have the shower after I'm done. The choice is yours."

"I chose...I chose to wait out here until you're done. I don't want to do anything that will offend you or piss you off and make you hate or not trust me." He tells me as I gather my things and walk into my personal bathroom.

"Suit yourself handsome. I'll be out in a few minutes," I say, closing the bathroom door and walking over to the shower.

"God, I must be out of my mind for letting an opportunity like that slip by..."

Sheraton Hotel -- Howie's Room -- A Little Bit Later

"Joey you promised me," Howie states, speaking into the phone.

"So what Howie, it's not like I'm married to you. I have places to see and people to do. If you can't handle that then I don't know what to tell you," Joey Fatone tells him on the phone.

"I don't even know why I believed you would be here today Joe, it's just like any other time we make fucking plans. I hate you damnit!" Howie shouted as his tears overtook him.

"You say that now, but I guarantee when you see me, you'll be on your knees like all the other times. Stop being a whiny bitch and shut the fuck up." Joey tells him.

"Whatever Joey, just don't talk to me again," Howie says, putting the phone down on it's base. "Why me? Why do I always end up with the stupid ass jerks?"

"Probably because you play the role of a guy looking for a jerk D," Kevin says, walking into the room. "I'm guess you just talked to Joey."

"Yeah I did, fucking jerk wad he is," Howie says, wiping at his eyes.

"And he couldn't make it to come see you?" Kevin asks him.

"Like always, claims he's busy with other things for work, but I know he's got some other guys around with him," Howie states, getting up off the bed.

"Have you seen Brian? I just left his room and he's not there," Kevin says, watching Howie move around in the room.

"No, I haven't seen him. It's really early and it's an off day, I thought he would have been sleeping in or something," Howie says, sitting back down on the bed. "Have you tried calling him?"

"Yeah I have, but his phone is going to voicemail," Kevin says, walking over to the window in the room, watching Howie as he starts crying again. "I wish you would find someone that actually loved you, not uses you like Joey does. You deserve better than him."

"Yeah, that's what you said yesterday Kev. Problem is, nobody else wants me. So until that change, I have to get what I can," Howie says, turning over on the bed. "Just leave me alone Kevin. If I hear from Brian, I'll tell him to call you."

"D come on man, don't get like this again. Don't be crying over Joey." Kevin tells him, walking over to the bed and sitting down next to his crying friend. "D, he's not worth your tears or a place in your heart."

"Just go away Kev, I want to be alone right now," Howie says, sniffling again.

Los Angeles, CA -- Freelance

Lance's POV

Dang, it's like four in the morning. Who in the world could that be knocking on the damn door? Whoever this is better have a good damn excuse for interrupting my fucking sleep. I'm tired and I don't think I've had a good night's sleep in over a week. I'm putting my foot down and now. Work's got to give.

"Who's there?" I ask, walking up to the door to look through the peephole to see what looked like a man standing there. "Who are you? What do you want?"

"Scoop open the door," the person says, leaning on the door now.

"What in...Justin is that you?" I ask, opening the door as he falls into the room, the smell of alcohol filing my nostrils. "You've been drinking again."

"Baby what does that matter?" He asks me, as I help him up and over to the sofa. "I've missed you Scoop."

"Yeah sure you have Justin," I say, walking back over and closing the door. "How did you get here?"

"The taxi brought me," he says, burping loudly. Yeah he's drunk out of his mind. I hate it when he's like this. "Baby come here, I need you."

"No you don't Justin," I say to him, walking back towards my room.

"Where you going baby?" He asks me.

"Where does it look like? I'm going back to bed," I say, turning off the light in the room.

"Baby don't leave me, I need you, come over here and sit with me," he says, patting the cushion next to him.

"Why is it that you only want to be with me Justin, only after you've been drinking? Why is it that you can't want to be with me when you're sober?" I ask him, tears welling up in my eyes. "Huh? Why can't you love me when you're sober? Why is it that you're always drunk when I see you? Is that you can only bear to see me when you're drunk?"

"That's not true baby, you know I love you," he says, reaching out for my hand as I foolishly let him touch me. "I've always loved you and you know that."

"You have a funny way of showing it Justin." I tell him as he leans over and kisses me, the alcohol nearly killing me. "Justin stop it, you stink. Go get a shower."

"I'll go shower if you come with me," he says, pulling me over to him so that he could hug me again.

"Okay okay, I'll go shower with you. Just don't try anything," I say helping him up off the sofa as he starts stumbling down the hall towards the bathroom.

Van Nuys, CA -- The Cavanaugh Home

Jason's POV

Where the hell is that bitch? I've called her momma, I've called her sister, hell I called her best girlfriend and I can't find her ass. I don't know why she isn't here, but when I find her ass, she'll know next time to have her ass here!

"I'm going to kill her when I find her! She knows too much!" I shout at the top of my lungs.



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is for entertainment value only folks.